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Good value. Very convenient.
The price is good and the blades decent. I usually use mine for a week before I change them out. I probably could go longer but since the price is good I just change them out for convenience. I also like the line of skin care products. All that I have used have smelled good without being overpowering and come in well thought out packaging. I even bought the little travel case which I really like.

Truly though the reason I love Harry's is the convenience of not having to worry about buying blades along with a good value. The nice packaging doesn't hurt either; mammoths are cool.

Also forgot to mention that the app is really well designed and easy to use along with their website. It's always nice to have a good looking and intuitive webpage and app.

Not the quality claimed..
I have been looking for for a Google review option but none exists, only one poled by the company which was probably biased since it gave them 88% approval. It is a bad razor, period. So dull it tugs on you. I gave it three passes an set it down. Kept on using my two week old Gillette Mach 3 and it worked perfect. It is also quite big, so I have no clue how you would shave the mustache area. When I bought the Harry's I signed up to the program, though I'd give the company a shot. I later came back and cancelled. I never heard back from them asking why. Little tid bit of info. If you are setting up a manufactured product and Harry's cancel a refill subscription - reach out and ask why. You need ALL of the feedback in the world to make that product a perfect one. Don't just go out there and claim you have it. Have actual statistics for it.

A different kind of subscription.
Harry's doesn't only have quality products, Harry's also aren't a typical subscription business. I like the option of not having to purchase if I don't need product. Subscriptions can be delayed so you don't end up with too much stuff.
The razor blades are very good quality and give you a really close shave. The shaving cream is more like moisturizer than typical stuff you get out of a can and works very well for those of us with sensitive skin. Are usually suffer from razor burn, but with Harry's products I don't.
The face wash is probably my favourite product. My wife also uses it because she says it's better than any women's product she's found. It leaves your face feeling really nice and clean and exfoliated.
The body wash is next on my list.
I've been a customer for a couple years and I will continue to be for a very long time.

I ordered these for my husband who was picking up a pack of Gillette razors every two weeks. Just one of Harry's blades lasts two weeks to a month if he shaves every other day.
Harry's are "razor" sharp and seem to last forever. I shave his head and never worry about cutting him because they are made so well. Their delivery system is excellent too.
We took advantage of a 10 dollar offer in my email for a surprise gift and received a lovely razor befitting the quality of the blade. Much nicer than the basic one we ordered originally.
It seems other reviewers are leaving 1 star when in fact I see that they are raving about the product. I guess they don't quite know how it works. Regardless, I would give Harry's 10 stars if I could.

Great shave at a great value
I have been happily using Harry's for quite some time now. I am a convert from another similar service and found that their blades were just not up to par. I like being able to adjust the frequency of my orders and being able to add to the next order if I need to, I do not need to change my razor every week so reducing my frequency of orders was helpful.
I recently started using Harry's shaving gel as well. I used to use Edge but had to switch to Gillette as the box store I go to doesn't carry it. I was not very happy with it and figured I would try Harry's... it is now on my recurring order form! It really makes a difference as I shave every morning and there is no burn makes it a more pleasant experience... as well as having a very nice fragrance.

Still going strong... Great product!
Ok, so it's been about 2 years since my last review on their blades. The good news is I can now purchase them at Walmart so don't have to order them online... but sill can if I wish. No bad news to report. All the blades seem to be working as designed and haven't cut my face up like some other blades have. Once note though, I don't use shaving cream to shave with... Not even Harry's. I use butter soap which in my case works the best.
For those having issues, like stubble left behind, I hate to say it but you're shaving incorrectly. Even though some say you should never go the opposite way, that's the only way I can shave and get a smooth shave even with other blades like Gillette. The issue I have with G was, no matter what I did the blade cut up my face. Went back to Harry's after Harry's updated their blades and no more cuts.
And like I said before, no, I don't work for Harry's for they really can't afford me. Really...

A better way to care for the face!
I've been a customer of Harry's for years. I used to buy the overpriced name brand blades, but no more!
I have been buying Harry's blades and I could not be happier with the quality and the shave.
But that is only the beginning!
I also purchase Harry's Post Shave Balm. This lotion moisturizes and leaves my face smooth and it feels good!
As part of the "Mystery Gift" program, I received a bottle of the Body Wash. I LIKE this body wash. I have been using a higher priced name brand body wash which is nice, but if I can get one I like for 1/3 of the price and it too smells and feels good, it only makes sense to use Harry's.
If you haven't tried Harry's, other than your hard earned money, what have you got to lose?
Be smart, use Harry's.

Best Shaving/Grooming Products Ever
I've used Gillette razors for years, along with their shaving cream and various types of after-shaves. I then decided to give Harry's a try.
I went with Harry's over Dollar Shave Club because 1) Harry's owns their own factory, so Harry's obviously care about quality (as opposed to out-sourcing for razors) and 2) Dollar Shave Club sold their company, which means margins and shareholder returns start to matter more than quality.
Business aside, I would not have stuck with Harry's if their product wasn't the best product I've ever used. Their razors last long, are sharp, and don't have that annoying little wire that most multiple-blade razors have, which means a closer, more consistent shave.
I use their razors, after shave, shaving gel, soaps, face cream, face wash, and even have their travel shaving bag.
I wouldn't spend time writing a review if I didn't love their products and thought others should know.
I suggest doing their app/online interface to order their products. Its easier than running to the store, has free shipping, and their customer service is second to none!

Wet or Dry - perfect shave every time!
My hubby shaves every other day. He is Hungarian, so he doesn't have fine hair. He usually uses the Harry's shave gel but some days he just shaves dry. He is cheap with his blades too and it is not for lack of having them. He uses the razor for a week or two. Harry's last! He says he has only been cut once and it was because he was rushing. He loves the sneaky single razor on the top side of the razor for shaving under his nose/above his mustache. He said it took a few tries to learn to use it right but now that he has, it is his 2nd favorite reason for liking these razors, the blade quality is #1. He has a razor at both houses and one at work in case he has to meet the chief or something. Thanks Harry's for making my man look so good!

I used to be a victim of Big Brother Blade Company whoTreated their blades like National treasures and me like chump with no options.
Ever since I switched to Harry's I fee treated with respect and provided with a world class blade at a fair and reasonable price. I is nice to know my shave supplier appreciates my patronage and is respectful enough to provide a great product at a fair price and does not require a security guard to unlock the goods so I can get on with my business. Not only is the blade made of superior cutting edge material (world class --- and as a metallurgical engineer I know that these are top of the line blades,( using world class cutting edge Swedish stainless steel) Harry's are delivered without stress and without Big Brother blade Company laughing at me for what I paid them for the privilege. I trust Harry's appreciates my business and will never take advantage of it. Oh and BTW their Shave Gel is light years ahead of the thin runny gel put out by Big Brother Blade. Everything is better easier and fairer., THANKS!

Just excellent
I have only good things to say about Harry's, and at the top of the list is its wonderful customer service. I have never had a bad experience with the company. In the past, it was not unusual for me to go from store to store, looking for my preferred brand of razors, and every time it seemed that the prices had shot up even more. So I decided to take a chance on Harry's; to my delight, the quality of its razors are just as good if not better than the traditional name brands. And with a subscription to Harry's, it's one less thing to think about. Even better, I always receive adequate notice that a new shipment of razors is approaching, so if I don't need any, it's so easy to go online and change the delivery date. There truly is no downside to buying razors from Harry's.

Great product and great value
Over the last few years as the price of razor blades seemed to grow and grow, at times averaging as much $6-$7 a blade, I began looking for alternatives for my husband. He has dark, thick hair and shaves daily, including weekends. Because of the thickness and coarseness of his beard, he would use 2-3 blade per week. At the time he was using Gillette products. The products were good, but the price was not and Harry's never offered any type of specials, rebates, coupons, etc. They seemed to have found their cash cow and were happy to enjoy it!

I started "sampling" other products - none of which my husband liked. And then I found Harry's! He was skeptical (to say the least) but agreed to try so I ordered on line. He liked the product from the first time he used it and has been a loyal customer ever since. Even though I now see Harry's in Target and other retailers, we continue to order on-line direct as a symbol of our loyalty.

Good luck in continuing to grow - just don't change or compromise!

So I started out with the razors from Harry's and was pleased with the product since day one and haven't looked back. Then one day I decided to try out the soap that Harry's had to offer and what else can I say but "NAILED IT!". I tried the 4 bar order first with each one having a different scent and I loved them all... seriously, I can't pick a favorite (okay, maybe the redwood). These soaps smell great; not too overpowering and not too light... Harry's are just right. They have a rich lather, leave my skin feeling clean and the bars themselves last forever so they are worth the price of admission. I've tried other non-store brands of soap and Harry's is by far the best on the market. Keep on keeping on Harry's... appreciate the products that you provide and so does the wifey, she loves a well groomed and good smelling husband.

Not for a smooth shave
I searched for reviews on Harry's before I purchased and found glowing reviews on appeared to be shaving review sites so I purchased the largest pack of razors available as well as the starter kit. I liked the idea of getting something good from a company other than a major brand.

I was excited when Harry's came in and was looking forward to getting good shaves while saving a little money from the major brand I had been using for years. Unfortunately I found my first shave rather rough. More akin to lightly dragging sand paper across my skin.

I recalled a couple decades ago when I tried a electric razor is suggested giving it a few weeks for the bear to adjust do the different shaving so I did. Went past the return period and found no improvement.

Since I went past the return period I kept using them since I am not one to waste money. I used all but 1 blade. That is 16 blades plus whatever came in the starter kit except one. When I went back to my major brand I was reminded what a smooth shave feels like and will be more careful before trying a different product again.

With how much longer the major brand delivers a smooth shave for me I think I save money with them.

Thinking back over the years the best comparison to shaving with Harry's would be a 2 blade disposable. Granted, Harry's is probably better but that is the best I can think of.

BTW, I would have given it 1 star but it does actually shave so it does meet the minimum expectations for such a product.

I like that Harry's doesn't try to change my gender
I started using Harry's a few years ago because I thought it would be convenient and less costly than using the national brands and I was absolutely right. This was long before one of the national brands (which I used to use) decided that men should wear dresses and be more like girls. I decided then that I would not buy that brand in the future and then realized that Harry's provided everything I needed. So, no skin off my nose if Brand G would prefer that men shave their legs as well as their faces. Harry's don't need me for a customer and Harry's seems to actually appreciate my patronage. Everybody wins! Isn't that a nice thing, for a change? Besides, my Harry's razor handle is comfortable and stylishly understated and their blades are sharp, comfortable and get delivered to my mailbox on schedule. I like that.

Avoid the Target blades at all cost!
I purchased the Winston razor and accompanying blades for my fiancée, and upon being in a bind, used his razor on my legs and became hooked! Once I saw Target began carrying the brand, I bought multiple boxes, as we had become true fans of Harry's! Under no circumstances are here the same blades. The ones I purchased not only rusted after 1-2 uses, but I shaved a giant gash in my leg just above my ankle that had left me with an embarrassing scar atop of the trauma experienced when the event happened in the shower. For several days, any weight to that leg would cause bleeding. Regardless of the high quality of care I- and a family nurse provided- it became infected. I am embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts now as the result. Beware- do NOT buy these razors!

These products could be great again!
I've been using Harry's products for a year or so and was a huge fan initially. As one other reviewer recently mentioned, unfortunately I too have seen a recent lowering of product quality. Specifically, the blades don't seem to provide the same close shave as Harry's did earlier. In addition, the handle does not have the same strong mechanical connection to the blade cartridge. For example that handle connection is now often not strong enough to pull a new cartridge out of the case that the cartridges come in. I have to pull the new cartridge out of the case by hand and then plug in the handle. I think this weaker mechanical connection could also be impacting shave quality by allowing small cartridge movements & vibrations during use. Please understand, I want Harry's to succeed as a company because your business model is awesome. I'm pulling for you and truly hope you get on top of these quality issues.

Terrible quality, Terrible Shave
I decided to try the razor out as it was on sale at Target. I picked up the razor and 24 cartridges. I regretted buying so many blades as I have to use them up before going back to Gillette. I will never leave Gillette again. It is by far the best razor and best blades. The cost is high but I now realize it is fully worth it. I can never get a close shave with Harrys. I waste precious time going over and over the same areas and still have stubble. This never happened with Gillette. The blades also become dull after just a few shaves and must be replaced often. The grey pieces of plastic that allow the blade to pivot break. This has occurred numerous times resulting in nasty, deep cuts. The handle itself is of sub quality and does not have the weight or balance of a Gillette. Also the mechanism that locks the blade into the handle can and does become lose- leading to more cuts and accidents. I literally have had better shaves with disposable razors, which is a really sad statement. Don't fall for the con of 2 young entrepreneurs creating a better, cheaper shave product- it's all just a marketing gimmick for a bad product.

Have trialled these products for several months and have to say that whilst delivery has been good, the product is nowhere near as good as my Gillette products. The Blades don't give as close a shave and Harry's definitely don't last nearly as long. I also have to agree with others who have complained about the trimmer blade, which is a complete liability. When trying to shave the tricky area below my nose, I have cut myself several times and this should just not happen. Also, ergonomically, the shavers just aren't well designed as they are awkward to grip when wet - or at least they are for anyone who doesn't have tiny Trump-like hands! So, any cost saving is simply not worth it and in actual fact there is no saving as the products don't last as long. Sorry guys.

This is a great razor... and at least for me, they last a long time
I tried this razor and have been very pleased so far fo nearly a year. The one thing that I have noticed is that I do not have to replace the blades very often at all. In fact, I've delayed shipment numerous times already. I still of course need to soften my beard a bit before using, but it gives me a very close shave that last 2-3 days. I do like their shaving gel too, but for the price I've opted not to continue it as the last bit seems wasted due to a poor dispenser design. Still love the blades though. As for some bad reviews about shaving under the nose, it has a trim blade on the end that works great for me. Then as far as rust... that makes no sense considering I leave mine in the shower for weeks and have yet to see any rust whatsoever.

Absurd Response from Harry's
My original review and their response

"Quite Possibly the Worst Shave Ever" (1 Star)
Do yourself a favor and grab a sack of BIC disposables at the checkout line. You'll get a better shave...
Very first shave with my very first Harry's razor pulled and grabbed. Dullest new razor I've ever bought.
********************************************************************************... /> Response from Customer-Experience-Rep -., Harry's Representative
Responded on 11/1/16
Really sorry to hear that this was your experience with our blades, Carl. In fact, this is something we've heard before, but it's not generally the blades themselves, but rather the angle you hold them to your face and amount of pressure you use. As strange as it sounds, it's something that can take a few shaves to adjust, and if you change up both of those factors (angle/pressure) we think you'll soon find just how good of a shave you can get with us. If you email ******* we'd be glad to take care of you.
********************************************************************************... /> Unbelievable
I'm 65 years old and you presume to teach me how to shave? Do you suppose I'm some sort of robot with precise, repetitive, mechanical motion? Good grief. I'm pretty sure I would have figured it out within the first shave if there was anything to figure out.
Marketing Suggestion:
Don't patronize the customer. It's bad form and tends to piss them off. Then you get a nice little note explaining just how FUBAR you and your product really is

Never sign up for the Core Benefit package
Harry's charge you $15.00 and promise you a 10% discount on all orders for a year. I signed up as it was a no brainer as I would save more than that on my monthly package over the course of a year. They decided that they were only going to give me 4%. When I pointed this out they promised to correct it and give me a little ( and I do mean little something) for my troubles. Well neither of those things ever happened. Rather than fight about the $15.00 they stole from me I asked them to close my account and delete my information. Today they send me an email saying they are automatically renewing my membership. So I walk the girl through the whole thing and the rocket scientist is arguing with me that $. 60 is 10% of $15.00. These people are a joke.

Simply the Best Smelling, the Best Customer Service, the Best Quality.
I was skeptical about ordering my shaving supplies (and eventually other mancare products) from an online merchant. I figured I would receive products that smell more like old man than those on the shelves of {instert retail pharmacy name, any]. I was tired of smelling like an old man - I know that's right. I wanted to smell like a dude in his late(r than he would like to admit) 30's. I just celebrated my first 39th birthday. I don't want to smell like it was my 79th. (No offense to old men who love their scents, but the barbasol of old simply won't do for me.) Harry's products all have an awesome scent to them, specially the soaps (I'm mad that the candles were all sold out by the time I saw them!)

I had a problem with a previous order (through no fault of harry's really, but Harry's fixed it so fast I couldn't finish shaving my face!) I had ordered my future brother-in-law a harry's kit which included a metal handle that I wanted engraved. The holiday gift set that I chose didn't give the option to have the handle monogrammed, so I quickly emailed customer service to see if they could add it--they did, but by sending me a second handle with the monogram so I could just switch them out. I didn't have to $#*! and moan about it, I barely had to mention it, before Mr(s). Post(hu)man was knocking on the door. Awesome work, Katie! (I think that was the reps name.)

Finally, the quality of these products is far beyond what I have found on the aforementioned shelving systems of your local retail pharmacy. For example, the soaps have lasted 2-3 times longer than any I've found in the pharmacy, The razors are precision, and I mean PRECISION so I don't have to shave for a couple of days before I start to feel super stubbly, but they don't last quite as long as cheap steel, but they do a much better job. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY will always win my patronage. And see section one, on scents. No men of a more mature vintage smells on this dude celebrating his first 39th birthday.

Anyway, I hope that has convinced everyone to not only buy the shaving supplies, but the soaps, deodorants, hair products, etc -- you got to play to win.

Now, where did I put those reading glasses...

Was a great product until the "precision trimming blade"
I had been a Harry's member from the very beginning. I turned my home into a Harry's home. We had several colors, for guests as well. All was well. Nice shave, esthetically pleasing product, very nice shaving cream, low-impact packaging, etc. All was well. Then Harry's "improved" the product by adding a single very sharp blade in exactly the place where you expect it to be safe - the back edge of the blade. The part that goes up under your nose. I tried corresponding with them about this, but they said most of their customers wanted this. I can't fathom why or how, but so be it. If their new customers are more important than their old ones, I'll find another product, that's all right. It was great while it lasted.

Easy and Affordable Razors
I have been with Harry's since February 2016. I decided to use their services due to the flexibility of their plan and their pricing. I liked, and continue to like, that I can push my monthly order off for a long as I like. Since I do not save very often, I don't go through razors very quickly. So, it's great to be able to have a say in when I get the razors.
In terms of their skincare, I have only used the shaving gel and the after shave. Both are good, if unremarkable. I'm not going out of my way to get them, but Harry's get the job done. The razors are similar in quality. I use them for my legs, armpits, and bikini line. I find them serviceable for those jobs. Again, nothing to write home about, but nothing too bad with them. My fiance finds that when he uses them to shave his face, they can be hard to clean between swipes. He tends to let his face hair grow longer though, so that could be part of the reason. Also, the single detailing blade is a double edged sword for both of us. We like having the precision for hard to reach spots or to catch stray hairs. However, we both have nicked ourselves with that blade when trying to use the normal side. For me, it tends to snag skin behind my knees. For him, it tends to snag around his nose.
That all being said, the convenience makes it worth it for me. Especially in quarantine, it's nice to know that I can get my shaving essentials without leaving home. I'm definitely saving money on gas, me splurging on fancy razors when I get to the store, and on the related skincare products. I recommend this service for someone who is looking for affordable and easy to use basics.

Great razors and products
I doubt there is any better shave products out there, and I have been shaving for over 50 years so I have plenty of experience. These are the best razor blades ever made. Plus Harry's last much longer than anything else. The handles have a very nice feel and balance.
It helped once they added the non-slip grips. These are 5 bladeded heads, but they do not clog and skip like the other major brands seem to do. The customer service and subscription site is well laid out and easy to use.
I used to buy the Mach's but they are way over-priced and do a much poorer job. Harry's has excellent products other than the razors too. Great shaving cream, nice after shave lotion, (my new fav) face lotion, and very good long lasting shampoo. The only product that I didn't like as well was the body wash. The scent was a bit strong for me.

Still a great deal, but the old blades were better. Customer service not so good.
The new blades with the trimmer addition are not as good as the original blades. The trimmer is pretty useless, but adds a high level of danger. When saving in the shower I have been cut numerous times by the trimmer blade when the razor slipped. The newer grip handles help, Also, not in the shower, shaving on the upstroke, the blade springs back and makes it easy to slice open your chin with the trimmer blade on the return stroke. Either I have learned to live with it (by shaving more slowly) or Harry's tweaked the trimmer angle since the original release. Still a good deal and the scheduled deliver takes the hassle out of remembering to buy blades. They also last longer than they say, since they want you to replace them every week, so it is easy to build up a surplus. I would, and have, recommended them to friends and family. PS - When I called about the trimmer design they simply cancelled my order - terrible response. I had to setup a new order. A smart company would have asked for more information and not ghosted a long term client.

Refund + New blades?
Here is my update... I talked to a few customer service people and someone Karen decided to refund my last order. Ok. Harry's did after sending them a few provate messages. I then received an email saying my order has been process and will ship shortly. Even though I didn't order any new blades, someone at the company decided to take me up on the offer I stated. "What I would really like is for you to send me an 8 pack free of charge, not money. I'm willing to give your company another shot but the first step must be yours.". They responded: "No problem. In lieu of the refund, we've sent you a replacement pack instead. You'll see that soon. Enjoy!". So I received 8 new blades, took about 2 weeks to get them, and they also refunded my last order.
My only question to them would be: Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?... But then again, thanks for the refund and the 8 new blades.

The mighty have fallen!
I tried Harry's a few years ago and loved them. Great razors and blades. The razor felt great in my hand and the blades were the best by far. But I have noticed that the quality has really slipped recently. I needed to get a new razor so I ordered one and found it far lighter and more cheaply made than my original Harry's razor. The blades often poo off while I'm shaving. And the blades only last a couple of shaves now. I used to get at least a week out of them. It makes me wonder if Harry's sold the company to another corporation, or if they've lowered the quality to cut expenses. I recently forgot my razor while on a trip and picked up a Gillette at the market. It was so much better. Harry's used to be way better than Gillette. I miss the old Harry's.

Lovin' my Harry's plan
These are great products. Love the shave I get (even though I use the blades a little too long). I especially love that I've found a shave product I enjoy and can have it shipped to my house. Oh sure I can go to the Walmart to find certain products (if needed) but I can order anything I need online and don't have to stand around in a store wondering what I should get. My recent order (pictured) is for my adult children for xmas to get them enjoying Harry's as much as I do. My youngest is already using my old handle and some blades and gel. He's getting an upgrade. My oldest is using the cheapest off-the-shelf version available so I hope he really like his new shave. My plan I have ships about 3 times a year with blades and gel and is perfect for me. I will eventually upgrade my handle. Don't want my kids to have anything better than I do :)

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