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The movers are excellent very passion
The movers are excellent very passion. I am very pleased with them if I have to move again definatly I will call them back so i give five stars for them.

Very good job , excellent customer service, always...
Very good job , excellent customer service, always available,

The whole crew ROCKS
Thank you for making it happen

The 2 movers was great, friendly, professional and...
The 2 movers was great, friendly, professional and precise. I would absolutely recommend this company.

Almost but not quite
I called and was pleased to talk to a nice operator who tried to get me the best rate as we didn't have deposit until Monday /Tuesday and it's Saturday. So she tried to get me a deal and some guy comes on and tries to bully my credit card info out of me and says he will charge me more to hold the spot instead of discounted rate discussed. And then I told him I'm not sure because first the deposit was 695 then he bumped it to 800? He was very cocky arrogant and I felt very disrespected. I told him never mind what could have been an easy call a day or two later to make arrangements he ruined with his $#*!ty attitude. Looks like we will hire anybody else.

What a turn off. I am getting ready to move next year and was just curious about my options. I found this website and wanted to get a roughly estimated quote on how much it would be in the next month for me to book or so. Customer service rep was great in trying to make the price as sweet as possible, but as soon as I told him that I wanted to keep looking he 180'd and completely lost his $#*!. I told him from the get go that I was just browsing around to see which cost I like the best. He dropped his customer service act and became very hostile and aggressive. Before I even got a chance to address the issue, he hung up on me mid sentence. 0 stars. I understand that you are a business and are looking to beat out your competitors but this was a ridiculous way to treat someone over the phone. Glad I didn't book with you.

Not recommended. Go elsewhere.
This isn't a moving company. It's a referral service. GotMovers contract the move out to moving companies who are supposed to be professionals, yet, they don't even show up when they say they will. The people they contacted "the job" (us and our stuff) out to, never showed up, TWICE. This happened with both of the companies they sent my way. What exactly did I give them my personal info for? For them to send me duds? I ended up going with another company altogether. The first company they sent my way (All My Sons) didn't even bother to let us know they weren't coming until 20 minutes into the window in which they were supposed to be at my doorstep already. They said sorry, we don't work Sundays, not sure why you were on my schedule because we don't work on Sundays (even though the one who booked it confirmed with me, and then a gentlemen called me the night before to confirm with me, prior to the we-close-on-Sundays call). The second company they sent my way (AZ Reliable Movers) kept me thinking they were coming on the date scheduled, throughout the day, several times they said they were on their way already beginning at 2:30 PM. Yet, at the very last minute, at 5 PM, they said sorry, we will be there tomorrow.
I went with a different company at that point.
Moving is stressful as it is. You need to be able to rely on the companies you give your business to. This service is not reliable, neither are the moving companies they associate with. I would look elsewhere so you don't end up like us... sitting in your uninhabitable living space, surrounded by boxes, for an extra 4 days while the next company you call becomes available.

We were contacted by BRILLIANT MOVERS in Dec. Of 2021 on Gotmovers. GotMovers (Omar) came to pack my son's 1-bedroom apt on 12/29/21 morning. They said they will charge us extra $40 since he lives on the 2nd floor! They did not carry simple things like tape or blankets or wrap or screw driver so we wasted so much time asking neighbors to borrow these! After their truck was fully loaded, we left in our car for the new apt only 30 miles away. They did not reach for another 20-30 minutes! Again took their time getting stuff up to his apt! They charged an extra $100 since they took another 45 minutes to get his stuff up! They kept asking for the money & my son was naive enough to Zelle them $600! They badly scratched my son's $2,500 fridge (besides scratches on dresser!)! On complaining many times, they said it's just superficial & will go away with some product! They promised they will come & fix the scratches next morning. We've been calling & texting them! It's been 11 days but they never came to fix the damage! The fridge is so badly scratched in so many places in the front & sides! We WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND HIRING THEM!

Received a quote
Received a quote. Lady friendly and responsive but when I called, there were additional charges that weren't mentioned in the text. So ended up going with another vendor

The owner was swearing at my wife!
We submitted for a quote online at At the end of the quote we were sent a text message saying to call a number. We called for a quote and the owner told us no one was moving to utah and then he told us he couldn't get us moved for 2 weeks. We said that was fine but how much would it cost so we could plan ahead. He said he would not give us a quote so we could take that amount and, "go hire Tom, $#*!, or sherry," we have no idea why he said that but overall he seemed very ghetto and very paranoid. Maybe on drugs. Started cussing at my wife when she asked why we couldn't get a quote? Not sure how he's in business but Buyer beware with this crazy.

Do not call or go with this company.
GotMovers basically try to pressure you and want try to tell you there is nothing available and basically hassle and pressure you to go with them then they get rude and nasty if you don't go with them.

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