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I own an existing storage facility in SW Oklahoma that...
I own an existing storage facility in SW Oklahoma that I am expanding. The building will consist of 17 bays each measuring 10ft x 25ft wide. I have contacts that can build the pad and foundation, however can your bid include the cost of labor & materials for the concrete foundation? I plan to have the dirt work done with local contacts. Can you separate the cost for the foundation. Yes, I will need a crew to erect it. So in short, I need a cost for the labor & material for the building, and a separate cost for the labor & material for the concrete foundation.

A small home to resemble a 1930's Fire Lookout Tower
A small home to resemble a 1930's Fire Lookout Tower. Two(2) stories with an Observatory [living space] on the upper floor and a motel room [kitchen, bedroom and bathing] on the lower floor all located fifteen(15) above the forest floor. The two(2) floors are 24' X 24'. The upper floor supports an 8' wide deck surrounding. Car parking is underneath. Snow loads are extreme; records indicate twenty-one(21') feet of snow has accumulated; ten(10') feet on the ground isn't uncommon. 3'-4' is typical.

I am trying to help my son with his future woodworking...
I am trying to help my son with his future woodworking shop. He has already sold his house and in the next few months will be building his shop and then his house. We have discussed the fact that he wants a metal building for his shop. He also does not have good access to the TV for ads. I saw your add on the TV tonight and thought I would get him so data to start a conversation with you. I don't think he wants a building quite as large as 30x50, more like 30x40, but that is something for him to make the decision on. Cost is what it is. He may opt for the larger building if it fits his budget. WARNING, we are both engineers and we like details so you will have to bear with us on the details. I have dealt with General Steel some while building my home about 16 years ago and found the company good to work with.

We'd like to build a storage building on our property
We'd like to build a storage building on our property. Large enough for my son to store all his $#*!, and live up in that ho. So he can work on his $#*! all night long if he wants without bothering anybody. We can not look the Beverly hillbillies. We live in a area that is strict an my son walks on eggshells not to get arrested. Storage facility are costing us about_500 a month for nothing. So I figured I'd inquire about your outfit an see if we can mk a deal that works for us both. An my son can do whatever the hell he pleases. He works on this n that and moves $#*! from here to there an well just to ensure his safety an we can feel comfortable. Perhaps mk half of it an apartment. Ok thank you
Janie Casiano

I'm in the process of locating vacant land land in...
I'm in the process of locating vacant land land in Palm Bay
Four adding lots, total about an acre
Building to be built io one lot, the other three remain vacant, for future sale possibly
I'm 100% handicap, in a wheel hair 24/7, I already have plan for single bathroom to be installed, handicap friendly
The rest of the are to be totally open floor plan
Handicap kitchen
Probably laminate floor of some type
Electric fireplace
# of window TBD
Dor openings total two, basically front and kitchen area
ALL doors to be handicap width
Hurricane Proof
This is a very 'high-level' view of vision...
Utilities and sewerage not in place, brought in from street
Color of house to blend in to local trees and fauna
I'm assuming inside drywall, bathroom tile
Thank you

My husband has a 21 ft nitro boat 67 GTX slowly rebuilding...
My husband has a 21 ft nitro boat 67 GTX slowly rebuilding and working on would like 2 -3 roll up doors and on walk in we already have a 24×30 concrete pad poured when we bought the house 80 message away from our storage building used as a shop. Need soon for about 400 a month. We pay 302 already for stoage could probably do 500 financed but rather would be 350 or 400 we JUST bought this house and need someone to trust us on finance. We are truck drivers and it woul bring the appraisal of house from 200k to probably 250 or more once we have the wrap around driveway

I am in planning stage of project
I am in planning stage of project. Will be purchasing property within 3 months. Looking for ideal parcel. I have been in construction for 47 years and have built several high end off grid homes. With the price of lumber skyrocketing daily I have decided to go with metal. This will be my retirement home and I will be the General Contractor. Through the years I have dealt with vendors and subs broken promises and missed delivery schedules. Your website is very informative and hope to work with all your employees to meet my needs. I would prefer all information be thru email. Best Regards, Peter Beckering

I am in the process of putting my house on the market...
I am in the process of putting my house on the market this next month then I am buying land and wanting to build a metal shell for my new shop and then once that is done I want to build a metal shell for my new home the shop I want a 40' x 40' x 14' with a 12' x 10' and a 10' x 10' door opening on the front gavel end with the man door also on the front I also want a 4'. X 3' window on the front and each side location to be determined on site. I want 18" enclosed eaves all the way around and a 5/12 pitch on the roof. And the house will be a 40' x 40' x 10' building with a 30' x 10' awning on the front gable for my front porch. I will be supplying all doors and windows for the entire project. I will have 1- 72" wide front double door and 1- 4' wide back door. I want 4- 60" x 96" and 5- 48" x 60" and 3- 36" x 36" widow openings location to be determined on site.

I want 5) 25' bays We are placing the building long...
I want 5) 25' bays We are placing the building long ways so I want 2) 14x14 roll up door openings on each end of the same side of building so I can drive equipment straight thru the building to load and then 2) 3'0 doors included on the other side at each end. Include the 3'0 doors but not the rollup doors. List option for 3" roof insulation only. Also I want the bottom wall trim to be the style that attaches to concrete slab and the wall panels sit on the lip. It will make it easier for us to erect. I have a skytrak and a truck crane so we are going to erect it ourselves. Thanks Allen

There is a demand for private sector alternative education...
There is a demand for private sector alternative education in my area and I have been asked by parents to look into a source-funded project to raise the funds needed to build a school to meet the needs of a non-accredited (non-gov controlled or taxpayer funded) school for homeschoolers and other students desiring a classical education. I became a steel building dealer for Capital Steel in 2009 but my business had to fold due to a rather brutal housing market crash in my area. We successfully designed and built one building but there was no work after that project was completed. I was the designer, dealer, and builder of that project so I can assemble a crew to build this building locally if I can find a good steel company to work with to get me good materials at a reasonable cost. This project will be funded via GoFundMe Fundraising and other means to avoid mortgaging the structure. The sooner we have an approximate project estimate, the sooner we can assemble our total cost, then start our campaign to fund this project. I would like to add that the dimensions requested do not fully describe the complexity of my design and the general cost estimate should consider three open span areas (gym/PE/Theatre areas in the lower level with floor/ceiling reinforcements with classrooms on the upper floor. So it is a 2-level interior. I can provide CAD if you can provide a structural engineer stamp. We can finish the interior steel stud framing, etc.

We're considering building a quonset home on relatively...
We're considering building a quonset home on relatively undeveloped land. We're looking for options and rough estimates on what a project like this would entail. We are pre-approved for a VA loan, but we'd need a contractor that could help us get a construction loan, and put up the home so that we can get the final financing. Any rough order of magnitude guesstimates on pouring slabs, plumbing, HVAC, electric, interior finishing etc would be great. We want a high wall so that we can have an unfinished attic where we can expand, and part of the structure would be an attached two-car garage.

Bible Baptist Church has 8.3 acres of undeveloped vacant...
Bible Baptist Church has 8.3 acres of undeveloped vacant property on Palm Drive a few hundred yards from water and power. The property has about 300 feet frontage on Palm drive on the west side about a. 04 miles south of Dillion Rd in Desert Hot Springs. We are interested in building a 10,000 sq. Ft. Building with a 300 seat auditorium (sanctuary), 2 office rooms, about 6 class rooms, kitchen and fellowship hall, and bathrooms. We are interested in building designs, floor plans, programs General Steel has posted on your web site.

Off-water lakeside home near Smith Mountain Lake, VA...
Off-water lakeside home near Smith Mountain Lake, VA within 5Ac wood lot. Prefer twin master suites at each end with center section containing great room / dining / additional (2) study/bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms. Access to existing/available examples of Exterior siding (faux shingle, faux wood log/strapping) and Roof treatments would be helpful.

Inquiry part of investigation & comparison of pre-manufactured, modular, wood vs metal frame designs & costs in current environment.

Homeowner "Stereotype" = Retired FoMoCo Engineering & Purchasing Mgr

I am planning a move out to Alamosa, CO to start a...
I am planning a move out to Alamosa, CO to start a homestead/farm with my family, wife, son, and daughter. Iam looking for an cost efficient way to get a quick settlement to move into that is structurally sound above code for area. While we build our dream home at our convenience. I would like to see a breakdown of pricing even at a mean estimation of $/ft2 + additions. Before asking for a quote. Overall great info on hidden costs to look for and specs of buildings. Fairly easy navigation of web page is a plus as well.
- Future Home Owner

Hello, I'm working with our city (and schools, and...
Hello, I'm working with our city (and schools, and private sports organizations) to build and indoor sports complex. The current idea/plan is to have it mostly for baseball and softball, however, we are gaining interest from other sports/groups, so some multi use may be in order. We would like to be able to have a full size (MLB/High school) infield. Our Largest A) idea would be about 17,050 sq ft (modeled after "Premier Sports in Weston WI, I have the layout drawing), and our smallest would be for several batting lanes big enough to accommodate 60'6" mound to plate. We were thinking about 60X80 ish... If possible, we would like a B) Plan Quote, that would be in the middle of these two, but still be able to have a full infield in, then maybe drop the cages down from the ceiling (maybe about 100X100ish?). Still have the infield, but maybe not all the bells and whistles. Could you provide us with quotes? Please let me know if you need anything else from me. I'm hoping to bring proposals to the city and organizations in the near future. Thanks much.

I own a rebar tying business
I own a rebar tying business. We need a multi use facility which can incorporate a small office, work area to weld and tie drilled shaft cages (will need as wide of an overhead door as is available... thinking 18-20' wide), and since we are a construction company whose budget is sometimes tight, an area to work on our own equipment. I am going joint venture with another gentleman who is a mechanic, so half of the building will be used for automobile service. It will need height to accomodate a lift, a couple 12' overhead doors, etc. Thinking ahead, I would like all overhead doors 14' high to accomodate rvs and semi trucks in the case rental of one or both parts comes to fruition. I would like at least 1800 square feet for myself and 1500 square foot for the mechanic side of the building. My portion of the building will need an overhead door placed on the left end (facing the front from the outside) that has an overhead door which will exit into a chain link fenced area. Your help and recommendations is appreciated. I will need a 40lb snow load and 115 mph wind rating for meade County building code in SD.

1-3 Flex business condominium buildings, approximately...
1-3 Flex business condominium buildings, approximately 5000 sq ft (total) each building. >5000 sq ft, to prevent sprinklers being mandated. Each building with 2 or 3 units and each unit to have 1 or 2 offices, bathroom, and remainder to be warehouse/workshop. Must have superior insulation as winters are cold and summers can be hot. These are located in a commercial condominium project consisting of 16 lots. 13 buildings have been constructed and there are 3 lots left that I own. Each unit within the building will have a man door and a 12' x 12' or 14' roll up door. The new buildings must be designed similar to the existing buildings on the exterior.

Complicated to see what kind of large Steel-build home...
Complicated to see what kind of large Steel-build home we could create. Seems all roads lead to email and phone. I can get further in the process with other companies.

Would like to see, pick base, pick extras, look at options, then talk about 1:12 pitch, etc., (which is something you are going to go over when a conversation happens anyway. So, why make people pick all of those details beforehand?)

Just telling you like it is from a stupid-user perspective.

The website is too complicated early on. That's great detail for later, but not something that should be up front. You will scare customers to go elsewhere.

Looking to put a barn on my 8acs how ever the style...
Looking to put a barn on my 8acs how ever the style and size needs to be a particular design that I know will function the way I intend it to be used. Your barn style is real close to the style I am looking to erect. Lets talk about the design and the property is in a snooty area and permits are some times a problem. Have arcs and Engineers to address concerns the $#*! heads always wont more details about. At this point I am pricing things out so I can start planning my schedule. Thanks Chris

Used Car Salesman
Talk about unprofessional. This guy calls, doesn't introduce himself except General Buildings, starts rattling on about stock sizes and such when I finally stopped him and asked for a price on the particular building I requested. He goes on and on about their Fall Sales and Stock buildings without any details I asked for. Why did I waste my time filling out details on line of what I was looking for? He hadn't even taken the time to figure a price and when he threw out some insanely high number and I told him I had other offers for less. He asked who, I told him and he immediately starts trashing those other companies, saying someone will always be cheaper and that one company sold only tubular frame buildings (like carports) and I admit, I got upset. Especially when the only thing he could promote for his company was to tear someone elses's product apart. I used (1) one expletitive when I explained I knew the difference between a carport and a steel building.
If one looked up "Used Car Salesman" in the dictionary, his picture would be there. Just came off very pushy, evaded the direct issue and when confronted with someone elses product, his first response was not to compare his products talking points but to trash and criticize the competitors products. Sorry I hurt his feelings!

Many competitors offer a rough price estimate at a...
Many competitors offer a rough price estimate at a glance for standard building sizes.
When entering info for custom estimates, your system neglects to offer special requests/ notes. I just filled out 2 requests, sadly neither will be accurate until I'm contacted and can then ask your team to start all offer again on the quotes process. I mean, I'm contacting numerous competitors, so it really only hits your business when General Steel get the quotes up faster when they don't have to redo half the work. Just a thought.

I am an Architect in the Atlanta area
I am an Architect in the Atlanta area. I have three Daycare buildings and one Community HUB in the Maxton/St; Pauls/Laurinburg/Red Springs, North Carolina areas that we are looking to have constructed using a PEMB system. We are currently in the Design Development phase and are looking for a suitable PEMB manufacturer. All four buildings are planned to be constructed simultaneously starting in the first quarter next year (2021). Three of the four buildings are approximately 8,500 sf. And the last building is approx 12,000 sf.

Here's my story
Here's my story. My wife and 6 kids (5 girls and 1 boy) and I are trying to start a church plant in the town of Las Animas, CO. We've moved from Louisville, KY in order to do so. A church in La Junta is allowing us to live in their parsonage until we have a home in Las Animas. In order to be a pastor that connects with the community, we want to live inside Las Animas city limits. We want to be able to build relationships and community. There are no houses inside Las Animas for sale that can accommodate a family of 8. Our realtor is also looking for a couple vacant lots together that we can look at purchasing. If we build a barndomenium, we'd like about 2500-3000 livable sq ft, 4-5 beds, and at least 2 bath, and not interested in having our cars parked inside. We're just in the beginning stages of deciding what we want to do. But I'd love to talk with you about possibilities.

I'm looking to have a garage/pole building/ steel structure,...
I'm looking to have a garage/pole building/ steel structure, however I'm not looking to purchase just a package. I want to have this done start to finish with any permits needed to be taken care of and have a concrete floor completed job. I shopped local to my area and the companies want me to pull any permits, have leveling and concrete work done and electrical along with any permits needed. I have built 2 garages before on other properties but I want this built without any stress on my part. Price it up and email me along with adding for a 10' wide door and 36" entry door.

I am needing a shop to work on Dump trucks and tractor...
I am needing a shop to work on Dump trucks and tractor trailers. I need on one end of the building the last 20ft section of the building to have a wall on the inside to section off the last bay and I need a wall on the inside of the first 20ft section for offices with a door going outside from the front of building in the first office and 1 interior door on the inside of the office part going into shop at 25 ft. Then another wall separating the first 2 offices at 30 ft. Then a door for the second office at 15 ft. Then another wall separating the second and third office at 20 ft. Then another door for the third office at 5 ft also will need a interior door on the last 20 ft section that has the wall separating the last from the shop, Will need a outside door on the front going into shop and one on the last 20 ft section so a total of 3 outside doors and one back door. Will need automatic roll up doors 12 ft x 14 ft with a chain backup. Total roll up doors 4. Will need the concrete to extend 10 ft out the front of building all the way across. Will need a 6 ft x 6 ft pad outside the back door. I need one double window insulated in the middle of the outside wall in the first and second office and one looking out the front of building from the first office. I will need 3 floor drains in the shop area and 4 in the last 20 ft closed off area for it is going to be a wash bay and will also need a back door with a 6 ft x 6 ft pad outside of the back door also. Roll up doors will need windows in them to see out. The concrete will need to be strong enough for a heavy duty truck lift for working on these huge trucks. Thank you! I have a rough copy drawn out if it would help you but I need a fax number or talk to someone about this building so we all get on the same page. Thank you I look forward to your call! *******779.

I have the blueprints for a steel building that I live...
I have the blueprints for a steel building that I live in now that I had built in 1994. It is a horse barn with an apartment that is 60 by 36 with 10 foot walls. I was not sure I chose the correct pitch in your questionnaire. Perhaps when we talk, you can help me figure out what my roof pitch is. I am modifying my next barn with a few different things like 2 fewer stalls and one more bedroom in the living quarters. There is also a breezeway under the same roof that will separate the living quarters from the stalls. I will be building this in the horse country around Gainesville FL. Please call me on my land line *******158 to discuss the project. My budget for the building is within scope and budget of less than $85,000 which will include installation of the 4 12 x 12 stalls, and the 700 square foot apartment. Last project I had to hire the subcontractor to build the apartment. The barn contractor was able to install the stalls. I subcontracted the plumber, electrician, excavator and concrete slab contractor. I hope to have the land purchased in May of 2021 to start this project in June-July and be done with it in September or October. Thanks! Elsa

I have a property that i would like to build a cabin/home...
I have a property that i would like to build a cabin/home on.

The key issue is this location has a very short period to build anything. At 10,780 feet you can usually drive into it in June (after the snow melts), July and August. It should be water tight by September since it can snow a lot up there in October. Every 25 to 40 years or so the locals have told me General Steel get an early and heavy snow in September which keeps them out. So ideally you want it buttoned up and weather tight in August. We get lightning up there too so we will need to ground the roof/structure. No one will inspect this since the New Mexico inspectors would need to go through Colorado. The inspectors will not go there. I will need pictures on a daily basis to show progress and document construction.

I will pay cash and need no financing. Do I have a budget no. Whenever I build I go with what makes sense. Since this is seasonal, I am not going to make this a trophy home. I want something to keep us warm and safe and economical. You can add the cost of septic, or I can sub to several people up there. I will add a cistern to take the roof rain water and store it. You can bid that too, or I have a guy that specializes in that up there. I have a spring near there which I will develop.

My wife and I are thinking of a diy home with the idea...
My wife and I are thinking of a diy home with the idea of having a steel building done first and then us to finish the interior over time. We aren't exactly sure yet, due to how things are done and how the financial aspects will work. Our idea is a 40x40 building with 2 stories and add porches later or to do a 40x60 with second story loft area's on both ends with steel catwalk connecting the 2 lofts. Just shopping prices before we search for financing. Thank you for any hep. Greatly appreciated

Excellent Business! Highly Recommend
I worked with Josh Schaefer initially when I called. I was just getting quotes in order for me to build storage units. Josh was excellent to work with. I called multiple times with several questions as I was going through the process figuring out everything with my business venture. I ordered 11,000 sq. Ft. Worth of building. Josh gave me a great price to sq. Ft. For me to figure my numbers on to determine how much of a building I could buy with the funds I had available. His estimates were accurate for when it came time to purchase. After the down payment I've been worked with closely along the way by the rest of the team who has been quick to follow-up and be there as I've had questions. Jonah Goldman was the next person I was passed to for the construction phase of the project and he's been excellent! Everyone I've worked with has been so great. I've already recommended them to several family and friends of mine. I would highly recommend them to anyone else. General Steel fabricate high quality steel buildings throughout the whole United States.

We want to build a barndominium in Rio Verde, AZ
We want to build a barndominium in Rio Verde, AZ. There is nothing on the land yet. Can you please refer me to someone who can build a steel frame 40x50 or 40x 60 home/shop/studio space. We want to make it a 1 bed room 2 bathroom with a large shop studio/ guest room that we will complete interior. We need plumbing, foundation, windows, insulation, and the steel structure. So we need to work with someone to plan where the windows throughout structure will go. We have a very loose floor plan that we have designed.
Thank you,

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Description: General Steel specializes in the custom design and delivery of metal buildings to individuals, churches, organizations and business owners. We also offer pre-construction services including a wide variety of solutions for every phase of the construction process.

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