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Incompetent and unchallenged
The agents you get to talk to after an inhuman amount of wait time know absolutely nothing! simply read off a horribly long script. I asked one person if my coverage gets auto renewed next year. She puts me on hold for ages then comes back and reads a script which went on for ages, so I had to stop her and say, hey, chill I don't understand a word you are saying and its all just legal BS. STOP! So she stopped and I asked her my question again and then she read what it said on my account which is general and doesn't explicitly say if my coverage renews or not info that I can already see. So I had to keep saying "yes I can read too, but I need to know if it renews" and then she finally just gave up and said no it doesn't. So why in all that is holy didn't she simply just F%$ing say that 45 mins ago? I mean I know exactly why but it is an unpopular opinion with woke/gen Y and Z people so there is no point explaining the truth, we'll just say that this Marketplace it is an extremely incompetent and unhuman process that has no competition so why do they need to make it better? Same with all Govt services, the lack of competition makes them absolutely useless and unbearably frustrating. As much as I am begging for national healthcare, This certainly is where capitalism shines. Imagine if the govt gave us national healthcare and then ran the show like this... I'd be begging for private insurance again lol

Its terrible
Most of the time the premium listed on the site is really high and the deductible is huge, I love how it says Affordable health care but my question is who can afford it.

Really commercial really?
Commercial says hey I got covered me and my family 60$ a month. I'm single can't make ends meet and my cheapest plan according to website is 400$+ a month. And it doesn't even cover my medications. Will go without taking my medications I guess.

This ruined my life I may become homeless
Since 2019 I have had the same plan and costs through It was going smoothly and it was affordable for me. My monthly premium was $145 a month but my specialist copayments were only $5, prescriptions were free, and my deductible was $1,900 so if I went to emergency room. I am prone to getting pneumonia (non-covid) since 2017. I have had Gastro problems and chronic migraines. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was waiting to see if it was cancerous. There was a lot of waiting for doctor appointments so it dragged on for months of me being stressed about my prognosis. In September I noticed my healthplan changed before open enrollment and changed it for me. They bragged about a lower monthly premium. It's called the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and they emphasize lower monthly premiums. What stood out to me was the copays are now $65 for a specialist and the prescriptions are $5 each now. The deductible went up to $4,600 and this changed after I went to the emergency room the first time whenever I needed a chest X-ray just to get antibiotics. The minuteclinic wouldn't give me antibiotics without a chest X-ray and I couldn't get into any urgent cares or anywhere. I was limited on where I could go and I couldn't wait around. During my cancer scare I was stressed out and my hair fell out (it may be from hormones and I'm getting more tests). In December I went to emergency room again with symptoms of a stroke and possible brain bleed. Ever since then, I got a doctor bill for $1,761 that I have to pay out of my pocket because I didn't meet the deductible. At the time I wasn't thinking clearly or else I wouldn't of gone to hospital. I am now in a worse position because I was so used to how my insurance used to be that I didn't know I was going to get a bill that I couldn't afford. I'm already on a payment plan for other medical debt from an MRI. This has all been just too much stress. I have missed work for times I have had to call the insurance and be on the phone for hours. I spent the day crying and I'm sick to my stomach. It's ruined my life and I looked up costs to get health insurance directly through an insurance company and it's $400-$600 a month premium. I can't look at plans to compare for until enrollment in Nov or Dec 2022. They took away options whenever I renewed this past Dec 2021 and I already sat on the phone and website with very little options.

Zero Stars
I s spoke with the representative by the name of Kayla. She was very quick to inform me that even if the marketplace gave me the wrong information while purchasing a plan, it's not their responsibility to ensure what have up on their screen from the insurance company is the correct information. They all she does is read a script and I could pretty much take it or leave it. I asked her so again, you're telling me that the marketplace gave me the wrong information and that there's nothing I can do about it and again she stated I read to you what was on my screen. Absolutely positively the worst customer service experience that I've ever received.

Run away from this scam! Like it's the virus!
When I started to be on my own 3 years ago, I could use my wife's insurance, but I signed up on, because I did not want to lose my doctor and my kids' doctors. First year, okay. Second year, the Covid hit, and the IRS refunded me the tax premium, so not much to complain. In the year 2021, suddenly this plan became trash - I had to pay almost the full amount out of pocket for the doctor's visit, blood test, and my medication price jumped from $30 a month to $350. Then I wanted to switch, even that means that I will have to switch doctors.

The messages from Marketplace always gave me this impression that if I don't re-enroll in the market place it would be automatically cancelled, so hurry up and re-enroll asap. But no. I was never reminded that when I signed up for the plan, the fine prints said had the right for 5-years of automatic re-enrollment (thanks for another reviewer in this site). I was surprised when the insurance company sent me an email about the pending charge for January 2022, and they even sent a new insurance card for the year 2022. I called the insurance company 3 times, spent hours with different reps, and finally understood that it was because of Marketplace's automatic renewal. They transferred the call to a Marketplace rep, and the rep said it would be cancelled.

Next day I called Marketplace, this time a different rep. He had a hard time to find any information about my cancellation. Anyway, he told me to wait 2-3 days for the confirmation email to arrive. I asked for an email confirmation, but they were not able to do it. I asked for a confirmation number for the case, but he could not provide it. Finally, he provided me a 27-digits confirmation number, but I was not even sure what this was for, probably for the confirmation of the call, which would be of no use if anything happens.

So today, on 12/30/21, I called Marketplace again. This time a female rep. She did not know what the confirmation number is for. With some research, she told me that I am not to be re-enrolled into 2022 coverage. But I need some evidence, some confirmation, after reading some horrible stories on this site. Basically, if the Marketplace messes up and I would be charged for the year 2022, and I would have no evidence that I have cancelled it. The rep said she could not send me any email/message, saying that it's their protocol. I asked to talk to her supervisor and was transferred a few times. In 30 minutes, I started talking with a male, and he provided me the same explanation, that they could not send me any email or message to confirm my cancellation of 2022 coverage. He tried to convince me that in, the status of my current 2021 plan ("Active until 12/31/2021") is the proof that I have successfully cancelled my 2022 coverage. I asked for a more explicit phrase, something like "your will not have coverage for the year 2022", and he said no. He also said this is per the guideline of I asked for another supervisor, this time a woman. Again she said the Marketplace will not send out any message/email/mail about the cancellation per the guideline, but the insurance company will in a few days. I had to ask for another supervisor, and was transferred to a peer. An old lady, probably with better patience, but the same BS. She could not let me talk to her manager, and she just hang up.

Company name is maximus and it has branches all over the country.

The idea of afforadable health care was appealing, so I signed up for a plan on But I have no idea who my provider is through, only received a letter that I had to choose a doctor or one would be choosen for me and "for more information please contact your insurance provider". WHO the hell is my insurance through? I haven't recieved any other information in the mail. When I log into my account on account, there isn't any information either, it only allows me to view my orginal application. If a business did this, would be charged with fraud or acting with unethical business practices. This has been one of the most stressful experiences I had in a long time.

Promise much - deliver little
The site promises to have an affordable plan. I have applied for a 70 y. O. woman as a helper in a community center. The poor woman in the state of VA had to pay a minimum of $1330 a month.
The lady, according to the files that I had to provide for the site has practically no income and lives off her family and some savings. There is nothing "affordable" in Obamacare.

Auto renew
I would like to warn anyone not to use this place, I cancelled my policy in 2019 and keep renewing and taking money from me. I am not trying to fight my last years auto renew and it's a major pain! Be aware

Don't bother!
I see all these commercials about people paying $49 and even $0. Mine was going to be almost $600 for just ME! I guess I need to be on Medicaid to get free health care! I would give it 0 stars if I could!

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