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Delivered Days late / customer service concerns
I have ordered from Goldbelly 5 times now. 3 out of 5 times order is late. Their customer service is useless. Never addresses the issue. Do NOT buy from them. You will end up with thawed food delivered days late (and not due to weather). FedEx 2 day delivery is how Goldbelly say they send the packages but that is a lie. I am putting in a fraud complaint with my credit card company. Deceptive marketing. Does not fulfill promises of order. Basically non-existent customer service that really never contributes to email conversation and never resolved issue. If you want to buy partially spoiled food, go for it. Otherwise find another way. In past month I have started ordering from many of the shops directly and have never had a shipping issue. Bring Goldbelly into mix = thawed food that is delivered late.

Updated 4/10 - My issue at Goldbelly was escalated to a supervisor. My items arrived 2 days late (shipped on time but took 4 days to arrive vs 2) and was not cold. The supervisor offered me 2 options to make it right. I am upset that the special gift for my husband did not arrive on time and we did not want to use it after arriving 2 days later but Goldbelly did respond and made amends. I just placed another order tonight with them. I am crossing my fingers that all goes well but I felt that giving them another try was warranted. Thank you for addressing my issue.

AVOID Goldbelly - Worst Customer Service
My daughter sent a very thoughtful gift to my husband for Father's Day. It was supposed to be a kit to make a dozen cannolli, which we would've really enjoyed sharing with family on Father's Day. Instead, we received a box of the ingredients that were so hot, the chocolate chips meant to roll them in were completely chocolate soup. The large tube of ricotta cheese was much warmer than room temperature. The cold pack was completely melted and warm. In other words, this gift was completely useless. My daughter and I attempted to contact their customer service to see if this could be re-shipped by Father's Day, as this was only 5pm on Friday. All we received was a confirmation that Goldbelly received our comments and would reply in 1-3 business days. When we finally heard back on Tuesday, all they would offer was to re-ship it or give us a Goldbelly credit. We declined as the purpose of this gift had passed, and requested that they refund the purchase to my daughter's credit card. They have since notified my daughter that they have a no refund policy and can only give her a credit to use at a future date. So, BUYER BEWARE, you can spend a small fortune at Goldbelly and receive something completely worthless, with no recourse to get your money back. Lesson learned.
****Since this review was submitted, Goldbelly did end up completely refunding my daughter's payment, but only after I told them I was contacting the Better Business Bureau. Up to that point, they were only going to give her a credit with them.

Unreliable and Lacking Customer Service
It is the small things in life. During these challenging times, the little things make a big difference. Since we were unable to spend Good Friday and Easter with our children, I decided to send Easter to them. I ordered perogies from a shop that was 17 miles from our son's townhome to support small businesses, maintain social distancing, and keep cars off the road. I also order a ham from Honey Baked Ham.
Neither item made it to my son's townhome on the requested delivery day. Mind you; these items were ordered on March 26th to UPS problems. Honey Baked Ham apologized and refunded me. Goldbelly said Goldbelly were sorry, but all sales are final.
You should be very aware that Goldbelly does not have a customer service telephone number, chat line on their website, and they do not respond to online requests/submission promptly. I could see that the perogies order was not shipped as of Thursday, April 9th, and I sent an online request because I knew there could be problems, but I never received a response.
The business model is great, and I am sure when it works, it works great. But if you have problems, do not expect any customer service or any reimbursement/compensation.
I will not use Goldbelly again.

Customer service
Issue was not resolved. I went to Carlo's bakery and searched for a strawberry shortcake cake and ended up on Goldbelly where I purchased a specialty cake from the well known name Junior's cheesecake bakery. The cake was great and out of this world. But when you buy a cake for a special occasion and a specific cake, you usually get that. The issue I have is the lack of concern in customer service in fixing the problem when I explained that I don't think that the cake that ordered is quite right. Specifically ordered a strawberry shortcake cheesecake. It was not pink, it did not look like a strawberry shortcake cake nor did it taste like one. When you order a cake for that amount of money it should be right. Their answer was matter of fact that it should have been pink icing and will offer you $15 off your next cake. Well. That is not the issue gold belly. My issue is that I paid 15 expedite fee for a strawberry shortcake cheesecake and Goldbelly did not deliver that. They simply tried to offer me $ 15 coupons towards another cake. People, we know what these cakes cost. Customer service is everything.
I can go anywhere to get a darn cake.

I ordered Buddy's pizza on November 28th. Picked out a shipping schedule for December 14th and its ETA was Dec 18th. It's Dec 23rd and the shipping tracking shows that there's no update with the tracking number since December 8th. It only showed that a label was created for the order. Goldbelly did not acknowledge that the order never shipped but instead Goldbelly blamed it on the postal service being slow. Then I sent another e-mail to follow up, and to clarify that the order is not shown as moving through the postal system in the first place, they responded that they apologize that my order never arrived (? Umm it never shipped, that's why). Instead said they would "reship" it then a couple of days later they came back to me to say they were out of the cheese pizza I ordered. Umm. Cheese pizza is never out. I've ordered shipping directly from Buddy's before without a hitch, and this was the first year they've switched to a third party shipping company. Very disappointed in Goldbelly. Currently in a process of trying to get a refund.

GoldBelly Fail
I have ordered multiple times from Goldbelly previously and been overall pleased with the products. This time, not so much. I ordered a Easter Cookie and decorating set ( 1 dozen) at the very pricey price of $69.00 plus tax to decorate with my Granddaughter when she visits. The cookies arrived and every single one of them was broken... not so good for decorating. I contacted Goldbelly and was promptly told Goldbelly do NOT refund EVER for damaged products and they could not ship in time for my planned visit with their next available shipping date being 8 days away. Fortunately, I have found another company I have used previously for cakes and baked items without any problems, Bake Me A Wish. They will now be my go to always. Not sure what I should order with the "account credit" that I will be receiving in a "few days" from GoldBelly, but better be something solid as a brick to survive their shipping.

Rip Off!
Gold Belly is a rip off company! If you have any problems with your order, their customer service, if you want to call it that, is the worst I've ever encountered!

I purchased 24 macaron cookies for $74. The cost for these cookies is pricey but worth it if you get what you order.

The cookies arrived melted, crushed, syrupy liquid running inside the box, cookies were stuck to the plastic container from the filling melting. One box was open... In no way edible due to spoilage concerns. There was nothing inside the shipping box to keep the cookies cool. I purchased one of the boxes as a gift. I had already told the recipient that I ordered them because she was using them for a baby shower. I had to toss all 24 of the cookies.

I emailed Gold Belly expecting to hear something within a few hours. You'd think that the company would be concerned about their customers receiving spoiled, ruined food. I assumed it would be promptly taken care of, and I'd receive a replacement quickly. It took a week for a resolution. Goldbelly blamed me for the delay claiming that because I sent an email, then contacted them by Facebook it was "confusing."

In every attempt at contact, I provided my full name, order number, photos and detailed info. Absolutely no customer service is available by phone.

When the Facebook rep finally responded a few days later, I again provided my full name, order number and screenshots of the response from Gold Belly via email. I couldn't have been more thorough with letting the reps know what was going on with my order. When I contacted the rep via Facebook, they responded requesting what I literally provided in my message to them. A few days later they responded telling me that my situation had been handled. The rep did not read a single thing that I wrote because not only had I already told them that I finally heard from them via email, but I provided screenshots of the whole conversation. However, even though they claimed it had been handled, I still had no credit in my Gold Belly account. The rep was so rude, not only did they blame me for the delay, they yelled at me. Everyone is aware of what typing in caps means in electronic communication.

I tried to file a complaint against the Facebook rep. Thinking surely the reps communication skills would be a concern to Gold Belly's owner. The supervisor defended the rep. And reiterated that I was to blame.

I finally received a credit a week from my initial contact. They do not offer refunds. They have so many complaints that they delete and hide them on their Facebook posts and don't offer a review section. So many upset customers that they post the negative reviews in the comment section of Gold Belly's posts. If you search bad reviews for Gold Belly, they're abundant! I wish I would have researched the company before purchasing.

I posted my review along with the screenshot of the rep. Blaming me and yelling, and within less than 10 minutes they deleted it along with other bad reviews. They can quickly try to hide the numerous complaints but drag their feet for a resolution. Many say that they have ended up having to do a chargeback with their credit card company because Gold Belly refuses to do anything.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this shady company! I will be reporting them to the BBB!

Well, I ended up placing two orders
Well, I ended up placing two orders. The first was supposed to arrive Friday of Memorial day weekend and didn't end up arriving until Tuesday. By the time it got here the pasta was inedible, but the sauce was ok. I contacted customer service and Goldbelly said they were going to apply a 50% credit to my account. I went online on my mobile several days later and didn't see the credit, so I put something in my cart to see if it would show up there. I carefully hit next, continue and save and NEVER CLICKED SOMETHING LIKE "PLACE ORDER", but all the sudden got a "thank you for your order" screen. It was an accident and just a few minutes later, I was unable to cancel the order and had a tracking number. The good news is, that customer service was able to retroactively apply the 50% credit to that order.

Specific delivery date requested - But perishable items arrived 4 days early
Okay, ok. I know you're all thinking "lucky you" as we have all experienced our share of amazingly stupid UPS and FedEx shipping delays over the past 13 months. But shipping atrocities aside...

BUYER BEWARE if you are ordering items that are not frozen or baked goods. Especially if you are buying from more local restaurants in your same state.

I placed an order on April 5 for BBQ sides which included potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans and rolls - and paid shipping charge on top of the regular menu price. Specifically requested a delivery date of Friday, April 30 as my family guests are gathering for a celebration on Saturday, May 1.

And well aware this package could have been delayed but I was willing to take the risk. Also clearly understood the restaurant's instructions that items would be good if refrigerated for up to three days.

SURPRISE! I woke up this morning to UPS alerts that my package was arriving today - April 27.

A full five days before the party - and definitely outside the restaurant's recommended 3-day shelf life.

Goldbelly takes zero responsibility - and not even a polite apology. Goldbelly just sent a link to their policy that absolutely no refunds and no recourse once an item has shipped.

And certain the restuarant will take no responsibility either although I did reach out directly. The restaurant also packed everything in paper containers, so already leaking despite an unexpectedly short transit time.

So I'm out the money and now must go shopping and prepare new items so that my guests are not served or poisoned by spoiled food.

Unbelievable and tired of there never being any accountability or true customer service and respect - Goldbelly has now lost another customer.

Worst service experience ever
Goldbelly took my order for something promised to be delivered by Christmas and then completely dropped responsibility for anything after that. One item was shipped to my recipient, one never arrived and I had to find out on my own much later by asking the person, otherwise I would never know the item was never shipped. When I told Goldbelly about this obvious problem NOW IN JANUARY they said they could cancel the order or ship it. What kind of service is that, that's what they do every single day, take your order or don't take your order, what the hell kind of way is that to treat someone whose money you've been holding nearly two weeks? Yes, I am aware I can place an order at any time, thank you for continuing to offer me the opportunity to hand you my cash while you either ship or don't ship what you promised. Way to go Goldbelly, above and beyond, and remember... when someone orders from you, they either DO or DO NOT want you to ship something somewhere to someone. It's anybody's guess. Thanks for giving me back MY MONEY. Never using this childish excuse for a business again. If they ask you to explain what you're mad about don't fall for it, it's a trap to waste your time while they pat themselves on the back they refunded you for a nonexist product, I mean thanks for not further breaking the law. You shouldn't even charge people for unshipped products, that's common practice and I am now reporting you to the FTC since you have continually bothered me to describe my story to you while you pretend you handled it.

Donuts through Goldbelly are not great
Ordered Stan's donuts. Arrived 8:15pm the day of delivery, cold packs at outdoor temperature, so not cooled any more.

The donuts were okay but not great. Frosting melted o to wrappers/had to be peeled off. These were not better than fresh grocery store donuts. The lack of freshness from being on a delivery truck for 13 hours, mailed the day before, and receiving them at night time instead of morning really ruined the experience of getting donuts for me. It might have been better to receive them the next morning so that I would at least get them at a reasonable time for eating them.

Really though, next day air should have been used for shipping, in guarantee a morning delivery, not next day air saver which just means whenever on that day. Come on.

At the price I paid, I expected much better than I received. If I if ored the price, I still wpuld prefer fresh grocery store donuts to what I received.

Terrible Customer Service
I am in California and ordered an overnight from Lou Malnati's in Chicago as a gift. I paid 1/3 of the purchase price so the item would arrive timely on a Friday. UPS showed it 20 miles from the destination at 5:30 AM the next day but it never reached the destination so it still sitting on a UPS truck on Monday with promise of shipment by 9:00 PM. How embarrassing to think about what these pizzas will look like to the gift recipient. I realize Goldbelly can't control UPS but Goldbelly have no live customer service to call for assistance or to find out if the pizzas (4 of them) will be a mess by the time they reach the intended gift recipient. No way would I use this outfit again if they don't have a number to call when something goes wrong.
I know we are in a pandemic but it does not take that much to have a live operator to answer questions.
Save the money and find another way to send a perishable gift with a company that will take your call.

Terrible Customer Service
So Friday was my Mom's birthday. I try to find unique things to send her because she is getting older and when she wants something she'll generally buy it for herself.
Well I thought I'd found it! This website... has so many amazing looking treats! It's pricey, sure, but I don't mind paying for it if the stuff looks and tastes good, right? So I ordered these amazing looking ice cream bars that were coming from a company called #Coolhaus. I made sure that Goldbelly would be there by Friday and the site said Friday delivery was included in the price. Then some cookies caught my eye. These were from a bakery called #Monica'sGourmetCookies. Again I needed them Friday... those I had to pay an extra $15 to make sure they would be delivered on Friday but I did that. Oh I almost forgot. The cost of the 6 ice cream bars was $79. The cookies were $45 plus the extra $15 to guarantee Friday delivery $60. So all told my total was $139 which was promptly removed from my checking account because I used PayPal to pay for it - because I was sitting on the couch and didn't want to go get my purse to grab a credit card and they took PayPal so why not.
So Friday came and I called my Mom super early in the morning, on my way in to work, to wish her a happy birthday. I also told her that I was really excited about the gift that I sent her. I let her know it would be showing up that day and that I'd call her again after work.
I called after work to find out that she received the cookies. She said they were beautiful. Almost too pretty to eat. BUT she tried a peanut butter one and it was delicious! Thanks to Monica's Gourmet Cookies!
I said well what about the other thing. She said that's all there was. I checked my order and found that the ice cream bars were not shipped. The order was "processing". The order for my Mom's birthday that was supposed to be delivered that day at no extra charge (haha) wasn't even packed or shipped. The $79 ice cream bars!
And it was a Friday, after I got off work. So of course I could not get any customer service until Monday.
The customer service at #Goldbely is marginal at best. I tried calling, you wait on hold for a few minutes and then you are prompted to leave a voicemail or send an email because they're very busy. Next, I tried the chat feature on their website. The chat window states that they typically reply in under 5 minutes. After 15 minutes I sent an email because I thought maybe it was broken. After about 50 minutes, someone from the chat sent me an email that started "Hi Michael, So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've reached out to the shop..." I had already received an email from someone saying they would check to see what was going on but I did reply to say 1. My name is Mary not Michael 2. You should consider changing the expectations your setting for your customer when you tell them that you typically respond in under 5 minutes when it's actually taking you 50 minutes to respond.
On to the email... I sent the email at 11:15am-ish. I emailed again at 2:45pm because I hadn't heard back. I said I expected to hear back that day and anticipated them telling me they'd be sending the bars out that day. Still no reply.
Finally, I received a reply at 8:00pm and it said:
Hi Mary,
Sorry for the delay. We were working with Coolhaus to have your order shipped today and they were able to. You can follow it via this FedEx tracking code:
Sorry again for the delay and please let me know if you have any other questions.

THATS IT! So no explanations. No nothing. I find this unacceptable. Maybe because I work for an exceptional company that provides exceptional customer service every time, no matter what, I expect the same. But I just think this was handled poorly. As a first time customer my impression of this company sucks! And I have a BIG mouth. Both good and bad. If I find something I like and it is good, I talk it up like crazy. But if I have a bad experience, like I feel this was, I will do the same. So I'm sorry #Goldbely but you lost me here. I think this was a crappy deal for some $79 ice cream bars!

Worst Service Ever
If I could I would give Goldbelly zero stars.

I ordered a Boston Cream Cake, paid for express delivery as it would spoil due to the custard if I used the free shipping option. The cake was to be delivered from a location that was 10miles from my house. Instead of shipping to my house- the cake was first sent to Kentucky (thousands of miles away) and then shipped back to my city... in all this instead of arriving the next day it arrived 4 days later. Cake was not refrigerated, the cover was ripped and the instructions on the cake said refrigerate up to 2 days. The occasion I ordered this for has come and gone.

Goldbelly insists that Goldbelly want to re-ship the cake to me or give me a credit... credit for what? To use this horrible service again? Never. They refuse to give a refund.


Several shipments were on time and the food was high quality
Several shipments were on time and the food was high quality. Rappahannock River Oysters Delivered on time and the products were best quality. Awesome, really. I think Goldbelly may have even included extra oysters in the shipment to account for the usual breakage and loss that you get with these sorts of items so that we were still consuming the order that we had contracted to purchase.

One steak shipment arrived on time and the stakes are very high quality. This was the shipment that I had ordered from Illinois.

Bread and roses delivered very high-quality products, and good condition, and on time. I will definitely order from them again. We were simply delighted by everything from this bakery.

Pike place fish market also delivered high-quality food and on time. I look forward to doing business with them in the future through your service.

Horrendous Customer Service & False Advertising
Received a promotional email for a $50 discount on a piecaken (several different pies baked between cake layers). The offer had no expiration date but was product specific. I received the offer on a Sunday and as the promo code was not included in the email, I could not place the order online.

Iwhen I called to place my order, I was told the offer I had received 3 days earlier had expired. I emailed the offer to Zack at customer service and he agreed there was no expiration date. The bait and switch attempts by Goldbelly are quite brazen. Zack next told me I could have a $15 discount but I asked him to honor the promotion I had recently received.

Zack next offered the $50 discount but only if it was broken down into 2 $25 discounts on two separate orders. I asked for a supervisor and was promised a callback that day. The call never came. I placed my order on a recorded line on a Friday and stated that I would like to use the promotion I had received.

I received an email confirming my order and a charge of $85.00, rather than $50 I had confirmed with Zack. My emails were never acknowledged. No call back on Monday. The cake had shipped out with the overcharge. Finally managed to get through to customer service on Tuesday. I was told that "frankly, the ad is misleading." I never got to a supervisor and although this was a Thanksgiving order Goldbelly rerouted my cake back to them 2 days before Thanksgiving No concept of customer service and blatantly false advertising. My second negative experience with them. Never again! Gold belly, keep in mind the old adage that " a satisfied customer shares their experience, on average, with 3 friends. An unhappy customer tells everyone."

Goldbelly does a superb marketing job for the various companies they represent and the website is top notch. I doubt that the companies represented by Goldbelly are aware that the poor customer service costs them sales and negatively impacts the reputation of their business.

Can't say enough bad things about this company
I can't possibly say enough bad things about this service. Absolutely my worst online ordering experience ever. I ordered a bagel, lox, cream cheese special. Delivery was supposed to be several days ahead of the event. It shipped late; the weather was bad. The package was due Friday. I called and emailed Goldbelly Thursday because Fedex said the package was sitting in Memphis; no response. Did the same Friday; no response. Spoke with Fedex after a long hold, who were honest and said there were weather issues but they'd try to get it on the first available flight. Called and emailed Goldbelly Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. The package arrived Tuesday evening, spoiled compeltely. Goldbelly finally responded Wednesday, AFTER I initiated a dispute with American Express over the bill. GB's response was to offer me a credit! I then phoned Russ & Daughters and spoke with a lovely person who said she was going to get in touch with Goldbelly immediately. Only then did Goldbelly issue a refund. Their website and phone machine say their customer service is available from 8am EST but this is completely untrue. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and from now on, will go directly to the restaurant.
Any business that can't manage to send even an automatic email for six full days shouldn't be in business. And after all this, their response to my BBB review was " During these times, we're experiencing extremely high order volumes, and email inquiries. We're a small team here at Goldbelly and we're getting back to everyone as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. Tatiana and the Goldbelly Team". They didn't even bother reading the review, let alone explaining why ther was zero customer service for six days. Shockingly bad.

Inedible rainbow cake
I ordered the rainbow cake as a surprise for my daughter's 18th birthday. We were planning to have her party on a Saturday and it was supposed to arrive by Friday. I didn't get it on Friday, instead I got a melted mess late Monday afternoon. We didn't get to have her party because let's be honest what's a party without a cake so I had to reschedule it. I emailed them to let them know we weren't comfortable eating a melted cake that was obviously sitting somewhere in the heat with how melted it was. Goldbelly told me they were not responsible for orders that are inedible due to shipping problems. Wow I thought that's not professional at all. Who sells food online but doesn't guarantee it to make it to its customers in an orderly time and in great condition? This place does. They won't refund me but instead offer a credit. I don't want a credit. You couldn't get it to me the first time in great condition so what makes you think I want to deal with this again. So buyers beware and have a back up plan because even though this website has great reviews it doesn't mean it will be great for you.

Stale coffeecake? Too bad. They don't care!
This company will not stand by you if your order is unsatisfactory! First of all the item took a week to arrive from the date of order! The item was stale when it arrived. I contacted the company and Goldbelly did NOTHING. So if you order something be prepared to suck it up if it's not good. They did in fact reply stating they would replace the item but after I responded that unless they were going to make the item and ship it the same day it would also arrive stale. Funny enough after I wrote this their attitude totally changed and that replacement? You guessed it... there is no replacement but someone that is not in the shipping business will try and tell you the order was shipped same day except they don't know a thing about shipping updates. My cake was picked up and sat at the fed ex facility for two days before shipping to me, One state away and took 7 days from order.

Rotten lobster and a mansplaining customer service manager
Here's the story: My parents-in-law wanted a special treat and I told them Goldbelly could get lobster rolls from their favorite restaurant in Maine (they live in Rhode Island), delivered overnight by Goldbelly. I have always had good experiences with Goldbelly, so they were excited to try the service and willing to pay the premium for overnight shipping. Unfortunately, the rolls were delayed by the carrier and arrived hot, rotten, and in a cracked container, which stank-up their entire house.

This was not Goldbelly's fault.

Goldbelly has a zero refund policy and offered either a credit or a replacement, however, after getting the stench of fetid lobster out of their home, they were in the mood for lobster and did not want the replacement. And since my parents-in-law were only using Goldbelly for this one specific treat, they did not want to accept the nearly $250 credit with the company.

We insisted on a refund and eventually our complaint was escalated to a senior customer service member (whose name I am choosing to withhold). This is when the experience went from unpleasant to straight up rude.

After an increasingly belittling conversation, the Goldbelly team member finally agreed to the refund, but felt it necessary to include the following comment: "I'd suggest taking some time to understand the risk of shipping perishables nationwide."

Thanks for your condescension and defensive mansplaining. Not sure my little lady-brain can handle the complexities of shipping perishables nationwide, but that does seem like something you and your company should you be better at considering it is your business.

Here's a suggestion for you: customer service is your job. Be better at it.

We will not be using Goldbelly again.

Horrible customer service
Goldbelly delivered a damaged pie, completely not edible and are refusing to refund my money. Only offering a credit and hiding behind some bogus refund policy and not bothering to address the issue after MULTIPLE emails back and forth w Katie, who is absolutely horrible to deal with, has no business being a supervisor in customer service and obviously cannot read because she keeps saying they wont refund for a late delivery when that had NOTHING to do w it. The box was transported and delivered standing on its side, ignoring the "this side up" on the box, thus causing the pie to collapse on itself. Sent pics as requested and 5 emails back and forth and still no resolution. HORRIBLE AND INFURIATING customer service. You should be ashamed Katie. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. I will never use it again

Health & Safety Violation
I am absolutely livid! My order was supposed to arrive on Thursday May 13th 2021 and it arrived today Sunday May 16th 2021, (3 days late) with the boxes soaking wet, no dry ice in the packages, the bags were empty. Needless to say, the pepperoni pizzas were inedible!

Its obvious that the packaging can not keep the food cold and more importantly safe when it will be delivered 3 days later than expected.

There was even condensation inside the pizza packets. We had to throw the pizzas away as Goldbelly would not be safe to eat.

This is unacceptable. Why even bother delivering the meat / perishable items to us when the food is dangerous to consume? This seems like a major health and safety violation.

This is the second time food has arrived wet and soggy and its not ok to treat us, your customers this way! How is it ok for you to think this is ok? When you sent a message saying the pizzas were going to be delivered days later you should have sent out a new delivery to us that day as you must have known the products would be in edible and dangerous when they would eventually arrive to us.

My family and I were really looking forward to these pizzas and to get them in this state is terrible. Thank god, I have the common sense to know that I should not bake these items and serve them to my family. When you sent out the delayed email to us, you should have sent a warning that the items should not be consumed as they now violate health and safety regulations.

This is the second time that I have experienced soggy inedible experience with Goldbelly and its out of order.

I placed an order through Goldbelly on November 18th, 2020 for Kings Southern Side Dishes from Kings BBQ. This was a Thankgiving dinner for my Dad who lives alone and does not cook. He typically comes to spend Thanksgiving with me or one of my siblings. However due to COVID, he has not been able to travel so I had to make sure my Dad was able to eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I recieved a confirmtion that stated my order would Ship on Nov. 23rd and Esitmated Arrival on Tuesday, Nov 24th. I called my Dad to see if he received his order on Tuesday and he stated he did not. I contacted Goldbelly and Goldbelly informed me that my order was never picked up and the earliest they could get it sent to my Dad was the following week. Needless to say I requested a refund and had to search for another company that could GRUD HUB my dad a dinner. I was not impressed with this company and will never us them again and definitly will not refer them to anyone.

This site totally let me down
This site totally let me down. I went back and forth with David about shipping options and when my cupcakes would arrive (as a gift for someone). I really didn't want to pay $10 a cupcake and he said not to worry... place the order and then he will select 2 day shipping and I will get a partial refund. That was on a Friday. Monday I wanted to check about the refund and was told oh sorry Goldbelly don't offer 2 day shipping... but great news the order is being shipped today (Monday). Monday afternoon I asked where my tracking number was and no response. Tuesday morning I was told oh sorry it actually shipped today. So an order that was place Friday wasn't shipped until Tuesday and to make up for it they sent me a $10 gift card for my next order... This site sucks and so does their customer service.

Changed delivery date the day before expected arrival
I ordered 3 pizzas from Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco through Goldbelly. My husband and I visited from North Carolina and absolutely loved their food. As a surprise for NYE/our wedding anniversary, I placed an order on 12/11 and selected 12/31 as a delivery date. I heard nothing on the order, but did see a shipping label was created on 12/23 and then assumed all was on track. On 12/30 at 6pm, I got an email from Goldbelly stating that the shipment would be delayed until 1/4 and that I had until 1/1 to cancel the order. It is completely unacceptable to notify a customer the day before expected delivery, not offer any sort of compensation, and only allow them 40 hours to cancel the order. The customer service is poor at best. I would absolutely not recommend using this company, especially if you are planning to have it delivered for a special occasion. This was my first and will be my last experience using Goldbelly.

We bought what was advertised and depicted as a 2
We bought what was advertised and depicted as a 2.5 lb container of Lobster Mac N Cheese that serves 6 from Goldbelly, who sourced it from Hancock Lobster/Seafood in Maine. When the 2.5lb frozen package arrived, we were shocked at the small size provided for a very high price of $109 retail. Goldbelly said it would feed six people, but in fact the small container (6"x8"x2") would not have fed three of my family or friends. We found the on-line promotion of this item very misleading. Our efforts to explain our dissatisfaction and to secure any refund or compensation were met with polite non-action. Goldbelly (Zac) & Hancock L C (Shy) refused to let me send it back the best Goldbelly offered was a minimal coupon for use on a future purchase. After spending Hundreds of dollars at Goldbelly. We won't be buying anything from either of these merchants again.

GOLDBELLY does NOT STAND BY THEIR ORDERS or TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. My friend ordered an 18 piece Valentine's themed box of macarons as a gift for Valentine's. What I received was a non-themed box of 8 pieces. If I had not carefully reviewed the receipt I could have easily missed this switch. There was NO customer service for the entire holiday weekend. Because of my complaint, the sender was offered a partial refund! Partial? I was sent 8 macarons for a cost of $98!
Because of my continued complaints the sender was offered a full refund, but the obnoxious, non-repentant, 4 days late email, no phone response, arrogant and dismissive attitude completely ruined my Valentine's holiday, and if this had been a professional gift, would have damaged the senders reputation. All without an apology. I honestly believe the 18 to 8 item switch was made on purpose to deceive. And how does an order made a week in advance of baked goods not get scheduled, baked and filled?

With this order nothing went well
With this order nothing went well. I ordered the rainbow chocolate chip cake and the canoli kit. I ordered it to be delivered on 7/3 so we would have it for July 4th. I paid extra for this. It never arrived on the 3rd, or the 4th, or the 5th. It actually arrived at 6PM on 7/6. There was no ice in the bag, only an empty plastic bag which could have had the dry ice in it and it had melted. The chocolate cake went bad. It had sunken down, was soggy, and we had to throw it away. The Canoli cream of course went bad since it was very hot with no ice. We have had issues with other orders as well in the past, but this was the only one that was completely inedible. I also emailed Goldbelly about this Monday and still haven't not received a response or a credit for my order. We are so disappointed in the response time and the condition of the food.

Non existent customer support and Horrible service!
I ordered a special birthday cake on Goldbelly for my nieces birthday. It was the Cake Boss rainbow cake. I ordered it 2 weeks in advance with delivery the day before her actual birthday to avoid any delivery issues. Sadly it didn't matter. We didn't find out until 4pm the day it was due that it was delayed. There is no phone number to call Goldbelly and customer service is only available through email and Goldbelly shamefully used COVID as an excuse for no Customer service. Every other company I have needed to call doing this trying time have all had phone reps. Anyhow, after countless attempts we had to buy the only cupcakes available in the grocery store on Saturday morning so my niece could at least have something to pass out to her friends doing drive by's in lieu of the cancelled party. We finally got the cake 4 days late and obviously inedible. I finally just got a response from Goldbelly telling me I basically should have read the fine print where it says they have no responsibility for deliveries being on time and NO REFUNDS regardless of the condition of your purchase. But they were will to give me a credit so I could continue to deal with their horrible service again. There is no where on their site where you can actually post a review, big surprise. I just googled Goldbelly reviews, which I should have sadly done before ordering, and found countless reviews exactly like mine.

Failed to Keep Their Word
I ordered from Goldbelly and was pleased with what my friends received so I ordered again for another friend's 72nd birthday. The blueberry pie arrived cracked, watery, and hot. It went straight into the trash. I was offered the choice between a credit and a free pie. I chose the credit. My decision was accepted. Goldbelly then, without telling me, offered my friend a pie "on us". He did not understand that meant I had to pay $65.00 for the ruined pie and would not get the credit. I tried to order again and learned I was never given the credit I was promised. They over-rode my decision without telling me. I was the customer. It should have been my decision. Instead, they chose to pit me against my friend. He had no idea I would be charged for the original disaster. I had no idea they lied about giving me a credit on my account.

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Description: Goldbely helps people find the best food from around the country and have it shipped to their door. We work with the best tastemakers, food purveyors, restaurants, farmers and fishermen to supply you with the best of the best from around the US.

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