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Outside Locked Doors?
I enjoyed watching The Ugliest House in America, until your host visited a former brothel. What was so very hard to see was that most bedroom doors had locks on the OUTSIDE of the doors. This is exactly what sex trafficking does to women, boys, and girls. What were you thinking HGTV?
Did you think this was funny? If you know anything about sex slavery that should of sent chills, and sadness to you immediately. I won't be watching this again, and I have told many people about casual handling of such a terrible part of America. This was more than just a Brothel! Sure the house needs a "makeover", but what about the lives of those who were LOCKED in? It's a house Shame.

GET RID of that annoying wife!
My friends and I watch this and we are ready to switch! She is horrible!. Keep the husband? She is horrible and ugly and fake! There's a group of us 10 guys that watch the show and we cannot stand her. Get rid of her or we will switch

I get tired of shows like Home Town and Fixer Upper and any show that takes place in little towns in the South where you know that HGTV voted for Trump and are true blue Republicans.

1/30/2022 this was my #1 Channel
Lately is boring and repetitive, years back your decorations shows were gorgeous now is remodeling and very fake shows, tired of viewing same type shows.
If nothing new comes soon, is time to find another channel.

And the Home Town
So much talent on HGTV…. Then Home Town comes on. Let's hope it's not international tv. That would be embarrassing for everyone ‍…. What not to do on HGTV tonight

Not enough People Of Color with shows
I use to watch HGTV alot, but then I started noticing that there wasn't enough people of color with shows and that those that do or did have shows, HGTV never lasted long. Unlike other shows where people are complaining about unfinished work or other issues, I truly believe that HGTV, is RACIST and only keep shows on of white host, because they don't want to lose the white audience, so the hell with the black and brown audience. HGTV would rather have a show with white women with no shape or ass, as long as they look good in the face, Christina on the Coast is a prefect example, I saw her in a bathing suit and couldn't stop laughing, looked like someone chopped off part of her ass and pulled the rest down her legs, is that why your female host have the front of their shirts or tops tucked into their pants, leaving the back covering their backsides. Then to make matters worse, you very seldom see black or brown people buying homes or getting work done on their homes, I no longer watch any of your shows anymore or allow anyone in my house to watch, this channel is blocked in my house. At onetime, you didn't have gay people on your shows, now you have more gay people, then you do people of color, shame on you, I am done.

Bargain Block is a Blast!
Bargain Block, with 2 guys putting life back into Detroit, has turned out to buy my favorite show! Can't believe HGTV renovate houses on such low budgets. The houses are usually beautiful, not always to my taste, but decorated to the max. Very realistic in use of used furniture.

All reruns!
All reruns now, all the time. The new show on, 40 year old property virgins, don't waste your time! What a bunch of crap. Couldn't even watch after 15 minutes. Season1 episode 3 HGTV crack themselves up, we did not find it funny or entertaining.

Overall Thoughts About HGTV Programming
Does HGTV have a ton of reruns... Yes. Have you seen them so many times you could actually recite every word? Probably. Here's a question for all the complainers. "If you're watching so much HGTV re-runs, you must not have anything else to do or you're too short sighted to maybe read a book, take a walk, pull some weeds, clean out a closet, etc." Everybody has an opinion as it should be however, until you can produce a network, renovate a home, be creative; either shut up, change the channel or stop paying for HGTV. It's always easier to complain than it is to be positive. Perhaps HGTV is not the network for you!

Love HGTV except "Restored"
Most shows on HGTV are enjoyable and helpful. I love restoring older homes so was excited to see the show called "restored". I cannot stand listening to the cowboy /restorer. His voice is like chalkboard. Please find someone with humor, personality and an easy listening voice!

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