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SCAM: Stay away for real
SCAM: Seriously beware
I had a pro scheduled to rewire a heater. Handy linked me with a licensed electrician for 2 hours and charged me $153 for the job. Handy trusts that the person booking the job, will understand how long the job will take. Meaning, you should be an expert on your job before consulting the expert; makes sense.
Due to the scope of my job, the electrician needed to grab materials (which I was expecting and made sense). Materials alone were $100. He showed me that Handy is paying him $50 for this job, and that the job was about $250 of electrical work alone. I actually agreed and was initially extremely surprised that Handy was able to do it for me for $153! Nope. As an electrician who did this job perfectly, he knew how long it would take (about 3 hours) and felt he charged appropriately.
After all this talk, I checked the app again as my professional was "checked in" and he disappeared. His number went deactivated (the number that Handy masks for privacy) while he was at Home Depot picking up materials. Given that he disappeared, I thought that Handy cancelled him, but he was just as surprised as I was.
I was in contact with support through all of this. I received completely useless robotic answers saying: "We'd like you to know that the professionals here in Handy are paid based on our policy and they have also agreed on that policy. Since the bookings here are prepaid, any bookings that they have claim they will be compensated based on our policy, you don't need to pay them for an additional payment."

It was unfortunate that they weren't reading my messages, that the payment wasn't a fair price for the professional and I wanted to adjust it to make it fair. There's no part of Handy's business model for that. They ALSO kept saying how "Since you are not cancelling prior to 2 hours before the job, we cannot issue you a refund", but I wasn't cancelling, I was trying to adjust.

TLDR; yes, this review is long winded and I definitely have emotions towards this experience. Handy will take your money and not provide the service they say they will. Hopefully whoever still has the courage to use them has an extremely simple job that they know how long it will take. Do not expect any sort of remediation from Handy if you need help, and definitely do not expect them to refund you when their app fails, removes your professional, and you need to pay out of pocket if you want it done during the job. CAREFUL!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is FAKE
On two occasions I scheduled this service to have someone clean my apartment. This company encourages customers to use their app ( and as soon as you schedule an appointment your credit card as charged! On both occasions I was NOT satisfied with the service I received. However, after the first appointment I was offered a discount on my second service which was supposed to be some compensation for the bad first appt. That is the only reason I scheduled another appointment. The second time (just like the first appt.), I set aside and paid for in advance 3 hours of time to have someone clean a one bedroom, one bath apartment which I have been told on many occasions is meticulous already. The woman came with a helper. She was supposed to be there three hours, however her cell phone never stopped ringing and she didnt even bother to set it to vibrate or turn it off while at work and she left after one hour and 15 minutes. When she informed me that she was done and about to leave I showed her that the floor had never been swept or mopped. I showed her that the shower was still completely dry and has not been cleaned. I showed her that most of the furniture was only dusted around the items on it and still she claimed to be finished. I immediately went online well over one hour before she was supposed to be finished with my place and emailed the company to inform them not only did she not stay the entire time she didnt even clean my place and I insisted that Handy either send someone else out to do the job right since they already charged my credit card or refund my money. I received three emails saying that they would give me a 10 percent discount on my next booking which was not going to happen AGAIN. Afterwards I received several other emails asking me to book another appt and the only way I was able to get them to stop emailing me about a stupid 10 percent discount on my next booking was to say that if they email me one more time with that stupidity I will dispute the entire charge with my credit card company because I did not get what I paid for in the first place and again you are offering me 10 percent off another appointment so that I can pay you again to have someone not clean my home? I informed them in advance that because of their horrible customer service and deceptive guarantee I was going to write a review and warn people about their deceptive practices, the fact that there is no customer service guarantee as stated all over their entire website and people should beware of companies (especially Handy housekeeping services) who will charge you in advance for services! Horrible Service and HORRIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!

0 stars. BEWARE this is fraudulent company. They will steal you blind. Run away fast.
Handy will setup your appt for you and not let you do it. They will do it minutes before someone is due to arrive. No one will introduce themselves or call you. They will cancel repeatedly and then charge you daily. They will then send you a text two minutes before someone is suppose to arrive. You cannot contact them remember. If by chance you get a text from housekeeper it will be from temp number with no name, no nothing but I am here are you home. No one will be at your house, it is a scam to either see if your not home for nefarious purposes or so they can charge you for not being home when they not you scheduled an appt and told you two minutes before. They will not really be at your house it is a ruse to overcharge you for missed appt. There appt not anything you scheduled and again no one really shows up it's just so they can show a text like they came. They are scammers, it is not real. It is a scam! They cancelled my service after cancelling my appt four times and charging me more than agreed upon price four times in one week! They then by review as that is only way to supposedly contact them told me they cancelled my service and a week later sent a text two minutes before appt time that someone was coming. The supposed housekeeper texted from temp number "I am here. Would not respond when so asked who are you and where are you. You are not at my house, no one is at my house. Well there was but no new unknown housekeeper or new unknown car. They would not respond. I wanted them to come do I could see how they contact them. They never did. I then texted I had cancel service last week. They then texted please review your fine cleaning from lance? Who is lance. They then sent me a text that I waited to cancel right before appt time. No one was ever at my house number one. I did not make appt as I was cancelled a week earlier from this service. I was unable in any case to cancel more than a few minutes before as that is when they sent a text that so had appt and someone would be at my door. They are scary. They apparently try to make sure no one is home. Why do you think that is? They are thieves. They will probably send some fake computer note telling me to email them. It is bogus email.

This company is a scam
If I could give zero stars I would. I paid $180 for someone to clean my house. The first person never showed up and sent extremely unprofessional and incoherent messages to me talking about how she was being robbed by the company and also accusing me of reporting her for not showing (I didn't).

The second person cancelled 20 minutes prior to the start of the appointment.

I then emailed Handy stating I wanted a refund of my money and to cancel the 6 month commitment because I was not receiving the services I paid for. Handy credited me ten dollars for each no show. Great. They also said they would charge me $99 for cancelling early; mind you they are the ones not fulfilling the terms of their own agreement.

Third times a charm, right? WRONG. I have now been waiting for the third person to show up for the original cleaning appointment I paid for and never received. They are now coming up on being 9 hours late to their scheduled time. I emailed Handy again. How do they respond? Sorry, are you receiving too many appointments? We can switch you to a monthly plan. I'M ON A MONTHLY PLAN. I want my plan cancelled.

So what this all boils down to is that I essentially paid a company $180 so that I could clean my own house. It was nice of them to pay me $20 in return. However, I either continue paying them $180 for the next 5 months so that I can clean my own house or they are going to charge me $99 to cancel the plan for me to clean my own house for the next 5 months. Enjoy the messages I've attached.

Now about the third person that actually showed up yesterday. The appointment was scheduled for 7am - 12pm. This person showed up to my house after 5pm and I had to force them to leave after 11:30pm. She only partially cleaned my kitchen and guest bathroom and never stepped foot in any other area of the house. She got to my house and ate food she brought before she started cleaning. She locked herself in my bathroom for god knows how long. She also sat in my living room floor and cried about not having enough gas. My husband put a few gallons in her car and she finally gathered her supplies and left. Luckily I have all of this recorded through my security cameras because it sounds absolutely absurd.

Currently a "Handy Pro". As an independent contractor use this service at your own risk. Handy is in partnership with HomeAdvisor, Wayfair and Angies List. A round robin of unethical business practices. Do not pay for assembly by Handy on Wayfair. Basically it's all the same company using bots and response templates. A series of apps, marketing and technical algorithms to detach money from the unsuspecting. The "pro" will generally have no idea how to install your gazebo or mount your TV. We generally are not provided details on makes or models of customers items.
As an actual professional contractor I signed up to augment my business and obtain new customers.

Handy use a flat rate model to entice customers into thinking they are getting a deal. So for example charging a customer $600 to paint an entire 2,000 sq ft home and hiring one independent contractor for 5 hours at $225. That's a real example. If it sounds to good to be true it is. Most people are looking for a bargain and if you use Handy you might find it... or you mind wind up having to pay a real electrician or plumber to fix the mess a Handy Pro made.

If you are a pro do not pay out of pocket for anything unless the customer agrees to reimburse you directly. Handy will NEVER reimburse you... ever.

The naive, cheap and malicious folks are what make this service work. One customer actually thinks they can get a driveway installed poured concrete for $500 in 32 degree weather...

Be wary all the negative reviews are real.

Handy is extremely cheap but there is a reason the price is so low. This is the most unprofessional and unorganized not put together company I have ever worked with. Do not get me wrong I love my cleaner Melissa. She is wonderful. I have worked with a few others and Handy were okay... you can tell not professionally trained by any means... but Melissa is the absolute best. She deserves so much more than this company. If you want professional trained cleaners this is NOT the company for you. These are individuals who have little to no experience that are looking for extra money and are hired by Handy to clean houses. Again they are NOT professionally trained nor do they come with company cleaning supplies they purchase their own products. (This is an entirely different issue because if they forget or do not have something that particular thing is not cleaned in your house)
My problem is with customer service. It is truly the blind leading the blind and no one communicates with each other. I am not even going to talk about the issue I had several months ago lets start with this weeks issue. My pro messaged me and said she was not able to make her cleaning appointment on Saturday (I have a weekly standing Saturday appointment). No problem I understand. Handy messaged me and said that they had a replacement for me for Monday. Okay great I appreciate that. I go online to see who the Pro was... she was new to Handy... no experience... no reviews. Cool. I knew then in that moment that she would not show. Sure enough Monday 10am rolls around and she did not come. I emailed Handy to let them know I did not ask for a credit I asked for the service to be rescheduled for the next day on Tuesday. I got an email back stating they were sorry and they were going to issue me a... hold your breath now... $10.00 credit to my weekly $128.00 payment. Great give me the credit or don't $10.00 isn't going to make or break me. What I want is my house cleaned so I emailed again (Mind you each person emailing me back is a different rep which would not be an issue at all IF each individual rep was reading previous emails to get caught up to speed but they are not so solutions that I need are not being met) I asked for a second time to have my house cleaned on the next day which would be Wednesday. Finally I am told if I want to reschedule here is a link to do so. This completely defeats the purpose because by this point it is too short notice for me to book for 24 hours without the help of someone at "home office" and I now would prefer to wait until Saturday. Additionally I am now being told this:
We checked your account and we noticed that today's booking and your previous appointments were not charged because the card on file is not updated.

That said, we suggest that you updated your card information so that you upcoming bookings will be charged accordingly. To update it, just follow the steps below.

So I email back asking why my account was not up to date because I did not go in and change any of my card information or put a hold on my account and I do not understand why there is a problem. I get another response back saying this:
Please accept our sincere apology for your recent experience. You counted on us to provide a service and we didn't deliver. We're extremely sorry for this and want to make it up to you.

We credited your Handy account with $10 discount, which will automatically apply to your next scheduled booking. We'll make sure to match you to a great new professional and can help schedule a replacement booking for a time convenient to you. Just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Additionally, since your booking today is unpaid, we suggest to update your payment information to avoid cancellation of future bookings. Do not worry though, there will not be charged for today's booking.

Cool. I still want to know WHY there is an issue and WHY I was not notified by phone... email... or text message that something was wrong with my payment information. I go to check my bank account and I see a random charge for $108.00 from handy on 5/12. Hummmmm so interesting. Wasn't I just told that my card information wasn't up to date and I needed to log in to fix it? So I email back asking why my card was charged number 1 for a random $108.00 when my service costs $128 and 2. When I did not receive a service this week and 3. When my card and account information is not updated... so interesting right?
I receive another email from yet another clueless person who has not read the details on my account:
Thank you for completing the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We greatly appreciate you updating your payment method. After review of your account, we can confirm that services were provided, and as such, we'll charging your credit card for the bookings through April 25th to March 7th.

If you feel the resolution provided meets your satisfaction, please feel free to update your Customer Satisfaction Survey response.

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out!

WEll Friend. I DIDNT update my account I didnt log into my account I didnt do jack with my account. I am waiting on an answer of what the problem was in the first place! Then I re read and see that they have taken the initiative to charge my card for services they failed to charge me FROM MARCH. Yeah guys. $512.00 was charged to my account today without my knowledge or consent leaving my account in the negative and an awesome overdraft fee.
Of course I have sent an email back but I'm sure the response and recovery will be incompetent. OH and when you sign up you don't realize it but you are signing up for a 6 month contract. So if you want out there is an additional $90.00 fee to pay to get out. Which I will be paying to get out of. I gave this a good decent try and I have a similar experience from January that I overlooked and I can confidently say do not waste your money with this company. Pay the extra for a professional it is truly worth it.

Great idea poor execution
I decided to write this review as other reviews on here were from customers, I have experience from the other side, being a contractor for them. The pay rate is low, The customer expectations are sometimes extraordinary from the time and pay allotted. The rating system is unfair. In general just a bad experience. Two weeks after I quit accepting jobs from them I got a noticed that I got a one star review. The reason was I left early--well I never left a job early and does that really rate a one star review? How was my cleaning--was it outstanding?

Many times I had the issues that the customers reported. I signed up for a job, just to be informed that customer never ordered it.

One time I went way up in the mountains, no one home, I am guessing customer never ordered the service as Handy never got back with me. I made sure to always text before going--but this one no text back and a no show would have cost me $40 or more. So I went up!

So my suggestion is for both the customers and people looking to be contractors is stay away! But I love the idea of being able to pick up cleaning jobs as my schedule allows, not for such low amount of money, unreasonable expectations, and poor management.

On a side note, one of my jobs was for a young man who is investigating developing a similar system. He paid me to stay after I had cleaned and interviewed me about my experiences. So I hope he does develop something better!

Great concept - But way to many No Show Appointments
I purchases a gazebo from Waygair and also purchased the professional assembly offered for 579.00. Expensive but worth it to not have the worry about getting this together. Delivery was great and we were scheduled for a date for assembly through Handy. The scheduled time was 8:00 am and one guy showed up right on time (good start). Around 8:30 the 2nd person (a two person job for sure due to weight and size) had not shown. The guy knocked on my door and said he would notify handy of this and left. This was fine. I could see a message come through that he did this. I got on the online chat (Handy have no phone number and no way to contact anyone other than this) and they apologized and prompty rescheduled for the following week. At this point, I know things happen and I was not too upset. Around 11:00 that same day the second guy shows up. I explained the situation and he left. The day of our second appt (scheduled for 9:00 am) - It was about 9:30 and no one had showed yet. Around 8:45 am I did see a car which looked like one of the guys set to do the assembly. You get an email w/ a pic of your "pros" doing the work. This guy though parked across the street and then left. By this time I was contacting Handy and they gave us a number to call. We called and the guy said he was double booked and that he would not be there to do our job. Ok. So then I get back on the online chat and asked for a phone number to call Handy. They will not give you one and said they will put me in line to be called back. After waiting another half an hour I got online and just asked to again be rescheduled. This guy on the line stated that the gps tracker was showing both guys were at my house. He kept telling me this. I said I have NO ONE at my house and would be happy to send a video or pictures. No cars on my street and no one in my driveway. They are not around. I can conclude that the guy who was around in the am was the person and was dinged to my house (not sure why he would do that), but anyway after arguing with this guy to please just reschedule me he finally did. Stated he would send me a gift card (which was never received). Oh and guess what - a few minutes after rescheduling the second guy listed on the booking showed up. Again explained the situation. Clearly, no communication to these people as well. Really ashame. So third time was a charm, as both guys did finally show up. Everything went fine, they seemed to have done a good job with assembly (this is the reason I gave it two stars). It is for the most part not the "pros" as they call them fault. They seem to have little communication between if booking a multiple person job. One shows, the other doesn't. And Handy was kind of accusatory the second time around when they were telling me they were there and really not helpful at the end of the day. They will just keep rebooking you over and over again. I am sure if i would have had the 3rd experience first my feeling would be different. These people are independent contractors so if you are lucky and get someone who will show and knows what they are doing it will go well, but that is the chance you take. And the service is pricey, which I wouldn't have minded so much if they did not waste so much of your time. People are taking off work and rearranging things only to be cancelled and cancelled again. For this reason, I will not be using Handy ever again and would not recommend them. I am sure more reliable companies and people exhist.

Bad service, even worse Customer Service
A month ago I used Handy for the first time. I have used other services such as TaskRabbit before. Handy is by far the worst of the bunch. I had so many issues with their service:
1) Couldnt login to on the day of the appointment
2) Handy pro arrived on time, but 3 hours later he only had finished opening the 5 boxes (at once) and spreading all of the pieces of furniture on my dining and living room floors
3) After 3 hours the handy pro just gave up and left. All the parts were left spread on dining and living rooms
4) Of the 3 hours, the "Pro" spent at least half an hour on his phone.
5) The Handy pro scratched my TV screen with a piece of glass
6) Contacted Handy to complain about the "Pro" and the damaged TV. Handy asked me to fill up an electronic form with details. Four days after form was filled (including pictures of the almost 3 inches scare on TV screen) and sent I still did not get any response from Handy.

To be fair Handy offered a new appointment for free, but at this point I just decided to assemble the furniture myself, but nothing about the TV damage or the inconvenience (to say the least).
The worst part was to figure out what part was for what furniture since all 5 boxes had been opened and pieces were spread on the floors.

As for the complaint I filed 3 weeks ago, their strategy is to drag it forever hoping I will give up.

Shady Business Practices
I came to Handy for cleaning because Handy handled a missed appointment for a furniture building extremely well. I signed up for cleaning services. If you agree to a longer period of time the price comes down. I chose 6 months for $125. After my second visit, I was charged $146.17. I reached out to ask why and they said it was because I had a credit on my account - fine, but I'm not paying $146 for someone to spend 2 hours cleaning my house. The customer service people told me that I was actually paying by the hour - NOT explained in the app when I signed up. So basically I paid for 8 hours of cleaning but only 4 took place. I asked for a refund of the hours not worked and was told they have a minimum of 3 hours. Customer Service suggested I select some "add on" services to round out the time. Fine, but I want a refund for those 2 hours and I want my future bookings to be made for 3 hours. I would have been perfectly happy with this solution but that's not what happened. After interacting with 5 different customer service people who did not take the time to read through the previous correspondence (except Alexa who solved the problem but her work was undone by incompetent co-workers) my time was extended to 4.5 hours and no refund was issued - this made the problem worse. I asked them to fix it and was told that I should talk to the pro after they finish the 2-hour cleaning about add ons, no refund issued and it seems pretty shady to me to have this whole system of booking add ons but wanting me to spring it on the pro after they have arrived. I don't like being misled and I don't like shady business practices. They finally refunded my money but won't let me cancel without the cancellation fee - which I should have to pay because they have wasted so much of my time - AND was told that since my booking was in the future they couldn't change it so for the rest of my bookings I will have to reach out to them to adjust the price. Are you kidding me? Don't use Handy!

Should be called GREEDY not handy.
I wish I could give them a zero.
$#*! you Handy. You just want to take our money.

I'm probably not going to say something that hasn't already been said but this is the most nastiest money hungry company I've ever worked with. No wonder Handy don't have a phone number to contact them. They would receive way too many calls complaining about surprise charges and just overall bad customer service.

The first bad experience was when I created my 6-month subscription (biggest mistake). I didn't know my MIL already had a subscription for it so I wanted to cancel since we didn't need 2 for the same house. Of course Handy put their hands up and said that's not their problem and wouldn't let me cancel without paying ridiculous fees. Bull$#*! ass company who doesn't care about their customers.

I also tried to rescheduling a cleaning and without any notification, they charged me $15 for it. Atleast $#*!ing let me know I'm going to be charged so I can decide to reschedule or not. But why would they do that? On top of the $90 they get, they'll get an extra $15 for not telling me and rescheduling my service. $#*!ing greedy ass $#*!ing people.

I sent them a nasty email for this and what did they do in return? Said they're going to credit me $10 for the next service. SHUT THE $#*! UP. Are you kidding me? I get $10 for the $15 EXTRA I paid AND the frustration of not getting my service the $#*!ing day I rescheduled it for that I got CHARGED FOR?

Handy is a $#*!ing joke. Most of their "professionals" suck anyway. Please please find a cleaning service elsewhere. Do not give them your hard earned money.

Really really bad.
Please avoid getting in trouble with this fraudulent people!
I met the so called "pro" in person to know who was coming to my place, he did a sloppy job leaving stains on the floor and countertops. I gave him my direct contact for the future in case he had issues to enter the apt or anything, he couldn't care less... keep reading...
I went out of town for a couple of months, booked two cleanings with the same guy before the arrival of guests. I never heard from him again, and after 2 months I got to discover that the two cleanings were never done, and I delivered a dirty apt to my guests!
Handy didn't let me know he couldn't enter my apt, even if he had my direct phone exactly for that purpose! I talked to him in person!
The best of this story is that these cleanings (for a 300sf apt) were around $186 each, when I was under the impression I bought a deal with Handy and Handy should have been around $70. AND they are refunding me only half of it, LITERALLY STEALING $93 FROM ME, without counting the damage to my reputation as a host! And all the time I'm wasting talking with useless customer service.
This is unacceptable.
They hire unqualified people who don't care, and bottom line they are just after your money in any possible way... including setting appointments by default once a month! What? Without even asking? Let's talk about it!

Such a joke of a company. I hired them to "assemble" my new bicycle (already assemble it but wanted them to make sure it was done properly). The guy shows up completely unprofessional looking which I didn't really care about but once I realized that he only had a backpack with him and hadn't driven in I knew something was wrong. Then once he started I had to correct him immediately which made me more nervous. Then he started stating that certain things were fine which Handy weren't. How does someone think the breaks are fine when they are up against the tires already and the tires aren't pumped. Nevermind they didn't bring a pump which would have been part of the installation. This was a disaster, I even told him that I'd finish later since I was afraid they were going to break something. Before even doing this I called them to ensure that if things didn't go right I would be able to get a full refund but what I wasn't told was that although they took my money just fine, they had to send my refund by check which would take up to 4 weeks. I've never been so disappointed in a company and would never recommend them to anyone. Not even to put together a 2 piece puzzle. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE EVER. THERE ARE MUCH BETTER COMPANIES OUT THERE. DO NOT AND I CAN NOT SAY THIS ENOUGH, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

When are homeowners gonna realize "Plumbers electricians, hvac, are all professionally licensed and bonded trades! Handyman have not been trained in the dangers associated with each trade nor do Handy know local state codes or laws nor are they insured if they install a water heater incorrectly and blow up your house for reducing the pressure relief valve from a required 3/4 minimum discharge line to the 3/8 copper tubing that was in installed 20yrs ago by Joe Blow that installed the previous heater on a drunken afternoon with his handyman buddies help to save some money you people will never learn cheaper isn't always better and you get what you pay for anyone having the title handyman without a state license in any of the 3 professions I named above are not worried about your safety or the safety of your children and cut corners to pad their bottom line and because they don't know any better nor attend mandatory state professional required continuing education classes nor held to the industry standards by local and state codes and code enforcement officials nor have the ability to pull required permits to be inspected by qualified inspectors upon completion of scope of work permit covers to transfer liability of insurance coverage if they screw up and cause irreparable damage to your home or its treasured contents so save a buck on your handyman and hope your house doesn't explode or burn down do to shady side show Bob the handyman not being properly trained dumb@$$£$

Horrible! Doesn't pay their maids, tries to sneak an NDA on you when their maid harasses you!
Horrific! Holy hell. I was going to chalk up my experience to a unique thing and not complain, but good lord, they're a horrific company. Going to try to make this as short and informative as possible. Have used Handy on and off for years, no issues and decent cleaning before this incident. But, it always takes an incident to see how a company will handle it, what their real weaknesses are.

Got Handy few weeks ago for a deep cleaning. Handy sent me a brand new maid who hadn't cleaned before. Okay no problem. Now, before you think that her being 20 min late, not having supplies or breaking my ceramic flower pot is why I'm posting, I assure you, I'm not. Things happen, she's new, no big deal. It's the following that has brought me to review here:
I booked the maid for 4 hours with extra time and cost for inside oven and fridge. I paid $145 total. After about 1 hour, she said she was done. I was surprised and said did you get the fridge, she responded, "No, I'll get that and then I'm done. I work fast." I said, "okay, that's fine." (To be honest, she seemed disinterested in being there and she was new, so I wasn't going to bother). Not even two minutes go by and she is suddenly screaming. I run into the kitchen and she's on the phone going "you mean to tell me I get $15 fu*king dollars for this whole job?! Are you fu*king kidding me?!" She looked at me. I responded, "I don't know what they pay you, but you should check on that because I paid them $145.00 for this one cleaning." I was upset because I realized I was contributing to a gig economy that screwed its workers and kept most of the money. I was also upset because this screwed over maid was getting pissed and was inside my apartment and started getting in my face - I became acutely aware of my surroundings. I am a doctor, so luckily, calming angry people is a specialty. I remained calm and said, I understand, no problem, I'm sorry. She asked if I complained about the broken flower pot. I informed her that I hadn't and that I wasn't going to complain about her, but just file for a reimbursement. She began cursing again and told me to clean the rest of my trash up and walked out. She started screaming in the hallway of my building. I asked her to lower her voice. She began cursing me out saying "this pay wasn't worth my fu*king time." I shut and bolted the door. She screamed from down the hall, "Clean your door, bi*ch." She poured ajax and bleach all over my front door.

Now comes Handy's handling of everything. It's been horrible to say that least. They took no responsibility. All in all, they gave me the run around, never got on the phone with me, ignored the harassment, deleted the messages she sent me after she left, telling me to "suck her $#*!." Good thing I screenshotted everything. And took pics of the door and have building videos of her behavior. But that isn't the worst part!

Handy then gave me grief about my ceramic potter reimbursement. They told me to sign this release before reimbursing me for my ceramic potter, of which I provided credit card statements and cost of proof. Instead of giving me their usual property damage release form, they gave me a 7 page long NDA. THIS IS WORST OF ALL, AND WHAT BROUGHT ME HERE: HANDY TRIED TO SNEAK AN NDA ON ME TO SIGN BEFORE GIVING ME MY FLOWER POT REIMBURSEMENT. They effectively ignored my complaint about the maid herself, the harassment, THEIR VETTING PROCESS, THEIR PAY (!), and then tried to sneak an NDA on me to shut me up. I still cannot fathom it. Whenever I ask about this NDA, they keep saying, "We can only reimburse you the $125, nothing more, and not until you sign the disclosure." They won't explain. Truly disgusting, misleading and unlawful. They won't even acknowledge my question of "what is the difference between an NDA and a reimbursement? Are they the same?" They literally tried to pay me off and shut me up without informing me of it. Unfortunately for them, my mom taught me to read everything before I sign. They were trying to shut me up. But, I'd rather let y'all know. If English wasn't my first language or I was old or less full of resources, I would have signed it, lost my rights to review. Absolutely disgusting. And the maids would have suffered too.

Don't use Handy. They underpay and literally drove my new maid to insanity. The new maid had no complaint with me or my apartment. She literally flipped once she heard she was getting paid crap because she was new and young and, rightfully, demands better than the gig economy bulls**t. Search for Handy maid reviews and see for yourself. Also, comment or reach out and I'll send all pics, emails, etc. I've got them all. It's all 100% truth. Spread the word. You can use (my sister uses it), references, friends, other sites to book maids directly. Don't use this third party service that doesn't vet and then exploits their workers AND THEN DOESN'T HOLD THEMSELVES ACCOUNTABLE AND TRIES TO SNEAKILY SHUT YOU UP WITH A MASKED NDA.

Disappointing clean service provider
I am very disappointed with the clean service delivered yesterday. It was my first time with Handy and I was expecting an outstanding service.
I decided to make the 3 month plan, because I did not want to worry about the cleaning service and I trusted that Handy would take care of it. After the first disappointed experience with the pro Charney, I did cancelled my plan and was charged $99. However, Handy did not delivered the cleaning service accordingly to the company policy.

The kitchen floor as well as the counters were NOT cleaned.
Also, the furniture surfaces were not cleaned.
Please, see attached the pictures after the pro cleaned my house.

What happened?
While I was at home the pro Charney was doing a good job in the bathroom, unfortunately, I had to leave for an appointment and when I came back she had only did the dishes and vacuum the carpet (not very well done I have to note here), leaving behind the kitchen floor as well as the the kitchen counters. Also, the dust in the furniture surfaces were not cleaned. I feel that I was taken advantage of. I had the impression that the pro Charney took the tip that I left on the table and left in a rush after I left the apartment.

I need a pro that will do a good job with me at home or not. I am hiring someone to do the job because I want to be able to make my appointments. I don't want to be supervising the pro in order to get the job done properly.

It is funny that Handy keep saying that it is the company policy not refund the early cancellation fee of $99, however, Handy forget to mention that is also the company policy to delivery a complete clean service which did not happen.

The worst part is that they don't have a telephone number to talk with their customer service. Everything is done by email.

After a lot of back and forth with emails, they gave me a free clean service for the next visit.
I would not recommend this company as your clean service provider.

I used a promo code with My total was $150 and the promo code discounted my total to $78 instead. The cleaner who came to clean my home did a decent job but didn't complete everything that was listed on my list of services. Their list of alternative cleaners was extremely limited. When I reached out to them I also found out that I was charged $142 instead of the $78. When I addressed this Handy said that they were not responsible for me using the wrong promo code. They stated that I should have read the fine print. When I mentioned that I got the promo code off of a website like they said that it's a lesson that I should learn and I shouldn't use random websites for promo codes. It didn't matter that their own website didn't state what the promo code was for nor any information as to what the promo code should be used for instead. When I sent them the screenshot of my purchase they dismissed it. Both customer representatives that I spoke to were rude and unprofessional. The first one refused to give me any identification information as to who he was, his employee number, department that he worked in or his email address. The second customer service rep was just as rude. They refused to refund me any of the money back and refused to cancel my account without charging me a fee.

Zero stars - lied, rescheduled, rescheduled again, cancelled
Wish there was a way to give zero stars. Booked and paid up front for drywall repair. Handy's terms of service say that if *we* cancel the booking within 48 hours, then *they* get to keep all the money. However, rescheduled us THREE TIMES over two weeks within TWO HOURS of our booking. We kept taking off work in order to be there when the handyman arrived, and then the morning of, within 1-2 hours of our booking start time, we would just get an automated text telling us "the professional scheduled to assist you today had to cancel last minute and we have rescheduled you". We have to give them 48 hours notice, and Handy get to give us NO notice? Where's OUR cancellation fee? The third time, they just flat-out cancelled the booking entirely and texted "your Handy booking has been cancelled due to an emergency with your professional, we're refunding your card, you should see the money arrive back within 5 days". Never saw a single handyman, never got a phone call apologizing or explaining, nothing. Just held our money for weeks, lied, made it impossible for us to hire a legitimate repairman in the meantime, and communicated solely via texts. If you actually do need someone reliable who will complete the work in a timely manner and not screw you over, don't go with Completely untrustworthy.

Great Employees, Terrible Service!
I ordered a power lift recliner from Wayfair on July 31st. A day or so after ordering it, I realized I'd forgotten to include unpacking, assembly, and setup service. I contacted Wayfair on August 2nd to have them add it to the order. Wayfair customer service, in turn, contacted Handy to book the service. The day of delivery was August 9th, which was fast approaching.

When I didn't hear anything, I again contacted Wayfair and Handy told me that they had sent a request to Handy, with no response. They sent the request again and gave me an email and contact number. The delivery date from Wayfair was moved up from August 9th to August 6th.

Since I STILL had not heard anything about the service from either Handy or Wayfair, I sent an email to Handy and asked what was up? They said they could find no record of the booking and I'd need to make a new booking, which would not be filled until at least 48 hours had elapsed. Received notice that the chair was to be delivered to my driveway on August 6th, so I needed to move it out of the rain until Handy could get someone out.

Finally, Handy scheduled the booking for Monday, August 9th. They sent out ONE PERSON, Julian (who was great, by the way) with NO handtruck. He was to try and lug this 107 lb chair up the stairs to where it was to be set up, which he did using my handtruck and sheer brawn! Julian said this was not unusual for Handy.

So my chair was finally installed, setup, and working - NO THANKS to Handy! Their lack of communication and poor management and scheduling skills could have made this a nightmare. Thanks to Julian, it was successful. DO NOT book with Handy!

Terrible Company. Bad Customer Service.
If I could give them zero star, I would. I hired a professional to install a masage chair for my customer. The chair footrest fell off within hours of install. I contacted their customer service and got an email that they'd give me a $20 credit for my next booking because of the bad experience and I could rebook another pro to fix the issue. I clicked on the link and it sent me to the booking page where I would have to pay again. Confused I responded to the email asking why I would have to pay again. No response. Handy usually are responsive but not anymore. I sent them a few more emails to no avails. They seemed good until there was a problem. Use them at your own risk. Although their website says if you are not happy with a job, they will send another pro to make it right. That doesn't seem to be the case for me. I asked them to send the same guy back to fix the problem and they didn't do that either. It's not like I didn't give them a choice. It's exhausting working with them. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Update: I got a response and they said they're going to refund me $20. Why $20 after I paid $79 for a job that was badly done? This company is a joke.

Another update: They tell me I need to file a claim and provide proof of ownership, value of item and the damage. This happened yesterday. Shouldn't they have some type of record showing I booked a service with them? I even sent them a photo of the damage. All I want is for them to give me a full refund on the booking and they'd rather put me through this painful process to discourage me. I had to hire another person from HOMEADVISOR to fix the problem and that costed me $93. Beware. This company is very dishonest. I wonder how they are still in business.

Extremely low pay rate for service tech/handyman
Handy started out Ok in the beginning but later on the structure gets very bad for service tech or handyman. I recently use that app again trying to get some side jobs.The rate they gave handyman and technician are very low, ( I'm a licensed electrician and the rate they have is $35 an hour w no trip charge), on top of that they want you pay more to be a premium service member so you can access jobs earlier than the one that didn't pay for it, another way to show they get greedy and want you to fork out more money before you make money. If you don't pay for additional fee, then you only see jobs that no one want to take because it cost way too much than the described hours to do that, for example: they offer like a $70 job for you to change a light at 20ft high ceiling. Just the cost of scaffolding or super long ladder with the vehicle carry that is like over $400 and you have to invest that much to make so little? That's why I haven't found a profitable job for a few months w their app, unless you really have nothing, no jobs from anywhere else, then you can consider using that to survive. You will make much more doing some marketing on Nextdoor or yelp, or serviz app.

I wish I read the reviews before I signed up. All the cleaners Handy send are sub standard for the premium bucks you are paying. I signed up a 6 month recurring plan and all my experiences so far have been head aches. The customer service just tries to give you 20 dollar discount for the next cleaning when you complain about the service. When I asked them to cancel my plan, they don't want to waive the $99 cancellation fee. I have never seen such a bad service from a company in this age. Also, they never send the same pro. It's always a different one and they get worser and worser. The cleaning supplies they bring are so harsh chemicals that my lungs feel bad and my migraine triggers. I cannot believe how they can charge premium buck but not take care of the quality. The pro I got today is sick and sneezing all over my place. It's a shame they don't have any guidelines for these things. They only post the 5 star reviews in their site for the cleaners. When you give a bad review, they just filter it out. So when you go to see a cleaner's profile, they all have excellent reviews. That's major cheating. I urge everyone to stay away from Being in bay area, you always have other better options. You don't need to go through this mental agony.

Not dependable, and do not accept responsibility for their errors!
The first appointment was a no-show, I called and received an apology and rescheduled a new appointment. That also was a no-show, I called and Handy told me the appointment had been cancelled. I am furious, the only reason I purchased the treadmill from WalMart was as a result of the company offering the in home assembly service. I am a senior citizen and I would not attempt to assemble the treadmill on my own. Now I am not sure what to do, I have an unusable treadmill in a room of my home that I can do nothing with. Why does Walmart offer a service that they can't provide? They got me to buy the machine and now I have no way of using it. What do I do?
The following is a copy of the email I received from Walmart after the first no-show --April 22,2021 at 2:02 PM

Hi Mark,

Please accept our sincere apology for your recent experience. You counted on us to provide a service and we didn't deliver. We're extremely sorry for this and want to make it up to you.

The professional who failed to arrive at your booking won't be able to accept future bookings from your account.

We've scheduled a replacement booking for April 24,2021, between 9 AM to 11:45 AM. With a booking reference ID 15489398.

We'll make sure to match you to a great new professional.

We've also sent a $25 Walmart gift card via email. Please expect the gift card will be sent within 3-5 days from today.

We're so grateful to have you as a customer and are confident your booking will go as planned. We're here to help, so please let us know if there's anything else we can do to assist you.

Here for your home,

Literally the worst customer service of my life
This is literally the worst company I have ever tried to do business with. DO NOT USE THEM. I have been through three handymen and two sets of the same desk parts trying to get this one desk built.

The first handyman was nice but did a really bad job. Handy sent a second handyman to try to fix the desk. He was a little better but wasn't even informed that he would be dissembling then reassembling the desk to fix previous issues. Not only was he not booked for even remotely close to enough time to do so. But if he had attempted to do that it would have stripped the already placed screw holes and not assembled the same.
I was sent a second desk kit and given a third handy appointment. I kept the first messed up desk to show handy man #3 what had gone wrong/and what the second guy had fixed some.
He told me that I maybe I was asking for too much. (I am an engineering student who currently lives with a retired mechanical engineer. I assure you, I understand assembly and was NOT asking for too much. I would have built this desk myself it wasn't so heavy.)
So I told him if he really felt like i was asking for too much he could just leave because I didn't want to ruin another desk.

I have wasted SO much time already & still don't have a properly assembled desk after THREE Handy app appointment visits.

Just don't do it.

Very Misleading to Say the Least
My brand new hardwood floor was damaged by a "Handy" so-called professional as he was attempting to assemble a wall unit and then abruptly left our home.

We immediately emailed photos of the damaged done to our brand new wood flooring as well as a repair estimate and requested that we be paid for the damages done to no avail.

The Handy Claims Dept. Manager actually stated that, quote, "We have written statements from both professionals that attended your booking stating this damage was there prior to their arrival. We understand you had some packages delivered and left in that area where the damage occurred. We recommend following up with that delivery service regarding the damage."

Of course this is totally false and misleading to say the least because
The second Handy "professional" who made a written statement that the floor was damaged prior to "their" arrival didn't any arrive until approximately 10 minutes after the other "professional" damaged our floor. He wasn't even present during the time it was damaged.

I will be submitting a complaint via the Better Business Bureau.

I highly recommend not using Handy.

First let me say the professional who came out to help was wonderful and this is nothing against him.

I booked a 5 hour appt for a professional to meet me at our lakehouse in Michigan to put together furniture on a Saturday. I left Chicago early on Saturday to be sure I was there on time to meet him. Two hours before he was scheduled, as I was on the road, I got a message that the appt was rescheduled for Monday. Well, I planned on being back in Chicago on Monday and not still in Michigan. I looked everywhere for a number to call but none was provided. I expressed my displeasure via email and was told Handy rescheduled for Sunday at noon but that no professional was assigned so basically it might be a no show again.

I posted on Facebook and had a lovely individual come out and help me on Saturday. I saved a few projects for Sunday just in case someone showed up. Luckily he did and he stayed for about 3.5 hours. I paid the original price I had booked (5 hours). I didn't ask for a refund for the additional 1.5 hours because I honestly didn't want to deal with the company anymore.

They Initially "compensated" me by giving me a whole $10 credit, which did not come off the Sunday appt. I emailed telling them I wanted that credit applied to this booking as I would never be using their company again. They refused, "but the good thing is, the $10 will automatically be applied once you create a new booking"

Nope. Not gonna fight over $10. I'd rather just let everyone out there in internet land know. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

This Company Stinks! (and good luck ever speaking to a real person!)
I would give this company a zero if I could. I was having a dinner party, my cleaner cancelled at the last minute, so I found Handy online. The woman Handy sent to clean was literally the worst cleaner I've ever had in my life! Not only could she not clean, she was stupid. She could not even follow a simple instruction to remove her car, which she parked across the entrance of our neighbor's driveway. Why would anyone do that? Not even our driveway, our neighbor's! My husband asked her to pull her car into our driveway on the right-hand side of the garage because my car was parked on the left-hand side inside the garage, and i needed to leave and run an errand. I go to leave and found that she had only moved her car, and now it was parked across the entrance to our driveway. I couldn't get out, and had to go ask her to move it again. Just one of the stupid, stupid things she did, not to mention she was lousy at cleaning and had to be asked to reclean almost everywhere she went. Even then, things were still not done. She spent in total nearly an hour in the bathroom, and not cleaning either, if you get my drift. Who does that?

I had to clean behind her everywhere before my company came, and when the company sent a survey later I rated her personally ONE STAR, and every room in the house that she cleaned I rated ONE STAR.

Never heard a word from anyone. Then a month later, I come home on a Saturday afternoon, and a guy's sitting in my driveway saying they sent him to clean for me! What? Apparently I thought I was hiring them for a last minute fill in, but they signed me up for a 12-month contract. They charged us $119. I sent the guy away, and because it's impossible to reach a live person via the phone no matter what you do, I sent them a scathing email reminding them how terrible my first experience was, and stressing the fact that they didn't even care enough about me as a customer to reach out after I expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the job that was done and offer to make it right, redo it, credit towards a future cleaning - NOTHING! NOT ONE WORD, and then they have the nerve to send someone to my house again?! Are you kidding me?

I was extremely upset, asked (in writing, of course) for an immediate refund and cancel whatever, AND CAN I PLEASE GET A CALL FROM A REAL LIVE PERSON TO MAKE SURE THIS IS CLEARED UP.

STILL NO PHONE CALL. They emailed me back saying they had credited my account 50% of the $119 charge towards a future cleaning. Again, are you kidding me? I still can't get a call from a live person. Why would I ever use your service again? Not wanting to engage in the nonsense anymore, my husband just disputed the $119 charge with our credit card company and got it reversed.

Now I've gotten a text again saying they're sending someone on Saturday to clean. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO GET AWAY FROM THESE LOUSY PEOPLE. I've written them saying if they send someone out here, if they charge our credit card again, I'm calling the Attorney General. Maybe someone in that office can get to speak to a real live person at this lousy company.


Don't waste your time. Liars and scammers
I own a small but very stable plumbing repair business in Fort Wayne in. Last week I received a text from a person by the same of Robbie saying he has a friend who wants him to over see a replacement of a tankless water heater and would like for us to go estimate it and let him know price for labor only. We set a spot and went to the home. When I got there it wasn't a tankless unit. I explained to the home owner who to that point I thought was this robbies tenant. After I went over all the options of what could be done the Home owner decided to go with a regular 50 gallon water heater. The home owner gave me his email and I had one of my employees send him the quote. Later Friday afternoon this Robbie who is actually a handy. Com rep still wanted a tankless estimate and to that point I still didn't know he worked for Handy and insisted that the home owner was his friend who wanted him to over see the installation of this. I didn't find out till Sunday evening that this scum bag Robbie works for Handy. In the past I have delt with handy where I had to go to one of there clients homes and threaten to remove my 2700 water heater install to be paid. After calling Robbie Sunday evening and asking him why the deception on his part he claimed Handy went through major mgt changes and that he knew I had problems in the past and that Handy couldn't get any plumbers to accept jobs from them but swore I'd get half the money up front by 9am Monday morning. By 1045 there was no initial payment as promised and after I called him a lying scum bag which what he is. His reply was he was going to tear up my contract since I am so unreasonable to deal with. EVEN THOUGH HE IS THE ONE WHO LIED FROM THE START. LATER IN THE DAY I TRIED SEVERAL TIMES TO CONTACT UPPER MGT IN WHICH YOU CAN'T. THIS COMPANY IS NOTHING BUTVA BUNCH OF LIARS AND SCAMMERS. BEWARE

Terrible 2nd experience... Never Again!
My first experience using this company was great. Simple and quick. The pro was prompt, professional, quick and knowledgable. I got a bed with storage drawers underneath assembled. Last week I set up an appointment to have a tv stand and a bar table assembled on Friday evening 6:30pm. First, I noticed via the app, the pro assigned to my job was changed about 3 time before the final person that took the job. I leave work early to get home to be there for the appointment to receive a notice at a few mins past 6pm that the pro is running 15 mind late. Ok fine. Now a few more mins pass and at about 6:15 I receive another notice stating that due to a last minute pro call out I have to be rescheduled to Monday at 6:30pm. Now Im livid, because this was only told to me mins to arrival, and I only receive that notice via text and a generated email saying we apologize and basically, sorry for wasting your time but your rescheduled. And that was it. I proceed to email a response notifying them that that was pretty inconsiderate, unprofessional, and unacceptable. But that I am ok with the new time solely because I was then scheduled with the pro I worked with previously and I much preferred to work with again. I received a pretty quick response and small attempt to compensate twds my next service. So fast fwd to Monday the day I was rescheduled for. So all weekend until Monday morning I was still scheduled with the pro I preferred. I go to the app Monday morning to reach out to the pro to ask if he'd prefer to start a bit earlier at 6pm then that is fine with me. But, low and behold, I again was switched to yet another pro! I still proceed to reach out to the last pro to explain all of this to him and to ask if there was a way that we could work it out for him to work with me on this job. He responds and says that should work try to send a request. I attempt to do so, however it seems as if maybe when scheduling there is a window or maybe you cannot do same day bookings, something like that because I was being given and error stating that the date was too soon. I let the pro know that I was having the issue. Then I proceeded to email Handy to ask for this to be adjusted and that myself and the pro agreed. I reached out again to let the pro know that I was sending an email as well. Handy took a while and another email later but they did respond and get the situation squared away and had me assigned to the pro I was interested in and had previously worked with, once again. They stated in the email that it was set and they have proof that myself and the pro both agreed to this assignment. This was around 3pm at this point. I reached out to the pro again informed him of this set up and reiterated that if he preferred earlier i am fine with that. So finally content I gear up to leave work early to be home. I never received any more responses from the pro and the messages said delivered but not read so I assumed he was busy at work. I received alerts, your job is starting soon etc etc. 6pm comes and I get a familiar alert. Due to a last minute pro call out we are unable to find a new person for this job and you have been rescheduled for tomorrow! I am completely on fire at this point. I look at the chat and the messages to the pro were now showing read. So why let me go through all of that getting it set up to have you assigned to my task and, knowing what I had just gone through previously, to then cancel on me last minute and not even reach out to at least say, I apologize but I am unable to do this job today. Something! Of course I receive another generic email as well basically stating, sorry for wasting your time again but you've been rescheduled. I send another email back and now the next morning I still have yet to receive a response. Initially no pros picked up my task when I was rescheduled but soon after another pro did. At this point its still the same person but going fwd with the day who knows how this will turn out and if this will even take place this evening w/o yet another cancelation. I really liked Handy at first but after this NEVER AGAIN! This was completely ridiculous for a service that I have paid for and adjusted my time and work schedule to make sure it worked out only to be dis guarded repeatedly by these ppl.

Horrible service
I enrolled for a move out cleaning after seeing add of these guys in google. The person who was supposed to show up did not come after Handy kept me waiting for an hour. I have complained it multiple times and finally, they rescheduled it after two hrs and they disappointed me in that effort too. I ended up paying a lot more money on finding help the same day since the next day was my move out day. I have decided to never once go with their service and emailed the same to them to which they apologized and refunded my money. I don't live in that apartment anymore and now they scheduled a recurring cleaning service without me actually asking for one and when I tried to explain to them that it's not fair to charge me because I don't live there anymore and I have never requested for service after going through one horrible experience with them already. Now they are charging me 100$ for the service I never took in the name of the cancellation policy. They don't have a customer service number, they don't have a proper application, they don't provide good service. They are just too horrible. I took the pain to write this review here because I don't want someone else to go through the same $#*!.

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