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Auto bills you- can't turn off, charges excessive fees, wants PRIVATE information to verify acct
First- people must be aware that Go daddy had a class action suit recently. There are laws against certain things such as texting you, calling you without your permission. Also, the auto-billing which maybe the next law suit. I was told also that if I didn't pay for extra security and sign up for two step verification which is where my trouble began for my domain, I would be in trouble. Now I am in trouble and my domains are being held hostage because I changed my phone number! So beware and go daddy has your money... it's on. Domains are protected - don't add extra protection when GoDaddy just hijack your account. Just fyi.:)

I changed my number and previously I was convinced I had to have two step verification along with several other security measures which go daddy helped me set up. When my number was changed- I went to correct my number - when I tried to correct to my new number - it asked to verify my two step verification- when it did it only gave two options. The only TWO options (see pic) are my WRONG number. See a problem? Now just to remind you- I can edit anything on my account except my ph number - which is weird when I should have the right since I am the one and master of the universe supposedly with my 20 digit password etc.

If you want to change your PHONE NUMBER and ONLY your phone number ----Their policy is to send my private passport or drivers license copy over to them to a CALL center to verify my identity. NO other option. Even though- I did not put my old number twice in the only option. My primary number which should be an option - is the primary source but (wait for it also their number through the phone app SmartLine) LOL It gets better! They have called my several times through the OFFICIAL CEO office (LOL) to correct this issue! Only to tell me they cannot help me. Ummmmm Ok if you have to id to me? Why are you calling me like I am me? Would you send your private information over when they made the mistake as an Data entry mistake and did not put in my correct phone number which is also the primary on my account and also their smartline number which also has all my information.

So are you shaking your head too at they "do understand my frustration" but no- "we will not help" or refusal follow federal or FTC regulations that countless online tech companies think they are above and continue to ignore as if they are niceties and NOT LAWS.

So that is the just the last straw and how it has been countless links that go nowhere and just many service calls that they shrug their shoulders and say sorry. I would suggest going to Wordpress or Wix- they have some issue but have always been able to work with me and find ways to help and compromise and NOT dig their heels and ignore their problems and mistakes. So good luck if you do go down this sites tangled road because I didn't even start with the endless charges that seem to get added on that are confusing and seem to change depending on what page you are on or if you pull up a different link. They will be their on worst enemy because they can't keep messing with people is with alll the bad reviews and look up BBB and their reviews that also seem to get hidden.

So in the meantime unless I bow down and hand over all my private information - they are illegally holding all my domains hostage. I they say guns are bad. I am pretty sure tech companies are right up there with the guns and everything that goes bump in the night. LOL

Great services
GoDaddy are good, the servers are fast, support isnt always best in class, but overall they are fine. Ready to be used

Free advice from personal horrible experience; run away from Godaddy while you still can.
I've been with Godaddy since early 2000. I have a hosting account and 7 domains.
There has been issues over the years, some were frustrating but GoDaddy were always resolved in a way that made me stay with Godaddy, up until now.
Godaddy conducted a hosting migration (voluntarily on their behalf, I did not ask for it), and after finishing their "migration" Jan 14,2022, they completely wrecked my websites, as if they shoveled all the files and threw them in the new hosting, after contacting them they threw the ball in my lap and told me that "My Developer" should do this n that. My websites went down, some with no files or information. I've been contacting them ever since Jan 14 (My websites are still down), I tried fixing what I can from my end, as I do not have a developer and I do not want to hire an expert from Godaddy (no sir!), but every error that needs Godaddy's "touch" will take 72 for them to get back to me, and they do not fix it! And I have to file another ticket for another team to give me the buzzer again!). Four of my domains have been offline now for over a week! And I'm literally living in Goodaddy chat room, explaining my case all over again for every single agent I chat with (some where really nice and resourceful though). I Can't believe this Godaddy "Big Corporate" attitude, they do not care at all about customers, a customer is just a number to them (a number that has a credit card $). They are cornering me to pay them to fix my problem, and I do not want that. I only want them to bring my websites back online and then I am leaving Godaddy for good.
(Unfortunately no option for a NO Star Rating)

Find Another Provider
I used GoDaddy email for years. GoDaddy switched to Microsoft product for email. I had then a couple of emails with them and spent a long time online with them to figure out how to get the emails. In fact, I would log out of one and into the other and still see the emails for the first account. Could NOT get this to change. Talked to a manager and he had the same difficulty. Finally told me to go through another browser all together. EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING.

Now on these email accounts I can't get emails to go into folders which is the simplest of all tasks. It's unbelievable frankly.

I am giving them 2 stars because they DO pick up the phone and they are nice, although they cannot resolve the Microsoft issues.

In addition, during the pandemic an old GoDaddy email account was DELETED and I needed it desperately. No recourse, and I was given very little notice. In addition, I had to figure out the solution myself. I would prefer to give them one star. Maybe I will.

I had a pretty good experience
I had a pretty good experience, although the service was not outstanding, it was quite reasonable for the cost. If asked if I will continue to use it, the answer is yes, because it fits my current financial situation

Garbage support lol.
Incompetent support team. Usually you call back 3 times and get someone with a brain. Not at go daddy. Premium Support must be some sort of cheap project where go daddy gets free help from uneducated people with no motivation to get a job.

Have used them for many years
I've used GoDaddy for over 10 years and have been pretty happy with their service. I think their prices are a little higher than others, but it's too much hassle to move all my domains to a different provider. I would say that there upsells are a little annoying, if you only need a domain then there are probably better alternatives, but if you need more of a one-stop-shop for domain, hosting, emails then GoDaddy are probably a good choice being an established company, if you don't mind paying a little more.

Dont use Godaddy Auctions
Godaddy domain auctions are rigged in favor of the seller. After you put in a bid (which binds you as a buyer), the seller can use that bid as a guaranteed minimum to start an auction to seek higher bids. All you do is put the domain into play and help the seller adverise it. Avoid!

Godaddy is a SCAM!
Godaddy is a SCAM! GoDaddy STOLE MY MONEY AND I DIDN'T GET THE SERVICE I PAID FOR. I paid for a website that I previously created on their site to be restored, they took my money and did not restore my website as they assured me they would. When I logged into my account after the fact, they had in fact not restored my account. I spent time, energy, and money creating and restoring a website that was no longer there. When I called, I was told that the website that was attached to my domain name when in fact it was a different website altogether. Again, I paid for a service and did not receive the service. DON'T USE GODADDY, THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY THEN CHANGE YOUR PRODUCTS/SERVICES. RUN!

I have been a Godaddy's customer for many years. I pay them for hosting, backups, and many more products. I host my clients' websites and emails with Godaddy.
A week ago I reached out to Goddady support to troubleshoot a webmail issue and while GoDaddy fixed the issue they deleted my client's emails contacts by mistake. I called them back to report the contact issue, and since then they have not been able to recover the email contacts of my client. Godaddy's negligence has cost me to lose a client. Godaddy just said they can't recover the data they deleted. This is ridiculous, THEY JUST DONT CARE ABOUT A CLIENT BECAUSE THEY HAVE SO MANY. GODADDY, I NEED THAT FIX WHAT YOU BROKE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

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