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Moths in my package!
I've been a Gilt customer for several years and have enjoyed shopping at the website before. My last experience, however, is absolutely atrocious and I think Gilt has gone seriously downhill. Think twice before buying clothes from them or else your entire wardrobe may become infested with moths!

I purchased a wool coat two weeks ago. Gilt shipped me the wrong coat. I had to repurchase the original one, return the wrong one and wait for refund (still waiting). The process of getting this done took several rounds communicating with customer service who are clearly instructed to discourage customers from doing anything, but buying and shutting up.

I received the correct wool coat yesterday. It was in a sealed plastic bag... with MOTHS in it! I instantly called customer service, who clearly didn't know what to do and all they offered was to issue a return label.

Then I emailed Gilt detailing the situation and asking them to explain clearly what specific efforts they'd make to try to keep me as a customer. And how they'd address the moth issue... After 24 hours, I received a curt and canned response that 'my issue' was resolved by staff on the phone. Textbook customer service ineptitude.

Would I ever take the risk of buying clothing potentially infested with moths again? Double negative.

The worst!
I will never shop here ever again. Here's the story. I placed an order with my old address rather then the new one. My bad, but I contacted them literally directly after I placed the order. Chat and phone were both unavailable so I sent an email which claimed to have a 24 hour response time. After several days went by with no response I sent another email rather then call, as I would always get around to emails late at night. I received a vague robotic response telling me that Gilt can't update the address nor can the order be cancelled. I called. I was told that they would try to reroute them. After no update I sent another email asking if they were able to reroute them. They apparently were not able to. I doubt there was even an attempt. They said I would need to call FedEx myself to arrange a pick up. I called FedEx. I was told that I could not reroute the packages or even pick them up without the release of the sender, Gilt. I explained the situation to the woman at FedEx but she was adamant that Gilt needed to call and authorize the release of the packages to me. I was able to place the shipment on a vacation hold while I got their approval. Except for I didn't. I called Gilt again. I told them all they needed to do was call FedEx and release the packages to me an I would happily pick them up. I was told they would do so by the end of the week. After no response, I emailed them and was told another 3 days. Three days later I sent another email and was again told to give them another 3 days. It has been more then a week since the last email. My vacation hold expired and since things didn't end well with my landlord so I didn't want to contact them, I ended up having to drive to my old building and sit outside until an old neighbor showed up to let me into the building so I could get the packages. Gilt Groupe is seriously the worst!

Overpriced scam.
I just bought a Rolex off of Gilt, and wow am I fumed. Waited about 2 weeks for the item, which isn't that bad considering it said it would take about a month to ship. Anywho, before purchasing the item (since it's NON-REFUNDABLE/RETURNABLE), I called in and spoke to a SUPERVISOR named Laura regarding the authenticity and ORIGINAL paperwork for the Rolex and Laura "reassured" me by stating that it does come with ORIGINAL ROLEX paperwork, like all vintage Rolex's do, and Gilt guaranteed the authenticity of the item. Seeing that they had a lot of good reviews, I decided to make the purchase. When the item itself got sent home to me, I was obviously ecstatic. Opened it and took a look at the watch. The packaging was absurd! I mean, it just looked cheap! The watch itself was not wrapped and it wasn't even working. I took a look at the "original paperwork" and if obviously ISN'T the ORIGINAL ROLEX PAPERWORK. I was lied to! I called in once again regarding this issue and the supervisor, Andrea, was SO RUDE to me. I told her the dilemma (the way the item was packaged, what was promised/reassured, and what was received). She stated that she would look for the original phone call to see if I even called in regarding the item, and would call me back within the hour. I waited a whole day! She then called me back that night, and said she could not locate the original call, and that I made the mistake and just wanted a refund on the item. Andrea said that whoever I spoke to regarding the authenticity and original paperwork did not exist! So Andrea basically said I was a liar! I spent $7000 on a Rolex, why would I lie? They did send me an authenticity approval from a "gemologist lab", but when I brought the watch and the paperwork into an authorized dealer that same day I received it, they told me that yes, the watch itself is authentic and original, but I would need to do maintenance on the watch itself to get it working again. They also stated that the paper of authenticity was pointless because it did not state much of anything about the watch because the retail price was obviously off. It was priced for way more then it is even worth, and they also stated that without the original box and paperwork this watch would only worth approximately $3000. Gilt, you need to provide better customer service since you have just LOST a loyal customer. I would rather do business with haute look then you. Gilt overprices everything, and they obviously care about their profits versus their customers. Potential customers and buyers beware. Gilt is an overpriced scam.

Low Quality for the Price, Misleading Return Policy
I had ordered several items. Most were Gilt brands, which Gilt describes as "exclusively on Gilt. It was created in collaboration with our preferred brand partners to bring you great style at an accessible price point."

Even though I hadn't ordered clothing from Gilt before, I associated them with high quality at great prices. So I was shocked when I received the items and saw how cheaply made Gilt were.

Some Gilt items were not returnable, others were not. Gilt clearly states when items are not returnable by stating this on the item's description page. I'm always very, very cautious about ordering non-returnable items, particularly when it comes to clothing, because of the risk that the items don't fit.

I was on the fence about 2 items, but bought them because I knew were returnable. However, one didn't fit and the other was super cheaply made, and when I went online to begin a return, there was a message next to each of those items on my order form that said "This item has been further reduced from its original Gilt price. It is final sale and non-returnable." I wish I had taken a screenshot of the item's description page, because I these items were changed to "non-returnable" status *after* I had purchased them.

ALSO, note that there's a $9.50 restocking fee. It's listed on their website, but you have to hunt for that info. I didn't see it mentioned on the order form *prior* to my ordering, which I think is a bit deceptive. It was my responsibility to double-check that prior to ordering, but I don't know of any other large merchant that charges a restocking fee nowadays -- in fact, quite a few large companies offer **free shipping on returns**, particularly if you make a sizeable purchase.

I must say that I had a great customer experience, though. When I explained my situation via an online chat with a customer service rep, he did allow me to return the items at a Saks Off 5th store for credit to be used at Saks Off 5th. Not what I was hoping for, but I thought that was fair.

Bottom line, I'm going to limit my Gilt purchases to items of brand names that I'm familiar with and are of a quality level that I trust.

False advertising & Terrible customer service
Today with the Black Friday sales started Gilt have widely advertised all over their website that certain items would be an ADDITIONAL 40% off. Except every time I went to the checkout only 20% was taken off. When I inquired about this through their customer service they said that the total discount given for any item would be $75 maximum. When I explain to them that they've advertised it as an additional 40%off day they said there are terms and conditions. This is completely ludicrous false advertising bad business and completely misleading to any customer. Moreover the customer service are like robots spewing out 'I'm sorry' for the sake of a scripted message.

Additionally I had to call back customer service because when an item was clearly in my cart and had 9 minutes before It timed out; every time I went to check out it had disappeared. Yet when I went back the item is in my cart and the countdown timer was in effect. Once again I reluctantly called customer service, even though they had my file open the guy had no idea what promotions were on, what discounts were being given. Also I must've said belt four times and he kept reply responding with jacket. When I asked to speak to the manager and explained my grievances regarding an item that is no longer available there was no consolation or compensation offered. In addition she to was steadfast in her belief that despite advertisements on the site stating an additional 40% off would be taken off select items that $75 was the most that could be taken off any one item. And though I am Put on a waitkist for an item that is no longer available, should it be available I won't be able to use the current (misleading) promo on it.
Bravo gilt you've created a real loyal customer out of me; not to mention word of mouth is the best advertising.

I had read articles in the oat saying This company was fledgedling I can see why now.
I have no idea why off fifth is even related to this company.

Do not fall for their flash sales!
Update: Right after I requested that my order be canceled because the predicted fulfillment date was too far out, I received an email saying that Gilt is so sorry but Gilt cannot fill my order as the item is no longer available. Right. So did they see this review and decide to bail on the order? I think so. It's sort of funny, but the fact is they wasted my time and held my money for too long (or at least the preauthorization for the charge), without ever having the merchandise I purchased on hand! The way they pitch their flash sales is that they have limited inventory, and that there are "only two left!", and so on. But they don't have the stuff in stock, apparently, based on the delay in fulfillment. Very misleading. Very dodgy.

Original review: So I bit of one of their dangled flash sale baits. Purchased some Tom Ford eyeglass frames. Found out only when I have completed the purchase that they won't ship for a month! Totally dishonest sales practices there. Now I see reviews here saying that the site sells fakes, so I am so wondering what I will receive. And when. The delay in shipping is a red flag for this not being a sale of genuine overstock, but knockoffs made to order. I just now went to the Gilt website and looked up my order to see whether I could cancel it. Answer is unclear. So I clicked on return information for my order and it said that "none of the items in your order are eligible for return." The flash sale listing pages had noted all items as eligible for return! Again, totally dishonest business practices.

I recently ordered a toy stroller from for...
I recently ordered a toy stroller from for my toddler. Their sales are advertised as being available on a first-come first-served basis, and items are available until Gilt sell out. I logged on as soon as the sale went live, made my purchase shortly thereafter and received an email confirming my order. Over the next few days, I checked back and the toy stroller was still available -- it did not sell out as other items did. This order was placed just before Labor Day weekend. This weekend, I contacted to find out the status of my order and was informed that it would be shipped shortly. Today, I received an email from the company saying that due to an inventory error my order would not be fulfilled. Given that my order was placed within the first hour of the sale going life, I feel that it is egregious that my order was not one of the first one filled before they ran out. I feel that they clearly position their sales as being on an as-available basis and that by fulfilling other orders before they sent out mine they are falsely advertising their services. Other consumers should be aware that this company does not stand by their positioning and cannot be trusted. This is particularly upsetting because this was an item I was buying for my child, and I passed by opportunities to buy very similar items on sale because I had already ordered it from Were the situation reversed and I had tried to cancel my order I am certain that would not have given me a break.

After a decade of not shopping here, I regret coming back.
It's been 10 years since my last order from Gilt. I have usually been satisfied with my orders and have never placed and had that order cancelled. Well gilt recently partnered with kitchen aid and BerfHoff I thought awesome I've been wanting to get some new things for my kitchen. After spending a small fortune and being happy with my purchases I thought I would set up my birthday bbq for this year. Living in a condo I was just going to order out but found this great table top grill from berghoff. I order a ton of le creuset to cook on it with and get my outdoor set up ready for my birthday celebration. Well my ordered for the bbq grill was cancelled with no notice. After spending almost an hour on hold the representative tells me that the Partner Berhoff has claimed the item was out of stock. Now gilt ALWAYS tells you how many are left so I find it hard to believe Gilt didn't know they were out. As I was on the phone I was able to place another order for That same item through gilt. It had to be cancelled as well. Now my other orders for the accessories are out for shipping and cannot be returned until I receive them, and take the time to ship them back. Now I will have to rearrange my entire birthday celebration as a result and must wait now to get reimbursed for the money I spent. There was zero communication from them as to why, the only reason I knew was because I checked today to see if the item had shipped and noticed it said cancelled. They wouldn't have even reached out to tell me and I would have been waiting and wasting time on figuring out my next moves for my birthday. Honestly don't remember what made me stop shopping at Gilt but after a decade of being off the site I can say I genuinely say I regret my purchase and that I got all excited only to have them severely let me down. What a bummer I really was looking forward to my gift.

Buyer Beware - Predatory Business Practices
I've bought a significant amount of merchandise through Gilt. I have not had an issue with clothing but have had issues with their furniture. I purchased two wooden coffee tables (final sale) and immediately noticed Gilt were poor quality. Within days pieces came loose. I decided to fix them myself with a drill and some wood screws.

I should have known not to order furniture from them again but was in need of a large area rug and saw one on their site at a good price. A couple days later I tried to cancel the order. They gave me some story about how the order had already been sent to the vendor and that you can only cancel an order within 10 minutes of when it is placed (another rep told me 5 minutes).

This item had not shipped yet. They said there was nothing they could do for me. I asked if they or I could contact the vendor. I asked that they not ship this item to me. They would not help and told me their computer would not allow them to cancel.

I question whether their responses or excuses were even honest. At the very least they were questionable and they were incredibly dismissive. Their business practices are predatory. What could possibly prohibit them from not shipping something that hasn't shipped (and won't for another week or two)? I have never had trouble halting a shipment from any other business I have dealt with. Why can you only cancel an order within 5-10 minutes? After 11 minutes your screwed then?

If you place an order with Gilt they take your money. This rug cost over $1000. They offer many expensive items on their site so beware, you could lose a lot of money. They don't have a customer service phone number on their site (another red flag).

I suspect I will end up in dispute over this. I will be sharing this story/review on other sites. I will be contacting the BBB as well as

They are the biggest liars I have ever dealt with
Gilt are the biggest liars I have ever dealt with. They sent the incorrect item and have broken every promise to resolve the issue. It's been 6 weeks and I still haven't received the right item and they won't credit my account. How hard is it to send me the correct lamp? Week 1: Gilt asked me to send a pic to verify. Week 2: I didn't hear from them for a wk, so I followed up at which pt they said they were waiting for the pic. I sent it to them again. Week 3: I didn't hear from them for another week, so I followed up again. They said they were working on a resolution (again, what takes so long to send me the right item?). So I asked for credit back and details on how to return the item. They responded with "we are working on a resolution." Week 4: I emailed them another week later, at which point they blamed Sandy for the delay. What kind of co blames a natural disaster after they'd already had 4 weeks to resolve what I think is a simple issue (my family lives in Zone A, so in no way am I being heartless about this. I think Gilt is a horrible co for using Sandy as a scapegoat). Week 5: They promised to have the replacement lamp to me by 11/7/12. Week 6: It's 11/15/12 and no lamp, no credit to my account, and no response from Gilt. They are a HORRIBLE company.

I love the clothes and designers offered on
I love the clothes and designers offered on And, it was made even better when Gilt reduced the price of shipping, now offer you the option between a refund or store credit (in the past they only allowed store credit), and offer free returns. My biggest problem with the site is that most of the items I want, and particularly the sizes I want (small) get sold out within the first 10 mins of the sale starting. So, unless you have a job that allows you to sit at a computer and wait for the sale to immediately start, I rarely have the chance to get what I want. That said, I have had to return or get a refund for many items in the past, and they have excellent customer service and returns. No questions asked.

I wanted to addend my prior post:
1) You can no longer get refunded your money, you have to accept Gilt Credit. That kind of stinks. And, you still have to pay for return shipping (before if you accepted Credit you got returns for free).
2) They have MADE-UP DESIGNER BRANDS. They have created over 20 designer "labels" that are only sold at Gilt. And when they say it has a huge discount from the "retail price" - its totally made up because it is only sold at their website.

( />
The only reason I still shop is because have now have all this store credit I need to use up first...

I am in love with Gilt
I am in love with Gilt. I have never had a problem with a return, but then, I don't have a problem with receiving store credit from this site.

However, I have purchased a few non-refundable items and changed my mind... but that's my fault. As I always say about flash sale sites, think long and hard before you hit that purchase button. Also, if you only have a few weeks to return it, get on it. I missed a return period once, but ended up giving the item to my dad's neighbor's granddaughter, so it ended well.

I had one issue where I bought a Right Bank Babies (Left Bank Babies? I love both brands) reversible sundress that was listed as a 12. I bought it, thinking it would fit my five-year-old daughter in a few years. It ended up being a 12 MONTH dress.

It was a non-refundable item, but I contacted Gilt anyway. Gilt were willing to accept it, but I decided to keep it as a gift for a girlfriend who had a baby girl several months later. But the fact that Gilt was going to take it back for me means a lot.

I've purchased many different items from Gilt, from purses, clothing, children's books, toys, jewelry... all of it has been top of the line, high quality items, even if they're a season behind or whatnot. I live in the DC area - nobody cares. Marco Bicego ring for $500? I'm there! Kate Spade bag for under $200? Score!

Do not Buy from Gilt
BUYERS BEWARE! I purchased 4 clothing items and after receiving the package decided to return the items due to fit. Processing a return with this company is a nightmare. After printing off my return slip and mailing the package off, I still havent received a refund. I was told since Gilt were purchased by another company (RueLaLa) any orders prior to July 9th are unable to be viewed. No return info, form of payment, or status of return can be seen by myself nor anyone wishing this organization. Also, they explained that I would receive a call back in 3 days so they can return the funds back to my card. I was also told i needed to have my credit card info stored on the website to make it easier. First, I refuse to do business with this company again. Second, if you cant process a return properly do you think I would actually store my credit card in your site? This is the worst customer service Ive experienced from a company that is an app based shopping experience. Taking over 4 weeks to process a return is insane. Not only will I never purchase from them again, I seriously doubt I will ever see the amount I paid for these items. I feel like they stole from me. I should be able to shop, view, and track my return directly from the app all without having to speak to someone, hence the term online shopping. Now i have to wait for a call back in 3 days so that they can research my return. This is the 2nd time Ive called without any follow up from them. If i cant answer, I have to call back and give my card info for the credit to be processed. I am beyond furious and appalled at their business model. It should not have been this difficult. All i want is my money back.

Buyer beware
I would definitely echo the remarks made by others regarding the return policy of this company. I bought 2 chairs in December that were slated to arrive by Christmas. Gilt didn't arrive, which I understood because it was the holidays and that's a very busy time. I called at least 3 times to find out the status of the shipment, but customer service didn't seem to know the cause of the delay. They certainly didn't volunteer that information. They were polite but I thought it was weird that they didn't have any specifics on my order. I cut them some slack about that and they did finally ship the chairs by early January but I kid you not - those chairs looked like "play furniture" for a child. The quality was lacking and one of the legs would not fasten. Every time I sat in it - which wasn't much - I questioned that it could hold my weight and I'm not a big person! The chairs were quite weak because when you sit on them, you feel the chair "give" a little - like the legs will come out from under it. So I called them immediately to take back the chairs. It was then that they pointed out the "no return" policy on furniture. I really wish someone would have pointed it out when I placed the order. I told them I would be willing to negotiate a solution that would benefit both myself and them but they were not willing to listen. I advise anyone to READ THE RETURN POLICY and ANY REVIEWS before purchasing.

Will never shop there again!
Will never shop there again! I have spent over 10K with Gilt. Every time i've had a return, I've had to contact customer support since Gilt claim to "not have received the return" even though tracking information shows it has clearly been received back at Gilt. Each time I was given a credit with an apology and the explanation that this was not normal.

The last time I had a return I noticed that there was no tracking info on the labels nor was the map shown on their site with any tracking. Here is the entire conversation with Gilt. They are dishonest and will say they haven't receive your returns and make YOU prove that you sent the products back, even though they don't provide you the tracking details. Read and decide for yourself...

Thank you for choosing Gilt Groupe. A representative will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with 'Vivienne'
Vivienne: Welcome to Gilt! How can I help you today?
You: I have two returns that were sent back over two weeks ago that have not yet been credited back
You: Return #*******602
Vivienne: OK I can check that for you.
You: Return #*******971
Vivienne: Can you confirm your full name please?
You: dilbert b.
Vivienne: Thanks, one moment!
Vivienne: After checking I can't see any tracking on these returns, did you use the return labels provided?
You: yes
You: i used them and dropped them off the same day at the post office
You: why is visible tracking no longer provided to the consumers of gilt?
Vivienne: Did you get a receipt from the post office?
You: no, i've never needed one. I ship packages there all the time
You: including ones from gilt but i always seem to have to contact customer support
You: i used to be able to see that the packages had arrived but now all visible tracking has been removed so the consumer can no longer see it. Seems a bit odd...
Vivienne: Ok one moment I'll see what we can do about this for you.
You: why can the consumer no longer see tracking info?
Vivienne: You should be able to see it, the tracking info is available to our members, there just seems to be an issue with these returns.
Vivienne: Sorry about the delay, still looking into this!
You: ok
Vivienne: It's just from looking at the returns we have no record of them being checked into the post office. Do you think there is any way you could get receipts from the post office?
You: no, not at this point. Why is it that i have to contact customer support at gilt to get credits back?
You: i don't have issues with rue la la or amazon
You: this is not an isolated issue. I used to be able to track returns that showed they had arrived but gilt would not credit back until i contacted them.
Vivienne: There shouldn't be an issue with these returns. Our members don't have to contact us usually to get credits back but the issue here is that we can't see the packages as being checked in to the post office. We would need to be able to see proof of the package being checked in to provide the credit
You: with the latest labels, there is no visible tracking info nor does it pull up on your site.
You: it is a very shady business practice
You: i spend a lot of money online and i have not had issues ANYWHERE else
You: look through my return history and tell me why i've had to contact gilt to get my credits back?
You: where on the labels that were printed is the tracking info?
Vivienne: I'm not sure why you have had to contact us as it is not a known issue that we have. You can locate the tracking info on your Gilt account under the actual return itself.
You: it's not listed...
Vivienne: Today as an exception we can refund you for these as there is no tracking but going forward we can't provide credits on returns that haven't been checked in
You: right... shady!
You: please credit me...
Vivienne: You have been credited now, the credits will be available to use immediately
You: i will be sure to share my experience with other consumers. I right a technology blog
You: write
Vivienne: I'm sorry you have been disappointed with your experience. I have credited you now.
Vivienne: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
You: yes be more transparent and don't treat your consumers like an ATM. Provide a little transparency and you would be amazed what it will do for your shady business
You: to ensure nothing is lost in translation this entire conversation will appear in my blog
Vivienne: I will pass on your feedback to the relevant department regarding tracking on returns.
Vivienne: That's no problem, all conversations here are saved and you can request a transcript of the conversation.
You: and the phantom tracking?
You: where is it?
Vivienne: You can't see the tracking now as I have refunded you so our system shows the return as being returned to our warehouse. When you have an open return you can see the tracking infor. Under "View details" on the return and it will be under the "Return Timeline" section.
You: what a lying sack... i already have screen shots taken
You: before...
You: keep digging
You: you can refund my credit card or it will all go online
You: it does not get ANY more dishonest than this
Vivienne: As previously mentioned in the conversation multiple times there seemed to be an issue with your two returns and there was no tracking showing in the first place. This was an isolated incident and is not an issue that occurs with every member. The screen shots taken are screen shots of an open return with no tracking. This is not something that happens to every member.
Vivienne: Unfortunately I cannot refund you to your credit card as applying the credits without proof of the returns being checked in wa an exception anyway. If you wish to show your dissatisfaction with the service on the Internet that is your choice. We are sorry that you are dissatisfied.
You: you've contradicted yourself multiple times regarding the tracking info. It is clear this is complete dishonesty and deceit. Congratulations on raping society!

On Friday May 23rd, I was set to receive a bed I purchased...
On Friday May 23rd, I was set to receive a bed I purchased on Gilt, turns out that upon delivery the distributor sent two beds and did not include the side rails. After an immediate call while the movers stood around, the Gilt representative said he would look into it and get back with me shortly. On Friday June 6th, gilt finally contacted me letting me know Gilt could not get the side rails from Mitchell Gold and Company. On June 9th, the company refunded me but I am stuck with a bed in my house that is useless, no solution (no bed), and over 4 hours of my time speaking to customer service, etc. In return they also offered me $75 dollars… The fact that there is no solution is the reason I am writing this review. I spent the last two months passing by beds furniture shopping and if I had known how Gilt dealt with problems as they are with this one then I would not have been doing business with them.
In fact, two weeks prior I ran into another issue with Gilt where they advertised over 75 "One of a Kind Taj Pillows" and when I thought I was purchasing two of the same pillows given they showed 75+, I received two different pillows. While Gilt accepted the return, it was still a hassle and they expected one should know that "One of Kind" meant no two pillows were similar.
The overall customer service is poor as Gilt could not come through with the order I purchased and in return offer me a refund and $75. I would understand if this were a table lamp but it's a bed!

Don't spend more than you are willing to loose
I have given gilt the opportunity to mend the issue with my purchase what happened after I contacted them speaks to so many issues.The description said it was a vintage bag In good condition. I relied primarely on the photos for my purchase. On the site, It looked great. Imagine my dissapontment when the bag arrived with extensive damage and with zero certificate of authenticity. I sent them photos immediately and asked for a refund. Gilt replied saying that they were sorry I was disappointed but that this purchase was non refundable. I pointed out the fact that they either edited the photos to show no damage or used a completely different purse when listing the item because the bag I received was beyond abused. Again I got a long paragraph of apologies for how unhappy I was but this item was non-refundable.
So here are the lessons when purchasing from gilt- when they say "vintage" they truly mean a trashed, heavily stained, scratched old bag. When they say in "good condition" they mean it is simply still in one piece. And when they say "Hermes" they mean it has an H on the front but good luck knowing what you really bought because they provide absolutely no evidence of authenticity. Finally, when lthey provide you with 3-4 photos of this vintage Hermes bag in good condition the misrepresentation is equivalent to that of the phenomenon we all know well; of the selfie of a very heavy girl making a kissy face, pushing her cleavage together taking a photo from the highest angle her arm allows, uses the most drastic filter, crops her photo to only show her face and bust and calls herself cutirbabygirl6969...
You know what arrives in the mail when you buy a vintage Hermes bag in good condition for 3k from gilt? Cutiebabygirl6969 indeed but this time in all her curvy glory, zoomed out to show her standing in a bathroom full of dirty clothes and mildewed bath tub. No filters no kissy face, no makeup. And you know what gilt will say to you when you say that's not what you pay 3k for? "We are very sorry you are not happy but this vintage item is non refundable"

Customer Service is a Nightmare
I am so disappointed. From my experience, if nothing goes wrong with your order, you should be okay. If any type of issue occurs, you will regret ordering from this site.
I really like the style of the furniture at GILT. My first order was a cracked glass top for my table that I was satisfied with. I decided to order from GILT again and wanted to get an end table. The wrong order was put into my cart. Right after I had checked out I noticed it was the wrong item. I contacted them immediately to cancel the order (their cancellation policy is 5 minutes after the order is placed) so I could get the item that I had actually wanted. It took them 2 hours to get back to me. Dylan, my customer service rep, told me it was too late for customer service to cancel it. He told me if it had not left the warehouse the delivery team would be able to cancel it. He said I would be contacted within 1 business day. This took place Saturday. I was expecting a call or email today, Monday. He also gave me a link for a live chat. I contacted the live chat team today. Cian, the live chat rep, told me it would take 3-5 days for an answer. I definitely feel like I am getting the run-around with this website. According to Dylan is a time sensitive situation and there is no urgency.

Gilt sent me the table via FedEx even though I paid for in home delivery. I found a number to call. When I called the number I was finally helped out and they sent me a return label. The package arrived back to GILT in the beginning of December. Just today I had to contact a live chat to ask about the status of my return. The lady told me she processed my return. I asked if she had credited my VISA, she said she did. I got an email stating I had store credit a few minutes later. I checked my bank account and not only did she not give me a refund. She charged my card another $453. I am now owed $907! Words can not describe how mad I am.

Worst customer service ever
My experience with Gilt started with a simple order. I was excited for all the brands I found on their site, for a good discount. Ordered 5 items total. I received 2 separate shipping notification for the 5 items, 3 items were being shipped in one box and the other 2 in another. The first box with the 3 items arrived first (albeit a long time after I had placed my order), everything was good. The 2nd box arrived a few days later however 1 of the 2 items it was supposed to contain was missing (the most expensive item in my order no less).

This is when my issues with customer service started. At first I just emailed Gilt to let them know if the missing item hoping it would arrive quickly as I had a birthday trip coming up and I needed it for the trip. I received a response saying someone from their team would get back to me in 3 days. After 3 days had passed and I didn't get a response I emailed them asking for an update and saying at this point I would just like a refund. I didn't explain my trip coming up and that I was in a time crunch now and had already replaced the item because I really didn't feel I had to go into that much detail to request a refund for an item I never received but truly had no use for it anymore.
Gilt ignored my request and said they were still looking into the issue, that they needed 3-5 days now to get back to me and to make me feel better they issued a $15 store credit ( a. As if I had any use for $15 and b. As if I wanted to risk going through this nightmare all over again).

I hadn't hear back from Gilt in a while over the 5 days, so I email them again and asked for a refund. The next response I got was " great news we have a replacement in stock we will ship it out to you tomorrow".
I respond immediately explains how I don't want it I replaced it already and my trip I needed it for had already passed and I just want a refund". I have to reiterate I responded same day I got their email about the replacement being shipped out the next day.

They respond the following day saying it's already shipped, it's too far along now, I can't return it when I get it and they will issue a refund after. So basically I will get my money back over a month after I ordered an item I never got because of their antics.

I respond back saying how ridiculous it is that they did not give my the option to choose between a replacement or a refund when I had asked for a refund 4 times prior and they chose to just decide to send a replacement out instead of giving me the option to choose between a refund and replacement after all the hassle. I let them know it's the worst customer service I have ever received, they literally respond to my every email with an ignore pivot. They ignore what I say or ask for and pivot to what they want.

I got a new response saying "sorry for the trouble but rest assured your new replacement is not it's way, it will be with you shortly" as if the last 3 emails I sent to them explaining I don't want a replacement have never been read".
They also said they would make sure my concerns are heard. Haha, that makes me feel so much better given they way no one has been listening to me so far.

I truly don't understand what is going on with this company. They must have generic copy/paste email responses. It's the only explanation for my request being blatantly ignored. I am truly livid and appalled with how hard it is to get a refund from them.

I truly don't recommend anyone to shop here, the hassle is not worth the savings. It's so sad, because if they had better customer service they would be a great company.


I want to give 0 rating but I can't, one is the minimum...
I want to give 0 rating but I can't, one is the minimum I can give. This is the worst shopping experience I have ever had. When I purchased the $700 suit for my husband. I called them and asked for their return policy since I am buying in Canada. Gilt said that I can get full credit back if I am not happy about it. I made the purchase only to find out it will take a month or more for it to get shipped, I called immediately the next day when I found out to see if I can pay extra for faster shipping since my hudsband's interview is one month later but no, they only do one shipping for all orders. After I received the item, my hudsband and I got surprised by the poor quality and cutting of the suit. My hudsband insisted that I should call back for credits and I called, it's ok you don't want to give me the credits since you said that the suit is over 200 and you don't do credits for over 200 dollars international items, but you don't have to be so mean. I don't understand how come both times the customer services were this rude and mean while the price is so high compared to the quality of the product. I miss myhabit, beyond the rack, their customer service are so nice and I never have any issue with the products. I wont shop at gilt ever again since their people really disgust me. Just because you have mean staff with bad attitude doesn't make you high end.

Inefficient shipping and customer service, poor overall experience.
I've been a member of Gilt for years, and despite numerous unpleasant experiences with the return policy, exorbitantly long shipping times, and customer service, I gave the site another try and purchased a jumpsuit.

Nearly 3 weeks after I click "Buy" on the site, I finally received a shipping notification, my romper was on it's way. I received a FedEx notification that the romper would be delivered while I was at work. When I returned home, there was no package at my door. The FedEx shipping status said that the package was being returned to sender due to an incorrect shipping address. I checked my order on Gilt, I had entered the same shipping address I always used and it was in fact correct.

I reached out to customer service, Gilt told me that they could not re-route the item back to me. Additionally, they could not guarantee that I could secure the item at this point. I would have to wait for the item to be returned, reposted on the site, and then I would need to re-purchase it to then wait another 3 weeks for it to be delivered.

In a day where Amazon can deliver purchases to you in an hour, I do not understand how companies like Gilt survive. I will never purchase from Gilt again. Let this be the straw that broke the camel's back.

A SLOW TJ Maxx Doppelganger
Each time I get an email from them, I'm like: "oh, OK... I like those brands..." and then when I click on the offerings, I'm like: "ewww!" or the sizes are so limited on something I'd actually wear. When Gilt had their Cyber Monday deal this year, their coupon codes were all messed up, and NOT providing the offered deal (40% off). It was pretty easy to notice, because shipping was free and their was no tax. So, on a $100 item that should have been $60 and was coming up as $67, it was clear things just weren't right. Hopefully other shoppers noticed. They eventually went into my account and manually made some adjustments the next day that offered the advertised discount AND the free shipping. Which hushed me for the time being. At that point, I had been charged for the items. 5 days later, I get an email saying the item has shipped and I was charged AGAIN, but that eventually dropped off after a few days. They blame paypal, because one charge is to make sure the $ is there, and then they finally request the money when the item is shipped. Still had both charges deducted from my bank account for days, so think about that if your order is $500... Also, looking at the shipping updates 4 days later, it still doesn't look like a mail man has taken possession of my order.

"Date Time Description Location
12/8/2015 02:07 AM Departing Newgistics Facility Hebron, KY 41048
12/7/2015 02:43 PM Electronic Information Sent to USPS Hebron, KY 41048
12/7/2015 02:43 PM Electronic Information Received by USPS
12/6/2015 05:12 PM Inducted into Newgistics Network Hebron, KY 41048
12/5/2015 11:26 AM Shipped from Client Shepherdsville, KY 40165"

Looks like it's been scanned a lot and info has been sent, but when will it leave a warehouse? I forgot how long their regular shipping takes. The last item I ordered (some Fred Perry shoes I really liked), arrived either worn or simply damaged. Like, someone tried them on but gave them a test drive, too. Basically, I've had better luck at Macy's for 2(X)ist sales and selections, and Nordstrom Rack, Neiman's, and even TJ Maxx for Ben Sherman, Penguin, 7 Jeans, etc. Not worth the hassle of reaching out to their support each time something is wrong with an order. And trust me, something will be a *little* wrong with your order.

You'll regret buying from them, just to get the low prices, BEWARE! Of these problems
I have never bought from before. I was lured to because Gilt advertised very low prices on what seem like clearance items. After buying, I regret it. There were many negative surprises I learned after receiving my purchases. 1) I bought 4 pairs of shoes, and now will return 2 pairs because they don't fit. When return items YOU DONT GET your money back. They give you "Gilt Credit". WTF? Implication: When you buy from them, you RISK not getting your money back. Now what the heck am I going to do with $200 in "Gilt Credit" if I don't like any of their merchandise. I'm stuck with "Gilt Credit" until they feature something I am delighted to buy. 2) Customer Service - THEY HAVE NONE. If you email them with a question, which I did, I get an auto reply saying they will contact me in 3 (THREE) days. Then I call the 800 toll free tel#. I was on hold for 20 minutes, before I finally gave up. BOTTOM Line - THEY TAKE your money & give customer service that is a disaster. Other mail order businesses will take the risk out of buying by giving you a full refund if you return items you don't like. only gives you credit an exchange. I, right not don't like any of their items for sale. So I'm stuck with $200 in gilt credit and they have nothing in their inventory I want to buy, or they don't have what I want to buy in my size. This is really frustrating.

Buyer Beware - Faudsters, Misleading and Deceptive
I have worked in the retail sector for the past 15 years and for many years studied/worked in the legal industry in Australia (including consumer law). In all my years I have never seem such deception of consumers trust as I have experienced with Gilt. With the background I have I can surely appreciate the notion of mark-ups and retailers having this as their source of gross profit; however, to have such blatant and misleading practises on this point is outside the scope of what is reasonable and fair. The consumer should be able to trust that the retailer is giving them fair value for a product and not out to rip them off

I purchased a 'Kate Spade' Branded brangle for USD $89 marked down from USD $168 on the Gilt site, only to find inside the package a hangtag with a suggested retail from the original designer was USD $58.

I sent a complaint and Gilt stated Gilt only price match with ourselves and not competitors. This provides absolutely no accountability especially on a product that they are on-selling as a middleman. They marketed it as a Kate Spade product (which it is as the hangtag in my package shows) and as such should be held accountable to the suggested retail pricing as that is FAIR VALUE of the product they are selling Further and even more concerning they should definitely not inflate the suggested retail price to over 280% (their suggested retail of USD $168) while marketing themselves as a designer discounted company.

Please see the pictures (including hangtag) below and disregard the company'y response to this post as they are clearly attempting to weasel out of the fact they are frausters and nothing more.

This is completely disgusting behaviour from a retailer and I hope the appropriate ombusman in whatever country Gilt is registered shuts them down!

NEVER buy at - Designer Bag sold without straps
I ordered a Tom Ford designer bag from Gilt. It came with no straps although there are permanent hooks for a strap. Gilt refused to refund the bag or provide the straps. They advertised the bag as "strapless" although it can be worn with a strap. The bag cost $1,500 and looks weird without the shoulder straps. They refused a refund or exchange and when I went through a dispute with my credit card AmEx, I was told there was nothing that can be done because of Gilt's no refund policy on designer items, DONT EVER BUY HERE. They get slightly damaged designer bags and sell them to the public using their no refund policy and that how they get us, They are never available to talk to you and ask you to call them back and take days to refund your call. Customer service here is unbelievably nonexistent. They will continue these practices until you the customer stand up and stop buying, especially designer items. I plan to file a authencity complaint with the FBI and attorney generals office. I want a refund or my money back. I will continue filing everywhere until something is done. This is wrong. Strapless means there are no hooks. Strapless does mean it has permanent hooks for a shoulder strap that was not provided. I will never be able to resell this designer bag without the straps. I doubt if Tom Ford makes this bag at all. If so, where are the straps. I am also filing complaints in their country through the attorney general's office. I don't plan to just accept this because it is wrong. It would cost them nothing to exchange the bag for something else, yet they refuse to do so. Write letters to the U.S. commerce Department and other authorities. Get help from these agencies to file legal complaints in their country.

I purchased $200 worth of jewlery from this store, when I went through the check out I changed my address to my current address and proceeded through to the payment, when I checked the receipt it had my old address on there!
Straight away I contacted the customer service team and spoke to 'James' he told me he was unable to change the address but he would cancel the order for me.
Knowing the order was cancel I then made the same purchase using my new address to then get an email 2 days later saying BOTH orders have been shipped!
Ones again I contacted customer service to them be told 'James' gave me the wrong information and orders can't ever be cancelled! So this company had willingly charged me twice and refuse to give me a refund on one item until it shows the package had been received, well I received the second order I made almost a month ago and it is still showing as just 'shipped' as is the original order that was supposed to have been cancelled.
Gilt have offered me no resoultion to this problem even though it is the complete fault of theirs.
I'm currently going through my bank to charge the company with fraud as they refuse to refund me for the first order.
Also the quality of the jewellery is sub par it is supposed to be gold however when wearing the earring I get a reaction instantly which only happens to me when I wear low quality metals such as nickel, as I am allergic.
So many things wrong with this company

Counterfeit Predire' Paris Product Terrible Company Response
I purchased 2 Predire Paris Moroccan Liquid Gold Vitamin C & E Booster Serum Treatments from Gilt after falling in love with the real product. I gave one as a gift and kept one for myself. When the product arrived I ordered 4 more before I opened the original one that I kept. When I opened the one I kept I was appalled to find that it was not the same color, same consistency, same smell as the real Moroccan Liquid Gold. I still had some of my real product and could compare them. I realized that the bottle looked different and also had no serial number on it. I contacted Gilt and requested that Gilt replace the 6 bottles I've purchased with the real stuff. They advised they don't have real ones to replace them with. I looked online and they are still advertising the product knowing that it is not real. God only knows how many of these and other fake Predire' Paris items have been sold.

They offered to send me a return tag for a refund. I have returned the product and they only credited me for 1 and it wasn't a refund like promised. I called them today and they have noted the account that I want a full refund and not a credit to them. I was advised that it will be another 7-8 days before I get a response and there is a restocking fee that I will be charge. I immediately requested an escalation because I shouldn't be charged anything to return fake product.

I ordered a Vera Wang dress from Gilt last week for...
I ordered a Vera Wang dress from Gilt last week for my wife's birthday. It was ordered as a surprise since I was scheduled to be in New York City all of this week. The dress arrived with a huge black plastic security bock attached (which weighed more than the dress)! Assuming that any Vera Wang boutique would have the equipment to remove the security block she went to the nearest Saks 5th Avenue to have this done. When she walked in the door a security guard confronted her since the dress had the security block on it. She was escorted by the security guard to the Vera Wang department and accused of of having attempted to steal the dress. Luckily she had the Gilt receipt with her. I attempted to e-mail Gilt about this and was confronted with their "online" complaint site that did not allow you to write more than 250 words and did not allow one to attached a photo of the problem. I was informed that their phone line was not open until 10:00 a.m. By the time I finally got through to their phone representative, he didn't seem to think this was a big deal. Currently I have merchandise that was purchased for over $300 that I can not use. To be perfectly honest, having been sent out with the security block still on the merchandise, I honestly do not know if this is not stolen stock. I've asked to have it authenticated by Gilt. Do not purchase anything from this company!

DO NOT PURCHASE JEWELRY FROM GILT! The promo pictures do not accurately reflect the true value of the item and Gilt do not stand behind their product. If you attempt to return it, they'll give you the run around and then tell you it is a "non refundable" item. I just wasted $1,000 on a necklace that is worth less than $100. I will NEVER ORDER from Gilt again and I strongly recommend others avoid being caught by their scam tactics.

UPDATE: Gilt ultimately agreed to allow me to return the necklace for a full refund AFTER they read my ReviewFeeder review. Thank you ReviewFeeder for all your help! I'll let you know if/when they come through with refunding my money.

2nd UPDATE: Mailed back the necklace over a week ago and I still haven't received a refund.

3rd UPDATE: Although I received an email from Gilt's service rep, James, that I would receive a full refund (see below), I DID NOT RECEIVE A REFUND. I RECEIVED STORE CREDIT. Following is a copy of the email I received from Gilt's service rep. Promising me a refund and requesting I modify my Site Jabber review. So now I have $980.00 of store credit with an unethical company that doesn't stand behind its products, services and/or words.

Gilt S. Wrote: -------------------------
Hi Danielle,

I'm just following you up again in regards to your review.

First of all let me apologize for the inconvenience that was caused with this order. I wanted to make sure that this was looked into thoroughly and a suitable resolution could be made. Thankfully, we have one.

We will accept a return on the Jennifer Meyer xo Jessica Alba
Pave Ruby Heart Pendant Necklace. I will email you in a few moments with a FedEx label which you can use to return in exchange for a refund. I hope this is the resolution you were looking for.

Also I am going to send you a link where you will have three options. You can remove the review you made, you can edit the review or you can leave the review as it is, the choice is entirely up to you.

If you have any further questions in regards to this, then feel free to let us know!

Kind regards,
Customer Service Specialist

No inventory control. Charges you when they say they won't.
It's easier to just post the complaiint I filed re: Gilt:

"In the past two months, GILT has sent me products I didnt order four times. Ive repeatedly had to contact them to make them aware of their mistakes. Theyve relied on me using my own time and materials to prepare and return the packages and Im tired of essentially working for them when Gilt make a mistake.

Im enclosing emails from Gilt in which they acknowledge the three previous packages were sent without my knowledge or agreement. Im enclosing the final email I sent them saying the boxes were picked up; an email which they never even bothered to replying to...

I didnt authorize this charge of $57.98. Im attaching three emails from March 24,2015 -- two in which I cancel the order and one from GILT confirming the cancellation and stating that and I wont be charged. Im also enclosing a bank statement showing I was charged on 3/27/2015."

When I contacted GILT about this, they denied that I'd cancelled the charge and were very obnoxious about it. Nevertheless, I have an email from a GILT employee, XXXXXX XXXXXXXX, dated March 24,2015 at 4:15 pm stating she cancelled the order and I wouldn't be charged. I also have bank records showing I was charged on March 27,2015 for the $57 by GILT.

They're a disorganized company with very rude employees and I haven't yet had a conversation with them where the phone lines worked. They didn't even know they'd sent me the three pans and I had to convince them. They didn't thank me for taking my time or using my materials to return them. Then they sent me another pan. I'm really tired of this company.

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