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Best lunch.
My wife and I have this shake 5 times a week. That's an average, sometimes more. We alternate between the chocolate and vanilla. We add a frozen green banana, coconut milk, and ice. To the vanilla we sometimes add strawberries or raspberries instead of the ice. It's like ice cream for lunch. I feel great. Rarely eat a snack before dinner and finally my nightly leg cramps are gone. I was taking magnesium supplements and I continue to do so. However, the shake was the tipping balance. And now no nightly cramps. I'm the most regular I've ever been. If we are going to be away during the lunch hour, these shakes are easy to put in our Yetis for food on the road. Sometimes when we are going to be out over dinner, we have dinner for lunch and take our smoothies for later. As you can see in the photo — almost gone.

Pro plant
I am a 55yo gym owner and trainer. Since using your products, I have been able to do without meat, and still achieve elite level physical performances, including 55 Chinups and 105 push-ups (both personal records, and in my YouTube channel if you wish to witness these). I never thought not eating lots of eggs, beef, and other high protein animal products was possible for my goals. Well it is possible, and I even lost 8-10 lbs of body fat without trying! I am now so muscular that I can see my own biceps - as in there is a visible Separation between the long head and the short head! That's how little fat I now have. Oh and my waist went from an already good 33 inches to a 29 inches at 165lb bodyweight (from 175lbs) at 5'9" height.

The 1st photo I submitted was taken in November 2020, a week ago at 165lbs, after using pro plant & eating as per Gundry teaches for about 6 months. The 2nd was taken in 2019 weighing about 200lbs

The seldom discussed importance of human gut health and the need to repair gut damage
I am a 67 year old man of color that was on the verge of serious health issues and I was scared. But then I was bless to discover this important product and learn the important combination key's to gut health "Probiotic's, Prebiotic and Postbiotic formula's the key to repair leaky gut that is cause to many serious health disorder's and almost never diagnose as the source of your health problems. You see I was even taking probiotic's and still suffering with serious constipation & health problems and I was ready to set a doctors appointment, because I never knew the importance of prebiotic's and postbiotics until I stumble to Dr. Gundry's "Bio Complete" formula! In just a week I was restored and could see the answer it even helped my fogy memory. I want to thank doctor Gundry for sharing his healing knowledge

Feeling Younger Every Day!
First off, I am a 70 year old grandfather feeling like a 50 year old, or younger. It's amazing to me how I can compete with my much younger peers and how I have the stamina to keep up with my very athletic teenage grandson. I started off with BioComplete 3 and was so impressed with my physical results that I now also take the Longevity capsule, the Proplant shakes, and the Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil. After starting with the BioComplete 3, I noticed a reduction in my body fat. My stomach began to flatten out, my weight dropped, but the big positive change for me was with my bowel movements. The BioComplete 3 definitely cleaned me out giving me a great comfortable feeling all day long. I should clarify that I do exercise daly, doing stretching, yoga, light weights, and walking, to help deal with my bad back. But even with the exercises I could never flatten my stomach. I was told it was due to my aging, but since taking the BioComplete 3, can I say the BioComplete 3 has reversed my aging? Okay, hopefully you can gather that I am impressed with your product and will continue this regiment until my family doctor says otherwise, but I do seek your advice and suggestions on how to use your products in the best way. I currently take one capsule of Longevity in the morning before Proplant shake breakfast, then 4 capsules of BioComplete 3, and one tablespoon of the olive oil with 3 scrambled eggs after my morning workout. Should I change when and how many BioCimplete 3 capsules at a time? Thanks, I love the results I have been getting.

It made a huge difference
When I purchased the bio complete 3 I only wanted to use it one time.its not that I wanted to lose weight. I didn't need to lose a whole lot of weight. L was more interested in in the 3ps and my gut health. I started it our by taking them wrong.the bottle said4aday so I space them our through out the day. I was getting sad to see my bottle was almost I thought about it and decided to order the bio skin when I call customer service and spoke to a person I couldn't think of the name of it to save my neck so she told me to to on line. I told the young lady about ordering bio 3 I know about that one I had it in my hand and I reordered and purchase so I went on the website she told me and I came across on how to really take bio complete 3 that's when I really notice a difference just in two days I'm looking forward to my next shipment I'm feeling fantastic and overall good health and thank you Dr gundry like your email always says you looking out for me. I like that

Gundry products and books
I started using the Gundry total restore and pro/probiotics approx 2 weeks ago. I also read diet evolution. I suffer with abdominal discomfort and looking to change my diet through nutrition changes, and overall lifestyle modification. I have learned so much reading his book and also by watching his videos and listening to podcast. For me it's not about weight loss, although who wouldn't want to loose a few pounds, but more about feeling good. Since I have started his nutrition plan I feel so much lighter, have energy and have lost a few pounds in the process. I want to continue to use Dr Gundry's products and read more of his books which I have already purchased. I am now thinking about purchasing the powder for smoothies or as a meal supplement. I am a cardiology nurse practitioner so I have also looking to apply what I learn from Dr. Gundry to my own patients and practice. So far I am very pleased with my purchases and overall education that I am now implementing in my life, hopefully permanent change. I've tried many other programs which offer so much but are too strict for my needs. Dr Gundry understands that life happens, and we have to adapt. I love that he offers tips for adjusting meals based on circumstances that can arise like eating out etc. Again his education is based on the real world. Thank you Dr Gundry. My husband found his video online. I saw the entire video and that was it. I was hooked! In a very good way!

Bio Complete 3 and Lectin Shield
I am writing this review more for the bio complete 3 than the lectin shield. I have no complaints or anything bad to say about the lectin shield but only recently started using it. I have had stomach problems since I was a child. I have went to numerous doctors, had numerous tests, numerous diagnoses, numerous opinions, strict diets, detailed journals. All with very little or no results. Over the decades of all this time and money spent I lost all faith in America's practice of medicine. And I also lost faith in life itself, would pray and ask the universe to please end my suffering. In any way, including ending my suffering through death. The stomach is like a second brain in the human body, meaning the stomach controls and communicates with the rest of the body. Many times I went to doctor's believing I had a disease and would soon die, that is how bad my stomach problems effected my whole body. I didn't realize then that the stomach could do this. Months ago I was on the internet looking into something that had nothing to do with my stomach or any of my problems, and one of the most annoying parts, in my opinion, of the World Wide Web happened. A pop up! It said something about Lectins and the stomach. I honestly don't remember exacts on the pop up. But I do remember my reaction. Of all the doctors and specialists I have seen, never once had I heard of this word.
Lectins. So with no confidence and expectations, I clicked on that pop up. It now was a video that was an hour or two long. My disheartened and faithless mind wanted to just close it and get back to my meaningless web browsing. But something inside guided me to give it a chance. The video turned out to be more informational than all those decades of previous experiences. I ordered the Bio Complete 3 that night. Days later I received them in the mail. After only a few days of taking them I noticed some change for the better. After a few weeks, my decades long suffering subsided. Tums, Pepto Bismol, Zantac, Imodium all have not been touched since. I now am able to order any item off the menu and enjoy it 100% with no punishment from my stomach. Words cannot express my gratitude not only for me but also the people around me that had to deal with my suffering. The universe provides, and in this instance, it provided me with a connection to Dr Gundry. I cannot thank you enough. I believe you have literally saved my life. My stomach problems caused so much suffering throughout my whole body that it effected everything in my daily life. I did not have many days at all that were enjoyable, even the days that should of been nothing but. I only started the Lectin Shield in the recent weeks and have only noticed a small positive change, but mainly because I am so happy about the results of the Bio Complete 3 my judgement is clouded in bliss. I have met and know many people with stomach issues and have yet to meet one with problems as bad I had. I understand that my pain will always be worse than yours because I only experience my pain but I say my problems were worse than others through conversations about their and my symptoms. My life partner used to say she does not understand how I could get through the day to day jobs of life. I tried my best not to complain to others and especially her much at all. Knowing that complaining will do absolutely nothing to help me and especially others. But because she knows me, she could just see the torture I had to fight through daily. And looking back, I don't know how I did either. Thank you for that annoying pop up that has changed my life for the better! I recommend your products to anyone that now tells me or I overhear talking about stomach issues.


Wonderful health aide
Thank you for Bio Complete 3, a product that I can trust for research and quality. I am 73 y/o, have been trying to reduce my chronic inflammation. Diagnosed with POCS, since 14, hypothyroidism since 20, obesity since 17 (at only 5'2", top weight 254 and after struggling, have gotten down to 184 - goal is 150). Bio Complete 3 has helped with "leaky gut & leaky brain", my HA1C has gone from 9.2 to 5.4 (granted that this took 15 yrs!). I am working full time because I can not live on SSA. When I can afford to I take advantage of your wonderful sales. Would really appreciate a senior discount though to be able to purchase when product is needed, rather than using credit (and paying interest). I guess it could be hard to prove ages on web site. Anyway, I know that your product has helped me to steadily improve my health. Thank you,. Kay H from WA

I am 46 years old and have always worked hard to stay healthy and fit. The past few years I have had fat increase around my midsection that has been impossible to get rid of. When I saw Dr Gundry explain about gut health in a way I had never understood it before, I had to try Bio Complete 3. Currently I am only halfway through the first bottle and I can already see changes. I immediately noticed I had less cravings for things I should not eat. The next thing I noticed was just an overall good feeling, with more energy. Now I am beginning to see more results from my workouts and I can see that my fitness goals may actually be attainable. Before this I had almost given up. I am looking forward to seeing how I feel and what results I can accomplish by the 6 month mark (and my birthday) in June.

Beyond words...
October 26,2020

Doctor Gundry:

I have to tell you... That after trying your Bio-Complete 3 product I have seen and felt a huge difference in my body. My belly fat is going down, and I am feeling healthier than ever in my whole life. I don't have diabetes or any other diseases that I know of but I have always felt so tired and sluggish for a very long time. I am a 57-year-old woman and I'm turning 58 on January 3rd. I want to say that you are a genius! I love your product. I don't know how long I will be taking or be needing to take this product and it really doesn't matter. What matters is my health and I give you an A++ for making the difference! I have to tell you that I live in the worst air quality area--Bakersfield, California, and I have felt very tired and sluggish every day for a very long time now. Well, you know what? I work every day and I am always extremely tired when I come home that I do not have the strength to be cleaning and cooking after a hard day's work. I even work on Saturdays. Well, to my big surprise after taking this product, I have had so much energy and this past Sunday I had so much energy like never before in a very long time that I managed to clean the whole house and I have a big four-bedroom house that I share with my husband. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and did not feel tired at all that I started thinking, "am I drugged or what?" I do not take any type of medicines or drugs and I could not believe all the energy I had and I did not feel tired at all. I think I cleaned for about five hours non-stop. OMG! I was moving quickly and I was practically running. "Okay", I started thinking, "No knee pains anymore."... "Okay, this stuff is good." I am not writing to give a good word only and to be entered into a contest, but I am writing because I was thinking to write to you and to tell you how pleased I am to have met you by your wonderful product. You are God-gifted! And I think the whole world should know about you and this great product! Thank you so much! Hugs many!

And God bless your heart!
Dalila Tapia

I have had a bowel problem for more than a year and it is critical in the past I get to a bathroom quickly to eliminate sometimes 5 0r 6 times a day - this has restricted my social life for fear of an accident - been using the Bio3 complete for maybe about 6 months and have restricted certain foods according to the Plant Paradox book which has resulted in elimination 2 or 3 times a day with formation of BM. Life has been so much better for me as a result. Love the pistacios as a nut and have been drinking less orange juice (am not a diabetic) and trying to purchase grass fed beef. Watching anything with wheat flour also but hard to do as many products contain. Switched also to sour dough bread. I am sure with continual use of the Bio3 things will get even better now that I understand the word lectins. All good wishes to you for happy holidays and a better 2021. Regards. Mary Lee Schneiderhan

Game changer
I'm 36 years old i was over 80 pounds overweight before I started making changes in my daily routine one if them using the proplant shake to replace one meal out of the day. It had an immediate effect. I didnt feel hungry or fatigued for hours after using just the one serving. I cut out all processed food and drinks and stuck to mostly a planted based diet with 2 meals and 2 smalls snacks in between per day along with exercise. I also use md gundry olive oil on my salads. In just 2 months I lost all that excess weight and I have no issues with bloating, food cravings, constipation, mood swings, or pains in the joints and back. I feel like I used too when I was a teenager. I have better focus, more energy, just an overall better outlook on life in general. I would recommend md gundry products to anyone who is trying to take back control of their life and health. It has certainly changed mine.

Beware Absolute Shambles!
Placed an order for Heart Defence x 3 then was bombarded with annoying buy this item buy that item i declined all 8 of them and then as i paid in good faith i recieved a email from them that my order was accepted and guess what it was totally a complete different product from that of the Heart Defence product i emailed them immedietly 8 times to be exact explaining there website was faulty and did not want this useless product, 2 hours later i get a reply saying the useless product had been shipped and on its way disregarding all 8 emails sent and now its been 2 days still without any response from them. Gundry MD have taken my money $144 and it looks like i know will have a nightmare contacting credit card company trying to explain what they have done. Please Beware poeple of this totally ignorant arrogant money grabbing company who have no regard for anyone but themselves money mad tricksters. I have contacted my lawyer and he reckons i have a strong case against these time wasting horrible humans, i would recommend everyone be very carefull with these idiots!

Received my Bio Complete 3 just the day after my husband and I finished off the Total Restore, so I was glad there would be no down time as the Total Restore had been doing a great job for me, but I wanted a product that had all I needed in one package. Unfortunately, I got sick that very same day with a flu virus of nausea and vomiting, so after trying to take it a few days, I just had to stop and wait it out. During the 5-7 days without my new product, I had to resume my stomach meds. After I was better from the flu, I resumed trying the Bio Complete 3 as my fatigue problem had come back with a vengeance, which really showed me how much the Total Restore had been doing prior, although now I was recovering from a virus as well. I discontinued my stomach med and have been doing fine without it again and I'm recovering from the fatigue in about 4 days. I was hoping to avoid my yearly bought of fatigue in the fall with these products, but I guess now I know Bio Complete 3 is also doing a fine job. Also during my down time, I regained 3.5 pounds of fluid in my arms, legs and face, which came off over the next day or 2, I had previously had swelling in my left foot before starting Total Restore and it disappeared in 24 hours and that swelling hasn't returned. The one concern I have is it's a bit scary to think that if I am unable to get my product, my fatigue can get to be at it's worst and fluid swelling comes back that quickly all over in just 5-7 days. I hadn't taken my blood pressure during this time, which had been very good now, but I'm sure the fluid retention wouldn't have done it any good either. Thankfully not all symptoms returned in this short time, many things that had improved stayed the same, but just those 2 were my big concerns. Over the course of using Total Restore and the Bio Complete 3, I have lost 15 pounds and that I am quite happy with, it's been about 45 days since starting any of the products. I'm good with losing weight slowly over a longer period of time, so this is a little quick for me, but I feel ok in that area so not greatly concerned. I've given a 4 star only because I haven't been on it long enough to know how this product will do over time for me.

Plan on staying on Bio Complete 3
Started taking Bio Complete 3 instead of Total Restore so I'd have all my Pre, Pro and Post Biotics in one, instead of buying several products at a time. When I started it I had come down with a terrible case of fatigue that usually hits me each year in the fall season. I had already run out of Total Restore for a couple of weeks before I was able to start taking Bio Complete 3, shortly after the fatigue started up. I could feel it starting to turn in 3 days of use, by a week I was my usual self, but have continued to be doing fine ever since. I have decided to go back on Total Restore as well, but am waiting for the product to arrive. Reason being, I'm still having trouble with acid reflux and some of my arthritic problems returned somewhat and Total Restore had been doing an excellent job with those things.

No Kidding... MIRACLE Poop is a REAL THING!
Most ads I see on FB seem too good to be true, but after years of stomach issues I was in the right mindset to give this product a try. I was fascinated to see if there really is such a thing as a "Miracle Poop" like the ads promised. Once the product arrived I asked my wife to research the ingredients (she is a Registered Dietitian & usually skeptical). She gave me the all-clear to take it, and within 48 hours my bathroom experience became clean & expedited... to my amazement... I am 3 weeks into this with consistent daily "miracles" :)) Funny thing is that I injured myself a couple days before & lost feeling in my right arm/hand... let me say that these pills couldn't have come at a better time... if you know what I mean! I've told so many people about the "silver lining" to my injury & numbness, and now others are asking for a link to buy... some even joke that Gundry MD are going to start taking it to save toilet paper if they rack down again for quarantine! Thanks for such an innovative product that actually does what your ads claim! Consider me a fan :)

Great Transformation
I'm not sure where to start so here goes in May 2020 I went in for my yearly physical. MY weight gain, blood pressure increase and a raise in my cholesterol was not good. My blood pressure meds were increased and I was put on cholesterol medication. My doctor said there was a 90% chance I would have a cardiac event within 10 years. In Sept. I found the Plant Paradox program, I bought several of Dr. Gundry's books and started the program the last week of Sept. Since I started I've seen my doctor in Nov. And what a change, my blood pressure was getting too low I was getting dizzy, the same with my cholesterol it was getting too low also, he decreased my meds and I have lost 25 pounds. So I think Dr. Gundry is a miracle worker. I'm taking prebiothrive, 24 strain, total restore, proplant complete shake and lectin shield. Oh before I forget the inflammation in my knees is gone! I can walk and not think about every step I take. I'm thinking about starting Vital reds and Power Blues to help with my energy level and see what I can do about getting rid of some belly fat. I am 67 yrs. Old. Thanks Dr. Gundry!

ProPlant Shake for the Win
I'm 66 yrs old and an avid cyclist who biked 8000 miles in 2020. I have been drinking the ProPlant Shake for over a month and really like it. I have it in the morning with almond milk and a banana. It has become a clean, light, healthy replacement for breakfast. Plus, I had been trying to quit coffee and now I find that the shake also replaces my morning craving for coffee! I drink my shakes before going out on my almost-daily bike rides. I do like the chocolate taste. On the down side, I have had to experiment with what I add to the shake -- tap water or coconut water or almond milk -- because I get diarrhea when I use coconut water (well, the canister does say 'potent high fiber'). I want to think that the shake was just 'cleaning me up' in a good way because I do feel lighter, leaner by using the shake for over a month now.

So glad I found you
After such good results with Bio Complete 3, and having much more energy, better digestion and less arthritic pain, I decided to try the Pro-plant chocolate shakes to help in losing weight. I was so pleased to see all the ways it could be used, including as a dessert mousse or ice cream treat. But would it taste ok? Wow, it really is chocolate, and satisfyingly sweet without being sugary. It is so easy to whizz up in a blender and has become a quick lunch for me when working. I feel full, it doesn't give me reflux (unlike other dietary shakes) and I don't get a big energy slump a couple of hours later. It is a yummy way to get extra fibre into my diet too, and it feels like an indulgence, not a replacement. Thank you Dr Gundry, you are literally saving my life with your products.

Bio complete 3 amazing results
Four years ago i was diagnosed with Gluten intolerance which quickly morphed into lactose intolerance. I have been gluten and lactose free for four years now and while i am no longer anemic and feel better my gut still felt horrible. Constant bloating, diarrhea and if not diarrhea loose no shape stools that i refer to as sludge. When i received my order of Bio complete 3 i swallowed four capsules straight away with lunch. The next morning i went to the toilet and for the first time in years my stool was normal. Three weeks into the program and still every bowel movement is normal.No diarrhea, no sludge no bloating. I have lost 3 kilos my itchy skin is nowhere near as itchy and my breathing has improved dramatically. The changes to my diet are minimal being gluten free and lactose free i stopped eating tomatoes, peas, beans and any prepackaged gluten free foods. (gluten free pasta, bread). Replaced potatoes with sweet potatoes and added berries and lectin free vegetables to my diet. Still eating some white rice but are replacing every second rice meal with konjac rice and noodles. I am sleeping better and generally feel better all over. This product definitely has worked for me and started working within 24 hours. I would like to give Dr Gundry a big kiss Bio complete 3 has completely changed my life.

It's never to late to start eating healthy
It took me a few years to finally listen to my brother. He has been taking dr. Gundry's products for a while. He knew that I was over weight, I have celiac disease and a hiatel hernia, etc. But the last time I saw him, he looked so healthy and energetic. My brother is fifty-ish and he plays basketball with twenty years old and he keeps up with them. When I saw all his changes, I told him that I was finally going to order Dr. Gundry's products. He told me that Gundry MD are expensive but they are worth every penny. So I ordered the three bottles of chocolate powered for shakes. My order came fast. I've been drinking two shakes a day, lots of water and I'm not hungry like I use to be, I don't crave junk food. I desire to eat healthy food. I'm grateful to my brother and to Dr. Gundry's products. All I can tell your viewers is that it is worth it.

During a painful bout with diverticulitis a forward thinking doctor suggested supplementing the gut turning antibiotic medicine with probiotics. A little research and a commercial ad with Dr Gundry, I looked into it further. I liked what was said about pre, pro & postbiotics. Along with sensible dietary changes the daily use of Bio complete 3 has made all the difference in the world for me. I'm maintaining a healthy 20 lb weight drop. No longer feeling bloat and the uncomfortable pressure in my gut after eating. The best way to describe what Bio 3 does for me, is it provides a calming almost serene feeling in my stomach. No more roiling, boiling agitation after eating. I sleep better, no more heartburn which in turn gives me more energy. I'm not embellishing, no melodrama, just a product that works! Bio 3 complete for life

Changed my health
Before taking Bio Complete 3 I was having several health issues that couldn't really be explained. I was having rashes, the cuticle on my fingers were swelling up and infected, my energy level was super low, and feeling agitated often. The doctor wanted to put me on several different medications. All of this seem to happen within a few months I knew there had to be something else that was going on here. I found Dr Gundry's Bio Complete 3 and thought it could be gust another one of those adds to get my money, but thought what do I have to lose. I bought one months supply to try it out and literally all my health issues listed above have disappeared. My weight is finally stabilizing and energy is at a regular again. Thank you Dr Gundry! I have just ordered my second months supply.

Love it!
I don't usually write reviews, but I have to say that I have been using the biocomplete 3 for 2 months now and the proplant complete shake for one month. I REALLY feel a difference and my bloating is incredibly improved. I have celiac and have tried modifications to my diet for the last 5 years since diagnosed, and implementing the supplements has been made such a difference! There would be days where the bloating was so bad I looked 5 months pregnant, not exaggerating. I am an icu nurse and drinking the shakes before leaving for work helps keep me feeling satisfied throughout the long 12 hour shift as lunch breaks don't happen often. I make them into popsicles for a treat too! I just ordered the vanilla to try it, the chocolate is so good. And, the formula helps so much with digestion and regularity which I struggled with. I have been out for 5 days of my shake as I didn't order more in time while out of town. My delivery is on its way but I ordered it now to arrive monthly as for me it is such an important part of my daily regime. Thank you, Dr. Gundry!

Not Ready to Give Up Yet!
I've had several courses of antibiotics (oral surgeries) and many years of taking aspirin and ibuprofen. So, even though I went gluten/grain free for the last year, I still had bloating and bouts of diarrhea and constipation. I've lost almost 20 lbs. in the last two years but only a half inch from my 40 inch waist. I'd also been taking another probiotic for many years. So, after three months on Bio Complete, and following the lectin free diet, I no longer swing between diarrhea and constipation. I still haven't lost any additional weight but my waist measurement has gone to 39 inches. I hoped for faster results and that burst of energy and clarity so many have experienced, but realize there is a lot of damage down there to repair first. I stocked up and will continue to use this and look for more results.

Step Of Faith For My Health
I watched A Video from Dr. Gundry online about Lectins & how Gundry MD affect us. He discussed Leaky Gut & Gut Health, showed how Lectins in certain foods and drinks tear us inside. That woke me up! Addressed side effects from Lectins weightgain, Low Energy, other Health issues. Told his Story got my Attention & Heart. I seen How much Time, Energy, Care he put in his Work &Studies for his Health & Others, I seen his Honesty & commitment even at his age now. I got 3 Bottles Bio complete3 been taking it for almost a month. I feel more Energy, Able to stay on track with my bowels, I don't feel over weight anymore. I Am Aware of foods to avoid that have Lectins. I Feel With my Heart that his knowledge is Our Safety Tool To guide us to A Better LifeStyle to Live Longer.

For me Bio Complete 3 has been a game changer!
I am a fan of Dr. Gundry in fact so much so I would be willing to at least try any nutritional suggestions he may have or any products he would suggest and here's why. After using his supplements I feel better!

A little bit of background. I stumbled onto the Gundry MD website searching for answers because healthwise I wasn't in the best shape. I was calling myself a "healthy eater" while eating many of the wrong things and feeling like crap as a result. I had joint pain, low energy, brain fog just to name a few. I had heard about "leaky gut" but was sure my gut was healthy (ha, ha, ha).

Any hey, I ordered Gundry MD. "Bio Complete 3". It is a all-in-one prebiotic, probiotic and post biotic all in one. Started taking it and was ready to give it some time (so I was expecting to wait at least a week to 10 days.) By day 3 I was feeling so much better. The first thing I noticed was my head was clear again! I wasn't walking around in a fog. I just felt better. I also noticed that I had more energy! As the days passed I just felt better and better. A couple of weeks in and my craving for sweets were way down!

I say don't take my word for any of this. Visit the site and try the Bio Complete 3 for yourself. Even if you "think" you are in optimal gut health who doesn't want more energy and a clear head? All Dr. Gundry's supplements are developed by Dr. Gundry a former surgeon and his and expert staff so you can trust Gundry MD are safe and effective.

Lectin Shield Comments
Lectin Shield has contributed to my weight loss. Before taking the many Gundry products I could not lose any weight... I was stuck and no one could help me. I have been on every diet that exists and none provided me with the lasting permanent relief I needed. I was grossly overweight, joint problems, leaky gut, explosive diarrhea,, type 2 diabetic, failing kidneys, high blood pressure etc. Doctors had me on 22 medications daily. Every time I step on the scale the numbers are going down. Now I know there is hope for me. I swear by the Gundry products. The only problem I have had is setting up my profile... when I text 99000 on my cell phone and the word FINISH I get a message that the 99000 # is not valid. Other than that I love that you keep me appraised of shipments going out, delivery dates, and any delays. Gundry MD is punctual to a max.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful research and results!
Charleen B.

Very Pleased!
Since May, 2017, I have journeyed down a path inundated with heart issues. A progressive loss of energy was the most obvious marker, but the severity of my condition became blatantly obvious when, on May 5, of 2017, I collapsed at the finish line of a 12 K race, Cardiac arrest. The presence and immediate response of medical personnel, including a cardiologist, "saved" my life. Several weeks hospitalized and in rehab restored my health to a point on independence, but medical complications prevented needed surgery, so I returned home. My "recovery" was so good I neglected to seek medical oversight in the ensuing months. I returned to a less aggressive running routine, and within the year energy issues returned. Gundry MD progressed, I ignored them... at first, In Oct 2019 I finally sought medical help, resulting in surgery. In Dec 2019, at the age of 76, I underwent a triple bypass with a Trifecta GT tissue heart valve replacement. Post surgery history has been excellent. Within three month following surgery i was off ALL medications. Several supplements were recommended. I comply faithfully. But the one which I learned of independently was Dr Gundry's" PROPLANT COMPLETE SHAKE". Since surgery I have made many life style changes, But the introduction of this supplement was one change I noticed within 24 hours. My energy levels, leg strength, overall physical and mental demeanor improved. I sincerely felt and enjoyed the difference. Almost immediately. Thank you Dr Gundry!

Thumbs up!
I have tried several products from Gundry MD. Some I have loved, some I have not. But their 90 day satisfaction guarantee is quick and effortless. Gundry MD have four products I love: Proplant Complete Shake, Power Blue, MCT Wellness, and the Protocol Activating Scalp Renewal. The Proplant was first. It has a delicious chocolate taste and you can eat it as a pudding or mix it as a shake. I blend it every morning as a shake using only water, a little ice, and about 1/2 cup frozen spinach or kale. It is my breakfast! I have issues with acid reflux and moderate colitis. This shake doesn't upset me AT ALL! Delicious, satisfying, and doesn't upset my stomach! Yay! I wanted some variety in my diet so I also purchased the MCT Wellness. Same results. Yay! Two home runs! Then I decided to try another product, Power Blue. All three of these products are amazing. Now the Protocal Scalp Treatment. My hair is gray, thin, itchy and frizzy. Haha, I tried the Protacal on my scalp (just a tiny bit) on the worse spots. Now, my head doesn't itch, feels thicker, and less frizz, it is still gray (haha). I tried a LOT of products and most of them made my hair feel just plain yucky and made my head itch even worse. I love the way my hair looks now. I will continue to use these products as long as they are available! Thumbs up to Dr. Gundry!

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Description: Dr. Steven Gundry founded Gundry MD with one mission: To dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through his unique vision of diet and nutrition. The Gundry MD philosophy is a radical departure from the traditional dietary “wisdom” which has failed so many Americans over the past few decades. It’s based on the belief that true health only happens when you’re living in a state of cooperation with the trillions of tiny microbes that live everywhere in, on, and around your body. To restore your body to optimum health and wellness, you need to be sure you’re taking care of your “good” bacteria. Every product from Gundry MD is designed with this purpose in mind.

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