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GoodRX is not helpful. I got a UTI. The doctor office was closed so I thought let's try. I explain my medical history including my chronic UTI. I ALSO EXPLAIN I NEED 10 DAY RX. (IT WILL COME BK) AFTER MY DETAILS GoodRx SENT ME A RX FOR 5 DAYS! Anyone who ever had a uti knows you need at least 7 days and if you are prone you need more! After starting the day worth of pills next day finally wrote bk I needed lab. Um already started meds had to be at wk.

Depends on drug, day, time of day, mood of pharmacist...
Arvada, CO Costco will NOT honor the low price of Timolol Maleate "eyedroppers", 10 ml. Cited in GoodRx, and it appears Safeway will not either. Costs are just "wrong", according pharmacists, and GoodRx also are unwilling to sell in bulk as the GoodRx menus suggest. Just getting an estimate from these locations required doctor's offices to forward the prescription to them, which filters the budget shopper. While they quibble with the details, they clearly are discouraging customers and irritate doctors' offices. A call to GoodRx to mediate was unhelpful. Though an agent claims he contacted Costco and called me back, his explanation didn't wash... said this was an issue with the manufacturer and there was nothing he could do. It GoodRx actually has any kind of contractual agreement with pharmacies it must be toothless.

The Goodrx web site under Frequently Asked Questions specifically the question Can I use GoodRx if I have insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid? States "GoodRx is for everyone, whether GoodRx have insurance or not. And while you can't combine GoodRx with your insurance to lower your copay, it may beat your copay — especially if you have a high-deductible." My spouse just tried to use GoodRX at our local pharmacy and was told she did qualify because she had a Federal health insurance plan. She was not trying to use her Fedreal Insurance Plan as the plan does not cover her medication and she was fully aware of the statement statement that stated you can't combine two different insurance policies, which she wasn't. So bottom line this so called plan is nothing but a scam!

Gold Membership is ruining the GoodRx experience.
Why do these faceless corporations always evolve away from customer service/care. When I first used GoodRx, it was relatively easy and efficient. I was impressed, especially with the relative ease with which I could refill a prescription. However, as this group has grown, GoodRx have clearly lost sight of the customer. Why? Because they are now more focused on getting their customers to upgrade to the "golden membership" level. Never mind I could care less about upgrading to any other level. Today I was finishing my dr. visit and was prompted to identify my pharmacy- odd, because it used to take you to that page automatically- not this time. An alien window popped up informing me I needed to "confirm" my home address. Errr, okay, but why? My address hasn't changed but whatever. Clicked the box and a simple window popped up with basic address boxes- I dutifully filled out the info and hit confirm. Wrong- another window pops up with the "oops, something went wrong" BS. But they provided a toll free number to call for "help." I'm rather peeved now because this is completely unnecessary, from a returning customer point of view. Yet I called the number and guess what? This entire confirm address crap is a charade to get me to upgrade to the Gold Membership plan! What?! I'm super busy and I just want to get my prescription filled- I don't want to be funneled to their asinine Gold Membership plan. It took me the better part of an hour, complete with multiple phone calls, to finally just get 1 prescription sent to my pharmacy. Well, I'm out! Their sales goals are obviously what they're focused on, never mind what the customer wants- easy, effective prescription refills- heck, I don't really even care that much about how much $ they save me. I used them because I'm busy and I don't have time for their sales pitch upgrade crap. So I have to say this is another decent company that will be ruined because they put greed above their customers needs. But they're not alone- the entire corporate environment has been corrupted their short sighted insistence for profit over quality customer service. This sucker is going down."

The best prescription deals ever!
I use it often. It saves me so much, it's really hard to believe! I don't know how GoodRx do it, but it sure helps seniors on a fixed income.

Unauthorized charge
Billing issue. GoodRx charged my account $5.99 for a gold membership after it was cancelled a week prior. Bad business!

Amazing program
Amazing program good RX has saved me a ton of money you're super fast efficient my prescriptions are cheaper through good RX monthly membership than it is for my $800 a month health insurance.

When I did webinar prescriptions with my doctor it was over $200 with good RX it's $20-$40

Completely grateful for the program

GoodRx Care is a scam, save your money!
I paid for a visit with GoodRX Care and explained my situation. The doctor rushed through the visit and I did not get the correct medication. When I wrote back I got multiple different nurse practitioners responding to me telling me to pay for a new visit to get the correct medication. Excuse me... This was a error on their end! Then GoodRx told me all this stuff to buy and I kept informing them I am allergic to it but they kept telling me to buy and use it. This was a complete joke! I used and was able to get exactly what I needed, no issues. Avoid GoodRX Care by all means!

Great experience my RX was at the pharmacy all my questions was answer and I get email checking up on me

They will lie about refund
I called into customer service yesterday. The woman must have been working at home due to hearing dogs constantly barking. I explained my account was the free no charge account. GoodRx still charged me $5.99 which was pending. She claimed she refunded my money. So I look today and they still took the money out of my account again for the 2nd time. So now they got two payments and I don't fill prescriptions and haven't in two years and have not been charged in two years. Now all of a sudden I get two charges back to back. So I call back today and the guy on the phone says oh well nothing I can do. So I cancelled my card and ordering a new one before they charge more everyday. I don't even have the free account with these people anymore I cancelled it yesterday to make sure.

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