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Waited that long had to cancel
We ordered a side board back in November with an expectect delivery on the web site of 4/6 weeks. We received a call a week later explaining the delivery date would be more like 8/10 weeks. I wasnt in a rush so excepted.

THis was the last I heard until I chased in the middle of Jan for an up date and was told its was due late jan early feb at the latest. Again a little disapointed but not long to wait.

Early feb came, no communication! So chased again only this time no replies to emails, no one answered the phone. After checking companies house I became a little more concerned and gave a deadline to communicate with me or i would need to report the transaction as fraudulant. I atteped to call one lat time this time getting through to be told that the items wasnt available and did I want an alternative. I asked for a refund and Furniture In Fashion didnt offer straight away instead put me on hold for a time... they finnaly agreed to refund and send my money back which ill have to wait a further 3-4 days (acceptable with regards to banks).

In summary, they have really great products displayed however they dont hold stock, which could mean large delays on the items you order. Which isnt a problem until you add in their poor communication and lack of service which means that their is no guarantee they will ever be able to confirm a date and have no problem ignoring you while holdign your money.

I wouldnt want to use again.

Help! Good or bad company?
Hi everyone I've been looking on furniture in fashions site and I've found some lovely furniture I really want, the settee looks soo nice and trendy, also a TV cabinet with shelves with led lights. I've nearly completed my order but just when I was about to put my card details in to pay £997 I stopped and thought... this shop is not in the UK how do I even know this is a real company? So I decided to look up the reviews and what did I find? So many bad comments and alot of negative feedback! There's also alot of 5*S which I find a load ov bull... that's obviously them! What shall I do?

Average product, overpriced and terrible service.
After browsing their website I made a few initial enquires about delivery of furniture and had real problems getting answers out of anyone over the phone or on their online chat facility. That should have been enough to warn me off but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I went ahead and ordered a dining table and chairs from their website. The chairs came quickly enough using one delivery company, but the table for some reason came through another and I had nothing but problems getting that delivery sorted. It took two months, dozens of phone calls and 3 separate deliveries to finally get it sorted and even then the table was delivered with some damage. The delivery company wasn't interested in dealing with any complaint and Furniture in Fashion aren't any more helpful.
Furniture In Fashion refused to give me any information about their complaints process and I was told "computer says no" again and again when trying to get anything done. Their customer service phone lines are often not answered and even then it's 50/50 whether the person on the other end will actually be able to understand what you're saying and vice versa.
The online ticketing system is very complicated and seems deliberately set up to make it difficult to raise any issues.
The quality of the furniture is very average bordering on poor quality, although it looks decent it's definitely not worth the money.
It has been a nightmare dealing with this company and it's partners and I would not recommend them to anyone.

We eventually received our goods, a wardrobe, a shoe...
We eventually received our goods, a wardrobe, a shoe storage unit and a TV stand. I assembled the wardrobe and the TV stand and upon unpacking the glass shelf I, realised that the wrong piece of glass had been sent. The one I opened was way too big. I then tackled the shoe storage unit to find that there were no handles, no legs and that the usual bag of fittings was missing altogether!

This is when our woes began. A pile of useless parts stored, awaiting the correct components for months! We tried to phone the company to be told lie after lie about the replacements. Furniture In Fashion even sent confirmation that the parts were going to be dispatched. Even the real threat of being taken to court under the Sale of Goods act, produced nothing but the promise of the missing items, even though by this time I had lost all patience and had demanded a refund.

So my advice, along with many others is... Don't even consider buying from these people. They have no understanding of After Sales Service of customer care. There are many reputable companies out there selling the same products. Move and and buy elswehere! You have been warned!

Worst Company to deal with
I really made a mistake of dealing with them without looking at the reviews...

Placed order for a dinning table... struggled to get a delivery even after 3 weeks... item arrived damaged and taken back by the driver... company took another 2 weeks to refund my money... consider myself very lucky to have received full refund without any deductions

I feel the people with whom you exchange e-mails like Nick and Alex don't exist... you hardly get a change to speak to people with this British (or English) accent over the phone... seem to be some doggy company with call centre based in some asian country...

People have no updates on your order status... customer service is not reachable... you will feel frustrated having dealt with this company... don'y pay them as you risk a delayed refund with some deduction on account of delivery or damage to goods... I feel this is how Furniture In Fashion make money

You might find the item cheaper elsewhere... if bought directly from the supplier... you might same around 25-35% of the price you paid to FIF and all the hassle

My personal advice... STAY AWAY FROM THEM

Unfortunately have to select 1 star... they don't even deserve this

Order Number: 130202

I recently bought a shoe cabinet from these cowboys. Upon assembly, we discovered that one of the holes was too big, which caused a crack in the item. When we told them about it, Furniture In Fashion said that it was our fault for causing a crack and that we should pay for replacement parts.

They have since decided to offer the replacement parts for free, but only if we pay an extortionate delivery fee for them. Their intransigence is utterly staggering, while I echo the frustration of a previous poster who laments the ticket system and the demand for photographs to be provided. Contrast this with other furniture companies, who are only too glad to help when an item is delivered with a fault.

The gall of these people to say that I have caused the damage when it was their shoddy craftsmanship that was to blame takes the breath away.

Their customer service department is a joke: a sickening mix of rudeness, arrogance and smugness that is truly off-putting.

I was looking for a coffee table and found the perfect...
I was looking for a coffee table and found the perfect one on furniture in fashion. Furniture In Fashion delivered the table in good time and I was really excited when it arrived! My husband put the table together only to find a huge chip on the edge of the table. It was very noticeable so we took apart the table and put it back in it's box. The next day I went to ring furniture in fashion to organise for them to collect it and provide a full refund. I went onto their website and they don't have a telephone number for refunds - they only way you can organise a refund is to fill in an online form. I filled in the online form, submitted it, along with pictures and waited 10 days, still no response. I emailed their customer service but with no response. By this point I felt like they had sent us a faulty item and stolen money from us. After 14 days, I contacted the courier company and they organised to pick it up. I still hadn't heard back from furniture in fashion and the courier said they had nothing to do with refunds, just that they will take it back to their warehouse. I assume we will receive our 170 pound refund - however, I STILL haven't heard from them. This would be the worst online experience I have ever had and I do a lot of online shopping. They should just stick to their showroom in the UK and not sell furniture online. I hope I receive my refund, if not then I'm not sure what I can do as there is absolutely no way to contact them except filling out forms online. Yet they don't even get back to you - it is all automated responses.
I will not recommend furniture in fashion to anyone I know. Do not put yourself through the hassle. There are plenty of other furniture stores online who know how to run an online business and who know how to treat consumers properly.

Terrible company, appalling customer service
I bought 2 items from this company. I was very happy with one item (a TV stand) that although not perfect was absolutely fine for its intended use. This review concerns the company's approach when I tried to return a faulty item.

The second item was a coffee table that was sold as having a lift up lid. I paid someone to put the table together as I have a broken shoulder. The table wasn't the best quality but I would have been happy if it functioned as sold. The lid simply would not lift up unless a huge force was applied.

I contacted the company to let them know I was really happy with the TV stand but had a big problem with the coffee table. Their response? Furniture In Fashion completely ignored my feedback on the TV stand and sent me the most offcious reply I have ever read from a company, in which they included the following sentences:

We acknowledge the receipt of your email which you have sent in reference to your order (number) in which you have CLAIMED that you have some issue with the Raymond Coffee Table.

However, we will investigate your issue with our relevant department but we would require some video of the product showing issues as CLAIMED by you.

Then right at the end of their email they wrote:

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and will try to get this resolved for you IN LINE WITH OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS; WHICH YOU HAD ACCEPTED PRIOR TO PURCHASING.

So, imagine getting an officious, defensive response that only at the end pays lip service to an apology but then takes the apology back by reminding me that they were only going to sort this out if it was within terms and conditions, and also reminded me that I accepted these terms and conditions (just in case I was in any doubt that I had to work within their terms and conditions!)

What would have been nice to receive was something along the lines of 'I'm really sorry you have a problem, we'll do our best to help you'. So they don't go overboard to instil customer confidence!

Back to the coffee table, as required by Furniture in Fashion, and to demonstrate exactly how difficult this coffee table lid was to lift up I made a video comparing two lid lifting experiences (!) One of our monks bench - a way better quality item, 4 foot wide, made of thick and very solid wood. The other video showed the coffee table (just less than 3 foot wide, made of thin MDF). The force required to lift up the monks bench lid was 11 pounds. The force required to lift up the coffee table lid was over 48 pounds - at this force, the whole table lifted up, but the lid still wouldn't budge. So that means to lift up the coffee table lid, we needed each time to pick up a 6 or 7 year old child!

You would have thought that this video would be enough for a company to realise they'd sold a duff item, not fit for purpose, but oh no... not Furniture in Fashion. They wrote back to say

Thank you for your email with the video,

We will now investigate this with our suppliers and will get back to you with an update.

Please allow us some time to proceed with your request.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a "NO-Reply email" so please revert to (email address quoted)

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and will try to get this resolved for you IN LINE WITH OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS; WHICH YOU HAD ACCEPTED PRIOR TO PURCHASING.

Yes it's those dreaded terms and conditions that creep into every communication that Furniture in Fashion send. I am reminded again that they're only going to help me if it's what they deem to be appropriate. No mention whatsoever of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 that mandates a supplier must refund goods that are not fit for purpose.

You see if a company sells something that is not fit for purpose they are required by this law to refund the money. I clearly demonstrated this in the video and any issues that Furniture in Fashion have with their supplier has nothing to do with me or the sales contract I had with Furniture in Fashion. They do not need to make me wait - they are obligated to refund my money. In their attempts to scare customers into submission by quoting terms and conditions of sale they have forgotten to abide by the very laws they are so insistent on appearing to follow!

So this making me wait for the supplier business has made me curious - I wonder if they are hoping that the supplier tells them that it is perfectly normal for a coffee table to require the weight of a child to be exerted every time it is used!

The other issue I have with Furniture in Fashion is that they keep reminding me with their terms and conditions that all goods have to be dismantled before returning. Now, I already told them that I'm not prepared to pay another £35 to have someone dismantle this faulty coffee table. I am also not obligated by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they have completely ignored this issue.

Overall a dreadful company that I do not recommend.

After numerous phone calls my dining room table arrived...
After numerous phone calls my dining room table arrived over three weeks late. On arrival the delivery team were reluctant to deliver into the dining room which has four steps due to the weight. The self assembly seemed straight forward apart from the sheer weight of the table and legs which took three people to assemble and try and guide together. After several long attempts over three days of assembling and dismantling to retry the support rods which hold the table together do not align with the ready made holes. The table is now left in a dangerous unstable condition. The chrome is also peeling from the cap covers of which some are missing. This item should NEVER be self assembly as it's simply too heavy. I logged complaint through their ticket system and after several failed phone calls and promises to call me back I am still waiting on this being resolved. Extremely poor service, extremely poor quality of product which cost £1100. I have contacted consumer advise and will be taking this further. Unhappy ex customer!

Rubbish poor quality furniture
Paid £189 for a Genie high gloss shoe cabinet to go in kitchen. Paid this high price as kitchen units high gloss and wanted it to match, plus wanted the quality. The Item was filthy dirty with black marks all over the inside, disgusting. The unit itself did not fit together properly - it was very unsturdy, wobbles sided to side, two of the shelves are too short and won't reach the edge shelf holders and-overall it is such poor quality. As we had started to assemble, Furniture In Fashion won't touch it now. I have bought better for 1/4 price in Ikea. Would never buy an item from here again.

DO NOT USE - they take your money and then ignore you
Placed an order on 21st May, money debited from my account 22nd May. No confirmation of order received. Called and was told electronically that their line was busy and I could email. Emailed my concerns and received a automated email response to say that my email had been received and rep would be in touch within 24-48 hours. Waited 48 business hours without a response and so called them again this time leaving a message asking them to contact me urgently. After another 2 days no response so emailed again expressing my concerns and again asking them to contact me asap. No response for the next 2 days so finally tried to call again. Mailbox now full and therefore cannot take messages on one number, the other number gives you options to choose from but when you select them nothing happens you just get the same automated message giving you same the options! Have contacted my bank to register a fraudulent transaction, will be contacting trading standards to report the same. DO NOT USE!

Stay away from this company!
Stay away from this company! I forgot to do research before buying from them. I recently purchased a bed frame from them and it is useless. I am slim built and when I sat on the bed for the first time, the slat broke. It looked dodgy anyway, only two slats made of chipboard - very bad and stupid design.
When I complained, Furniture In Fashion said: it has happened because of wear and tear and they cannot do anything about this.
How come it is because of wear and tear when I only tried to use for the first time? It was reported to them within 2 months of purchase, it took a while to assemble and find a suitable mattress.

How do they think that a couple of chipboard (very weak) would survive on an adult's weight?

The Order Number of this purchase was: 88926 and the item was delivered in October, 2014. A complaint ticket was raised on 24th November, 2014.

Avoid this company! Terrible!
I have ordered a tv unit from this company on 08/09/16 and paid an extra £30 for a Saturday delivery. I have spent the entire Saturday at home as the delivery window is from 8am-5pm and nothing was delivered. I have tried to call the delivery company and Furniture in Fashion at least 20 times but the phones don't work on Saturdays so the clients that need a Saturday delivery are left without any help or support. I called the company on Monday reporting the problem and asked the delivery for the following Saturday which again never happened. Complete waste of time and money. We spent 2 weeks waiting and 2 Saturdays at home for a delivery that never happened and that we have paid extra for it. I called then again the Monday after that and Furniture In Fashion offered the delivery for the next Saturday which I refused for no longer trusting this company and asked a refund on 19/09/16. They told me the refund would take 2-3 working days and after 8 days I still haven't got my money back. Apart from the issue regarding the money I just want to express how I am shocked with the lack of respect that this company treats their customers. I have spent the last week and a half chasing a refund that it was suppose to take 2-3 working days and they don't answer my emails, they don't give me a plausible explanation for this, they don't even take my calls as I have been trying to talk to the person responsible for this. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY BY ALL MEANS! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AFTER THEY TAKE THE MONEY FROM YOU.

Absolutely the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with from the CEO right down to the "after sales service department" Took 7 MONTHS to resolve my claim / Never answer any of the questions in your email ( just the standard pre worded apology text). Furniture In Fashion try to fob you off with insulting offers of compensation for product faults that are clearly a manufacturing fault (WRONG COLOURED PART) then offer £20 then £50 to accept and keep the product like a cheap ill reputed scam company. I lost the will to keep continually arguing with them and settled to get them out of my life. Like others have said if i could give zero I would. Lastly I believe that this company must pay for most of the positive reviews to clear the negative ones from being seen. I would hope that most would see these for what they really are. AVOID THIS AWFUL "COMPANY" Updated surprise surprise a barrage of good reviews follow a bad review LOL


Warning do not buy you will regret it
This is by far the worst company online I have ever encountered. My first negative review. Furniture In Fashion sell their goods by misrepresenting the product. Selling at high prices and then send inferior or damaged goods. If you want to return anything you have to run the gauntlet of their non existent customer services. Then they have the cheek to make you send their crap back.The internet is full of buyers warnings and not just presently. Why they are still trading beats me they must have friends in high places.

I've done a lot of shopping at Furniture in Fashion
I've done a lot of shopping at Furniture in Fashion and it is basically the only place I really shop. Furniture In Fashion have a wonderful policy, very helpful and I'm glad they're there. And they stand behind their product and if there is a problem like a partner thing, they fix it. I have complete confidence in them when I shop there. I don't have to worry about anything that's broken or something that needs to be replaced immediately. They're wonderful, very polite customer service and I've never come across anything different. They're always pleasant.

Disgraceful! Do not use this company or you will be ripped off!
Just in case FIF is reading this, do not post a generic response after this review like you have done with so many other complaints on here claiming you cannot find my order details as here Furniture In Fashion are... order number: 106573 ticket number: 7387.

##This is an updated review to show what happened after my last reviews were completed.
Sorry that this is a little long winded but it will show you what this company is like.

I ordered the milana high gloss coffee table at a cost of £449.50. Absolutely loved the look of the table and the price comparing it with other sites was quite reasonable. Table was despatched and received very quickley... all good so far.
Upon opening of package and taking table out of the box I noticed the table was damaged, some deep scrape's and scratches around the bottom rim as if it had been dragged along a hard surface. Package completely intact so not damaged during transit. So I phoned customer services and was told they couldn't do anything over the phone and I had to raise a ticket on there website (turns out the system one of the most annoying and difficult things I've had to deal with In a while). First response was I needed more pictures... fair enough... second response accusing me of dragging the Item along the floor during the use of it and offering a 10% refund if I keep the damaged item. How dare they accuse me of that why would I do that with something I've just purchased. So I wrote them a colorful response and told them to send a courier as per there terms and conditions. Nope turns out they will not do this so I just wanted to put and end to the whole thing and sent it back via TNT. This cost me £150. So I got my next response saying that they received it and it had extra damage on it so they were deduction £100 from my refund and i would have to claim this from my courier. This sounds like complete bulL# to me as the package was completely shielded from damage like the pics they sent me showed. Asked them for more pics so I could make a claim with TNT and said flat out no they weren't sending me what I required.

###Update (below are the emails they sent me trying to blackmail me into removing my reviews in order to get my refund)

Dear Steven #####,
This email is regarding.
For your order no: - 106753.
We have receive a review from Trust Pilot regarding that you have faced some hassles for your order item while return the same and we are sorry to hear for the same.
Allow me to introduce myself, hi Iâm Amelia from Furniture in fashion customer support and I have gone through the history of your order and from the same I found that we have try our level best help you to resolve the issue for your return damage item. We have provided you the clear images from the same you can claim from TNT courier, as from the image I can refer that the item is damage with packaging image.
If still you want the images we can provide the same and from the same you can claim with TNT courier, packaging image in close-up the damage. If TNT is not accepting the claim then kindly let me know at ******* I will discussed you matter one more time with our management and do the needful accordingly.
We shall wait for your response.
Kind regards,
Furniture In Fashion.
Steven ##### (Client) Posted On: 21 September 2015 12:23 PM
First thing to say you DID NOT send me my requested pictures where I asked for a close up of the damage AND the internal of the package. You did not provide these. I will not be making a claim with my courier as I do not believe the damage was caused during transit as the table was completely encased in polystyrene and the damage shown to the box would still not damage the table.
I have spoken to citizens advice and been advised to take your company to the small claims court where I will receive a FULL refund for the table, and also the courier costs I incurred due to you not honouring your terms and conditions to send a courier to retrieve damaged goods. You will also be liable to pay the full court costs for this.
However, I'd like to resolve this fairly and give you a chance to reimburse me for all my costs incurred in dealing with Furniture in Fashion, before I take this matter further.
I would like refunded to me the deduction to my refund of £99.95 and also my courier costs of £146.45. ( I can supply the invoice for this)
If this does not happen I will be raising a small claims against your company, also I will be reporting this to BBC watchdog as a clear breach of trading standards.
If you give me a full refund of everything I have lost dealing with your company I will consider this matter closed and remove my review from trust pilot, Google reviews and ReviewFeeder.
I await Your response.
Steven Wilkinson
Nick FIF (Staff) Posted On: 21 September 2015 01:09 PM
Dear Steven ####,
Thank you for your reply.
We would like to inform you that we have tried our level best to resolve your issue at the earliest.
Moreover we have also provided you with the photographs you have asked for whether they were of internal packaging or of external packaging to make yourselves comfortable to claim for the damaged item with your courier, please find the images which are attached again for your ease.
However, as per your grievances we are sorry to hear that your claim has been denied by the courier for the damages caused by them.
We have raised your case to upper department and we have been informed that we can refund you with £50.00 to resolve your issue and to remove your review from every review website.
We appreciate your co-operation and understanding in this behalf.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Furniture In Fashion
Steven ###### (Client) Posted On: 21 September 2015 03:10 PM
Please read my previous Email again as I don't think you have understood it.
I am currently £250 out of pocket dealing with Furniture in Fashion. You did not comply to your own terms and conditions by having to arrange my own courier to return damaged goods supplied by yourselves.
The claim was not denied by my courier as I didn't submit a claim to them due to you not providing me of what I had asked for, this is stated in my first E-mail.
Frankly a £50 refund is an insult considering what I have lost. The reviews will stay online until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached.
If you do not refund me the total amount I have lost (I have proof of this) then I will be filing the forms and I will take FiF to the small claims court.
Nick FIF (Staff) Posted On: 22 September 2015 12:06 PM
Dear Steven ######,
Thank you for your reply.
As per your query we would like to inform you that in the first instance you have informed us that you don't like the item and you would like to return it to us, moreover as per our provided Terms and Condition which you have accepted prior to purchase of the order you have to arrange your own courier to return the item back to us.
However, we would like to inform you that we have again discussed your matter with our Management and they have informed us that we can provide you with a best possible refund of £99.95 to resolve your grievances and to remove feedback but we cannot provide you with the courier charges that you have bear to return the item back to us.
Lastly, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot provide you with the refund of the amount which is about half of the cost of the item.
We appreciate your co-operation in this behalf.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Furniture in Fashion
Steven ###### (Client) Posted On: 23 September 2015 01:42 PM
First of all I did not inform you that I did not like the furniture in fact I loved it, I informed you that the furniture was damaged and as such from your own terms and conditions you were to provide the return courier not me. If you had have stuck to your own terms, provided the courier and gave the refund (like a reasonable company) then we wouldn't be going through this whole circus.
I have now had enough of this whole saga and would like to put it to an end,
Therefore I will accept your refund offer and will change the review when the refund clears.
If I do not receive the refund agreed by you right away, then I will have no hesitation in taking this matter further.
Nick FIF (Staff) Posted On: 23 September 2015 03:22 PM
Dear Steven ######,
Thank you for your reply.
We are happy to know that you have accepted our offer for refund for the amount of £99.95 to resolve the matter.
However, we request you if you can please provide us with the screen shot of the changed review as a loyalty so that we can process with your refund amount.
We assure that once that once the review gets changed on review centers we will process with your refund on the very same day.
We appreciate your co-operation in this behalf.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Furniture In Fashion

Steven ###### (Client) Posted On: 24 September 2015 11:02 AM
Not sure how I can take a screenshot of something that is deleted as it won't prove anything... but my review has now been deleted as you can see from the following link showing your company reviews on trustpilot.
Https :// (link deleted but check truspilot you can find a million other bad reviews)
So please refund my account today and we can call this matter finally closed.
Nick FIF (Staff) Posted On: 24 September 2015 03:32 PM
Dear Steven ######,
As per our previous mail we would like to inform you that you need to provide us the screen shot of the changed review as a loyalty so that we can process with your refund amount.
Can we please confirm that the Positive review has been left for us before so we proceed with the refund
We appreciate your co-operation in this behalf.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Furniture In Fashion
Steven ###### (Client) Posted On: 28 September 2015 07:51 AM
I'm not sure I fully understood your last message, could you please confirm that in order to receive my refund you require me to leave a positive review on trust pilot?
Nick FIF (Staff) Posted On: 28 September 2015 03:12 PM
Dear Steven ######,
Thank you for your swift reply.
As discussed earlier, we would like to inform you that we can provide you with refund of £99.95 provided that you will remove the negative review from all the review centers and turn them into positive review.
However, we request you to please provide us the screen shot of the changed review as a loyalty so that we can process with your refund amount asap.
We appreciate your co-operation so far...!
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Steven #####(Client) Posted On: 29 September 2015 07:17 AM
Hi Nick
Thank you for confirming your threat and providing me with evidence of how FIF conducts it's business.
I wonder if you even realise that you have committed a criminal offence and tried to blackmail me into leaving positive feedback by witholding an agreed refund.
I am now informing you that I am going to submit court papers and take FIF to the small claims court where I will get back every penny that you owe me.
In addition to this I will be posting an updated and honest review of your company, which will include the transcript of this conversation and your underhand tactics to extort positive feedback from your customer.
Nick FIF (Staff) Posted On: 29 September 2015 03:33 PM
Dear Steven #####,
Thank you for your reply.
We would like to inform you that we have provide you with the refund of £99.95 to resolve your issue as a final settlement and also to remove the negative review and to change it in positive one as a loyal customer.
However, we would like to inform you that we do not force any customer to accept the amount from us and put positive review for us.
We have provided you with the refund offer as you have informed us that you were facing issue with claiming damages with your courier as the item was damaged by your courier.
Moreover, we would like to inform you that the offer made to you for the amount is only a gesture of goodwill to resolve the issue.
We will now wait for your reply for our provided offer.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Furniture In Fashion
Steven #### (Client) Posted On: 30 September 2015 08:45 AM
Are you for real, you have just repeated the same thing back to me.
I accepted your offer last week and removed the review and now you are still demanding I leave a positive review or you will not process the refund.
Why would I leave you a positive review after the way you have conducted this process. If you had have stuck to your own terms and conditions when I first reported the problem to you then we wouldn't be having all this trouble.
So I can tell you in no uncertain terms that not in a million years will I leave positive feedback and I am certainty not a loyal customer as I would never buy from you again.
Please read my last message again as I am not going to repeat myself, I have given you every opportunity to refund me and put an end to this but clearly you will not, so as far as I am concerned our discussion is over and I will be filing court papers on Friday when I return to the UK.
Dear Steven ####,
Thank you for your reply.
As per your previous we would like to inform you that you have agreed and confirmed with us that you will remove your negative review and amend the review for us on review center.
However, we have discussed your case with our relevant department and we are pleased to inform you that we will proceed with your refund for the amount of £99.95 via PayPal and it will take 3-5 working days from the mode where we have received the payments from you for your order.
Please allow us some time.
We appreciate your co-operation in this behalf.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Furniture In fashion.
Steven #### (Client) Posted On: 07 October 2015 04:11 PM
It is now day 5 and no refund has found its way to me.
You have until the close of business tomorrow for the refund to be in my account or I will be filing my county court papers against you.
Dear steven ######,
Thank you for contacting us back.
We are extremely sorry to know that your refund of £99.95 has not been process and we really apologize for that.
We had had the status of your order with our relevant department and found that due to some errors with our Paypal account from last few days, we were unable to process the refunds of our customers and can only apologize for that.
However, we had again transferred your request to our upper department and we assure that your Refund of £99.95 will be processed by the end of tomorrow via Paypal.
Please allow us some more time.
We will appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation with us.
Thank you.
Kind Regards
Furniture In Fashion
Support Team

Finally received my refund:-) still £150 out of pocket:-(

Please do not buy from this company or you may have the pleasure of talking to Nick for a couple of months.

Useless company
Useless company - unreliable communications & untrustworthy service & 10 pound cancellation charge – avoid at all costs!

I ordered a coffee table from this company over the web and got an email receipt but then heard nothing back from them. So 2 days later I got in touch to find out what was going on with my delivery. I was told Furniture In Fashion had checked their stock and found one in the warehouse but it had a scratched glass shelf so they would have to backorder a new one which would take 5-10 days. Fair enough I thought, I would rather wait a week for a new item then get a scratched one.

So the following week I still had not heard anything so I got in touch again. I was then told it would take 10-15 days plus another week for delivery. OK I thought I'm gonna have to wait because I don't seem to have much choice.

Finally after waiting for 3 weeks I phoned again. I was then told that item was on order and would be arriving in another 5 days and would then be sent out. At this point I told them I wanted to cancel my order as I was sick of waiting and being fobbed off. They then made it clear that they couldn't take cancellations on the phone and I would have to raise a ticket which I duly did, but then didn't hear anything again for another 2 days! So I phoned them up feeling pretty angry and asked them to cancel my order and send me confirmation by email. Eventually someone said they would do this and issue a full refund.

Later that day I received another call from a desperate sounding salesman – lo and behold - they'd looked in their warehouse and found the glass shelf for the coffee table. Apparently it had been missing all this time and was not, as I was previously told, so scratched that they couldn't send it out. Hmmmm, this bunch of liars can't even get their story straight!

Anyway eventually I received a refund, minus 10 pounds as a standard cancellation fee.

So my experience of this company is that they make no effort to keep you informed of what's going on, they make it difficult to get a refund and they make stuff up to keep you happy. All in all a very stressful experience which resulted in me being 10 pounds poorer.

Happily though after all of this had happened I then found another store ( which was selling the same item at just over half the price (189GBP vs 335GBP). I ordered and had it delivered within a week:-)

Well, I've experienced the same and wasted £500 but...
Well, I've experienced the same and wasted £500 but after all the stress/calls/emails (all fake peoples names/email addresses) and reading all the reviews and going via trading standards I've now decided I'm going up there to sort these bastards out. Why don't a few dozen of you come with me? I'm going to organise a group facebook page and protest them being allowed to trade. Companies house says Furniture In Fashion are 500k liable against 7k cash at bank so how are they going to refund/replace? It's become a matter of principle for us now. I've been on to local newspapers and have men and a van ready. I'm going to expose them for the lying dodgy outfit they are.

Do not use furniture in fashion
Ordered two items totalling over £700, first item, had various parts missing, including all screws and instructions, second item, top of sideboard completely cracked. Customer services were not helpful, you have to send a 'ticket off' to report your issues, then Furniture In Fashion ask for pictures, many times over. After 3 days of consent emails and stress, I asked for a refund and was told 'you may get one, you may not' and the phone was put down. Luckily for me I paid by credit card so my bank dealt with it. Do not order from them

Returned goods within 7 days, after calling them 3 times and being promises a call back which never happened I finally managed to get them to agree a refund. Furniture In Fashion refunded my money £50 short. I then spent a week calling customer services and leaving messages as instructed but they didn't call back. I also emailed which also went unanswered. I then rang the sales line who put me through to customer services only because I refused to get off the line until one of them where free.
Customer services then told me it was a delivery charge even though the goods where advertised as free delivery. One hour later no joy refused point blank to refund my money.
Worst company I have ever dealt with.

Poor customer service even worse product
Dire customer service and even worse product.

Delivery showed up three hours late at 7pm, with damaged packaging. The person I hired to build the huge two door wardrobe had to leave. I rang the next day and complained but Furniture In Fashion have since denied the conversation happened.

Eventually when the guy did come come back days later to again try build it he found pieces of wood in the delivery that were warped and other parts that had damage on the surface layers, but it was either press on, or he would charge us twice for the work.

The quality of the back panels in the wardrobe is atrocious although not surprising for flat pack rubbish like this.

I have tried to talk to them to complain, but they are taking no responsibility for the botched delivery or the issues, telling to dismantle it and send the damaged parts back, ignoring everything I have told them.

If you order from this company, don't accept delivery if it turns up late and expect the parts to be damaged or broken as the quality is dreadful and the company they use to deliver it are incompetent.

Do not use this company!
I had been looking for a contemporary gloss TV cabinet and found some out of the ordinary pieces on this site... I debated whether to order given the mixed reviews... I decided to go for it as I couldn't find what I wanted else where. The first issue was delivery... quoted dispatched in 2 days, it was, to a third party who then I was informed would deliver in approx 7 working days.
Secondly when we started to assemble the flat pack many of the pre drilled holes indicated on the instructions were not done and had to be drilled. There was a number of marks and scratches on the gloss panels, some you can't see but many you can. I have emailed the company on numerous occasions and sent images of the damaged areas, 7 in total. The reply states as I had started to assemble the product I had in effect accepted that it was in excellent condition on receipt of product therefore Furniture In Fashion accept no responsibility for the faults. As a customer good will they offered £9.99! I declined! I would advise to shop elsewhere or risk disappointment and loosing your money!

Wanted to purchase a new product. Rang the sales & customer service who were not helpful at all. I wanted to see the product before parting with £700. I was told to keep calling back as the product will be put in the showroom. After 2 weeks of calls. I was informed the product will not be going on display. This made me Google the company for reviews. I am glad I didn't just purchase as most items come damaged. Noway am I now willing to pay £700 for an item that may come faulty but is described as new. A refund is impossible to get after purchase according to reviews. No answer when calling the showroom for 2 weeks to speak with someone other than sales. Bad customer service not helpful at all. Lost my custom through this.

Lethal glass dining table
I'm afraid to use this table now. Was sooo heavy to assemble and we needed help. Assembly instructions were abominable, with no written instructions - only meagre and inaccurate drawings. Nothing shown at all on how to extend the table leaves - it's glass and not easy to do. Extra parts not shown on the drawings that were lethal in their sharpness, husband cut his hand on one part. Wish to hell I'd sent it back, but persevered instead to get it together. Now it "clangs" when anything is put onto the surface, I've got a table protector on it. I informed the company that Furniture In Fashion need to tell their suppliers about dire assembly instructions, but the table has turned out to be a real shoddy piece of work! Feedback from the company originally with demands for photos and if sending back, original packing, with photos again. I truly hope - for the company - and my sake - that this table does not cause a serious accident to life or limb - as I'll be suing them for sure. Left with a scary & unusable table - at some expense to us for now.

Terrible and unprofessional
Ordered 400 pounds worth of dining chairs and one arrived without a base... so I called up "customer services" to find not one person was interested in offering me a verbal apology but directed me to an online form without an assurance another base would be dispatched that day so that there would be minimal inconvenience to me... very disappointed with this company and most certainly will not ever buy from them again nor will I recommend them to anyone else. I would rather be another 400 pounds out of pocket than deal with this atrocious company or their staff again.
Terrible customer service which has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Absolutely Shocking Customer Service!
Avoid this company and purchase elsewhere!
I purchased an item early December, the item arrived damaged and the process to get it exchanged was like pulling teeth.
The replacement item was then finally delivered which was also damaged!
Once again the customer service was absolutely shocking with them using every excuse and delay tactic possible for me to return the item and get a refund.
Do not purchase from this company with poor quality items and absolutely shocking customer service! You have been warned.

Buyers buy it at on your own risk!
Stay away from this company for your peace of mind! I had ordered for a dining table and 6 chairs. First of all the whole order took 2 months to arrive for which Furniture In Fashion were good in terms of keeping me posted. Once the products arrived; the chairs we received were not of good make/quality hence we decided to return or exchange it against other chairs. We were shocked to know that we have to bear the return charges. This was never told to us. We were always told by their customer service rep. That we could try the chair and return it if we are not comfortable and the return should be within 14 days. Also; there are no reviews on a particular product on their website so how can anyone buy a particular product just based on a picture and description given by company?

Finally; i had also demanded for call recordings of our previous conversation which they declined very rudely stating they cannot share with me. This company is good in misleading. I also asked them to refund based on "Sales of goods act 1979" but they kept repeating the same thing that i have to bear the return charges; which i am not willing to.

Terrible quality. It's cheap quality of * for 10 times more expensive. Huge ripoff
I ordered the Stanley 3 Tier Bookcase in white.

It certainly looks much better in the pictures than it does in actuality.

The quality is dreadful. The wood looks so cheap. Paid £160 for the same quality of wooden bookcase you'd get for £30 at *. Seriously. It's ridiculous.

Also, for that price, the whole thing has to be assembled by us, which takes lots of time, and several parts arrived dented.

All in all, the bookcase looks like it would belong in a kid's playroom, such is the poor quality of the wood, it almost looks like fake wood, the white paint job and polish was very poor.

What a rip off. Served me right: I'll never buy any type of furniture of this kind online, ever again. Better double check in person; or look at pictures from people that actually own the furniture, instead of the glossy and photoshopped pictures that companies like this one have for display on their websites.


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