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Worst customer service ever
Disturbing customer service! Love their products, but been discouraged more and more after each of their client mistreats! Need to email them twice to get refund for returns; items which were already paid for were out of stock; items were missing... 0/10

Nope nope nope
I am a platinum member at Nordstrom and was recently canceled by NordstromRack from purchasing anything online.

I was under the impression the point of shopping online to try things on at home see if HauteLook fit and return what doesn't fit or what you don't like? Why would it matter to them if I am returning items on my time using my gas?

A great suggestion would be to post better reviews and details on their items my returns would be significantly less.
My sister got married and I had several weddings over the past 5 years. Lots of dresses purchased and returned. Lots of celebrations and events mean new dresses and outfits.
Losing weight? Yep, I did that too, (because of an illness), and if they would look they'd see the sizing changed and I was trying to figure it out along the way. In the privacy of my own home where I wouldn't have to try on clothing in their rooms. Which to note, at least in my experience are barely covering and have had people walk in on me and could peer through the rooms. Highly suggest you do this in your stores. This is one reason I purchase everything in the store, go home and return items.

They calculated my returns over the past 10 years! If they were paying return fees I would understand them canceling my account but they're not. They're not executing correctly. I ordered a few thousand just to see if it would work and it did. I'll of course return as I will continue to even more now!

Andrew and Amy, you've really lost touch with customers.

The letter: We recently reached out to let you know that the rate of returns on your online shopping account is unusually high, and that we are no longer able to accept this volume of returns.

In reviewing your account, we see that your rate of returns has not been lowered. As a result, we have made the decision to end our relationship with you and anyone associated with your account. We will no longer be able to accommodate your online transactions at and HauteLook.

If you have any questions, or would like more information regarding this decision, please contact our Account Review team at *******, or call *******616.


Andrew BreenDirector, Customer Care
Nordstrom Rack | HauteLook

CC: Amy Sommerseth, VP, Store Service and Experience

After the first note I called and explained to them all of this. The lady was really nice and said she would note that and it shouldn't be an issue. I waited about 90 days and purchased items over the holidays. Well, c'mon most of these items were gifts so I would imagine returns do increase during this time. Low and behold a month after my holiday shopping, I received the above letter. Cutting costs, I understand, I'm the CMO of a company and am involved in board meetings with these conversations. One item I love about my company is that we look at individuals on a case by case basis. If a customer called to explain what happened and had valid reasons for their behaviors, I would make an exception.
In conclusion this is more of a review for the executives to see and less for consumers. Warning to consumers is don't shop online if there is a small possibility you won't like the item!
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. Warren Buffett

Customer service is a joke
I would give 0 stars if I could, bought a pair of shoes the heel broke with in one wear. Called someone at customer service and was informed that since I wore them HauteLook could not return them. Clearly a quality issue on their part so kinda ridiculous they won't work with me. Asked to speak to a supervisor ( as a retail manager myself is my least favorite sentence) who wouldn't bother to speak to me themselves and just had the representative do it, (which to me screams bad supervisor) to tell me the exact same thing. I have 18 year olds that work for me that can handle a situation better then those employees.
Takes a lot for me to complain since I have been on the other side of it numerous times, SAVE YOUR MONEY GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

Nordstrom Rachet. Haute... not!
Received a pair of Betsy Johnson bedazzled tennis shoes instead of a men's Brooks Brotjers polo, to be told HauteLook were sold out. They canceled order, but said I could not receive a refund until I drove to take the shoes back to a local Nordstrom Rack.

Flash forward 8 months and I place a $200 order with them, giving my new address and they still ship it to my old address. I was waiting on hold for 20 mins just to be disconnected. Waiting my second time now... 8 mins in. Now once being connected to a manager, because the service lady couldn't re-route my package. I find that half of it can be rerouted, so the main part, a jacket that I got for Denver next week, will be shipped to the wrong address. The manager even provided the right address, that I've never used on their site until this order. Proving that I provided the correct shipping address. They are making my mother, who the package was shipped to and who has severe lupus drive 30 mins to the nearest post office pay $30 to overnight it to me and the manager says, sorry nothing I can do. Horrible. Worst customer service. You may as well be a discounted Ross or TJ Maxx.

Do NOT order from them. Just go somewhere else.
I've never had to write such a bad review like this in a long time. And it's coming from a Nordstrom owned company, which is embarrassing. I want my experience to be on a second website, which is this one, just so people are aware of how HauteLook does things.

I ordered some Fenty Puma by Rihanna creepers and a Fenty fleece backpack, both I couldn't find anywhere else on sale except for HL. I didn't have a problem ordering from under Nordstrom Rack, my package came in good shape, no problems. But I've never really ordered from under HauteLook before. So I didn't know how horrible HauteLook are with their customer service and didn't bother to read up on them/ read reviews, because I expected the best. The shoes and backpack both said it would take up to 1-3 days to process after the sale was over, until they split my order and the bag is already in transit and shipped off. Alllll except for the shoes that are still "processing".

I also ordered something else when day 3 of waiting came around, but I got curious and decided to look up HL's reviews anyway and was appalled at how some customers were treated. I got worried because my shoes haven't been shipped or updated at all since my purchase and decided to contact them by email Sept. 1st, just to ask if the shoes were even available. By Sept. 2nd around 5pm EST, I'm told that there was a delay and most orders are 2 days behind, that I should get my tracking number. WRONG. 5 hours later I get another email saying that I have been "refunded" and my order was canceled. I never got a refund.

So basically not only was I lied to, but I was cheated out of my money. All because they put something on their website that they didn't even have. Unbelievable. Never ordering from them ever again, and I WILL get my refund. Not 25%, not 50%. A FULL refund.

CUT # of Days to do A RETURN IN HALF! No Longer 90!
I was just disconnected while waiting to talk to a supervisor in order to TRY and get the $90 HauteLook are keeping for LATE FEES because I didn't know their return policy had been cut to 45 days. I've been shopping with them since 2011 and it had always been 90 days. That changed occurred February 2018, my purchase was in March, and my return arrived after 45 so they are keeping $90 for LATE FEES! Fees I actually never knew existed because I always returned items before 90 days.

One thing making this VERY PROBLEMATIC is because those 45 days begin not upon the delivery date, but on their ship date. The second PROBLEMATIC issue is, when do they consider the item received? When the box is received at warehouse or when item is re-shelf ready?
My goal is to get a one time waiver for those fees from a supervisor since the policy change is recent. The customer service rep. Although helpful, basically told me I would be wasting my time because Hautelook had not waived any fees for their customers. Guess I'll find out soon.

Watch your wallet! Refunds and returns are often a problem, and if you don't fight for it or miss it, kiss it goodbye. I thought anything Nordstrom was supposed to have great customer service. Not even close!

So far, so good
I have been shopping Hautelook and Nordstrom Rack (. Coms) for a few months now, and so far not any problems.
I like to browse Hautelook almost everyday to see what`s newly listed, and what I may have missed.
I am beauty and style (classic) conscious, as well as a Bargain Shopper - not exactly a label hound, but if I can get a name brand, and good if not great quality at a great price, of course I am on board.
I will set a price first what I am willing to spend on certain, and not buy if anything over that - and I still find plenty on these 2 sites - handbags, cosmetics, shoes, home décor.
I have been hitting these sites first while browsing/shopping before any other sites, and use the sites to compare prices / savings on items.
I do notice that some items are either taken from Nordstrom Rack and listed on Hautelook, and sometimes on Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook at the same time -usually at the same price, or if it`s on Hautelook only, the prices may be lower.
The items and products the have come have been as described, new, no defects.
There is a "waiting" period for items and products to ship on Hautelook -
The reason is the supplier first ships to Hautelook, and then Hautelook ships to customer.
I am guessing the supplier is most times Nordstorm / Nordstrom Rack.
The shipping time does not bother me too much, if I want something sooner, I`ll order elsewhere. Shipping can be even sooner than estimated.
What I do not care for is trying to keep my orders and shipping straight -
I have apps through USPS, UPS, and FedX, but what happens is that Hautelook ships as soon as HauteLook receive your items. HL sends to customer one item at a time in most of my cases.
So, I have received a whole box with one item, even one containing one lipstick, or a pair of shoes, etc...
Seems if it`s a small item, like a lipstick, it could be sent in a packing envelope, a small package.
It`s sent mainly USPS, and I`d rather have packing envelopes in my mail box, than individual items sent quite a few times over weeks in boxes placed inside of my porch. My husband thinks I am on a binge with boxes on porch so frequently lol.
I took away a star for the many boxes with tiny items - not the shipping times.
All in all, I have found great deals, and have recommended to label hounds, and to cosmetic fiends who love their name brand make-up.
I, so far, have not had any mistakes, or non delivery as some reviewers had.

Took money, never received merchandise
I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't do my homework on this company before placing my order on a "great deal" beauty product. It's not a deal when you don't receive the product. HauteLook took my money, this company never sent me an order confirmation, nor did it show in my order history. When I contacted customer service, I was told that I did not submit an accurate email. That's BS. My email address was correct. I would recommend that everyone that has this problem, dispute the charges with the credit card and/or bank to dispute the charges. I can't believe Nordstrom would have their name tagged with this company.

Always find great deals!
I love finding items from the brands I love at great prices, but I also find new designers on I also appreciate the convenience of returning items at any Nordstrom Rack if I need to do so.

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