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Don't use Her Room!
I had a misdelivery and Her Room refused to replace the order or give me a $153.70 refund. HerRoom did not care that I paid in full and received nothing!
My order was shipped to me through several carriers, the last being USPS, who delivered it to the wrong address. (Her Room did not insure this item)
Btw: this order took about 6 weeks to ship.
Reputable companies would replace item ASAP or refund the money. Not Her Room, they were happy to let me eat $153.70. Female owned company?! How compassionate! Don't use this bush league company, unless you want your money thrown out the window.

WORST customer service on the planet! DO NOT BUY FROM HER ROOM!
Ordered 2 bras that cost $100 total. Took forever to receive, and then the wrong size was shipped. Was on hold with their phone customer service for well over 45 min until zoey finally hung up. Who has time for this BS? Then I went on the chat option and chatted with Windy B who would not issue a return label despite Her Room shipping me incorrect sizes. Windy actually ended the chat when I said I did not understand WHY I would be expected to pay for postage and insurance to return YOUR mistake. I will be disputing this charge with my credit card company and would recommend to stay far away from this joke of a company.

Previous order delivered 12/22/20 purchased style Shadow panty # 11042
Previous order - just delivered- shadow line panty style 11042 ( vs this order 11005) was complete disappointment: material was thin and flimsy. Terrible for winter chill. And even the color - in beige (or nude) and white - both had an undesirable shiny quality. I would return them both but -too late- as HerRoom were already washed ( with The virus everything gets washed). 11042 are Headed for GoodWill giveaway and not my girlfriend.

Hope these turn out to the right ones- I stole a glance at her shadow line style number tag. Her underwear had more heft, more stretch, and overall much higher quality.

Worst Company experience ever!
Placed an order ($300 at no 10% discount) for wife's surprise birthday present, order took many weeks to arrive and was late. Sizing was determined too large, initiated a return ($20/freight charge) to exchange, no label shipping provided, per Company policy. Exchanged items arrived 4-weeks later, still just not right. Again no label provided, again $20/freight charge, per Company policy. I'm out $40 in freight charges for something I could've bought/exchanged on Amazon freight-free! My instincts told me not to do business with them, twice! Do not do business with this company—their returns policy is outdated, and takes advantage of the uncertain sizing nature of undergarments. Reading other's complaints, I'd rather have the money and not another disingenuous CSMgr response. Never again, consider yourself warned!

I had a question
I sent a question to HerRoom maybe a week plus ago. I got a message telling me that my question was important to you but then I never got an answer. Today, I got a message on my phone saying there was a site-wide 20% sale, but it didn’t seem to apply to what I was wanting to buy, which were 2 Wacol minimizer bras in 38G. The bra I had asked about, it turns out, doesn’t come in my size sadly. It’s the Wacol slim line minimizer. If I had gotten an answer to my query from a while ago I would have placed this order sooner. I wish bra manufacturers would make minimizer in larger sizes. Why do smaller women only want a minimizer bra? Makes no sense to me. I do really like the Wacol that I’ve been wearing for a while now and your prices are very good. Thank you.

They should send free shipping labels if it's THEIR...
HerRoom should send free shipping labels if it's THEIR FAULT that items do not arrive in a timely fashion and have to be returned. In 2021, not being able to at least print a label with postage is archaic. Furthermore, the situation I had (ordered a two piece, the bottom arrived, the top never did. When top finally arrived - I tried to cancel order but unbeknownst to me it had *just* shipped and customer service would not agree to pay my return shipping nor was a pre-paid shipping label available to print out at my own home, so thanks for the errand to the post office on top of all the inconvenience) was the worst customer service I've had in a long, long time. I'm not sure I'll order from HerRoom again. You may have lost a customer.

See previous comments. SHIPPING LABELS are standard across the industry. I can’t think of another company that does not even provide a prepaid shipping label. Meaning, something that is deducted from my refund, for the sake of convenience.

Misleading advertising and a total hassle
I originally saw all of the emails saying there was this huge sale... up to 70% off anad 20% off every order. I had over $440 worth of merchandise in my cart. None of the coupons or codes worked... HerRoom all received the message that the codes was used previously, which is impossible. I chatted with Tiffany yesterday and she sent me to sign up for e-mail, saying that's how I would get the correct codes. I did that, received the same emails again, and the same messages saying codes were used previously. This has been such a hassle. Then today, she says the codes only work if all items in the cart are regular priced. Codes on the online Her Room coupons and discount codes site don't work either. That doesn't make any sense... a sale is a sale. I find it's terribly misleading. I got rid of a few items from my cart. Then, the total was $333, free shipping but I was billed $357 which is considerably more than the taxes. I'll never shop Her Room again.

Place and Order that went through paypal and remained pending.
Customer service would not even acknowledge that an order was placed. Paypal is saying HerRoom are waiting for Her Room to accept it. Not my error! I requested to get help with expediting ($5.00 extra charge) because I felt this was not my error and they declined and were not very customer friendly. My new order is now pending and I hope to get it soon. I have to say I have never had a bad experience with you and by all my stuff here. I hope this was an isolated incident and customer service becomes great again! Thank you for your time to listen. I have asked for a manager to call me back. We will see.

Always good prices and a decent selection of aizes and colors
I've been purchasing bras and panties for the wife for over 4 years from HerRoom and have not been disappointed. My wife may not like the brand after trying on the garment but you can't beat the price and return policy. A good assortment of brands and the deals online can't be beat. Getting three bras for the price of two when purchased at the local department store is a no brainer. Plus, I am more willing to buy from HerRoom to try the styles I like on her than she would in a store (to get her to go out and replace the worn out stuff she likes is a major ordeal). It's win win for me and her.

Says In Stock to purchase then BACKORDERED after
I really wanted to love this site because it carries the one brand I have been trying to find for a while. And while HerRoom can be pricey, have minimal discount codes, I wAs ok with that. But after my 3rd time purchasing from here and seeing it was available only to purchase and be sent emails stating my items were back ordered, given a date and that date changed to a later date twice, I'm over it. I'd like to be given a date of arrival or expectation and then actually receive my items as opposed to more later dates. I travel for work and can't just leave my packages out front. Plus they advertise things they don't even have in stock. I'm a medium, average size 8, and don't see why things are so difficult for them to get, especially if they show as available on the site. Lastly, you can read any of the reviews with 3 or less stars and see the Customer Svc department rep who is responding to the less than 4star reviews is defensive, condescending and flat out rude in some cases. Hence why they get bad customer service reviews. Shame, because I really did like the items I've purchased in the past. I would have just liked an actual date as opposed to "BACKORDERED" and then the date continuing to get pushed back. Who waits 2 months for medium sz bras...?

Mostly good
The universal bra system didn't quite work out for me. I love it, it's a great thing, but I'm a 38G in cacique bras & every single 38D5 bra I tried was at least a cup size too small. I'm not a huge fan of lane bryant as a company anymore so I'm hoping I'll be able to find bras that work here. I do miss that HerRoom tend to have more hooks on their bras than most of the brands you sell. A tiny band is the worst possible thing with a large bust unless you like back & shoulder pain.

I love the details & hints for items.
A little frustrated that my searches time out if I'm busy for a few. I can't sit down & shop uninterrupted & I hate having to start over.

So far, mostly so good.

I just ordered five or six bras which shipped quickly...
I just ordered five or six bras which shipped quickly and were great. One of them must have had a flaw along the inner underwire seam, as the first time I washed it after two wears, the underwire pulled out.

When I contacted customer service about a defective product HerRoom told me that if it was washed or worn I could not return it. I was surprised you can return some thing that was obviously defective. I would very much understand that if something is worn/washed cannot returned based on a preference, but I felt a quality issue was different.

I’m not sure the customer service person had much flexibility but told me that if it was washed or worn there were no exceptions, even for a defected product.

Quality Products
The products are nice. This site offers a lot of variety. However, I have to return the item, because it doesn't fit. I am offended that I have to pay to return an item. I've never paid for returns at any other store and I do 85% of my shopping online. Also, the top of the return label says USPS (United States Postal Service), but just below it says UPS (United Parcel Service). Those are two different companies. So now I'm unsure where to take the package and will have to call customer service for clarification (making the return process more inconvenient).

Very disappointed with this company
I purchased a bra from Her Room. I received the bra and tried it on. It did not fit properly. I returned the item with original tags. I did not hear anything about my return or see a refund on my credit card. I emailed Her Room to find that HerRoom said the return came without original tags and showed signs of wear. Both were untrue statements. Now I am out $58.25, have no bra, and would be charged $10 to ship it back to me even though it does not fit. This is very discouraging as I do not have the option to purchase in stores and try on. I have to rely on buying online. When they do not fit (if not rejected), I still lose money for restocking fees. I will not purchase from Her Room again!

Love Her Room
For some reason, I'm difficult to fit for bras. I've been in more than one brick-and-mortar store, trying on every bra HerRoom have in my size, without finding one that fit properly. Often stores only have 2-3 bras in my, apparently unusual, size (34DDD). I now use Her Room exclusively when shopping for bras (and panties). There is no store that has anywhere near the same breadth of offerings as Her Room. The helpful problem solving lists of bras is a godsend. I used the "narrow shoulders" list a couple years ago and was able to find 2 bras that fit extremely well--and the straps have never slipped off my shoulders since! For my current order, I used their list of bras with straps sitting directly over the apex. I then checked the back of all of those and chose ones with straps that won't slide. I'm hoping that will provide better support for the heft. When I shop Her Room, I order a dozen or so bras and a few panties. When the box arrives, I try everything on and walk around my house a bit to see if the item remains comfortable and in place. Then, for a nominal postage fee, I return what doesn't fit and order multiples of what does! Brilliant system (even if I do say so myself);-D

No order, no contact
I placed on order on 4/29. I ordered two items. One was back ordered and stated it would ship the week of 5/13. The other item was in stock and it was stated that it would ship immediately. I contacted customer service three times over a couple weeks as by 5/13 I still haven't received any part of my order.

Customer service never responded to any of my emails. I got an email on 5/15 stating that my order had shipped. As of 5/21 the tracking label shows the item has yet to even be dropped off with USPS. Almost a month later, no items and no one will respond to my emails.

Her Room is refusing to refund my money for a bra returned...
Her Room is refusing to refund my money for a bra returned with tags on, in original packaging, unworn and undamaged. Their reason for refusing my refund is that I left "excessive skin flakes" on it after trying it on. I don't know how you determine if a bra fits without trying it on. I don't have a skin condition, so I imagine this is the scam HerRoom run in order to refuse refunds on returned bras in perfect condition. Buyer beware!

They said they would return the ill-fitting bra to me for an additional $10 to cover postage. I already paid an additional $5 to return it to them in the first place. They won't give me a contact for their attorney.

Ordering Online
Web site designed to be simple and easy to use, so far so good! Good selection of items I was interested in. One less star than perfect is assigned as the name of shipper not listed. I like to know which mailing/shipping vendor would be used, to help me decide if I need to send the package to a UPS or FedEx designated package location in the event I am not at home. USPS is fine as I can put a hold on mail and packages very easily. That addition to the web site would benefit many more shoppers just like me to have to plan ahead. Since I just placed the order I am unable to address my satisfaction with the actual product at this time.

Awful customer service
I tried this website ONLY because of the great customer service it was showing it had. I don't know WHERE HerRoom are getting such high ratings from because their customer service is disastrous, unhelpful and careless. If I could give them 0 stars I would. They seriously don't deserve any. My order was misdelivered and customer service refused to help me locate my order, or issue a refund or a replacement. They simply washed their hands with my issue and were completely indifferent about my situation. The 3 times I have called, my experience has been the same. All 3 times I have requested to speak to a supervisor and I'm always told that I will receive a call back within 24hrs and no one ever calls me. When you ask them to transfer you to one, they always say that no supervisor is available at the moment. Advise, don't spend your money at this retailer, shop elsewhere where you are actually valued and respected.


Never felt so seen!
I am so grateful for all the in depth size information I found on this site. I'd discovered the ABTF reddit community a few months back and it gave me hope that there may actually be a bra out there that is pain-free, but it's still been a hit-or-miss journey so far. I had specific size questions about my specific boobs and their shape. I learned so much on Her Room, not just how to describe my shape but also get in depth fit info on bras before I've even bought and/or been disappointed by them! I have wide set, splayed, asymmetrical breasts and this site helped the bra shopping process become so much easier. The fact that I was able to search for bras that meet my specifications was truly amazing. Most sites you can search for "demi bra" or "balconette bra", but here I was sorting through results for wide center triangles, etc. etc. Etc. I've just placed my order and so am obviously yet to receive my purchase, but no matter the outcome I will keep buying bras here in the future!

Nonstop pop up
The "10% off if you sign up for email" popped up every single time I went back to the browsing page, after viewing a single item. Annoying and unnecessary. I didn't see a way to prevent this from popping up repeatedly.

I was also surprised to read that I have been sent automatic notifications that previously backordered items are still backordered; I checked my email for the dates indicated as being sent to notify me, but I never received those emails.

Hopefully the backordered items (since July, this is now October) will arrive eventually. I would have bought other items by now, if I realized it would take this long.

Customer Service is useless
I received my bra order on May 20 and less than a week later the side stitching came out and the metal boning came out with it. I emailed the company on June 11 with photos of the damage and requested that HerRoom pay for the repair. I didn't get a response, so today, June 22, I contacted them by chat (they are not taking phone calls at this time). I told the customer service rep what happened and she told me they couldn't take returns on worn items. I told her I wasn't requesting a return, I just wanted them to pay for the repair. She insisted that the company had a strict against returns or refunds for worn items. I again told her that I was only asking them to take responsibility for their shoddy product by covering the repair for which I would provide receipts. She refused and refused to escalate my request to management.

Great products, horrible execution +
If I could I give 0 stars I would. I ordered a bra about 2 weeks before mother's day. Fast forward 3 weeks and I still have no package... the first 2 times I called, I got HUNG UP ON without speaking to a single person. In addition,, I also wrote an email to make sure I covered all the communication bases, still no answer. Finally, I thought I'd get the issue resolved the third time since a very nice lady picked up, however she didn't give me much information and said I had to file a claim with my post office... At this point, I just wanted my money back but Herron only does refunds on returns - which I couldn't do because I didn't get my order in the first place! Even after filing. Claims with my PO I still had no help or guidance. I wasted 70$.

Unless you like the hassle of never receiving an order, Do Not Buy from Heroom.

Better Than I Expected
I have been blown away by my experiences at HerRoom! I have never really been a big underwear shopper before. My routine was to get a pack of undies or a bra from Walmart or somewhere cheap as long as it fit and generally suited the style I liked. Ever since shopping with HerRoom, I have been excited to see what is out there. The online shopping aspect still makes me nervous, but I have been pleased with everything I have received so far and it is always so easy to search it out. Not to mention the variety of cute and comfort focused options that HerRoom provides! 10/10

Totally fine
The experience was fine. I found what I needed quickly and check out was simple. The chat bot was not my favorite because it wasn't able to answer my question and wanted me to go on a tech adventure of clearing my browser cookies to get back to your 10% off window. I didn't bother to do this because I was annoyed with the process. I'm curious to know how the chat bot handles actual product questions given that bra fit is highly subjective and impossible to do without human interaction and the actual product present in a fitting room. Nonetheless I have and will continue to shop from her room when you have certain products available. Thanks.

Excellent customer service!
I have nothing but good things to say about this site. HerRoom really put forth the maximum amount of effort to help women find their best brand, fit and size. There's nothing else like this for plus size, big busted women anywhere. I've lived in absolute agony and discomfort for most of my adult life, stuffed into high priced yet poor quality, ill fitting bras and have been the victim of false advertising more times than I can remember. Companies Companies constantly claim their bras offer ultimate comfort and support but his is the only site that tells it like it is and helps the customer find the best options for their own individualized needs. Thank you.

I love my underwear Olga
I love my underwear Olga. I have worn them for years and couldn't find them anymore until I ran across them on your website. I will be buying again. This would have been great but the package came all the way to my post office that delivers my mail and then it went all the way back to TX and then came back to me. So it took really way tooooooo long to get them when HerRoom went all over the South before it finally got to my mailbox. These underwear can't be beat. Thanks,

I just ask where my package was and I can't even remember who I talked to, but I don't understand why it took so long to get them. I guess because they don't start out coming by USPS in the first place. They came all the way to my PO and then back to TX and then back to me. I took almost 2 weeks to get them.

I sent a question to HerRoom maybe a week plus ago. I got a message telling me that my question was important to you but then I never got an answer. Today, I got a message on my phone saying there was a site-wide 20% sale, but it didn’t seem to apply to what I was wanting to buy, which were 2 Wacol minimizer bras in 38G. The bra I had asked about, it turns out, doesn’t come in my size sadly. It’s the Wacol slim line minimizer. If I had gotten an answer to my query from a while ago I would have placed this order sooner. I wish bra manufacturers would make minimizer in larger sizes. Why do smaller women only want a minimizer bra? Makes no sense to me. I do really like the Wacol that I’ve been wearing for a while now and your prices are very good. Thank you.

Usually HerRoom is good with customer service. The last time I had a question and send my query to them on a weekend HerRoom send an email saying they would get back to me soon, but they never did until I reminded them about a week later.
I do like this site and I will continue to order my intimate apparel from them.

No help with a defective product
I was a Her Room customer for many years, but will not shop there again. I purchased a bra for $62. Two months later, after normal wear and careful laundering, the stitching at the top of one cup was badly frayed. I asked Her Room for a refund or a store credit. I was told that since I had worn and washed the product, I was out of luck. A normal $62 bra does not fray after two months. There is something wrong with this product and Her Room should stand behind the products it sells. I had never tried to return a product as defective before. Her Room should have respected me as a good customer.

So easy!
The navigation on this site is awesome. I decided to shop here because I knew I'd be able to see detailed info and front/back pictures of how items fit. Info was clear and brief (I didn't have to read through paragraphs of marketing copy to figure it out), and info for every single item was organized consistently (the info and organization didn't change by brand the way it would on a department store site). That made it so much easier to find exactly what I want and to be reasonably sure it will fit! Yay! Big thanks to your marketing, user experience and site design teams!

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Description: Let HerRoom take over your lingerie drawer. Revolutionary 'Know Your Breasts Bra Finder' and 'Universal Cup Sizing' features guarantee the right cup size.

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