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All about the LACK OF Customer Service
I purchased brand new G. E. Washer & Dryer from Tasco Appliances. I have purchased from Tasco in the past with other appliances with no issues.
My new G. E. washer is another story altogether. We received the machines and hooked them up. I put on a load and the machine had a hole in the bottom hose (a manufacturing defect) and flooded my laundry room and basement. We called G. E. and requested a replacement machine. Almost 2 weeks later & a $30 trip to the laundromat, I still do not have a working washing machine. We've sent pictures, as per their request, of the defective part and a technician was sent to fix it(no new machine was offered) and he showed up with the wrong part. GE Appliances didn't even bother to look at the pictures! The technician stated that they should have replaced the defective machine not try to fix it. He then informed us (after making a phone call) that it will be another 2 - 5 business days for him to come back with the right part. THIS IS SO UNACCEPTABLE & VERY FRUSTRATING. Customer service IS SEVERELY lacking as we had to reach out for over a week to get any action going. Not once did G. E. reach out to us. It is such a shame when you spend over $1600 for new and receive nothing but problems in return. I really am thinking of just returning this washer and demanding my $$ back. I am one fed-up customer!

Don't Buy GE!
Without knowing (but how could I find out in advance?) the GE 30" Free-Standing Electric Range has no count-down display for preheating. The online manual is no help whatsoever and there is nothing to indicate this problem on the range until one buys it, installs it, and turns it on. So how can one determine the amount of minutes/seconds it will take to preheat the oven at a particular temperature? I have never had an oven that did not have a count-down display for preheating. It is sometimes very inconvenient not to know what the lapse of time is before placing a dish in the oven. Sometimes a particular dish (such as a soufflé) must be placed in the oven at the optimum time for the dish to be successful, wherein delaying or extending preparation will have a negative effect. Sometimes guests or members of the household need this information. There ought to be a helpful chart available for customers who purchased this oven without being informed about its preheating problems. When discussing this with a CSR, I was told that GE Appliances couldn't add such a feature due to individual variations in consumer use: such things as number of racks, humidity in the room, temperature in the room, temperature of the dish to be cooked, and so on. I was told to make up my own chart. In the process of doing their work for them, I discovered that all preheat times are about 30% longer than those of any other oven I have owned. Poor manufacturing and design decisions. I would never have purchased this product had I been informed of this unnecessary omission. I wonder what else will materialize and suggest that you purchase from a different manufacturer. If you look briefly, you will see that GE is not favored very highly.

GE down hill
My wife and I bought 5 kitchen GE Profile appliances almost 2 years ago. Very unhappy! Day one the frig was delivered the blue shipping plastic will not come off. The plastic was put on the door panels and then the handles were installed and the doors assy over the top of plastic. Plastic would not pull out from under the handles or out the areas were it was assembled together. Looks like crap! At 11 months the door on the ice dispenser stopped working so we called GE for repair of the door and the plastic. GE contracted a vendor for the repair and the tech was good but the company was horrible. Tech said he could not fix the plastic because it was "cosmetic" even thought it was a manufacturing problem. Broken wire on the door. Not sure how because there is no access to the door motor.
Within a couple months the LED display on the dishwasher stopped showing any text. It will light-up but there is no text. Several months ago the dishwasher started beeping 3 times about every minute with the door closed and the dishwasher not in use. When it is having this problem the dishwasher will not start. When the start button is pushed the dishwasher just beeps. Nothing in manual about 3 beeps and only says "a beep every minute" for the door open reminder. The door is closed and I have done every reset procedure in the manual. GE web no help and I did not see a way to email for help. GE is s...

I purchased my GE gas stove in 2018. After the ignition kept clicking within the first year I submitted a claim to have it repaired since it was still under the manufacturers warranty. This began a two month saga of dealing with the incredible incompetence of GE employees and the first service repairman who came out to fix the stove. I'll begin by saying I found out that the model GE Appliances sold me in 2018 was discontinued years ago! So it sat in a warehouse for years before it was sold to me! The stove is in a rental property three hours from where I live so each attempt to repair involved driving almost 400 miles round trip, tolls, and taking time off from work. After having to take multiple days off from work to meet repairmen three separate times and another day that they didn't bother to cancel the appointment or tell me that the part was back ordered, I finally got them to replace the stove. They sent the wrong parts to me three times and after telling me they had to attempt to repair the stove three times before they would replace it they then changed their story and said they could attempt to repair it an infinite number of times! Only after I told them I was going to write to their CEO and write about their lies on social media did they finally agree to replace the stove!

If I could give this 'ZERO Stars' I would. After 1 month I was already having problems. In the less than 6 months I've owned it, the GE repairman has been out here minimum 4 times and replacement no less than 6 - 8 different parts.
It runs completely by a mother board than you cannot over-ride. If you put clothes in while filling, sensor stops water from filling. If you wait to put clothes in after it fills, than you better stand there and watch it... because once filled, even if you leave lid up, if there's any delay in getting your clothes into machine it automatically starts draining. I cannot tell you how many cups of liquid detergent, scoops of powder and gallons of water have been wasted because of this.
Once I am able to complete a load, the spin cycle never balances. Learned the hard way first time when I was washing were socks and vibration was so aggressive all my detergent flew off top of machine onto floor. The tub bangs so hard against walls my machine actually moves 1 - 2 inches every time. Last time was so bad the front panel actually came lose and is hanging off.
Does not agitate well enough to clean well, so heavy soiled items need to be run through twice. Yet spin cycle is so rough it actually twists my clothes into a tangled mess and on a few occasions ruined some items by tearing or over stretching.
Dryer dries efficiently, but lint trap screen does not fit snug, therefore does not filter lint very well. I clean it after every load and still need to go down into machine past filter to pull out clumps of lint balls that screen did not catch. I could go on, but the more I write the more disappointed I get that I'm stuck with this item.
I own several properties and vacation homes and purchase appliances often throughout year... I will go with Speed Queen on my next Washer & Dryer.
Most upsetting is the best GE could offer was to buy a new one and GE Appliances would discount me. After 6 months they thought it was okay that I just flush the original $1400 down toilet and be grateful to get a 'discount' on another model. :((

Back ordered
We ordered our appliances through Home Depot on December 3rd. We ordered a fridge, range, microwave, and dishwasher (along with 2 other LG products) and placed our delivery date as January 15th (a month and a half LATER). We were told when we ordered that the dishwasher was back ordered until the beginning of January, which was fine because it worked with our planned date. We got called essentially a DAY BEFORE DELIVERY (January 13th at 3:30 pm, so too late in the day to really do anything) to say that our appliances were back ordered until February 4th. In our house, we do not have any appliances because we planned for the delivery date of the 15th, and then to be told it is almost 3 weeks later is RIDICULOUS. Why were we not told earlier? One of the representatives we called stated that it was Home Depot's fault (which it isn't). Another said only the dishwasher was back ordered, another said that three of the appliances were back ordered, and then another said that all four were back ordered. When we asked for a customer service number to call, the last representative gave us THE NUMBER TO HOME DEPOT. We are rightly angry, and without appliances for an additional 3 weeks which we were not planning. The GE representatives also tried to blame LG for stating GE Appliances were the reason that our order was back ordered, but the only LG appliances we ordered are a washer and dryer, which were not mentioned in any of the representatives comments. They said that you can provide compensation for us only AFTER the delivery is completed, but did not tell us what that compensation is for. We are very angry, and after these products are delivered, we will probably never be ordering another GE product again due to the customer service we received.

" Quantity vs Quality"
I purchase a GE French door refrigerator model GFE26JSMAFSS February of 2019. Within the first three months I had experienced some problems with the unit. I contacted GE customer service to set up a service appointment. I was giving a time block of 1-5 on June 12 for the GE service tech to arrive. Unfortunately, the tech did not arrive until after 6 pm. After diagnosing the issue I was advised that four parts were ordered and the parts should be delivered to my home witin a week. After about a week and not receiving the parts I took it upon myself to contact GE customer service. The customer service rep explain to me the reason that I had not received any parts was because one of the parts was on backorder and it did not show that the part would be available until the latter part of July. I had to explain to the customer service rep that that would be way too long considering the major issue that I was having with my unit intermittently shutting off. I was then advise that my concern and issue would be turned over to a consumer relations rep. I did receive a call from the consumer relations rep advising me that GE Appliances did try other avenues to see if they could get the part any sooner and she was unsuccessful and will continue to try to resolve the issue. On July 3rd of 2019 I received a text message from the consumer relations rap advising me that GE was unsuccessful and we're going to replace my unit and that it would take 7 to 10 more business days for me to receive it. The new unit arrived July 10th and during the installation they experienced some minor issues with getting the ice maker to work properly which was one of the issues from the previous unit eventually they did get it to work, but I did afterwards experience some problems and notice some defects to the unit. I have now had to contact customer service again in order to get another service appointment. Unfortunately, I will have to monitor the issue closely until my appointment date which I had to schedule for the week of my vacation to keep missing work again for a third time.

Two bad GE refrigerators
On my 2nd GE refrigerator in 7 months. Worst quality and even worse customer service. Refused to fix my first refrigerator claiming all the issues reported we're normal even after a part was order for which the technician refused to put in only to have the sensors malfunction 6 months later having them agree only then to replace the unit. I went thru agony with that refrigerator for 6 months. The 2nd refrigerator is experiencing over cycling, unusually loud noises that are disruptive to the home additionally can't use the ice maker due to high buzzing noise level when it's left on. Technician said normal when he heard the problem for himself. Said he has to do what he's told to do. Appears to also get stuck in defrost cycle and food in freezer defrosts and freezes again. I have followed up to my case via email several times and even sent photos and no one has responded. I have asked over and over even the first time to have the refrigerator picked up and my money refunded. GE Appliances do not care about their customers or the quality of their products. There is also belief that the constant loud buzzing has now caused me to have inner ear damage. I'm not disappointed, I'm enraged with the lack of professionalism and customer service received from GE. Not only can't I not use features that I preferred when selecting this model, I should NOT have to wait until after the one year manufacturer warranty is up to have a non GE employed technician who knows what they're actually doing repair the refrigerator at a much higher expense. GE should honor their 1 year manufacturer warranty and either fix the refrigerator or refund the customers money if they can't period!

I bought GE water softening system in October 2020 and I would not recommend GE to anyone, a terrible company to deal with. My water softening system kept filling up with water and it flooded my garage and I thought it had shut off so my garage was flooded because of this and I had to shut the bypass valve to stop it from filling up with water and it started up and it stopped working ERR 1. I had to clean up all the water and that was a lot of water and I had to throw stuff out because of this, and it is under warranty and it is still pretty new and I had to call GE customer service and GE Appliances have given me the run around and I told them that I want a technician to come to my house to repair it I get an appointment for the technician to come, the technician (from appliance service technician) to cancel because he tells me that he does not want to waste my time or his to just come look it to see what is wrong with my water softening system he is told me he has to order the parts then when the parts come in he will call me to set up appointment to come fix it. Now it has been a month and he has not called to come repair it. I called to talk to supervisor Cindra from Ge to ask her if they can replace my system with a new one. She tells me no that it is under warranty for repair not to replace it with a new one. I told her that I have not been able to use my water softening system. She tells me that the technician will be able to repair it as soon as the order arrives. What a lousy company who does not care for the customers so terrible customer service I truly will not buy GE appliances or anything from them again! This is terrible I am very upset to be treated like this

PEELING after 6 weeks... but it's in the manual
I'm so mad right now. We got a brand new GE oven the end of February. Since I am a federal employee in Emergency Management I have been deployed for the past 6 weeks. I've probably used the oven 6 times since it's been installed. 3 times I've cooked something that potentially is going to drip int he bottom. My whole life when I do this I put an aluminum liner at the bottom of the oven. A piece of foil that just sits on top. Not tucked in to keep in heat! Just a liner laying there. The entire bottom of this oven is peeling. BRAND NEW oven! Used 6 TIMES! Someone came out to look at it. First GE Appliances said that someone damaged it when they cleaned it. Now besides the peeling you can tell this is an oven that is new and has hardbly been used. Sparkling clean. We told him, we put an aluminum liner in the bottom if we are cooking something that can drip. OH, it is the aluminum that made this happen. The manual (the guiding light to all things that keeps anyone being responsible for anything... if it says it in the manual "there's nothing we can do about it"... or that they WILL do about it.) So the warranty is voided. I've used it once since all of this and continues to peel and peel some more. What kind of POS materials are used to make a brand new applicance that this is even possible... and there's nothing anyone will do about it!? I was told today by a supervisor that things are not made the same as they used to be. So what are you saying... your company makes cheap crap based on the premis that things are not made like they used to be. SHAME on these companies that charge MORE than ever and the quality is LESS than ever. And all they can say to you is, it says in the manual. They even know the page number it says it on. I'm guessing I'm not the first person with this issue... obviously. They had the script down. Shameful. AHHHHH... I'm so pissed. But they'll give a small discount if you want to buy a new one. WHY ON EARTH would I want a new one. For shame. They get one star for answering the phone. #GEappliances #goodthings

False advertisement - Air conditioner/heater
Around August 28th, 2020, I purchased a brand new GE air conditioner/Heater window unit from Lowe's. I spoke with a representative and GE Appliances informed me that this unit blew heat so I was sold. I had a room added onto my house (start date at the beginning of September - end date around the end of October). Once the room was complete, I decided to test the air (which was in November). I noticed that the unit did not blow heat. I checked the settings to make sure I had everything right, I had it set for heat and turned up to 86 degrees, which is the max. I thought I may had been doing something wrong so I called GE appliances, they troubleshooted me through the situation and said I did everything right. There was still no heat... only cold air so she scheduled a technician to come out on last week (around December 16th). The technician looked at the unit and said everything was set right but long story short, the unit wasn't going to blow heat. His exact words were "I don't know why GE continues selling these units because they don't blow heat". I in return said thats called false advertisement. The unit clearly states air conditioner/heat and it goes up 86 degrees so why is it colder when I turn the unit on heat than when its off? The technician also told me that I would have to run the unit for over 24 hours... possibly 2 to 3 days in order for it to be room temperature. Who does that? So I have complained numerous times to GE appliances and the consumer complaints department and nothing. One representative offered me $50 but thats nothing when I have spent over $500 for a unit that only blows air. I wasted money because I could've bought an air conditioner and a fireplace. Now they want to send another technician out in two weeks. The technician isn't going to tell me nothing different than the first one... its just to save the companies reputation. It will be summer before this is resolved and I'm TIRED. I don't like my hard earned money being played with.

Horrific customer service and warranty
This review is completely about GE customer service and warranty, not so much the washer. We purchased a washer from Lowes, GE brand 5 months ago, all of a sudden it completely stopped working. 8 weeks later & the washer still isn't fixed. Part was delayed, then GE just didn't show for the service appt to install when it finally came in. We had to hire someone outside of GE to come in, GE Appliances installed the part that was apparently the issue - nothing fixed. GE said it would be another week before someone would be out to even guess the next solution or part needed. At this point we're without a washer for 2 months (a 5 month old washer at that & still under warranty). We beg for them to just give us a new washer. How much longer can we go without a washer? We desperately turned to Lowes who was out of their 30 day warranty but who graciously had better customer service than GE and they offered to refund us the washer if we bought a new one through them. There was a price difference of $125.05 between the two washers due to a sale at the time we originally bought the first washer, therefor we had to pay out of pocket $125 to get a new washer when it should have been covered and fixed by GE warranty. GE refused our request to refund us the difference and we are just utterly disgusted. 2 months without a washer and a company who didn't owe us a warranty found a solution before the company who we are actually in warranty with, could. Now they refuse to help with the difference in cost? HORRIBLE customer service. Will never buy another GE appliance simply to avoid this issue ever happening again. And would recommend you avoid doing the same. You can't count on them to do anything and certainly not in a timely manner.

The Most Unresponsive Company I have ever seen!
I bought the pair of freezer fridge to the tune of $12,000. After installing I noticed the frame hardware is bowed at the top. Not part of an install, but cam out of the box. I called GE and GE Appliances sent me to the dealer. I went to the dealer to complain and his unit had the same issue! The dealer sent me back to GE. I had an unrelated problem with the fan shroud hitting the fan so they to send a GE tech to come and look at both. The tech said the trim piece at the top of the unit was too large causing it to bow out! It took weeks for the tech to submit pictures adding to the ones I sent. GE has giving me the runaround and I recently got off the phone with someone who should be fired from GE. She basically said if it's not functional, they won't warrantee it. I consider fitting in the cabinet functional, but she did not. She agreed to send out another tech, but made it clear that if he can't fix that's it. They will NEVER take back the unit. I found her attitude unbecoming of what GE used to be! She refused to accept that it was a manufactures defect and said is maybe was a one of! Who cares! I have an issue and they won't make it right. I would run from this company and its products. This is an attitude that must come from the top and they don't care about their customers. When you spend $12,000 on a product you would think you would get some better treatment!

My $1,300 GE refrigerator suddenly stopped dispensing water after only 9 years! I called the company- 1 800 GECARES, and that couldn't be further from the truth! GE does NOT CARE! This pos $95 BILLION Co couldn't care LESS about people! I'm disabled and on a fixed income and GE Appliances tell me my frigerator is only covered for ONE YEAR?!?! And it's $100 to just send someone out to diagnose it, and that's not including parts and labor! So then I thought I would try to troubleshoot it myself, and I figured out on my own, because they were zero help, that you need a bypass plug in order to do this. At it says, "If the plastic bypass plug was not supplied with the refrigerator or has been misplaced, one can be ordered at no charge by calling 1-800-GECARES. In Canada, call *******344". So I tried calling, which it's almost impossible to get a person, & I finally get a "Darius" on the phone and he immediately says that that only applies if you're appliance is less than 1 year old! That's not what they claimed! There was no timeframe stipulation-- that's false advertising! So after being on hold for 10 mins for a manager, someone gets on the phone and hangs up on me! GE has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! And I will never buy another GE product again! And if you're smart you won't either! The world should not be run by money hungry greedy huge conglomerates who don't care about people!

Late, unprepared, ridiculous fees
One star only because that is the lowest I could rate them.

My wife arranged for a GE service technician to repair our washing machine, which was not draining. The the day of the service I received a text message telling me the technician was "on the way", and showed his location to be about 30 minutes away. He showed up an hour-and-a-half later, unaware that he was late and without any phone call or other communication on the matter.

Twice during the service call, the technician asked me for items he needed - first, a bucket so he could drain the washing machine, and then a pair of needle-nosed pliers to clear a piece of clothing from the filter chamber. I was giving some form of assistance during the entire process, which took about 20 minutes.

I was then presented a bill for $233; $99.95 for showing up (late) and $115 for clearing the filter. I told the tech I thought that those charges were excessive, especially so under the circumstances. He gave me a business card with an 800 number, but that number was only for setting up service calls.

When the bill came in the mail, I called the 800 number supposedly for "billing disputes", but the automated menu offered no option for billing disputes without an existing case number, so I selected that option. After being on hold for a while I selected the call-back option, and a customer service rep did call back. From the beginning she said she was a "top-level" rep. This turned out to not be true. She said later that she was not authorized to adjust the charges, which was contradicted by her supervisor when I spoke to her.

What I was told by both the "top-level" rep and her supervisor was that the work was done and the charges would not be adjusted. By way of response to my complaints, GE Appliances said the only thing they would do is pass my complaints along to the service department and that there would be no adjustment to the fees.

So, in a nutshell, GE Appliance Service, by their own admission, departs from industry service standards by NOT crediting the service call fee $99.95) against repair charges. They also feel it is appropriate to charge $115 for 20 minutes worth of work. GE Customer Service does not care how poorly their technicians perform in terms of coming in a timely manner, or actually prepared to do the work necessary. They don't care that their customers are put at an inconvenience and asked to provide tools to the technician. None of this matters to them.

Not that it will make any difference to a huge company like GE, but I will make it a point to warn anyone who will listen to avoid using GE Services, and instead look for someone who actually cares about the customer experience and is willing to do more than pay lip service when a customer is dissatisfied.

Terrible E
Our experience with GE Appliances has been an absolute nightmare. I purchased a GE dishwasher for my in-laws because their old GE died. I purchased the dishwasher for them to relieve them of burden while my father-in-law was in the ICU having just learned that he had stage 4 metastatic cancer. When the new dishwasher was installed, the nightmare began. The dishwasher LEAKED WATER from around the door on day one. For months my in-laws have been subjected to one repair attempt after another to finally be given a replacement offer. Since the model was already not manufactured anymore, the consumer relations associate offered a choice of 3 different dishwashers and "encouraged" me to take as much time as needed to look at the different models and call back on Monday. After speaking with my in-laws and settling on a replacement, I called to inform GE of the decision, only to be told that we needed to pay the UPGRADE COST OF $268. NEVER was I told that ANY of the models given would have ANY COSTS associated with it. I had to call my mother-in-law while she was at her husbands bedside in the hospital to inform her of the costs and give her a choice of different dishwashers. After this experience, I WILL NEVER buy another GE product, and I would suggest others do not as well. The dishwasher is crap and the customer experience has been even WORSE. The amount of time that has been invested in phone calls and meeting the repairman has been over burdensome, and the lack of integrity of the consumer relations department has been stunning. Do yourself a favor and AVOID GE.

Dishwasher Disaster
My experience with your entire company has been the absolute worst. Your website needs major updates and is not user friendly or convenient. Every process you've established during this pandemic has just emboldened your associates and employees to do as little as possible from asking redundant questions, being asinine and rude, and doing everything GE Appliances can to make sure they do not have to respond to a service call. After being forced to answer all the COVID questions on your website, which you can't make an appointment without doing so the homeowner has to sit through being asked ALL the same questions AGAIN in their entirety by your service rep EVEN after they tell them nothing has changed about their answers. Apparently, calling your company is like calling the sickest $#*!ing game show that no one wants to be on. This entire experience has been a $#*!ing nightmare to get your company's product, that was bought less than a year ago and still under warranty repaired! Your products are unreliable and, obviously, so is your company. Between the four appointments made between myself and the building management team and every step of trying to obtain a repair person to fix YOUR product for the last THREE MONTHS it's obvious that there is no benefit to buying GE products. I will be posting the video recording that I obtained from my Ring app of YOUR employee tapping ever so lightly on the screen door in spite of the fact that there is a doorbell right in his face! The doorbell that would ensure the person inside heard that there was someone at the door. On top of ONLY tapping lightly on the outside of the screen door ONCE, your employee made sure to stand outside of view of the peephole so it appeared as if no one was there. Again, your employee making EVERY effort to guarantee no one will answer the door and they wouldn't have to do any work. When they finally- FINALLY actually show up for a job that they're scheduled for, they can't even complete it because they don't have the necessary parts for your product. So I'm now forced to endure continued miserable service and experiences with your organization. The worst! Your company, your employees, customer service reps, your repair men, your products are all the absolute worst! I will never buy a GE product, I will tell everyone I know about this miserable experience and discourage ANYONE I know from EVER buying a GE product.

GE doesn't care about their customers.
Our GE dishwasher is pretty nice when it works. This review also reflects how GE does not stand behind their products, or value their customers or their customer's time.
I purchased and had a new dishwasher installed in October of 2016 and it worked fine until January. Since January we have had a GE repairman out:
Feb. 01, GE Appliances reset it
Feb. 07, they reset it again
Feb. 21, was a no call/no show so I had to call to find out they had not ordered the part yet
Feb. 23, they came out and replaced the main board
Mar. 15, they came out, called an engineer and then left without it being repaired, ordered parts and scheduled another appointment for Mar. 18
Mar. 18, was scheduled to be a morning appointment, received a call at 10:21 AM that the tech was on their way. At 12:30 PM I had to call GE and ask for a manager while they hunted down the tech. Around 1:00 PM they came out and replaced the heater and bolts that hold the heater in place
Mar. 30, scheduled an install of the new dishwasher
I have had to take SIX days off work/or PTO (which I assure you waiting on a repairman is no way to spend a vacation).
GE took the bare minimum steps to remedy the situation as replacing their defective unit. They took no steps to address the fact that they caused me to use PTO or take off from work SIX times (and wasted half of one of my days off) in just two months for the same appliance to be repaired. Of those SIX days one was a no call/no show and another day on a weekend of which I had to call to have their supervisors track down the repair technician. Their only step they took was to offer of an additional year of warranty that I could also purchase myself for $33. I find this repulsive and it shows a complete lack of respect for customers and shows that they don't value a customers time. This also does not take into account that the installation of the new dishwasher is different than the original as in now we cannot reach the control buttons on the top now to start the machine and need to use a utensil to start the machine (see attached photo).
Avoid GE products as they do not appreciate or respect their customers. There are other brands that make Slate colored appliances that deserve your business.

Paid for GE Washer - Spend all my time at Laundry Mat
If i were possible I would give them a -5 star rating!
We bought a GE washer in December of 2018. By March of 2020 is wasn't spinning the water out of the clothes and mold was growing inside between the two drums. After three visits from their repairman he called it quits and ordered us another. Six plus months later the other washer arrived (Oct. 2019). In March 2020 we could smell mold again. In April the machine stopped working in mid cycle. We tried all options - none worked. We had to wring out the laundry by hand! Called for repair; GE Appliances came out took two weeks later. The repairman hooked up his laptop found an error code he'd never seen before, cleared it and was on his way saying it was all fixed. Tried to wash laundry just after he left, but had the exact same problem. Called immediately to be told it would be another two weeks before he could come out. We called him directly. He ordered a new circuit board stating the old one was bad. He was supposed to come out today (10 days after the last appointment) but learned that the company had ordered the wrong part. It will be another two weeks until the right one is in. So, we paid almost $600 for the washer, $199 for the extended warranty, and after 17 months we've had only a few where we could actually use the washer. We have four living in our house. We all work. We need clean clothes so we go to the laundry mat. It costs on an average of $25 each trip. It would be more except we bring the clothes home to dry them... with our fully functioning Kenmore dryer!
I don't know who is writing all the articles that say don't buy Whirlpool their product and customer service is rubbish. I had a whirlpool washer for 16 years and loved it. I'm so sorry I didn't fix it when it broke instead of replacing it with this expensive piece of junk.
Customer service at GE is atrocious! We have made more than a dozen calls and are put on hold on an average of 20 mins. With each Rep who only passes us off to another.
With all the government regulations practically strangling us all, how is it they let these appliance companies "legally" rob us all?

Do NOT purchase this washer GTW680BSJWS
Do NOT purchase this washer

I don't often feel compelled to write customer reviews but given our terrible experience with this washer I needed to share in hopes of preventing someone else from making the same mistake. My husband and I moved into our new build in May 2019 and began using our new washer and dryer. Since day one we have been unhappy with the washer constantly being off balance. There is a reason that washers for years (and still do) have an agitator. GE Appliances help to keep the clothes balanced and get the clothes/sheets/blankets cleaner. Almost every time I do laundry it is off balance and makes so much noise and moves the washer, scraping our new tile and rubbing against the dryer. 9 out of 10 times I have to pause the load and rebalance it myself. When washing blankets it never spins out to a point where it can be put in the washer and there is not just a spin function. If you do select spin it continues to add water to that load with the spin which the exact thing we don't need is more water. We have an 8 month old baby and I can't do laundry on the weekends when he is napping because the noise the washer makes when it is off balance wakes him up. Our washer is on a flat surface and we do not overload it. I always take care when washing blankets and towels to make sure it is as balanced as possible. I will be reaching out to GE to find out if we are within a return window. Do yourself a favor and do not go with this model it will not serve you well. And life is hard enough, so don't spend money on a washer that requires constant attention during each cycle.

Poor quality and poor service
Allow me to describe our experience with a GE appliance. We purchased a GE dishwasher from Home Depot on 12/19/19, receipt attached for reference. On 12/19/20, the machine took a dive and we called in for a warranty service, which did not take place until 12/28/20. Nine days later, if you're counting. The tech arrived on the 28th and spent no more than 5 minutes looking at the machine before declaring we had a plumbing issue and left as quickly as possible. Needless to say, the machine was still not repaired and was still leaking from the bottom. Mind you, this was no small amount of water, either. We called again to complain and were told the soonest a tech would be back to do a repair would be 1/7. Eight more days with a broken machine. The day arrives and I get a call from the tech, immediately I inform him he will be required to run and fully test the machine before leaving. Without missing a breath, he says "can't do that, not enough time." I complain loudly about what happened before as well as how many hours I've already spent trying to get someone to provide service. He hangs up, calls me back a 1/2 hour later to tell me he called CR. Cancels the repair appointment and tells me CR will call me back later that day to provide a resolution. Did GE Appliances call? No. Not the day after either. Did I mention I've spent hours with this BS already? What kind of operation is this? Frankly, based on my experience, I'm surprised they have any customers left. Believe me, I've had enough and I'm headed for the door with this experience. I give GE a poor grade on everything, customer service, repairs, response times, communication, willingness to go the extra step, etc, etc. I'm giving serious thought to sending this machine to their offices wrapped with this email so everyone who views it knows what the package is about.

Bad quality and worse repair experience
GE Appliances - Bad quality plus bad service is a loose - loose scenario.

A 5 yera's old GE Profile induction range (PH925STSS) failed. (Error code F640).
Contacted GE Appliances for service. (Their repair technician, not a 3rd party) arrived on 2/27/18. Issue was diagnosed as a failed power supply circuit board.
Service technician was completely sure that was the problem.
Agreed to wait 10 days and order the part (GE Appliances will not ship in less than 10 days).
Part costs $1,006.20 + TAX. Paid $118,95 for diagnostics and agreed to wait.
Two technicians (Both GE appliances employees) arrived on 3/9/18. GE Appliances replace the newly ordered model and the failure persisted (Same F640 Erol code).
After consulting with remote support guru (Who told them that error code F640) I'd not valid (?) they advised me that they need to replace another control module (?!). Wait time: another 10 days.
Told repair technicians that if they can repair within 2 to 3 days I will accept. They explained that GE Appliances cannot ship parts in less than 10 days).
So, told them they are done.
Called GE Appliances service and complained (Asked for refunding what I've paid). Support person at GE appliance explained to me that there will be no refund issued since the diagnostics was valid at the time it was made (?!).
Stay away from GE Appliances. Equipment failure is expected. Repair technicians who cannot repair the equipment and customer service who blames the customer is not acceptable.

In February we bought the gas range JGB00SEJSS (816$). Before buying we studied the review of buyers. Reviews were good because people wrote them right after purchase, but not after several months operation. In our range the oven badly works: does not hold the established temperature, long time preheat, convection badly works. The problem with oven door. The gap on the left side (1 inch) is two times larger than the right. We called the service technician. He told that it is necessary to change the oven door, but it is unavailable, and we need to wait for three weeks, and then to call him again. He will only change a door, and on the rest call other technician.
Passed more than 3 weeks, but we did not receive the door. We sent e-mail, but were not answered. We called. We were transferred from one to another (looked, as playing soccer where we were a ball)
As a result, it turned out that nobody ordered a door of an oven and we still waiting for completed fix.
Last year we bought the wall conditioner on GE 12000 btu, two times to us brought also both times with damage. How it will work - we do not know since so far replaced - the summer ended.
I do not know what happened to GE appliance, but GE Appliances are not the same quality as were before. My advice: never by from GE

Worst customer service - Best not to buy GE!
Purchased model home with all GE appliance so all warranties were no longer valid. Water from fridge stopped working and had GE service tech come out on Aug 5 who ordered parts that were back ordered, but not too long. Came back out on Aug 27 and still didn't work. Ordered two more parts that were on back order even though he told me that he believed that would not fix the problem. I asked him why order the parts if he didn't think it would work. He said just to rule it out. I called GE mid Sept and said the parts would be in the warehouse on Oct 5 and would ship to use after that date. I called GE on Oct 13 and said I still have not received the parts and the first person said the parts are no longer on back order and in the warehouse waiting for the label to be printed. I asked to speak to someone else and she just gave me to a different agent who told me the parts were still on back order and didn't know when GE Appliances would be in to the warehouse. She said she could leave a message with dispatch but could not give me their number, but ultimately did not give them my message as I have yet to hear from them. She said I should speak with Consumer Relations and gave me their number. I called the next day on Oct 14 to find out you can't speak with anyone unless you have a case number. Sooooo, I called customer service again to find out that the parts were on back order and "expected" to be in the warehouse on Oct 19, but that was not certain and could change. I told her about Consumer Relations and she said the ONLY way to get a case number was to be forwarded by customer service... well... I've been on hold now for 40 minutes and counting at this point. If I hang up, no case number. I could be on hold for hours...
If anyone from GE would like to contact me, feel free to reach out at *******

Anti-Customer Service
The worst decision I've made this year was to buy a GE refrigerator. I spent over 3K on a top of the line refrigerator that broke within the first month. It took weeks to get anyone to look at it, longer to get GE to agree to replace it, as it was a lemon, and it still hasn't been replaced. Five (5) weeks and counting without a refrigerator. Everyone along the way is sorry, sorry the wait on the phone for customer service is 3 to 4 hours long, sorry your refrigerator broke, sorry we can't get anyone to look at your broken appliance for 2 weeks, sorry we can't it replaced for two more weeks... When it was finally agreed to replace the lemon I was told the third party delivery, Forward Final Mile, would contact me, and should get it to me in a week. Forward did not contact me, I contacted them, it was more like 2 weeks then today, when it was supposed to be delivered, I was told GE Appliances couldn't deliver because of police in my town not letting them stop. Forward Final Mile didn't knock on the door or call from the truck and really, you can't deliver to my house, how did the first refrigerator get delivered? By the way when I looked up Forward Final Mile I found they have an F rating with the BBB. Of course GE hires the F rated company then tells me they have no control over their third party vendors. This whole farce has gone on for far too long.

Worst products
We purchased brand new GE Appliances October 2017. Did not take out extended warranty as l thought with new appliances, l wouldn't need. BIG MISTAKE. Our dishwasher broke down within a few months. Had it serviced, and broke down again. Replaced dishwasher, only to have to replace a 2nd time.
Outside by side fridge freezes up, and my husband has to unplug, let it sit for a few hours, and I starts again.
My washer had issues one month after purchasing. It just stops won't do anything. Let it sit and let it think it's going through a cycle and eventually it starts back up. Been doing this since day 1. Then this past week it just decides to work. Of course all of my warranties are finished. Had a local service company come out, and it's the computer system and the lock mechanisms. Apparently, he has replaced a lot of these computers in this machine. I called GE today and told the guy how disappointed we are with all machines. Told him, our old machines were over 20 yrs old and still being used by a relative. Of course, l get one explanation after another. Told the guy how disappointed l was with the appliances and the lack of empathy for consumers. I told him, as Seniors We don't have extra monies to repair these substandard machines.
It's so sad, that after 20 yrs and a new home, We decide to put out the monies for 5 new appliances, only to get garbage.

Don't waste your hard earned money!
Don't waste your time with GE appliances. I bought an expensive GE dishwasher with steam, disposal and etc. It lasted 2 1/2 years then developed a major leak that that went through the floor and into my basement. It was out of warranty, of course, so I bought another one that wasn't nearly as expensive because quiet frankly, I couldn't afford anything better. This one didn't last a year and still has warranty. GE Appliances scheduled a tech to come out 2 weeks later for the 19th and the tech said it was a manufacturers defect that damaged the motor and timer. Of course he didn't have the parts for this 'common' problem so he ordered them and had them delivered to my address and rescheduled for the 1st. Another 2 weeks. They sent a different tech this time that managed to make the problem worse. He damaged the timer knob apparently with a pair of pliers not to mention the knob sticks way out of place now. He also managed to screw up the latch so the door won't stay closed. He also damaged the inside of the door apparently with a screwdriver trying to remove a vent. He also managed mess up the detergent dispenser door so that it won't shut. Now the dishwasher won't get the top rack wet and won't heat the water. Now the dishwasher looks and acts like something I bought at a garage sale. I have lost 2 days work that is more money than I paid for the dishwasher and now have to wait until the 17th for another technician to show up and I guarantee you all these issues won't be taken care of. GE appliances and their repair service is the absolute worst service experience I have ever had. So much for buying American unfortunately.

Very bad quality
We bought a fridge and stove and dishwasher in august 2019. Since then we had a technician over to check, replacw, fix the fridge at least 4-5 times. Still problems. One drawer broke after a couple of months. The technician checked thoroughly the fridge and discovered fissures hidden in the back, repaired cables behind the drawers, broken parts in the door. His conclusion: we were sold a demo! We contacted GE, GE Appliances informed us that they will never ever change completely the fridge, but they can change it piece by piece! Since then a drawer was replaced, and a whole door! After a shile the fridge starts producing a noise like a plane is landing in my kitchen! Out of the sudden, from time to time, it can last a few good minutes. And we wait to see if the fridge will burst out! Then after a while we had a very unpleasant odour, coming out from under and from the top of the fridge. It stinks! At the point that it gives nausea. Multiple complaints. Plus from time to time we find the food frozen in the fridge. But noone touched the temperature button.
So we had again a technician in june 2021. He said he would come back to fix smth. Maybe even to replace the engine. So we wait. No one comes. We call back on 12yh of October. They say our file is closed! Cause nothing wrong was found in June during the inspection. I call GE. They say my complaint will be forwarded to a superviser. It can take 2 to 6 weeks for someone to call me back!... amd i paid more then double the price of an advanced model of LG. Furthermore the glass from the stove broke one night in million pieces. I was told that it is normal. It happens! As I have no more warranty i have to buy it myself. Conclusion: DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND! Go for an LG. And buy an extra warranty!

Over-the-Range Microwave PVM9215SKSS burst into flames and GE couldnt replace it!
I must confess to being Not particularly impressed when it burst into flames

Computer circuit board started emitting a dreadful smell, curiously enough, from the area directly NEXT TO where what look like the fuses are, - and then burst into flames on this unit which replaced another GE OTR microwave which did actually work. I had got the new one because my present one, in turn, started flashing inside the cooking area, (through, I assume, general wear exposing interior metalwork)

If we could get through, Customer Service were generally helpful in trying to SELL us a replacement, except that GE Appliances couldn't actually produce a replacement. So they did offer to sell us an even more expensive replacement, which was, I suppose, quite kind of them. (If they could produce that one at twice the price we paid!)

On the not impressed side: There doesn't seem to be any complaints department I can call and lodge a formal complaint about
(1) no one assisting me,
(2) no one coming to the phone,
(3) GE putting customers on (what was, - obviously -) indefinite hold when customers do call,
(4) GE playing continuous annoying messages trying to get rid of pesky consumers; and
(5) no one calling back if any of those pesky consumers do try to get a response?

Has Haier fired most of the formerly excellent GE support staff?

I also think that if inferior circuitry or bad design has caused something to burst into flames, they might consider designing it so that the burning would be accessable to a fire extinguisher and not hidden inside the unit?

On the upside, Customer Service did say "I do understand your frustration." which definitely made me feel a whole lot better about the fire, being put on indefinite hold numerous times and not having had a microwave for over two months

Is it inferior circuitry or bad design which made it burst into flames? I am unimpressed by GE's inability to replace, even after we were stupid enough to pay for a replacement!

GE used to be a great company. Have they been taken over by someone trying to destroy their reputation?

You will get angry and frustrated if you need to deal with their customer support / relationships
I will give zero star but this site won't let me.
I don't recommend any GE products. Their service will torture you and take more money from you.
I bought GE washer/dryer but washer did not start. GE Appliances tried to replace a chip but they found chip was back ordered about 2 months after they said it would be shipped for 2 weeks. So GE decided to replace the unit. The unit arrived but any person GE sent could not install the unit. This process was repeated for 5 times. GE tried another vendor to install but they were booked so they could not come out. GE finally told me to get a local installer and they would reimburse the cost. They could finally installed. I could wash for the first after 2 moths of calling/waiting/frustrations. I got a check from GE reimbursement, $150. I submitted the invoice received from the local installer which was $294. GE said they told they would reimburse up to $150, which I was never be aware nor confirmed. A manager of customer relationships, Tiera said she listens to the recording so this is the end of discussion. I am asking for higher manager but she said she is the highest possible. I spent more than $1000, the product was bad, and GE made me spend more. This is absolutely the worst dealing with any manufacturers, customer services through my life. They don't care how long, how much their customer is suffered or if the customer feels tricked, or anything. I totally NOT recommend anyone go through this.

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