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Not the way to go!
You can't rent a car or truck with Green Dot. Green Dot holds excessive funds if you rent a car. A $19 rental and Green Dot held an additional $200! Not the car company as a deposit, but Green Dot holds the funds. If you make a change to the rental, Green Dot charge another $200! So, if you change what car you want from your reservation, they are holding $400. Change it from a two day rental to one and now $600! Here is the best part - How long after you return the one day car rental can they hold your money hostage? Four weeks. FOUR WEEKS! Holding $600 for four weeks for a $19 rental? Is that legal?
What is the worst part? They lied to me and said it was the rental company that held the funds. Three days investigation and sitting in the rental car corporate office and Green Dot finally had a manager of the manager tell me the truth. "We hold the money in case something happens to the rental." Wait! Shouldn't that be the rental car companies place? If that is your method, why did you lie to me again and again. (I hate being lied to!)
These cards may be great for a secondary "just in case" card, but don't send your kid to college with one. And DON'T use this as a primary method of money. And DON'T expect customer service to tell the truth.

Don't Ever Use Green Dot Visa Debit Card
I have a Green Dot GO2 debit card and went to an authorized 7-11 and deposited $100. It never showed up in my account. So I called Green Dot and lets review what happened

Call #1 Verified my SS, Address, Phone #, DOB, explained what happened, and the person "Bob" said "I'll transfer you to dispute" then I hear a busy signal - wasted 15 minutes.

Call #2 Nice girl, had trouble speaking English, never got her name went through the same verification process with her and I told her to send me to dispute because that's where Green Dot sent me last time but then I got a busy signal.

She stayed on the line for an hour while we waited for the Dispute dept to pick up. She tried to put in a ticket but said my card was "Invalid" despite her seeing nothing wrong with the card and Green Dot just took out their maintenance fees a few days earlier.

FINALLY, after 55 minutes the Dispute dept picks up, and we go through the ENTIRE verification process again. After explaining my problem they tried to put in a ticket which I told them won't work because NOW there is something wrong with my card.

But nevertheless, this guy, who can't speak English either, (I'm Not Racist LOL) spends 15 minutes taking down all the info from my receipt then says "Oh the dispute Dept can't do anything we don't deal with lost transactions, you'll have to talk to Customer services... so he transfers me.

A girl picks up and I say I WANT TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR' She puts the phone down and I can hear her breathing but she won't say anything. After me saying "HELLLOOOOOO" or 15 minutes suddenly I get a busy signal.

Call #3 I tell the operator please transfer me to customer services because I just wasted 2 hours with the dispute department and they said I must speak with Customer service and the girl was like? Then after 10 minutes suddenly I get a busy signal.

Call #4 person whio can ghardly speak English answers. I say "You people have already wasted 3 hours of mine, I WANT TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR," She says fine, a few minutes later a supposed supervisor gets on but I hear all the same background operator noise so basically she handed the phone to the person next to her.

Nevertheless, I go through the entire verification process all over again, and she starts taking down all the info to put in a ticket and after telling her she can't put in a ticket... TAA DAA she says the Ticket can't go through and to WRITE A LETTER and send it to
P. O. Box 5100
Pasadena, CA 91117

She hangs up... so another 30 minutes wasted.

Call #5 same story, same verification process, I tell the person GIVE ME YOUR SUPERVISOR... Sup gets on we go through the entire verification AGAIN. After spending 11 minutes explaining the problem, giving him all the info on the receipt he says "GO2 can't resolve the problem I have to go to the 7-11" so I respond "NOW I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR,".

ANOTHER guy who CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH gets on and he says there is no one above him. He's the supreme supervisor... Of course, I laughed at him.

I ask him what is his name despite being his thick Indian accent he responds 'HECTOR'.

I ask "Hector" what is his last name and he says "I can't give you that for security reasons" LOL

Anyway, we go through the whole verification process again. Clearly, he's reading off his step-by-step how to resolve a dispute when dealing with an insane American cue card.

He starts asking me the EXACT... EXACT same questions to fill out a Ticket. So I ask him how are you going to file a ticket when his computer is telling him that my debit card is invalid.

He said he fixed the problem but when I asked what happened he said Due to security issues he can't tell me.

After a few moments, when he finally realizes his computer won't accept the ticket, he says "I sent the ticket but please send a copy of the receipt to this email address and explain the problem IN DETAIL about the who, what, when, and where of the transaction"

In other words, all the info that he asked while filling out the ticket he said he sent in.

Of course, he's lying about the ticket because why would I need to explain what happened IN DETAIL, if they had the ticket with all the same exact info?

So I told him, "Have the person you are sending the Ticket to, send me an email and I will send the copy of my receipt.

"Hector" then says and I quote "Please send a copy of the receipt to this email address and explain the problem in detail."

I tell him "No", You have whatever fictitious department you sent the ticket to, call me or email me because I'm not waiting days wondering if someone even OPENED THE GOD DAMN EMAIL!"

"Hector," says and I quote "Please send a copy of the receipt to this email address and explain the problem in detail."

I respond WTF are you kidding me?

"Hector" says and I quote "Please send a copy of the receipt to this email address and explain the problem in detail."

I said is this a F'n joke?

Hector cries "We don't tolerate abusive language and hangs up.

Walmart moneycard my kids havent ate in 2 days
If you got kids have Green Dot had any food today? Sure that have my three havent eaten in two days Walmart money card got every dime I own! And do your kids have a warm home? Well mine sleeps in the car as of Monday morning cause I couldnt pay rent Walmart has my money! Do your kids take medicine daily to live? Will my 8 year old cant get his medicine I dont have the copy to get it! He will die without! 5/6 years I had this card and worst thing I couldve done is trust it to do direct deposit! Yep Walmart money card when we die out here in this cold car I have all my proof that I just mail to the news station so everyone will know what happened to us! 6-5 yrs never put all my money on that card this year I did! I sent my state ID and my birth certificate ss# I ask for help I even ask for food no help my kids are so cold in this car we had a place to live until I trusted Walmart money card with every dime I had

Pissed off about my money
The worst banking ever. It's been over a year that Green Dot have had 5400$ of my money in dispute. These guys are a complete waste of time and they will try to rob you with the quickness. My wallet was stolen out of my car when I was swimming at the river and I called and reported it but they didn't shut the card off well when I filed taxes I didn't pay attention and change the direct deposit and all my taxes and stimulus money was sent to it cause it was the last known direct deposit H&R block had on file. Well a long story longer and the person who had stolen my card was using it for over a yr while I kept fighting with the IRS and H&R block about my money I finally tracked it down to these no good scoundrels. I'm being punished for them not shutting the card off and it's been forever and they still can't do the most simplest task to look on the cameras of the place the card was used and see that I didn't use it and give me my $#*!ing money back. Plz whatever you do do not use these ppl as a bank not only will you be calling in you will be lucky to have someone not hang up on you cause they can't figure out what your asking. Oh maybe it's cause not one person I've spoke to can speak English maybe that's the reason. Do yourself a favor put your money in a sock or find a better bank then this one these guys get zero stars from me. They are worthless and not good people.

AVOID this company! Monthly fees still charged after following sites instructions to close acct!
Monthly fees still charged after following site's instructions to spend down acct to 0$ to close! I had called and spoke live with an agent, requesting to close my account and send me a check for the balance of $8.54, he told me "it will be easier to just spend down your balance to Zero and then your account would be closed automatically for inactivity". After following his and the website's instructions, I continued to get charged $7.95 in monthly fees, which I initially ignored, thinking it would be reconciled when closed for inactivity. Well, I just received my 3rd monthly fee! I contacted them via online chat, and Green Dot tried to get me to keep acct open, I declined, and then the agent said she would close my account. She then typed "Also, please be assured that your credit scores won't be impacted by the account closure with negative balance. We are here for you and we'll take care of that!". This is absurd to me! I asked to have my balance zeroed out before closing, but she just restated her statement above. I will be watching my credit reports and scores and if derogatory in ANY way, I will escalate this. I feel bad for other people who have and will go through this!

Should of not gotten overdraft charges
I been using green dot for a good while now about 5 years so Green Dot gotten plenty of money from me. I finally was able to apply for overdraft protection where I can overdraft my account up too $200

First off they don't allow you too withdraw that money and can only be used for purchases. Ok that's obviously a ploy so they can get you for 15$ every small purchase you make. So I was reluctant to try it out cause I really needed the money but I knew I was going to do grub hub that same day to pay it off

Well I made 3 transcrations totaling 140 dollars. I had to do it cause I needed gas to fill up my car. I had to pay for my phone service and get some food too. I knew I was gonna pay it all back in one day tho doing grub hub so I wasn't too worried getting charged.

That day I made 146 dollars doing grub hub and did the instant cash out so the money was right there but it just needed to be approved first cause green dot doesn't offer real time banking deposit or whatever it's called. Convenient for them right?

Because they $#*!en waited more than 24 hours to process the deposit so they can process the overdraft fees first and damn right I got hit up with 45 dollars total for overdraft fees even tho I had the money put in my account it just needed to be approvedby them.

I was hoping they would by good faith see that I made an effort to pay the money back right away and not charge me the overdraft fees. It was under 24 hours when I did the instant cash out from grub hub so they shouldn't of charged me the over draft fees! Or atleast charge me just once. They are just being greedy!

After this experience I am done with green dot. They are not a good company and will charge you bs fees whenever they have a chance! I been a customer for 5 years and this is how they repay me? Yep as soon as I get my first check deposited into my account from my new job at Amazon I will take that money and open a new bank account elsewhere.

Green dot has lost my business unless they wanna fix this then I will continue to use green dot. If not well their loss!

THIS BANK AFTER COVERTLY STEELING $500 2019 AFTER 2 YEAR BATTLE WITH CHARLOTTE HALL SOCIAL SECURITY AND REFUSED TO REIMBURSE SAID FUNDS 2019 FROM ILLEGAL TRANSACTIONS ONLY INSIDE JOB UPDATE OCT 21ST FOUND THAT WEST AFRICA PLAYED PART IN STEELING MONEY FROM GREENDOT ACCOUNTS CONFIRMED 2 DAYS AGO OF COURSE BANKS KNOW UNDER FEDERAL LAW I CONSIDER THIS BANK ILLEGAL SOURCE ALSO SAID Green Dot GREENDOT REFUSES TO PAY LOST FUNDS HOWEVER STOLEN FUNDS ARE BANK RESPONSIBILITY SINCE IT IS NOT OF THE USER. Homeless veteran plus just refused to give my $100 days ago despite food and other needs plus failed to reimburse me lost funds on 2 illegal transactions clearly not mine costing me my car first in 5 years gov owes me $55,499 2010 service terrible told them their job excuse Stanley Hoyer office office was informed received made case in Sep 2020 still no word October 21 2021. Still homeless I helped those on the streets with little money. Banks don't care about you they care about green paper that comes from other places I still expect their accountability PNC before this tried to take over $300 on a lie and the woman on said account lived a short distance from my very tent in a nice stone house. In God We Trust we'll as a Watchman knowing all that is coming now. That time soon ends psalms 37v1and 2 US Army out

Defintely a bad deal
I would have to agree with most other reviews here. While Green Dot is decidedly one of the worst in the financial sector, It's hard not to interact with this company at some point in life. According to Wikipedia, it's considered the "world's largest prepaid debit card company and operates the platforms for Apple Pay, Uber, & Intuit", and is in partnership with businesses like TurboTax & WalMart's GoBank. Green Dot also owns the RushCard.

Green Dot also operates under the name Bonneville Bank, but accounts or transactions cannot be transferred between the two. That's where I had the biggest issue.

Green Dot's customer service is very UNhelpful, and is very limited. If you have a problem you're practically on your own. Their reputation is bad across the web, on Yelp, Amazon, & CreditKarma. It's definitely about the worst you can do business with. Avoid the prepaid card if at all possible, it's loaded with extra fees, and you may even be stuck paying the monthly fee if you don't setup direct deposits of at least $1000 per month.

Vey upset
I am very concerned and upset. I can't understand why I have not received the 2000 dollars i was scammed for by someone whom was not my account just used my money and I reported it to Green Dot when it was first purchased and pending but instead Green Dot told me to contact Amazon see what they had to say an that was to dispute it an there should be no reason my bank should not give me the money right back. I haven't received anything from Amazon so Green Dot is just gonna let me loose 2000 dollars that I work hard for and have to pay rent with and Amazon said it was fraud bc it wasn't made on my account and I reported it right when it was made on my card. Now they are saying it will be oct 19 2000 dollars is a lot to me and I have used you Green Dot forever why are y'all doing this. Now I have to contact an attorney about my money bc my own bank will not give me my money come on green dot I just want what was taking from me.

Stay away from this horrible place
Stay away from this horrible place. These greendot money pak cards do not work 99% of the time (Says no money was found on the card or did not go through) and you have to call their crappy customer service to tell them about your problem since the store you purchased the card from cannot do anything about it. Green Dot will keep you on hold for a long time and eventually say they're sorry and will "refund" your money through mail by a check (for me i never got mine at all). Point being, they will steal your money and say they refunded it back. It amazes me how many people say this thing is great and still is in business. They're probably members of the company posing as customers saying they had a great time using it and recommend this to anyone that doesn't want to use a credit card online. Find another method to pay for stuff online or just use your own card to avoid dealing with these scammers!

They refuse to cancel account, and refuse to deduct monthly fees piling up
Within 2 weeks of using the card, I decided to close the acct. No customer service online or by phone, at the time. I tried again later, spending 45 minutes trying to find a person to talk to. I was finally able to contact them via email. Green Dot said they would get in touch with me within two days. (They did not.) Long story short, and after several emails to them, and researching how to contact them, they finally posted a real number I could call, from their website. I was able to speak to a person. They refused to close the account. They refused to send the small amount I requested back in a check, like they suggested. They stated I have a negative balance, that grows every month. I mentioned I followed their reply on how to close the account. They continued on and on they cannot close the account, and I have a balance. I argued NO, I had been trying to close the account since I received the card. They put me on hold, for over 2 hours...(I just went to work, so I didn't lose any time.) Beware of false claims of how easy it is to close the account, they will not let you.

Identity Theft Scam appears to be the place to go to transfer funds from loans secured through identity theft. My identity was stolen and a loan for $15,808 was secured from OneMain Financial on 10/29/2010. OneMain Financial says the loan was for $12,000.00 but it shows up on my credit report as $15,808. I have tried and documented that I was put on hold by their fraud department once yesterday and 6 times today. The system conveniently hangs up after 5 to 16 minutes. I am relatively sure that victim's (like me) bank accounts that were set up fraudulently through Greendot are programmed to hang up before an agent can answer the phone. I don't know how long this rogue(hack) has been going on but I hope Greendot can resolve it before it takes their company to bankruptcy. The fraudulent account number is 495 338 005 240. If someone who is honest in the Greendot company gets this post Green Dot should contact the fraud department at OneMain Financial and have all of the funds in the account transferred to OneMain Financial to recover some of the funds that were secured through identity theft victims like me.
Charnetta from OneMain Financial's fraud department can be reached at *******454 and her case number is 460 5430. If you want more documentation you can get my information from OneMain Financial.

Money scam. IF you can get your money takes considerable time fighting deception and lies.
If negative 10 rating available would use that. NOTHING good about this business.
Just purch Green Dot debit visa card 4 days ago at Krogers. I relaized when I looked at card I had someone pick up for me at store it was not what I needed. I needed simple gift card to give someone.
Spent literally 2 hours today with hangups and deception by Green Dot. Each call takes min 20 min wait.
First call lady answered bad english as usual. Told her needed to cancel or get money back. After giving card number to her she went away from phone and never came back. Spent another 20 min and gal answered and said she could not hear me. No phone problems here. Waited another 21 min and got 2nd gal that took info saying she would cancel card and would take 2 wks. As original gal we talked to once we gave her card number she went somewhere and did not hang up but never returned to phone
To complete what she claimed she was doing.
Out of desperation went online to activate so I could go to Kroger or bank and cash out card. After putting all information in including ss number no errors but at final end it said system error can not complete.
Went thru the process again 2nd time with no problem putting in all information but again at final confirmation screen said system error. Clearly obvious Green Dot had my $300 and intended to put up road blocks from being able to get the money back using card in any way it says you can. This is like the Nigerian scam calls you get except they sell cards thru reputable stores. Unless you want to lose your money or have money to throw away to scammers avoid these people. I hate negative reviews but what I hate worse is good people getting their hard earned cash scammed away or have to lose $1000 of time to fight and get THEIR money back. When you put YOUR money into a legitimate bank you do not have to beg and fight to get some of it back as these losers require. Getting it back takes hours or added legal help. Go to your local bank or credit union. Easier and safer.

Horrible Card
I use the Walmart Moneycard which is issued by Green Dot and has the same policies and procedures as Green Dot cards. One of their biggest issues is their holding period for pending transactions. I made a purchase(hotel reservation) through Priceline and ended up cancelling the reservation less than 3 hours after making the reservation. Priceline charges you immediately for that reservation. Green Dot held that money as "pending" and unavailable for use for 10 days. I even had Priceline contact Green Dot and "remove" the authorization hold. I was still told that the system holds the fund with a specified release date and there is no manual override to that. This was rather disappointing as I have found out with other cards similar to this, that hold last for 7 days, and some will even remove the hold once the merchant lifts it.
The customer service is also below sub-par. I have had to contact them several times both on the phone and through the in-app feature, and Green Dot were of no help. It was almost as if speaking to a robot because nobody said anything that deviated from an obvious script. They seem to have an answer for everything right at their fingertips, and none of those answers are even remotely helpful to the caller.
The fact that they impose a monthly maintenance fee, unless you meet their threshold, is also ridiculous. There are many other cards out there(Chime, Varo), which offer no fees. If they cannot have helpful customer service and ridiculous policies, and horrible time frames, then why pay a monthly fee?
This is one card that I regret getting, and will be switching as soon as possible.

Jesse James would keep riding
Hey Jessie how about Green Dot you want to try to make it there? Cole younger i'm gonna slap you the next time you say anything so stupid!….
This is me showing you guys how ignorant green dot is these guys are the worst I mean the most absolute worst telephone communicators Green Dot are the worst when it comes to building every relationship with every customer I will sit there and yell and scream in their freaking ears! Where is my $340 and explain to them and every detail in perfect explanation and the only response I get is thank you sir I am very sorry for that I mean dude stop telling me thank you for something I don't want to be thanked for I want you to fix the solution my money has been taken by a Company I don't even know who is and you're going to sit there and tell me thank you that's it I am done with green dot! I am so so done with green dot and when I told them that their response was thank you is there anything else I can do for you? Sure there is you can put it where the sun don't shine I'm done

Don't do it. Don't do it... don't do it!
This is the worst credit card company I've ever dealt with in my life! I recently got a green dot platinum secured credit card and upon receiving the card I got on line to add my security deposit and register the card. Well I was able to add my security deposit no problem. But when I went to register the card. I could not. Kept getting your information does not match our records and than due to my repeated attempts to enter my information somehow my account/card was blocked. Next I called the number on the back of the card only to get a automated response telling me that my card number and social security number didn't match and to go visit the website for more info. Next I go online only to find the live text format doesn't work and every customer service phone number I called I could not reach a live person for help. So now I have a useless credit card that I can't activate or register and green dot credit card company has my hard earned money and no way for me to get help to fix the problem or get my money back! What a nightmare! Had I known from the beginning that green dot credit card company didn't have live customer service representatives or a way to help the customers when Green Dot were having problems I would have never dealt with this horrible company! From my own experience with this company I would advise you to Run away like ten rabies infected pit bull dog's were chasing you!

My account was hacked, by a person posing as an Uber agent, this agent, along with an agent from GoBank took all my money out of the GoBank acount without any problem. I followed all asked procedures regarding verification, sent all photo copies of transactions, this was sent to the refund request department, along with the "account take over" department, twice. I have been on hold up to 2 hours at a time when I request to speak to a supervisor and this is every time I call, I call at least twice a week. The agents who initially answer the customer service line, dont know anything... and when a supervisor does answer, its the same, nothing?
Always have some "excuse" as to why it has not been resolved. My case has gone over 45 days, which I was told it would take and still, there is an excuse as to why I still have not received my money of over, the amount taken is over $1420. 00. I need to know what options I have... this is too much money so easily taken from the account.

Change over
Been with green dot for over 10 years no problem till this change over to go2bank card. Did what Green Dot asked. And they mailed me a card to use but got sent back to them cause of wrong addtess. So i checked that out found out on my green dot account had my apt. Number listed. So i checked on the go2bank site. NO apt number listed that why it got returned. There fault all the way. Now got my S. S. CHECK deposted on my green dot card. But account is closed. So i called 4 time. They said it was after the date. And they cant tranfer mymoney grom green dot to the go2bank. It will be mailed out in the next 30 days. I live off my S. S. got bills to pay. Like car payment car ins. And phone. Cant get my money. And if my car gets repode. Finding me a lawyer and sueing for min. Of 5,000.00 if not more. They can tranfer the money but dont eant to. So NEVER GOING WITH GREEN DOT OR GO2BANK EVER. FIND ANOTHER 1. THEY R A JOKE.

My husband bought this card so we could shop online for Christmas, we ran out of money so naturally we wanted to reload it. We went to the nearest green dot location and he went to load the card at the register with 200 dollars in cash. The clerk told him he had to buy a Money Pak card to reload it. First of all, you have to create another, separate account to use Money Paks services, then lo and behold it came to my surprise that an alert came up saying Money Pak can only be used on permanent cards ( where your name is on it). We were not informed of this at the time of sale, and the sales clerk insisted it was the only way and did not use the register to load the card as she said it was unavailable for their device. So I called customer service, to see if Green Dot can over ride the system by just directly accessing from their system and adding the money pak info into it. After explaining it to a representative they said they would transfer me to a supervisor which instead I was place back in the automated system to have to teleprompt all over again. Then I had to explain the situation to another person. Which told me there were no supervisors available to assist me and that they could no longer override the system to add funds from money pak as they have a new contract that doesn't allow that and is only exclusive to money pak a completely separate entity. We now have to wait until Dec 21 when the permanent card comes in the mail in order to use the funds. So close to Christmas and I can't shop for my son. His big purchase was gonna be on that card. What if we needed the money for food and it was the last of our money? How would we eat? I'm so pissed. The stores they allow to sell their cards are uninformed and ignorant. They do not have the information required to help you out and your stuck like me unable to use the funds. Plus it's another 5.95 charge to buy the money pak. What a scam. They make it look like it'll save you money when in reality their just as bad as banks with all the activation charges. We have spent 14 dollars so far in fees to use their poor services. 1.95 to buy the card then 7.95 for their monthly services, then 5.95 for the money pak... Dont ever use this awful system. Such a waste! Better to western union someone money than go through this crap.

Be Aware no real bank account not in the U. S
I am writing this letter to the GreenDot dispute department for a second time, I apologize that I had a death in my family a lot going on the first time. I opened up this dispute and sent a letter with the incorrect dates which was my fault and error. On April 02,2021 I originally purchased a television from Best Buy in the amount of $239.37. I realized I was charged again with the exact same amount on June 10,2021 and I Did Not Authorize this transaction a second time! I spoke with Best Buy on June 11,2021 and the corporate office said Green Dot could not refund or do anything regarding this second transaction, they advised I will have to dispute it with my bank to receive a full refund for $239.37. Best Buy claimed they keep credit cards on file in case transactions decline or people are on a payment arrangement. And she apologized for the inconvenience, Michelle sent me a $50.00 Best Buy gift card. Which was not enough since they stole triple that amount!

I spoke with Issa at Walmart/ GreenDot customer service. She was a great help to me; thank you again Issa for advising me on how to dispute this transaction with the claim she opened for me. I have provided the receipt from the transaction on April 2,2021 for the original purchase of the television, a print out of my seven missing transactions from April 2,2021, and the proof from my transaction history showing this transaction was run on June 10,2021 in the amount of $239.37. Best Buy advised they did not have access or could not get the receipt for the transaction on June 10,2021, since it was not a purchase, it was an error in their system. I realized there were seven transactions from April 2,2021, that is all missing and not appearing under my transaction statement. I had to go under my inbox history of transactions to locate this transaction that is now all of a sudden missing from my statement. I called Walmart Money Card/ GreenDot and spoke with Joey. He opened case# 64790632 about none of my transactions showing from April 2,2021; he advised me to email the screenshots of the transactions from that day to ******* I am hoping you guys get to the bottom of this discrepancy and get my money refunded to me before two weeks to 30 days! I am waiting on an email confirmation for Case# 64790632 wanting to know why my transactions are now not listed and been deleted by whom? And Case# 63155101 wanting to know when my money $239.37 be put back on my card; this case should now be approved. I have all the physical proof.

Sincerely; Malisa A. Greene

From 2016-2019 i went through a personal downfall. My bank in may of 2019 was state chartered Greendot Bank. Due to bank error in which Green Dot accidentally added more money to a savings to checking transfer i made in 2019 and my lack of keeping up with my balance the account became negative $1400. I have made payments a little at a time to bring balance down. In april Gov Gavin Newsom signed into law executive order N-57-20. This order stated"1. Funds in any account held by an individual who received the financial assistance described in Paragraph 1 shall be exempt from any such lien or setoffincluding, but not limited to, any such setoff in connection with fees charged to, or debt arising from, the same account in which the funds are held". Gobank/Greendot setoff my whole stimulus deposit in the amount of $1200. After hours spent everyday calling and requesting to speak to someone in the corporate office i finally recieved a call from Jonathan a Corporate Manager within the office of the Ceo. I Stated my case which is that an Executive order was signed into law and most banks are working with and not against the customers voluntarily. He responded that the deposit was taken automatically and the system is setup that way and wasn't much he could do for me. He added he would look further into it but couldn't make any promises. I ended with "that will be fine but i do believe they are legally, if not out of goodwill, bound by the order. And that i would pursue this further if no response. I believe Gobank/Greendot is violating state law by not adhering to the Executive Order. This has caused My 2 daughters and Myself to be on the brink of falling behind on utilities/rent. Im a full time divorced Father of 2 Girls with 22 yrs working for the United States Government.

Although this company states that Green Dot release deposits to your account early from the actual scheduled date, I never have. Didn't matter from what company that was issuing the payment. Not to mention, the same employer that I have received my checks from that I sometimes have deposited to this account I have not received anything this time around. I have checked and double checked with my employer regarding my payment and everything is normal and correctly set. Green dot does not want any confirmation showing that my money has been reported to them nor do they have a system to view any pending deposits. At this point, I feel robbed with my funds floating in thin air and all Green dot can say is that when they receive notification they will release my funds. I asked to speak with manager, I got a supervisor. I asked for a corporate number, they would not release any information and told me that I will receive a call back from someone within the next two buisness days. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME? NEVER AGAIN

Scam Alert
I have an account with Greendot Bank. I had 1,025.58, next thing i know, my account only has 58 cents. I assume it was a inside job because on how the money was taken away in the first place. I reported this to them and I have had a very hard time trying to get my money back even though Green Dot are the reason I have no money in my account in the first place. They investigated and told me that i will receive a new card with the money on the card, Because its been a month since this happened and that was my rent money, and that money was the only thing that I had until my next check, when I finally received my card they tell me that I can't have access to my money because my birthday does not match with the new card they gave me. Even though the first card I have from them my birthday matches so they tell me someone put a different birthday on this new card which was a error on their part so I'm starting to see this company is very unprofessional and I still don't have access to my funds which has caused me to pass out at my job from having no money to eat then i had severe break down, which caused me to have severe Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Depression.


If I could, I would give GreenDot zero stars. This has to be the worst company when it comes to pre-load cards. And the worst customer service ever. I bought this card from Walmart with the intent to use it as a gift card. I loaded $270 cash at the register then went home to put it in the gift box. I looked closer and realized I needed to activate it/register it. I called the number and to my surprise, Green Dot asked for all of my personal information. Social, address, date of birth. That wasn't what I bought or what I was wanting, no where on that packaging did it say it would need that information to be used. I was livid, honestly. The packaging on that card said nothing about what it really was and what it really required to be able to use it. And on top of that, it charged me $7.95 the very next day. Not expecting that either but okay, it did say that on the back. I attempted to take it back to Walmart and they told me they wouldn't be able to refund my money and that I would need to call GreenDot. Later that day, I attempted to withdraw money from an ATM and it said my PIN was wrong. I knew for sure this wasn't the case since I used my birth year for my PIN. The only way to change your PIN is to go online, a rep can't assist you with that what so ever. Then I found out another little hidden surprise. Even once I got the PIN situation taken care of, I still couldn't withdraw my funds in cash, because you have to wait for the card with your name embossed to come in the mail which can take two weeks. Ridiculous! In total, I spent about 6 hours dealing with the on going nightmare this card caused. I visited the website, I called the number on the back of the card, no where could I get a live rep. How could you run a company that deals with people's money and not have a direct way to be reached? That is completely shady. I had to research other way to reach them, and finally found a number. After having to go through the prompts about three times, I finally got through to someone. I'm not trying to be insensitive, but the person on the other side had such a thick accent that I could barely understand what she was saying. So not only do they not have a legitimate customer service number, they have also outsourced to pay people less than minimum wage to deal with phone calls that directly affect the lives of the people who purchased and loaded these cards. That is completely unethical in my opinion. I would never ever recommend this card to anyone. If anyone is ever looking for a debit card, buy a Visa card that can be used anywhere. These cards are a completely joke. I was lucky enough that my local Walmart worked with me to get my refund. They also mentioned they are working on getting rid of Green Dot because of so many customer complaints. After reading everyone's reviews here, I think it may also be wise to close out the card completely. I would hate for them to take me negative with the scam monthly fees then ruin my credit because they also have my social security number. I think the next place I will be calling is the better business bureau.

GreenDot is a pathetic Joke. Avoid them like COVID-19
This is not a bank. It truly has been one of the worst experiences in my life. Customer Service always sounds like I have reached Somalia. The agents have not a clue what Green Dot are talking about and to speak to a supervisor well you are more likely to be struck by lightning. As an ex-banker I am actually offended they are allowed to define themselves as a bank. Here's a short example. 6/1, I have funds wired to the account. After all, they do in fact have my account and routing number right on the website. But on 6/2, there is no money. So I call them. I am told they hold incoming wires for 72 hours. So Green Dot has taken the fastest way to send money and blew it up. I can only summize because they like to have 3 free days to earn interest on my cash. But it gets better. As of today, there is still not a single dollar in the account.

So I call back Somalia Customer Service and today the tell they don't accept wires transfers at all. This is a US supervised bank, I am going to roll out a can of whoop as on them. They are by far the biggest embarrassment and joke and should be closed down.

Account take over no refund
Yes I dealt with. These people for mons. Now and told me if I provided them with documents Green Dot asked for they would provide me with a full refund they close my account because I wasn't using it and there were 784 in my account when they closed it. So I provided them with all they asked for but it wasn't enough they wanted me to run to the post office and get proof of address there they wanted me to go get a new license with the current address because I've been living there for 2 years where they were sending the cards my Green Dot cards too and I did all day asked and they still denied me my Green Dot refund from the account takeover these people are crooks they wasted my time my gas my efforts I am sick to my stomach having to deal with these people these people the Green Dot and go bank is also another one do not deal with them somebody actually stole two grand out of my account eagle Bank that's a whole nother story

Piss off green dot
This is the worst experience ever. I purchased a prepaid card for my 18 yr old daughter for having money for emergency on it as she is flying to another state. Green Dot said they couldnt verify her information even though she sent a photo of her ID she provided all info. So card is worthless she cant pull money off of it she cant use it on internet or over phone she cant recieve cash back. Oh but in there email they say she can purchase another card and apply again. I am so mad right now it is really hard keeping this clean. In my opinion that screams a money scam they want people to have ti go buy another card so they refuse to register first one. Well I wont ever purchase another green dot card and I will discourage anyone I know from purchasing another one. And I know alot of people. Akd when they here about my daughter in tears just for that alone everyone I know will spread the word. So piss off greendot.

Steals Identities and doesn't care
Intuit signed me up for a GreenDot card, without my permission. It took
4 days to figure out that who was responsible - Green Dot or Intuit.
Both claimed I didn't have an account. Green Dot finally admitted that
Someone had set up an account in my name, and my refund was there. Green Dot
Then refused me access, saying I would need to pay for a new card, and
Then re-set up an account, all the while, my social and date of birth
Failed to bring up an account in their automated system. The first rep
'blocked' the account, and then hung up on me. The second refused to do
Anything until I sent her my driver's license, Social, and utility bill
To an unsecured email. Given that they'd pretty much admitted to
Allowing someone to steal my identity, I was not willing to do so. She
Then said she could try to have someone call me back, but it could take
Up to a month for anything to get fixed. I know it's pennies on the
Dollars. But it's not even the tax refund now - my identity is possibly
Been stolen and their response was to make it worse. Not better.

Company uses bait and switch to truck gift card buyers into buying their cards
This company drops their cards into stores where Green Dot display them along with the normal gift cards. Then consumers pick them up for family thinking that is what they are buying into and the person they give it to gets tricked right out of their money from the very start.

A parent of mine got me one last year. I dropped it in with the rest of the other gift cards waiting to be used and didn't really get much anything done last year because of the current covid situation. This month I decided to break it out and use it to find out I have to register it first. Ok, so I pay normal and go home to register it for next time. Then to find out I need to give them my social security number and all sorts of information. I look everything up online to find out this has nothing to do with being a gift card. It is a prepaid debit card and in order to use the funds someone gifted on it, you have to set up a whole bank account with them.

So then I do it, ready to drop everything as soon as I use the $50 on it for something. The very moment I register the card with an account, they immediately charge a $7.95 "monthly fee" from the $50. Well, this keeps getting worse.

I will never go anywhere near a Green Dot card. Even if I was purposely looking for a prepaid card, I would stay far away from them because of this experience and their practices in tricking people into buying something thinking it is something else (a covert bait and switch routine they have there). I won't touch them again and I advise you to stay away as well.

I wouldn't be surprised if they try to "fee" me closing the account once the card is depleted...

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