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Hammacher Schlemmer

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Unacceptable service
I bought a relatively expensive over the toilet cabinet. (and yes I see the item is cheaper elsewhere. It took two hours, at least, to put together. The last things to go on with a cam bolt are the doors. They are warped. It is unacceptable. I can't return it because the box was mistakenly broken down. Now I have a useless $340 item. You can also see in the booklet how the confusion happened about keeping the box.
Unacceptable service
Unacceptable service
Unacceptable service

Outdated Business Model
I have been ordering from H-S for years, and I have noticed a steep decline in all aspects of their business. The biggest problem is the poor quality of their products. Although Hammacher Schlemmer are sometimes novel, the design of these products show poor engineering, inferior parts and shoddy manufacturing. At best, their novel products are simply prototypes that require redesign. Their money back policy is a joke. Besides charging exorbitant shipping, they give you a store credit instead of a refund, and you have to pay equally exorbitant return shipping. Also the shipping time is unacceptably long. In carefully going through their catalog on a recent return, I couldn't find anything worth buying. Their so-called panel of experts who rate certain products as the best in the world is simply a fraud. Many of their products are grossly overpriced, and they hide the name of the manufacturer to make it difficult to buy a product elsewhere at a much cheaper price. They try to cater to snob appeal to sell their inferior products, which I find annoying. In short, it's time for this outmoded outfit to shutter its doors. The market will force them to do it eventually.

8ft Light Spectacle Tree
I ordered this lighted tree on Nov 8th with no indication of delayed delivery. It took a while to finally find out how to look up the status of my order and I was surprised to see it would not ship until Dec 2nd, then I looked again and it will ship December 4th, then today I looked and it will ship December 5th. Because I am moving on December 11th, I called to get the order expedited on shipment. To my horror it won't even possibly ship until December 17th and there was no guarantee of that. Hammacher Schlemmer could not assure me I would have it in time for Christmas. I NEVER received an email stating a delay in shipment. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told she would subtract 2.00 off the price. What, you just ruined my special needs sons Christmas decorations and you offer me $2.00? I passed up several options from local stores because we are moving on the 11th and this would be the only Christmas decoration I would put up this year. Finally when I insisted that I would remain on hold until I spoke to a supervisor, I expressed my disbelief and dissatisfaction with a company that boasts 173 years in business. This is a very poor practice and I would check the delivery dates by calling before you place an order. You can not trust ordering online. The site now states shipping December 17th, but that was never indicated in an email to me. I will never order and will refuse any catalog from this company in the future.

I have received the catalogues for years and never purchased anything. No star (not an option)!
I always felt the prices were very inflated and that the same item could be purchased for much less but never bothered to check as I never wanted to purchased anything. In many instances Hammacher Schlemmer state, "only available at HS". Not true! Many are also available for less on Amazon and other sites to their dismay. They admit to brand secrecy but with some detective work and using their descriptions the same items can be found (for much less money) on other sites. Today I found a nail clipper for HALF PRICE on another site! It is identical and the same verbiage describes it!
Fortunately I have never had to deal with their customer service as I read the sad reviews of others who have been robbed by them! If you click on the BBB section of their site and read the reviews you would NEVER order from HS! They lie in their response to BBB and for some reason have gotten away with horrendous business practices for YEARS!
Best advice is caveat emptor! BUYER BEWARE!

Wish I would have read reviews. Stay away!
Wish I would have read the reviews prior to ordering. Stay away is the best advice. Ordered a Christmas gift in November & it still hasnt arrived a few days prior to Christmas. When I call to inquire- their customer service is aweful & no one gives answers. This is Scam company in my opinion.

Won't refund my money on a purchase that was never confirmed but sent
Before christmas i order two battery boosters. The order was not confirmed even after i asked several times by email and phone. But it was sent later-- after i had already received a similar order from amazon. I returned the order after the holidays and still await my refund. Also when i ordered the products there was a 25$ discount for the day on all orders. It wasn't applied when it was sent weeks later. The billing was in american dollars which shouldn't have been the case.
I expect my refund shortly. It has been almost 2 months since i shipped it back to you. It should never have been sent to begin with as it was never confirmed just shipped after i asked about confirmation and didn't get a reply. I had planned on ordering more from yous but i await confirmation of my refund. The package i returned was unopened except to pull out the shipping return. Your address was the only one on it so i know you have received it. As it stands i am out over 300 $$.
Hello David Werenka,

Thank you for contacting Hammacher Schlemmer. As of today, the returning package has not been processed.

Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you have a tracking number available. This is the only manner we have of determining the returning package's status.

Please allow four to six weeks from the warehouse receipt date for the returning package to be processed. We will process your package in the order it was received. Once your package is processed, you will be notified via email as well as receive information regarding the refund/exchange you have requested.

The returns department is currently processing returned packages received on 2/7/2022.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused on the delay of your refund.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

We're pleased to inform you the item(s) listed at the bottom of this email have shipped via Canada HS*******010
To check the status of your shipment, exchange, or return online at any time, simply go to and enter your order number A5586866 and billing zip code if prompted. Separate email confirmations will be sent for orders comprising multiple packages. Please note that shipping and services charges for the entire order will be presented on the first shipment confirmation.

For Canadaplus shipments, tracking information will be available once your shipment clears customs. Type 'hamm' for client number and include your Order Number to view delivery status.

If you have additional questions, feel free to call us toll-free at *******800 from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm EST (Monday to Friday) and 8:00 am - 8:00 pm EST (Saturday and Sunday), or email us at: *******
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What a Fiasco!
I ordered a Side Sleeper's Ergonomc Pillow November 27,2021. I thought the catalogue price of $70 US plus $25 US for a cover to fit it was exorbitant enough but then exchange, shipping, taxes and duty literally doubled the price. On December 15 I phoned HS to ask when it would be delivered and was told it already had been delivered to my community mailbox. I checked and it wasn't there so called back and said as much. I kept checking for it over the next few days and then called back requesting a tracking number which I was given reluctantly. Canada Post informed me that this number was incorrect. I called HS again and was given a different tracking number, this time I was told that my parcel had been "delayed" and was still in transit. A parcel finally arrived at my local post office Dec 23 by which time I had left town to spend Christmas with my family. I picked it up upon my return Dec 29 but its turned out to be a parcel of men's clothing intended for a Dr Garrity in Markham Ontario... and I am a woman living in coastal British Columbia! I called HS once again and cancelled my original order requesting a refund, I was told it would be credited back to my Visa within 5 to 7 business days. I was sent a shipping label to download and attach to the parcel I had received; I did this and returned the parcel to my local postal outlet although of course I had no obligation to do so. After 9 business days I phoned HS once again to inquire about my refund and was asked if I had a tracking number for the parcel I had sent back! I said it wasn't my parcel and I hadn't been given one. I was then told I would have to wait 21 days before I would receive my refund as if receiving it were somehow contingent upon Dr Garrity's parcel arriving back at HS beforehand! This makes no sense and has certainly convinced me never to order anything from Hammacher Schlemmer again.

A "Lifetime" Warranty that takes over a lifetime to recover
About a year ago, Hammacher Schlemmer ("HS") asked me to provide customer feedback. I did and it was not favourable, so I received a call from one of it's agents. During that conversation, the HS agent repeated several times that what distinguishes HS from its competitors (e.g., Wayfair) is that each item purchased from HS comes with a lifetime warranty. I recently tried to process a refund under that so called "lifetime" guarantee. The reality is - HS has made its claim process so convoluted, protracted, difficult and fraught with contradictory information, that it is patently obvious now that HS does everything in its power to wear you down so you eventually give up. The cost of the guarantee is built into HS's pricing, but good luck trying to recover under it. If you are genuinely interested in participating a Class Action against HS in respect of this problem, then post your interest on this site with details of how best to reach you on a private and confidential basis.

So on black Friday I ordered a 18 foot Frosty the Snowman inflatable that came with a projector that played on his belly and I got a deal on another decoration. This was going to be the big wow of my decorations this year and I entered a contest because of it. Well it never came and i emailed them 7 times with no response, asking for my Frosty and then for my money back. Hammacher Schlemmer never even returned any emails from me and thank goodness I paid through PayPal so i got my money back but it makes me very mad that they ruined my decorations this year! I waited and waited for their 10 days shipping and had no wow this year. Totally sucks they did that and ty again PayPal. I looked just now and saw they still have it on the website in stock for sale.

Very pleased
I have purchased many items from this company. I have had no problem returning an item, I also replaced item's

Company going downhill
Poor product, poor shipping. 5 FT Frosty is very flimsy, Top lights dont work, and packaging was pathetic

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