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Bait & Switch Scam, Possibly Scamola
Offer of $156 for my factory unlocked Galaxy S9+. Phone was placed in a Lifeproof Fre case when I got it and never removed. It was even sent to Gazelle in that case. The offer was adjusted down to $12 due to "too many scratches" and "dark areas on the screen". Both as real as the love child of Big Foot and The Tooth Fairy. Would absolutely stay away from this company. 100% scam. Look at their ratings for proof.

Gazelle get your device fast but to process it check it in and even look at your device plus getting a offer you're looking at a 3 week wait. If you need money fats for your device this isn't the place.

I used to love this site but it has gone downhill!
Not what it used to be, Gazelle now make up reasons to not pay you the quoted amount. I will be reverting back to trading my phone into the carrier going forward.

Classic bait and switch with iPad pro
I decided to go with Gazelle after CNET gave them a good rating. Gazelle initially gave me a fair price for my iPad Pro. This iPad was always 100% covered and had a tempered glass screen cover too. When gazelle received it, they said "too many scratches for our price" and dropped the price by more than 50%. I tried calling them twice (on hold for over an hour) and emailed them 3 times to ask about this policy. Nothing, nada, no response. So I asked for my iPad back. When I got it, I asked 2 independent stores and they could not find any scratches on it. Classic bait and switch. Poor customer service Gazelle. I went with Declutter. They got my ipad and the next day deposited the monies into my account. And it was for 100% of the amount that they initially gave me prior to shipping.

Cater To Thieves
I was robbed, my phone stolen while on a train in Atlanta. I tracked the iphone and it was "sold" inside one of these machines at a Kroger Grocery store. I reached out to them online to make them aware of the theft. I was told that Gazelle could look for the phone, if I gave them the machine number that it was sold to and IMEI number on the phone. I gave them the address of the store and they "don't know what machine is there". Really? Which meant me taking a trip 45 minutes into a somewhat bad area of town to look at their machine and determine the machine number. I am then told that I have to provide a police report, which the police were of no help to me. Since the phone is not worth over $1k and there was no injury they basically wouldn't take a report. So now I am out my phone, even though I know where it is. I have the information about the phone and I can track the phone to their machine. Basically they are inciting thieves to steel people's cell phones for a little extra cash. They thief can then take them to their machines all over the city and sell them for instant cash. They pay the thief pennies on the dollar and then resell the phone for a profit either back to Apple or another company so they can refurbish them and sell them to the next customer. This company acts like their hands are clean when they know EXACTLY where most of these phones are coming from. They count on the fact that the police won't file a report and that they can cash in on the stolen merchandise.

They switched my phone!
My phone was a Verizon locked immaculate phone when I mailed it in. Gazelle said they received a scratched unlocked phone and drastically reduced my offer. Now I have to hunt down the serial number to prove they switched my phone and sent me back a POS! Don't trust them.

They stole my phone basically
Gazelle stole my phone basically. I had an iPhone 8 Plus and sent it in to sell. It had never been out of the case since originally purchasing it. They had quoted $220 for it. When they received they changed the quote to $88 saying there were scratches on the phone and that the phone was actually not an iphone 8 plus. I asked for it back and they shipped a phone that was not mine back. I had taken photos before I shipped it in and the phone given was not the same. So... essentially they just stole my nice perfect phone and gave me something else back.

Wish I had read reviews
One excuse after another for not paying for my used iPhone7.1st: Gazelle needed to supply IMEi number so deactivate the ESN (so far, ok. Next: they claim the phone has an outstanding balance and want me to provide PROOF it is paid off. (phone was paid off two year ago). Finally: they say the phone has many scratches (there were none on this phone when sent!). They are obviously making up obstacles. I have requested they return my phone to me -- I hope they actually send MY phone. This company has some fraudulent practices. To contact by phone (which they request) require about an hour of wait time on hold.

The very worst
For the first time in my life - i decided to sell my old mac - I sent it to them via FED EX - THEIR LABEL - Gazelle DID NOT RECEIVE - NOW THEY ARE BLAMING ME - WOULD NOT TRUST - DO NOT USE - ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED - UNTRUSTWORTHY

Don't buy an iPhone from Gazelle
I bought an excellent used iPhone 13 from gazelle. It froze/stopped working 2 days after i got it. I returned the phone and got my money back. Even though the iPhone 13 directly from apple is more expensive, i am willing to pay more money for better quality.
I no longer trust gazelle, and i am very disappointed. The phone (at least from the outside) looked brand new, and had no scratches or scuffs. I will be taking my business directly to apple from now on.

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Description: Buy and Sell your used cell phones and electronics. Sell your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad and more for cash, or buy used iPhones, iPads and other cell phones.

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