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Mix feeling's
I been a buyer and fan of gfuel for years. When I first been with them there wasn't a fazeberry by the way "Delicious" but my favorite and many others was the strawberry kiwi sad G FUEL don't make it anymore "disappointment" I order hundreds of times many different flavors different Shaker cups and there's my first complaint the Shaker cups when they first came out there were made by a different company and they were fantastic somewhere down the line they used a softer plastic which made them brittle when they got old or the flip cap that sits into the cup breaks off and gets stuck and now you can't close your shaker I complain about this problem once and I just got a coupon for more Shaker cups but there's still the same quality. The next is the flavors I don't know who's doing the flavor testing but some of these flavors are horrendous they're coffee French vanilla tastes like if you took a one is of Dunkin donuts coffee French vanilla coffee and filled the cup with water and ice it is just nasty watered down it's like when you forget your two sips on your iced coffee and let it sit and the ice melt don't know how that ever passed anyone's palette or flavor check as a laughing joke among my friends to try it because it tastes just the way I describe it today I had to order it was $135 I use a 20% code brought it down for $94 do my check out and see that they charged me $140 I'm still waiting on customer support the product is good but their products were a lot better before they were paying massive amounts of money to streamers and teams I miss my five star g fuel and I love you guys I just hope this is a wake-up call for not cheaping out on products and please explain to me how was I was told that check out 94 and my card get charged $140

From a young age I always watched faze clan and G FUEL had there on gfuel... all of the crew drank it. I always wanted to try it. I remember I made my first ever gfuel purchase when I was 13. I ordered a faze shaker. That's was all. I loved it. I lost it... Now a few years on. I'm 19 and I have a job luckily and I'm able to afford gfuel now. I love it. There's a few flavours I wanted to try such as sour cherry and fruit punch that are no longer available which I was gutted about... seriously though gfuel is the only energy product I've ever had work for me. I love the stuff, the flavour (Watermelon is my favourite btw...), the branding, the different varieties. I love it all and I would definitely recommend GFuel to anyone who needs that little kick and focus when they play that game or even when they are at work. Heck it would probably help you study too. GFUEL IS A 10/10 in my opinion. Super stuff. Good job guys! Glad I'm old enough now to be able purchase this product.

Life without Gfuel would never be the same.
There's actually not much to say but if you're looking for an energy drink which isn't sugary as hell Gfuel should be choice number one.

Although sad that you can't order it in other countries directly the import from the US is relatively easy. You can order directly from their site and it will be delivered within one or two weeks. So far every delivery went without problems.

The product itself:
So far I mostly ordered Gfuel tubs and I wasnt disappointed. The tubs are fairly big for their price and come with a little spoon for the powder. It's up to you how much you out into your water. I usually use about 3/4 of a normal serving, because it is still tatsy enough and contains enough coffein.

The taste:
Gfuel comes in various tastes and every other month a new up to a few new flavours are released. For people who want to try out Gfuel I highly recommend the mixed pack containing all the different flavours to try and find their favourites. But in general all flavours are delicious and taste awesome and not too artificial. Although most flavours are fairly sweet G FUEL don't contain any sugar.

The effect:
Like the title says life wouldn't be the same. Gfuel keeps me working at day and gaming at night without me getting tiered at all. I don't recommend drinking a lot of it at once but rather dividing it over the entire day.
It's not just the wakening effect but the focusing one as well. Since I chose to drink Gfuel instead of let's say regular coffee my productivity went up a llt. It just easier to focus in my opinion.

Gfuel is an awesome product and deserves to be known some more. Without my twitch streamer I would have never heard of it.
Although it seems a bit pricy at first if you calculate what you had to pay for the same amount of regular energy drinks Gfuel is actually quite cheap and way better than its competitors.

Amazing product
I really like G Fuel. It helps me stay energized and focused throughout the day without the crash you get from other drinks. I used to drink gfuel in the can but decided to try the tubs. When I first got them and saw how small G FUEL were i was disappointed. I thought they would be bigger but I have to admit, that small tub is far from empty and i drink it daily. It says 40 servings per tub but its seeming like more than that. I like that its not carbonated and honestly, it tastes so much better than the cans. The Rainbow Sherbert was the only flavor that i liked canned but im finding i like alot more when i get the powder. 1 scoop and im good to sip on it throughout the day. I dont feel as though im consuming too much caffeine either since one shaker gets me through the day. Like everything amazing though, its not perfect. With an almost $9 shipping costs per order, its a bit much for those small tubs. Every streamer from Weak3n to Molt has a discount code but the shipping costs make up for that and it doesnt really feel like a discount. Love the product

Fantastic but has flaws.
I have been buying G-fuel with varying flavors for a few years now and I can say I haven't been disappointed so far. Most of the flavors I've tried have tasted great and have helped kick start me before a long shift at work, While this is a positive review, I would like to point out the reason I gave it a four star review.

In my experience the powder does leave a bit of sediment that is hard to mix. Most of the time it just collects at the bottom of the cup if you don't knock the drink back. This does leave a bit of a floury, sour taste in your mouth if you didn't keep mixing it as you drink, especially if you drink it from a bottle. This is my only complaint about the product and I would appreciate it if G FUEL found a way to fix it.

I'm giving a four star review because aside from preference to flavors and the chalky taste, I will still continue to make purchases and I still recommend giving one of their sample packs to see if this is something you would like.

Ive been drinking gfuel for awhile! My friend Myther0s and Panns got me started by telling me which flavors are their favorites and how GFuel helps. I myself was always more of a Starbucks person, but coffee no longer gives me the jitters or energy I wanted. After trying a GFuel starter kit, I quickly fell in love and bought Cotton Candy and Fazeberry GFuel "tubs" and showed a few of my friends. At Twitchcon 2019 I think I went to get a little "taste" of the flavors every day about 10 times just to keep the energy up for all the exploring I've done in San Diego! I'm weirdly thankful for GFuel as it's something that makes me alert and more awake every day. I work almost 12 hours daily and come home to game, then hang out with family/friends, then back to sleep. This company's creation let's me do all that with just a single bottle of GFuel a day! And I'm never tired or dull. And to that, I wish to thank you guys for always being there for my quick energy fix! And can't wait to try out the Ragin' gummy fish and Hype Sauce tubs and the DragonFruit Hydration tub in the new 15 year birthday shaker!

Best healthy energy out there
As someone who doesn't like coffee, I was used to drinking rockstar and red bulls day after day, many days multiple times. As you know that's not very healthy. Well I'm also overweight, and the best way I knew to lose weight and get healthy was to drop as much sugar out of my diet as I could. At first I said one can a day, this wasn't enough. I changed my diet but was still just drinking so much sugar. I hit the internet and started doing research. I'd heard about gfuel because I'm a gamer, but I hate being marketed stuff towards gamers, so I looked at all my options after searching and searching I decided gfuel seemed to be the best. Not only best tasting but works the best as well. I first ordered kiwi strawberry. I didn't sign up for an account because I didn't know if I'd like it. Well a few days later my gfuel and glow in the dark shaker cup came.

Holy balls, gfuel was amazing. It tasted great, it was sweet but not too sweet. I was hooked. I signed up for an account. I then ordered cherry limeade after my first month and kiwi strawberry was out I went with fruit punch. Then a few weeks later the BOGO offer happened. Well I couldn't resist. I grabbed golden apple pear and blue ice! All 5 flavors have been amazing. Gfuel has changed my life. I will drink it as long as it's available. I'm down 15+ pounds and I feel great. I can't thank gfuel enough for being a catalyst in my lifestyle change. I recommend the product to anyone I can. I don't shill for much but I believe in gfuel so much I've given so many friends and family sample scoops because it's so great.

Thanks again Gfuel,
A life long customer

Brandon Benson

Best energy drink on the market.
There are multiple different reasons that make GFUEL for me the overall best energy drink in the market.

The shopping is quick and constantly updates accurate and specific information on the shipping tracker.

I find most energy drinks taste a little bit toxic or just have bad aftertastes whereas I never get bored of the taste of GFUEL.

If I were to buy 80 servings of a different drink, lets say red bull for example. It costs £1.90 per can, therefore for 80 servings of it, it would cost me £152, whereas 80 servings of GFUEL costs me £37 INCLUDING SHIPPING FROM US - UK!

I find when I drink GFUEL compared to other drinks it gives me a long and happy burst of energy and helps me focus WITHOUT A CRASH AT THE END. Whereas other energy drinks send me into a hyper state and I usually end up crashing after 1 hour, leaving me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

When I run out of GFUEL (I drink it every day that I have time to make it) after, for arguments sake, 80 days in a row and need to wait until ordering my next care package of GFUEL, its fine, I dont feel like my body is in a worsened state without it, just back to normal. However I can garuantee that if someone were to drink a standard energy drink for 80 days in a row and then, BANG, just suddenly stop, those next few days would feel like hell trying to convince yourself you dont need the energy drink, almost like a drug.

These are just some of the reasons why I rank GFUEL as the best energy drink of the market, by far!
Thank you for reading. :)

Super company
I like G FUEL company. The flavors and selections are wonderful, the shipping is always very fast, and the amount of sales G FUEL consistently have always keep me from spending too much. I always advice this G FUEL company to all my family.

What a joke of a company, great product though.
I want to start off by saying I truly enjoy GFuel as a product... but as a company G FUEL are the biggest joke. This is a classic case of OVER SELL and UNDER DELIVER, and thats a understatement. They claim to pride themselves on their customer service quality... yeah, right. What customer service and what quality? This these people have neither. I placed an order with them on 4/13/2020 at time of placing the order which they happily accept your money, the website says "orders are filled within 7 days of placing your order, in some rare cases such as large sales or lack of supply it may take up to 10 business days. UNLESS you pay for expedited shipping then they process your order NEXT BUSINESS DAY" while compared to real companies this is slow, I thought "thats fine I guess the product is good." Keep in mind this is a scam in and of its self basically if you pay $100+ for your order and dont want to pay another $100 for next day air, dont expect your product... ever as you will always be place at the back of the line... $#*!ty way of doing business! Anyways back to my order. I receive an email right away thanking me for my money and reminding me of what i asked for. In this email it now states "due to COVID-19 we are taking the full 10 business days to fill orders." Again, ok I understand things are harder now for the fearful. So on the 11th business day to no order fulfillment I call the company. First call: "yeah, I 'd like to check on the status of an order." lady on the other end of the phone with a very annoyed tone says "due to COVID we are taking the full 10 BUSINESS days to fill orders." and hangs up... im like WTF, again im a patient person and maybe they get a lot of calls and it just gets old, is what it is. Anyways on the 12th day with no Shipping confirmation from Gamma Labs, again I call. Second call goes better she at least asks me for my order number and while pulling it up proceeds to tell me about the 10 business days. Also a little annoyed at this point I says "its been 12 business days." theres a pause as she verifies this information. "yes, I see it has been 12 business days we are hoping to get these orders filled this afternoon." no apology for the overly obsurb wait times. But, none the less I say alright and wait another day... Again no shipping confirmation and the website still just says "order confirmed"... So again I call, and hear all the same bull$#*! up to this point about 10 days... This is getting old, I tell the lady im gonna stop you. I placed this order 14 business days ago so we are almost double that time. "Well, we can refund you your shipping costs or we can cancel your order." again no sorry we are potatoes here and dont know how to process orders passed taking your money, nothing. I tell her I really enjoy the product I just would like my order. She refunds my shipping costs and tells me they will get the order out that day. The next day I leave out of state on work for 4 days... no shipping confirmation... weird its almost as if they do not care once they have your money. Meanwhile they post DAILY and email WEEKLY to promote this product and offer sales or advertise new flavors, cups, apparel, what have you. That is literally a slap in the face to me that they are still doing their best to take more of peoples money but wont ship any of their already paid for orders... so day 20 with no order confirmation I email the company telling them if they spent half the time they do pushing this product on everyone, filling the orders they already have there probably wouldnt be so many negative reviews online... what do you know, that night I get a shipping confirmation... weird. No response to my email, but whatever at least my product shipped... OR SO I THOUGHT, they only created a shipping label for my order, it has not actually been received by the shipping company... WTF is this bull$#*!? THREE BUSINESS days later DHL FINALLY receives my package! So Gamma Labs 10 days was really only ONE FULL MONTH LATER. Today is 5/15 and I STILL have not gotten my order. My package also has not moved in 2 business days. Tomorrow is saturday so it will probably sit for the weekend even though my delivery is scheduled for today... I DREAD having to call this company now for ANYTHING and as much as I like GFuel this will honestly be my last order until they can come to reality on how to run a business. Hopefully this nightmare of a review helps save someone else from the bull$#*! this company will put you through and just dont spend your money here.

Improve your game the healthy way
Great tasting product that leaves you with a clear mind and energy without a crash afterwards. Perfect for gaming. Just enough stimulation to get your head clear but not overwhelming. It could use a bit more of some ingredients, as G FUEL are not effective enough at the dosages provided. But overall G-Fuel works perfectly fine and is a quality product that completely replaced energy drinks and even coffee to certain extend for me.

In addition it is much cheaper than Energy drinks that are stuffed with sugar and other questionable ingredients. Sure the initial purchase is more expensive but in the long run you will save a lot of money.

The only thing that Gamma labs should consider is adding some l-theanine to balance out the caffeine for people that are a little bit more sensitive to it. This would truly turn this already great product into a god tier gaming supplement.

To clear things up, a lot of reviewers treat this as a pre-workout and complain that it doesn't give you enough pump and stimulation. This product is not meant as a pre-workout. While gaming, you don't want lots of physical energy that makes you bounce on your seat and having your dexterity suffer.

Most other companies get this wrong. They either overstimulate with too much caffeine or even borderline dangerous substances like Kigelia Africana Extract. That contains DMHA. This is similar to DMAA, which was banned for causing heart-attacks and deaths in pre-workouts. Or things like Noopept which are extremely effective but are not for every day use and certainly not for teenagers(but there is no warning anywhere). Ingredients like that are even dangerous for a teenagers brain chemistry. Or other drinks/supplements are not effective at all and are not suitable for gaming.

Gamma labs gets this right. If needed you can drink it everyday and while teenagers shouldn't even need energy drinks, G-Fuel is definitely the lesser evil compared to teenagers chugging Monster or Rockstar energy drinks.

I hope that Gamma labs will consider increasing some of their ingredients as some of them are dosed too low to have a noticeable effect. I would also like to see them adding 200mg l-theanine and maybe even about 50mg of teacrine into a new lineup. As this is pretty much what i take in addition to g-fuel and it truly shines this way. It helps me out big time in Online shooters where your reflexes need to be fast and your dexterity needs to be high. This way it gives me jitterfree focus, energy and mental clarity.

Result: 4/5 Top product that everyone should consider replacing their energy drinks with. Test it, you won't be disappointed. If they add some more of certain ingredients and maybe add some teacrine and l-theanine, this would be a 5/5.

I highly recommend Fazeberry, Peach Iced Tea, Mystical Flavour and Sour Cherry.

I ordered from Germany multiple times now and i never had any issues and the longest time i had to wait was 12Days. If you want to save some money, wait for their Buy one get one free sale and get yourself some healthy energy.

Best bang for your buck energy formula on the market.
I found out about gfuel probably in 2014 when I watched and still watch to this day an entertainer known as GoldGloveTV. I tried out their sample kit which came with blue ice, fruit punch, pink lemonade and, I think lemon lime. From that day forward I told everyone I knew about gfuel and what a great product it was. I stopped buying it for a couple years and honestly forgot about it, but my friend had told me how he just bought some I went on their website and saw how many new flavors G FUEL added I had to go back to it again and have been buying it ever since. Gfuel has helped me cut back on drinking pop and monster energy drinks. Gfuel is not only better for you and cheaper, they are constantly doing special promos whether that be BOGO, free shipping, a shaker with your order, etc. the value they offer can't be beat. If you are looking for something to give you some energy or just want to add a flavor to your water I would give Gfuel a try and I can promise, you won't be disappointed.

Believe the hype!
G Fuel is an absolute life saver. The company is very responsive and I can no speak more highly of any other energy product. Although G FUEL primarily market their energy powder towards gamers, it is a solid fit for anyone looking to get away from sugary energy drinks that are absolutely horrible for you and there's no crash at all when using G Fuel. They are always coming out with new flavors and I have yet to find a flavor I don't like. If you are sensitive to caffeine, make sure to check out their hydration line which is great for athletes to stay hydrated. Personally I haven't had Gatorade or any other type of sports drink in months and G Fuel hydration helps me to stay hydrated on the hottest of days and when I'm working at my PC and I don't want a lot of caffeine. When you do the math, G Fuel is a money saver costing less than your average energy drink or sports drink in the long run and they run some great promotions.

Great Product, Slow Email Support, Quick Shipping
I think the product is great and it's also a fun hobby if you're into collecting things like shakers. G FUEL have many flavors to choose from so 9/10 you will find a flavor you like. They also make very good backpacks. I've had mine for 4-5 years and has held up well with not even a scratch even though I would fill it up everyday with 25lbs of books for school. The shakers are cheap and they usually don't have any that look good in-stock but they are only $10 so it isn't that big of an investment. They are usually based around an online entertainer that they sponsor like Dr Disrespect, PewDiePie, RomanAttwood, etc. They will usually release new shakers 1-2 times a month but they sell out fast so be sure to follow their Twitter so you get live updates on when a new product releases.
Their customer support usually responds in a week which isn't bad but their Twitch subscriber email support can take up to 2 weeks to 2 months to respond and that's not really acceptable. Usually they have good and helpful responses just takes awhile to receive them. (like the broken cap in the photos was replaced within a week and I purchased that shaker 4 years ago)
To summarize my review on g fuel I would say that it is a great energy drink and overall great product based off of the new online trends but they could have a faster/bigger customer support team. Also it is worth mentioning that shipping is usually quick for me (2-5 days) but I do live on the East coast of the U.S. which is reasonably close to their main warehouse, so your shipping will vary depending on how far you live from their warehouse in New York.

Great drinks, bad shakers
Gfuel as a drink is an amazing product. All the flavors (even the ones I'm not fond of) have the perfect amount of sweetness to them.

Now to the negative part.
Their shaker cups are absolute garbage. The first order I made was a starter pack, less than 1 week after getting it, and before I even went through the 7 test flavors that came with it, the lid to the shaker ripped almost completely off when opening it. After talking to several other people this is apparently a recurring issue with their shakers, and most of the people just deal with it because G FUEL buy the collectors pack every time a new flavor comes out so they have lots of them to replace broken lid. Gfuels response to me complaining about this was they would send me another shaker IF I paid shipping for it. Their shakers not worth the shipping, they are dollar store quality at best and should just be free with any order.

In final summary, Get a Blender Bottle shaker they are cheaper than the Gfuel shakers and MUCH higher quality, Then fill that bad boy up with GFUEL cause I cant find anything that tastes better or is as refreshing. That watermelon flavor straight up tastes like a liquid jolly rancher.

Thanks for getting me through college.
Ever since I heard Thooorin's video explaining the benefits of using Gfuel over other caffeine vehicles and attended the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major and got some free samples I haven't looked back. I'm about to graduate with a degree in Accounting and couldn't have aced some of the tests I've taken without Gfuel by my side. This stuff also cures hangovers better than anything else out there (works better than Pedialyte for me). The buy one tub get one free deals make sharing this with people I know super easy. Only problem I have is the quality of Shaker Cups. I have gone through about 4 or so by this point. I never put it in the dishwasher and always hand wash, but still after not much time at all the part that closes around the lid will rip apart and get stuck inside the lid of the shaker. This has also happened a couple times to my roommate who I introduced to Gfuel. I've pretty much stopped buying shaker cups because of this - even though some of them look super sick now. All in all, keep up the good work! #FirmHandshakes #Yayayayayayaya

What is gfuel?
GFuel is the best energy formula on the market. GFuel has grown as a company for Youtubers to promote them by giving them their own flavor or just promoting them in the really big way. I started drinking GFuel when I thought it would be a big difference than drinking a carbonated energy drink/soda and I absolutely love their lemonade flavor and their Swedish fish flavor. I will always buy GFuel for my energy and gaming life. The only downfall that sucks about GFuel is the pricing of their tubs G FUEL sell. I wait for a sale to happen before I buy them. I normally do the "BOGO" (Buy One, Get One) deal they have. If you are gonna be drinking GFuel I recommend a starter packs that's $14.99 plus shipping and taxes before you buy the tubs tubs can run you to at least $34.99 before shipping and taxes. But I highly recommend trying it using a code that some youtubers have before checking out! Besides that GFuel will forever have a loyal customer!

It's like diluting juice but with caffeine
I made my gfuel account on the 13rd of January and made my first purchase the same day. It didn't take long to recieve an email about my order being confirmed and then maybe an hour later i would recieve another email saying that my product is on its way. Gfuel are quite quick at making deliveries as it only took a week from when i first made the purchase to it making its way to the uk and then to my front door. I purchased a tub of sour blue chug rug along with a shaker cup that came with 7 packets. Sour blue chug rug is a nice flavour but i couldn't really taste any sourness to it but i didn't really mind. One of the flavours that my cup came with was rainbow sherbet i instantly feel in love with this flavour and i would recommend it to anyone, i bought a premium box that gave me a box for free and so i got a rainbow sherbet box and i gave packets to some of my friends so G FUEL could try it and maybe be convinced to buy some which one of them has told me they are planning to do.

Good things about Gfuel:
They deliver to you in a reasonable amount of time.
Most of the flavours taste exactly as they are meant to be.
The shaker cup is a good size and it comes in three parts so you can take the divider out if you want.
There really isn't any crash from drinking gfuel.
And it actually does give you energy and helps you focus, i use it for studying and i can keep at it for longer.

Bad things about gfuel:
When you are about to finish drinking a cup of gfuel and there is atleast 2 or 3 more gulps left. The powder remains at the bottom of the cup(for me atleast) and that makes the drink chalky and can be a bit unpleasant to drink and finish it. But before you reach there it's like drinking normal diluted juice(but with a stronger and better taste).
Another bad thing about gfuel is the flavour pink lemonade, i just can't stand it it just tastes horrible but lemonade on the other hand tastes great.

Tbh apart from the chalky bit at the end and pink lemonade... there really isn't anything bad that i have noticed with gfuel and i still haven't tried all the flavours yet so that will be my goal. I just bought 4 tubs thanks to the bogo sale for spring.

I have ordered from G Fuel a couple times now after watching a few of my favorite streamers (Call Of Duty: WarZone) drinking it and talking about it. I usually would drink a Red Bull or a soda while playing, but sometimes the Red Bull would give me jitters etc from the energy and I could feel the shaking in my hands while playing. So I figured I'd give it a try. I first started out getting a starter pack with a shaker cup, then my girlfriend liked the cup so I got her one and I got myself another starter pack as she wanted to try the flavors too. And I wanted another cool shaker cup. We ended up liking it a lot and no more jitternes from drinking them. I received a tub and got the email about the BOGO and decided to get two more tubs! I couldn't pass up the deal! I enjoy a nice G Fuel every time I'm gaming, or even if I'm doing anything else where I'd usually drink an energy drink! From purchase to delivery I have never been disappointed and the shipments always arrive quickly! 10/10 review from me! Keep up the great work!

Great Choice of Drink for Gamers.
I first heard of GFUEL through Pewdie Pie and a few other Youtube Channels. At this time used to drink Monster Energy drink and coffee back-to-back as well as Bang Reign and other brands. Trying to cut back on my consumption of sugary drinks with strange chemicals I went ahead and looked into GFUEL as one of the selling points was natural ingrediants vitamins an less crash and sugar free. As a person who consumes a lot of caffeine is trying to cut back on sugars this sounded perfect. Finding out there was a sale I wanna head in order to couple of canisters a try me pack and a cup or 2 tried the different flavors out Dub melon mint being my favorite. There were some flavors I liked there were some flavors I did not like but there were very few that I Disliked more than liked. And I love that about this products that there's such a variety of flavors and they're all pretty decent even for the ones that I wasnt fond of. Mostly because this guarantees there is a GFUEL out there for you. On top of that the cups are easy to clean durable water tight and Bpa Free. As Advertised I have not felt a single crash my focus is increased my alertness boosted and its energy at home or on the go. If you have a caffeine Sensitivity I would recommend taking it slow when trying the stuff but if you are not sensitive to caffeine and you need a good pick up then G FUEL is for you.
And if it's your 1st time buying ut try the Spicy Demonade mixed with the DUbmelon Mint its an experiance to be had.

Great service, great product
Honestly, it started as a curiosity. I was looking for ways to get a quick pick-me-up when I simply didn't have the time to brew a pot of coffee when I needed an energy boost. Long story short, I came across G Fuel, and before long, I fell in love with it. At first, I wasn't too sure about the first two flavors that I got from them -- Lemonade and Black On Blackberry -- but I knew it had potential, and I still needed an emergency pick-me-up.

Truth be told, most energy drinks out there didn't appeal to me. G FUEL all tasted like sweetened urine mixed with some sort of household cleaner to me, and for the longest time, I avoided them like the plague, so the fact that Gamma Labs apparently uses natural ingredients and no sugar was a major selling point for me. Not only that, but they have an enormous assortment of flavors to choose from, and they even have starter kits and single-serving packet bundles for first-time buyers, so instead of feeling like you have to commit to a 40-serving tub of one flavor and hope for the best, you can try a sample of several differentfl flavors and see if any of them suit your tastes. If not, well, at least you didn't spend more than you would have, right?

Assuming you do find one or more flavors that you enjoy, you can get those aforementioned 40-serving tubs that will last you for some time -- at least a few weeks if you drink 2 servings every day, but I personally wouldn't recommend that unless you want to have insomnia and caffeine dependency. Regardless, despite the price tag, each serving is only about 90 cents per 16 oz serving, which isn't bad at all in the grand scheme of things when you consider how kuch a 20 oz bottle of soda or a can of Red Bull costs. Not only that, G Fuel regularly goes on sale and has coupon codes provided by the people they sponsor. To top it all off, they often have BOGO sales every so often throughout the year, so if you get two tubs, that's only 45 cents per serving. Talk about a bargain, right? If you do prefer to get energy drinks in carbonated form, thought they have a pretty decent selection of flavors in aready-to-drink cans, though be warned that they have twice the caffeine as a serving of formula.

All of that aside, Gamma Labs has had excellent customer sevice and relations. They frequently reach out to their customers be it through social media or the people they sponsor, so it never feels like they're "just" a business. That's something that I think elevates Gamma Labs just a little more ad a company. That personal connection is something that I feel like a lot of other companies need to work on if they want to keep their customers happy.

The only two real issues I take with G Fuel when bought directly from Gamma Labs is the shipping. It can be a crapshoot when it comes to times before your package is delivered, and depending on your location, shipping fees might cost an arm and a leg, relatively speaking.

I'd go on with this review, but it's late, and I feel like I've said enough to show how much I've enjoyed G Fuel as a whole despite my grievances with their shipping. Hopefully what I've written here will encourage others to give it a try, because before G Fuel, I was quite skeptical about every energy drink out there until this one. So yeah, long story short, it tastes great when you find that special flavor, it's cheap, and the customer service is outstanding.

So go on. You won't be disappointed. Or maybe you will. You'll never know until you try, as they say.

Great tasting drinks that help me concentrate
I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (and by extension insomnia.) I always wake up tired and unable to function normally for hours. I've looked everywhere for some sort of drink to help me concentrate and snap me into a state that I can get work done. I've tried coffee, but it only makes me more tired (caffeine alone does that to me), I've tried store-bought energy drinks, but the carbonation messes with my stomach and doesn't set right with me (plus, G FUEL haven't worked). I figured I'd try G-Fuel since I've a lot of Youtubers have shoved it down my throat for the last few years and I'm glad I did!

First I bought Moon Pie-- wasn't a fan of the flavor (tasted like watered down chocolate milk, even when mixed with milk), but the effect it had on my concentration and alertness has done wonders, so I ended up buying several more flavors I've enjoyed all of the others I've bought.

Wumpa Fruit - Love this one. I can't quite put my finger on the flavor, it tastes like apple mixed with another fruit. Not an overly complicated taste and very pleasant.

Strawberry Shortcake - Fantastic in milk, which is really the only way I drink it. I don't recommended this with water at all. In milk, though, it's by far my favorite of the bunch so far! Tastes just like strawberry milk and has all the effects of G-Fuel to boot!

Hype Sauce - It's pretty basic overall, not that that's a bad thing. It's Raspberry Lemonade and tastes as such, not much to add, there.

PewDiePie - I really like this flavor, although I've noticed it leaves an off taste in my mouth. I can deal with that, though, as it isn't so overwhelming that it distracts me from the drink. Once again, though, pretty basic so not much for me to say in regards to the flavor.

Scorpion Sting - Wasn't expecting to like this as I wanted the Sub-Zero version, but really wanted the orange shaker cup over the blue. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't think orange would pair well with spicy (it's not overly spicy, mind you). But I was proven wrong. If there's one critique it's that I can never finish a glass because the added cayenne and some other ingredient never fully dissolve leaving the bottom of the glass being too strong and undrinkable. That said, I can drink enough of it to not be bothered.

It's worth mentioning that the 40 drinks you get out of each tub of G Fuel is far cheaper than buying cans of energy drinks. I tend to pay around $26 a tub with discounts which they almost always have going on. That's about $0.65 a drink, which is a steal if you find one you love. Plus, they're sugar free, which is another point in their favor.

I just ordered three more tubs (Grape, Tropical Rain, and Ice Shatter), and I expect these to be just as good. The variety of flavors is huge, and while a lot of them aren't for me, I feel there is something here for everyone. While I know this is just how it affected me, perhaps it can help those that are looking for a way to focus when they can't. Worth a try just to buy a couple packets for a few drinks to test it out! Of course, you should also drink responsibly.

G-Fuel also finally gave me a use for this spice rack I bought that was far too small for my kitchen, haha.

Great taste, serious energy!
I've tried many of the flavors of gfuel now, from the fruity ones to the desserty ones, to the ones that just taste like other drinks, and I have to say that each flavor is unique and true to the taste G FUEL advertise. I don't know how they made peach iced tea into a powder, or French vanilla iced coffee either, but whatever they're doing they're doing it right. The sweeter flavors are good about having a balance of not being too sweet while still maintaining the sweet flavor of a strawberry shortcake, moon pie, or peach cobbler. I love the sour fruit flavors like sour blue chug rug and sour fazeberry as well, they provide a good zing to contrast some of the sweeter flavors.

Overall, I think there's a flavor here for everyone and then some. There's huge variety, and very few I didn't care for, but only due to my own personal preferences. There was nothing at all I tried that was outright bad taste wise.

In terms of energy, it truly works. I'm a hard core coffee drinker and a casual soda drinker, and they just don't give me the same level of energy that gfuel does. With it not being sugar based, I'm not having that midday crash afterward either.

So consider me sold! I'm a big fan of the products and highly recommend it to anyone looking for good tasting, high energy, sugar free energy drinks.

I Enjoy GFuel a lot!
I personally enjoy Gfuel for many reasons! Obviously it helps me get through the day designing and doing multiple tasks involving my house and children. I usually like to order bundle deals and shaker cup starter kits cause I feel im getting the most for my money and I never really go over $50 so its really worth it price wise.

Customer service is a little choppy, but I have never had someone turn me away or have an attitude with me. I do think G FUEL should have more reps if they dont already.

Shipping times are usually very on time but due to Covid19 its been a little later then normal but what can you expect lol? GFuel is based in New York. So I understand the longer delivery time for now. Any other time I get it in 3 business days per usual.

My overall experience with GFuel has been amazing and I really enjoy a handful of flavors. I would hope one day I can design professionally for them or collaborate on something!

Thank you Cliff and the Gamma Labs and Gfuel team,

Mat- /@MatCreates on twitter

Great product! Except...
Ive always been amazed with your product at GFuel, except for this past time I ordered the Golden Apple Pear flavor tub from you guys. It was a great product at first for the first few weeks, then after about two weeks, the taste started to get a little stale. I always keep my tubs in the same spot in my room in a climate controlled environment and the lid was shut all the way, yet my tub started to taste different than when I first received it. It tasted sour and not the same flavor as it was when I first got it. The Golden Apple Pear flavor is the only tub this has happened with, and at this point its unbearable to taste anymore. The taste has altered so much so from when I first received it weeks ago. Im disappointed the tub couldnt have lasted longer, but I havent thrown it away yet because there is still half a tub left and I payed $40 for it so Im not going to waste the rest of it. I still have hope that the flavor will return one day so I can get my moneys worth.

Just the advantage I needed!
For the longest time I have been experimenting and settling with 'run-of-the-mill' energy suppliments, all promising the same thing but not without its compromise of crazy chemical additives. From standard name brand drinks to concentrated shots to pills, I've tried them all.

Being a Correctional Officer by day, and a PC Gamer by night, I needed something that would not just sustain with a consequencing drop. I was first introduced to G-Fuel from an ad from a competitive gaming event and thought "if those guys are using it, I'll check it out". I was suprised by how easy it is to make a glass and continue through the day without regretting life.

G-Fuel has given me that competitive edge leaving people asking me "how do you still have energy for that"? I simply smile, lift up my shaker, give it a shake and say "I have the lords brew", and carry on.

My only complaints are that there isn't more flavor options for caffein free. Some days I don't need all the caffein but don't want to have to settle with just Orange. I would also like to add that the point system still has a couple issues. After trying multiple times to apply my points coupon (to something that isn't part of any promotion) only to get an error, I finally gave up. My checkout experience though does not negatively impact my opinion of the product itself. Thank you G-Fuel!

Incredible Service, Quality product and incredible results
I made the switch to GFUEL when I began to get serious health issues as a result of my intake of coca cola, monster etc. Including the horrible crash I would get meaning my game play would seriously get impacted later on during the day as a result of the crash.

So I finally made the switch to GFUEL, the flavours are sweet and are incredibly nice on the taste buds. Furthermore, the crash is non-existent, and my gameplay has improved since then. I have been buying in bulk for my Uni/College CSGO team mates to try out as well so we will all be making the switch, and perhaps even be reaching out to get GFUEL as one of our sponsors.

My girlfriend (who is also the mother to our baby son) also drinks GFUEL, and she loves the focus and energy she gets, including all the flavors, she regularly purchases GFUEL for every day life (as she is not a gamer). Not only that, GFUEL is perfect for a hang over cure along with a greasy bacon sandwich. 10/10 Service, Products and would not be looking back since making the switch. No issues with delivery, incredibly fast service and the deals are out of this world.

One of the best companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with. The only issue I have is making sure I have enough!

Best energizer/focus booster
When I first heard about GFUEL I thought it was a scam. I thought hey, do people actually drink that? But then something happened. One of my favorite streamers - BeasttrollMC - drank it on stream. I was sold right there and then. I ordered a premium pack, Keemstar's Cotton Candy and a Shaker Cup. And let me just tell you - when I first drank GFUEL, my heart rate rose, my awareness and focus increased. It tastes amazing, and I now prefer GFUEL over any energy drinks that are out there. Why? Well, you can read why on their website. Their advertisements are not fake: the product ACTUALLY works. This still happens, I just don't realize it anymore as I drink GFUEL all day every day. I ordered a second time, Tropical Rain and Blue Ice and now I've basically lost track of how much I've bought. It's basically become an addiction to the point where I drink it before I go to school, before I go to work and before I game/make written assignments. It's no longer just GFUEL to me, it's life-fuel. I'm in love with this product, and I think Team Gamma has made an awesome effort to create a product this amazing, shoutout to them :D

Great products, fast shipping, no longer drink monster energy :D
I was recommended g fuel by my brother, he claimed it was healthier than energy drinks, and had better effects.
So I placed an order, and waited patiently, I was amazed to find the shipping only took a week (I live in the UK) and when it turned up I tore straight into the box, and made myself some g-fuel...

The shaker cups are brilliant, I've tried others in the past and G FUEL always leak at least a little bit, no leakage at all from this one, I can safely keep it in my backpack, and know that it won't spill out while I'm working.

The energy boost is brilliant, 6 hours of energy, maybe 8 hours of improved focus. To put this into perspective, I used to drink 2 cans of monster energy a day, and never have I had the kind of energy I get from g-fuel. No crash, no horrible jitters (although the first time I mixed up, I may have downed it and felt a bit jittery for about half an hour, this no longer happens)

Overall, very impressed with the products and the shipping. The next test will be customer service, should something go horribly wrong.

This is my forth Gfuel product and I gotta say I'm loving it, the uniqueness of a spicy lemonade is very intriguing to me and I can't wait to try it.

I first heard of Gfuel a while back I'm not sure how but the straw that broke the camels back was Pewdiepie after the junior Pewdiepie shaker cups came out I was convinced to buy it I ended up buying the Pewdiepie starter kit. I tried all the flavors (my favorite was sherbert) I quickly ran out of fuel since there were only 7 or so packs) the next week I saved up and bought a 20 pack of watermelon gotta say pretty good then I got sour pixel potion and then I got sour blue chug run and now after two whole months of no Gfuel, I have finally acquired the Gfuel well I mean in like 2 weeks or so but sill that's pretty epic.

Well I drink energy drinks a lot I have tired Rockstar, Monster, Joker, nos, etc and I still think Gfuel has given me the most energy out of all of them on top of being cheaper per serving fewer calories and some nutrients and stuff

Well, 300mg of caffeine is well its a very... Good amount. I used to drink 2 cups of Gfuel per day one in the morning and one in the afternoon but now I only need to drink one to become an EPIC GAMER

Thank you for reading my review of this product I hope to be purchasing your product in 40 days time :) ( 1 day per serving)

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