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Rescued me out of the term paper ditch! came through and helped me get my term paper done in just a couple of days. GoNerdify delivered as promised and before the expected finish time. I also paid for 4 pages and the paper provided was 5. I paid for a plagiarism report and although I'm sure it wasn't necessary it eased my mind. I felt a bit guilty using a service like this but I would recommend it to anyone in a bind or during the semesters end when work just seems to be piling up. I'm a wife and mother, and this really saved me time and a headache. Thank you!

Worst experience ever!
This site charged me 165.00 for a 1500 word essay GoNerdify said because I needed it in 4 days they were late with the first one they sent and it was a total disaster I asked for refund they said give them another chance to fix it I agreed and it took 2 more days no money back and I received an F on my paper. My last prerequisite class I had a 95 in now is a 72 and I can't get anyone to return a message and refund my money like they said they would, if they do I'll post it but do yourself a favor and steer clear of this site. A second grader could have written a better essay and in less time. I am still waiting for my money back too for any of you "nerds" reading this review.

They made sure to get it right!
I asked for help with my stats homework and at first the homework was not looking how I wanted. I was feeling disappointed but the team at Nerdify was committed to get it right. GoNerdify did not let me accept it until I was satisfied. I was upset but they stayed professional the whole time and they got my homework to look how I wanted. Yayyyy :) they are the best. I think it was my fault that they didn't get my homework right because I think I didn't communicate well what I wanted. You should definitely get help with them if you need it. They won't let you down!

Top-Nerd is totally BS
GoNerdify plagiarized, they didn't use the case study provided and said I got the wrong paper. When they sent me the second copy, it was the same paper I had already receive. I am glad I started ahead of the game and didn't wait til the last minute to complete this assignment. Otherwise I would have been screwed. You better run as far as you, it's a total SCAM! All reviews that are positive are from the company!

Waiting on my refund

It didn't work out.
I got help with this company, GoNerdify asked me to pay which i did and i got a worst result i could ever imagine. When i asked for my refund they took over 4 days to decide for my refund. In the mean time i had the issue to do other task which they said we will do it for $175 as I had enough time for the deadline but because of the first assignment they said we will take your next assignment once we close your first case and we need answer from our QA. Now when they close my case after 4 days they are asking me more money to do my work.
What an irony. These people on messaging service won't answer your question as you ask. Always manipulation, always different answer, whatsoever you ask, they will answer you with manipulation, never confirmed nor satisfying. Always a nice and polite answer from the other side to keep you curious that what's going to happen next.

I would give it a negative 5 star honestly
I tried hard to look for a legit company. Trusted the positive reviews. Approached 24 hours ahead and placed an order on a 12-hour frame. Get promised to finish it by 9:00 PM because it is due at 10. Paid $300 instantly with a high expectation. Only to be notified at 2:00 PM the next day, the writer hasn't even started. What a joke.
All GoNerdify can do is to refund my money back, even asked if I want a balance returned to my account for future use.
Why would they think I will ever use this service again. BS.

Edit: below this review is a reply from a customer service representative at Nerdify. GoNerdify still have not contacted me, and by extension, fixed the problem.

TRUST THE BAD REVIEWS! Yes, Im sure some people have a pleasant experience with this company, but if you dont they will not give you a refund. If they mess up your paper, you will be stuck rushing to finish it, fixing the mistakes that they made and they dont care.

I gave them 11 hours to edit my paper, add 4 pages, and add some fluff to make it more coherent and interesting. When I got my paper back (10 minuets late. Not too bad but certainly unprofessional), it was riddled with grammatical errors and nonsense sentences. Not only that but they gave me absolutely NO footnotes for the sources that they used AND they used an encyclopedia 3 or 4 times as a source instead of scholarly sources like I had asked. I had to hand it in soon after the paper was supposed to be finished. Yes, I should of planned ahead and gave myself more time, but they said it would be done, and that it would be done well- that they would get their top nerd, and expert even. I had nothing to be worried about. I was over joyed. I had been so stressed for so long about this paper and finally I was getting help! I wasnt alone!

But I was. When I got the paper finally, with the mistakes and no footnotes, I cried. I cried for a long time as I edited the paper. I asked for the footnotes, but I did not have time to wait for them (I waited 3 hours initially as I edited the paper, then spent another 2.5 hours adding footnotes.) so I made some up with fake sources & footnotes hoping my professor wouldnt notice. This paper was worth 35% of my grade. I cried because I had given this company $360 for a paper without footnotes, that I paid for editing but still had to do myself, and I had to rush to finish what should have been done. When I told the customer representative all of this, (I was polite despite the overwhelming anger, sadness and stress that I was feeling) I got $50 back. Not even enough to cover the cost of editing (which again, I did), or the footnotes that were not done. I pleaded, they did not care and refused to reconsider.

So if you want to use this service, keep in mind that you might loose a lot of money, and still have a bad paper. I havent got the grade from my teacher yet, but if I do badly (having paid to do well), I hope nerdify is proud of their decisions and steps it up for the next poor soul to use this service.

Order number: AN20180429-182

Worst experience
Would never recommend anybody. Anyone who's reading my comment, please never ask them for any assignment. GoNerdify are the big fat liars. I give them a task to do. I had quiz at 7pm. They said they'll do it. I'd paid 45 dollars. Then exactly at 6:55pm, they said they can't do it coz there need is busy with other task. Seriously, if you can't do it, then why you said yes at the first place. Then, I thought let's give them a second chance. I had an exam. I was facing very hard time to pass that course. I told them if they can help me. They said sure. I said are you sure. Don't you gonna betray me the way you did last time. They said sorry it won't happen. I told them to think 10 times before they say yes. But they assure me that it won't happen again. I told them to find at least 2 nerds this time to do my task so that if one is busy the other will do it. Again, on the exam's day. Right before 2 hours of my exam, they said they can't do my task coz their nerds are busy. I hope I could've attached the pictures of my conversation to them. But you can ask me I'll send you directly my conversation history


Great customer service
My questions were answered very quickly. I got help and recommendations as soon as I asked! GoNerdify rare super nice and the prices are great for the quality of the work. The work turned out amazing and was done in a timely manner. Will definitely be placing more orders in the future. Felt very welcomed and comfortable asking questions. Thank you Nerdify! :)

Extremely Helpful and a life saver!
This experience was so easy and seamless! I finally can breath a sigh of relief with my already beyond hectic schedule. I'm a single mother of 3 seeking my higher education so every day life is super stressful. The nerds at Nerdify were amazing, helpful, sincere and even stayed on the phone with me until 1:30am doing everything possible to help me with my tasks. I recommend Nerdify to anyone truly needing real honest and thorough assistance with there tasks. Thanks Nerdify!

Terrible Customer Service
I consulted gonerdify with a paper and presentation and gave them 4 days to work on this. GoNerdify handed me the paper and presentation on the day it was due and it was done incorrectly. I clearly specified what was not done correctly and gave them the rubric again and somehow it was done incorrectly yet again. I then requested a refund and they only refunded my presentation but forgot that the paper was also done incorrectly. So I could have some rectify this it would be a better customer service experience.

Amazing customer service
I used to use chegg and other websites before discovering nerdify. It's not being stated that chegg and others are not good, but personally nerdify is significantly better due to many reasons like no plagiarism, better words arrangements ETC. I work 3 jobs and I am also a student and juggling work and school is very stressful. Nerdify helped me find the balance between work and school, now I can work and also pass world class assignments in on time without worrying about a thing. I recommend nerdify to every single person out there to try it.

Get you a Nerd!
Thing is the work is not hard just time consuming and I'm a single dad working to jobs ONLINE CLASSES have to fight so hard to be accredited GoNerdify give way to much work and little Time to do so I work 12 hours a day add three hours to that for prep and drive to and from. I have a 9 year old also active in athletics, swim and dance. Attend church rarely social lack of time and then my part time job lol 3 assignments a week plus 3 discussions board post and SUBSTANTIAL RESPONSES. Yea right almost impossible and when will I sleep. Atleast they can get the paper in I can review it and save I still learned something the teacher satisfied and it's not plagiarized. And I PAID so we all win!

Nerdify are losers. Those fools charged me 106 to answer 3 questions. It was supposed to be 3 lab reports with titles, purpose, procedure, tables, data, conclusion AND post lab question. The incompetent lazy sobs only answered the 3 post lab questions for only one of the labs! Apparently, the idiot had a degree in chemistry at kiss my ass university. I MADE IT CLEAR, TWICE OF WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONE. GoNerdify actually believed that I agreed to only have 3 questions answered for one of the labs for a whole $106! Are you slow? Because of them I have failed all 3 lab reports! You incompetent Stupid loser! SCREW YOURSELVES!


Nice guys to work with
I ordered some assignments back in the first semester last year and then decided to experiment with another services. Ive tried like 4-5 different ones only to come back to Nerdify. Have not found anything more convenient than the way GoNerdify do business. Also I feel like the quality has improved since last year, or maybe Im simply still under impression of the stuff I got elsewhere

Amazing, absolutely amazing
GoNerdify is AMAZING, i found them randomly GoNerdify just popped up out of the blue one day and i am so glad i found them, the people you talk to are AMAZING they are calm, extremely polite, pretty much always online but most of all, they get the job done, the Nerds that do the work are absolutely amazing i have gotten an A in every assignment they have done, the price is a bit high but seriously you won't regret it and the best part yet, if it is to high you can always negotiate a lower price and still guarantee an amazing piece of work. I would recommend this to anyone, you won't regret it :)

Great work with great pricing
To be honest I was hesitant at first, but nerdify provided all the right answers to my questions that I had. Nerdify is nothing but professional with everything GoNerdify do. With quick text responses or emails they will support you from start to finish with any assignment you need to be completed. In addition, nerdify is completely fair with how they price the work you need done. I am glad I moved forward with using this website. 100% satisfaction

Not very good.
2 stars because GoNerdify got 2 out of 2 assignments in on time. No other stars because I paid a lot of money to get things done but had to stay and proof read their 'nerds' work for more than 6 hours each time. First time seemed fine, however as I was reading through the assignment noticed that one of the key criteria wasn't answered which I then had to stay up all night doing and completely riddled with bad sentence structure and grammatical errors. Nerdify assured me this doesn't happen often at all (no compensation offered for my trouble). Second time I (stupidly) decided to try them again. Assignment came in with maybe 2 in text references in the whole first page and when I explained, 2 minutes after I received it, that I needed the references for the information he provided in the text, they explained the nerd couldn't do it for another 6-12 hours which I couldn't wait for as I had to submit it in 3 hours and I didn't trust them to get it right the next time anyways. They offered me $10 off my next order. Which I won't be taking as I will not use this service again. Not worth the effort or money. Also don't send them your number as I have ad companies texting me ever since I texted them.

Perfect job
Their services are perfect, GoNerdify did everything well, and I also appreciate the way they spoke to me and they took my job seriously, Thank you for this site and its efficiency. Superbly built, seriously I have more to say except that they are good, and I also liked the concept, seriously are they I did not know what to do, it was my only sonlurion and my only solution, thank you once again for your effort and sincerity if anyone needs help, they have several specialties, I recommend this application to you, do not hesitate.

Not everything I had hoped
I heard about this website and thought I would give it a try when I was crunched for time. I paid over $100 to have an essay done in 12 hours and I was not impressed. Many things in the essay did not make sense, and it did not follow the instructions that I gave with the essay. I had to go back through the essay and rewrite most of it because it did not make sense. I gave it a 3 because GoNerdify were on time with the essay, but everyone made it seem like gonerdify was the saving grace for all students and that is simply not the case. Maybe if I had given more time I would have gotten a better essay.


I paid two HUNDRED dollars for multiple math assignments to have completed. I gave them FOUR DAYS in advance and the night the assignment was due, I noticed that it had barely been touched. I contacted them and GoNerdify assured be that all would go smoothly and be completed on time.

6 hours before the assignment was due, I got a text saying they "underestimated" the time the assignment would take, and that they would only be able to do 5 of the 12 assignments I had asked for. They had estimated it would take 6 hours, but 6 hours before it was due, they changed their estimate to 15 hours, and said they would not be able to complete the other 11 hours of work.

I was FURIOUS and that they had waited until 6 HOURS before the assignment was due when they had already taken my TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Moral of the story, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.


Do yourself a favor and use this site!
This service is such a lifesaver.
I've used them twice for last minute help with assignments. Everyone from the service agents to the "nerds" for hire are totally top notch. GoNerdify are super responsive and provide very clear follow up to make reassure you and find you the best fit for your assignment. They even follow up with you to provide updates. The agents you chat with are particularly kind and helpful. Ive been 100% pleased with them and I got an A on the last assignment they helped with.
I highly recommend!

Felt cheated by Nerdify
Calculus finals week. I thought nerdify would be my savior but it quickly turned into my nightmare! Customer service bot or rep or whatever it is told me my work would be completed in 4 hours prior to paying. Once i paid GoNerdify told me i would receive the order within SIX hours and if the Nerd had any issues or fell behind i would be notified. Well SEVEN hours later i contact them just to be told they want 12 MORE HOURS to do less than 35 questions. I couldn't do this because i had a deadline to meet, so then they charged me $90 on top of the $180 i had already paid and told me i would have it by 11pm (i originally paid at 1pm and was supposed to have it all completed and in my possession by 5pm). I cough up the last $90 of my GI Bill money for them to turn around and say that i will have it by 12am?! I feel scammed and tricked by this service. GO TO CHEGG. BETTER PRICES, BETTER RATES, BETTER TREATMENT TO THE CUSTOMER! I spent $270 for chicken scratch and half correct answers (14 out of 34, so not quite half). Can't say i'll be recommending Nerdify or even using it for myself again.

HORRIBLE service! Stay away! - Waiting for my refund
If I could give negative stars I would. DO NOT use this website. It's a clear scam. The "nerd" who was assigned to my task apparently had a masters in statistics and psychology yet didn't even know how to properly write out a research design, did not know how to differentiate p-values from correlation coefficients or beta, did not know how to conduct a basic hypothesis test, did not know which inferential statistics test to choose based on the design and did not even know how to prove a test as statistically significant or not - to name a few... upon many other BASIC knowledge of psychology research methods. I don't have a masters, I am in undergrad, and even I know more than the person who did this assignment for me. I can't even say this assignment was even grammatically correct, there were tons of spelling errors and the sentences were not coherent in any shape or form. The "finishing product" that I was sent back was genuinely embarrassing to say the least for the amount of money I paid and for how the assistant texting me talked up my "nerd" while I was paying. I had provided the nerd with all of my lecture notes, all of my notes I made on the readings, and EVEN explicitly stated how we write our research designs in class to make sure the nerd would understand what I needed in this assignment. I asked the assistant multiple times if this was clear to the nerd writing my assignment and if GoNerdify knew what they were doing and I was told "not to worry"... and what do I get? I get the complete opposite of what I asked for. I paid 230$ for something that was so inadequate, my 15 year old cousin who is still in highschool could've done a better job than this so called "nerd" with a masters degree. It was a complete waste of time trusting my assignment in the hands of this "nerd" who completed it. This person even left one of the answers blank in the assignment as if I wouldn't notice, and added random numbers into some of the questions because they clearly didn't know the answer or what the question was even asking. THANK GOD I proof read this assignment when It was sent it back, because if I did not I 100% would have failed this assignment. I am absolutely livid that whoever half a**ed this assignment assumed they could get away with this- I have lost all of my trust in this company and will never tell any of my peers to use it nor will I ever even consider using it again. Mind you, it's exam season and I am so busy with deadlines and readings to prep, I thought Nerdify would help me in this time. Instead, I get this assignment back from the nerd, realize it's all horribly wrong, and I only have 9 hours to redo the entire assignment until it was due at midnight; this was a HUGE inconvenience and very stressful. I was scrambling to complete it. The people doing your assignments are unqualified and this website is a complete scam, so do yourself a favour and get a tutor of some sort instead or find a trusted friend to help you. To make matters even worse, I was inconvenienced EVEN MORE than I already was because the assistant texting me asked me over and over again, after I had asked for my money back and explained my situation, to provide EXACT page numbers of my notes to somehow prove my entire assignment was wrong- even though I had already EXPLICITLY sent a version of the design over email and ALL of my lecture notes and reading notes to the nerd and emphasized proper design writing. You're really going to inconvenience me more... when I paid YOU to do the job right the first time? You're going to inconvenience me MORE by making me go back and nit pick which exact pages are wrong in a 7 page assignment filled with questions on a 48 page review and another 40 page review? Give me a break. It's their job to go do that because I am paying them, yet somehow I ended up doing more work than any of these people combined. Pathetic. If I don't get my money back I am calling the police.

Utter $#*!.
I paid 200 USD for a 2000 word essay on one question. The 'nerd' wrote it on a wrong question and only wrote 1500 words. He wrote typing 'you' as 'u', many many grammatical errors and sentences that do not make sense, pointless 'examples'.
I dont think the 'nerds' are qualified, maybe to do work for high school but definetely not universities, especially if you want to pass or get credit.
I do not recommend this service, its overpriced. Its better to get your friend to do it for you for 50 dollars. Youll thank this review later.

Terrible customer service!
GoNerdify have minimal concern for customer retention or satisfaction. Non-native English writers produce a pitiful product leading to countless glaring abnormalities within their contribution. Their quality assurance representative, Jane, refuses to refund despite these problems even when the product paid for is incomplete.

I waited through multiple attempts to resolve with several resubmissions given back to me without any changes made. Nerdify was an awesome company in the beginning, but has evolved into this inefficient and wonky service that just doesn't deliver to expectation. Every communication is transferred to someone else and the entire context and story of the conversation is lost.

This results in lost customers, and bad reviews.

Awesome service
I was really skeptical about using this service, a friend of mine had used them in the past received an A on her paper. I had a couple assignments due, some past due, some i had no time to read and write an essay on. I send them a text, within seconds I received a response, I sent over my assignment details, Nerdify confirm GoNerdify received the corresponding material for my assignments: they provided me with a quote extremely fast! They offer plagiarism report if your nervous plagiarism! Nerdify is definitely a life and time saver! The best thing about this service is that they operate 24/7 and have highly experienced tutors/nerds in different subjects! Highly recommend

Not a Happy Camper
Used them to write 3 papers. I am convinced that a child wrote the last one. I gave specific instructions... Gave the article to read along with the 5 topic sentences that were approved by my professor during the Paper Consult. MLA format. What I received back from them was a disaster. The heading wasn't centered, the paragraphs weren't double spaced... The vocabulary was that of a child or a slow high school kid. No collegiate language whatsoever. In fact as I kept reading the angrier I got because I realized... GoNerdify took my topic sentences and produced a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that didn't even make good sense, didn't have a stance either. And the syntax!?!? That of a child I am not kidding here. Omg! I of course complained, and they were at least kind about it, but to tell me another 24 hours to fix it and when I receive it back no changes were made? The same high school level essay? Beyond distraught. I mean not one sentence revised. I will never use their service again. However, I digress... I give them 2 stars because they were kind even after my ranting.

Don't waste your money or your time
I wish I could have written a good review after my friend referred me here. However, that is not the case. From the beginning, it was intuitively negative. Specifically due to Jason who had a rude and condescending attitude. After explaining to him I have already written my essay and just need someone to edit a few things and check the sentence structure, he said it would be $114. I was shocked because the actual webpage says proofreading and editing is around $45. I brought that up and even sent him a screenshot of their webpage. I told him I wanted the $45 service, but he directly texted me saying "There're 967 words, I think more than a few sentences have to be fixed." I should have gone from that condescending re-mark. Yet, I still wanted to give them a try because my friend told me GoNerdify were reasonably good. So, I went online and selected proofread and picked 1000 words and chose 1 day for my personal statement to be done. I paid the $45.60 service. Then, they text me saying it will be ready at 1 am June 15th, 2020. Well, it is 1:10am June 15th now and I have no text or notification from them. So, I reach out to them and they say "give me 20min to check." Ok. After a few minutes of going back and forth, I get my paper back. Let me tell you when I read their paper it seemed like someone looked at it for 5min and did not even try to help me. 98% of my paper was exactly the same, except they re-arranged my sentences incorrectly, which not only messed up the sentence structures but it reads awkwardly. I was deeply disappointed. I wasted one day waiting for them when I could have revised my essay myself. I was sad and asked for a refund. They referred me to the QA team, which I had to again reach out to them just to check if they even looked at my case. I even sent them pictures showing the original versus their edited version and how incorrect the grammar was and the sentence structures. They eventually said they will refund me only 50% back to my nerdify credit account, which is NOT MY ORIGINAL PAYMENT! So, this is NOT A REFUND. This is a SCAM! I was very surprised and disheartened that they would try to scam customers, like me. They are still not refunding me and I have been waiting patiently. I am very disappointed by this company because not only are they rude, they did not improve my essay in one bit. I checked it 3 times and have pictures of how they messed up my essay.

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