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SafeCart Fixed my computer
The day before yesterday when I turned my computer on there was two programs running and my keyboard was messed up so I could not send an email to the one that wanted to fix it for $9.95, so I called them (this was Reg Pro Cure) and ended up costing me over $1000. 00 to get it fixed. It turned out that this was a company in New Delhi India called Cyber PC Experts. The only thing expert about this company was getting money out of me. I called my C/C and are getting my money back.
Yesterday when I turned my computer on more trouble, so I looked up Comodo Anti Virus and ended up with Safe Cart. They fixed my computer for $250.00 for lifetime service and $50.00 for the second computer. This morning when I turned my computer on PC Cleaner Plus came up so I called Safe Cart and they fixed it in just a few minutes. Very good people to deal with I would recommend to anyone that gets there computer messed up by those scoundrels that have nothing to do but spend there time wasting someone elses time and money. Why can`t some smart computer guru figure how to trace these rascals and put them away in some rat hole of a jail like Alkatrash.

Am not happy at all!
Am not happy at all! I was made to contact you guys when I purchased the RegCure Pro. While I was on the phone was told computer was having MAJOR issues. It was, but I ended up getting charged over $700 for things that only helped a little! I have not slept for several nights laying in bed panicking over all this money taken (my husband will kill me when he sees the bills showing this!) and worrying about the computer issues I am still having and not trusting you as I see many reviews on the internet saying you guys use the credit cards and paypal accounts to take out MORE money and since you have access to my computer I also am panicking over you hacking it! I wanted only the RegCure to work, not all this other junk. I feel scammed and panicked! I cannot trust to call you with still having the issues... and since you took all my money I will try and make sure that I will post these issues on the internet reviews also. Guys talked nice to me, but scammed me horribly just like I am seeing have done to many others. Sad :)

A page with a single simple task, which is to tell...
A page with a single simple task, which is to tell you when an item you're waiting for is in stock at Amazon. And when it is, to sound an alarm that sends cats up curtains on the opposite side of the street. No kidding, you definitely want your speakers way down if you have this page in your browser when your ship comes in, because a ship coming in is exactly what it sounds like.

The concept is simple enough: come the holiday season, or in the event of a sudden craze that clears out all the stock of a certain item, Amazon will allow third parties to sell on their site, at whatever prices care to set. In the case of, say, a rare and highly sought-after toy, the price may be highly inflated by these sellers as long as the market will stand it - perhaps up to seven or eight times the normal price.

Amazon, however, will only sell at the correct retail price or less, so unless you've got money to burn it's important in these cases to know when an item has come back into Amazon stock. To do this, you simply enter Amazon's unique ASIN number for your item into this page, and the application then queries the Amazon inventory directly, every few seconds, until the number of items in stock exceeds zero.

In addition to alerting you (and everyone else in your street) to the news that your item is available, this little application sends you straight to Amazon so that you can grab your product before anyone else (hence the title of the website). It will also work with multiple items, alerting you to each one individually - at least unless any of them are books, since Amazon doesn't use ASIN product IDs for those.

The most obvious issue with this, good idea though it is and a well-executed Flash applet as it is, is that you have to have the page loaded up in your browser in order for it to be of any use. There is no alternative option, so you can't choose to have it store your email address and send you a mail when the item is in stock, or send an SMS message to your cell phone. And that seems to me to be a serious oversight, especially given that an email can be sent not only to a PC but to a smartphone, which will alert the owner in far gentler tones than this site does. The method used here is faster, certainly, and it has the advantage of presenting you with the appropriate Amazon page immediately, but to take advantage of that you'd have to be sitting right there in front of the screen when the alarm went off. Twenty-four hours a day.

To be honest I've never been in the line of anxious parents being held to ransom for a zuzu pet, so I don't know just how useful this page is likely to be. Maybe maintaining a 24-hour vigil is the only way to grab a rare item in the frantic pre-Christmas rush, in which case you'll want to bookmark this one and come back somwhere in mid-December.

ZERO Protection as a user
Google have allowed for someone else to create an email account illustrating one of my profile photos (the one on Google) and my full name. This account has allowed the perpetrator to post reviews on Google Maps. Whilst this issue was immediately addressed to Google for investigation, have decided to ignore it. I strongly believe that the account is connected to a motel establishment located in Gilgandra, NSW, in Australia, as a review was posted on their business, utilising this account. Their aim was to pretend that my real review was posted in error.

This establishment (or a fraudster connected to them) also took the liberty to post a review for one of my previous clients (the Comfort Inn Lincoln Downs Resort) which leaves me in a very uncomfortable position with this former client.

The number 12 of Google's User Content and Conduct Policy states:
'Do not use our Services to mislead or confuse users by pretending to be someone else or pretending to represent an organization you do not represent. Some products have additional guidelines: Learn more about Impersonation on Google+'.

This company can't even comply with its own policies. Consult the site to learn how to make formal complaints against these fraudsters. Make them accountable in the US Senate!

Used to be great
It seems like for the last few years, google absolutely refuses to search what i type in the bar. Ill look up "apples" and it stubbornly gives me results for oranges no matter how i type it in. The new commonly asked questions feature is so busted too. It will often have the question i asked but when i click it, i get an answer that's not in any way relevant to the question. Google is literally giving me suggested questions that supposedly will be more likely to answer, and the answer is still unrelated garbage or the same link to some misinformed spam site for every suggested question on the topic. The other day i was searching (in google video search) for documentaries or short videos about space travel and the ENTIRE first page was filled with links to the same site with no videos whatsoever, yet every link had a box with the play button on it. It feels like they dont even care about good service anymore because people arent aware of reliable alternatives.

I first used them back in 2011. Their Twitter followers and YouTube views are the most reliable.
I'm in an industry where I have to give a lot of artists and influencers "Social Proof", meaning I have to make them look like damn-near celebrities, even if don't have a big active following. I flood their websites with traffic and their social media with signals.

I've tried a lot of vendors over the years, and Devumi is by far the best, but that's largely because they are the only company actually based in the US. Their Twitter followers have never dropped(which I can't say for other vendors) and I've never had a Twitter account get banned for using their auto-engagements(which is the MOST underrated Twitter marketing / growth hacking service I've ever seen in my life).

I am actually going to take a left turn here, because I'm sure a lot of people are going to Devumi for their Twitter followers, and that's fine(it's also how I first found out about them). Go ahead and get yourself some of their followers, but for the LOVE OF GOD, save some of your budget for their auto-engagements service. It is literally a GAME-CHANGER.

Imagine every tweet you ever tweet, either a reply or a random, individual tweet: now imagine it getting hundreds of retweets and likes... automatically... every. Freaking. Time.
That's what their auto-engagements program does. It's so good and so powerful, I honestly think Devumi should change their website just so it is highlighted as a more "featured service" which it isn't. It's almost hidden in their website, hiding behind the shadows of their regular Twitter followers and YouTube views that they are mostly known for.

Now, getting a metric boat-load of retweets and likes on your tweets is great for some reasons you can imagine, but for reasons you cannot imagine as well. Yes, it will make your Twitter profile look super influential. Yes, it will lead to even more engagement as people feel more comfortable retweeting and liking things they see other people already liking and retweeting.

Here is what you DON'T know: Their auto-engagements service will LITERALLY PUSH you up the ladder on "Trending Hashtags". Let me explain(this will be my "goodwill" action for the internet karma points) - you know those Trending Hashtags on the left side of your Twitter screen? You do know that most people end up clicking and searching there for what is happening, right?

Well, when people click them, Twitter sends back a big ol' list of Tweets that also use that hashtag, but the tweets WITH lots of retweets and likes are always, always, always at the very TOP of that list - and thus they gain the overall exposure of a LOT of people.

The auto-engagements continuously pushes you to the top of this list. I've gotten 8k visitors from a single tweet before(it was really high quality and relevant to the hashtag, so that definitely helps) but with the exposure potential that Twitter has to offer, it's a deadly and effective way to get yourself out there, and pull traffic from Twitter(which is obviously the name of the game).

I've had similar experiences with YouTube views, and there is a little bit of a difference here regarding YouTube SEO. Let me explain, for all your YouTube growth hackers or whatever you are calling yourself these days:

You can generally find two main services, either from Devumi or their many Chinese counterparts: YouTube views and Subscribers. Some also offer likes and upvotes, and shares, but that comes automatically with Devumi which is nice. They are usually pretty cheap anyway, but they don't actually matter because (in my experience) YouTube only rewards VIEWS with higher YouTube organic ranking.

That's right! YouTube subscribers have never moved my clients YouTube videos up for their keywords! However, getting YouTube VIEWS certainly DOES! The only thing YouTube subscribers are good for is increasing the "conversion rate" and subscriber rate of your videos, as when people see a channel with lots of subscribers, they will feel more comfortable with subscribing themselves.

They have got some other services that I've never tried, so I really can't review them, namely Pinterest Pins(or whatever they are called) and Vimeo views(similar to YouTube) and a few more I can't recall off the top of my head.

Overall, I've tried a lot of different providers. I've had cheap-o clients who I explained this aspect of my marketing efforts to, and they opted to go for cheaper, non-US based providers, and there seems to be a 25%-50% of looming disaster after a few months.

When you go with really cheap vendors, you get what you pay for, and YouTube and Twitter, and every other social network will take action if they see you loading up your social accounts with thousands of SUPER fake, bot accounts, that all have no profiles, no bios, and no history.

Good luck everyone!

Unbelievable that for the World's Leading Tech Company GHOSTING still happens in Google Reviews!
Welcome to the 21st Century where a multi-billion-dollar leading tech company like Google can't even make a basic reviews section to function properly! WHAT AN EFFIN JOKE!

Although I'd give Google 5 stars for everything else, this review relates to Google Reviews, and IT TOTALLY SUCKS!

Backstory: I posted an honest review critical of a business, it stayed up for MANY WEEKS. It was very popular. It had already gained 70 views and counting. In fact, GOOGLE REVIEWS EVEN EMAILED ME THANKING ME for my contribution AND SAYING I NEEDED A FEW MORE VIEWS BEFORE I GAINED A BADGE!

Then one day I foolishly decided to edit it to make it even more readable. I simply took ONE SENTENCE OUT... ONE FRIGGIN SENTENCE!

Then the ghosting started

The review appears when I'm logged into my account, but disappears when I'm logged out In other words, the public can't see it anymore

Yet before the one-sentence edit, everything worked fine. After I edited it, it must have screwed something up with the filters... Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah really, this nonsense should NOT be happening in 2019!

Is Google really a World-class Leading Tech firm?

Is it too much to ask a INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZE BRAND to create a basic functioning comments/reviews section?

What a bloody joke!

Can't fix my stores hours of operation.
I am the owner for the GMB page for Redondo Mitsubishi. We have attempted to correct our Sunday Hours appearing in GMB Page to 10:00am - 7:00 pm which has been our hours every since our opening in October 2020. We go in and change them to the correct times only to have them revert back to stating open from 10:00 am - 10.30 am on Sundays?

I am the owner of the page and make these changes, who, why and how do my hours get changed back to the incorrect hours. There is no way to speak to a live human being and google doesn't respond to my emails that have been sent?

All we want is for our hours to be corrected without getting calls letting us know that our store hours are showing that we are closed. This cost our company financially in lost revenue opportunity and needs to be fixed once and for all.

Feel fee to contact me at *******006 to discuss further. It's very dissapointing that we has companies are held to a different standard than google is? It's all about rellevancy and customer satisfaction and in my opinon goolge is not being held to the same standard.

These guys are nothing but LIARS and ROBBERS. First make you believe that you have some sort of virus on your computer so they can make you buy their sh*t which is all lies they would work on your computer but instead of fixing anything they stuff it up. They told me i could buy $275 for antivirus for my computer for 6 years and it was bullsh*t. They stole my money they damaged my computer and they are such liars. Please people do not buy from these guys. Its all a SCAM. They're from India they told me they were from USA i rang to ask for my refund and they said they are located in India. They are such fcking LIARS. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM THEY WILL ONLY STEAL YOUR MONEY PEOPLE! They're hungry pigs stealing from people. THESE A**HOLES ARE FAKE WITH THEIR PRODUCTS! They make up $#*!ing excuses when you ring them for a refund and they are not very polite. Their customer service is worse they are VERY RUDE dealing with customers $#*!ing UNPROFESSIONAL! LIARS.

Please do not do business with this scam company
Please do not do business with this scam company. I got suckered in and have paid dearly for it for the last couple of years. I signed up with them and sent money, $300. got into my computer and completely ruined my computer. After much heartache, they did return my money-but then is when the trouble really started-they started to call day and night telling me that my computer needed their help. This went on for many months, then suddenly stopped. I had to buy a new computer-not long after that, they started calling again to say that my computer was not working properly and that they were the only ones that could fix it-said they had all my new info, after a few weeks, my new computer completey died and was not repairable-the professional that looked at it said it had been hacked into and completely ruined. Immediatey this safecart co. Started callng again and seemed to know that the seccondcomputer was broken-the calls intensified-sometimes it was early in the morning, but mostly midnight to three or four. I am permanently disabled and do need some sleep. I waited months before I got another computer. I did get one about a month ago and now they are e-mailing me saying they have started to deduct $14.99 a month for the contract that I have with them and I have agreed to it-never would I do that. I have to wait until Monday to contact my bank officer. But if this harassment does not stop, I m prepared to go further. I will file charges. I have the phone records, etc. This is the most ridiculous thing - why are they still in business? Can anything be done to stop this?

Yes, Gmail can lock you out. Take the hint!
We all should know by now that anything Google owns is not private, is stored into Eternity and we cannot reach a human pulse at Google to discuss anything, not by phone or email. As good as Gmail gets in functions, we gotta realize our inputted and received data are not ours if/and Google can suddenly take away your access to "your" email account at anytime. In my case, I had an early Gmail account from when that did not require a referral, so, some 18 years...
As is the Big Brother Plan, we get sucked into the ease and reliability of Gmail functions, so we use it. We use it for more and more. As I did for some career and personal contacts.
Avoiding my detailed history of the past three weeks of try after try to reach Google, to recover "my" Gmail account and to seek help to get my access back from online forum and site pages, I'll summarize by saying that all input from Google in these efforts has been only automated and in first notifying me upon login that Google thinks I used some unknown device, which is not true. This is where the frolicking through Google sites & links began and led me through mazes of potential hopeful ends, but all turned out circuitous and to no avail.
Knowing your Gmail address and password for 18 years isn't enough. Some odd security question was raised -- as if I'd recall that answer from 2002! So, still, no access. Stuck. No human pulse at Google to ring.
Gist = as nice and cozy Gmail [and Google products] can be, a lifetime of contacts, communications, photos, documents, legal records, etc can, at anytime, be snatched from you... even you who gave away your cell phone number for "security" ID of your account.
X Files = Trust No One. I can't argue with that. If I ever get back into my Gmail, all contacts and selected content will be extracted. Still searching for a good though private secure substitute in an email server. Done with Big Brother.

Google: suspension of account due political side
Suspending someone's account for merely responding to a political post on Linkedin is a rather aggressive action from Linkedin admin particularly during this covid19 situation when 40% people loose their jobs such action by linked to suspend users is criminal, rather cruel and should be liable to accountability by the Department of Justice.

Given that linkedin today has become a monopoly and the only source of job market profile carrier acceptable by all companies hence it is become equal to food and water. What you are doing by irresponsible suspension of user IDs denying the users food and water or capability to earn his daily income which is equivalent to food and water. So your suspension of user ID is like denying food and water not just to the individual but to his entire family who is dependent on this person. Linkedin has become a monopoly and by the power it has got due to the monopoly position it is in, it can allow voice only to those whose political ideology Linkedin concurs with. This is why instead of suspending the persons who start such political discussion which get mass reactions, it blocks only those who respond to such posts there by Linkedin makes its position clear that it will suspend only those whose ideology is not same as Linkedin, the user who originated the political post was democrat supporter hence not suspended. Who has authorized Linked to become judge or courtroom. Is linkedin qualified to take sides, hence what linkedin should immediately do ban political posts and at the same time unsuspend all blocked user IDs it has blocked. You are not certified courtroom or judges authorized to make decision whose ideology or political views are right or wrong. I believe like Google, Facebook, Twitter Quora: Linked also should face congress hearing and if found guilty it should be broken into several companies so that big tech does not drive the life of ordinary and normal human beings. It does not force its political ideology and views onto others. My ID was blocked, linkedin does not even provide an option for appeal this to me is a very harsh action by Linkedin. My message to Linkedin with great power comes great responsibility if you cannot handle this stop taking sides or blocking people based on views. Cc: Department of Justice USA,

Exactly same happened on google, twitter, facebook, quora, this is not coincidence that all big techs have joined hands to block those who dont match the ideology of democrats

Already Bigtech has started grouping userID so that those who dont consider supporting Bigtech ideology should become less visible or insignificant even if they are users on the platform. The Big Techs want to control humanity in a way never seen before. Immediate intervention by governments, politicians and courts is becomes necessary. Social media regulatory act needs to be enforced on companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter Quora Linked Amazon Youtube and similar networking sites and also media like New york times, washington post, CNN, CBS, should be allowed to hijack the public view point.

Google Garbage
First let me say I foolishly bought a Google Pixel 3Xl for nearly 1000 dollars. Worst phone ever. I had to return three different phones because were defective. I am on the third phone now and the google assistant refuses to work. They told me I could return the phone but I am done with that. They sell lousy products and offer little support other than text or email. No phone customer service. Then Spotify offered a deal online where you buy 3 months of Spotify Premium, and get a google home mini free. I went through the process Bought the Spotify Premium, but then they sent me to the google store to purchase the mini. Wouldn't go through. Google sent me an email saying my account was suspended and they needed more information, that I sent them. That was rejected and the rejection email said that my google account was permanently suspended due to suspicious activity, and they said they reserve the right to suspend accounts and give no reason or recourse. I managed to find a number to call but I got the same email back. So I will sell the phone and never I hope have to deal with Google again. Next phone will be an iPhone. Goodbye Google.

As we all should know by now GG offer a lot of services, including youtube. To be able to post on youtube you need an account. So now you have setup an account - with a password. And I want to emphasise with a password. So now you try to login from another machine/browser. You are blocked even though the password is correct. So what then is the point of the password? Ok so you can reset the password - or are required to reset the password to something different. But... but... but... to get through to this you enter the current password, which means the current password is OK, as recognise it. SO what is the FRIGGIN POINT? So essentially, if you dont bow down, and drop your trousers and do everything they want you have no account for no good reason. Also, if there has been a serious security breach as they claim is the reason for forcing a password change then surely this procedure allows the scammer/hacker to reset the password?

Also, the forcing of double authenication, via blocking access to your account, unless you supply a code that is sent to your moble - I have deliberatly not enabled double authentication.

And, I delberetely, have opened an account from one machine with the intention of using that one machine only to login - but gurgle still makes the claim that there is something different about my login and force the double authenication procedure - same OS, same router, same isp, same browser same...

Careful on what you write about yourself - they are not changing easily in search results these days
I would advise to be very careful on any information with negative shade you may accidentally reveal about yourself on websites, have taken to this habit of showing up in all search engine search results and whats worse STAYING for a while before you decide to bury it., u'd think they'd clear up if you change on website, no baby but some monster has taken the neverbefore existed keys and want us all to freshly crack knuckles when we nicely and appreciably avoided it all and relaxing our way
So before you post some "rubbed on your head bad things" thinking you should be truthful to the employing community or thinking you can remove it all later think twice because these days they are STAYING in the search results for more time than it takes for someone important to notice and attempts and help on part of websites to clear them off doesnot matter to anything
File cyber crime case the moment you see your bad info STAYING on and not getting off

Employment practices at Google:
Employment practices at Google:

Google lied to me about a job offer pretended to be based in Germany while in fact they were recruiting for their call centre in Dublin, Ireland.
The job description was crystal clear about the location, Hamburg, Germany. I applied and few days after I received a call from a recruiter based in Ireland.

After few minutes on the phone, she asked me if I wanted to relocate to Dublin. I said no as I had applied for a job based in Hamburg. Then the ugly truth came out. The job was not based in Hamburg despite what was written on the ads. It was based in Dublin.

It is true that Germany is not a fiscal paradise where the citizens are paying the taxes that big U. S corporations avoid by setting up their HQ in Ireland...

It is called false advertising and it's illegal.

To top it all, Google is a specialist of false job ads as they post hundreds of them every months that don't correspond to any openings (always the same jobs weeks after weeks after weeks).

It just justify the existence of their HR services, make them look healthy and collect profiles and data.

Big brother is watching you.

Google has lost many trials in relations to the following matters:

- Repeated Privacy violations.
- Repeated Copyright violations (writers and authors)
- Tax evasions schemes (under scrutiny).

Here is a marketing agency (that's what they are) who gained a quasi monopoly in different part of the internet, whose main source of profit come from tracking, gathering, reselling, distributing your private data and information that you have given up for free to be exploited endlessly.

The most amazing fact about this is that people themselves have decided to give up their civil rights and freedom for the convenience of gadgetry and the illusion of comfort.

A brave new world indeed...

Google's PageRank is unfairly biased against new and...
Google's PageRank is unfairly biased against new and small websites - I am working on a start up that hasn't launched yet, but one thing is clear: when it does launch my site will be at a clear disadvantage to older, more established websites or any site that is connected to them, *regardless of the quality of my site.* And unless my site is really lucky or has some inside connection, it will not get written up in one of the PageRank influential blogs like TechCrunch so I will have to wait months and months and spend time and money on link building and marketing to get my site off the ground. Contrast this to Google or Yahoo - as soon as launch a new product or service it goes straight to the top of Google search results.

The influence of Google and their PageRank algorithm is huge, and it is clearly unfair to new and "unconnected" websites. So, for example, if I started some neat little site that offered a unique and valuable service, and Yahoo (or Google) decided to copy me, they could bury me with their superior PageRank, even if my site was better quality.

Fortunately, the costs of doing business on the internet are low enough that small sites can often tough it out and provide a better service than larger sites, and with patience, hopefully one day succeed. But it still makes me angry to know the sites like Google are creating a monopoly on the way information is disseminated on the internet, particularly because PageRank is based more on popularity than quality which hurts small and new websites.

I believe the internet needs a new way of helping people find good websites. A mechanism that is more based on *quality* than *popularity* (ie, PageRank). I'm not sure if ReviewFeeder will be able to do this one day, but I certainly hope someone does.

Login to account to stop automatic billing but...
This site sucks. Put a license plate in the search window pre-ordering and it came back with all sorts of hits on info like name of owner and more and only $2.95 unlocks that info. But once had my money the results were that there was no info to be had but I could set up an "alert" for any changes that might come up which, btw, would be $29.95 a month therein afterword (SCAM). Then the link that allows you to cancel the service within the 5 day grace period before the first $29.95 is billed you are asked to login to your account. No account was created mind you (email addy and username which is the more important aspect of accouunt setup) When you try to do anything though like get a "password" renewal sent to your email a "The system encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Please try again." message which is like salt into the wound I am already feeling simply to look up the plate of the guy who hit our car, twice, then ran. So now our car is dented and this company wants to pull a scam. Skip this site and save yourself a hassle. I'm also filing a report with the BBB.

Our company has a 2018 NV 200, a commercial vehicle with 100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper commercial Nissan warranty. There are about 58,000 miles on the truck. On January, 26,2021 while driving on a small residential road at 5 miles an hour, the passenger side curtain deployed. The truck did not hit anything at all. Our technician said it sounded like a gun went off. He couldn't see anything. Had this happened on the highway, he certainly would've been in an accident, possibly fatal. I have been trying to work with Nissan to have them simply give us a loaner truck for the eight weeks that will be required in order to do a thorough investigation. I'm not trying to cause them trouble but told me I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF ANY LOANER TRUCK!. This is the worst handling of a highly explosive situation (no pun intended) that I can imagine. They also said it's up to THEIR discretion to decide if I would get reimbursed. Furthermore, they said I may be subject to STORAGE CHARGES AT THE LOCAL DEALER UNTIL THIS IS SETTLED. Is this incredible? Dakota from their arbitration group has been assigned to me. No person could have less skills given the severity of this incident. I asked for just two things: a loaner truck and commitment to make sure that any defects be not hidden from the public. DISGRACEFUL. WHO IS SAFE IN THEIR VEHICLES? HERE'S THE WORST PART. WHEN I TOLD THEM I DEMANDED A LOANER VEHICLE, THEY SAID THE CASE WAS CLOSED!, MR/MRS DAKOTA CALLED THE DEALER AND TOLD THEM THE CASE WAS CLOSED AND SETTLED.

What's wrong with Google?!
I used to love Google and swear by them. But not anymore. I have learned too much about the problems with using Google services.

My Robinhood account was hacked. I received an email notice that I had logged in to Robinhood. I had not! Luckily, I had taken the money out. The hackers got nothing. But my credit union account was also hacked. took out thousands of dollars. They did this by using my email username and password to verify that "I" was authorizing an ACH transfer to their account. Then, they deleted the email. I had to go into my deleted emails and restore the ones that they had used to determine that had actually happened. I did verify that this occurred. So, they hacked at least three of my accounts. Luckily, I constantly work against hackers and scammers. I knew how to handle it. So, I did get my money back. But what if this was all of the money that I had in the world and I needed it to live on? What if I did not know how to handle fraudulent situations? Did Google care at all? No. As long as they are making money, they are happy. Watch "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix.

So, let me explain a few things. Google will try to refute my claims. Before they do, I want to tell you how secure my laptop is. Then I will tell you how they hacked my usernames and passwords. I have a boot partition security program to protect my boot from viruses that hackers might want to deploy. I have a ransomware protection program. I also have the usual firewall and Windows Defender. Then, I have a web defender from a reputable virus protection company as well as unhackme which I run once a day. I have a keystroke logger protection program and a few others. My wiFi is secured and I change my username and password frequently. I even disconnect from the internet when I'm not using it and turn my computer off when I am doing something else. What I am trying to say is that they could not have gotten my usernames and passwords from my laptop. They had to have come from somewhere else. That somewhere else is at Google passwords online, You may not know it but Google offers a free service where they keep a backup copy of your usernames and passwords when you save them in Google Chrome. That way, if you ever lose them, you can go to to find them. The problem is that, obviously, this can be hacked. Mine were. So, I suggest removing all of your passwords from and from Google Chrome Browser then change all of your passwords. Never ever save them in Google Chrome. I even recommend not using the Google Chrome Browser at all. Use Avast Browser or AVG Browser. They are free and genuinely secure. Choose DuckDuckGo as your search engine. It does give you excellent search results. Do not, under any circumstances, use Epic Browser. They claim to be secure but their search results are almost all ads. If Epic is only out for the advertising dollar, they are probably not as secure as they claim. I don't know, yet, about MS Edge and Bing. Honestly, I haven't researched them yet. I will then I will write a review about them.

Now, let's move on to Google Maps. I was using Google Maps on my phone as my GPS. I didn't like my actual GPS because it took me to a wrong place ONCE. So, I thought that Google would have the latest and greatest GPS system. Oh was I wrong. First of all, I travel a lot. I go to cities that I don't know. So, I depend on a GPS to get me from point A to point Z. Sometimes I pull in somewhere for a cup of coffee or to fill up my tank. I've noticed on cloudy days that when I'm leaving wherever, Google Maps will say "go south on Main Street" or something similar. The problem is that on a cloudy day, I don't know which way is south when I am in unfamiliar territory. So, I just turn right or left. Then, if I am going in the wrong direction, Google will tell me "make a u-turn". The problem with this is that I might be in heavy traffic. I can't just make a u-turn. I have to find a place where I can turn around. Then, on a few of my trips, Google Maps would take me the long way around. I could get into details to explain this but let me just say that it would take me around a beltway when I could simply go down a city street with a much shorter distance. It also took me many miles south when I was trying to go north. It wanted me to take the four lane highway instead of the shortest route. I even tried to change my destination to a place that was due north. It still took me east for a long distance before giving me a route to the north. I went many, many miles out of my way.

Suffice it to say, that, as a long time Google user, even understanding that Google is the top search engine, I will never use Google anything again. I advise you to not use Google either.

Save your money
Lots missing forces you to wait for information tries to upsell the review forces you to type more than you need to.

I won't touch on Google's search service, since as...
I won't touch on Google's search service, since as the most widely used search engine it's already so well-known -- except to say that for IE users the addition of Google's toolbar is a great convenience. (At last look the Firefox version had bothersome problems.)

Google offers a vast array of other products, nearly all free, many providing services unavailable elsewhere. Too many of these are overlooked by folks who could benefit from them.

For one example, Google Voice lets any landline-possessing U.S. resident phone anyplace in the country free, and throws in free voicemail, free transcripts, free call blocking, free call forwarding, free conference calls, and much more. A comprehensive link list endeavoring to cover all official Google services (over 100), is at Google's own link list (prettier but less complete) is at

Google's major downside is the absence of direct customer support for its free services. There are however excellent help sections and forums.

For more, see my thorough writeup at

So much for battling fake reviews - you cant take 1 down
It all started over a year ago. Google Maps decided to rename our street, potentially damaging over 100 businesses. seemed to "hide" our website till bing listed it. They changed our business name to "Aaran". THen 7 weeks ago, they published a fake malicious review, so obviously fake, illiterate martians could have spotted it from outer space and they refuse to take it down. We provided some evidence that the fake reviewer was directly lined to an applicant for a cleaning job we turned down and that the reviewers other reviews were also highly dubious (who reviews a carpark in the middle of a trading estate, or Weymouth and Portland instead of Nothe Gardens where the pointer was, or Dorset instead of Hardy Monument, where the pointer was - Someone who is picking off map locations to build up some credibility with Google Maps - that's who - he has made it to "Local Guide Level 4" like that. Google made me a local guide also just for looking that up! - without my permission! I rose to level 6, then they took 1,000 points off me, then they closed my account as punishment for complaining about the fake review. They labelled MY FIRST COMPLAINT as spam! - Ridiculous! Then I found out, as a small business, google should not have made me a local guide anyway - it's against their own rules! Then, when I complained some more about the fake review, google closed all my accounts claiming "Spam" but apparently had to open them all again 2 days later because the finding was "ZERO SPAM". No apology, no statement, no explanation, no contact at all - for what could have destroyed our smal business or at least severely damaged our reputation. They had also removed all photos from Samsung Gallery account which is absolutely nothing to do with Google Photo account! (They're all bcak now!) Over all, google's treatment of our small business has been utterly shocking, abysmal, verging on criminal harassment and totally astounding considering how much time, energy and money they must have spent instead of removing 1 (one!) clearly fake review - which is STILL published! According to google, it takes about 3 or 4 "flags" of a review as "inappropriate" and it is investigated and usually removed. We know for certain 13 people have flagged it and google totally ignored the lot. Several of google's top contributors have written at length that google's review system is woeful and lacking proper staffing, that the artificial intelligence used is not up to the job and that fake reviews are appearing to take over from genuine reviews at an alarming rate. Google ignores their own contributors as well. By the way, in the UK, publishing, even via the internet, a fake review is a crime, breaching both the Communications Act and the Malicious Communications Act. Where a business may be "harmed", then the laws around Defamation and Fair Trading also come into play. And still google do not give a whotsit! After all, $350Billion a year buys you a lot of lawyers (though one wonders why it should not buy you some good review staff instead!) Bye for now---

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

Parents need to know that Google's free social networking site and messaging tool makes adding friends as easy as emailing them -- or just accepting the recommended contacts from the service itself. Google's attempt to compete with the increasingly popular Facebook offers many of the same features and network-expanding focus of Facebook. However, there is concern -- just as there is with Facebook -- over a lack of privacy controls, primarily because it automatically integrates its web-based email program, Gmail, with Buzz, meaning anyone with a gmail account becomes part of the social network. Parents, make sure your teen selects "private" settings and opts out of showing the list of people they're following and those who are following them.

Google's social networking site has many of the same features as Facebook -- as well as similar privacy concerns. It's easy to use, but lacks some of the polish other social sites have. Users can post information, connect, and share photos, videos, and links privately or publicly. Users need only an email address from Gmail (Google's web-based email system) along with a public Google profile that -- at minimum -- includes a first and last name. Profiles can be expanded to include photos and additional information. Friends are added anytime you email them via Gmail, and content from friends of friends may be automatically added to a stream even if they're not acquainted.

This is why I rate this website 14 - 15.

- -

Major Platform Going Downhill
Just about anyone that has access to the Internet knows about Google. provide a large number of online services including their infamous Search engine and their online email service. Since 2004 I have been a Google user as I have always found other search engines to be inferior to the results I would find on their search engine. The email service they provided worked a lot better than competing free email services and was actually better for searching and indexing than paid services at the time.

Over the past 5 or so years I have noticed that the search results are quite biased in the sense that they tailor the results to your interests. This can lead to a negative impact on the results as users are more likely to see information that confirms their own opinions rather than providing them with contradictory information which can help them form a more educated opinion. Google has also expanded the information they collect on their users in order to give their advertisers more information about their audiences.

Google, and by extension Alphabet, has expanded into so many different types of markets including mobile phones. As a result, it can be quite difficult to avoid the eye of Google. Overall they provide a good service to their users, but a lot of decisions over has reduced the usability of their online services and they further isolate privacy-minded individuals with business decisions that make you question whether or not they have strayed away from their original ethics.

WARNING! Do not buy Optimizer Pro! You willl be purchasing nothing but problems and get a "SAFE CART" subscription unknowingly! I purchased this program back in February for arround $30 and tried it out was nothing but a hassle and it really messed up my windows 8.1. And then I found out and had it had disabled my Norton 360. Symantec Customer Service had to turn Safe Cart and optimizer Pro off to get their software to work again. Lesson Learned so I thought! Fast forward to August and I get a Pay Pal notice that I am being charged $14.95. Called Safe Cart Number and got nowhere to get a refund and get the subcription stopped. So I called paypal and tried to referr me back to Safecart to resolve the issue. I insisted with the rep that they either reverse the charge or treat this as a fraud claim. After several go rounds with the Pay Pal rep trying to get me to handle the problemwith Safe Cart again. The PayPal rep relented and called Safe Cart on a number they have and the Charge was reversed imediately and the Subscription Canceled. BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER. Within 20 minutes of that I start getting numerous pop-up for Optimizer Pro and it is trying to reactivate! Then within a period of 24 hours I get attacked 15 times with high level threarts (Trojans) that my Norton Software picks up. This is more attacks than I had in the last 3 months combined. If you use this software and cancel Make sure you have a good antivirus program in place before you cancel. This is definetely a scam at best and probably a program to steal your idenity and on line account information and passwords. I Changed all of my Major account access information and passwords. WARNING!

Google Greed is Discrimination To Business Starters & Website Owners
Warning Visibility for websites will become invisibility for websites - It is very sad to say but the balance worldwide between seo ethic and constitution on internet is almost lost, because of that google is growing to big and now is to superior, discrimination is dangerous but hidden seo algorithms discrimination is more dangerously. (it controls to much in one direction what internet users can see and what not) the government + politician + judge need to check/prevent/claim this fraudulent/negative behavior, this way of ethic prevention, will in long term give/boost winning/profit the economy every year billions of money in the right direction!
[Google Greed is Discrimination To Small Business Starters And New Website Owners.]

Adwords now called as Google Ads what is wrong/bad with that company, we and many online advertisers, small business starters and many website owners are very disappointing about the advertise results and about the visibility results of websites, the trust of that superior company is gone, and google greed and these negative algorithms search results and advertising results is very bad in long term for all internet users and it does hurt the economy wordwide, the effect is it will blocking/stop the business/money flow, from one dollar advertising the advertisers will lose more then 100 dollars, business starters and new website owners does have to deal with no visibility to homepages/websites, superior fraud/bad/large companies, fake traffic, ad fraud, click fraud, ranking fraud, negative seo, and many more.

Why only one way to use your browser?
I had to get rid of google because of the security issues caused with my security programs from Bing. Way I figure it, why not just use what came with Windows. So I do.
So when I browse I use their, ( Bing's) product, because of the too many ads and videos loading on ( Google's) browser constantly. That is the background.
I looked at your (ReviewFeeder), browser extension. I did not have to go far. Actually the landing page for your browser extension, shows clearly that this extension is a google product run by google. So this is not a go at any time on my computer.

It's funny really. Ever since I got rid of all the extra browsers and their security programs I have had smooth sailing. I was informed that 2 security programs will fight each other for computer resources, causing lockups and such. So I went with what the computer came with and have no problems now.

True I lose you tube, but that's a whole other story. I sure do wish there were browsers and face book like places that actually believed in American ideals like free speech and privacy. Google is not one of them.

I do not work for, nor have ever worked for Windows or any of their companies.

SafeCart as the payee receipient for the virus protection co. AVG
Absolutely no problem with SafeCart. Their client AVG has the worst customer service I have encountered all my years of dealing with firms on the internet. Many have used free AVG anti-virus products and never dealt with their customer service, fine. Just never ever buy anything from them and have a problem. On 09/14/2016 we were up-sold their "Ultimate" product which consumed 1.6 kb of memory resulting in poor performance. That same day we called and asked that it be uninstalled and the charge be reversed. No said, we don't give refunds although they advertise a 30 day satisfaction policy. On 09/27/2016 they finally reversed the $99.99 charge after 5+ email exchanges and 4+ phone calls and numerous representatives the last one starting with we'll refund 50% of the charge. This overseas company's customer service does not merit the millions they make from U.S. consumers each year. Find another anti-virus program we surely did, I wouldn't even use their products if they were all "free". Free just means an opportunity to up-sell you with something you may not need and may not be able to use.

Richmond Subaru BC. V6X 2B8 canada
I trade-in both of my KIa soul GT2020 and 2013 Subaru forester limited, for a brand new 2021 Subaru forester.and paid off the difference, without any loan. The whole team of staffs are very friendly, very knowledge and helpfull in every aspects, I would specially single out one of the sale personnel from the whole team, Mr. AUSTIN HUANG who I. Just met him at the first time.He is able to answer all the issues that I want to know and questions.He is so kind, friendly and patience, HE really give good image for the RIchmond Subaru as a cars dealership. HE been with me all the time on the purchasing process without any hard sale on the first time that went to the RICHMOND SUBARU TO review different trim level of the 2021 FORESTER. On the second time i went back to RICHMOND SUBARU DEALERSHIP, I decided to bought the new forester, I am so impress by the all new features that the forester have in it. MR. AUSTIN HUANG representing me the whole purchase processes try to get the price the I offer.It only take a very short time to complete the deal. IT was a good place to buy SUBARU VEHICLES. I am highly recommend to people about RICHMOND SUBARU if next time you decide to new SUBARU. I bought and owned the car for almost 10 days, MR. HUANG been followed with me to answer all the questions that I had, very helpful and i am very impressed by the way he treating his jobs very professionally.

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