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Eugene did an excellent job with his guidance and expertise,...
Eugene did an excellent job with his guidance and expertise, for matching me with the right programs that are available to me through He not only verbally guided me through the steps and procedures to inform me of what I needed to do, to become a more successful Real Estate Agent with capturing leads through advertisements, but he also went the extra mile to guide me through a visual/hands-on ZOOM presentation using my computer, so that I could actually see it myself. Eugene opened my mind to options that had not been introduced to me, or crossed my mind, as far as generating leads. I am so excited to implement the new programs and suggestions, that Eugene very patiently and professionally recommended for me!

This is the first time I have ever been spoken to like...
This is the first time I have ever been spoken to like I was of value when placing a call for support. It made me realize I'm missing out on your services so I'm absolutely looking more into your company. A little quick note: The reason for my call was to understand why I was getting email blasts from Sell State for recruiting agents by way of (very annoying). I ended up opting out which instead of opting out of Sell State email... I opted out of because I didn't know what was going on --- I wonder how many hundreds of other agents have made that very same mistake?... Anyway... THANK YOU KATE for being unbelievably patient, enjoyable and helpful. Much appreciated! LD BLACK, RE/MAX Premier The Villages FL

Fraudulent Business Practices
If I could give this company a NO star rating, I would. Please DO NOT sign up for service with, tell you one thing and provide another. The lead generation is horrible (I received 4 leads in 3 months) at the cost of over $600. And have been trying for the past 2 months to cancel service which they make it extremely difficult to do. They give you the run around, the cancellation department doesn't answer the phone or respond to email. They will sign you up and put you on an auto renewal plan once your contract expires, so make sure you read the fine print. Save your money and go with a REPUTABLE Marketing firm. has very shady and fraudulent business practices. BEWARE!

Very prompt and pleasant voice
Very prompt and pleasant voice. I will recommend ALWAYS because need help financial and in marketing. Trying my best get back up and out their again. It has been hard trying market when you dont have funds when you fall down and get back up again. I pray for increase in real estate and everyone with Homes. Com, praying that you will be blessed also of the needs you are asking for. I want be selfish praying for me but must pray for you too! Your Irene Jackson

Hannah was very diligent in her follow up and professional...
Hannah was very diligent in her follow up and professional in her explanations of the products plus my options. She was not pushy or try to rush the sale. I receive sales calls almost daily so I am not so receptive to these calls. However, Hannah was respectful and shared that she wanted to see if her new products could work for me at this point. I felt like she took the time to help me discover the best fit for me at this time. Then I made my decision to give it a trial run for 3 months as another layer to my current marketing plan.

Christopher was polite and professional
Christopher was polite and professional. He answered all my questions. My only thing was, he didn't let me know not to click on the meeting and that the session was by phone. Also, he was late. I called but the girl couldn't tell me how long he would be. It would have been nice to receive a text saying he was running late and would be with me shortly. I wasn't sure if the meeting was still on. Because there are more than one place it seems, that you have to accept the appointment. Other than that, a great experience

I am so pleased and impressed with the experience I...
I am so pleased and impressed with the experience I had with The customer service number was easy to find online, a representative picked up the phone within a minute of me calling, and he was able to help me with our team's listing almost instantly. Especially in comparison to zillow's non-existent customer support, exceeded my expectations to say the least. Thank you again for your help. Wishing the customer service team a happy holidays and a happy new year!

After receiving a text from Jeff Hammaker from
After receiving a text from Jeff Hammaker from this morning. I thought about what this website had to offer. This afternoon I asked him to call me to discuss. I'm a past client of (2017), back then I didn't have the best of luck with this program but there was something that told me to take a second look into this. He sounded very convincing that he could help me increase my productivity. After a long conversation, Yes! I'm decided to give it another try. I like the fact that it was on a trial basis of 90 days. So I guess I'll report back into you after 90 days. Jeff was very professional and truthful about exactly what he was selling.

What great customer service
What great customer service. He should lead a team as he provides not just customer service but he actually listens to what the customers want and that goes a long way. It's one to be a sales person but to be one that listens and gives the customers what want and are looking for is outstanding. He made me feel welcomed before I even signed up. He is very trustworthy and wasn't trying to sell me something that I didn't need or that wasn't helping to build my business and I thank him for that.

Anthony was truly a treat
Anthony was truly a treat. I appreciated is phone etiquette, and timely follow up as quoted. I also like that he did not put me in a "must buy now" pressure situation. If that was the case I would never purchase anything. I appreciate positive attitudes and energy, which Anthony had in spades. I look forward to test driving the services. Keep hiring awesome people like Anthony and I have no doubt will become the industry standard.

Worst Lead Generation Company
My experience with is the worst experience I've had with a lead generation company. I reopened a 3 month account with them in December 2020. I gave them the credit card information that I wanted them to use with this account. deducted my monthly fee from this card in December and January. Then, in February they, for whatever reason, without my authorization, used an old card I had on file which was linked to my bank. As a result, it threw my bank balance off. I called to get the situation resolved and spoke with a gentleman named Mario. Worst customer service I have ever received. He was rude, never took responsibility for their mistake and kept insisting that I gave them permission to use the other card, and refused to let me get a word in edgewise. He finally claimed that the situation had been rectified and that the fees had been credited back to my account. When I checked my account, I saw where the fee had been reversed and then ADDED BACK! So nothing has been rectified. My bank is now investigating this situation. I would not recommend this company! Nightmare!

If the survey you sent me was simply for Lonnie McMillon,...
If the survey you sent me was simply for Lonnie McMillon, I would give him a 5, even more if possible. BUT above you are asking me how I would rate satisfaction with's products AND customer service. If you would review the contact records for Bernadette Robinson's account, it is apparent that there is a huge variation in knowledge, desire or ability for your customer service reps to provide consistent and quality service to your clients. I have spoken to Lonnie twice and he scores 5 both times. Contact with Cassie Luger was wonderful as well and she is a 5 star customer service associate. But last week I spoke to a rep who never followed up on why our entire description does not feed from the MLS AND in sending us information to upgrade our website. Today I had a chat session with another who once again was not a problem solver. Can you have Cassie and Lonnie train these other employees?

I can't grade your product because I just signed up...
I can't grade your product because I just signed up and don't know how things will go. Ebony was exceptional. She cold called me and 99% of the time I blow off sales calls. Not her. She was not pushy and had done her homework on me. She addressed why I had canceled before and ever so gently brought me back in. (Sales people LOVE to be sold!) She explained everything in detail, listened to my concerns and responded appropriately. After I was signed back up, I was transferred to another person, (don't remember his name but what a voice!) who helped me with my page. All in all a very good experience. I would like to add that I think having your employees asking your customers to rate how did is absolutely awful. What a terrible thing.

I keep getting Moble Homes Listing Leads that are not are the market
I purchased this product in January of 2020 and I must say I have gotten about 48 leads since then... which I would be jumping for joy... however most of the leads over 90% seem to be looking at the same set of homes in the same mobile homes park neighborhood... The homes seem to range from 40-56k and none of these homes are currently on the market anywhere that I can find. The lead concierges service that provides (which is an additional monthly fee) has not once ever had any luck contacting these leads... not one of the 48 at this time.Not One!... made contact with one lead and where not ready to buy and had no money in the bank. Why do I keep getting the same mobile homes park listings which are not on the market in a zip code with the average homes over 225k or more. I have since then tried to switch zip codes to see if I can have better results and the salesman Thomas was suppose to look in to this for me... I have not heard back from him to this day as of Feb 18th 2020. I have since canceled this so called service and I will stick with my Facebook ads... Realtors save your money!

Shay hustles, if she lived in Orlando I'd offer her...
Shay hustles, if she lived in Orlando I'd offer her a job. I know it took her a while to close me but she stayed on top of things. I appreciate that. (ps i know im putting my email on the bottom of this - please dont add me to any mailing lists, I will likely unsubscribe and no longer want to do business if I'm solicited by email about roll outs, helpful tips, or any other mass marketing. That being said if shay wants to call or text for any of the above, she's more than welcome. I'm not a fan of RECEIVING mass marketing personally, especially by email)

CHRIS DEJESUS was very pleasant, knowledgeable and...
CHRIS DEJESUS was very pleasant, knowledgeable and patient to answer my questions and concerns. I have never in 23 years as a Realtor "purchased" Leads. I am familiar with HOMES.COM after many years with Re/Max here in Lakeland, FL. I am now with WebPro Realty LLC. and needed a "refresher". Chris was great to talk to today and I hope the Leads work out and this is the beginning of a successful relationship with Dan Marks

TJ is great
TJ is great. We've been talking on and off for over half a year since our initial conversation until I finally bought a a product (was waiting for the right zip codes). He answered all my questions and explained everything to me, often ad nauseam, until I finally could wrap my brain around all the offerings. He is courteous, affable, and beyond patient. And the only reason eked a sale out of a skeptic like myself is because of him. He's an asset to your organization.

This is my second experience I think I blocked...
This is my second experience I think I blocked the first round out, I didn't realize it until I updated my password. The salesmanship and service have been nothing less than outstanding! The quality and professionalism of my interaction with, so far, is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my 16+ years in Real Estate (billion of sales calls.) I am looking forward to the results. Somebody is hiring and training well!

Reps have been great to work with this go round
Reps have been great to work with this go round. Setup was seamless. I just wish that was able to compete neck and neck w Zillow. Those of us agents who thrive on grass roots to earn our clients can't compete with the agents that have deep pockets and fund Zillow. I don't like the method Zillow uses to transfer leads bc it takes to long to connect however I do love the method Homes uses. Just need traffic to

Shay was AMAZING!
Shay was AMAZING! Follow up was too knotch, she found answers to all of my tedious questions. I'm an analytical millennial business student/realtor. There was not one question she didn't have or find the solution to. Her energy was also amazing and I'm not I never really believed in paying for leads, but we have a lofty goal to polish off our year and this just FELT right! Shay definitely facilitated that feeling, sharing her company values with me, which were important to me, and just being 100% authentic with me. In this business we don't have a ton of extra time, she was direct and sincere and that made all the difference! My partner and I are now SO stoked to see where this takes our business. Thanks Shay!

This company is a big scam send you scam leeds - charge you for air they have no leeds nobody is searching for homes on this web page
Mike the seller is lying straight to your face about listing you on zip codes - you are not even on theme maybe 1 hour trough in the middle of the night.
They also send you leeds to other agents & and leeds that have wrong numbers.
But if you try to cancel they say they will send you to collections. STAY AWAY SCAM BIG TIME i lost $750 for air.

I am a new advertiser on
I am a new advertiser on I have not used the services before and I can not rate their products yet. To be honest, I am skeptical of these types of advertising services and have not had great experiences historically. However, Shalynn my sales rep took the time to work with me and she is the reason I am a new customer. She listened to my feedback and took the time to develop a trail program that will hopefully work great for both of us. Most advertisers in this space over promise and under deliver. Shalynn, focus on building a relationship vs getting a sale is what sold me. Now just needs to deliver results.

Candy Carson with is the representative you...
Candy Carson with is the representative you need to understand the value of products and services. If you desire to increase your net profit from your real estate business she is the person to talk through. She is patiently, knowledgeable, and also has a real estate background to help you capitalize from their services. Ms. Carson isn't the typical sales person she genuinely cares about your success and desire to set up for success to sustain a longtime partnership. She truly understand business and the value of a relationship.

Re listing at 9835 W 81st Ave, Arvada, CO 80005 I appreciate...
Re listing at 9835 W 81st Ave, Arvada, CO 80005 I appreciate all the feedback on my question and I have followed the procedures described so I am waiting to see it change. BUT, using Google to provide you the area is TOTALLY WRONG! There are at least three distinct subidivsions of different homes and home types in that area Google broadly identifies as Meadowglenn. Meadowglenn has a very different product and neighborhood amenities. Our input and MLS display provide a community or locale that would be far more accurate to identify the specific area.

Where are the leads
I had only two leads since origination. The first one was for a state I am not licensed by a person who barely speak English. The 2nd once hung up on me when I asked her if she has been pre approved or needed help with approval. She claimed to have no job, no financing, but just wanted to go see houses. I thought you sent leads that have been validated. This appears to be a complete waste of my money

Disappointed to learn if someone calls you there is no record of the callers name or inquiry.

Not getting any activity so far I received 2 rental...
Not getting any activity so far I received 2 rental inquiries received another call for a property that was not even active? Not sure why that was even an inquiry? Had to call in customer service because my contact number was listed with an Attorney so I was getting a few of those calls. I researched the # and confirmed it was an active attorney office. Customer service reissued a new number. Can the zip code be changed?

I have spoken with two nice representatives of
I have spoken with two nice representatives of today, Caitlin and Alfredo. seem conscientious and they are helping me. There is no record of my email after I have been on the program paying $219 per month. Also, my old picture is still what is showing up. I never got a Dashboard nor know how to set one up or where to go after 6 months. Everyone that has called me over time is no longer with So don't know who to call. Thanks

Regina was fantastic in customer service today also...
Regina was fantastic in customer service today also Kevin last week, every one in your company have fantastic customer services, from day one until today everyone in the company are fantastic from the sales department to the technical department are exceptional, i can feel their smile when speaking with me it doesn't matter how frustrated i am with my task are genuinely happy to help me. Thank you for the customer service your Company is the best!

Customer service was great setting up a 3 month trial
Customer service was great setting up a 3 month trial. I haven't seen results of the service yet. I actually have an account with as well. are being compared to see which one I'll be keeping. Other agents in my office are doing the same thing to see if we are all getting the same leads or if they are different. Also getting leads from our broker for realtor and homes so we should know soon if this is a win for all.

I want to speak specifically of Trina (Katrina) Pryor
I want to speak specifically of Trina (Katrina) Pryor. I can't rate your product as of yet but... Mrs. Pryor, I can. I have spoken with her extensively over the last year and she is always pleasant and I am not the easiest to deal with when it comes to solicitation. She is always professional, courteous and speaks kindly in the face of adversity. I look forward to working with her in the future and together I hope we can make this a success.

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