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Absolutely Crap
Gameloft let hackers get away and ban the pros.
They make some cars looks have great stats but in reality the stats is fake. Like the common one is fake speed... thats just clickbaiting

This is about Asphalt 8 Airborne. Sure Gameloft have great graphics and lots of cars and tracks, BUT that is where the good stops. There are so many clitches in the game it is crazy. I have well over 700 hours of play time (I am retired lol) and when I first started everything was great and there was only 6 or 7 known issues that Gameloft admitted to at the time. There are now over 25 known issues that are being dealt with, a few still from when I first got the game (almost a year now) I have been ripped off for tokens and credits by Gameloft by not providing the item I purchased and they will not reply to any emails sent to them, even from within the game. I have easily been ripped off for at least a million credits and hundreds of tokens, and Gameloft doesn't give a damn. THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER I have tried a few other Gameloft games but the same B. S. that happens in Asphalt happens in all their games from my experiences. I have deleted all gameloft games (except asphalt) and will never ever download another one of their games and advise all of you to stay away from this rip off company. I am keeping Asphalt 8 because I do enjoy the racing but I will never ever spend any real money on it. I do hope that maybe one day I will see an improvement in all areas of Gameloft and then maybe I will try another one of there games. They do have a number of games that I think I would enjoy but due to the experiences I have had with Gameloft I am staying as far away as possible from them... BOTTOM LINE STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ANY GAMELOFT GAME AND IF YOU DO DECIDE TO TRY ONE PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A REVIEW AT THE BEGINNING, WAIT TILL YOU HAVE REALLY PLAYED THE GAME FOR A WHILE AND SEE JUST WHAT B. S. IS INVOLVED AND WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO CONTACT THEIR SO CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE. I RATED THEM A 1 I WISH IT COULD HAVE BEEN A MINUS 100

Gameloft is no friend to Kindle users
It has been almost 4months since I have been able to play my most favorite game "Order and Chaos". You see you did this update and it send Kindle users into a world by themselves or Gameloft where no where. Just a few days ago I finally got a email back and was told I had to down lode the game from Google Play Store. I have been for two days now trying to get Google and I can't. I am told Kindle does not support Google. So you left Kindle users in the dark unable to play ever again. Not cool. And the one time I was lucky enough to get an representative on the phone he was extremely rude. Maybe it was because of all the mad customers that you decide you didn't need anymore calling in demanding to know what happened.

Cheats: Rip-offs and conartists
While this company may create some seemingly fun games, Gameloft use underhanded techniques to get your money by preying on your impatience as a way to coerce you into spending your money, and the crap they sell to you isn't even worth your money even if you have loads of money that you can afford to throw away.
One game, Dragon Mania Legends, is a prime example. Everything is time based: breeding, hatching, farming, upgrading, and these events take HOURS upon HOURS to complete. But Gameloft knows we live in a time where time is of the essence and these leeches just love to waste yours. You would think that even the people who spend loads of money with these jerkoffs would get better treatment. They don't.
Games crash, games kick you out causing you to lose time on events. You notify customer "care" (hahaha!) and NOTHING gets done! They tell you to send in your ticket (wtf?!) as if you're being called a liar. Those bastards know exactly who spends money and how much so them telling you to send in your ticket is basically them telling you that you are a waste of time and you are a f-ing liar.
This company, along with Netmarble, are nothing but thieves and crooks. Avoid them. Gameloft banned me from their Dragon Mania Legends page and even removed evidence I posted of how they cheat people and conduct sorry service. They don't want the truth told. And it's not defamation of character towards them at all... not when the things you inform others about them is the 100% absolute truth.
If any Gameloft developers happen to be reading this: $#*! YOU AND BURN YOU PARASITES.

This company will ban you from there games as soon as you spend money to buy in game items. Gameloft will not refund your money they will not tell you why you are banned because it's false. And again the biggest point they will not refun your purchase after banning you. DO NOT ever download their games or spend your money with them. They are a horrible company to deal with. Completely dishonest it her business practices.

Spend gold then got banned right after
I spend gold to advance my game in DH5. Got banned right after. Contacted their support which offers no proof, and just said too bad to the entire situation.

Filed a complaint with Apple to get my money back and will never touch another Gameloft product again

Poor company service
I got banned from playing Iron man 3 for no fault of my own, I would not advise anyone to use Gameloft as Gameloft have no idea.

I paid $7 for a game that doesn't even work and now...
I paid $7 for a game that doesn't even work and now I can't get a refund. I have sent a support email to gameloft and Gameloft have yet to answer.

I have been trying to cancel my membership with them...
I have been trying to cancel my membership with them for 13 months now through sprint... sprint says Gameloft are a 3rd party and can not be canceled through sprint... Gameloft says... well when i hear from them i will let you know what they say

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