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Love the options Halara has and I have seen their ads...
Love the options Halara has and I have seen their ads multiple times on social media, so I wanted to try them out (especially as someone who is active and plays tennis a lot).

There are a lot of collections and options, however, with that being said I was sad to see no sets with skirt/short bottom and a matching top/bra.

What actually made me upset was The coupon code I got for signing up for texting said 20% off your order but it only took 20% off one item. I tried another code for 30% off and it did the same thing. It makes me feel like I'm getting scammed.


I was skeptical about buying from Halara at first in...
I was skeptical about buying from Halara at first in case it was not legit or a scam and if the quality of the clothing were low and not the same as described. Halara is catered more towards slimmer women and Asian-sized women who are a petite size which is great if one is on the slimmer side. However, it does not have a variety of large size differences if a woman who was larger built wanted to get a pair of Halara clothing. Halara may not find a piece of clothing that would cater to them. Even the larger sizes are more towards the women who are in size 5 - 9, which the shop might not even have.

My own experience of buying from Halara was better than I expected and my clothes came in a timely manner. I like that my clothes fit nicely because it is hard to find petite size clothing for me as I live in a place where smaller sized women's clothing is a little hard to find. Also, I hope there is more variety of clothing sizes as I would like to get my mom and sister one of these leggings. However, they are larger built than I am. Well, my sister would probably fit the medium-sized leggings and my mom might fit the extra-large size however I am not really sure with different factory size measurements.


So I bought two sizes of dresses and I wanted to send...
So I bought two sizes of dresses and I wanted to send one back bc I wanted to make sure I got the best fit. Instead halara gave me a credit and kept both. I was surprised but it was probably the best business plan you could imagine. So I went shopping again with the credit I got and ended up buying some really awesome pants and a tank top. Obviously spending more than my credit. I recieved them and immediately bought more. Smart to just make me shop more. Now I love their athletic wear. Gonna shop again and again. When honestly I only bought one dress that was heavily advertised on Instagram and would never have bought anything again. Now I'm hooked. Great business model in my opinion.

Quick and easy and helpfully


Very easy to select what I wanted
Very easy to select what I wanted. I had a sizing issue with my first order and Halara was very easy to get it adjusted without hassles. I will definitely recommend the In My Feels Dress to everyone! I mean it's got pockets and it sporty, and pretty and soft!

I got the size Large which wasn't large enough so I needed to do an exchange for a larger size, halara advised with longer shipping times and Covid, they weren't allowing exchanges, so they asked me to keep my first order and they sent me an e-gift card for the same amount to purchase another one in a larger size! Very professional, friendly and quick!


The website is overall pretty good structured
The website is overall pretty good structured. But the price for the dress I bought first showed me 33 and something euros and in my cart before payment it showed 39 something euros which was a bit confusing. I still bought the dress though. I have no idea about IT and stuff but maybe the website should update itself faster or something idk. The dress didn't quite fit, so I requested a refund over email and the employee responded super fast and I got my money back almost immediately.

The employee responded super fast and answered all my question in terms of refunding one of my items.


I love the quality of halara clothing
I love the quality of halara clothing. So comfortable. You're getting exactly the quality you are paying for! I don't typically leave reviews, but honest guys, there stuff is great. It's my 4th time ordering and I haven't been disappointed. I will say though, everything fits a bit smaller. I sized up on most things, typically I'm a medium, but for halara I'm a large. Especially for the in my feels sports bra and in my feels dress large is what I went for. I'm a 36 c and a 38 b depending. Go with a large. I'm 5'4 140- 145 pounds, jogger pants I'm a medium.


Look. I review everything I want EXTENSIVELY before I buy it. If you look though the reviews and see what sizes/body types/measurements of other women who are buying this dress are, it helps immensely!
I am 5'11", 155lbs, 32DDD, 28" waist, and 41" hips and went with the Medium.
The ONLY complaint I have is that the top built in bra band is too loose around me, but everything else about the Medium fits perfectly!
I literally ordered (3) of these dresses off the bat in different colors and I'm so glad I did! Just make sure you compare your measurements to others who have provided them, because I originally thought I would need the large, but I'm so glad I didn't go that route! AND ITS LONG ENOUGH FOR US TALL GIRLS! (:


Sizing recommendation was wrong
Sizing recommendation was wrong. I'm normally smaller than a size 6 so I ordered the suggested size but the my item was too tight. Because I got a swimsuit I can't return it (which makes sense), but I was only offered 10% off my next order which doesn't feel like enough.

The email I received was prompt and friendly.
However I was only offered 10% off my next order which personally doesn't feel like enough for the error in their sizing recommendation and my not being able to return my item.
- again I am very understanding of not being able to return a swimsuit for sanitation purposes.


I was asked to spin that wheel for a discount only...
I was asked to spin that wheel for a discount only to drone out in already registered the. Asked to sign up for texts and I would receive an immediate 20% discount off to find out only on orders that are full price, then shipping charges are free over $49 except to Alaska which adds $14+. It's a lot of "read the small print" deals and it will probably be the last time I order from this store. Only reason I am going through with it now is because it's a birthday present request. Won't ever go through this again for anything I want to order for myself.


I'd never heard of your co before I saw a lovely young...
I'd never heard of your co before I saw a lovely young woman wearing a unitard at the track I jog around. I got home, did a search, and your unitard came up as an option. I like the style and color even better for me than hers (she was super thin)! Anyway your site was easy to navigate, the discount wheel was great insofar as it didn't require agreeing to emails from your co (which could be configured later during checkout instead). The only thing I wish for was a size guide for the sticky-bra I got. There should've been a key as to what inches-size the S, M and L are best for. So I had to guestimate. Here's hoping the Size M I ordered will work. Otherwise everything's great on your site. Thanks, Halara!


This site is not shopper friendly?
This site is not shopper friendly? It is difficult to find somethings—& then be able to compare, and or go back to previous item.

When checking out, it said I was checking out as a guest? Why wasn't I logged in?

Said I was a guest, but somehow had card info saved? It did NOT give me my pay, ent options? When the card inf you had was declined, money then did it give me my payment options?

I had to keep going out & back. Eac time I also had to RE-ENTER my discount code?
The last time it was still there.

Usually with that much trouble I'd say forget it—
But I spent too much time choosing items due to the disorganized wat the site is set up—

This needs to be much quicker & easier.


I was offered a discount code that I couldn't use,...
I was offered a discount code that I couldn't use, and it was starting to seem complicated to figure out how to use it. The full price items weren't that great compared to the featured items that are clearly popular because of the great design. I am aware it's intentional, but still frustrating as a customer. I'm just hopeful the dress is worth what I'm paying at this point. It would also be nice to see some different sizes on models. All I saw were either very small (S/XS) or the plus sizes. Many average women won't be able to compare to either. I am not overweight, but I have a larger bust and not totally sure how the dress will look.


I like the products and materials but the website is...
I like the products and materials but the website is annoying and I was told my amount at check out would be 150.36 then it ended up being 195 like how? So that was annoying and it kept removing my items from the cart every ten mins :/ the other thing is it takes FOREVER to get my things I forgot I even ordered something last time lol I've gained weight though so I needed to get some new things hope halara come quickly this time please fix website and make the prices at checkout match the Cart amount I took a pic if needed to show what I was told my final amount would be 150 not 195


I just fell in love with Halara!
And no that headline isn't scripted! I just ordered several leggings, some shorts, and a cami dress from here. Halara just arrived and I tried them on. Size guide was perfect for me! The leggings fit like a glove and look so great! Leggings were a tad long by an inch or two but for someone 5'6 they would be spot on. No shine thru or see thru when bending. More comfortable than my pajamas yet totally ready for going out casual. These are my absolute favorites!
The dress is very cool to me since it's comfortable, doesnt require a bra, and yet again I can wear it for everyday walking, lounging, or going somewhere. Now it may be a bit tricky for a busty woman to squeeze the girls in and keep tame but for avg ladies it works perfectly. Padding built in so no headlights effect. I can see myself wearing this for a summer hike and then stopping at a decent restaurant on the way home no problem.
For an on the go person, or active mom like me, these clothes are so perfect! The best part of everything I ordered is the POCKETS! Pockets available on everything makes me love this brand all the more!


As a plus sized person who is busty, tall and has a...
As a plus sized person who is busty, tall and has a large waistline, I can't be more happy with the products received as shapewear. I ordered a top, a skirt and a dress and all are part of my regular wear wardrobe now! The top is actually the most comfortable sports bra top I own, despite not being a sports bra (halara offer these as well, I'm sure they are just as awesome), although I would suggest making it a little longer for women with long torsos, I am altogether super pleased and referred friends to the site also! Just a note for the very cute dress I got... it's not shapewear, ladies. It will suck in your tummy somewhat but it's not meant for compression to nix that belly. If you're ok with your body being smoothed out rather than sucked in, you'll adore everything from this shop!


I hate the way this website is laid out
I hate the way this website is laid out. It's soooo irritating and very, very gimmicky! I want to see the clothing cuts and information on each dress. Instead, I feel overwhelmed with a unique listing for each dress color vs dress style, little to no information on the length of the dresses, insanely skinny models in the dresses, obviously fake reviews, and it was so difficult to find the return policy. And, as expected, once I was able to locate it, it's a total $#*! return policy. I honestly don't know why I made a purchase from you guys. I feel like I just lit a $100 bill on fire and wasted an hour of my time on this horrific website.


The item arrived undamaged, so that part was good
The item arrived undamaged, so that part was good. However, its unreasonable to only give 14 days for a return policy. Your customers are women with busy lives and children, and that's not meeting their needs. Also, the dress I got has a built in bra that is extremely small, and there is just no way I can wear it when I am breastfeeding an infant. This might work for some, but it would probably be good if there was an indication on the product of what bra sizes the dress would fit. It would fit maybe a 32 A and 32 B, but is just super tiny. Giving more info so the customer could know this ahead of time would be helpful.


It's been ok the pants are a little expensive but I...
It's been ok the pants are a little expensive but I got my 1st order the other day and halara feel nice the legging that the dog hair wipes right off it really does! And I got a nice blue pair bc I need more color all my work out stuff is black so I can't wait to try that new blue I can't wait for my second order wish there was a date to expect ur order but other wise I have no issues and never had to call or write to customer service so I don't know how they are but from now on I will buy my work out stuff her uranium was true to size another company I ordered from is not so thank you so much.


Halara has been wonderful to shop with
Halara has been wonderful to shop with. My first order consisted of 3 skirts. 1 didn't fit quite right and I wanted to return it. Halara just told me to keep it and refunded me. I in turn gifted it and the recipient loved it. What a great way to advertise! She had never heard of Halara and now she's ordering more. BUT - honestly I just ordered a dress and it's not as comfortable as I expected. (I have a very long torso) I'm afraid to ask to return it cause I don't want 2 free handouts. I did take the tags off and I'll attempt to wear it.

I described it on the previous page


Good overall except I didn't realize I was ordering...
Good overall except I didn't realize I was ordering from outside the US which affected my idea of when I would receive the product. That said, it was relatively quick for an international shipment. I was also disappointed in the size of the product. It fits all dimensions that I had measured before purchasing except it feels too small in the axis from the shorts to the shoulderstraps. It feels as though it is made for someone who has a short midsection. The effect is that the scoop is lower than I would have liked and more cleavage is exposed. I also cannot wear it with the padded inserts as the inserts thus cover a portion of my ribcage instead of my breasts and is uncomfortable. I cannot exchange for any other size as no matter the size it would be too big or small in another dimension. Just disappointed as I see many models of different sizes wearing this dress and the fit is apparently not true to advertising.


Runaround on delivery. "Discount" given for lost item won't work!
Delivery was a nightmare. It took over a month for them to tell me (after promising me discounts of first $5 then an additional $7 for my inconvenience) that the top I ordered for my daughter was lost. I insisted halara send me a coupon for me to re purchase the shirt which they did... and as you see from the other customers, the coupons work on almost nothing as everything is "discounted"! I ordered anyway as my daughter really wanted it... she is usually a size 8/M and ordered the large... wayyy too tight! Not a happy customer at all as I have read that they charge you for returns. On the positive side, it is a pretty color and the material is nice. Wish Halara had it distribution system set up so delivery was fast, efficient and allowed for returns when product does not meet expectations.


Updated Review-*No Customer Service*
My sister ordered me a dress which I liked so I decided to order something myself. I bought a side ruched dress, in my feels tank, and ruched textured scrunch shorts. Everything was great except the dress, the tag was not attached, it smells terribly, and the label was actually cut off, weird! I emailed halara immediately and asked what my options were as I felt I had obviously received a used item (quality control let that slip through). I also told them I would never have purchased the dress I had received in a store due to it's defects. I received an auto reply email back with a ticket number stating halara would email me ASAP. Next day rolls around and I finally receive a reply from Felicity with halara saying they checked with the warehouse and the item was not used and my inquiry had been updated so to let them know if I needed anything else - blatant disregard for my asking HOW I can return the item or if I can get a refund or exchange it. So I was frustrated and emailed them again and said I disagree with the warehouse and think it was used and asked for a refund, then I waited and waited and emailed again and asked someone to reply to me…. Still nothing. It seems if you have received a defective item then halara - and Felicity apparently - will ghost you. If they reply and make this right then I may consider ordering again but for now it's not worth the frustration of dealing with a customer service team and company that doesn't care about the customers, that and I feel I've been scammed. It's too bad this was a poor experience, most reviews about their customer service are glowing.
After I posted my review halara contacted me and issued me a refund and a gift card, I am happy with the customer service I have received and have increased my rating of the company.


Everything i hoped for
I usually don't order things online the first time i see an ad, but i couldn't help myself when i saw this dress. I immediately ordered it. It didn't take too long to arrive and the material is SO NICE. Its very flattering and the built in bra ACTUALLY holds me in, which is very hard to find. I love that the shorts have pockets and the length is also really nice. I was expecting it to be shorter which i was like "fine, it's got shorts" but the length is actually modest enough for my taste without being prudish. Dress it up or down, wear it at the house or in town, whatever! It's my new favorite dress and i will be ordering more.


Unable to reach customer service/cancel order
All right so I fell victim to all the TikTok ads about Halara and decided to give it a go. I bought a dress off of their website but immediately felt buyer's remorse I started reading reviews saying that it's really cheap quality and everything so I went back to the site and I noticed that halara had a cancel order button. I canceled the order. Actually I tried to cancel the order, three times. I hit the button so many times nothing ever happened so I then reached out via email and said I did not wish to continue with the purchase please cancel the order because the cancel button wasn't working. They never answered back they never canceled. I emailed them again nothing. They then sent me your order has been shipped email so I responded back and told them that I would not be paying for it because I tried to cancel multiple times and they would not listen to my wishes. Still haven't heard back from them haven't been able to reach them at all. Poor customer service and a broken website. And apparently once it's shipped you're out of luck if you try to get a refund because you have to pay for the shipping back and even then they might not let you. Would not recommend under any circumstances


Absolutely amazing!
Absolutely amazing! I love my shorts, they're super comfortable and look so cute. But the customer service I received made the experience the best! My original package got lost and without hesitation halara refunded me my money and I was able to reorder my shorts! I recommend them not only on their product but amazing customer service! 6/5 stars I would give them.

Amazing!! Absolutely amazing. Contacted about my package being lost and got a response right away and they fixed my problem by crediting me my money so I could re but my shorts! I have already shown and recommended Halara to all my friends!


Return process
The return process is a nightmare! I had to email the company and wait on customer service to approve my return. Once I reached a customer service representative, halara offered me an in store credit instead of refund. I had to explain why I didn't not want an in-store credit, I simply wanted a refund for my unused merchandise that did not fit. After waiting 3 days, I finally received a shipping address for returns. There is no information online to do returns. You have to email customer service and wait for their approval and return code. Then, they informed me that they do not offer return shipping or a return shipping label to print. I have to take it to my nearest shipping facility and purchase a shipping label. It has been a long unnecessary process to return the items. Also, the clothes are made in Hong Kong. They are SMALL. Please order accordingly. I will say that the pants I kept are nice. They are thicker material, not see through.


Very disappointed. I bought two dresses using their sizing chart. The dresses arrived and were too small unfortunately. I contacted their support asking to exchange them for another size. I got back a response that basically said ‘Your order is outside the 14-day window of returns. We will not help you. Your case is closed.' I was not asking to return the items, I wanted to exchange these brand new, unworn, tags-on, still in package items for something that worked because I liked them but halara were just too small. I didn't realize it was a 14-day policy, I thought it was the industry standard 30-day return and 60-day exchange policy. That was not obvious on their site. How does a 14 day policy even work with online orders? If I'd known that it was only 14 days, I would not have purchased them. Not only was the customer service rude, but they were super unhelpful.

Sadly, I will not buy from Halara again because of this awful customer service. Now I'm stuck with two dresses that don't work, out my $70, and Halara lost a good customer. I'm a honest customer that's willing to spend good money on good clothes at places that treat their customers with decency, consideration, and respect. Not everyone is the -buy it, wear it once, return it- type. Perhaps if they updated their sizing chart, and changed their return policy to more of the industry standard, I bet they would have a lot more repeat customers (probably myself included if it wasn't for the rude customer service representatives). I guess I will just go back to Nordstrom, where I get good service and returns are no hassle. Even Walmart is better than these guys! Halara lost a good customer, and I feel like I was swindled. They also have been absolutely harassing me with marketing emails and text messages since I ordered from them. I feel like on top of this terrible experience, I'm being harassed by their marketing campaign. Don't bother, save yourself the hassle and disappointment and go somewhere else.


Hit & miss not impressed
The skirt shorts & built in cup sports bras are nice, leggings are way to slippery & I have to keep on pulling them up. Takes 2.5 weeks for express shipping even though it says 2-5 days for delivery, returns aren't helpful halara only offer you a return of half the price that you bought it for (even when you provide still in the package & with tags unworn pictures like it says in the return policy). To try to appease you they offer you a gift card with the reduced return price & you only have 3 months to use them also you can't double up on the gift card unlike normal gift cards which don't expire. I'll only buy from them just to use the gift cards but after they are finished never again.

Horrible Customer Service-Won't Let me Return My order-DO NOT BUY
I ordered the 'In My Feels Dress'. I tried it on once, and it did not fit. Fabric is heavy. I have some curves, and the dress was not flattering for my body. I just want to return it and be reimbursed. To return, I was advised to reach out to customer service. The same day I got my purchased I emailed customer service. Halara would not provide information on returning until I provided a reason. Which I did a second time. They then said it takes them a long time to process returns. So they want to issue me a $35 gift card instead. I replied saying, I do not want a gift card. I just want to return my item, and be reimbursed. They haven't responded since. Horrible customer service. Will never shop here again.

I have a vast online slew of friends on the popular...
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Description: The "take it easy" manifesto is truly at the core of everything we do. We were founded on this idea of providing a stress-free experience to our customers, whilst simultaneously providing insanely high-quality products at not insanely high prices. “Take it easy" is a little reminder to not take life too seriously every day and to enjoy the small things in life. We want you to embrace yourself, and that includes all of your cute quirks and unique imperfections.

halara has developed proprietary technology that ensures the highest quality of any fabric on the market. To do so, we've partnered with leading manufacturing partners in the athleisure space—many of which make products for some of the leading athleisure brands in the market—to ensure that each of our pieces is produced with the utmost quality. From there, we are in the process of launching our Fabric Innovation Lab to explore proprietary and next-generation technologies related to material & fabric innovation in order to offer you the best athleisure products on the market. It's our promise to you that not only are our current products insanely high-quality, but our future launches will push the limits of what it means to be an athleisure brand in 2021.

Our founders are true technologists at heart, and with their industry expertise in the technology and artificial intelligence spheres, we've been developing our proprietary HalaraBrain system, which combines open-ended machine learning research with information systems and large-scale computing resources aiming to achieve a near-zero inventory for all Halara products. Simply put, lots of fancy programs effectively plan our production, resulting in extremely accurate inventory management and less wasted materials.

Not only does this allow us to offer our products to you at lower prices than many of our competitors, but it also allows us to produce zero product waste. That means no excess fabrics end up in landfills or destroyed via other means – a win-win for cost-effectiveness & planet respect!

Address: 788 CHEUNG SHA WAN RD KLN Suite 603, 6/F Laws Comm Plaza, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, China, 999077


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