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"The Truth"
I have not recieved it yet. The first time that I purchased during Covid-19, I changed my mind after the purchase as I have not received nothing, except a license plate frame. I wanted all the regalia before the 21st. Of this month, but that did not happen so I cancelled my pricey order. The young lady cancelled my entire order, and I became hugly disappointed because I did not get my National Honor Society diploma. I lost many weeks because she clicked the button very qquickly without asking whether or not I wanted 2 National Honor certificates. What is done is done, but I do recall several issues in the past caused by provides resources to members to be successful
I am the Founder of the Alpha Nu chapter at the University of Houston. While I was going through the process of registration, the national office was extraordinarily accommodating and responsive to my needs and concerns. Creating this chapter on campus provided an excellent leadership building opportunities for me. What I appreciate most about my experience with is their accessibility. My emails do not get lost in a flurry of spam. When I have questions or concerns, I receive a prompt reply. Their responsiveness made the process a lot less stressful.

Privileged to be a member
I have been a member of the Honors society for more than six months and have enjoyed my experience. I was privileged to be selected for an exclusive scholarship, which I would not have accessed were I not a member. In addition to the said scholarship, the Honors society offers a myriad of opportunities, benefits, and discounts. I highly recommend for students are willing to put in the effort.

Beware Honors Society. Org is NOT the National Honor Society!
This purchase was all returned unopened in the same package it was sent in. It was a mistaken identity because I am in the National Honor Society. My grandma thought your organization was the same place. The purchase was for my graduation present. I've worked hard to earn the honors. For you to keep her money is not honorable at all. UPDATE after this review and two emails showing the fact that there was less than cooperative response to my grandmother's requests for refunds, I received a full refund. This review should stand here as a reference for any one else that finds themself in the same situation with HonorsSociety.Org

Honor Society
Honor Society has given me the opportunity to branch out and connect with other people in my degree field. I have also been selected to receive a scholarship from them, which I am very excited about! I plan on using it on tools I need for my degree, and possibly for an overseas opportunity! Honor Society also supplies a multitude of resources, like their Career Center, Discounts, and Benefits!

The Honor Society has helped further my career
The Honor Society has provided me with a scholarship to continue my education and ease my financial burdens. In addition to my education, the Honor Society has been a key contributor to my resume. This enabled me to gain employment with my dream employer. The Honor Society has also provided a platform to meet other professionals in a similar point in their career.

Honor Society Review
The Honor Society is an organization that focuses on helping and supporting students who have excelled in different ways. Honor Society offer many ways to help their members and these include a variety of scholarships, discounts on eating places, discounts on health plans, and many others. I'm extremely honored to be part of this amazing organization. I highly recommend joining this organization if you can.

Highly Recommend!
Honor Society provides numerous opportunities to help members reach their goals! Honor Society have many scholarships to help recipients combat the financial challenges that make reaching success more difficult. There are so many benefits to being a member of the Honor Society including scholarships, travel opportunities, and so much more. I am proud to be a member of the Honor Society!

Great quality, worth the money.
The products aren't the cheapest, especially considering we already pay for a membership, but Honor Society are of great quality! I am happy with my purchases:) One change I would make to improve the store is a "discount based on spend" option. Currently, there are packages of products, but if you don't like the packages you are stuck buying the products individually. It would be awesome if a discount was offered based on total the total spend. Say, 5% for $50 plus, 10% for $100 plus etc.

Honor Society Member
Being a member of the Honor society has opened many opportunities regarding my studies and future career. It has many options for scholarships to help students who struggle with financial aid and plenty of ways to make good connections around the world, if you're also thinking outside the box. Having won one of their scholarships, I can truly say that I am completely satisfied with everything that it offers, and I am amazed by the motivational ways it encourages student to reach for their goals, as well as providing them with tools to make their student life more accommodating.

Honor Society Strength and Honor Review
I'm very glad I did join Honor Society, because I was very hesitant at first. My first feeling of relaxation came once I joined and saw all of the other members online in my newsfeed and activity that was less than 10 minutes old. I joined right before my graduation and purchased the regalia grad pack. I was very happy with the purchase, and overall I'd definitely recommend for anyone looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

The Honor Society has given me amazing opportunities
I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Honor Society. It has given me a great community to with people who have some of the same goals and same drive to achieve those goals. Being around that type of similarity helps propel me forward in my academic career. The Honor Society has allowed me the opportunities to access several resources and financial benefits that enable me to pursue the career that I love and are focused on.

The honor Society is an amazing foundation
The Honor Society is an amazing foundation that gives every member an opportunity to receive scholarships and internships. This foundation wants to see their members succeed and it helps connect members with the people Honor Society need to know to be successful in their field. Thanks to the Honor Society, I am better equipped to go out into my future job knowing how to gain resources and become a better member in society.

Flawless Transaction
I've been a member for a while but just hadn't had an opportunity to purchase anything. I chose a keychain and a license plate cover to proudly show I am a member and I mean in absolutely no time my items were delivered, carefully packaged and exactly what I ordered. It took no time to order it took no time to deliver and actually the delivery was quicker than the notification informing me that it had been shipped. I will definitely be recommending you guys to my great-niece who is currently in college as well as anyone curious as to ehat "Strength and Honor" means.

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Excellent customer service and overall experience
I was very impressed with the service and delivery was quicker than expected. The representative answered any questions and concerns that I had, in which put my mind at ease and followed up on insuring that I receive my order in a reasonable time. She also made sure that my information was correct and asked if there was any thing else that she could help me with. She was very helpful and attentive of my service and needs. I will definitely be ordering in the future from Honors Society.

Great opportunity for driven students
I was lucky enough to receive one of the several scholarships offered by, the Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship. Being part of this organization gives you access to a variety of scholarship opportunities that can help ease the pressure of paying for college. It also feels great to earn recognition for your accomplishments and for sharing your aspirations. I'm still new to the group, but from what I can see, there are numerous other benefits to joining, including access to the network and some interesting trips.

Why One Should Become a Member of the Honor Society
Joining the Honor Society unlocked new opportunities and encouraged me to stay involved in my community. Becoming a member was an easy process and Honor Society work effectively to ensure you can obtain as many scholarships as possible. They also make you feel welcome in the new Honor Society community as you are able to receive their merchandise. I encourage others to join and work with them to pursue future goals in college and for life.

Honor society experience
I loved the opportunity Honor Society gave me. I was able to be part of this society and also be a founding father for the Honor Society at University of Oklahoma in Norman and be part of the executive board. I'm glad that Honor Society have regalia which you can wear at your graduation. I do wish there was a special type of sash for being part of the executive board or being a founding father.

Great organization!
I had a great experienced with Though I was invited to join other honor societies, was especially appealing to me because of their scholarships. I received a study abroad scholarship from them last year, and I am so grateful! The organization was great to work with, the staff were quick to respond to email, and scholarship money was flawlessly delivered. Would definitely recommend!

Honor Society: Networking, Excellence, and Scholarships
Membership in Honor Society gives a collaborative space among its members. We're all coming from different disciplines and levels of expertise, but we are all dedicated to the 10 core values that define this society: furthering of excellence, to innovate and drive change, to embrace knowledge of pursue intellectual goals, to seek growth and progress in ourselves and society, to be bold creative and open-minded, to pursue leadership and take initiative, to build a positive team and family spirit, do more with less, be passionate and determined, and be humble. In addition to the family spirit that can be generated and furthered through discussion boards and messaging, there are multiple scholarship opportunities to help the members further their personal goals with relation to these 10 values. All in all, it is a really great society.

Review of Honor Society
The overall, experience was great. Reviewing the contents of the honor society regalia and benefits was really awesome even just to have the opportunity to get the experience this is awesome. I especially like the various of options given when checking out for your regalia and to represent not just the honor society but ourselves as individuals who get to contribute to the community.

Scam af
I supposedly got a $1000 scholarship back in 2017 but I couldn't cash in the check at all, and theses people literally never got back to me throughout the THREE years I've been trying to contact them. In the meantime, they've been faithfully charging me $50 for an auto-renewal of their membership. I would have unsubscribed in a heartbeat but forgot about this org because it's so useless and has never been relevant or helpful in my life whether academically or career wise.
Soon after Honor Society told me I had received the scholarship back in 2017, they made me post a positive review here before they officially finished the scholarship process and now I've edited it in 2020 to reflect the truth; sorry to the 5000+ people who had already viewed my old, innocent, deceived review! This org is a scam!

A Great Way To Try and Earn Scholarships is a great, easy to to use site for people looking for scholarships. For a small monthly fee, you earn many benefits, and opportunities that may not have been open to you before. I was able to earn $2,000 from the member spotlight video scholarship just this year! Everyone is nice and if you have any questions, the people there are quick to respond. I am very glad I decided to be a member of!

Pleasantly Surprised
The Honors Society is an organization that supports high-achieving students and showcases their achievements. I was unfamiliar with it upon becoming a member but was pleasantly surprised by the opportunities it presented to me. The Honor Society's community is welcoming and friendly and their organization is devoted to student success. Honor Society have new scholarship opportunities every month, so there is always something to apply for. Overall, they have helped me greatly with my tuition by awarding me with the $2,000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship. It was well worth the $60 registration fee. I recommend joining to any high-achieving college student looking for extra scholarship opportunities.

THANK YOU Honors Society
I love Honors Society!

The dues are a small price to pay to have exclusive access to a TON of different scholarships, as well as people throughout the country to connect with the further both your education as well as your real world opportunities! I just received the Society Involvement Scholarship for $1,000 towards my education at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and I wouldn't have been able to apply if it wasn't for the Scholarship Opportunity feature!

Definitely worth joining!

Very Helpful
I am very glad to be a member of the Honor Society. It has connected me to many academic, social, and scholarship opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I am very grateful for their help in receiving these opportunities and the wonderful people working with them who helped me. Honor Society truly care about helping students make the most of their education.

Honor Society made me a member through unknown means and tried to withhold membership fees they took
Honor Society made me a member through unknown means and tried to withhold membership fees Honor Society took without my knowledge
BEWARE! Honor Society unethically obtained my information, made me a member without my permission, and stole money from my account! From 2016-2017, I received numerous emails and letters from Honor Society requesting I become a member. I was never interested and never applied for membership because I believed Honor Society was a scam. Well, it looks like I was right.

In late May of 2019, I noticed that Honor Society took $50 out of my account. Through further investigation with my bank, I found out that Honor society stole $300 out of my account since Fall 2016! I have no idea how they could have gotten my information. I thought maybe I opted into joining Honor Society when I made a school-related purchase, but according to my bank statement, the first billing, which occurred on Nov. 28th, 2016, was the only transaction on that day; that rules out the possibility that I accidentally opted into joining Honor Society when I made a school-related purchase. I tried emailing Honor Society to get a full refund and to find out how they got my information, but they only refunded me $50 of the $300 they stole, and they persistently avoided telling me how they got my information.

If you are thinking of joining Honor Society, please don't; it's a scam! To quote a reviewer on Google Reviews, "This doesn't seem to be more than just a scam. Notice the reviewers have only contributed only 1 Review on google reviewers platform. These are bots. How do I know? Click on each users profile and look for their location showing on google maps. They are all based in the same building in DC (they all use the same up address). I almost considered signing up but now it is very clear this is not an organization genuinely interested in your success but only wants to scam you". Also, if you Honor Society has sent you a bunch of soliciting email and/or letters, check your bank account's transfer history! If you notice that Honor Society is billing you, be sure to notify your bank asap so you can stop the charges and get issued a new debit card/account credentials.

UPDATE 7/18/2019: Last month I filed a consumer complaint with the State of Michigan's Department of Attorney General about how Honor Society obtained my information through unknown means, billed me multiple times for a total of $300, and only refunded me $50 after I caught them. Thanks to the department, Honor Society was persuaded into refunding me the remaining $250. If you or anyone you know is being bullied by Honor Society, I encourage filing a consumer complaint with your state's attorney general department.

My Experience with
My experience with has been a very pleasant one to say the least. I was very impressed by the numerous scholarship opportunities, writing awards, and well-written articles that has to offer. Imagine my surprise when I was announced the winner of one of their scholarships. has truly been a useful asset in my academic career as it has provided me with the means to pursue my education, standout in internship and scholarship applications, and learn useful information from the various articles on academic life. I whole-heartedly recommend to any student ready to take their academic career to the next level.

Excellent organization
Honor Society is an amazing organization that offers great opportunities for college students to enrich their college experience. If you're looking for additional financial aid to pay for your college tuition, Honor Society is the right organization for you. Their website is easily accessible and provides networking opportunities to connect with like-minded people.

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