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Worst Online Shopping Experience I Have Ever Had. Caveat Emptor!
Dealing with Ideel is like going to a restaurant and ordering a delicious $15 meal. After the first few delectable bites, you bite down hard on a nail, that had fallen into your food from an old rusty kitchen utensil. You suffer a broken tooth and a lacerated tongue, both of which require a few hundred dollars worth of medical attention. The restaurant apologizes profusely through their waiters, none of whom are authorized to refund your money or offer any compensation.

This is what my experience of dealing with Ideel in the last four weeks has been like. I have been sent the wrong items on 3 successive occasions and although I have promptly returned them. I still to this day have not received a refund for the most expensive item. I have had a series of conversations with various customer service reps, none of whom apparently have the authority to issue a refund. The cost of this transaction in terms of time and effort, not to mention frustration, and lost interest, is absolutely staggering. At this point I have neither the merchandise nor my money.

I have today made a formal request for immediate refund of my money, and have again been told that a "senior rep" will call me. I do not need a phone call I just want my money back. I don't why this is complicated.

Ideel's quality control is so shoddy, and their trade practices so disingenuous, I don't understand how Groupon stay in business.

I will keep you updated on this saga. In the meantime, BUYER BEWARE.

I have been shopping online since 1997. This is the first time I have written a review like this. For the most part my experiences with other online retailers have been very positive.

I am sorry that Ideel does not see the need for efficient and transparent business practices.

No refunds
Chat Name: GuesDennis Shoemakert User, Chat Ticket ID: **************563

Hi there,

Thanks for chatting with me. Below, you can see a complete transcript of the conversation for your records. If there's anything else I can help you with, just reply to this email and it'll go straight to the top of my pile.

Kind regards,

Nokukhanya P.

Dennis Shoemaker

Apr 3,10:45 PM IST

GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I'm canceling Groupon # 1*******66980 due to virus. Do not wish to reschedule or credit Groupon Bucks. Within time to cancel. Please refund to credit card used for transaction.
Thank you,
Dennis Shoemaker
Nokukhanya P: Hi, GuesDennis. It looks like you might be new to using Groupon, so I want to say welcome and we're happy to have you here! I'll be happy to answer any questions you have and share a few tips to help you get the most out of your experience.
Nokukhanya P: Due to the effects of COVID-19 on local businesses, our current company policy is that any refunds outside the cancellation window will be issued exclusively in Groupon Bucks.
Nokukhanya P: GuesDennis, just checking, are you still there?
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: That is not acceptable. I am within the cancelation window
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I signed up before that Company policy was in place.
Nokukhanya P: Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, under our policy we're unable to offer a refund to your original form of payment.
Nokukhanya P: We know the coming months will be difficult for local businesses, and we want to support them by showing them that when their doors reopen, Groupon customers will be ready.
Nokukhanya P: Your Bucks will never expire and can be used toward almost any purchase on our site, so you'll have plenty of time to find another deal that works for you.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Do not wish to find another deal. This was unique. I will blog and post that Groupon will not honor it's refund policy
Nokukhanya P: I understand this isn't your preferred resolution. At this point we've provided all of the options available, and I won't be able to issue a refund to your original form of payment.
Nokukhanya P: GuesDennis, just checking, are you still there?
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: So let me get this straight. Groupon will not honor it's refund policy. Groupon is holing $992.96 in their account refusing to refund. Only Groupon bucks available
Nokukhanya P: Groupons policy changed due to the pandemic. At moment only Bucks refund will be honored.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I've taken a screen shot of our chat for Yelp, Blogs, Facebook and Groupons home page. This is not right and not stated in your origional contract. My attorney will be reviewing this transaction.
Nokukhanya P: I understand.
Nokukhanya P: Thank you for reaching out, and if you change your mind, please use the self-service options available on or our app. You can also reach out to us again and request a credit to Groupon Bucks.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Then make it right
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: So if I don't accept Groupon Bucks what happens to the money in Groupons Avccount?
Nokukhanya P: We will not do anything to your existing order. Your other option os to reschedule with hotel.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: So I bought a Groupon in good faith. Canceled within the time limits as stated in your contract & Groupon refuses to honor
Nokukhanya P: I am not understanding.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Groupon is refusing to honor it's cancellation policy as stated in the contract when I signed up on January 29th 2020
Nokukhanya P: I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding other purchases, but at this point, there is nothing more we can do regarding this specific request.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I'm not going to use the Groupon #1*******66980. Do not want Groupon Bucks. Requesting a refund into account that was charged for purchase
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I would like to speak to a supervisor
Nokukhanya P: I understand your frustration. Due to unprecedented contact volumes during this difficult time, our support staff is busy helping other customers, so unfortunately I'm unable to escalate your request.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Refusing to let me speak to a supervisor?
Nokukhanya P: I understand you would prefer to speak with a manager, but I'm unable to escalate your issue any further.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I don't understand
Nokukhanya P: I'm sorry that I haven't been able to provide you with your preferred outcome. In the interest of supporting our merchants and our customers at large in these difficult times, I've offered the best solution available under the circumstances.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I'm also impacted by the circumstances. My business has shut down
Nokukhanya P: I'm very sorry for that these are hard times.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: But for Groupon to be holding customers money this way is against the law
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: If their are enough people that have been treated this way. This is a class action lawsuit.
Nokukhanya P: I apologize for any inconvenience caused and if I came up with no help. But this is a strict resolution placed by the business.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Who is "The Business"/
Nokukhanya P: Groupon.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Who at Groupon?
Nokukhanya P: I am not sure of who.
Nokukhanya P: While I understand that you're not satisfied with this solution, I am not able to assist any further with this particular request.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Who can I talk to to resolve this issue?
Nokukhanya P: At this point, there is nothing more we can do regarding this request.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Not acceptable
Nokukhanya P: I'm very sorry for the trouble.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Groupon is sorry for stealing $992.96
Nokukhanya P: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: Yes. Credit my account for the cancelation of Groupon #1*******66980
Nokukhanya P: I've canceled the Booking and issued a refund to Groupon Bucks. This credit will be available for you to use shortly, and you'll receive an email as soon as it has processed.
GuesDennis Shoemakert User: I do not want Groupon Bucks. I want a refund as stated in Groupon contract
Nokukhanya P: I will leave your account as is.
Nokukhanya P:. Thank you for reaching out, and if you change your mind, please use the self-service options available on or our app. You can also reach out to us again and request a credit to Groupon Bucks.

Asked for a refund for Groupon purchased 1/29/2020. #1*******66980. Policy for a refund was in effect. Went to site, refund button to credit your account was available, but not active. Only way to get $9992. 96 refunded was in Groupon Bucks. I do not want Groupon Bucks. Not policy when I signed up. Went to chat room no help, only Groupon new policy. Would not allow me to talk to a Manager. So Groupon has $992.96 of my Money in their account as Groupon Bucks? Unacceptable. Will talk to my Attorney. Make a class action lawsuit.

Bad business ethics; horrible customer service; stay away
There was a glitch on the groupon site and I am not sure how many times I clicked place order and the screen shows loading image and it keeps on spinning. It would be a waste of my time to sit there and wait to see if things went through.

Groupon do not send you a notification when the order goes through and the only way to find out is if you log in again the next day and go to the groupons you purchased section to see if it went through.

Groupon gives you three days to Cancel an order. Also many of the discounts they sell are FINAL SALE. After three days, they take your money and they stand firm on not refunding you the money. Based on my experience live chatting their customer service rep, it doesn't look like it matters to them how frustrated/unhappy the customer is or if they loose the customer because they already have taken the money from you at this point. What this means is that they don't care about the customer satisfaction part of the business. They will take your money after 3 days and won't give it back to you NO MATTER WHAT and I'm saying this because I did a live chat with their customer service (Evangeline A) and then one of their supervisors (Belleza). They basically said its FINAL SALE and there isn't anything they can do about this. They totally ignored the system glitch part and never made a comment about it. What the customer service reps didn't know was that they were talking to some who actually understands how websites work because I'm a software developer by trade. For them to say that there isn't anything they could do about this is as dishonest as can be because anything on their webpage can be changed/modified especially if there was a mistake/error that occurred. As I'm writing this review, this kinda reminds me of bad customer service/support in developing countries. Because I have worked in customer service environments before, I can tell by their tone that they make it sound like they care and want you to be happy but its only superficial because they won't do anything to fix the issue. So since they took my money, I'm going to finish out with this last product and cancelled the other two items i bought just a moment ago. Then I'm going to stop supporting/using Groupon.

Just want to warn everyone that you should definitely think twice about using Groupon because they don't care about customer satisfaction and there are fine prints to almost every item they are selling. I read some other reviews on and saw that there are many unsatisfied customer reviews with review titles like WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER dated 12/2/16, horrible, unethical company. Do not support them! Dated 11/30/16, and AVOID GROUPON, THEY ARE A DISGRACEFUL COMPANY dated 11/29/16. All of these are pretty recent reviews as I'm writing this review on 12/2/2016.

I've also provided Groupon my cell number and email address if they want to have management call me to talk about this bad experience I had, however, its not likely they will call.

Also, looking at the rating distribution on site jabber, it looks like they have quite a lot of unsatisfied customers and not that much more satisfied customers. The overall rating here is rather low.

Very bad customer service from Groupon
I recently purchased a Groupon voucher for Keratin hair straightening treatment. On Saturday the 29th of February i went to the appointment and the female hairdresser took a photo of my hair and sent it to her boss [name removed]. He informed her that I was to be charged an extra $50 as my hair appears thick in the photo. I refused and told her to ring him back as his terms and conditions of the Groupon is that a surcharge applies for long and thick hair. My hair is thin and was taken down from being in a ponytail, there for it has a kink in it. It is my understanding that he is not there to actually see or feel my hair and the female who felt and could see see that my hair was thin was not able to make the decision with me sitting there. I began to wonder if she was a qualified hairdresser that was going to do the Keratin treatment. I contacted [name removed] directly and told him that i am within the terms and conditions he stated "Your hair looks thick and when we wash it, it will fuzz out", I argued and told him how do you determine that from photo. He also redeemed the voucher without fulfilling the service that I had paid for. I also understand that as a consumer I also have a right to complain not only to Groupon but also to consumer affairs and the media as I was well within my rights of keeping to Laibas terms and conditions. I feel that I was discriminated against and want an explanation from Groupon as to how Groupon let this occur. I ask for a full refund from you as well as taking this further so that it will not happen to others in the future. Groupon must take preventative measures to ensure that their customers are not being scammed.
Prabhu Jada Prasad(Groupon Customer Support - International)

6 Mar, 05:10 CET

Hi Carmel,

Thanks for your patience while we were investigating this issue.

As stated by the merchant, they don't agree. As their Hairdresser checked the thickness and send him a photo. There was thickness and he quoted you $50 extra which is wise charge according to him. As per the terms and conditions, charges will apply for thickness and you disagreed to pay. So they are not approving for a refund. Your appointment time for 3 hours were wasted. They have to pay for their employee too.

Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



EXTREMELY disapointed
I ordered a mattress through Groupon on June 4th in which Groupon estimated 6-11 days for delivery which was also sent to me in an email. After I got a phone call on June 16th to schedule delivery I found out that the earliest it could be delivered to my house would be July 11th which is very far outside the quoted 6-11 days for delivery. At this time I tried to negotiate an earlier delivery or even myself picking up the mattress at the nearby facility. They could not get me an earlier delivery or give me an answer as to see if I can pick it up locally. I therefore called Groupon customer service to discuss a cancellation and refund of the order as they could not deliver in the specified timeframe. They kept going back to there policy of only being able to cancel orders WITHIN 2 HOURS OF PURCHASE?!?! After two conversations with the supervisor AINA, I was finally left with no resolution and had to contact my credit card provider to dispute the charges. I recently purchased a home and myself and my girlfriend have been sleeping on a pull out couch ANXIOUSLY waiting to sleep on this wonderful bed that we hoped to have soon. Looks as if we will be purchasing elsewhere and have wasted weeks with restless sleep as we waited for contact for possible delivery. Groupon was one of my favorite sites before this issue with their customer service, delivery process and refund policy. Additionally I would like to make a comment to the fact that I believe Groupon changed there FINE PRINT on this particular item from 12 business days to 3-4 weeks after my purchase and/or complaint and tried to use that as a possible scapegoat. I have the email originally sent to me showing the estimated 6-11 days.

Please Share!
I'm going to try to make this as concise and quick as possible, please read and help spread the word so no one else has this experience!
We booked a flight from 3rd party (Orbitz/Kayak) for American Airlines to depart from Louisville International Airport on 11/12/19 at 6:38pm, to Chicago O'Hare Airport, landing at 7:19pm, with 1 hour 1 min layover, and connecting flight to LasVegas departing at 8:20pm. Arrival to Vegas for 10:19pm (1:19pm East Coast time). Total cost: 696.35. Our Hotel at Circus Circus hotel was booked from Monday Night until Thursday morning. Cost: (included in hotel cost) Our departing flight was scheduled from LasVegas at 1:36AM Thursday morning. So, essentially we planned for two days in Vegas (11/13-11/14) We additionally through Orbitz booked tickets to Mandalay Bay Shark Aquarium... cost: 40.00. Our initial flight was delayed 1 hour 20 minutes causing us to miss our connecting flight. The only available alternative flight was from Chicago to Vegas at 5pm on 11/13. Meaning we would not arrive in Vegas until late Tuesday evening/Early Wed morning. We chose not to be stranded in Chicago overnight and most of Tuesday. We called Orbitz customer service that night. Immediate response, AND FULL refund of flight/hotel/shark aquarium tickets!
Now... Groupon because we had ZERO intentions of NOT going on our trip, we purchased a Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, VooDoo Zip line Package, HighRoller Ferris Wheel tickets, Package for 2 at the Stratosphere Tower AND 2-Two day passes for the LasVegas Monorail for transportation during our stay. We have tried to contact Groupon, via phone (no answer) and via email (Groupon block incoming emails), via live chat...(no resolve) and via Facebook messenger (more resolve). We spent a total of $887.98. We have been given ONE activity trade in with value of $39.00. Upon opening THAT email, were given 24 hours to trade in amount (a timer was visible on Groupon) If full trade-in is not utilized, its lost. We additionally contacted Mustang Helicoptor tours, to maybe even get a partial refund (as we now know Groupon ROBS businesses of revenue for services) they referred us to Viator, who is the parent company. Viator will happily return the portion of money they received, IF groupon contacts them on ourbehalf, validating we have voided our voucher. No response of course from Groupon on that matter.
Please do NOT use Groupon guys. It is a good deal. Sure. But in the event of things beyond your control, there is NO customer service. Zero. Useless. You will be robbed of your hard earned money, not to mention the companies that provide services are robbed as well. Please make this viral! Will update if there is any change... though I'm certainly not holding my breath.

Left with no hotel room in Las Vegas
I contacted Groupon in regards to an issue with a Groupon Getaway to Las Vegas.

I bought a groupon to the Luxor for a 2 night stay for my husband's birthday, large because of the price of the groupon. Groupon even sent me a confirmation email in regards to the reservation, however the day I showed up at the hotel Groupon could not find my reservation. Once I contacted groupon, I was told that there was an "inventory issue", but "no worries since we didn't charge your card". So instead what happened is that the hotel ended up charging me a total of $329.93 since they had to ask their manager to do what's called a "walk in" to get us a room since they told us that they were sold out, and I had to go through the stress of thinking I wasn't going to have a place to stay. Now I understand that the resort fees would have been $79.36, so with the groupon price I should have only had to pay $182.54. I asked groupon to issue me a refund of the difference which is $147.39. At the end of the day, this was not my error. I NEVER received an email from groupon letting me know that my reservation was not booked nor that there was an issue with my reservation. On the contrary, you guys sent me an email confirmation with a groupon order number so I had no reason to believe that it had not gone thru. In addition, we had at least 3 other parties within our group that booked it with no problem(us being the first), so frankly I don't believe that it could have been an inventory issue. You guys cost me almost $150 because of your incompetence and lack of follow-up.

On top of everything, I could not get anyone respond to me within a reasonable time frame. The emails sent to me said it would be 48 hours for a response, but I never heard anything from anyone in those time frames ever. I had to keep reaching out after I was told a supervisor would contact me and didn't even get a response until I copied the CEO, COO and VP of the company. Even then still, there was no attempt to offer me anything to try and rectify this problem. If i could give zero stars, I would. Will never use groupon again.

We too were scammed, like so many others...
On 1/3/2017 we bought for $100 a Groupon Coupon for The Melting Pot restaurant in Bedford, Massachusetts, where we understood we could apply our $100 to meals, and would get 4 $25 credits when we visited the restaurant 4 times.

On 1/25/17 (3 weeks later) we first went to use the coupon on a $37 meal, only to find out that the deal was not exactly as described. We had thought we could use our $100 over several visits, but our waiter told us we needed to spend it all in a single visit. We showed them the deal, and asked them to show us where it said that, but Groupon could not. Nonetheless, the restaurant said we needed to spend the rest of the $100 on that visit, which we did not want to do. They said they could do nothing and we had to take it up with Groupon. We paid for that meal in cash and left, very unhappy, but expecting at least to get a refund.

(We are not alone. After visiting the restaurant, we read the reviews of the offer, and there were two which recounted experiences identical to ours. One called it the biggest scam around.
Also, reading all the other scam victims of Groupon on this website provides strong evidence for our government to take action to stop what Groupon is doing.)

We contacted Groupon the next day. Even though we had good reason to ask for a simple refund, Groupon refused to give it. Over the course of several emails and phone calls, we gave them our arguments, but they just replied with bland robo-emails. They had our money and were not going to give it back.

We had charged it on a VISA card, and we entered a dispute. VISA listened to our story, saw our point and gave us a "provisional" $100 credit. But a few weeks later they took that back saying that they could not legally take back the money from Groupon (or at least were not willing to fight them for our measly $100.)

We were naïve to trust Groupon, and it looks like we will get no satisfaction from them. We can at least warn others to beware of Groupon.

This episode reflects poorly on the business practices of both Groupon and The Melting Pot restaurant, neither of whom even apologized for the misleading offer. If they even cared, they could have at least improved the description of the deal to make it clearer, but they have not.

Good businesses stand behind what they sell. There is no good reason for Groupons 3 day refund rule, other than to keep the money of unhappy customers. They have no regrets as long as they can keep our money.

I have had numerous problems with Groupon. Groupon sell items of poor quality and either will not take the back when you contact them (they only allow 14 days) when they do not work or fall apart or they tell you you will need to contact the company that the groupon applied to. They do not support their customers and I honestly do not understand why they even have a customer support department. I should have learned early when I got the first Groupon on a restaurant that was closed. They did give me a refund for that one but it was a bad omen. I ordered some clothes for my daughter after less than a month she told me they were unraveling so I thought well surely it was just those. Then there was the time my 1 year old niece pushed the icon on my phone and ordered walking dead tickets. I caught it quickly thank goodness and got my money back. But for Christmas I ordered a bluetooth car thing that was supposed to turn off check engine light, it did not connect to Bluetooth to diagnose car nor connect to bluetooth. Since he got it at Christmas they said it was after the 14 day return period so I was out of luck. I bought three groupons for mugs that show a picture on them when hot liquid is put in cuo. The first one we ordered did picture did not show up so we tried to call printerpix no answer emailed them over a month later they say send us picture and two months later got the mug same problem. Thought well maybe (since Groupon would not help with the issue or return my money) it was the picture so I sent two more in for the other two groupons. One came in shattered again tried to call no luck, emailed and it has been almost two months no reply so I contacted Groupon agsin. Their reply well have you tried to contact printerpix? Really? I told them last night to take me off their email list I will not be ordering from them again, it may take me a long time to get the point but eventually it sinks in. BUYER BEWARE if you get a defective, broken or wrong product you will be out the money and if it is a service that is poor or nonexistent you will again be screwed. That must be how they make their money. Oh they will tell you we are so sorry you had a negative experience we don't want our customers to feel that way but we have "policies". I only give them a 1 because a few of the things I bought and gambled on were ok but make no mistake it is a gamble and if you have issues you are out of luck.

Horrible Customer Service
I have been using groupon now for about 5 years. I had issues before but was able to contact someone to correct the issues.

I just had a packaged that never delivered to me but was returned to the sender, and instead of contacting me and telling me that Groupon have received the item back, they contacted me and asked for my review of the item. OK, an automated e-mail, I get it, but when I tried to get a hold of someone to rectify the issue, they not only knew about the returned item but hadn't done anything to change it.

And lets talk about the process to talk to someone. They make you select a bunch of options on their website before they even offer to let you chat with someone, or give you their customer service call line. But once you spend 30 minutes answering their un-related questions you get the opportunity to talk to someone who is not in the US, or if they are, english is not their first language. I asked to speak to another representative because this one was having a hard time understanding me and she said, "That won't help, you will have the same issues with any other agent because the issue is on your end, not ours."... WHAT? I spelled my name for 10 minutes with no avail and it was MY issue? Even if in some strange world, it was my issue, can't you let me talk to someone else? To out right deny me the ability to talk to someone else is horrible customer service!

They gave me a refund instead of the item I purchased because it is their policy to not resend items...? I would rather of had the item! I purchased it because I wanted the item obviously...

All I can say is that you should use groupon carefully, if everything works as it should you are ok, but the minute something goes wrong you are in a nightmare. I was treated like I was an inconvenience to them to ask for my item I paid for.

A note to groupon: If an item is sent back to you, consider contacting the customer first and saving them the nightmare of talking to your horrible customer service reps. ALSO get better reps, seriously. Train them on manners and make it easier to contact someone.

Ripped off!

I ordered a Groupon for a hotel stay that was to happen on April 24th through the 26th of 2020. I purchased this group on on May 4th 2020. When I originally purchased this group on the confirmation from the Groupon and the hotel said that as long as I canceled within nine days of the reservation I would receive a full refund. Because of the Corona virus my reservation was canceled by not only the hotel but by Groupon. The hotel issued me an email saying Groupon were going to refund the amount to my payment. If I did not do anything by April 2nd it would be automatically refunded. Today April 3rd 2020, I received an email saying that the refund had not been issued to my form of payment, that instead Groupon had decided because of the Corona virus situation, that they were doing all refunds in the form of Groupon bucks. Groupon bucks can only be used to purchase things from Groupon and nothing else. I contacted Groupon and told them I did not want Groupon bucks. This reservation was for a birthday party obviously we will now have to do something else for this and have no intention of going to the hotel. Groupons response was that during the Corona virus they will only issue refunds to Groupon bucks and nothing else. I'd ask them for a refund again through another customer service agent and again explained that I never chose to get Groupon bucks and then I did not want to use any Groupon services. This was well within the cancellation period that was given to me initially when I made the reservation. Again they denied giving me the refund saying that they had already processed the refund into Groupon bucks and we're only doing that at this time.

Don't do it.
I've been using Groupon for years now... I mean YEARS! I've order all sorts of things I didn't need to buy and I've booked several hotels through Groupon as well, and never had an issue before. A month ago, I booked a Groupon for the Historic Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, ecstatic to finally get the opportunity to stay there, and even more ecstatic to get the rate of $80 for one night. You read that right - it was $80 for a Saturday night in mid October. Notice: WAS. The weeks went by and I had no worries. No worries, that is, until THREE DAYS BEFORE THE RESERVATION THAT I CALLED TO CONFIRM WITH THE HOTEL 3 WEEKS EARLIER, TO BE SURE THAT IT WAS IN FACT LEGIT AND THAT THEY'D RECEIVED MY RESERVATION. I got an email reading "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hotel San Carlos is no longer able to provide the services for your Groupon, so we've had to cancel this deal. We know this is disappointing and we're sorry for bringing you bad news, but we really appreciate your understanding."... "unforeseen circumstances" = code for "we are going to cancel your reservation and change the room rate to $160. No, there is nothing that Groupon customer service can/will do for me, as "this was a decision of the hotel, Groupon can no longer provide the service"... And no, the hotel won't do anything for me because this was "the choice of Groupon". Awesome. The hotel guy on the phone was willing though, to go ahead and book me for the same night, at the regular hotel rate and there's nothing else he can do, because the reservation was already cancelled... the reservation that was JUST cancelled as of 3 hours ago. I guess the negative reviews of the San Carlos are true - and I'm sad that I now won't ever stay there. Also, now I am going to have to hunt to find a hotel that isn't almost $200 for the same area for the same night, THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE - which I would NEVER EVER normally do in my life. Another fun tidbit is that if you purchased with a credit card, I'll have to wait up to 10 business days for the refund to appear on my card. I guess they'd rather have people stay at the Sheraton or just never come to their hotel and blast them with negative reviews all over social media and review sites. Thank god I wasn't coming in from out of town or this wasn't some type of special night other than going to a concert. Groupon + Hotel San Carlos really dropping the ball on this one.

Dont Use This Comoany
Apparently Groupon used to have a phone number where you can talk to a live person in customer service that has been disconnected Im assuming because of all the complaints they get this company is such a rip off they give you 24 hours to cancel your purchase but you dont know until you make an appointment with the particular company that they will not honor the Groupon and its past 24 hours you have three months to use a Groupon there was a facial I wanted to get by a person named Elizabeth from a company called lavender and sage Elizabeth no longer honors the Groupon I only had one month more left to use it Groupon would not give me my money back because I tried to get a refund past 24 hours they only gave me credit to buy another Groupon so they want to keep the money within their company

I bought another Groupon for winetasting when I got there they were not serving wine they were serving terrible champagnes one sip from each class it wasnt even a real pour like they have at other wineries Ive been to.
Groupon said gourmet food there was not anything I would call food it was 1 mini stale pretzel 1 stale cracker the cheapest kind you can get at the grocery store, a triangle of cheese definitely not gourmet cheese one red grape and a stale piece of chocolate that was actually turning white
I tried to get my money back it wasnt what was written. Then got there the owner of the winery made me pay a 3 tax On a $27 wine tasting
I contacted Groupon because it did not say anything that I have to pay an additional amount of money they did nothing for me.
Tried to do an online chat with the people its outsourced from India to ask for a phone number for their president so I can let them know the scams that are going on they couldnt give it to me
I feel a class action lawsuit is in order when I have the time I will look into it its completely fraudulent you buy a Groupon

Facial by Elizabeth but then there is no Elizabeth doing it they tell you that someone named Cara would do it but CARA is booked until March and your Groupon expires February 27
Another words you end up either paying full price for that service at that salon because the salon owner is not willing to work with you or Elizabeth never intended to do it

There are other ethical companies like get one free and in your local paper

On April 3,2020 I ordered surgical masks since Groupon were nowhere to be found locally. On April 06,2020 I received an email stating that my order had shipped and it gave me a USPS tracking number. When I checked the tracking number on the USPS web site it started that a label had been created but they had not received the package. On April 09,2020 I again checked the tracking number with the USPS and again they stated that a label had been created but they did not receive the package. I then contacted Groupon customer service via chat and explained the situation. The representative stated that they could not find any information regarding what happened to my order and would forward my inquiry and someone would be getting back to me shortly. Several days passed and nothing. Today April 14,2020 I again contacted Groupon customer service and once again explained the situation, the representative then checked my order and stated that for some reason my order never shipped but would gladly reorder it for me. I then asked if they would check the item to see if it was still in stock. The representative then stated that unfortunately they were out of stock but would gladly provide me with a refund in "Groupon Dollars" that I could then use on their site in the future.

When I told the representative that this was not acceptable and that I wanted the money refunded back to my PayPal account the representative stated that due to the fact that it was now outside the cancel window and due to the Covid-19 virus policy currently in place that that was the only option. In my opinion there are three scenarios, 1- Groupon oversold the item in which case I should be given a refund back to my PayPal account,
2- The item was sold or given to front line first responderes (which I understand and would not mind) and again been given a refund back to my PayPal account or 3- Groupon never had the items and this is a scam.

So Groupon took my $69.99 never shipped my order has no more stock available to replace my original order and now states that the only refund that's available to me is their Groupon Dollars that I can only spend on their website only.

It is reprehensible with so many people out of work and short on cash during these times that a company like Groupon refuses to refund my money back to my PayPal account. So buyer beware of their tactics!

NEVER AGAIN with Groupon!

Misleading offers - appalling Customer Service - ZERO
I have been using Groupon for a number of years and had the first sign of potential problems last year with an unfulfilled order which I had to chase when it never arrived.
In early March, well in advance of lockdown, I placed 2 orders. One I received a refund for without any prior notification or explanation and the second Groupon wrote to me about on 20th March to advise the supplier could not fulfil the order. It was outside the designated time for delivery so I followed this up when I did not receive the refund.
I followed it up again and again and again receiving the same generic cut and paste responses which made it more infuriating so I made a claim through Paypal on 27/3/20.
I was still chasing Groupon who, through they obvious outsourced Customer Service, kept sending me these annoying cut and paste replies.
Finally, I received my refund through Paypal. Groupon failed to respond so obviously Paypal found in my favour.
Today, 24/4/20, Groupon have written again telling me they have cancelled the order despite not referring to their email of 20/3/20 when they told me they were unable to fulfil it, and they were issuing me a refund.
Disgraceful business practise, misleading offers they cannot fulfil (and this was prior to lockdown) and the most appalling and incompetent Customer Service. Hopefully someone in the UK sector of Groupon will read this as I am now about to cancel my account with Groupon and suggest anyone thinking of placing an order think twice about doing so especially in times like these when a big Company refuses to refund money they have already undertaken to pay back to the extent I had to get Paypal to intervene.
Unfortunately it is not an easy job to cancel your account which makes it even worse

Let's start out with the fact we were robbed. We checked in February 15th. We had booked through Groupon. Big mistake...( we will get to that later)

When we got to our room we were for the most part satisfied at first. Really the only issues I had were that there was blood on my duvet on my bed, as well as blood on the back up duvet Groupon stored in the closet. The room wasn't the cleanest, but it wasn't terrible.

My husband and I were in a one bedroom suite. I awoke on February 16th in the morning to voices coming from the kitchen area. I was disoriented and groggy. The voices appeared to be laughing and chatting. When I entered the kitchen their were three people ( housekeepers I know now) standing there. They were shocked to see me. I assume they thought we were outside of the room. When I asked them what they were doing they said " you want housekeeping"? I hadn't asked for housekeeping. They left in a hurry. As soon as they left, I notice my wallet, which one of them had been standing right by, was unzipped. Empty. They had stolen our money, right down to the change purse! I awoke my husband and we called the front desk. We were informed the manager would have a "talk" with staff. While I waited for the managers to get back to me... yes, again I'm an idiot! I checked reviews more thoroughly for this establishment. What I found was horrifying. Within the last two months, two other people had reviewed about theft of their belongings. That's when we called the police. We spent the next 4 hours dealing with the police and the rudest hotel managers I have ever dealt with in my life. During the time which we missed our coup, es massage, which we had also missed through this establishment. I just want to say the lady at the verde salon was very gracious about us cancelling.

We wanted a refund. Our stay wasn't even up yet, but we were leaving. The hotel manager refused our refund, stating we had bought a groupon and must get a refund from them. I was rightfully upset and crying... at which point the manager said if we didn't leave he would call the police back ON US! We had just been robbed by his staff!

We left the hotel and I immediately contacted Groupon. After many (8) phone calls and 6 emails, the best they would do at first was refund half of my money in Groupon bucks... with an extra $40 in Groupon bucks for our "trouble". After 6 more emails. They agreed to refund half (1

They dont care about how bad they treat you.
I had a terrible experience with this company back in may 2017, with a hotel we stayed at 6 hours away that was filled with mold and the smell of a dead animal. The pool smelled like a retirement home gone wrong with and over chlorinated piss pool. Needless to say I called Groupon immediately and stated the condition and that we will not sleep in a possible bedbug infested hotel that Groupon had as luxurious on their website. Customer service said ok check out you will get a full refund. Checked out had to pay triple of what we had paid on Groupon cause everywhere was booked. Came back home to receive and email from them that said sorry for your experience we have removed that hotel from our page and we can not give you a refund at their time. Excuse me... I called and called and called and wrote emails and just ripped into every single one of them. Did it help nope. Their reasoning was that the hotel was not willing to give us a refund. So called the hotel manager he stated it was their choice that it was Groupon. Yup the lies this $#*! company tells. At this point I was the official pissed off ping pong ball that no one gave a crap about if I hit the floor, still a point for Groupon. Ugh back on the phone. Lets fast forward to a month later of fighting and writing, they finally gave me a credit on there dumb website to purchase more useless garbage that no one wants and you cant return. But the kicker out of $450 they gave me a credit of $137 yup this was them doing good by me. Now lets fast forward to today! I had only used $50 out of that credit a month ago for an adventure kit which was good. I go on today and guess what? The remaining credit is gone. I fight with customer service who says you have never had a credit... and without warning passes me to another agent who I have to tell the entire story to again and who says the very same thing you have no credit. Im done I will turn these idiots into the better business bureau and I will do so every single day until this company gets looked into for robbing people as bad as they do. Just because you have a name to your company Groupon, doesnt mean you arent as filthy and low down dirty and the people who steal identities and rob people of their good hard earned money. You sit behind a desk or on a couch in your home and smile at the paycheck you have earned off of these poor suckers like me who need a good deal in order to have a nice vacation, that ends up being worse than what you paid for. I dont know how you sleep at night knowing how much you screw people over. I wish I read the countless reviews and the peoples warnings about this site. I hope this stops at least one person from making a giant mistake. If it seems to good to be true it is.

Was good up to a few years back. Then bad to worse.
I have used Groupon for years and apparently the service has gotten worse. Worst experience ever. I had booked a trip to Niagara Falls at one of the area hotels. In finding out that the hotel had bed bugs previously. I wanted to cancel my reservation. Groupon denied my request. So I decided to take my family there and check it out for myself because I did not want to waste my money. In doing so our room was gross. There were oil stain on the sheets. I told the clerk that I wanted to cancel staying there. She said we are so sorry for the trouble and said for your convenience we will put you in the suit to stay. Canceling our other room. Later on I went to go to groupon to buy another coupon. Realizing our groupon was still there. I called to make sure when I booked again that there would be no trouble. The clerk said that it takes a while to drop off that because we stayed it was redeemed. This was back in August. I believed I had got credit. She told me so you are not bothered by seeing it on your account I will mark the Groupon as being used. I told her that I believed we had received a credit. She said it is marked as a booked day and not a coupon code even though thats how it was redeemed. Very frustrated. She told me that because we were given another room we were taken care of. Lets not figure a good couple hours were wasted trying to find a clean room. Can't believe I just wanted to take a trip with my family and all this mess happened because I decided to never never use groupon again. It was my families first trip together after being in the N. I. C. U with my son for 6 months because he was born early.We needed a nice trip for the four of us. The clerks were so cold and their customer service stunk. This had nothing to do with the fact I did not get my groupon back. I am still in shock. I do not suggest looking through this site because it only causes you trouble.

Do not waste your money or time on Groupon
If I could give zero stars I would! This company and absolute and complete FRAUD! Don't waste your time.
Their customer service is absolutely disgusting. Firstly I had one abruptly end the conversation with me while trying to get my refund because he no longer wanted to help me, I had to then start the process all over again. Second person was just as unhelpful. Groupon repeat the same nonsense over and over and listen to nothing you might have to say! Secondly I had to wait days for a respond only for them get this to address me by another name that's is not even me and to tell me the exact same thing that I already said is not a option for me! All they do is offer you Groupon money voucher back and not your actual money back! Even after explaining to them that I am South African in which they do not have Groupon in SA... they still continue to only offer me a useless option of Groupon money. They have no concern or care for their customers and they provide no such guarantee on the services that you purchase. Literally just a gamble with your money.

If a service is not provided one should have full right to their MONEY back and not Groupon keeping people's money in return for Groupon Money! That is absolute Theft!

I contacted them again! This is the help I got! They refuse to even admit that I paid for a full six session in Which I never received!

Abigail Oldfield: Its a six session voucher. Just because it was marked used does not imply it was.
Abigail Oldfield: Your wasting my time
Abigail Oldfield: Find someone who can actually resolve this
Miguel P: Yes, but if you change of mind after use one session we are not going to provide the refund
Miguel P: is under terms and conditions
Abigail Oldfield: I did not change my mind! Incase you hadnt noticed everything is closed down! No one can use it!
Abigail Oldfield: This is idiotic!
Miguel P: In this case you need to contact the merchant to find a solution with them
Miguel P: if the voucher is partial redeem we can not make a refund
Abigail Oldfield: Worst service! Literally will look for any excuse to steal peoples money. Excuse after excuse and from what I can tell with all the reviews iv read your literally doing it to everyone. People are catching on and soon enough groupon wont be around because this is stealing people's money
Abigail Oldfield: My money lies with you therefore your the one to refund my money not the merchant! So again you need to find someone to resolve this now!
Miguel P: I understand this isn't your preferred resolution. At this point we've provided all of the information, and I won't be able to issue a refund to your original form of payment.
Abigail Oldfield: Because you clearly do not have the ability to provide the correct customer service that i need
Abigail Oldfield: You can and you will!
Abigail Oldfield: Groupon has no right to hold onto my money when groupon could not provide the full service in which i had paid for!
Abigail Oldfield: Lets make it very simple for you!
Abigail Oldfield: Did I pay for one session or six sessions?
Miguel P: Is under terms and conditions that you agree.
Abigail Oldfield: Answer me
Abigail Oldfield: Did i pay for one session or six sessions?
Miguel P:
Abigail Oldfield: Pathetic you cannot even answer a simple question
Abigail Oldfield: Did i pay for one session or six sessions?
Miguel P: Do you have any other questions?
Abigail Oldfield: Yes did I pay for one session or six sessions?
Miguel P: I just provide the final resolution of this issue.
Miguel P: you did not agree with the 20%
Abigail Oldfield: Did i pay for one session or six sessions?
Abigail Oldfield: You cannot anseer because you know your in the wrong
Miguel P: So if you do not have a extra question I am going to close this chat
Abigail Oldfield: I do have. A question!
Abigail Oldfield: Your not answering it
Miguel P: This is the deal you paid for Facial-Mania-Spa-1
Abigail Oldfield: Ill be sure to share this so people can know that geoupom will do anything and everything to avoid giving people their money back and cannot even answer a simple question in which they know they are wrong
Abigail Oldfield: And is that deal a deal of one session or six sessions?
Miguel P: I just remember you that refund is not allowed by terms and conditions that you agree.
Abigail Oldfield: Is that deal a deal of one session or six sessions?
Miguel P: You paid for this deal Facial-Mania-Spa-1, and you need to contact the merchant to know what is the next step
Abigail Oldfield: Its a very very simple question
Miguel P: We are no going to make a refund in this moment
Abigail Oldfield: Yes and is that deal a deal of one session or six sessions?
Miguel P: If you did not have another question I am going to close this chat.
Abigail Oldfield: I dont understand why you cannot answer my question
Abigail Oldfield: I need a answer to my question
Abigail Oldfield: You cannot end this chat
Miguel P: Thanks for contacting Groupon. Be safe.

Groupon is unhelpful and unwilling to fix their mistakes.
Groupon is very unhelpful. Groupon do not do anything to fix their mistakes. I ordered the LG Stylo 2 for Virgin Mobile. I received a Tracfone Alcatel Big Easy Pop Icon. I spent $107.48 for the LG stylo 2 for Virgin mobile. The phone I received which is not even searchable on their site. I attempted to contact Groupon through their phone number. The representative was extremely rude and unhelpful. She told me that I would have to wait for a return label, then return the phone to Groupon, once they received the phone it would have to go through processing and then I would be refunded. I informed her that I wanted the phone that I had ordered and would be fine returning the wrong phone they sent to me. She told me that exchanges are not able to processed and only a return could occur even though it was Groupon's mistake. She then told me the case would be escalated and that the company would make a decision whether the correct phone I ordered could be sent out to me. She said that it could take 24 to 36 hours to hear back from someone and that she would send a return label to me. She did not send me a return label which forced me to attempt to contact Groupon again. I attempted their online chat which said live chat but when click on was apparently unavailable. I then attempted to call today and received the same rude woman from last night. I ended the call and attempted to call back to reach a different person. I luckily received a different representative who was nice however, again not helpful. For Groupons mistake I have been sent the incorrect phone which is valued lower than what I purchased as well as incompatible with my phone carrier. I now have to print out their return label put it on the package and go take it to a USPS center to be shipped out. Then once it is shipped taking a period of days it will arrive at the warehouse at which point it will go through processing. Once it has gone through processing the money will be refunded to me a few days later. So due to a Groupon's mistake I will 1. Not have the item I purchased 2. Be out of the money I paid for a period of at least a week upwards of 3 and 3. I will not have a phone to communicate with my work, volunteer organization, family and emergencies. I was unaware of how terrible Groupon is and hope that others will take a cautious approach when purchasing from this company.

Horrible customer service and ridiculous policy
Early this morning I received an email with some products on sale from Groupon. I saw something I liked so I purchased it and went about my morning. I looked at it again about 2 hrs 30-45 min later, and decided another color was better.

When I tried to contact customer service via live chat, I had to wait about 5 min to get a representative. I told her my situation and she said that she couldnt edit or cancel the order because it had been longer than 2 hrs since I placed it, and so it was already processed and being shipped. We got disconnected and I thought that was oddly quick, so I went to check on the status of the order. Not only was my order neither processed or shipped, it wouldnt be shipped for 2 days!

I immediately got another representative on live chat and explained to him the situation and informed him that I have a screenshot of the tracking details. He told me the same thing the former representative did, so I asked to speak with a manager. He replied by ending the chat. I have screenshots of that too.

When I was treated so rudely and lied to by their customer service already, I had them call me. Maybe speaking in person would be better. Nope, I got the same run around as before, even after speaking with a supervisor!

All I wanted to do was swap the product for one in a different color. Well, apparently thats not possible after 2 hours of your order being placed. Now I have to go through the hassle of sending it back. I wont be swapping my product out, just returning it to get a refund, and Im canceling my Groupon account that Ive had for years.

Their customer service is rude and unhelpful, and with such a ridiculous policy in place its just not worth it.

After 4 years of being loyal customer, I am terrified
My name is Alexandra, and me and my husband have been loyal customers at groupon for more than 4 years. We would regularly buy restaurants deals and enjoy savings. We have visited more than 30 places thanks to groupon. Until now. On April 6th 2017 I purchased several groupons for dining for my upcoming trip to Miami. I came to Miami and was unable to use one of my groupons. The business in question (the restaurant) was simply closed. I came 3 times: on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and it was closed on all those week days during normal business hours without any notice on its website or the door. When I returned home the first thing I did is chatted with the groupon customer service representative regarding the issue. I explained that I am not local to Miami, that I really did try hard and came several times to the restaurant, I tried calling the restaurant as well as calling the groupon while in Miami, but nothing helped. The restaurant never responded, never picked up my calls, never put any sign on its door explaining why it's closed. I tired different times of the day as well, and it was always closed. I was simply unable to redeem the groupon and it wasn't my fault. I even mentioned to groupon that I have been the loyal customer for many years. And you know what? To groupon it doesn't matter! Groupon not only refused the refund, but they even failed to explain what was my fault and why they refused me the refund. I tried to raise the question of what could I have possibly done in that situation, and none of the customer service representative answered it. Instead they just preferred to give the rude answer that they don't want to deal with me and they simply won't refund. Nothing: no explanation, no apology, nothing. They didn't treat me like a loyal customer, they clearly didn't value me. I spent hundreds of dollars at groupon over the years, and yet they were willing to loose me as a customer after I tried to dispute a $19 transaction? This is very not typical of an American company, I am always treated in this country with respect and attention, something that groupon failed to show. I urge you not to use this website. They don't value their customers, they don't want to validate your feelings, they don't want to listen to you. Instead start saving using other programs, like dining with aircompanies' miles for example. It will save you money and stress in the long run. I think the groupon showed a completely unethical behavior and what they did is fraud: they made me pay for services that were never provided to me.

In my entire life I have never left bad reviews
In my entire life I have never left bad reviews. It usually takes a lot to make me mad because I am in customer service as well and typically have a more forgiving nature. That being said, I have never received this type of incompetent customer service in my life than I did with groupon. It started when I ordered an NCAA toolbox for my husband. The shipment arrived promptly but it was the wrong school. I called the last Tuesday and spoke with Chris, per usual the issue would be looked into and be sent to management to try and get it replaced. He noted worse case scenario I get a refund. On Thursday I finally received an email from Chris asking me if I had received his previous email and he was waiting to help me. The last email I received was after we initially spoke confirming he was looking into it. I emailed him back stating this and did not hear from him again until Saturday morning. This is where it gets weird. He emailed me stating he was sorry for the trouble but that my item had not shipped yet and as soon as he had a tracking number he would forward that. I emailed him asking if this meant I was getting my correct order, he emailed me back Sunday stating that he was still waiting to hear back from someone regarding my situation. I replied to him stating that he clearly wasn't paying attention to my issue and that I felt his communication was way off. So I call today to speak to someone else about fixing this simple mistake. I speak to a woman who tells me once again that she has to forward it to upper management. I told her that already should have been done and it's been almost a week since this all first started. I said the longer this takes the less chance there is of me getting my correct order which is what I wanted instead of a refund since I had gotten this as a gift. Getting nowhere with them I decided that since there was only one day left on this deal that I reordered it myself which I told her by me doing that and sending the incorrect one back clearly would have solved my problem faster than by trying to go through customer service cause I've gotten nowhere. I will not be ordering from groupon goods again not because the mistake happened but because of customer service. I was passed around and given the usual I'm sorry but despite telling them how frustrated I was and how I felt no one was dealing with my issue and Groupon still didn't do anything about it shows how much they don't care. It's sad because I really liked them until this ordeal.

Product was not full filled and delayed - no return
I have purchased 4 chrome tablets on Groupon. Two were delivered on-time and the other two were never mailed out. I have to call few times to Groupon Customer support team and explain my situation. The support team is from a different country and never truly understood the issue. Few days later, I was so fed-up and reached-out via email and the customer care person said, the product was shipped but Groupon will issue a credit since it was so delayed etc and it was a gift from Groupon and keep the tablets.

The story never ends, I got the package and never opened it. And I was looking for my money and it was never credited to my account. After several follow-up with team, they came back and said they messed up in their response and I need to return the product. So I have mailed the product back to them. On their website it shows they only credited me for a single chrome tablet and not the second one. When I reached out to them via call center it was a disaster again. Standard response that they are still processing the package. Indeed, it is all in one packet.

Surprise, I got an email from Groupon while I am debating with call center rep that they never shipped the second item ( my bad, I never opened the package) and they will try to process another credit. I informed the rep the same but she still thinks that there is another package to be received from no-where. Gosh, it is such a mess and still I did not receive the credit for both items approximately, $89.

Groupon service used to be very good few years ago and very responsive and not anymore. I will never ever shop on with them. No matter how good the deal is. I have no faith that I will receive my credit.

Still waiting
My ideel order: $229 dress for $89

I placed my first order with ideel on 5/24, and my item was supposedly going to arrive on 5/28. (which did seem a bit quick) However, I noticed on the 28th that it had not even shipped yet.

It's now 6/5, and the "expected date" is updated to: Estimated Delivery: May 28 - Jun 05 (It's probably not going to magically show on my doorstep today. Lol)

I used their Live Chat function and Groupon were unable to provide me with any information, and weren't sure what the problem was.

I will supposedly receive an email update at some point today. However, I've pretty much conceded to the fact that I will not have the dress in time for the upcoming wedding that I planned to wear it to.

Very disappointed with my first purchase. Hoping they can still save the day.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /> *** June 8 UPDATE *** (15 days after order placed)

I was just informed via email that I will not be receiving my dress at all.

As a nicety, they provided a $10 voucher towards another order, but I mostly likely will not order again from ideel again. Their items are labeled to ship within 1-2 days (but most items do not ship for up to 14 days, per their FAQs), and even then the product may or may not show.

I love Groupon (the company that owns them), and have purchased SO MUCH through them. But, not sure the same people are coordinating ideel. Their customer service people are on-pair with updates (and monitoring feedback sites), but I feel like the company overall is a long way from being top notch.

Here's a snippet from the email I received this morning about my order:

"Unfortunately, we've run into an inventory problem and the following item is no longer available: ALEX EVENINGS Chiffon Bohemian Print Gown

We're very sorry that we can't fulfill your order. Rest assured, you have not been charged for this item, and if you paid with store credit, it's been restored to your account.

We've placed a $10.00 voucher in your Ideel account to thank you for your understanding. We'll also be sure to let you know if the item becomes available again."

Missing item in order & horrible policies
I have purchased a few digital deals on Groupon with no issues like the $10 for $20 Starbucks & Target deals etc. Because those are just digital deals & once you get the deal you just apply it to your Starbucks or Target accounts, those kinds of deals have been great.

However, I just made my first actual purchase of an item when I saw that Groupon offered it significantly lower than other sites. Even with the $3.99 shipping it was cheaper than Amazon where I have Prime free shipping. So if I had actually gotten the items in the deal, it would have been a good one. The deal I ordered was supposed to contain 2 items. I only received one of them. So it was missing half the order.

First of all, it took me forever to find their customer service email! I clicked on contact customer service on my actual order & sent an email that way only to get it bounced back as a fail. I found another email on their site & again, that email address came back as message failure. OMG. I finally googled their customer service email & found it that way & finally got a response. That's not ok. Groupon needs to have the correct emails & messaging systems in place. It shouldn't take 20 minutes to find their correct flippin email.

The response I finally got was that they can't send me the missing item in my order. Huh?! They can only do one of two things. They'll give me a credit for the missing item that was way lower than the missing item cost so now I have to fight with them over the amount of the credit should I choose that option. The 2nd option is return it for a full refund but they told me they don't even know if that's an option?!? I looked all through the fine print of my order & I can't find out if I can return it for a full refund or not! Good lord! So I sent an email asking for clarification of the return policies & if I were to choose the credit option, they need to give me more for it because they only offered me a few dollars for the credit of a $15 item. Ughhhh. No response & it's been 24 hrs since I sent it.

Also a huge deterrent is their shipping costs. When you're searching through items it doesn't state what the shipping costs are. You have to click on each individual item to find out. Most items are $3.99 shipping, some are $2.95, some shipping is more depending on the item & only occasionally do you find an item with free shipping.

This experience with buying my first (and ONLY) product on Groupon was NOT worth it. I'll definitely be sticking with Amazon & Target who have excellent policies & customer service, plus free shipping.

Just stick with their digital deals & stay away from buying any actual products from them.

Terrible Customer Service
I just want to start out by saying that I have purchased many items and event tickets from Groupon over the years and I have had problems with a few things here and there, but I understand things happen so I haven't complained. However, what happened to me this past Thursday and the way I was treated is NOT ok and your company should be concerned about who is representing you to your loyal customers. I purchased 2 tickets to The Beatles Love show, in Vegas, for Thursday night for my mother and her friend. I saw that the tickets were non-transferable so I made sure to have the name and spelling of her friend so I could add that to the tickets. When I went to make the purchase, I selected 2 tickets and noticed there wasn't a spot to add names for the vouchers. I triple checked to make sure I wasn't missing something but still did not see a place for this information. I made the mistake of trusting that I must be able to add them after the sale. That was not the case. I noticed I received 2 vouchers where my name was automatically added and that it stated my name had to be on the ID to pick both of them up at the box office. I tried contacting Groupon within a minute of the sale and was finally able to get someone through live chat less than 5 minutes after the purchase. This person informed me that there was nothing he could do because Groupon were non-transferable and non-refundable. He also informed me that even if he escalated the situation, I would get the same answer and that I wouldn't receive a call from anyone for 24-48 hours! My next tactic was to try the box office since you cannot even reach anyone by phone at your company. The woman at the box office was VERY nice, sympathetic and helpful even though the problem wasn't hers to solve at all. There was nothing she could do but she tried everything she could with me for about 30 minutes and sincerely apologized every time she came back on the line to say her idea didn't work out. There was nothing she could do but she tried and she was so nice about it with me. That is exactly how customer service should be. After trying with her, I tried Groupon again and this time, I requested a phone call online. Yes, this is how Grouon conducts their customer service business. Someone called me about 30 minutes later but she was not understanding my problem because she wasn't truly listening to me and that was very frustrating. She put me on hold for about 10 minutes and when she came back, she started to tell me how to purchase a Groupon. I was dumbfounded considering I had already spent 10 minutes explaining to her that I had already made the purchase and needed assistance with it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for another 20 minutes before a very rude man picked up the phone. This is where things got even worse when they should get better. This man has no business being in customer service and I only wish he had provided his name. He refused to let me speak and just kept repeating the policy in the fine print. I was trying to explain that the problem was in the purchasing process but he told me this Groupon was not allowed to be purchased as a gift and I should have realized that. I asked if he was telling me that I was out $158.87 and if he was really not going to try and help me at all and his response was "yeah, I guess that is what i'm saying. I'm not willing to do anything because that is our policy. If you want to talk to someone else, you can request another call on the site" and HUNG UP on me! I have never experienced anything like that in customer service. They ought to be ashamed. I understand company policies but I also understand good business practice and this entire transaction, from start to finish, was not good business practice. It is not my fault that their system didn't ask for names on these vouchers and just automatically added mine. Nowhere on the Groupon, anywhere, does it state that these tickets cannot be purchased as a gift and if I am able to purchase multiple tickets, why would there not be a place to add names, especially if they refuse to assist you after the purchase? I work for a group travel company and have purchased event tickets for multiple people numerous times and through numerous companies. Each and every other company does not even allow you to finish the sale without physically typing in a name for each voucher, when they are non-transferable. Even the woman at the box office used the excuse that the tickets are like a plane ticket! You cannot purchase a plane ticket, or any other non-transferable ticket, without prompting the customer for names to show on the front. Also, even airlines will allow you to change the names on your plane ticket. Groupon just added my name automatically and then basically told me I was out $158.87 without so much as an apology. Of the 3 people I spoke with at Groupon, not one of them even said they were sorry this happened. They made the decision not to assist me in any way, even though they were fully capable of making things right or, at the very least, offering some sort of credit to my account. I am appalled at the way this was handled and the way I was treated and you can be sure I will never purchase another thing from Groupon.

Merchants DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT do business with Groupon Goods
I have been a Groupon Merchant for 4 years now. The first 2 years? Fantastic! A lot of sales, revenue of $500,000 a year, wife finally quit job and was able to take care of the small babies. Move forward to 2017... my worst nightmare... Some idiot decided to implement a Program called "Merchant Graduation". Once a seller reaches a sales threshold of $1,000 in 30 days, Groupon get to graduate to Level to which is $5,000 in 30 days. But wait... there's a catch! They have a Scorecard which the metrics need to be all GREENS before graduating to Level 2. I was not graduated for 4 MONTHS! 4 LONG MONTHS! When I finally complained as to why my account has not graduated they stated that they did not have an answer for me but that they would send a request to the people that handle Merchant Graduation. Low and behold, I finally graduate to Level 2... I made $5,000 in three weeks. Account gets suspended again. While account is suspended for review, I receive an email stating that I have been demoted to Level 1 again because I had a red metric on C2M. For any real professional seller out there, let me explain to you what C2M is... Customer 2 Merchant. Can you actually believe that? This people actually have a metric for how many times a customer opens up a ticket. So all those questions about "Product Questions, Order Cancellation, Address Change Request, Asking about Tracking Information (while it's displayed there), Wanting to know about more color options". Yep, you heard me... better yet... you read it... you get penalized for customer inquiries like that. So instead of the $400,000 I was making a year, I'm around $50,000 for this year. When the account gets back to being reinstated, you lose your algorithm and good views on Google. So it's like starting from zero all over again. I had had products that used to sell over 10 a day, now some of them not even 1 for a whole month. Also! Beware of Returns! Groupon sometimes refunds your customer quietly without sending you any notification, email or any type of communication. I had had returns/refunds that I only found out because I was curious to look on the "Returns Tab". Customers don't even need to return the products, or even open up a ticket with you for getting a refund. They just contact Groupon and they refund the customer without contacting you or not letting you even know. They also close listings due to "Low Ratings". Sometimes I think they do it if they think you are making too many good sales out of an item as I asked to see my ratings out of a closed listing that had sold over 500+ pieces and 95% of the complaints were due to USPS slowness. So instead of closing a product because of the actual PRODUCT review, they close it based on USPS speed. They also don't take into consideration the people that don't rate the product. They can't seem to understand that this is not Amazon. Out of 100 orders, 70 customers will rate the product. Groupon customers like to get deals, quality items for cheap prices, they won't leave the most honest reviews. Instead of balancing out the bad reviews with the people that don't leave reviews(probably satisfied with order) they just judge the ratings only on the people who review. Really smart right? Leave it to the Groupon "Dream" Team to show your listings only through the website instead of app and website (generate more sales), To close the listings based on only the bad reviews that have nothing to do with the product itself, To refund items quietly without contacting the merchant (that does not sound legal at all), To create a Program that limits a seller's growth and potential while stopping production for days or weeks and playing with the algorithm of listings which creates 0 sales DAYS. Thank you Groupon, it was a pleasure working with you at the beggining but I'm leaving for greater and bigger things like AMAZON. Where they DON'T suspend seller accounts for reaching threshold(they don't even have that) where they DON'T limit the amount you can make a month, where the algorithms are well designed for $300-$1000 sales a day. Where they contact you before refunding a customer, where customers can look up your items either desktop or mobile. Where liberty and justice stands for all.

I don't usually leave review comments online but I strongly felt that I need to share my horrible experience with groupon service.

I purchased a hotel deal groupon yesterday ($1500 deal) using my Visa. But after 20 minutes, I decided to use my mastercard instead so cancelled the original deal and purchased another one.

Today, I checked my credit statement and the cancelled deal was refunded but missing 85 dollars! I thought it was a mistake and called groupon to figure out. After experiencing two hung up calls by call center for some reason and wasting almost 1 hour, I was finally able to talk to a Supervisor. Apparently from groupon's perspective, Groupon refunded the whole amount in USD and whatever amount is missing is due to exchange difference because I paid in CAD. I was shocked to hear this because when you purchase the hotel deal in groupon, they say it very proudly that they will return the full amount as long as it is cancelled before the deadline (approx 10 days). Nowhere it says the transaction fees or currency difference is not going to get refunded to the customer. I further looked into the Term of Sale, Return policy and FAQ and the only thing I found was just a simple statement saying that deals will be charged in USD.

Only if Groupon made a simple disclosure about the fact that customers won't be refunded for the currency difference in the case of cancellation, I wouldn't have cancelled my original transaction and get charged for $85 for no reason.

After 1.5 hours wasted on the phone with Groupon's call center, I got $20 of groupon credits to be used within next 6 months. Apparently, it is impossible for Groupon to fully compensate other than just giving $20 credit. As this is my only third time using groupon deals, I wonder how usefully I can use that $20 credit.

The experience with Groupon has just ruined my day and vacation now.

The Worst Customer Service Ever!
Buyer beware! Groupon is great until you have an issue. Worst customer service ever! I have yet to get an email from the same person twice. I have an account. Groupon knows my location. Yet, I was sold an out of area coupon. Groupon has repeatedly placed the blame on its customer, the vendor, but I blame Groupon for this mistake. I blame Groupon for suggesting customers purchase coupons for areas in which Groupon do not live. To clarify the vendor is in my area, however the coupon Groupon sold was not for my area, and therefore the full amount of the Groupon was not honored at the time of purchase. I contacted Groupon immediately after redeeming this coupon, within 24 hours of purchase, and have been told that because I redeemed the Groupon (albeit, for a lesser amount) and my dispute was not settled within three days (not for lack of trying on my part), there is nothing Groupon can do besides giving me Groupon credit, which after this experience, I do not want. As far as redemption is concerned, the Groupon was a service coupon for an oil change, which I had already had performed. When I found out that only a portion of my Groupon would be honored, I couldn't very well have them put the old oil back in the car, so I redeemed what I could of the Groupon, foolishly believing Groupon would make things right. Since then, it has taken Groupon over TWENTY days to resolve this issue, which in my opinion is still not resolved. I have been told I have Groupon credit, which I am not sure actually exists. It doesn't appear in my account and I never received confirmation. However, if it does exist, after using it (which I don't even really want to do) I will never purchase another thing from Groupon again.

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