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Fraudulent App
This is a fraudulent, garbage app. I have been trying to be reimbursed after being charged $20/week even though I unsubscribed and Hily have been sending me on a wild goose chase. They are ignorant, rude and plain cruel. I am absolutely disgusted.

Poor Management.
The app had alot of potential in its early stages but it all went south. The location filters dont seem to work and the same profiles keep coming up miles away. The app is also contaminated by fake profiles. Lastly, The popups are very repetitive making the experience unpleasant.

I barely used the app one day before deciding to deactivate my account, but Hily still charged me the $15 after my trail period ended! I wasn't even using it anymore and, even though I tried to get a refund immediately after the $15 was charged, hily refused to, saying they "didn't have to tools to process refunds" and Google Play wouldn't either! Saying it was up to hily! It's a $#*!ing joke! They're able to TAKE the money, but when it comes to refunds, no one's "able" to do it. TYPICAL greedy business pratices! DISGUSTED! Hope Google's multi-million dollar company is happy stealing from working class people!

A dating app and that's it
This is a very barebones dating app, there's really nothing special about it. Hily try to promote this livestream feature but honestly that's not what dating apps are for, if I would want to watch a livestream I'd go to IG or twitch. After that the app just feels barebones, just another Tinder copycat. It's functional tho.

Not worth the money
This app is ok at first since it is easy to use but please ask your developer to check and fix the algorithm, the distance filter is not working fine it makes you match to different countries. Also when trying to swipe, an adds will appear which is kinda annoying.

I like this app
I enjoyed using this app for the most part. I came across a fake profile and when I reported it it got deleted immediately. The live stream option is fun and rare for dating apps, so I think you should give it a try if you're looking for something different.

App doesn't Work
Sign up error is given by app that user is banned. Tried from mutilple mobile phone. Still the same. On some phone playstore app cannot be downloaded its gives error that app is not aviable in your country but its downloading in the same country on other phone.

Bad site- schemes and poor setup
0 stars. This is a scam! Created my profile used the same few pics I used on Bumble (which is great!) within 48hr of me uploading my pics and starting convos with a few ppl I get a notification that my account has been blocked (not disabled so my pics/info are still visible to the public). The only thing it allows me to do is open the app and I'm directly taken to a screen that tells me hypothetical reasons as to why my acct. Was likely disabled. Hily give you the option to message (not email or call) a "support contact" but it's within the apps messenger. Long story short over the course of 10 days now I've ask 3different times: why my acct was disabled, how long before I can regain access, and then my last contact, I just asked if someone or the company would just take my pics down so they're not just out there & I not have any control. I received 1message within the last 10 days -very casual response of " I'm not sure what's going. We can't just take down your pictures you have to do that yourself ".

I should at least be provided the option to remove/delete my account if nothing else.
At this point I'm concerned! If someone from Custom Service sees this they need to reach out! This looks like and feels like a scheme!

After updating and using for a weeks. The app was good but the down side is you need to pay the subscriptions it feels that Hily askig a lot of money and some of account is not legit they need to investigate further to remove all fakes accounts.

Subscribe to Hily!
Absolutely amazing app for those who are searching for new friendships and relationships, great place for meeting people with common interests. You can go live, talk to people in real time and just generally chill, while finding new people to talk to. Very good app, highly recommend :)

Fake Profiles
I have experienced some major fake profiles on Hily. The available picture of the profile along with the available detail was telling a story which would not match if you chat with the person. It was discovered that the provided bio detail and profile picture is not original. You might end dating fake person.
For me the originality of the members is now questionable.

Loved it
I used Hily for a few months and it was a great experience. I got to know a lot of people and even meet some of them. The free features Hily offer are very complete and I think it´s a great option for a dating app. I really enjoyed it!

Disabled out of nowhere
Out of the blue my account was disabled and I know for sure I didn't violate any rules.

I didn't like that I was getting matches from all
Over the country. It's just a very messy, unorganized, poorly executed dating app. Worst one I've tried so far!

Simple Dating App
This app is easy to understand and use, so I can personally say that it's user-friendly. The only thing that bothers me are the ads, but fortunately, they're not as consistent and Hily simply pop up from time to time. Other than that, I don't really have major issues with this app. Hopefully, this app continues to improve more in the future.

Woman hating robots
If i could leave zero stars i would, this was my hily experience in less than 24 hours of downloading this app:

1: signed up without being made aware of basic rules and regulations
2: brought this app multiple active users to my profile without promoting it or soliciting any users
3: i was banned for solely putting "onlyfans/cerasus" in my profile.
(i didn't find ANY worthwhile candidates on this app so i figured i'd try to help myself)


Entrapment or crazy idk
Some girl I matched with had an account with pictures of her with tattoos and had her age set to 27... started texting me and said she was 17? Idk if this girl was just crazy or if Chris Hanson working through hily now but had to ghost her. Would not recommend do not trust this app. Underage girls (or cops) be bugging. Save the children and tell them to GTFO these dating sites so I can find someone my age... I'm afraid to talk to people on tinder or Facebook at this point.

I really like Hily. I was able to look for exactly what I wanted and I have found the man of my dreams. I have tried other dating apps and didn't like. Also if somebody strange disturbs you, you can send complaint to them Hily have amazing etiquette and safety bases & supportive team

Better than nothing
I'm not sure if some people should even bother using this app. When I use it I thought it would be more like facebook or even whatsapp, I thought it was going to be an easy to use like the ones I mentioned but no, one has to pay in order to chat with someone. Why should one pay to chat with someone and it's to expensive

Good App
People complain about getting charged after deleting this app when Hily don't read the terms of use or know how google play subscriptions work. Overall the app is fine for communicating with people or finding someone with the same interest. You may encounter some strange people but do you forget what internet these days is?

Very misleading
I registered on the site as a 7 day free trial subscription. However, I cancelled my subscription three days before the end date and Hily still charged me. When I tried to dispute the charges, they said that I was supposed to cancel my subscription on Google and not the site. Whomever heard of such nonsense. Next time I register with a dating site, I'm going to make certain that check the reviews before registration.

Cool app for chats and streaming
I think this application is very simple yet it accomplishes all that is needed - you get to find people, you get to stream, you get to chat. And their support is there 24/7 so whenever I have some question Hily always have all the answers

Hacked by robot.
So I haven't used Hily in way over a year, I used it for like a day once when I was single and bored, then I deleted it. I had a message off a guy the other day on Instagram or him sending me screenshots of a conversation with my account. I assured him it wasn't me etc. Gave out an American number so I got someone to message it on an app where you can message international numbers. Received messages like, I have screenshots of that conversation of my friend and the robot. On the app the robot was asking for a sex partner and all that. I contacted hily support and Hily just said to change my password and deactivate the account, so I did. But now my page is still showing up for people and I'm still getting adds on Snapchat from "hily" guys. I really wanted to completely remove my page but it won't let me, even if it's deactivated apparently my page still comes up for people and now it says my location is London, which It isn't. I really don't agree with it, I think if someone wants an account deleted they should be able to delete it.

Found the love of my life
I would have never guessed that being on this app I would have found the love of my life! We are married and couldn't be happier! Dating apps really do work, don't they? Thanks Hily for giving me the love of my life

The App is Buggy
I didn't found it very responsive and worth to invest time. It's User interface is unresponsive and buggy. Its Signup process was easy to follow and user friendly to understand but the major issue I felt was, it's responsiveness. Anything which I found interested and unique was occupied with said issue (almost). I think Hily need to work more on UX.

Worst app ever
When you read the premium stuff it says unlimited chats and when you pay the money you only get 10 chat requests. And when you ask hily live support why? Hily reply to you you're allowed unlimited chats with your matches. I mean what a way to steal money. Disgusting

The app is good. It's easier to find the person that you would like to interact with you just need to swipe it down. On the other hand you need to upgrade to premium because it has a limit and you need to pay for it.

Hily was recommended to me
Looking for a partner on the Internet is much easier that meeting people in bars. If you don't have much time to go out and introduce yourself, then I think a dating site is a good idea. I never truly trusted online dating until Hily was recommended to me. The site is cool and has so many profiles of good-looking girls. I applied my preferences and described what type of a girls I'd like to meet, so now I get shown profiles of girls who match my requirements. All I have to do is to review suggested profiles and start communication. This is a lot easier than I imagined.

Very fun app, easy to use
I've been using this app for a month now and I really like the way it is designed. It's very easy to use. I also met so many fun people through this app. It is surely a greatly designed and moderated dating app.

Overall scam is completely accurate.
This company was made to steal money. Every positive review of this app seems like a robot or a fake review. Every real review is a one star, and complains about having their money straight up taken from them. Same exact thing happened to me. You have to go into your app store/google play and delete the subscription from there. Their terms of service literally say Hily will continually charge you even if you don't have the app or an account unless the subscription is removed from the app store. This is extremely deceptive, and the app can't match you with someone that actually lives near you. Extremely bogus app, stay away.

Fake sooo Fake. As I swiping I lost count of how many runway model, swimsuit wearing, Hollywoodish gorgeous women there are... the site should be pulled down. You get automatic responses to. You get a response back once or twice generic in nature. I had this girl message me that was a GODDESS! COME ON! I am not a stud! Lol Then nothing... talk about taking your money and running.

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Description: Hily is an online social discovery application, which allows people to chat, meet, make new friends and have fun together. It’s designed to help build sustainable relationships based on people’s real interests and preferences, while also adding high levels of security and deep offline user engagement. Hily’s keystones are its analytics and machine learning core. The most interesting things on Hily happen when a person actively uses the application, swipes left or right, writes messages etc. Based on this information, we identify the interests and preferences of each user - things like whom this person REALLY likes and which potential matches will generate the most activity.

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