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Garrett Wade

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I placed an order on October 31,2020. It was easy as 123. I have also received feed back from Garrett Wade confirming my order and explaining that my items have shipped and what items were on backorder. The staff is helpful and polite. I'm waiting for my items to arrive, so that's all I can say for now. However I can see myself doing business with Garrett Wade again as the quality of their products is first class.

Always quality
Ordered a set of GW chisels for my woodworking son. He's been tryin to deal with "Brand-X" chisels and has paid the price of low quality tools so a new set of GWs was purchased for him. He did just make us - his parents - a pair of Adirondak-style yard chairs that are designed to be taken down quickly for winter storage. I've always appreciated GW's quality and respect their reputation in providing high quality yet affordable tools for the home or professional shop. Ordering and shipping were quick and easy. Thanks, Garrett Wade!

Order placed 8/12/2020
First order for extra brute oil burning lamps made on 8/12. Reply came fairly soon that item was out of stock and expected replenishment about 11/12. Since then have been told 11/20, and 11/27 and still no advice on 12/1 of any shipment. Have told them to cancel today and remove me from their numerous e-mails bombing with products. If this is what to expect on an order, I can just imagine trying to return or advise on a problem.

Ordering software needs work.
I love the products at G-W but the ordering software needs to be "cleaned up." More often than not it takes several tries to finally place an order. Once or twice over the years I have not ordered something due to the frustration in trying to order. But, I usually plod through the process because I like G-W products.

Great Tool for Grafting
Just recently received the GT3 grafting tool from Garrett Wade. Garrett Wade had the best price on this tool on the internet. Good quality tool with sharp blades and an extra anvil is included. The tool is capable of doing three types of grafting cuts and it comes with detailed instructions on how to change blades. Also included is an informative booklet on performing different types of grafts. A Garrett Wade catalog was also included and features different products and tools they have available like the chainsaw sharpener and drill sets. The prices are unbeatable. I will not hesitate to purchase from them again.

High Quality Tools, Built to last several lifetimes.
Did you ever wish you could find quality tools, built the old fashioned way?
Garret - Wade is THE place!
Besides high quality specialty tools, Garrett Wade have regular, every day use tools that will last for generations. These are tools that you will hand down to your children, and then to their children... etc.
A pleasure to use, you'll find yourself looking for excuses to use them, you might just finish that 'honeydo' list!

Terrible Customer Service
Garrett Wade has fantastic products. As long as you don't have an issue with your order, it's a great company. When there is an issue, buckle up.

In my instance an item ordered ran out of stock and was put on back order. A month later, I called for the status only to learn it was canceled. Two representatives could tell me why, but I could still order it online or through them.

Two weeks later, my order was canceled a second time and a second time, I didn't receive any notification. At the time of my second call, the product was still on the website for purchase on back order with an estimated shipping time of two weeks.

After speaking with Carol, a supervisor, she told me "these things happen" and it wasn't their fault. How is it not your fault that you canceled my order twice without telling me and the company still hasn't pulled an out of stock product?

I asked for a gift card or discount code or some sort of good-will and she told me that wasn't possible but she was trying to help me resolve the issue. How can you help then?

After going round in a circle with her, she stayed on the line but simply stopped speaking. She obviously was not allowed to hang up, but this was ridiculous.

Again, great products are offered but beware of the customer service team. As for me, I'll stick to the local home centers going forward.

They do what they do and do it well
I've ordered a few tools from Garrett Wade. One tool was a garden weeder called "grandpas weeder" and the other was a ratcheting hand drill that accepted 4-way bits with a removable chuck.
Both tools have worked well and given me excellent results in the woodshop and in the yard.

Very satisfied with my experience with Garrett Wade.
While I've only recently started shopping at Garrett Wade, my experience so far has been great.

To date, I've ordered and received: a 45th Anniversary Woodworker's Chisel Set, an Ultimate Versatile Vise and two Box Hatchets. Each tool has exceeded my expectations in terms of value for the price, material construction and build quality.

The level of customer service I've received from Garrett Wade is even more impressive: my orders have all arrived within a few days (during a global pandemic), my emails have all been answered within 24 to 48 hours and any questions I've had have been answered fully. It's customer service rarely seen these days and it's what sets Garrett Wade apart from so many other companies.

A wonderful shopping experience
Was looking for a unique and useful gardening tool to purchase for my Mom for Mother's Day and came across Garrett Wade's website.
I ended up buying several products, not just for Mom but for myself as I easily navigated my way to the woodworking tools section.
I'm now a fan of Garrett Wade and can't wait to introduce this website to my friends. Excellent stuff...

Great Company
I've made several purchases from Garrett Wade. Some of the items I hadn't seen anywhere else. All were as represented, all met or exceeded my expectations and Garrett Wade arrived promptly. Some may seem a bit pricy, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for. I've been delighted with all my purchases, especially the folding rake and shears/pruners with extendable handles.

Just great service.
I'm in the UK and I don't always get good results when ordering from USA. But I have to say Garrett Wades customer service was excellent. The communications were excellent and Garrett Wade replied very quickly. Product arrived after only 10 days and without any import tax that I often get stung for. Just excellent and the product and free gift are great. Have been and will continue to recommend them to folks here in UK.
Thank you.

Search is finally over!
I have been searching for a way to hold and manipulate a wide variety of wood pieces for carving and I have finally found a classy and brilliantly designed vise! The price point was excellent and I even love the color--no industrial black on this item! The rotation options and multiple functions are amazing. I enjoyed reading about how this final design emerged and really appreciate the creative craftsmanship. Couldn't be happier; delivery was prompt and the vise was well packaged--can't wait to bolt it to my brand new workbench/cabinet!

The best!
Everything we've purchased from Garrett Wade has always been a treat... usually unique or hard to find, well constructed, handy and sometimes good for gifts. This last purchase was for a garden clipper that allows me to trim our trees without getting on a ladder and can cut pretty large diameter limbs quickly. What a timesaver this is going to be-really a $$$$ saver since we can now trim them ourselves without paying to have them serviced by anyone else! Thank you!

Exceptional Company
I have placed several orders with Garrett Wade and am blown away with the quality of every item I have purchased. I have purchased several knives for my personal collection and have purchased several knives as gifts and the feedback from the gift recipients is the same... the quality is exceptional. I have also purchased an oak chest which was also beyond my expectations. Additionally, I have been extremely impressed with their shipping time. Every order is processed and shipped immediately. I couldn't give this company any higher accolade and I pray Garrett Wade will continue to prosper.

The real deal
Garrett Wade is where you go when you want THE tool - you know, the one that will last longer than one project, the one that will do the job because it's designed and built correctly, the one that just Works. Fast shipping and willingness to respond to questions are definite pluses.

Worth Every Penny
Great quality tools, I bought some gardening tools from them and loved them. Garrett Wade arrived quickly after i ordered them, they even sent a free key chain as it was my first order. I'm seriously never going to buy crappy tools again, the frustration you get from a new shovel that is blunt after a couple weeks, or the handle to starts to jiggle around. So annoying! Anyway, buy Garrett Wade, you wont regret it, you will just enjoy the great tools they have.

Quality Garden tools
I have received the garden tools ordered and love the quality. Due to excessive rain fall in our region currently, I have been unable to use them. I will soon, as I'm into home gardening, planting herbs and vegetables that we would have to purchase when needed. It's easy and rewarding to harvest fresh home grown vegetables.

Interesting product selection - repeat customer
I've made several purchases from Garrett Wade over the years - one of my favorite product groups is their nylon-jawed Japanese pliers. I also bought a pair of "beefy" thread-breakers (for sewing, not nuts and bolts!) The working ends of the thread-breakers look pretty conventional (who knows, Garrett Wade may be superior metal, etc) but the nice handle makes them easier to use than the cheap ones available typically.

Recently, I saw a promotional pop-up for a free item and clicked on it, thinking that was all that was required. I completed my order but did not receive the free item, apparently because there was a two-step process of first clicking the pop-up and then copying a special code to the order form.

When I contacted Garrett Wade they sent me the promotional product and explained the two-step process that I hadn't noticed.

So, all's well that ends well and I expect to continue as a customer.

Terrible customer service. Poor quality
On 11/22/2019 I bought a stainless precision caliber. Cost $36.92 with shipping. It did not measure, it fell apart and had terrible tool marks and subpar workmanship. I returned it. No refund to date. Garrett Wade claim they had problems processing the refund "on their end". Nothing but excuses, poor communication and inexcusably poor customer service. Never buy their crappy poorly made junk.

I've ordered 4 items from this company this past year. Everyone of them has been backordered. Now I got a notice that they're FINALLY processing the other half of my recent order (which is over a month ago) and my credit card was rejected. It's the same card Garrett Wade processed the original order with and there's nothing wrong with my card. I just used it online twice this morning. I cancelled this final item and will not order from them again. Totally incompetent.

Great Selection of Gardening Tools- Longtime Customer
I first ordered from Garrett Wade in 2015- a weeding tool for my father who has back issues. He loved it, so I decided to try some of their gardening tools out for myself. I am glad I did because I've been using the same set of pruners for 5 years now and haven't had to run to Home Depot for a cheap replacement like I used to. I've never had a problem with customer service as some others have, but I know they're a small operation, so it might happen from time to time. If you're looking for high quality tools for gardening or woodworking, I'd highly recommend. Have had nothing but good experiences with them.

Great tools at a good price
I saw two things that I wanted in the Spring catalog. When I went online to order the price for the drill set that I wanted wasn't the sale price in the catalog so i called to place my order. The phone rep had to dig a little but she found the price that I saw. The drill bit kit is complete and very nice. I also got Grandpa's weeder which is very well made and really works.

Be careful giving your credit card to this company.
I ordered from Garrett-Wade in January, 2019, using gift certificates I got for Christmas. To pay the balance of the amount due (what the certificates wouldn't cover), I submitted my credit card.

According to Garrett-Wade's own receipt, my credit card was to be charged $17.60, but when I got my credit card statement, Garrett-Wade had charged $52.70 instead. That's an additional $35.10.

So far, Garrett Wade customer service has not refunded my card, their management team is still 'researching'. I'm not hopeful that Garrett Wade will own up to their mistake so I'll probably have to mess with my credit card company.

Overcharging someone's credit card is the same as theft. I'll never shop at Garrett-Wade again.

Beautiful product and excellent service!
I just love my beautiful and functional Hurricane Lamp! It imparts a warm glow to our veranda, and we look forward to warm summer nights spent around it having drinks and good conversation! Another great experience ordering from Garrett Wade. We are longtime customers, and their fine products and excellent customer service have us returning time and time again. Thank you, Garrett Wade!

Great value even at high prices
I've now ordered several tools from Garret Wade. I love fine tools that ar exquisitely fit for purpose. GW does not disappoint.

Gift Certificates - Taken without receiving any of the items I was supposed to have selected
Today, my husband and I selected items from Garrett Wade after having received $200 in gift certificates from a family member. Upon the checkout process - it asked for our credit card information even though our purchase balance was less than the total amount of our gift certificates. I noticed, before the final checkout screen a small statement that said "if you haven't yet entered a gift card code, click here" so I did. All that did is send me back to the order screen. And there still wasn't a place to enter the gift certificate numbers to redeem them. So, we kept clicking back to the cart screen and finally found a place at the bottom to enter the codes. So, each code was entered (2 total for the $200) and the amounts of the gift cards were subtracted from the balance of our order. I thought "cool" it will work now. So then, we clicked the button to finalize our order and it then said "credit card invalid". And didn't prompt to go back to the payment screen or say the order was finalized - it went nowhere. Then - I printed a copy of the cart thinking I could just exit (because the order never finalized) and restart the computer, then revisit the site and try again to place the order. Yet, when I did this, it said we could no longer redeem the gift cards. I checked our email to see if the order had actually gone through. Nothing. So, it appears now that this company has essentially stolen the $200 from my relatives who generously gave us this gift as we do not have an order placed and cannot redeem the gift cards. Additionally, I am concerned that our card is going to be charged. I called customer service immediately. I was told we have to wait 24 - 48 hours to see if the cards receive a balance again and to make sure the order didn't go through. I asked what to do if in 24 - 48 hours there is still no resolve. She couldn't tell me anything nor was there any supervisor available. The only information she could give me was her first name, literally. I was also told that she couldn't take any information down regarding this issue but I could request a supervisor to call back in 24 - 48 hours. This seems extremely fraudulent to me. I have never experienced this issue with any other online purchase I have made with any company. I would never recommend that anyone give them business. What should have been an enjoyable experience has turned into a horrible one that resulted in distrust.

Good luck getting your refund!
I would give no stars if I could. Don't waist your time with this company. Good luck getting a refund if you return items. Garrett Wade sent me an email stating that they refunded my money. They did not refund my money as verified by Paypal! The return label Garrett Wade provided took two weeks to get from NJ to OH! Over two weeks later I still don't have my refund despite Garrett Wade claiming that they refunded my money almost two weeks ago. Customer Service is useless and non-existent. Looking at various review sites online, getting refunds seems to be a big problem with this company.

Be careful when you buy from Garrett Wade
Be careful when you buy from Garrett Wade. Wood colors are not as pictured and then Garrett Wade blame you for not understanding wood tones. Very weird dealing with a company that thinks customer service is done by letting you buy from them. Also the customer reviews are not all posted. They weed out negative comments about their product. They do have some 1-2 stars posted but they are minor issues. Great products but you can buy the same stuff from other vendors with comparable prices and non insulting customer service.

Customer Service
April 20,2021 ordered a 100 ft. Stainless steel garden hose. With tax it $104.21. I think it was 15 days maybe more arriving. It broke I called co. Garrett Wade said would mail me return sticker. My printer not working. That took 12 days. No fault of co. For that. I rec. Shipping label June 2nd. Called customer service to see if they could send replacement hose before they rec. Broken one. Lady said yes. June 17 still no hose called the lady said hose on back order be in some time in August. I was taken aback by that statement. Hot and dry in Memphis. I asked for refund was told ok. Credited back to my account $86.70. It cost me $17.51 to do businesswith company. I would not recommend them.

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Description: Garrett Wade - Where good tools come first since 1975. Offering unique tools of exceptional quality and solid value. Our standards are as tough as the tools we sell

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