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Wrong half the time and gets in the way
I'm using the free add on version in Firefox. I do freelance copywriting and wanted to check for AP style: it doesn't. It barely checks anything, no style aside from a "tone" indicator (won't tell you how to change tone). It very often misreads the context. In the sentence above "add on version," it wants to change to "add on the version"; if anything it should suggest hyphenating "add on". In a sentence about moles, it couldn't tell "tunnel" was supposed to be a verb, not a noun, and wanted to add an "a" in front of it. If you're writing complex sentence structures, it often makes wrong suggestions. If English is not your first language or you really struggle with grammar, don't use it. It's also annoying! It is quicker than a right-click spellcheck when you hover your mouse over a suggested correction, but it will stay there even as you keep typing, covering what you're writing. I haven't tried the paid version, but the free one is frustrating more often than helpful. The things it is good at are spelling (not verb tense), when to hyphenate or combine into one word, and capitalizing proper nouns.

Garbage program from a garbage company
Disclaimer, I only use the free version so maybe the Premium version is way better (it better be considering how $#*!y the program try to pressure you into subscription). But for the free version, it will drive you up a wall if you are a perfectionist and doesn't want to see a blue number indicating your 'advanced' mistake pop up.

While the damn thing doesn't fix your quote on quote advanced mistake, or simply allow the user to turn the damn thing off is not so bad in itself (hey, Grammarly have to justify their overpriced subscription in some way, am I right?). What makes this advanced mistake flagging so utterly sinister is how it would sometimes remain hidden for a while, and then suddenly pop up after you finishes the whole paragraph. So even if you do not try to rely on this program to fix the mistake and try to fix itself, you have to literally take out your sentences one by one just to see when the blue number would disappear and try to rewrite the sentence, which is hair pulling-ly annoying.

A garbage program made by a garbage company designed to annoying user into opening their wallet like a freaking free to play game.

Improper English
I have never seen such bad grammar and punctuation as Grammarly. It is street talk, not proper or formal English according to the Rules of the English Language. It does catch most spelling errors. I spend more time correcting Grammarly errors than it saves me time.

Grammarly have this god-awful problem of blocking the end of a sentence to the right, and one must spend a lot of time to race what was written just to end a sentence. Also, they want to hyphenate words that should not be hyphenated. And, there are a lot of nonsense words like wanna as opposed to "want to." They totally abuse the proper grammar of "never begin or end a sentence with a preposition." They constantly want to add an unnecessary preposition at the end of after every object and change proper English usage to street and ghetto English. Again, it takes a long time to correct Grammarly's improper English, bad grammar, and bad punctuation by removing necessary commas.

70% off on grammarly
Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'm a content writer. Just like every night I was writing something for a company. Then I realized, that I won't be able to pay grammarly subscription for next year. Money is really tight right now. So I decided to take it upon myself to find a cheap grammarly premium. I was able to pay 30 dollars max. I really didn't know if that was possible or not. After an hour of browsing, all of my hope was almost gone I stumbled upon a website, that I left in a attachment down below. It's called [B][/B] And let me tell you when I clicked on the website I was totally shocked. Grammarly are selling grammarly premium for only 12 dollars a year. At first it was obviously really sceptical. I was like: "No way they can be selling them for that cheap, thers has to be some kind if a catch". Then I saw they have real-time support on their website and decided to ask them about the shop etc. to check if its not a scam. I was really impressed with the support on their website. They replied immediately. Then I said I f*ck it. I will risk these 12 dollars. And after few minutes I got a mail in my mailbox from PublicMart with my grammarly details. I can't tell you how happy I was. But my journey to cheap grammarly wasn't over yet. The account had to work. So I logged in and yeah I can safely say, that it worked. I was so happy :) After sometime my hulu free trial ended and I needed another account so I checked PublicMart website and sure enough there was a hulu account for sale. Even though I was sceptical at first it turmed out to be true. I have to share it with you guys

My complaint is less about the product than the service
My complaint is less about the product than the service.

First, the product--To construct a writing checker is a monumentally complex task, so I do expect it to offer many awkward comments and corrections that are meaningless. Awkward though it is, I find it useful. I do like that it marks errors rather than tries to correct them, and I like the downloadable PDF it provides. Although it is far from elegant, it saves me work and catches things that I likely would not. The Plagiarism Check should default to being on. The manual controls on the older version seemed more intuitive but the newer ones are probably just as good after one learns where Grammarly are. Downloading the PDF report is now harder tfor a new user to find. The product seems to be improving with time, so I added one more star.

On the Service--YECCHH! That is where most complaints come from, especially around the business issues of billing. Try to find the name of the officers or owners and connect by phone to speak with a live person. You cannot connect. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who enrolled for their software service found the same thing. Complaints were rampant for years all over the web. But there are indications that responsiveness is getting somewhat better and the software has improved steadily since I started using their tool. It must have taken immense effort to construct this. For me, it continues to be worth the subscription.

Changed fees w/o notifying me & was difficult to cancel new fees
I kinda liked Grammarly, but thought I needed to be good at grammar to evaluate whether some of their suggestions were valid or not. Some were great. Some were not valid, Some were optional, just a matter of preference, tho sometimes a good suggestion. But way, way back in time, Grammarly used to have a monthly fee version and an outright purchase, desktop version. I purchased the desktop version (with the usual EULA saying like all EULA's you are not an actual owner of the software, you can use it as long as we let you [we support it or whatever], not modify, decompile... it. Just like buying windows ME, XP, 2000, 7, or 8. No monthly fee and it was installed on your computer.) I used Grammarly a lot at first, but tapered off because it could be a hassle to review all their superfulous suggestions. Then one time they indicated I needed to update the software. I did not see any notice that the update changed from the purchase version to the monthly fee version. They had totally discontinued the purchase version, and started charging me monthly fees. I had a heck of a time cancelling and getting a refund. The people I talked to didn't even appear to know about the version I had bought. I wanted the old version back, but it no longer existed.
I thought Grammarly improved my writing, but at a cost of a lot of time and effort to review and approve or disapprove all their suggestions. That was one of the reasons I quit using it regularly. Especially since I thought a lot of the suggestions were optional. E.g. They might suggest I change regularly in the preceding sentence to commonly, faithfully, frequently, repeatedly, routinely, usually, customarily... Hey good to consider, but it was a nuisance all those instances many, many times in each thing I wrote. Yet if I were writing something very important, it found errors I really wanted to correct and it made proofing easier and perhaps my writing a little more precise. The monthly fee was not worth it for the amount I used it.

I was led to believe that I would be payed $15 per month payed annually for a business account which could supply 3-100 users! So i should have been charged $180.


I'm not a business owner i got this for my siblings and I to use for our uni assignments. I don't have this kind of money!

Throughout the whole advertisement process i was led through i was told I would be charged a rate of $15 per month for a service that could supply 3-100 people with the service. However Grammarly failed to mention until the last page, which i didn't see at the time because it's nearly impossible to notice (especially after being told another different information for so long), that the service is charged PER PERSON and has a minimum of 3 people.

So the $15 figure is a complete lie, you can't even choose to pay the $15 per month because the minimum persons is 3. That makes it $45 per month ($540 per year AND IT IS BILLED ANUALLY) IT'S AN OUTRIGHT $#*!ING LIE

On top of this there is no way to get in contact with the company directly. No phone number or email displayed just a section on their website where you can "contact support", however it doesn't disclose how long it will take for them to get back to you. I found a number on a website called customercarecontact that listed a phone number for them, however it's an American number that charges international rates when calling from overseas (I'm from australia)

I'm absolutely disgusted with this company and their abuse of trust.

The app that will teach you right in a wrong way and vice-versa
The Grammarly free browser extension is very useful for the English learner. I mean, I know English language quite well, but I still want to perfect my grammar further. Like learning how to write words the right way, the double letters, commas, and so on. So far Grammarly helped me a lot with all that but sometimes it wants to teach me wrong. I really hate it when tries to instill self-doubt in me, making me question the things that I've learned and already know. At times It gives bad, wrong, straight up erroneous suggestions about how to construct sentences and word combinations. That may help in some instances but is totally not helpful in others. In the long run, Grammarly will teach you how to write words correctly but will confuse the hell out of you about how to construct your sentences and sometimes will even try to deceive you into thinking you made an error, when in fact "he" made one. Grammarly must be some kind of hypocrite, and an evil one at that. But I want to go into details here; It really pisses me off when I'm writing something that I know that is right and Grammarly tells me that is wrong. As I said, sometimes it seems like it wants to instill self-doubt in me...
Besides the fact that I'm already using Grammarly, apparently, I still need to get upset by it, first, the program telling me there is a problem that I'm already skeptical about, or even know there is no problem at all, then, by googling it, I find out there is actually no problem at all. It's just Grammarly that wants to annoy me. To make me waste time and nerves. In the long run yes is very useful, but also so very harmful to your knowledge and nerves. But I still love it more than I hate it and I will continue using it, I'm sure it only needs some fine tuning.

Not native speaker
This service is no better than MS Word tool. Don't be blind by the advertisements. Certainly, it will not improve your style and literacy. It does recognize not word poor order.

Grammarly is currently on, and results SEE really terrible. Even "Google translate" suggestions better give me when I Joda style English language use. It ridiculous really is when money paid you to have language better and smarter look you.

Grammarly is supposed to point out unreadable or unclear texts. See the above lines. No comment on that. Grammarly does not give good alternatives on most occasions. Barely detects redundant words. Barely detects nonsense or absolute crap. The corrections suggestions I receive are more than rudimentary. The number of false positive is quite big. It even cannot recognize the use of acronyms or names. Definitely, I will cancel my premium account. So for a spell checker or basic grammar - yes it will help. If you want more - better spend on English lessons with a reputable teacher. It will make more sense. The worst money I have ever spent for an online service.

Not Useful for Anyone Who got Above a 20 on the ACT
I'm still completing my education, and I'd heard that it was helpful. For context, I do a lot of creative writing spanning various styles and languages. I can't put it into multiple languages at once, so when I had a novella that had most of its dialogue in German, Grammarly kept changing it. Just in this review alone, it's been trying to change things that are perfectly fine. There are features that might be useful, but they're part of the overpriced premium plan. I'm not paying that, plus tuition for my formal English teacher. The tones are also hilariously bad; I'm currently "sad." The algorithm doesn't understand commas and enjoys trying to put "the" in front of every single noun. If I were to actually use most of its suggestions, it would look like I'd Google Translated some sentences from my rudimentary Italian practice.
I understand how difficult it is to get everything right, but these errors are so bad that they'd be almost funny if I wasn't so angry with this product. So many of my peers use it to assist in their writing, so I assumed that it would be a good addition to my desktop. It was not. I think that this is marketed as some sort of resumé-writing genius machine, but functions more like a substitute math instructor trying to teach English. I can tell this partially from the fact that I have a seething case of writer's block and only wrote 14,002 words last week but still managed to be more productive than 92% of users. This should be aimed instead toward students looking for a cheap hack to get caught using a bad spell check.

It's good for some things
I have Grammarly premium, and it was great! I was loving it! I used it for so much. Google Docs, emails, right now, and even for messaging my friends. But yesterday, it started to act up, like a lot. I was peer editing my friends' stories for our assignment, and it was on Google Docs. I was in suggestion mode to help + show them some things that could be fixed (also cause the rule was we weren't allowed to exactly EDIT their essay), and I used Grammarly to help me peer edit. But then it started popping up suggestions on the Grammarly sidebar that I should change all of the quotations to curled or straight and when I excepted the suggestion, it never went away, but it just kept showing up over and over again. And then it never actually changed the curly to the straight or the straight to the curly. This also happened when I tried doing the peer editing on a Grammarly document. And that's not the worst that even happened. But Grammarly kept putting commas or periods in the middle of words. Like this: My rev, iew. And on the Grammarly sidebar, it would say crazy things like: B, ayt yo. Seu,. Also, the worst I felt bad about, was that Grammarly deleted an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH on one of my friends essays when I excepted a suggestion to put a comma after 'and'. And we were not able to get the paragraph back, so she had to rewrite the paragraph, but didn't get it as the original cause she hasn't memorized the paragraph as it exactly was. We even tried hitting the back arrow on Google Docs, but it still didn't come back.

Would be greatful
I'm using your service and I really appreciate it, but you know for someone like who lives in Iran and has been preparing for TOEFL test, i honestly can't afford your other services, I've got master of geo-environmental engineering from one of the best universities in Iran I've got a Q1 paper in (international journal of pavement engineering) and Because of sanctions Dollar has been expensived extremely i can't afford other classes either, I would be greatful if you make a test or I don't know make your services kinda free for students who cannot afford them, I truly need it, because TOEFL test's price has been increased dramatically after sanctions, I even worked as sinaor engineer at a consulting company but Grammarly were out of budget the whole project had been suspended and other stuff... Help us if it's possible for you, we are not terrorist we all do not like our government and dignitaries as well, i just want to get out of this country with dignity, need your help, that's all

I mistakenly signed up for the free trial, thinking...
I mistakenly signed up for the free trial, thinking it may be a useful site. While it did find a few errors, I found that it was flagging items that were correct. As I wanted to get the full use from my trial, I looked at the email I was provided that stated it lasted till November 19th. At the bottom, it listed the address for the company as California so I assumed the company was PST based. I'm EST and I cancelled my subscription at 11:23pm EST on November 18th. I then received an email stating my subscription would end on November 19th. At 11:24pm EST on November 18th (1 minute later), I received an email informing me I had been charged for the service. I checked my credit card and sure enough, I had been. I thought this had to be an accidental error. It was too big of a coincidence for me to cancel and then immediately be charged. Unfortunately for me, their customer service is currently telling me no, Grammarly didn't charge me till November 19th though I have emails showing the date received as the 18th. I assume they are going by a different time zone than my EST or their PST. If that is the case, the email stating I was responsible till November 19th should have been explicit with that information unless their intention is to dupe customers all along. I am waiting for a response to my email that included a picture of them saying I had cancelled and my current billing period ended on November 19th. If the company still ignores this, I will then take the advice of one of the reviewers above and contact the Better Business Bureau. Please do not get tempted by the free trial. It's not worth it.

Are you imbued with yourself?
I admit it first: I have not tested gramarly. Why? Because I strongly dislike who ever try to force me doing something. It's irrational as mush as it would be irrational for you to not promote your product, but I heavily dislike the aggressive and self-righteous manner you do your advertising.

I see your advertising almost everywhere, your targetting system may detect me as a perfect client and focused more on me than on the average client but only the first add leave me with a little "why not..."... the hundred following advertising just makes me angry!

And I'm sad to tel that, but all your advertising is crap! Showing your product as so futile and so fake: "interviews" of people who are obiously too delighted to have only looked at the tool, or an other man who is too proud to lie(.?) at his future colleagues about themselves! I don't consider using modern tool as cheating but your adverting sounds like the opposite. Where someone is pretending to be who he isn't so much that he doesn't recognise himself.

And even if if I don't disagree with using tool to enhance my writing/communication, are you really proud of promoting lies and fakes so much? A tool that promise so much without a single clue! That someone that can't recognise his own work sounds right for you? That insisting so much with a jackhammer that "it's free" just to make you forgetfor a moment that nothing is free in our world and not saying how Grammarly fool you to may money from what ever they extract about you?

Requires already knowing language rules
I tested the free version of Grammarly today on a business document and two fiction pieces. The failure rate for Grammarly's suggestions was greater than 50% on the first document; 100% on the second (one critical error where Grammarly's correction was blatantly incorrect in context); and about 45% on the third. Most often, Grammarly failed to correctly identify the subject of a sentence so suggestions for word replacements were incorrect. Additionally, due to the free version not including genre settings and similar options, many of its suggested corrections interfered with style. This means that, on average, the author cannot really rely on Grammarly to assist with writing corrections unless the author already has a good understanding of writing rules and can therefore properly evaluate what Grammarly is suggesting. This is really no different to using Word's spelling and grammar checker, although I would say that between the two, Grammarly probably does a bit of a better job.

As a tool, it's fine to have Grammarly on hand the same way it's fine to have a hard copy dictionary. But, it should not be viewed as a one-stop solution and none of its corrections should ever be blindly accepted.

Excellent product, terrible layout
Love the product and paid for premium service, dislike the layout. There is no page counter. Someone had the brilliant idea of designing this in newspaper file columns, so you can only see a couple paragraphs of your work at once, in the center of your computer? I have four inches of white wasted space to either side of the written work? Space that instead of being blank could have held words so that you could actually see a few pages of your master piece at once!

Inspiration strikes when it strikes, so it you are around say 5,000 plus words and have insight that needs to be inserted earlier in your work what do you do without a page counter? That's right you get to go back paragraph by paragraph and figure out where it needs to go. It's very hard to do especially since you can only see a few paragraphs at once! In the time it takes to find the correct spot your rhythm is undone.

The scroll bar off to the right is super thin and disappears. When you do actually manage to find it your work can scroll up or down, then it's back to hunting where were you even at one stinking paragraph at a time.

How about letting us use way more of our computer screen so that we can stay in the flow and actually write. Also how about a simple button to send grammarly an email instead of those generic questions that are listed under contact us. Even more frustrating since none of the listed questions had anything to do with my current questions.

Spent almost 3 hours writing today and 2 of that was wasted fighting your layout. Super frustrated.

The grammar part however is second to none.

I did not get my paper back.
Hi. I am a English as a second language student. I am a premium member and I often use their services. The last week I used 3 hours services to ask and correct my paper. After 1hour later, I got a email from Grammarly but it was not my paper. The paper was as below
"Proofit was retired on July 5,2016.
We are deeply grateful to all our users who helped us create our lightning-fast human proofreading service.
In order to focus on building Grammarly, our intelligent writing app, we have decided to integrate Proofit into Grammarly's Premium package and retire the stand-alone service.
Visit and enjoy the same excellent service you got used to with Proofit.
Go to Grammarly
If you have questions, please submit a ticket to the help desk.
Copyright © 2016 Grammarly, Inc."

I used their services for more than 2 years and I paid and asked them to fix my paper. I really got confused their services. In addition, I sent email to proof it about fix my problem but Grammarly did not answer for 3 days. I tried to send support request from their website, but I can not find any request form on their website.

Grammarly, trying to get a machine to understand the subtleties of language is, well, a brave idea.
The grammar logic of the application includes cliched misnomers of the kind only a non native speaker would place their trust in. Ending a sentence with a preposition is fine, or as Churchill once said when informed about the "rule", "That is a thing, up with which, I will not put". Tautology is a linguistic tool, not a fault. Sometimes we'll refer to a group of things as a plural, sometimes as a singular. For example, "The sheep were standing", or "the group was together". Another correction "The group were standing", while technically correct, and only dependent on what one is trying to say, and I'll feel like tearing somebody's hair out. Passive voice is fine, not a fault. Sentences need not be so simple that Grammarly become, very nearly, monosyllabic. If your English is very simple or you're trying to communicate in a language you don't speak very well this may be a useful application. If you write in English often then it is a handicap. When raised with support I was given the usual drivel fob off "The settings are incorrect". By settings they mean the presets used to try to anticipate the style of writing. I was left with the sense that the only thing they were any good at was taking your money.

This is the worst account you can ever get in contact with. I tried to have a free subscription with the Grammarly months ago. It didn't have any feature or help, so I just went for premium instead. It was supposed to charge 29 dollar or something at the end of the month. Regardless, it charged me a 43 dollars straight away. I tried to cancel my subscription or even delete my account but that hasn't helped either. It keeps on charging 42 dollars everytime and I don't even use it. I already cancelled my subscription and even the detail in my account shows that I have been using the " free version" of the service. I have no idea of why I have been getting charged on a regular basis. This is completely fraud and disgusting. I sent emails but Grammarly never respond. I would get up to any point to resolve this issue to not have next person to suffer to. To be honest, it didn't even help with the grammars that I needed for my essay and reports. Some days of my life, that I can't get back. I would never suggest anyone to use this account. I am searching up for ways to file up serious complain with the company to not have these kind of disputes anymore.

Premium is just paying for no self ads.
Grammarly has been aggressively advertised to me on YouTube and as a student with trouble writing, I was eventually convinced to try it. The free version seemed to work as intended. The program will show you the errors it finds in your writing but will not offer the solution to some of them until you buy the premium version. After buying the premium version, the "help" for these errors is functionally useless. The suggestions either do not work with the context of the writing or magically disappeared after buying premium. Now the vanishing errors may just be coincidence, but the high price tag and poor customer service options, make me suspicious. I wish I had looked for reviews of this service after seeing the price options. All the payment options are WAY too high for the "upgrade" you get. The "upgrade" being you are no longer taunted with answers to mistakes that may or may not help you. It also changes the popup ads to upgrade to popups to use Grammarly when you are typing in a search engine. Grammarly is a scam. It plays on peoples' insecurities, pressures them to waste up to $130 dollars, then hopes you forget about the charge until Grammarly can auto bill you again. Auto-bill is the default, the prices are high and you will not get a refund. This service has made me decide to start blocking ads on YouTube. I will not support Grammarly or those that help them. If YouTube is willing to help scammers then I will not help YouTube. I will use other methods to help creators. Congratulations YouTube, I tolerate your ads less then the ads on porn sites.

Grammarly intentionally sabotages your writing.
I am a former English teacher in the middle of a career change. When I first downloaded Grammarly, I noticed that the program slowed down my computer because it's always running in the background and I am a fast typer. Basically, Grammarly can't keep up with my typing speed so it creates lag on my computer. This lag causes letters that I type not to be recognized, and Grammarly gets to claim you made a spelling mistake. Also, if you go back and insert words and phrases into previously written lines (like most people do), Grammarly's software struggles to keep up with what you're doing. While the software tries to underline the mistake, it slows down your computer and creates more spelling errors by combining words.

Anyway, I didn't pay much attention to all this until I started applying for jobs. Not only did Grammarly create a spelling error (the word additionally), the software did not recognize the word was spelled incorrectly AND I SUBMITTED THE COVER LETTER.

You want to know how I realized Grammarly didn't pick up the spelling error? I reused the same cover letter on another application, but this time, Grammarly recognized the mistake.

It's one thing for this bulky software to slow down my computer's ability to keep up with my typing speed -its another for this scam of a service to fail to pick up on spelling errors -especially when you're submitting cover letters!

I am going to delete this software as soon as I submit this review. It is too inconsistent. Also, the program creates the majority of spelling errors it catches because it slows down your computer and keystrokes aren't recognized -hope that makes sense.

I guess the software would have caught the spelling mistake if I had paid for the premium version? This is a scam.

Grammarly Commercials LIE
While I was going to try to keep all my reviews nice, I found it very hard to do with this one. I have watched many commercials with people writing with Grammarly. It showed them getting different suggestions on how to improve their word choice, how to replace weaker adjectives with stronger ones, etc. It failed to mention that both of these things cost money and it's NOT CHEAP. As in like 30 dollars a month. I was very upset to hear that Grammarly did not provide this in the free plan. I know you shouldn't expect things free but they failed at giving correct information. I feel like they bend the truth just a bit. All Grammarly does for me is fix spelling errors and add or correct punctuation which is not what I was hoping for or expecting when I signed up. Now they send me all kinds of emails telling me to sign up for Grammarly Premium which apparently has all the things that they didn't give to me. They display how many things you could have in the corner hoping for you to buy even though I was expecting all those things because that's what the commercials tell me is in it. I was very upset and I don't think it is worth it at all.

Useful but not worth yearly fee
Their customer service is prompt and helpful.

However I often have to send them error corrections for things that are not errors. We're talking basic punctuation type things, not contextual or stylistic. Their response is usually "it can't pick up everything." (Paraphrase) the other day it told me that a comma was used incorrectly after a dialogue tag. It read the sentence incorrectly because the dialogue ended with a question mark and closed quotation marks. Grammarly's basic coding should recognize that as one sentence, not two.

I also can't tell it to ignore things like names, or add to a white-list dictionary.

For the most part I LIKE using Grammarly, it has certainly helped keep my grammar and syntax consistent, but I'm glad I got a 50% discount for the first year. I don't think I'm going to renew for the full $140 for a YEAR, but I'm only six months in to my subscription, so if improvements are made I might reconsider it. However a few other applications have been recommended to me, such at ProWritingAid, so I will check them out before I make a decision.

Get Real!
Grammarly is far too expensive for what it offers. Subscription based software models are universally frowned upon as being greedy and dishonest. But Grammarly takes this unethical business practice to a whole new level by imposing outrageous financial demands on the consumer.

It's worth noting that both the Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite premium subscriptions, though still highly unsavory, offer several hundred times the value while remaining less of a financial burden than Grammarly.

In regards to Grammarly's ability to perform it's intended functions effectively, you might be surprised to learn that writing which Grammarly critiques without objection can consistently earn you a C from an English teacher.

At most, Grammarly is a simple toy that should not be taken seriously. It is not, as the price-tag implies, a robust industrial suite of professional tools used at a corporate level.

Better than browser spellcheck!
As a frequent social media content creator and storyteller (some true), I have used the free version of Grammarly for about a year. If I depended on my writing skills as a means of financial support, I am sure I would upgrade to a premium account. For my use, the Grammarly free edition is about all I need. I do get hints on actual grammar use such as run-on sentences, proper spelling, punctuation, and how my posts appear to others who have read my content. I have not found another free program or app that can compete with Grammarly. It sits quietly in the background and allows me to complete my entire post or email without the loss of my thought process. After I am satisfied with my content, I go back and look at all the suggestions offered by Grammarly, and almost always accept the recommendations offered by the program. I often wonder about the effectiveness of the premium thanks to the embedded notices but as a senior citizen on a limited budget, I just can not justify the cost.

The ignore option
For the record, I would say I'm pretty interested in writing whether it would be an original novel or fanfiction. At that time, I was preparing quick drafts for my new story. I was listing my character's personality traits and I used impatient, an abjective which means you're not calm and patient. Grammarly thought I might have confused the words and recommended inpatient, a noun which means a patient staying in a hospital. I was sure I did no wrong so I chose to ignore it. However, Grammarly kept on pointing it as a mistake 'till it grew annoying.

That wasn't the first time Grammarly was the one mistaken. In the same drafts, I wrote something along the lines of "a popular game series those who don't know of are literally lynched by the fandom" and Grammary told me to replace "are" with "being". Now, I'm sure I was right here. My sentence used passive grammar, like "flowers were watered" or "the game was played". In my sentence, "a popular game series" was the noun while "those who don't know of are literally lynched" was describing the noun. There, "those who don't know of" was the subject in a passive sentence (object in an active one) and "are literally lynched" was its continual. I can rewrite it in active as "an ambiguous subject lynch those who don't know of".

Even while writing this review, Grammarly insisted that my accurately used "its" and "in active" should be replaced with "it's/it is" and "inactive/in action".

Now, I'm not saying I should never disagree with Grammarly but the way the ignore option doesn't work and Grammarly returns insisting that I'm wrong is annoying. I hope the staff works on it. Actually, Grammarly isn't that bad at acknowledging we're right. There's your personal dictionary, I used it for the word gallow which means stage for execution by hanging and a Japanese name Saihara which Grammarly tried to fix as Sahara. I just want the ignore option to improve like the personal dictionary is too.

Other than that, Grammarly really helps me with the grammar mistakes I did out of distraction or when I type something wrong with the keyboard.

I don't have the premium service so no comment about it.

The most inconvenient thing in the world.
So, lets get to the point quickly so i dont have to waste my time. First of all, i've heard grammarly sucks. Second of all, i would be watching youtube and a dumb ass grammarly add would just pop up. Now, a bit about me, im a soccer player that loves watching soccer and right before a goal would happen, guess what happens, grammarly add randomly shows up and the whole thing is ruined and there is this wierd ugly freckle faced woman that thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. What an idiot. So, i will say this is once and only once. STOP MAKING ADS AND JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE. Oh and by the way, i know my grammar in this review sucks, but i actually have good grammar skills. So, if you were thinking of roasting me when writing back, just stop and shove that up ur ass. I know how to write, i dont need a lecture. Thank you and have a good day. (ONE MORE AD ON GRAMMARLY AND YOUR COMPANY IS DONE OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU GUYS GOT GOING ON OVER THERE). Thank you.

Grammarly may be helpful for certain issues.
I am an amateur creative writer and I have a problem with commas and run on sentences and some spelling issues. I am using the free version of Grammarly right now to write this review. It just now told me that I forgot "i before e" rule when I wrote "review". Of course, if I'd written this review in Word that would have been corrected.

I was trying to decide whether I should buy the paid version after I had sent a short piece of fiction through the program and found the usual issues with my use of commas and eighty-two advanced issues. Yikes! The advanced writing issues included: punctuation in compound/complex sentences, word choice, and passive voice misuse. I decided to do a little experiment. I uploaded a Raymond Carver story, which I think had been super-edited by a "New Yorker Magazine" editor. Grammarly disagreed with only two incidents of punctuation. The advanced issues where off the chart. A total of one-hundred and two. Grammarly didn't care for Carver's and his editor's word choice, unclear references, punctuation in compound/complex sentences, passive voice misuse, inappropriate colloquialisms and twenty more issues. What else?... in spite of the fact that I found this short story of Carvers on the internet, Grammarly did not hint that the story was plagiarized. Grammarly just helped me with the spelling of "plagiarized". So if you need some help with your commas and with spelling I think the free version of Grammarly might be for you. It is possible that it is a good tool for business writing but I wouldn't suggest it for anyone involved in creative writing. I just put a Hemingway story through Grammarly. Only ninety-two advanced issues. I won't be paying extra to find out what Grammarly are.

Beware: no trial period and no refunds for a reason.
I purchased grammarly and, within 24 hours, knew it was not up to the quality purported by the creators, and so I sought a refund. I was promptly informed that Grammarly didn't do refunds. The customer service rep was actually nice enough to quote their Terms of Service at me rather than seek any input from me on why I wanted a refund. Too bad, as I could have told her the software constantly suggests semicolons at the end of normal sentences (totally grammatically incorrect), suggested words critical to the sentence were "overused" (with no alternate suggestion, just, you know, "this word is used a lot, and pointing it out is our value added!"), and really gets tripped up by anything to do with written dialogue. For a large text document this is no better, and in many ways worse, than Word's internal spell check and grammar check features. Thought you might find some use for it in emails and online forms, note that those features are on the freeware side, so don't waste your money on premium.

Absolutely a waste of money! Rating -1
I bought the premium service yesterday thinking it will help me more with my thesis. Seeing as the free version only provides with punctuation and grammar and the premium version with recommended words. I paid 27euros for one month for a service I thought would really help me out. Turns out their algorithm doesn't even work properly and gives me completely irrelevant recommended words e.g. this department supports X business group, Grammarly instead recommended to use the word -comfort instead of support. Then I had written XX from a global perspective, it then recommends me to say -xxx from a comprehensive perspective and the list continues. I then write the customer service where they ask me to tell them which exact words weren't working so that they can fix the algorithm. So means I pay 27 euros so that I can give them free feedback on what they should change instead of me getting premium service for what I pay? Point is it's completely useless and they spent way to much on marketing this service instead of making proper algorithms. DO NOT USE GRAMMARLY!

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