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Shopping not bad / return was a nightmare
I wanted to return the brief which I ordered in the wrong size. I was ordering the bulk pack, but when I looked one the 3 pair I saw 2x as 42 but the bulk pack was 2x was 44. I tried to get a return label but could find my order. Talked with Tiffany on chat for a while. She told me to go to the website to get the label but the system kept saying there was no order. She ask me to hold for a minute. Then the system time out. Couldn't get back with her. I called again today and go Tiffany again. She said she could not send be a return label because the time expired since I first talked to her. Just a little upset, will get the order return and will try again. Thanks for letting me vent.

Piss poor
Waited over 2 months for PART of my order. 2 pair were then cancelled because HisRoom were permanently out of stock, then the third part was going to be even longer. HORRIBLE! NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! And the customer service was just as bad. They figured that since they "kept me informed" that everything was fine. No apologies, no discount, nothing. NEVER AGAIN. They didn't care. And that's bad business. This will probably not even get posted since it is a negative review.

Style matters a lot
I try to refresh my wardrobe at least couple of times in a year because I am convinced that people who wear fresh clothes are more attractive for other people. So, recently I have decided to acquire some interesting clothes for my wardrobe in order to look stylish and dapper. I believed that the best option for me is to find an online store where I could buy some clothes. I faced this company and I was exploring the assortment for several hours until I finally ordered some clothes and it was delivered pretty fast. I highly recommend this place for those ones who also bother about how do HisRoom look.

I Love the way I was treated Great customer service
This was the first order I ever placed with HisRoom. HisRoom treated my one pack of 6 socks like it was an important order.
I needed to try to find a replacement over the calf sock for discontinued socks I was buying. The delivery was very fast and came in good condition.
The Socks are better than the ones I used to buy so I am placing another order. I appreciate the wonderful experience and the great product.

New customer - slow loading - navigation poor
First time with your shop.
Liked the selections and that you have Calida/Hanro quality products - web navigation is slow (very looking loading times) and not a super pleasant experience. I would have exited entire order if the last step had not ‘just come' through. Overall I like your presentation and choice products but the process and sign-up process (interrupted 2X) UNFORTUNATLEY the sign-on ‘bonuse code' of 10% was. It applicable - which at an order of nearly $750 would have been a nice ‘starting truffle piece.' In short - I will see how the rest will go and then go from there. Thisnis not meant as a ‘super bad critique' but rather as hopefully a candid feedback moment so that things Can be made better for the next customer. Thank you!

Loyal customer
I love the selection, favorites list, suggested lists, ability to search previous purchases, how your website saves the cart and holds onto filters so well. I've been buying for years. Without her room, I'd be a sad kitty. I also love how well backorders work, and the sales on backordered items. I even bought my man his 50th b-day gift from his room! He's set for the decade, ok, he's set for the year ;)

It didn't apply the 10% off I got for making my first purchase and signing up for emails?
It didn't apply the 10% off I got for making my first purchase and signing up for emails?
I feel like I was kind of scammed because it said if I signed up for the emails, which I have no problem doing, I always do for sites that I plan on ordering from in the future that have products that I like, as I typically buy a new pack of white T-shirts every month as I am a full-time artist/painter and go through them fast. Anyways, it said if I signed up for the emails I get a coupon code for 10% off. I got the code, I applied it, then it said it would not apply to any of the items in my cart. I still checked out as I needed these items, I just feel like I was scammed. I'm sure it said it somewhere that because these are already marked down, that it can't apply, but I think being a first time customer, it should've applied, 10% off isn't much money, so it's the principle or than the fact. And, the T-shirts at around $23, how are the more expensive than everywhere else, has a four pack of those T-shirts at safer and since target is $19 when they're not on sale, so taking 10% off, still would've given you a decent profit margin.
Honestly, I'm bummed with how things have worked out.
I'm not sure if anyone actually read this message, but if you did, thank you for your time.
Thank you again.

The Todd Brugman Studio Gallery
46 Waltham St.
Boston MA 02143


Great customer support, fast delivery, and quality products!
I bought Fruit Of The Loom Extended Size Assorted Cotton Knit
Boxers through Amazon and had to return them because the waistbands were exposed-elastic, not the cloth-wrapped that HisRoom had shipped in the past. I wrote the Amazon dealer and never heard back. With HisRoom, not only did I hear back, but they shipped me exactly what I was looking for! In fact, I just ordered another three sets! Love these folks!

Color search inconsistency
I chose underwear then chose all underwear then chose to search by color. The color I searched for was yellow. First two items came up, eventually I got quite a few except the ones I wanted, I later searched again and the pairs I wanted to buy appeared. I frequently run into this problem when I search from bikini, briefs or thongs. It makes absolutely no sense.

My pair of briefs came with one of the 5 having an decent size hole in the croch area of the brief in the meshwork. After contacting HisRoom regarding this defect, HisRoom were very accommodating and provided a discount for the purchase, to compensate for the pair with the hole in it. I would have exchanged them, which they offered, but for some reason this particular white brief has been discontinued.

I did not get proper feedback to clarify the issue with my billing address
Hisroom canceled my order because I paid by Ukrainian card, but indicated US delivery address and marked that the billing address was the same. I applied to hisroom two times explaining the situation and giving correct billing address, but received some formal (probably automatic) replies. Finally hisroom canceled my order, although the money were blocked on my account) when I tried to place the order again I noted that one if the items I was going to purchase is not available anymore.

Somewhat satisfied
Received today items ordered 10 days ago, it appears order was processed promptly but carrier delay. For several days appeared no activity in tracking, six days later item in Texas, then sent to Georgia en route to
From previous experience have had some trouble with size of Cottonique boxers, a medium in different models can be up to
1 inch wider at the waist

Intrusive Pop-up survey window would not let me close without giving feedback
It is far too early to give feedback - I would like to have the product in hand before giving any results. I gave two stars because there was no way to bypass the survey window. That was a dumb move, since the rest of the online experience was okay. As to the products themselves, there should be a way to filter the sale items by available sizes - as it stands, you have to click on the individual item to see if it is available in the correct size.

Lies or misinformation or incompetence?
I ordered 2 packs of Hanes boxer briefs. I get told by website that 1 pack is on backorder, and that my debit card wouldn't be charged for the backordered second pack until the second package was actually shipped.

Why then, after having to check a box that acknowledges that my card will be billed twice, now and later, was the full amount charged to my debit card NOW? Someone, somewhere, screwed the pooch. I'm a very unhappy camper. I don't trust you anymore, and want to cancel my order and get my money back. But I have doubts that such an occurrence will ever happen short of Hell freezing over.

So, what is it - lies or misinformation or incompetence? TBH, as I wrote already, if I had the option, I'd cancel my order. But even if my order is cancelled and my money refunded, it's too late to stop me from raising Hell about this all over the internet. And don't even try a SLAPP lawsuit - I'll have you for dogmeat if you try.

You can bet I'll be reporting this large pile of male bovine excrement to the Better Business Bureau and any page like Yelp that gives you a rating. Can you spell "Toast?" cause that's what you're about to be. I'll also be sending complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (unfair business practices across state lines) and the FCC (wire fraud). Furthermore, my state's (Oregon) Attorney General's Consumer Protection branch may also become very involved.


I don't know what feedback title means.
First time ordering. All was actually fine except it wasn't saliently clear how to apply the discount code. I was able to retrieve it and instructed to "paste" it into the order, but there was no place indicated to do so where the price, tax, shipping displayed. I wasn't sure about proceeding to payment without first seeing the discount having been applied. I had to call customer srvc & she wasn't able to adequately describe or explain to reflect what would be encountered. She did say to go ahead to the payment step so I did & there was a field with "Redemption Code" but it didn't appear to allow for pasting. However, I was able to manually type the code into that field bar, and voíla, the code discount then showed as having been calculated in the final total. So the outcome was good, but the path/procedure to get there was confusing as far as the discount code. I would have preferred better instructions stating the code would be applied at the final step of payment method processing. Also, the claimed "up to 70% off discount didn't show after scrolling awhile... only showed 30% so I just stopped browsing.
Otherwise, order was pretty good. Thanks.

I was doing good in my shopping until it came to checkout. I inform the customer service associate about a sale that was advertise for 25% off which she said it was expired. Mine you prior before chatting with her the other associate said she didn't know why the sale didn't show up. Now back to Ms. Tiffany. She asked if I needed help with anything else? I said yes to be honored with the sale that I'm looking at. I don't like for anyone to tell me what I'm not looking at when I told her I can send her screenshot. I inform her that I just came on y'all website that it didn't say sale expired nor advertise on the item. That's where my issue came in. I did let her know I'll go shop somewhere else because it was false advertising a sale she claim didn't exist anymore. I let her know it probably was a glitch in y"ll system, but I should be honored the sale. I believe she gave me 20% off, but I wanted what I saw which was the 25%, I work for my dollars and I'm shopping for the best sales,

My shopping experience was seamless up until checkout. I was given the incentive to sign up for marketing texts by this company. I was offered a 10% off coupon code if I did this. I of course did provide my email and phone number. I entered the discount code I received in the checkout and no percentage was taken off my order. This seemed incredibly deceptive. I ordered from this company because it was the only place that had the item I was looking for.

Lazy, entitled, non-existent customer service.
I ordered from HisRoom, and the products were not in stock. After two months, and the status still being "not in stock" on my order, I asked to change the address or get a refund due to my moving. By the time HisRoom responded several days later, they had the items in the warehouse by they had not shipped, yet they refused to change address or refund, and told me to reroute with the carrier. Their carrier would not reroute without the SHIPPER requesting a reroute. Now I don't have the items or my money. They scammed me.

Delayed Shipping Due to Covid
I just don't understand how some companies can ship right away and a package is delivered as normal, yet some companies and individuals claim that Covid delays are slowing things down and HisRoom take weeks. This makes no sense to me and the last time I confronted someone about this because they claimed Covid delays my package showed up on time, magically with no delays that they swore would happen, until I confronted them. I just wish people would stop making excuses. Covid has been around for 2 years. If you are short staffed, hire more people, offer overtime to your current employees, whatever it takes to keep your business in good standing because if you don't, there will not be a business to run.

I asked LOTS of times to different customer service...
I asked LOTS of times to different customer service representatives and put in request several times NOT to send me NO MORE SERVEYS FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ONLY THE SUMMARY PAGE of what I purchased will be needed if not I will delete u from shopping for my garments...

I was put on hold for a hour the elevator music got to a point all it did was repeat the same music and the same message please stay on the line and a customer service representative was repeated constantly.

Refund but only after I made multiple attempts to reach out
Ordered some underwear; however, after 2 weeks and 2 attempts (via email) to get some answers, I still had yet to get anywhere. Finally, I called customer service for them to tell me in a matter of minutes that my order was lost in transit. When I requested HisRoom send me a replacement, they said the color I wanted was now unavailable. I get that things happen, but their customer service and shipping need to be vastly improved upon. I will be taking my business elsewhere. I recommend you do the same.

Pretty big assortment
This online store has amazed me a lot. I was in search for new jeans, but I understood that I must look stylish. Everything that is being sold in offline stores doesn't sit a lot, so i have decided to visit this online store. The assortment here is awesome and it required up to couple of hours for me to find the best jeans. Actually, everything was good and I ordered new pair here. The staff here turned to be very responsive and polite. I'm grateful to them that HisRoom have explained all the details concerning shipping.

Confusing Exchange Return
Yes i received my original order # 9773568. I tried on one of the items in the order and found them to be to large around the waist. So i created a return exchange for a smaller size of the same items except the one package of the ones i tried on because i had already tried them on. So i was returning the other two boxed items that were never opened for an exchange to the next smaller size of the same items. When i started the exchange with you company i did not realize that i had to purchase the exchange sized items on a new order. This is where it got confusing! I didn't know i had to reorder the correct sized items i needed and pay for them, and then sent the original one's that i purchased back for a refund to my c card. I was inder the impression that i would send back the one's that where to large and HisRoom would be exchanged for the exact same one's in a smaller size and returned to be on a return one get one back exchange base's. Your exchange process is quite confusing. I have never had to rebuy the same items that i had already payed for and then get reimbursed for the exact same item that i had already paid for in the first place. I have never ever dealt with any other company that uses this proceedure. Very Confused! ME!

My favorites discontinued
I have problems with your sale advertising.
You claim certain percentages off but by scaling your loyal customers by saying "up to" however much off. When you advertise a 70% off sale I have yet to see anything 70% off or anywhere near such a percentage. How about a little more TRUTH IN ADVERTISING!
It appears to me you have so little faith in your customers that you find it necessary to advertise in a misleading way. Your foul advertising practices have led me to shop other places.
Also my favorites always get discontinued.
I like many of your products even sheer ones that are quite costly and wear out quickly.

Terrible Exchange Policy
I ordered wrong size shorts for husband. Since he opened a pak to try them on, he said he would keep that pair but asked me to return unopened pak and order 2 more paks in the correct size. HisRoom would not do an exchange without paying shipping charges even though we were ordering 2 more and paying shipping charges for the new order., Service doesn't even begin to compare with WalMart!

Very poor service
HisRoom's return process is horrible. I placed an order(9089427) and received the merchandise. It was too big. I went to their website to process the return. I wanted to exchange for a smaller size but was unable to do so. I got the RMA label and sent it back. HisRoom resent (order 9096024) me exactly the same merchandise. I called them. They said that it was too bad that I wasn't able to use their system but I still had to pay for the return. They also said they would not issue an RMA label to facilitate the return and that I would have to send it back myself. I asked where to send it. They said to the same address it came from. Not very helpful. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I was told "there isn't one available on this floor". This company is not very customer friendly and makes it virtually impossible to process returns. STAY AWAY FROM HISROOM.

Informative + Reliable
I love all the information about the products and materials, as well as how organized and accessible that information is. Because of the shopping experience being online, I view the product information as pivotal to a shop's success; and since it's unusual for men to try on underwear in stores, this site makes it that much more accessible on top of its reliable return/exchange policy). Love it.

Problems with discount code
Tried to place an order using the 10% discount code I was texted. But I'm repeatedly getting "Sorry, we don't have a record of code HRACWJ3AU3. Please try again." I wanted to get help by chat by there's no link, as far as I can tell. And I tried calling, but I was warned that the wait might be long, and the hold "music" was unbearable. Eventually saw a chat box, and am getting help now.

Men's. Fruit of the Loom White Cotton Polyester Boxers
The picture looked like the fabric was silky, but when we received them HisRoom are more like cotton and thicker than we thought from the visual. I still would like to know if you have any men's boxers that are tricot or silkier and not as thick as cotton ones. Color does not matter. WE bought 12 pair and I wish I had not bought so many as they were not what we wanted.

Relatively easy, but search is not specific enough
Okay shopping experience -- fairly good, but not specific enough. In my case, I searched for 'reinforced heel" socks and it returned what I consider a purposeful misdirection among the results: namely, it included reinforced SEAMS which are NOT reinforced toes and heels, as far as I can tell. Example: The gold toe socks I want that were depicted as "reinforced hell and toe seams" are anything but reinforced heel--HisRoom wear through in no time. So I ordered Hanes (a lower-priced but reinforced heel socks product(.

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