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It would be nice if cookies were on the menu
It would be nice if cookies were on the menu. Also, an auto query "want fries or onion rings w/that?" would be useful to this consumer & probably boost your revenue. I used to like corn chowder, but it was sour last time. Offer that in winter. Summer Ricky or Shaved Ice.

Another leech slowly sucks restaurants blood
These idiots claim Grabull advertise the restaurant. The advertise the restaurant's names which are already popular. They charge 8% commission not much, considering the cost of processing an order is the same regardless of amount it's lot just like all the other leeches. They force themselves into restaurants by hijacking their accounts and naive restaurant owners go for it. Just to realize their customers become Grabull$#*! customers and most are not well treated as you can see in other 1 start reviews right here on this site.

Order on 12/21/22
It was obvious driver did not read delivery instructions and therfore had issues finding entrance He called several times while I was in a meeting and couldn't hear me on phone. I had to leave meeting and go to the other building entrances to try to find him... had other colleague help to track him down.

Unacceptable Error
Order was the placed at 6 PM on the dot via Grabull, when I arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes later I was told that the order hadn't been received yet. About a minute later the restaurant received a call for my order. I was made to wait about 20 minutes for my order, which I do not blame the restaurant for because the purpose of ordering ahead of time is to reduce the wait time. I may sound aggressive here but hadn't I received an email with my receipt I might have not gotten the food I already payed for.

Business is a scam
Be careful about this business, Grabull get your information for your business, then they will call other 3rd party website you are doing business with and will pretend as the owner of your store just to get your Google page. The person leading them Mr. Piyush have all the guts to call other companies and cancel my account with them though I did not give them any instruction to do so. Very shady business. Beware!

Missing burrito contents
My Carnitas Burrito had little meat, little lettuce, no fresh avocado, no sour cream and no refritos, but a whole lot of rice. I picked up but may have been charged for "delivery". Mass taxes of 7% shldve not exceeded approx $2.41 leaving an undisclosed"fee" of $4. Never had such an experience@ Anna's, ever. Neil Glazer

Great to have interesting & fresh Indian food in the neighborhood
Chulo has good & varied vegetarian options. Nice spice, especially when asking for medium & spicy. There's actual heat to the heat. My only quibble is that the quality of the naan breads need to match the quality of the entrees. The naan bread is OK but just OK. The 6-8 entrees we've tried thus far have been good, more than competent & delicious.

Service was great, but the online user experience needs work
Before placing my order, it was hard to understand how long the order would take. After ordering, there was no status (restaurant picked up the order, restaurant working on the order, out for delivery, etc.). Uber has really established a great UX here, so my preference would be to order delivery through them because they're so transparent with the status of the order through its entire lifecycle.

I did not want to sign up for this service
I did not want to sign up for this service. I wanted to check out as a guest. But I could not. My order was lost UNLESS I signed up for this service. I do not like being forced to sign up for a service. I want to get food from the restaurant. I will now get a torrent of unwanted emails. I do not like this.

Copied a local restaurant website but directed orders elsewhere
I tried to order from what I thought was my local restaurant. It turns out Grabull had created a very similar domain (the restaurant name except with slight punctuation differences). Grabull used the logo, address, and phone number of the restaurant but when you ordered it sent to a different restaurant.

Quick and easy service!
I ordered chicken n waffles through this service. It was quick and easy.

The only questionable thing was that the order was set for pickup for the next day (says the email). But I picked ASAP (same night). I went to the restaraunt and Grabull quickly made my food. It was wonderful.

You advertise 12 or 15% discount
You advertise 12 or 15% discount. It is never applied. You don't show a break down of fees or costs. Overall, super shady and disreputable. Show the cost down of what people are paying for and if you advertise a 15% off, make sue people can see if they're getting it- unless it's just bait and switch which it seems to be.

Quick question
I don't know how, but I thought I selected the 15% tip option when completing my order. Apparently I failed to do so. Please research who my driver was and let him know how much I appreciate his kind and gentle manner of pointing out that gratuity was still anticipated in that moment. He is an excellent individual.

I placed an order it said it would be ready in 45 minutes I waited an hour and 10 minutes proceeded to call was told my order was out for delivery I then called back at the two-hour mark, again said my order was out for delivery finally it came after just about 2 hours and 10 minutes. No explanation.

Good Company Good Customer service
We had issue with one of our order the driver just left the order outside without calling us and we realized after an hour, the driver was from restaurant, we called restaurant Grabull asked us to call grabull, we called grabull it was 119$ order they credited the money to us and paid the restaurant though it was restaurants mistake, i highly recommend this company its great service

I was billed for a delivery that was never made
I was billed for a delivery that was never made. The website had a glitch which led me to believe that my order was not placed so I placed the order again. 2 orders 1 delivery 2 charges on my credit card. Tried to rectify by calling... I cannot even express how unintelligent the person was that I spoke to. She had no idea what to do and said she would call back... NEVER DID was billed more than 25$ for food I never received.

I placed an order, 2 hours later the order was never received, I called to ask about order and Grabull kept telling me that the order was delivered, I explained that I was calling because order was NOT delivered, this went on for hours. NEVER received my food, payed $70 for NOTHING. Kept calling for days to explain that the order was never delivered and they kept saying it was. LOTS MONEY, lots time
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE... call the restaurant and pick up order, can not stress this enough, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE

Not ready when requested
I showed up at 4:48 for a 4:45 pickup. Was told it would be another 15 minutes because Grabull had just started making it. I explained I placed the order an hour before. Pizza maker was not very happy when I said I could not wait as I had some place to be in 15 minutes. I asked someone else if it could be delivered. He was very accommodating and said they would be there in 25 minutes. 45 minutes later they were delivered

Can checkout as guest - No account or app needed
I actually like using Grabull because I don't have to create an account or install an app to order from a restaurant online. Other restaurants who don't use Grabull often use ordering services which require the signup of an account or installation of an app. This makes me not even bother ordering from them and finding another restaurant. Grabull is nice because I can just order and go without additional bloatware on my phone and accounts I will never use. Thanks, Grabull!

No way to resolve disputes.
Ordered a pizza online that was never delivered. Pizza shop said Grabull told them it was a pickup order.
So, I tried to call Grabull support on the phone number pasted all over thier web site

*******046 this is not Grabull, its Dell!
Using thier online support system of email results in an access denied message.
So, its impossible to contact them and kiss your money goodbye.

Food Offers
I used them 4 times and realize every time i order there is always a discount and when i search them online to put review and felt i should tell people that we go for using companies around who charge lot of money for food pretending to save money, but this company charge 50 cents an order for their fee, and give us good discounts always 10% 5 $ and more plus i always get 1% return reward in my account, use this company to save restaurants from other big Giants who charge huge commissions from restaurants

Grabull is expensive and has problems.
The site didn't like my address, but it didn't really say why. If "fixed" what was wrong, but the ordering site continued to say there was an issue even when there wasn't. I was going to abandon ordering from the company and order elsewhere, but somehow I finally got it to go through even with it still saying "error" (although there was none). In addition, I couldn't use a period or semicolon in comments about the order.

Left out in the cold
Didn't get a notification as to when our food arrived so it sat outside in very cold weather for a while. - had to reheat and all of the appetizers weren't as good because we had to reheat.

Two of the dishes we ordered were missing over 50% of their components.

Were trying to order from local pizza place and when I clicked online brought me to Grabull. Figured if a local place was using it, it's ok. WRONG. Food never showed up and when we called the restaurant Grabull were actually closed that day. Had to call credit card to report fraudulent charge and you know how much legwork is involved in that. I can't believe this company hasn't been shut down. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER WITH THEM!

Super slow and Instructions weren't followed
Placed the order, and Grabull said the food would be ready for pick up in 15 min. So I headed to the restaurant only to wait for over 45 minutes. To top it off, instructions (requested no sauce/mayo) weren't followed and the sushi rolls were slathered in mayo. Do better!

Need to be alert drivers for cash tips.
Food arrived fresh and hot. Perfect. The website provides options for driver tip, but none mention customer will tip cash at delivery. My driver rang the doorbell and ran back to the car and drove off. I had a great cash tip for the driver for the holidays and he/she didn't get it. Please include that option on your check out page. Calling the restaurant didn't help the driver receive their money.

Took so long food was actually cold
Seems that the food was sitting at the restaurant waiting for a driver for so long that by the time it arrived over an hour after ordering it was so cold we had to microwave some items and throw away fried items that were soggy and dried out as well as cold.
The driver was very courteous and polite but I wouldn't use this service again it wasn't worth the wait and loss of food

Source of Credit Card Fraud
I have twice ordered from Nirvana in Cambridge, MA. Great Indian restaurant that uses Grabull. BOTH times, I have had fraudulent activity on my credit card within hours. I did not attribute it to Grabull the first time, but the second - the pattern is incontrovertible.

Food was delivered to wrong address.
The driver called me and said my food was delivered, but then mentioned an address next door. I told him it was not my address but he had already driven away. I tried to retrieve it from other address but could not enter building. In the end, I was left to recover my delivery.

Best for customers and restaurants too
I realized Grabull act as a IT partner they handle so much for my restaurant marketing posts reputation and so cheap on cost i feel like giving more offers to customer direct. I get more orders from them and grubhub is going down in store saves me more commission i do recommend them to every restaurant its a perfect partnership

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