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Horrible Experience Likely a Scam - Don't Order If You Expect To Receive
Horrible experience. Ordered for my father's 75th birthday. Received an email that there was an attempted delivery. However my parents were home all day. Called company to confirm and was told the email I received was a glitch. Called back after the delivery window closed and was them told it wasn't a glitch but attempted delivery took place. Requested a refund and laughed. Assuming now this is a scam and the $100+ will not be refunded. Will update if refund is received.

Missed the Mark!
It was very expensive! The photos of each offered on the website itself looks beautiful! are not as full as EdibleArrangements. They are just as pricy if not more considering what you get! The pineapple was cut that left it looking more like a home project. The chocolate on the pineapple was smeared and not consistent in size. The oranges looked to be again cut by hand as you can see pieces are lifted on the fruit. It was no were near as "professionally done" as the pics appear and the price would suggest! It came to $104 plus tax/delivery/etc. I even bought a groupon for $13. To give me $30 off and still paid such. This was sent as a gift for a 1 year anniversary. It was a bit humiliating to see such a spacious, inconsistent, lack of quality fruit, all around very amature basket again with accounting for what I spent! I will not be ordering from this site again! The quality does not appear to be there to justify the price! I will say the out of state location did delivery the basket, I did not receive a conformation of delivery, or a survery hence I am here to leave a review! Do not waste your time, money or leave your reputation in question. Go straight to Edible Arr. And get what you pay for and more! Hope this helps. The first pic is that of what is advertised the 2nd is the basket my recipients received. Needless to say I am very disappointed!

The overall response from the recipient was satisfaction with the quality of the product. However, when I inquired whether or not the Mylar Happy Birthday Balloon accompanied the order, the recipient's response was: "What Balloon?" Somewhat disappointing, considering the whole point of the gift was for a birthday. I have contacted business directly by e-mail, to ask for explanation, or at the very least, to credit my account for the cost of the balloon. Guess that is the chance you take, when you place an order for a gift to be delivered out-of-state.


Poor customer service
I spoke with Mary whom is a supervisor for this company her employee number #15400 because her representative provided the wrong information about the groupons for the bouquets. I was on the phone with him and I had just only the 1 Groupon for $15 I purchased and it was a value of $30. I ask him on the phone since my total was so high if I could purchase another one and redeem it on the same order and he said yes. While I'm purchasing another one he is on the phone waiting I provide him with both and then tells me he's sorry and that I'm going to have to call Groupon to request a refund. ME! Because he was incorrect. I was already on the phone with this man 20 minutes going through the whole order and last minute tells me he can't do it. I'm like okay can I speak to a manager and he transfers me to Mary. She gets on the phone offering no resolution once so ever other then she talk with him and that I'm going to have to contact Groupon. So I am waiting for a call back from there managers because this is just ridiculous now I didn't purchase anything and going to have to request a refund from Groupon for both because now I don't want provide any business to this company! I'll update if I ever receive a phone call from upper management because you know how get they never really care so well see.

Horrible horrible horrible
My mother sent me a mothers day gift. It was absolutely horrible. She paid for the biggest basket. The fruit was on one side of the basket. gave me 3 chocolate covered strawberries 2 chocolate 3 chocolate covered pineapples. 2 small grapes on each of three sticks. It was just a horrible presentation. They gave me the rind of the cantaloupe and honey dew melon. Then they didn't include my ballon and the note was hand written on a piece of white paper like my kindergarten son wrote it. Smh. It was horrible. Amd delivered almost 9oclock at night. Im a full time nurse. And after working for 26hrs straight coming home to my kids and gifts that was a blessing within itself but to know that my mother spent a decent amount of money for something special for her baby girl and this was the product its horrible and disgraceful! I would not recommend this company to anyone at all!

Don't order from this company
I placed an order for my granddaughter who's 5 still has not arrived yet it was for her graduation during this virus then I asked where it was coming from and the company said couldn't disclose where the product came from even though it was local this seems very odd to me that you can't give out a company who's making food for people and let people know where the product comes from not to mention they can't even guarantee the order will even come and if it does come it'd be either late at night or the next day or not at all do not order from this company I suggest edible arrangements 100%, this company is terrible

Don't trust this company!
I placed an order on a Sunday for a birthday delivery the following Tuesday, plenty of time you would think. I even set up an account to get delivery updates. Well, today is the day and no updates. So I called and couldn't find the order. But my credit card was charged. When I asked them if they could deliver it today, they said they could not and on top of it, I needed to contact my credit card company to cancel the transaction. They are terrible. I picked up the phone and placed an order with Ediblearrangements for same day, with the same price I would have paid, and it is being delivered no problems. Save yourself the aggravation and skip with company.

Worst service ever
Placed an order on the 28th that was supposed to delivered on the 29th. On the 29th around 1:00pm started trying to verify my order online. After several failed attempts I placed a call to check the status, representative kept placing me on hold, finally came back with a status that my order was not going to be delivered saying that there was a problem with the delivery person, as if that was my problem. Stating the earliest it could be delivered would be Monday 1st if March. I get things happen and would have been ok with tha if had called me or emailed me to let me know there was a problem. Then the rep wanted to keep repeating the status and my option after I told her to cancel. I hate when businesses don't do their due diligence and when they are called on poor service try to do a double talk and want to try to sell me on bad service...
This order was of very poor quality. The fruit was hard except for the watermelon. The wrong balloon was sent; ordered a Happy Anniversary Balloon and a Happy Birthday Balloon was sent. The actual fruit bouquet looked nothing like the website photo. This fruit bouquet was not worth $75.00, I received much, much better fruit gifts from edible arrangement at half the cost. This was an embarrassment to me. I wanted something special for my Sister-in-laws 36th Wedding Anniversary and that received this thing. This was the first and last time I will ever use,

Wow is this it?
I ordered a Simply Chocolate Celebrate Spring Gift Basket for my daughter for Mothers Day. It looked really nice and full. Ordered on Tuesday for a Friday delivery. Friday comes and goes, no delivery. After sending emails I found out it was delivered but on Thursday. Son in law got the package and thought it was the book he ordered. Really, in a box just a little bigger than a hard cover book? No nice wrapping like you see on the website, no knock on the door, no confirmation email like they're suppose to do. Seriously, send a gift card and skip this junk.

My Mother was beyond impressed:-)
I ordered my mother the Lg choc fruit bouquet arrangement and Choc strawberriesw/balloon and it was a surprise and an amazing one apparently:-) she was very impressed and is enjoying this as I write you:-) She said fruit was So fresh, choc strawberries are her favorite. Everything was PERFECT down the balloon and message on her card. I am in New Hampshire so she sent me the pictures:-) THANK YOU again for the A+ service and product, shes had a hard couple weeks she needed a smile:-) EVERYTHING was Perfect!
Nicole Buchanan

This company is a JOKE! I ordered from them thinking were similar to Edible Arrangements but I was so wrong. First of all, my order went through twice and when I called to cancel one of them, the agent on the phone assured me that they took care of it. However, both orders were still delivered and they were not at all what was shown in the picture. In no way, shape, or form. I have every reason to believe that these people stole pictures from the real Edible Arrangements and are advertising them as their own. They took almost $300 dollars from my account just to deliver pure garbage. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. 0/5 STARS.

Very Disappointed
I placed a same day order at 9am for a very special occasion & at 8:40pm I saw that the order still wasn't delivered... when I called customer service the gentleman over the phone stated to me that can't guarantee same day delivery even though it's on the website. Only after I made a post on FB an hour later it was delivered - an order placed at 9am didn't get delivered till almost 10pm the day was almost over I'm only giving it 2 stars because at least it was actually delivered but I'm still disappointed plus I paid for 2 mylar congratulations balloons & my friends were delivered 1 red heart balloon

Do not waste your money or time! I ordered days in advance, called the day of the ensure it would be delivered while someone was home. Only to be told the delivery period is between 9am-8pm and there is nothing can do about that. So I'm supposed to sit at home alllll day & just wait? I asked for them to cancel my order & issue a refund & was told they would.

Fast forward to 6 pm, we get back home & the bouquet of FRUITS is sitting on the GROUND! I called again & they offered me 50% refund. I am so upset! Please save yourselves the worries.

Never Delivered: Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Looks like I'm not alone in regards to company not delivering chocolate covered strawberries! I placed an order on January 25th for delivery on February 13th. February 13th came and went... I called on the 14th and promised it would be delivered by 8 pm. February 14th came and went then I called back and they promised that it would be delivered on February 15th. Suffice it to say - still no strawberries and they had the nerve to say they would place the order again? Seriously, after 3 times you think something is going to change. Either this company doesn't have it's act together or their local vendors don't want to work with them! It's time for the parent company to get involved as I have never had t his problem with any of the other outfits.

Delivered a $100 bouquet to the wrong address during Covid
First let me say to order was easy, taking my payment was easy but tiring to track down a bouquet of flowers & teddy bear for a family member who just lost their grandmother was the WORST. Thee family member was not home so instead of them CALLING the number ask for on the order THEY DROPPED THE ORDER OFF AT A NEIGHBORS HOUSE which the family member doesn't speak too. They left a freakin note to say this. The neighbor NEVER brought the flowers over which resulted in her having to call her rental office to track them down. Calling customer service was even more hell... the calls are outsourced so I couldn't understand what they were saying for one, they had me on hold for over 20 minutes when I asked for a supervisor & when I requested a refund (before tracking down the neighbor) they refused. Pay with PayPal with this company. I always try to resolve issues first before going crazy but this company will NEVER get my money. Y'all can't even deliver things correctly.

I am saddened that Fruit Bouquet ruined my daughter's 21st Birthday gift from us. She is very ill and loves edible arrangements. The balloon was delivered to her popped and the top of the sticks (where fruit should be and the fruit had fallen. The arrangement looked shuffled and dropped. I did their online chat 4 TIMES. disconnected on me ALL 4 TIMES! One agent said," I will give you some free product codes for future purchases and a $20 credit that would be emailed to me." Never happened! Another agent said, they'd resend everything by yesterday and guess what? She never received it! I looked online and it said it's scheduled for today... and only the arrangement, NOT another balloon? Unbelievable!
I bought their ridiculous membership that has this tag line attached to everything, "Hey, Passport Valued Member! Enjoy Free Shipping/No Service Charge on today's order!" There isn't one edible arrangement that can be sent the same day! I try to be positive and understanding especially during this pandemic. Unfortunately, some people just don't care to make things right. If you're looking for a good, quality edible arrangement with awesome customer service, go to Same day shipping and FRESH fruit. I did screen-record our chats, so no denying anything! I hope this saves someone a headache and heartache.

Promo Code Not Honored
I had a promo from Groupon, which is the only reason I tried a company with such low reviews. I was forced to click my payment type, PayPal, before entering the promo. This sent the purchase through. I had no button to modify or cancel the order to add the promo code. I clicked the chat button on the website, no chat started. I went to "contact us" only to be told that was a broken link. I went through Facebook and was told I would get a call back, didn't. Followed up to push for the call back nearly a week later and was told to use the $30 discount in my next order. Sent an email in and was now told the promo expired... Yes, because it's a week later. It wasn't expired when I did my purchase. So I purchased overpriced chocolate strawberries, with expensive delivery, and was unable to use my Groupon. There was NO WAY to cancel my order and NO ONE to talk to who could help. Do not use this company.

Very disappointed
Last Friday I decided to order fruit and chocolates for a sick friend. I ordered and was told it would be delivered the same day and gave us a confirmation number. Later I received a phone call statIng were very sorry but that the florist was overwhelmed and could not deliver our order. They said for our inconvenience they would send a $20.00 gift card and they would deliver our order before noon on Monday. We did not hear anything on Monday so we called around3:30 to see what happened. After holding for 45 minutes she came back on to say it was not delivered and would not be delivered because they could not get a hold of the vender. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after holding another 20 minutes she stated she was very sorry that it could not be delivered that day maybe tomorrow. At the point we asked for the order to be cancelled and made other arrangements. This was very embarrassing since we had already notified the recipient. Thank god for choice and options. Your services will never be needed again.

Disgruntled Customer

Took all day to get
Please know before you order, the delivery window is rediculous. 9am-8pm. It is my sons birthday and I literally spent $110 dollars on a fruit bouquet. Here is is 3:15 in the afterrnoon and it still has not been delivered. When I called, could not help me at all. She couldnt even give me the name of the company that is making the arrangement. There was no way she could have contacted them to get a better time frame. They just get an email stating that it ia being made and when it is delivered. I WILL NOT USE THIS again. Call edible arrangements and just spend the extra few dollars. That way you have the actually company name and you can track your order. I so very disappointed.

Let me first start off by saying this company is running a scam. I placed my online order 3 days prior to the delivery date & I noticed there was a double charge to my account! Customer service was near impossible to get ahold of. Long wait times, dropped phone calls, and evasive answers. Basically if you get lucky enough to get a hold of an actual person, customer service is extremely vague and unprofessional! The guy on the phone told me i was unable to cancel my order because their vendor had "confirmed" my order thus validating the double charge. Once i asked to explain why double charge people, he kept repeating that the second charge is a "valid charge" and would drop off in 3-5 business days and told me to call my bank. I then asked what their vendor was and he was unable to disclose that information to me. How is that even legal. Such practices are appalling and I wish i had never ordered from them and i hope that this review will ruin their reputation and expose the con artists that they are. Do not at all costs order from them unless you want to be lied to and ripped off. I never in my life had taken the time to write a review like this but the people have the right to know.

Treat All Customers The Same With Quality Service!
This is a company and on my credit card bill it states Shari's Berries or www,, and I probably will not order from them again. All companies who are operating since the Covid Pandemic should provide extra ordinary service, delivery and quality of their products! I had to make over 4 phone calls to check status of delivery, never receiving a email or text message! I ordered an edible fruit arrangement for my brother who has Parkinson's Disease, and was being cared for in a assisted care facility, which I could not visit. My brother called me on his birthday at 4:28PM on 10/7/2020 his B-Day., that is after 4 phone calls! I was told deliver to funeral parlors first, then businesses, last others. That is ridiculous that rule does not apply for edible fruit which should be delivered before 3PM, and hire Americans only for customer service and not outsource internationally, people in USA need jobs!

Big disappointment
Save yourself from aggravation, don't order from this site. I ordered and charge a hefty shipping charge to deliver it to my mother in laws for her birthday. And their tracking order site does not work and when I called the customer service she called the cafe where they got it and said it's gonna be delivered tomorrow. Just like that they could have said from the very beginning they won't be able to deliver it on that day. Oh well, never again.

Order was submitted at 9:30am for same day delivery, never delivered!
I ordered sweetheart fruit basket at 9:30am contacted customer service twice to make sure my delivery would be there before the business closed, was told yes twice! One time being 2:30pm the customer service guy stated it was just perpared and on it's way! 4pm comes around and the basket was still not recieved! So I call customer service yet again to be told "claimed" the attempted the delivery at 10:45am which was not the case! There was 3 people at the business all day. There were no missed calls on the person whom was recieving the basket! Not to mention when I spoke to the customer service representative at 2:30pm he said NOTHING about it being attempted at 10:45! He said it was just on its way! I am VERY disappointed in the service that was not provided! In fact, I had to contact the passport delivery option to cancel my membership because if this is how business is done, I dont want no part of ever ordering and having this disappointment again!

Anniversary Gift
My mom sent me and my husband the Your Best Smile Bouquet for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was left in our courtyard on the ground. It was very warm out and am not sure how long it had been sitting there. It was not at all like the picture. The rinds were still partially on the melon, the peel was still partially on the pineapple, the pineapple was brown in places. Overall just very sloppy looking. Very disappointed. My mom would be so upset if she had seen it and I know she paid a lot for it!

Don't waste your time! don't have any local suppliers so the only thing I can order are strawberries that will cost $5 a piece by the time I add the shipping. I live in Wilmington Delaware not the middle of the desert! I bought a Groupon and that worked if I want to pay $5 for each strawberry. Where do they deliver fruit if not in the Philadelphia area? Customer service was as helpful as they could be from such a far distance and all the phone numbers listed go to the same call center. Don't expect to speak with anyone in the USA who can really answer you questions. The website doesn't even tell you they can't deliver to your area it just spun in circles when I placed the order. Don't waste your time and money with this company! Now to see if I can get my money back from the groupons I purchased!

I will never order from this place again.
My co-workers and I wanted to surprise a nurse supervisor with a gift from FRUIT BOUTIQUE. I placed order online around 10'ish for same day delivery. I made it clear this was a business. We close at 5pm. I called the 1 -800 number to say how important it was to be there by a certain time. Rep assured me she will contact local business about my concerns and for me to call back around 3. I called back around 330pm was told order will be there at 5 which is the time we close. It was an inconvenient for me to wait after 5 for delivery guy. I then had to drive out my way to deliver Fruit Boutique to recipient. I didn't get an apology or nothing for my inconvenience. Until this business resolve my concerns I will never deal with this business again!

Horrible Customer Service
I ordered a bouquet and within 10 minutes needed to cancel the order. The representative refused to cancel it, instead offering me discounts. I stated the company policy for cancellations that was online and she is still refusing to process the cancelation. The representative "Margie" refused to give me a supervisor and contradicted herself multiple times throughout the call. I can not believe that a company with customer service this poor is still in business.

Strawberries arrived on time - but in sad shape
These were ordered for my daughter's birthday. She absolutely loves chocolate covered strawberries. I was thrilled I was able to send them to her. The order was not inexpensive be any means. were delivered when promised, unfortunately that is the only thing that was a positive! They arrived with a thawed out ice pack. Strawberries were mushy, chocolate coating was also pretty much disintegrated. A huge disappointment! I'll be calling customer service. Definitely not worth the cost! Do not order from this company.

Unprofessional and ridiculous
I placed an order on October 30th to be delivered on October 31st and here we are four days later and still have not delivered the item even they charged my credit for the item. I called and spoke to 9 different people at the company (customer service) and all they kept saying was they were sorry. They kept telling me that they would make another attempt still no delivery, now they are telling me that the item is not available (keep in mind this order was placed four days ago) on October 30th no one told me that the item was not available. I will never use this company again and I am sorry I chose to use them in the first place.

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