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Never again
On April 2 iplaced an order which was to be delivered on April 8
It was not delivered so when I called I was told, oh someone should have notified you, it was out of stock
It was needed for Good Friday, so I asked to have another order overnighted to my daughter. I was guaranteed this would be done. I called the next morning to make sure it went out and was told it was out for delivery
When we could not track it on fed ex I called again and was told it had not gone out but would be overnighted for next day delivery. This did
Not help as it was a dinner for Good Friday so we could all have a seafood festival Virtually in This age of self isolation.
Now we have one family member with no seafood to join in the celebration and too late to order anything now. Three times the ball was dropped on this order. There is no excuse for that. And lobster dinners are not cheap.
Never again. Save yourself aggravation and order somewhere else.

I ordered 2 gift sets one being the Chardonnay pairing box and the other a thank you wine box. These gifts were meant to be for bosses day which is today October 16th and were suppose to have arrived one on Tuesday and the other Wednesday. I was very hesitant on ordering online and decided I would call to place my order to ensure it would be sent correctly and arrive on time. Placed my order with a lady via phone who didn't seem to be much help with my questions she took my cars into and the said we'll email you the order # but never asked for my email. I called back the following day requesting that Harry & David please email me a receipt with tracking info only to find that the address of delivery was incorrect. The person on the phone quickly addressed the mistake and corrected the address and confirmed with me that there would be no delay on the delivery. Come Tuesday I was expecting my 1st delivery and nothing came the Wednesday came along and as we approached the afternoon my concern became to great to bare so I called the customer support number and asked when I could expect my delivery. She told me the package had been delivered yesterday and I asked where it was delivered to since I had not received it, she quickly said oh no my mistake it looks like the Chardonnay pairing box is expected to arrive on the 19th and the thank you box will ship out November the 3rd. WHAT! How could that be I was assured I would get it by Wednesday the 14th in time for bosses day! I asked to speak with a manager and was placed on hold the the call dropped I called back and then again was asked to hold only to be instantly hung up on again 3rd call again asked for supervisor and was rudely told "you know I'm trying to help you" and I responded I realized that but you've done all you can and now I'm asking to speak to a supervisor. I held for 30mins and then the call dropped. I called back again now the 4th time and had a man help me who apologized and explained that I was misinformed and that one of my packages had indeed be shipped and was somewhere in Melbourne Florida and would arrive on the 19th the other was on back order and was available for delivery until November. I ended up canceling my non shipped order and the other I was not able to Cancel since it was already shipped was simply told that once it arrived for me to call back and tell them it had not arrived in time and that I expected a refund. Well here I am now today with no Harry and David gift basket to present on Bosses day so I ended up calling edible arrangements and ordered a set of gifts from them so that my superiors had something from the staff and I showing our gratitude for them. NEVER EVER ORDER FROM THEM! Plus shipping was $30 and to not get the items on time is just silly.

Terrible Experience
I have had very frustrating experiences trying to order from H&D this year. I literally spent hours trying to enter an order. First, after entering all the information, it didn't let me advance to payment. I had to do it several times. Second, I couldn't get the delivery times I wanted until I paid for the annual shipping fee. Before signing up for the annual fee, the shipping dates were coming though for January. And these were Christmas gifts In checking out, I entered the promo code, but the discount was never applied. I tried the chat line with no success and called but the wait time was long so I left my phone number for call back. Never received one. I don't know what else to do. I have shopped with H&D for years and I'm not sure Harry & David need my business any more or their just too busy. What can I do?
In addition, I requested a delivery date of 12-17 and on 12-7, I received a message a day that the orders had been shipped. Surely it doesn't take 10 days for delivery. This is just another in a long series of blunders with H&D this year. It will probably be my last year after many years as a customer. H&D is not the same. C. J. Hellier

Insulting and Demeaning Customer service
Very poor service! We ordered two items to be shipped to two different people in two different cities. We received e-mail confirmation that both were delivered but when we called one of the recipients Harry & David informed us it was never delivered. Sometimes things run late so we said we'll give it a few days but after 10 days and no package we called Harry and David's for a refund.
We got nothing but a runaround: very insulting and demeaning questions and treatment, they told us they couldn't find the order. They acted like we'd only placed the order that was delivered and the other one was all in our imagination. They actually asked us if we were sure it was Harry and David's and not Sherries Berries, Meanwhile we're sitting there with two e-mails from Harry and David (which I uploaded to this review) one confirming the order and one telling us it had been delivered even though it hadn't. I got online while they were having all this trouble locating the order and found it in 30 seconds on the Harry and David website. Finally after an hour on the phone and after being refused a refund we demanded to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor then informed us that even though we had ordered from Harry and David and even though we had paid Harry and David for the product, the product actually came from Sherries Berries and we would have to get our refund from them.
There was nothing on their website indicating that particular product came from Sherrie's Berries. Our credit card was billed by Harry and David and both the e-mails we received came from Harry and David's. We received no communication from Sherrie's Berries and Sherrie's Berries did not bill our credit card. Harry and David did. It's not right that we should have to call Sherrie's Berries for a refund when we paid Harry and David.
I'm 69 years old I can honestly say I have never received customer service this bad from any company I've ever dealt with. We have used Harry and David's for years. But I don't like the fact that they sold us a product that was not made by Harry and David without telling us and that after paying them we have to go to the other guys for our refund.
GOODBYE Harry and David! You have lots of online competitors we'll be going to them from now on.

Customer service is poor!
I have used Harry and David for years and generally been very happy with their service until now... when it is most needed! I have spent several hundred dollars to try and keep family members happy during this COVID period of time. We have recently lost one family member (not due to COVID) and another family member is currently dealing with cancer in addition to being quarantined from her family members. Harry & David are one of the few companies who still are operating, however they neglected to inform me when they could not fulfill my order in time and then did not even do their due diligence and inform me of the delay! When I called them on it, they apologized and then after some gentle harassment on my part offered me 20% off for shipping and an apology letter to my family. Oh... they also offered 20% off on my next purchase... (like that will happen)... You would think with the amount of money I have spent with them recently and in the past, that if they valued me as a customer, they would send this one for free. They obviously do not believe in loyalty or customer satisfaction... I guess they are greedy and need every last penny even when they make gross errors... Well with this most recent experience they will no longer be receiving any of my pennies or recommendations for gifts to other friends and family... you have been warned... I truly hope your experience is better than mine... And if they see this review, I truly hope Harry and David learn that common decency can go along way with customers...

Great food but Black Friday Trickery
I have always loved giving Harry & David foods & have done so for years & years. But doubtful I'll return. Purchased by phone (Black Friday deals) and was given a verbal breakdown of EACH COST (no computer in front of me - had to trust them). Was told shipping was $15.01 and also told I would NOT be charged the mid-December shipping surcharge because I agreed Harry & David could ship my order early. This morning, when I got to my computer I saw that my total had included an extra $3.98 for "Additional Item Charges." It's that surcharge. A bad surprise that wipes out a lot of my BF savings. This morning's Chat simply apologized but didn't remove the surcharge. Tried to first tell me it was just the shipping charge (wasn't - it was shipping plus surcharge - I HAVE the breakdown here in print). When they realized I wasn't buying that tale - they then said it was because of the day I ordered. Wha?
I kept the order because the food is nice but I will shop EVERYWHERE else before heading back to H&D ever again. You've lost a long-term, loyal customer over $3.98 - that you KNOW doesn't belong on my bill. Oh yes, and, my goods are still shipping early. No value for that surcharge here... geez, Merry Christmas...

Wedding bummer
Really want to give them 0 stars but no option for it. My husband and I ordered 5 cheesecakes for our wedding. I even called with questions before placing my online order. I set the desired date of delivery and placed the order. The money was drawn out of my account then was deposited back into my account. I logged in to Harry and David only to find my order was canceled. There was no email or phone call informing me of this at all! I called and was informed that due to the large size of my order my account was marked fraudulent and therefor had indeed been canceled. Harry & David apologized for their error and we proceeded to place the order again by phone this time. I was guaranteed over night delivery. The day before our wedding I find my bank account had again had the same withdrawal and deposit of my order. After 20 minutes on hold and a return phone call I was told they never took the code off my account from when it was flagged fraudulent. Again it was canceled and with no warning or communication! I was offered an apology yet again and a 20% off coupon. Needless to say we had to find our wedding cheesecakes elsewhere.
The only thing I can say nice is that the representatives I spoke to on the phone were at least polite but none the less I won't ever order from the company again.

Horrible Pears and Poor Customer Service
Ordered (3) fruit gifts boxes, due for arrival before the 24 Dec. (2) of (3) gifts delivered, (1) bad fruit - photo and the 3rd gift box is unknown, somewhere over the rainbow? Here is Harry & Davids responses below:

Our standard shipping fee is based on the regular price of items shipping to each named recipient. All other shipping fees are charged in addition to the standard shipping fee.
The Express Delivery fee is $9.99 for 3-day express, 11.99 for 2-day express, 19.99 for Overnight Express and $24.99 for Priority Overnight Express.

The best way to reduce or eliminate the shipping costs on your future orders with us is to purchase our Celebrations Passport. This program allows you to have free 2-day delivery for one year for a membership fee of $29.99. It applies to all Harry & David items except for wine gifts and clubs. It also provides discounts for overnight and exact-day delivery and eliminates the surcharge for gifts to Alaska, Hawaii, and P. O. Boxes. The Passport provides delivery charge reductions with all our Celebrations Family of Brands including 1-800-Flowers, Cheryl's Cookies, The Popcorn Factory and more. To order, please click here:

You can view all of our shipping and processing fees here:

Happy Holidays,

Harry & David E-Services
2500 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford, OR 97501
Call Toll Free *******200

Not a pleasant ordering process & left a bad taste in my mouth
Here I am writing a pan & the order hasn't even been confirmed to me in my email. I bought a food gift basket to send to a relative & it costs $45 to ship & takes over 2 weeks. So I sprung for expedited shipping which costs an additional $15 but at least gets it there faster ( I hope). The sales tax ( over $20) is predicated on the item cost plus the $60 of shipping. And when I asked the customer service person if that were the case, she had no idea & kept repeating the tax was based on what state I lived in. ( Duh).

I would have liked to enclose a card but that was another few dollars. No such thing as a plain white piece of paper within the package. If you don't pop for the bucks for a card ( described to me by customer service Harry & David all had flowers or butterflies on the front & not shown on website). They will write your note on the shipping label on the outside of the package. That is $#*!ed.

And the name of the gift recipients was too long to fit on their address form with the mr & mrs honorific.

The reviews of this basket & the company seem to be good on the net. But I am done with them after just this ordering, no matter how nice the product is.

First experience with Harry & David's will be Last. Major Disappointment
My husband and I are T-Mobile customers and for T-Mobile Tuesday's (free stuff), we each received a coupon for $25 discount on an order of $50. I have never ordered from Harry & David's before, but I have purchased Moose Munch from TJ Maxx, so thought I would take advantage of the offer. I had planned on gifting to my grandson's family, but fortunately Harry & David could not make it home for Christmas this year. I received this box on December 24. I opened the box of pears today. They have absolutely no taste. Just bland. They ripened in the box just like the instructions tell me to do, but no taste. I may try cooking with them just so I don't have to throw them away. But what a disappointment! In the second box, one of the apples was rotten. I wish I had read these reviews before ordering. Funny that they don't have any reviews on their website. I am so happy that I didn't have to embarrass myself by giving them to my grandson and his family. I would have been mortified if he had received these. My first experience with Harry & David's will certainly be my last. Never again. I'll let T-Mobile know that this was a terrible idea.

Be careful folks... Harry & David completely messed up with our thanksgiving order and holiday mood
For anyone who is planning to order anything with Harry and David for anytime in the future, please, think twice and three times before you do it. We placed an order with them more than 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the order was supposed to arrive on Nov. 23rd, 2 days before Thanksgiving. However, on Wed 11/24 at 5:30pm, which is one day before the holiday, this company sent an EMAIL to us said that our order will not be able to arrive until November 30th, which is next week. I mean, are you serious? This is how you run your business? It's one of the biggest holidays of the year and we count on you to bring us the food and joy, and we paid a pretty big money for it as well. That's how you treat your customers? Told us in the very last minute and left us absolutely no room to make it up ourselves? This incident completely ruin our family's thanksgiving and everybody's mood, Harry & David can't do anything to compensate that. Plus, up until this point, they have no intention to compensate customers like us in what so ever!

I called their customer service to close my account. First the customer representative keeps putting me on hold, never asking any questions, my name, what I wanted. When she finally answered all she asked was my first name and put me on hold. Then she came on and asked me what I wanted and put me on hold again. The last time she came on she was silent for about 30 seconds and said she was going to transfer me to that department and puts me on hold again. She obviously works from home and without supervision, apparently thinks it's funny to screw with customers!

The next person to pick up was 1-800-FLOWERS, I asked her why I got her, all I wanted to do was close my account with Harry & David and she hung up on me! Lack of supervision again and that's how Harry & David treat customers!

I call again and wait on hold for 20 minutes and got someone who couldn't even understand what I was asking (language barrier) and kept telling me to just delete the email. WHAT FREAKING EMAIL? I kept telling her it had nothing to do with an email and she just didn't get it!

You should hire people who can comprehend closing an account... DUH!



And trust me, no one paid me to write this review... it was all me!

Shocked and appalled
To whom it may concern,

I received a small tower from Harry and David today. I did not want this tower as I received a larger one last year that was honestly horrible.

I called into your customer service line and spoke to Connie. Her best advice to me was to regift it. I asked about the hundred percent guarantee and I just got the same jargon back about not being able to return it for a gift certificate to be used at a later date, just to regift it to somebody else.

I then asked to speak to a supervisor. When Lona came on the phone she had a bad attitude right off the bat. She then went on to advise me to throw it in the trash. I was honestly shocked by this. It would seem all of the "Guarantees" that you have on your website are nothing but lies. Harry and David seems to be a company full of lies and deception.

I actually took this package and donated it at our local grocery store donation barrel. It seems I came up with a better solution then your company's representatives had.

I will make sure all my family, friends and colleagues never ever buy a single thing From Harry and David again.

I am quite frankly appalled by your company and I will make sure everyone knows it.

Worst Ever
I had seen so many ads on TV and wanted to try them. Wondered if Harry & David are as good as they appear.
The answer is a resounding NO; For starters - worst customer service. And that takes a lot for me to say. This review would be way too long if I took the time to go over every thing that was wrong - starting with the service rep who literally took 40 minutes on the phone to get the order placed in the first place - I guess to be fair it was an order for the UK. Long story short, I found out that the recipients were in the process of moving and would probably not get the order in time and I had to cancel the order. Cannot begin to tell you how badly this company is lacking in their customer service department. All totaled it took me approximately 2 hours to get everything done - this includes the 40 minute order time as well as time trying to get through to the company, holding and waiting, to being hung up on as well as extra hold time for the rep to figure out what they were doing. Sad but true in this day and age. Not sure if I could give no stars as a rating?

Terrible Ruined Mother's Day
There is simply no way to describe how bad Mother's Day was ruined by this company. I can tell you my elderly mother and aunt did NOT receive their items as promised as a matter of fact as of today 05/11/2021 and Mother's Day was the 9th my mother still has not received anything. My aunt received half of the order with a personalized card that went to the gift Just in case whoever is reading this review does not know Harry and David sends flower orders to 1-800 Flowers. 1-800 Flowers still hasn't corrected the situation although Harry & David offered the solution of allowing dead flowers to continue through transit. I was pretty shocked that anyone would suggest something like. Very long story short $400.00 later and my mother never received any flowers, my sister did get hers, although, my mom and sister live in the same house. My mother was suppose to receive a replacement bouquet and yeah that never happened. The very worst part of this nightmare is my elderly mother thought my sister's flowers were for her, so sad. My aunt got her plant one day and after a long collective 4 to 6 hours on the phone over 3 days she finally got her birdhouse. What a mess! Like I said, the customer service was ridiculous from Harry and David and 1-800 Flowers were just as bad. They each kept throwing it back to the other company. I finally refuted my mothers flowers on my credit card. Never ever again!

Disappointed and No Christmas baskets for my family
I wished to send baskets for Christmas to Canada. Started on 1 December, website wouldn't allow Canada addresses. Chat help line was good gave me a Canada website. Tried to put in 2 gift basket to two different addresses, it would except the first and default to the US site. Called their agents number and opted for a call back as Harry & David said it was busy and I wouldn't loose my place in line. No one called. Tried to buy one basket at a time, wouldn't go through. Eventually I got through to an agent. I think with the calls, chats, time on the website, I have spent over 6 hours trying to send to gift baskets. On the 12 December I did finally get an agent 49 minutes on hold, but I didn't mind as its Christmas. Lady was lovely very helpful order taken, baskets picked. Arrival 22- 24 December. No baskets arrived. Tried to call, opted to talk to an agent, ph line defaulted after 12 min on hold to answer service. No one called back. 26 December email, your baskets didn't make it, you have 48 hours to contact us and select another basket. Went on the website, no baskets in the price range until 12 January. I was fuming now. Tried to call an agent, went to voice mail twice. Polite but very cross message left saying call me back. Email sent. Agent did call with in an hour. He was very sorry, advised me no basket would get there before late January. End result asked for my money back. Most upset as had told my family they would get a basket. I did get a ph call later about my email. Once again they were very sorry. But I said, I will never use them again and I will be writing a review. Sorry couldn't attach a receipt as I only have a purchase on my credit card as I did it through the agent and I never did get an email receipt.

Customer service completely unhelpful
I needed to change the ship date or the destination on an order that was being shipped via FedEx and not due to arrive for eight days, so it clearly hadn't been shipped yet.

I tried the website, which agreed that it hadn't been shipped. But when I tried to modify the order, it said it was too late to modify the order.

So I tried the 877 customer service number. It said wait time was 30 minutes, but if I left a callback number, I'd be called back without losing my spot in the queue. After two hours (Harry & David never did call back at all), I tried calling back and just holding. This time it said the wait was 45 minutes. After 90 minutes, someone got on. Her voice sounded very distorted, but it sounded like she was saying she couldn't hear me. I was not on mute. I said very loudly "Hello? Hello? Yes, I'm here." She again said somthing about not being able to hear and disconnected.

In the 90 minutes I was on hold I discovered their online chat feature. Someone answered immediately. I explained my issue. They said they coudldn't modify the order because it had already been shipped. I explained that A) FedEx doesn't take 8 days to deliver and B) the website said it hadn't been shipped. Then I asked, if it's been shipped, please give me the tracking number. They said the tracking number would not be available until the day the package was due to arrive. Again, not how FedEx works. They then said the tracking number was printed on the label and they had no way to know what it was. So I asked to speak to a manager. They said "just a moment please" and 20 minutes later disconnected the chat with no further reply.

Meanwhile, I saw that on the order details page on the web, it showed a tracking number. (Yes, the same page that said it hadn't been shipped yet.) It claimed to be a FedEx tracking number and it was a link to the FedEx tracking site. But the number had over twice the expected number of digits for a FedEx tracking number and FedEx unsurprisingly said "not found."

After the chat was disconnected, I tried again. The agent said they couldn't help me because another agent was already helping me and the order was locked. I explained that not only were they not helping, but they disconnected the chat. This agent said "let me see what I can do" and 15 minutes later also disconnected the chat with no further reply.

I am going to try waiting until the order details screen says it's shipped and see if there's a valid tracking number at that point, but I hold out little hope. I have never experienced such poor customer service anywhere else.

Poor Customer Service!
In April, I ordered a 3 month subscription to the Wine and Cheese Club for my sister's birthday on May 5th. I scheduled the first shipment to arrive on her birthday. The birthday passed, Harry & David charged my card, but no shipment, no tracking. I emailed customer service, and they responded a week later. They blamed Covid 19, and I was okay with that, however, they should have posted something about that on their website or they should have emailed me stating that the shipment would be delayed... by several weeks. They said they would send my sister an email letting her know about her gift and that it would arrive sometime in the month of May. They NEVER sent an email, I emailed them back reminding them that they were supposed to email her... No Response. The first shipment finally arrived at the end of the month, then they sent tracking information after the shipment arrived. You can't blame that on Covid 19. The second shipment arrived without incident. Then came July. I got a text from my sister saying she only received the wine. I called customer service and they said they cheese just hasn't been shipped yet... are you kidding me... When the cheese finally arrived, it was the exact same cheese as the previous month. I used to think highly of Harry and David, but this experience has flipped my opinion. I gave them 2 stars because she said it all tasted okay. In the meantime, by inbox has been bombarded with promotional emails from them. Now that all three months have been delivered, it is time to cut my ties and unsubscribe.

Total Scam!
My credit card has been scammed several times over the last several years, and as such, I am very vigilant of charges when the alerts are sent to my phone. In November I received an alert that a $32.30 charge was made at Harry and David. I immediately called my credit card company and cancelled my card, and reported the false charge. This week I received an email from my credit card company that Harry & David investigated, and that I made the charge under my name and that they reinstated the charge. I went onto the H&D website and looked up my orders - only one - in November for the amount noted. I looked up the item No and no such item exists! I called H&D and when I gave them the Order No, they said that order does not exist. Then the staff member stated that it might be from a "Passport Renewal" charge, and she connected me to that dept. That person then explained that this represented a recurring charge (which I never subscribe to) and when I explained that I never even received an email alert that they were going to charge me the recurring charge, she said it was sent out from their "parent company" of 1-800 Flowers. Never having ordered or wanting to order anything from 1-800Flowers, that email was likely either shoved into spam or deleted by me unread. What a scam! You send out a notice for a "recurring charge" (for a service I do not even want) under an alias email?!?! That represents nothing less than deceptive business tactics. I demanded a refund, and was not even accommodated until I threatened to call the credit card company back to report that H&D made an unsolicited, fraudulent charge. Not only are their products incredibly over-priced (imagine several pears costing about $25.00), but they resort to these electronic scam tactics to overcharge their customers even more! I will never buy from them - ever!

On Line Order Disaster
I placed an On Line order as a gift. Although my shipping information was correct I received email and checked order which stated my shipping zip code was in correct so I used on line chat. I gave order number to chat agent who said checking my order. I received repeated messages sayin than you for waiting patiently. After about 20 minutes my chat was disconnected. I did a new chat and that agent took my information and responded that my gift order would be sent to me. I then called customer service and talked with an agent. He said my original zip code shipping information was correct. I asked him to send me an email. For the next 15 minutes he told me he was loading the information to send me an email. I received no email. He then said he would give mee a discount. Said it would take 48 hrs. He said I would get an apology letter. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said he would try to find one. More time went by and I hung up and called again. In about 5 minutes, i gave the agent my order number and she checked my order and confirmed all of my original order information was correct and sent me a confirmation email. She wanted me to talk with a supervisor and relate my earlier problems with Chat and the first agent. She transferred me, but I was on hold for several minutes. I had enough and hung up.

Horrible customer service
On their website Harry & David had a deal for buy one gift basket get another basket for 50%off. Since I had six baskets I need to order for my friends and family I was extremely ecstatic about this deal. A way I can order baskets for my loved ones yet not spend an arm and a leg doing it! I called customer service and Spoke to the order agent who told me that he couldn't answer any questions about on going deals and that I would need to speak to a customer service agent. I then said to him I'm planning on ordering 6 baskets today but wanted to see if you had this promotion. He proceeded to tell me yes you would need to speak to a customer service rep and that he could only place the order so I was already confused as to why he couldn't answer my question or help me place my order. He then connected me to customer service where I waited on hold for 30 minutes. I figured it was the holidays and they were extremely busy to go ahead and take advantage of their system that if you leave your phone number they will call you back in the order your call was received. I left my information and never heard anything back from them that day. The next day I called in again and spoke to someone from customer service. I tried to order my six baskets and was told that that promotion I had seen on line was not available and never was available. They weren't helpful at all and now that promotion has disappeared they would not honor it. If I knew this was going to happen I would have just ordered my 6 baskets online. I felt it would be easier to speak to an agent since my orders would be traveling all over the united states. I am very disappointed by the lack of service I received and am going to take my business elsewhere. To have a business not return your phone call, not be able to take advantage of a great deal around the holidays that would have saved me money is very disheartening. To top it off the customer service agent said they didn't know what I was talking about and that they never had this promotion available ever made me feel like they thought I was trying to deceive their company or take advantage of them. I've never ordered from Harry and David and based off of this experience I probably won't ever again.

Ruined Thanksgiving 2020
We ordered a pre-cooked turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing to be delivered the day before Thanksgiving at a total cost of $166 ($30 delivery). Three days before the cranberry sauce was delivered. The day before Thanksgiving the stuffing was delivered. The turkey never arrived. On Thanksgiving Day I phone Harry and David's 5 times. The first 4 times I reached people in other countries who barely spoke English and who had families and children talking in the background and with whom the Harry and David representative was conversing while trying to help me with my order. The first person told me the turkey was lost and offered to refund me $40 dollars of the $166 order. The second person told me the turkey was on the way and should arrive at midnight on Thanksgiving day. The third person had children screaming so loudly that neither of us could hear each other and I hung up. The fourth person told me that the turkey would arrive on Friday and offered to discount us $45. The fifth person we spoke to was American. Harry & David apologized and offered to fully refund our offer. About an hour later we received two invoices: one for $46 and one for $96. The said INVOICE not REFUND. So it appears that Harry and David have now charged us $166 for a turkey we did not receive AND have now charged us an additional $141 for our trouble. And, of course we are now going to have to spend even more time (probably speaking with out-sourced customer service reps who do not speak English) trying to negotiated a bill for extra money. We have been customers of Harry and David for 25 years. We have no words.

HORRIBLE customer service
I placed an order on 12/7 with shipments to two different addresses. One shipment was delivered on 12/10. On 12/16, I emailed customer service and asked why my second order hadn't shipped. Angel responded that my order hadn't shipped. No kidding! On 12/17 in the morning, I emailed them again, and Romeo responded that my order had "entered the shipping process". During the evening, I noticed my order had still not shipped, so I emailed them again. The morning of 12/18, I received an email saying the package will be delivered on 12/24. I went to the H&D website, clicked on my account, clicked on the FedEx tracking number, and FedEx says delivery is expected on 12/22... and it gives the shipment origin "Ohio". I thought H&D and their pears were located in Oregon. Inconsistent information, but at least "something" will be delivered. BAD BAD EXPERIENCE. I will NEVER do business with them again.

Never shipped order and poor customer service!
My order was supposed to have been delivered by yesterday 11/11 but the tracking continues to say confirmed. When I called customer service, I was first advised that it will be delivered on 11/11 of this year (well I hope so!). I replied today is 11/11 ( she didn't know what day it was!) I then asked but there is no tracking number and it doesn't state shipped, I was then placed on hold for over 15 minutes for her to come back and state "oh it looks like it hasn't shipped yet. I will expedite a replacement and it will be delivered tomorrow 11/12. You will receive an email with a new tracking number ". So here we are it is 11/12 and it still has not been delivered, never received the email but Harry & David charged my card again without permission, and I called customer service to only be transferred then on hold for 1.5 hours for H&D to hang up the call. So when I called back again, I was told it would be delivered today, I then requested the tracking number, her reply " I don't see a tracking number but you cannot just rely on the tracking number ". Then she said the "requested date" is today 11/12. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was then advised there was not a supervisor available to speak to. Then when I asked why my card was charged again yesterday after I spoke with the customer service rep, she placed me on hold…came back and said it was a credit, no mam it was a charge on my card as I am looking at the list of charges on the account. Worst customer service ever. Did not offer to correct their errors and said I should just wait to see if it gets delivered. I will be disputing all charges and reporting the fraudulent charges I did not authorize as well.

I read a lot of the negative reviews. The smashed box or the rotten apple.

Some of that... in fact most of that is probably related to the shipping (which fed ex is horrible).

I assure you... when you call customer service (not just write them a letter) Harry & David will fix anything immediately.
Their customer service is top notch.
Everyone has negative things to say about everything.

If you are not satisfied, they will make it right. They took care of my problem with a delivery deadline immediately, even though it was fed ex's problem.

I didn't have to write a second review, but don't be passive and then complain. They WILL make it right. They have for me. I would recommend them for everyone and every birthday cake from here on out will be from them. Every gift basket will be from them. I am their number one fan.

I went to see my sister and brother that I haven't seen in 5 years. I brought them truffles. They melted in our mouths.

Merry Christmas
On December 15th 2020, I placed an order over the phone with Harry and David for $807 worth of gift towers to be delivered before Christmas. With respect to each individual intended recipient, the salesman on the phone put me on hold while he "check their inventory and reserved it." At the end of the order, the phone salesman sold me a $26 policy for free delivery for a year, including my current order. Each of the intended recipients were close friends\and relatives with whom we exchange gifts each year. My cousin, who was one of the recipients, emailed me to thank me 20th of December. I assumed everything was ok. On Christmas eve, when I didn't hear from anyone else I became concerned and called Harry and David. After 30 minutes on hold, their phone person said the balance of the order had been cancelled. When I asked who and why did it get cancelled, I was put on hold again for another 20 minutes to talk to a "supervisor" who informed me that Harry & David were sold out of all their goods and nothing would be available until the end of January. "I apologize." When I pressed her as to why they hadn't emailed me or called me, she said it wouldn't have done any good. They obviously lied to me about reserving the product for each order. Their failure to inform me that they were cancelling my order so I could get a gift somewhere else is inexcusable. So here it is Christmas eve with no gifts and no explanation for their behavior.

Late shipment and molded strawberry's
I heard about Harry and David from a friend who praises these guys. So I thought I would give them a try and order my wife some chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day. I placed my order on the 11th and I noticed after placing the order it said Harry & David guarantee on time delivery. I felt relieved after making the order because I knew I wasn't going to make it home for valentines due to my job and my wife would be happy to get the strawberries. On Thursday I was looking for a email for tracking and because Valentine's Day was the following day. I called them and spoke with a very nice man that told me that they would be arriving on Monday. He apologized and said we will do whatever we need to do to make it right. I asked him could I call him back and he said yes so later that evening I sent a email because it was close to midnight when I finished work. The reply that I got back was that they could give me 20 percent back. I didn't reply back because I was going to wait until the strawberries arrived. They arrived today which is Monday and they looked like someone used the box as a kickball. She started to move them back in the right position and noticed they were molded! I called them and spoke with a supervisor and all she offered me was my money back or a new order. Well just to let you know you lost three customers over $60 strawberries!

They Are Deceiving Customers Dont Trust Overnight Delivery or Delivery Guranatee
I was assured on multiple occasions by their staff, if I paid the extra shipping charge, Harry & David could guarantee my package to get to its location on time. The package did not arrive on time. When I called to track with Harry & David, as late as 3pm on the delivery day, they told me it was still going to be delivered. However, after speaking with the FedEx Management team, they told me that Harry and David did not ship my package Express. They sent it ground service and that Harry and David knew the package was not going to arrive on time.
So let me recap. I ordered a packaged on the 11th, I was assured it would arrive on the 14, I paid extra money and I was repeatedly told it would get there. FedEx confirmed the package would not arrive until Monday, the 17th.
I could have walked the package there... I will NEVER trust this company. If you read other reviews, you will see similar stories. I just wish I had read a review.

If there were NEGATIVE stars, this place would get 5 of them.
Ordered a beautiful arrangement of irises and lilies for a memorial service. Paid extra so Harry & David would be at the venue a day in advance. The flowers arrived a full day late, seconds before the service started, and they were a completely different arrangement than ordered. They refunded the expediated shipping I paid for and I asked that a new arrangement be sent to the co-worker ASAP. The soonest they could do it was 5 days later and that arrangement never was received and it should have come yesterday. Customer service never offered to make this right. I had to argue for the (1) refund of expediated shipping or (2) a apologetic courtesy arrangement and finally (3) a full refund because they couldn't even send that one timely. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY OR 1 800 FLOWERS! THEY SHOULD CLOSE THEIR DOORS FOR THE LACK OF ANY KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. The orange lilies and purple iriis pic is what was ordered. The crappy unattractive half dead arrangement on the blue table cloth is what was received.

NEVER Order from Harry & David online!
First: Harry & David stores have great gifts. However, their online abilities absolutely stink. I ordered 4 baskets this Xmas, only 2 of which were ever delivered, despite FedEx expedited shipping fees charged. After an hour hold, I finally got a H&D rep that told me that despite my ordering on the H&D website, a H&D gift basket, with NO indication it was anything but a H&D product, it actually was NOT a H&D gift, but rather one of their "sister" companies, and Harry & David had no way to find out about it. After finally being transferred around, I got the "sister" company (whether it was 1-800-Flowers or 1-800-Baskets I never was sure), who are supposedly processing a refund (no credit yet, so wouldn't be surprised they screw that up as well). No "sorry", nor any explanation, as to why 2 of EXACT same baskets were successfully delivered, whereas the other two were never even shipped. The reps were clueless, including their supervisory reps. Bottom line: Get a H&D basket physically from their stores in malls (if they still have any left) and mail it, or use a company like Hickory Farms which, while not as good, you know will actually be delivered as promised.

H&D lost a lifetime customer with their gross incompetence and indifference this holiday season.

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