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Good service
I feel that this divorce needs to happen but my spouse is in Texas. Not employed and homeless and has been since 2010 and in and out of the Salvation Army ARC since then as well. There is no reconcillation. I like this because I think spending all those fees on lawyers and extra stuff on someone I have no for sure idea where he is at the present other than what I am told is ridiculous and I like that I can do this myself. My parents have been supporting my children and I for the last 7 years 2010- present.

SCAM Artists!
Do not give them a credit card number! GetDivorcePapers will charge you a fee for the paperwork, and give you the option to sign up for a bogus/useless monthly service that is in addition to the fee for the paperwork you already paid... even if you select and have PROOF that you did not select the monthly service, they will charge you anyway and REFUSE to provide a refund.

If you absolutely must use their service (because, it is in fact cheaper than hiring a lawyer), use a gift card w/only the amount that is needed for the paperwork. This process of signing you up for a monthly service is fishy and scammy. Go elsewhere or use a gift card if you must.

No, do not under any circumstances try to use this website. You are unlikely to get a divorce, but you will spend hundreds of dollars trying.
It is setup to bleed as much money as possible from you. You have to complete each page until you can move to the next one. You don't know what you will need until you get to the next page. GetDivorcePapers asked for a lot of very obscure documents. Very few of which actually made it to the forms they make up. Taking several pages to do each page means the process takes months. I finally got everything entered a week before that months subscription expired. Can you guesss how long the 'ready in 30 minutes' forms took? Yes, they were ready about 30 minutes after my subscription expired. Then my bank refused to send them another $36 monthly subscription. So, i cannot have my forms. They will not send out the mailed forms I paid over $50 for either.
When I asked for my papers or a full refund, they stated that they do not give any refunds and that I'd just have to give them yet more money.
You think that is bad? See the photo for a later conversation. If you think that an 'attorney' that refuses to tell you their name and registration details is honest, well, I have a bridge I'd like to sell.
Awesome, after 6 months I have to start the whole process again, with another company.

If you read other reviews, you'll find two types. Most are absolutely glowing. Then there are a quite few saying what I've just said... Make your own mind up which are genuine, from a company who won't tell you who they are...

Do not trust this web site I started my divorce journey and at the beginning GetDivorcePapers send you a survey and you are thinking it is all good DO NOT DO A SURVEY OR ANYTHING TILL THE END AND YOU WILL SEEN THEY WILL NOT BE AROUND. I am now at the end and my divorce is finalizing and they said if you need a document for the courts the will continue to give you DOCUMENTS AND updates and communicate with you. The Judge asked for two new forms affidavits. These people became GHOST pasting me off to fake emails and then I called spoke to Christopher Mohammed and SENT emails Angelina Parker
Evelyn Martin No REPLY, Audrey, Carol all these people never answer or give me the time of day at the end of this horrible experience. YOU ARE JUST LEFT ALONE WITH NOTHING COMPLETED PLUS THE SHEETS THEY SUPPLIED CAME FROM A FREE WEBSITE, THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY BUT DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGHT WITH WHATS ON THEIR WEBSITE. FAKE. YOU DO MUCH BETTER BY GOING TO THE LAW LIBRARY AND VISITING and I told Christopher I was going to do this review and he definitely did not care even told me the last person emailed was working on it now and again 8 days later nothing. Playing with peoples emotions is not a JOKING MATTER.


Absolutely the worst experience
I have a very simple divorce. My caseworker first did not complete the paperwork correctly from the interview. Several questions were wrong so I had to update the forms and send to her... about 15 times! Most taking a week to turn around. Each time I had to remind her to get back to me. She never initiated a response. Then finally when the documents were ready to ship GetDivorcePapers never came. 20 days after "shipment" and I'm still waiting. Do not use this site. I have submitted a complaint to the better business bureau.

#1) The review site GetDivorcePapers have at the corner of their site is a paid website designed to give them good ratings and I could not find a way to leave a review with them after my cluster fubar of a exchange with them.

I needed separation forms and I needed them before the end of the year of 2019 for insurance reasons. It took 10 extra days and I had to check the website bc they never informed me they were ready. I downloaded and printed the paperwork they gave me and went to file them. GUESS WHAT? The court clerk said they see these papers ALL the time and it's just ATTACHMENT paperwork. I need a whole other paper to actually file it. FUN RIGHT? Live chat with multiple people who direct me to Angelia Parker. Who I have emailed many many times. I get a hold of the live chat people again today and ask for a new "case worker" I was told there's no one else. I asked for a refund and was told I AM NOT ELIGIBLE for a refund even though they didn't send me all the paperwork I would need to file this. After reading the other one star comments on this site I will be changing my card at my bank tomorrow. I will now also be sending Angela multiple emails a day but I will not be expecting a response. I will need to look for someone else to get the actual paper I need to file. Also the papers they gave me? Idk what all these other people are talking about but they don't look professional in the least. I guess they might have if I paid for the "free shipping" option or the extra $90 for the speedy service so I didn't have to wait 10 days to get them.

My divorce went very smooth
When i first initiated my divorce process with getdivorcepapers i was little skeptical because the online system asked my several questions pertaining to me and my husband. But after the interview GetDivorcePapers processed my papers in just couple of days. My divorce was an uncontested divorce and we do not wanted to divide anything. When i submitted my papers to the court, they approved the papers and after my spouse signature the court processed my rest of the papers. Last week i received my final divorce decree from the county judge and finally i can now move on.

Your system was a great help for my during the tough times. I recommend your service to everyone.

Took my money and ran
Paid over $230 for a dissolution and my packet was incomplete, it needed 5 more documents. Emailed the company well over 60 days ago and no response. I disputed the charges with my bank and when I contacted them today I was told I was not eligible for a refund even though it clearly states on their website that if it's rejected through the courts that GetDivorcePapers will refund your money. Stay as far away from these people as you can. I am out $230 of my hard earned money and no further along in my dissolution than I was when I started. Total and complete scam artists. Drive down the road, roll your window down and throw your money out, you will feel much better.

Just don't ask for a refund!
I requested a cancellation the same day I used the service. Although I live in a state that is NOT on the list of states restricted from receiving a refund, I was told that I could not get my money back. I followed the policy down to the letter and even their live chat representatives said that I could cancel my request (now I am told that GetDivorcePapers weren't allowed to say that). Even after I showed them the emails of the live chats and they had all my information, they were still saying that although I cancelled within 24 hours, I was not eligible. Make SURE you want the service before you put in your information. I had to go through my bank's dispute department and they had to verify that the company's policy was not honored by the company in order for me to get my money back! Such a mess for such a seemingly easy thing.

Scammed me... When you pay their low fee there are a bunch of hidden fees that GetDivorcePapers don't mention, until after you pay the initial fee. The court I went to the judge laughed and said go get your money back. You can get the correct forms for free on any state website and they have easy instructions. I'm still trying to get a refund even though they claim it's 100% guaranteed I am not worried, lucky for me I have family in the attorney General office, so I already have them being looked into.

These reviews are fake. Trust me. I did my research.

Horrible service
At first I had thought this website was easy to use and me not knowing about how to file for divorce, it was great. Once I received my papers my local courthouse would not except and I had to use their forms. Tried to get a refund with no response GetDivorcePapers finally told me I had to get a rejection letter from my courthouse (not their responsibility). After countless attempts to contact them and sent them my divorce claim that I turned in to the courthouse, they still have not contacted. I strongly recommend just going to your courthouse and getting your own papers, this is a waste of money and they are inconsiderate to people going through a hard time.

I went with this company due to reviews and the fact I could download the forms right away. What GetDivorcePapers don't tell you is if you want it right away you have to pay more. Otherwise, it takes 3-7 business days. When I finally got the forms, there were many errors. I also accidentally signed up for parenting class and immediately called to cancel. They told me to send an email and it would take 3-10 business days. It has been over 14 business days (3 weeks) and no refund. Every time I call, they keep saying it will be processed this week. I'm just going to dispute the charges with my credit card company. They lie and they are terrible. Don't use!

Terrible and useless! No Customer Service
I was never contacted by a case manager as the site said I would be. GetDivorcePapers asked the most stupidest questions for an annulment - like what percentage my spouse paid to federal taxes! What in the universe has that got to do with an annulment when we had only been married for 5 months? When I called them to chase up my case manager I was told no one was going to contact me. I asked for a refund of a separate fee for postage only which was completely unused - their "customer service" agent told me they never give refunds! Completely useless and a waste of $139 - DO NOT USE THIS SCAM SERVICE - go to your local online state website - you can file for free through them

Whole process is easier
This service has perfect for us. We are a couple that just grew apart from my fast onset of an autoimmune illness. We have 3 adopted children that we have had in counseling all their lives and are still in counseling and see a psychiatrist. GetDivorcePapers are special needs children through DSS. We are really good friends now and the kids have adjusted well with everything. We just have separated everything and gone our own ways. Our children are very important and that is why we have I guess not finalized a divorce. This was the easiest way and no court and lawyers. It was easy. I recommend it. I however dont like all the kid questions when there are no problems. I dont like making us take parent classes when we have raised a now 21 year old. Soon to be 18 year old. My daughter will be 15. We have done an awesome job together. They came from very abused and neglected homes. They are my life. They have always had counseling and we have all the parenting classes as well when we adopted through the state. I recommend their services.

Very helpful and easy to follow
My experience so far has been an easy journey, My soon to be ex (OH SO THANK YOU) and I both filled the papers out together which made this process that much easier. Both parties have to provide such detailed information about each other, so us being in good standing with one another helped a great deal. The questions in this interview are easy to understand, and there was not a bunch of legal jargon that had to be googled. So my next step is to actually go with my soon to be ex to the court house to file our divorce papers together. I would definitely recommend this site if you have a non contested divorce.

Be prepared to lose your money
I paid for this for a friend. At first his spouse consented to a divorce. About three days after paying for the service she changed her mind. The survey was never completed. He asked support about getting a refund. GetDivorcePapers did not, nor have they ever responded. I was only every able to contact them through the chat where I was told that he had to follow instructions in the account to request a refund. They will not send a transcript of the chat so I have no evidence of them saying as long as the survey was not completed they will refund the amount. He followed the instructions to request a refund but after 10 business days they never responded to the request. Again, I asked chat and they now say that they do not discuss refunds. They told me I had to email finance. After a week finance has never responded. I have tried to call but no matter what menu number I choose or how long I wait I am always the sixth caller - always. I am now in the lengthy process of filing a credit card chargeback.
Be careful. Not only do they steal your money but they have your sensitive personal information such as social security numbers.
They also state on the website that the total charge is $139 and there is never another charge. Yet when you go to pay there is an additional $4.95 processing fee. First red flag.
Based on the poor grammar in the auto emails I suspect this company is not based in the US.

There was not an option to pay for divorce - I came to a website that says "divorce papers" - in my account it says "download divorce papers" - so where are my divorce papers? GetDivorcePapers are telling me I ordered legal separation papers. So I asked for the link to the divorce papers. There's no link to it. So how do I get to it? I ask - I called and a gentleman hung up the phone on me. I asked for the supervisor or the owner. If the guy would have been smarter, he should just said " I'm so sorry about the mix up. At least apologize and don't tell me I'm stupid! It's under my account what I paid for - says "ILLINOIS DIVORCE PAPERS"
I paid for "Illinois online divorce" $139 - look at the account the charge below - The scary thing is the company has my credit card info - they wanted me to pay another $100 by filling out a new credit card link that I have filled out previously -
Also I paid for $99 rush fee to get my papers in 1 business days - no receipt for it -

Rip off
I applied online for the first time, you get no assistance in-regards as to how to complete this application on my application it ark's you what is your middle name I typed N/A, when I went o court I was told you can't file an application with N/A. I called divorce papers to ask why is this not explained or why GetDivorcePapers would print your application with N/A if you have no middle name? I was told a case worker would contact me, well never received a call or email reply I was charged 180.00 dollar's I cancelled my subscription because I don't need to pay more money once I received my application for what? Well once you cancel they don't assist you later I found out you can get the divorce application for FREE these people are a rip off no customer service skill's the case worker Evelyn was USELESS so I advice you to get you're FREE forms in court don't bother to pay these guys very disappointed.
Laura Jackson

So great
I do recommend this site. It does take a full day to complete. In my opinion, there should be a list at the beginning that tells you what information that you need to collect before you start. AND, if you say NO, to the first question, you should not have to fill out the parts that do not pertain to you. A skip & return button would also be convenient. But, All in all, yes, I do believe this is 80% better than paying a Lawyer ALL THAT MONEY! If its Uncontested, and you agree on everything. `Peace!

This is a scam. They are terrible and hang up on you!
I wish I could give a review less than 1. I have called customer service three times now. GetDivorcePapers hung up on me twice and the thrid time I was sent to make a voicemail. I have asked to talk to a manager and they say they will call when they can. I have emailed them three times without getting any response back. All I want is my money back. The website says 100% MONEY BACK GUARENTEE which is false advertisement. You have to qualify to get your money back. I highly suggest anyone going through a divorce NOT to use this site. Customer support is beyond terrible!

An easy process
I have very little money to afford an annulment or divorce. This service helps me very much to afford this service. We both were hoping this would work out, but our health failed and we were unable to take care of each other. So he went back to Boise where his daughter can take care of him. Our marriage was not copulated. I can barely take care of myself. So we both agreed to separate to be able to have his family take care of him and I will try to take care of myself as long as I can. We care about one another and do not want to be a burden on each other.

Waste of money, do it yourself!
Get Divorce is a rip off. First step was to fill out a questionnaire, which is the equivalent of filling out the legal forms on your own. Basically, you complete the questionnaire and GetDivorcePapers auto populate the forms for you. They give no direction on what to complete or not complete. Their answer to everything was, cant give legal advice? Bottomline, they arent experts at anything but auto populating your forms. BIG waste of time and money! I

Scam company be very careful
Don't give your money to this company GetDivorcePapers are scammers they will charge you and after you want to get your papers you have to pay more in order to get your papers they advertise that the people will be done in 30 minutes but that's not true it actually takes 5 to 10 Business days and even then the papers are not complete or accurate in addition to that they will charge you $39 on a monthly basis and if you're not careful your credit card gets charged without your Knowledge.
They have fake review websites posted on Google, stating that they or a legitimate company but all those reviews are done by themselves. They shamelessly take advantage of a vulnerable time of a person
Be very careful before you give your information to this scam of a company

This is the first review that I have ever written in my life. This company is such a scam. I ended up calling my bank to cancel my card so GetDivorcePapers can't charge me anymore. The claimed they would give me my refunds back which I haven't gotten after many days. They don't even speak decent English. I couldn't understand a words they said on the phone. They got angry and hung up on me. Such a BAD customer service. They love to charge your money. Their service is suck! Their forms are not good and too old even though I just downloaded a few says ago. The Family Court Service reviewed the forms and said FORMS were TOO OLD. They didn't care to fix their problem which is to fill out new forms. They told me to get a rejection letter to get a refund back. This is totally non-sense. Why would you submit your forms when you already knew they're going to get rejected? Why did they even start with the OLD FORM from the beginning? AND didn't fix the problem. What kind of business is this? They're not even up to date.
People going through a divorce are facing a difficult time already. If you can't help them to make it a simple process, then don't scam them or making more troubles for them. Life is about helping other people, it's not about charging their cards and take no responsibilities after you got the money.

Don'T Waste Your Money
The only reason GetDivorcePapers got one star is because there isn't a lower selection. What an absolute joke! You answer the questions in the interview section but there is no way to review what the documents will look like until you get them and 40% of the information you supplied in missing from the final documents. If you chat with anyone online they will most certainly be unable to answer you questions or help you with any issues. They can't even answer basic questions about filling out their interview questionnaire. It ends up being a basic template with selections to be marked off and very minimal information that actually has to be in-putted. So the fact that 40% of the information is miss is ridiculous. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

I am finally divorced
I started my divorce procedure with getdivorcepapers on 09-22-2016 and GetDivorcePapers completed all the required divorce papers in4 days. I filed the papers with the court and my county clerks office approved the papers on same day. Last week I received my final divorce decree from the court stating that I am finally divorced. I am glad that I selected you. Thank you so much for your help in my difficult time.

I already recommended your services to few of my friends.

Extremely affordable
This was very helpful for myself do to the amount of time available to me since I am left raising a child 7 days a week by my self and working 50-60 hours a week just in order to support my son and myself. This allowed me to file for my divorce without missing work or extra child care. And the price is extremely affordable as well. I have been looking to get a divorce for some time now and if it hadnt been for this there is no telling how much longer I may have been stuck in this horrible marriage.

Stay Away STAY AWAY; I wish I could say this company is just incompetent and incapable of delivering on their promises, but actually, GetDivorcePapers are a pure internet scam, with no intent of even trying to earn their fee.
To use their service, you have to pay in advance, and spend many hours filling out every detail of your personal and financial life, including your spouses. This entails gathering a significant amount of personal data and completing six or seven worksheets, which should allow a court to make an accurate and fair determination with regard to child support, alimony, custody, assets, and so on.

What was returned to me were blank forms, printed off the internet, with only both spouses names printed on top, and none of the information I provided. Obviously, a court will not act on blank forms.

My "caseworker" was Evelyn Martin, and despite several phone calls to customer service, who told me each time that Ms. Martin would call me back, and, at least four emails directly to Ms. Martin, she has never called or written to me, or made any effort to correct these issues.

This company is obviously in business to steal money. As far as I can tell, their ownership is in India, and not even reachable in US courts.

Again, there are numerous companies offering this service, but this isn't one. Thy are a scam, pure and simple.

Not instant but you don't find out until you pay.
I went to this site because of other reviews now I am pretty sure all these Good reviews are bought. I filled out the questionnaire to see if I qualify, and I did, so the next step was to pay the $139 and continue with the remaining questions. After I completed it, it brings me to a page where it says. "Due to the results of your interview, your forms need to be reviewed by one of our staff, please allow our staff up to 3-10 business days " BUT for an extra $79 you can have it faster. At this point I am pretty upset. Everywhere you look it says its instant. I have this coming week off and was planning on doing this now, but now my papers are being held hostage and can take up to 10 days. I have tried contacted their "customer support" but all I get is the canned responses.

I just hope this review gets through any filters, this site CLAIMS to be instant but it is not.

GetDivorcePapers try to get more money from you to get your papers done faster.

Not happy with this place at all.

This is a scam! Stay away! You've been warned
You pay $145 upfront, spend HOURS filling out their badly worded forms, then when youre done, GetDivorcePapers charge you $80 for parenting classes, but dont even offer dates / times or locations to choose from, and another $25 for "shipping". When I questioned them about the extra $105 they charged me, they told me the forms needed to be printed on "special paper" in a "special font" or the courts wont accept. When I called them on this lie, I got a very terse response of "we dont deal with refunds, you need to email -------".
Their "Highest Rated Customer Care" is ONE girl that barely was able to help. I know its only ONE girl, because I contacted their customer care 4 seperate times, over 3 days, and she is the only one that ever answered. Odds of that are pretty small.
Also, when you websearch for reviews about them, the top results are all FAKE review pages. Some of them arent even very good FAKE review pages, because they have 100 5-star reviews, but ALL of them are from the same two days in 2016.
I shouldve done more research on them, and now I have to dispute these charges through my bank, and start this painful process all over again. No one to blame but myself for trying to save a buck.

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Description: Getting a divorce does not need to be a headache. We have a guide that you can use to assist you through your divorce process online. In most cases, your forms can be completed in an hour or less. We only need you to answer some simple questions and we will use these questions to complete your divorce forms. You don't have to go through the tedious process of hiring an attorney and therefore there is no waiting! The process is very simple and... you can download the forms online!

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