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Scam!! Save your Money!!!
After reading most of the reviews I cannot believe seeing my own complaint multiplied
many, many times. Even tho people order by chart or otherwise they all get smaller than
needed or substituted if particular size not available. I thought it was mandatory for all shirts to be labelled for their exact size. If labels missing check to see if they were cut out prior to shipping. It has been done to substitute. Perhaps a Class Action suit be considered to stop them from continuing to scam customers? RK

Beware Everyone
Writing from experience late 2022 early 2023, in first order of 5 short sleeve XL shirts, 4 were good sizing but one could have been XXL which is tent on me. Gave to my son. On 2nd order of Final Sale 2 long sleeve XL shirts, they arrived as (S)mall and too tight and too short for me plus, shirt size labels were missing on both. Female friend indicated that the labels had been removed ie: cut out. I sked for refund due to an obvious improper change in size and missing size labels and received ridiculous offers, for shirts that I cannot wear. What a scam! My last purchase from these "thieves". Richard K.

Exactly what I was hoping for...
It did take a little while to receive my order... not so sure where it is mailed from... BUT it showed up and was exactly what I had hoped for. VERY reasonbly priced... it was an old Vegas design... which is perfect as a family member recently moved there and it will make an appropriate outfit for me when i visit him. I plan to order more shirts from Hawalili... a great selection designs... and VERY happy with the quality of their merchandise.

It was difficult to find what I wanted on your website
It was difficult to find what I wanted on your website. I saw the shirts when I looked a few days ago but I really had to look and look to get the shirts to appear again. I kept reaching the end of the shirts and the ones I wanted were not all there. I had to keep clicking on different things to get different shirts to appear. It took a little while to figure out. All shirts should appear when I click on tops. There was no shirt category today. Only tops. A few days ago I found tops and shirts. I finally found everything I wanted.

Long wait
Waited very long time for completed order. Waited several weeks for 1 backordered shirt. When received the wrong size sent. Was advised to ship back for credit and my cost to ship was 17 plus dollars, i feel it should be no cost to me. Was advised a 25% credit wouldiapply back for cost of that shirt/now i have a shirt that i paid for and don"t fit useless. I was planning to purchase more but not after the experience i just had with your company.

customer service was fine/ company policy is garbage.still cannot understand why i have to pay return shipping on their mistake of shipping wrong size

How is this company even in business?
I ordered items for Christmas back in November, and some came yesterday (the day after Christmas), I'm still waiting on some, and now the others that I ordered are no longer in stock! It's a joke to try to contact anyone, all you get is automated responses. And trying to return anything is just one big joke. Please do not patronize this company. Hawalili need to be put out of business. I don't think they are even located in the United States, so that gives them an option to sell outdated items and offer inferior service. This company has taught me not to purchase anything over the internet.

I made the mistake of not seeing where if you weren't...
I made the mistake of not seeing where if you weren't paying attention and you clicked to purchase you automatic got a med. With in minutes I emailed that I ordered the wrong size and wanted it changed to a XL. I was told that the order was placed and could not be changed. Seems STUPID that it could not be changed. I received the med today what I am going to return. Seems a ass backwards way of doing business both for you and the customer. Nuff said.

Total crap
I ordered $200 worth of shirts from Hawalili to analyze their quality. This order was intended to be a precursor to buying 75-100 shirts for my workforce. Glad I did.
Quality is extremely bad... like tissue paper. Sizing is off by at least two sizes. Customer service is non-existent... I've sent 5 emails to customer service, I only had one answered. "Ariel" in CS is clueless. No phone number to call... total apathy. In the end, I lost ~$70 on the shirts that are too small. The good news is I was ready to spend $2500-$3000. Save your time and money... avoid Hawalili like the plague.

Noteware experience
Sizes in ads were wrong; neither shirt fits. Rather than returning the original shirts for those that do fit, I was offered a 30% discount on a subsequent order. I have been trying to arrange this and have sent several emails and responses — all to no avail. The email I am responding to now is another frustration —. Yes I received my order but it was the wrong sizes. Why don't your people look respond with a solution? — Jim Noteware

Terrible experience —‘I am getting no response to my emails and questions. I have even asked that customer service call me at *******460, but no one has called. Even your “Cha” does not respond.

Horrible fabric when you live in the tropics
Made in China!

I ordered a couple of shirts from Hawalili as it came up on my browser and I liked some of the shirts on their site. When ordered one shirt arrived within a month to month and a half but the second shirt took almost 6 months to arrive. Both shirts are made of the same fabric which is sticky and has an almost plastic feel to it.

No good for the tropics and needless to say I have worn one of the shirts once but they'll be going to the Salvation army for someone else to enjoy.

Thought i''d share for people who don't like this type of fabric.

I love the clothes you offer
I love the clothes you offer- there is a lot to choose from. I also thank you for stocking 5X for us bigger guys. My only reason for not giving the shopping experience a 5 is that each time I made a selection and added it to my cart, I had to start over- when I really wanted to keep going with the category and the size selection that I was navigating. I found it frustrating to have to keep entering the size when I wanted to simply explore all of the X4 and X5 sizes and nothing else.

Looked like cotton shirts but when Hawalili came in they were quick dry nylon/spandex type material. Ordered 2 different prints of the same style shirt, same size. Oddly enough one was a great fit and the other was an entirely different cut and style and not fit for a man. My wife said the way the seam goes up the middle of the back is that of a woman's shirt. Regardless I can't wear it, but would cost to much to return to china. So with a 50% success rate this will probably be my last purchase.

All the bad reviews are probably true, but I buy from Hawalili anyway...
Here is what you really need to know about Hawalili... Their quality is poor. Sizes are often smaller than Hawalili should be. Forget about returning or exchanging items - you would have to send things back to China at your own expense. They will generally offer you a 15% ("stop bothering us") refund for items that are wrong or don't fit. It may take weeks or months for items to arrive, since they are shipped from China.
So why do I buy from Hawalili anyway? Because their Hawaiian shirts are just so outrageously fun that I never fail to get complements from total strangers whenever I wear one. Yes, they have the usual beach scenes and palm tree Hawaiian shirts that you can probably get anywhere, but the pirate, hippy, music and other fun patterns patterns are traffic stopping colorful and an absolute blast to wear. I buy the shirts a size too large (because of the constant sizing problems), and the ones that still don't fit, I give to skinnier family members as gifts. It is what it is, but they are lots of fun (and drive my wife crazy).

Buyer beware -
Sent a shirt with a defect. Pictures sent to prove, Hawalili offered us $2 to ‘fix it locally ‘ (un-fixable and obvious defect on front makes it unwearable in our opinion). We politely declined and indicted we wanted our money back. Offered $4 this time or 6 if we spend another $109 with this company. Told we are responsible for the (expensive) shipping to us plus all costs to return the shirt. At this point approaching the cost OF the shirt. This company's poor practices, poor quality merchandise and return policies make it one we will never ever do business with. Pity as we liked another shirt we bought from them, Prices seem reasonable and the designs interesting - until you dig deeper and have a problem. Avoid hawalil!

Brand new clothes for nothing
Prices on clothes in my area are pretty high, that's why I try to buy clothes online. Moreover, I can name myself a true shopoholic, because I can't pass any week without buying some clothes. So, I have decided to browse some online shops where I can buy brand new clothes. I found this store in the internet and I believe that the assortment here is really vast. You can buy here anything you want and of course, it won't be so expensive for you, because there are clothes for every wallet. I liked customer support here because it seemed to me very polite and responsive.

Be Careful with the site's Sizing Guide
I bought five shirts that should have easily fit based on the Hawalili sizing guide. Hawalili were ALL too small (and much smaller than the sizing chart indicated). I ordered again, using the size I would have normally chosen (XL), and the new shirts fit.

Hawalili offered a partial refund for the first five shirts. I asked that they instead expedite the shipping of the second order. I am not sure whether they did (they seemed to indicate it was out of their control), but I received the new shirts by the date that I wanted them.

Hawalili personnel were friendly and indicated that they wanted to help, but when I made specific requests for assistance (to add a shirt mistakenly omitted from an order I had JUST made (so that I could avoid paying for shipping on that shirt), to waive shipping fees on replacement shirts, and to expedite shipping on replacement shirts), I was told that this wasn’t possible. It seemed like they were unable to do much other than offer a partial refund or a discount on future orders.

Pleased with items
Style search would be nice. I wish I knew one of the shirts was dry clean only. I may have missed it in the description. I didn't get a tracking number but the items did not take too long to come. The site warned shipping times would be weeks not days. Make sure you don't need the item in a hurry. I did not so it was no big deal. Ordering was easy and the process went smoothly. No complaints at all. My only small issue was shipping was a little high for a small order. 2 shirts.

Refund policy inadequate
I have ordered from this company a couple of times with generally good results. The clothing is a better than average value for the costs. However when I received an item that was marked with the wrong size and attempted to return it, I learned to my regret that the return policy was very inadequate. I was given a choice of returning the item to an overseas address at high expense [as much as the item cost], or getting a small refund of 15%, or getting 25% off my next order. Needless tosay I will not be ordering from Hawalili again. Shown belowis the refund offer from them:

"If you would like to keep the item(s) and skip the return hassle, we would like to offer you a partial 15% refund cash refund for the items in question as compensation or you keep them with 25% OFF code for the next order over USD99. What do you think?

According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and any other related return charges (including possible custom fees). Your refund will be processed after our return center receives and inspects the return package.

Since International returns might result in long waiting times and incur substantial return costs on your side, we recommend some alternative methods to resolve this issue."

I first tried to make 4 pymts thru Klarna
I first tried to make 4 pymts thru Klarna. This was denied for some reason (my credit is fine). Then, my initial payment with my bank debit card would not go through. I had to close out entirely and reopen my Cart to try again. Finally it processed. I rarely ever have a payment problem. And, I've never been denied by a "payments" vendor (eg, Shop, etc). But I got "Sorry, you can't use Klarna," *after I input my credit card information into their system. Not at all happy about that. Don't think I'll ever use them and plan non reporting them to the credit bureaus in case Hawalili ever try to use my financial information.

Various sizes with same size.
Ordering was easy. Delivery was a little sooner than expected. Customer service was very good at responding. I had ordered shirts, five in total. Two fit great (Hawalili labeled), two fit snug (Misslook labeled), one fit like a small (no printed label). All were ordered and labeled XL. Hawalili are not the same in sizes. The material of the shirts are light weight and feel fine. After washing, with my other shirts, they seem to have held up well and did not change in fit. If I can determine how the shirts are labeled I may order more.

Unresponsive... still unresponsive
What a joke I realized after my second complaint that Hawalili said respond within 24 hours... right I only got one thing I ordered it wa super heavy poor quality. I'm about allot of money and the sad thing is I bet some of the "designers" are legit. Never ever answer an advantage asite you trust check it out anyway. I can't believe I got ripped off twicein a year shame on me.
Got my second piece of junk poor quality not what I ordered rip off RUN

Love the selection!
Love the selection! Everything went well until I tried to pay with my Paypal account. When I went to get my code, I pushed the button, and it did not send the code to my phone, like normally. I pushed for the code again, and again I received nothing in my phone. A third time produced the same results. So I had to pay by my debit card. Aggravating, but other than that annoyance, everthing is ok. Shipping charges are a bit stiff in my opinion at $12 and change for a single shirt.

Scam clothing seller
Buyer beware, Hawalili clothing is not as advertised and what you get is not worth what you pay for it, even with all of the"discounts". One shirt is labeled as a cotton blend but is clearly 100% Polyester. The other is labeled correctly, but the fabric is poorly dye- sublimated. These shouldn't be priced over $10‐12. Stitching is hit and miss, with some done well while others are poorly sewn. I haven't tried to Lainey these yet and am afraid to for fear Hawalili won't survive. I won't be buying from them again.

Products much smaller than advertised
Shopping experience was good - concerned about sizing and accuracy of size charts. Usually order 2 xl but for your stuff the size charts indicate 4 XL - very strange (44" waist, 33" inseam, 53" chest) - hope everything fits.
After the order was received, I could not wear a single item - Hawalili would fit a bean pole but not a human being. I typically do fine in wrangler jeans (44x32) with a relaxed fit. These were more like Levi's 505's with a 40 " waist (wearable by Italian supermodels, of which I am not)
In the end I am very disappointed.

No idea when I would receive my item
After ordering, I was told Hawalili would let me know when item was in country so I could track delivery. It just showed up in my mail box yesterday and gift recipient was one who retrieved it! Next day I receive this message from company. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but I know there were shipping issues due to Covid. I just would have like an idea of when to expect it to arrive. Also, I had 8 messages that my address was incorrect, each time I replied that it was correct and I typed it in again.

No reply

It was very difficult to order, at first it stated...
It was very difficult to order, at first it stated that any order over $79 had free shipping, then that changed to not include Final sales. Then I changed my order to include another shirt bringing order over $85, then it stated I needed to spend another $12, it just did not make sense. I ordered a shirt that was $13.11 and still when I went to check out it stated I needed to spend another. 45 cents. This system stinks and I am not sure I will ever buy from you again.

I have a long series of communications
I have a long series of communications. Please review them for my opinion. Even my order today was quite difficult: 1) you offered an 18% discount for today in an email promotion and then your chat person told me I could not use it. 2) every time I tried to go to the cart, your chat person interrupted; 3) then my prior order showed up on the cart, and it took me several tries to remove the old order and add today's order; and 4) it took me several tries to enter my credit card number. It finally worked, however. Meanwhile, I have asked repeatedly to have someone call me, but that has been ignored. A telephone call would be far preferable to a chat. My overall conclusion is that your purchasing process is not at all user friendly.

Good to know before placing order
Here are some things to help others make satisfying purchases from Hawalili. 1) My first purchase was for 5 items that were priced as "final sale." I was disappointed that I did not learn until I actually placed my order, that none of the possible discounts could be applied to final sale items. That is, the first time purchase discount, the 15% or 30% off discount, and even the $79 purchase total needed for free shipping, do not apply to final sale items. This is because the final sale prices are already as low as possible.
2) Prices change--even for final sale. I put final sale items in my cart about 2 weeks before I purchased them. When I added more items & completed my purchase, at least one of the final sale prices had increased slightly.
3) When I wrote to customer service to explain my disappointment, Hawalili answered the next morning and were apologetic and helpful. I suspect that they may modify their website to inform prospective customers before placing an order, about "final sale" restrictions. I was pleased with the customer service that I received.
I find unusual and colorful clothing at this site that I do not see elsewhere. The prices seem competitive to me but for things that I could never find at the competition's websites. I plan to continue shopping at Hawalili.

I bought five shirts that should have easily fit based...
I bought five shirts that should have easily fit based on the Hawalili sizing guide. Hawalili were ALL too small (and much smaller than the sizing chart indicated). I tried to return them but the shipping would have cost me 2/3 of what I paid for the shirts. So... I'm stuck with five shirts that don't fit. This is my last attempt to do business with Hawalili - if these shirts don't fit, or if there's something wrong with them, I'll never do business with Hawalili again.

Love the colors and the feel!
This is my second order of multiple shirts. A few previous reviews were a bit concerning, but I was 100% satisfied with quality, shipping time, and prompt and courteous response when I had a question for customer service!

I had questions about shipping, based on others' reviews, specifically number of days it took to arrive. I received a prompt, professional, and thorough response. Based on that, I ordered and my shirts arrived ahead of schedule.

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