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Freshly has no common sense
I was traveling when I missed my deadline for either a menu change or to skip a week. So, I guess that is technically my fault. Therefore, Freshly autoshipped a selection for me, which I have never experienced in the past.

When my auto-shipped order arrived, they shipped me FIVE of the same thing and ONE different meal. (I was on the 6-meal plan) Who in their right mind with even a drop of common sense ships FIVE items of the same item on a 6-meal plan. And, I wonder how they decided what the 1 special different meal was to be.

In any event, I have cancelled the subscription and will NEVER use this service again. No brains and no common sense. In what universe would that ever be OK?

Customer service on live chat is great
I rated this a 5 star based on the customer service for Freshly As far as the food deliveries and cost I would have to rate a 2 star
I have ordered freshly for several months. At first it seemed like the meal were Ok. One by one I became tired of the same meals as I did not have a taste for all their meals. I tried maybe 15 different plates. It became monotonous very quick when I looked at that A+ packaging that had to cost a good amount just to see it wasted. That is definitely a resource that should be recycled. The meals at $10 each started adding up when I can get take out from my favorite restaurants and eat as many portions and more for less money. A lot of places have family meals specials that I buy for myself. There is a much larger selection on take out these days and if ordering correctly I can have good meals around $5 to $6 compared to limited $10. Now the deliveries are when Freshly can get it to you. So you end up doing take out to make up for the days they didn't get you food. Now you weekly food bill went up even higher on the account that freshly couldn't deliver. I understand the situation the company is in. I think the price definitely can go down as much of that price has to be in packaging. I don't know what the answer is for the company I am just reviewing as a consumer not angry just not worth the price per meals.

Freshly keeps screwing with meal selections. (update)
The second picture (side by side meals) is what the app shows me when I go to check next week's meals. Perfect. It shows what I had selected yesterday. The first picture (listed meals) is if I select "Change Your Meals" and then tap on the 6/6 meals bar at the bottom to see what the app says I have selected. As you can see, Freshly substituted THREE of the 6 meals AND one of the meals Freshly added is a meal that I had already ordered, hated it, and stopped ordering! EVEN when I take the steps to verify my meals each week, Freshly seems hell-bent on screwing with the meal selection. First-line support is a useless waste of time.

I am updating my review because I have to add that my experience with management-level support has been nothing short of stellar. I hope Freshly is able to fix its app issues and improve front-line support.

Poor customer service, Meals NOT delivered
My wife and I THOUGHT that Freshly would be a nice choice for meals. Signed up for 12 meal plan last week, was supposed to receive our first order on Friday. On Tuesday, received email that order had shipped, along with a UPS tracking #. Turns out tracking # was scam- package NEVER given to UPS. Friday comes- NO package. Tried to call Freshly customer service- was LIED to about delivery status- told that UPS had the package, but I have account w/UPS and can tell when ANYTHING will be delivered to our address. Nothing in system. Asked to speak to a supervisor/manager, told that none available, but one would call us back. NO calls received.
Called CSR again on Saturday, asked to speak to supervisor, given SAME song and dance- one would call back. Did receive an email later in afternoon, saying someone had "tried" to call- but no calls on caller ID, we were home all day. Again, LIED to!
Did receive a "promise" that we would receive refund- will wait and see if that happens.
Not sure if meals are good or not - did not receive. Maryland processing plant for Freshly is less than 2 hours drive, and we live in major city, so delivery should NOT be a problem.
Poor/non existent customer service. Less than honest. CSRs refuse to provide contact info. Freshly tried to blame UPS as problem, but could not provide tracking info. Order obviously NOT shipped!

Maybe It's My Chef?
I'm really trying to eat healthier and cut out the junk food, so I ordered Freshly to help me with my self-control. I wasn't looking for meals that tasted as good as the junk food (what realistically would live up to those standards), but simply food to get me through the day. Maybe it's my chef, but my meals were atrocious. I had read reviews claiming that the food was bland and tasteless but that didn't really bother me since I was trying to control my meal portions as well. The true crux of the problem though wasn't that I couldn't taste what I was eating, it WAS THE TASTE that was abysmal. This is coming from a person who eats oatmeal 3 to 4 times a week with nothing else added to it. No Cinnamon, Fruit, sugar, nutmeg... NOTHING. Perhaps its the way Freshly freeze the food or, again, my chef was doing something to their recipes or I have Super taste buds since this is the third meal delivery company I've tried. But whatever the culprit, I felt compelled to share my story. I've obviously cancelled and I'm going to try meal kit delivery services where i cook the food myself.

Don't Bother - $2.00 Frozen Meals Taste Better
I had recently become an empty-nester so I was looking for easier, yet healthy options for meals for one. I've had better meals with a $2.00 frozen meal from the grocery store. Everything tasted like it had been frozen and thawed just before shipping to me. Veggies looked and tasted like canned and overcooked. Rice was undercooked. My daughter came over for dinner one night so we cooked two of the meals and split them in half so we could each give our thoughts. Neither one of us could actually finish either meal that's how horrible Freshly were. Overall I was EXTREMELY disappointed the Fresh is NOT what Freshly delivered. Gross is the best word to describe your food, Gross and a Waste of money. If the single meal option is what you are looking for stick with the frozen food section, their most expensive is still less expensive than Freshly and taste much better. If home delivery is what you are looking for I've tried several meal kit options that are great. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Home Chef are all great but are all meant for more than one person eating. Still leftovers of good, freshly prepared food is better than Freshly.

Freshly Service and Meals
I am a fairly new Freshly member (I have gotten three deliveries) and the deliveries are always on time and delivered with care. The meals are very good. My one suggestion, and something I would like to see going forward, is a few more options on types of meals offered. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat red meat or pork. That cuts out about half of your selections for me. All the meals I choose have chicken. While I like chicken, I would rather not have that as my only choice (I currently am on a four day plan). I would like to see some vegetarian and fish entree options also. I miss the fish options. I originally tried the six day option, but cut back to four, mostly because I don't want to be eating chicken six days a week. I want more variety in my diet. I will prepare at home (probably from frozen) the other meals, or get them from drive through. I very much would like to see some vegetarian and fish entrees to choose from every week.

Our own opinion and a bit of a disappointment
We had been searching for a meal delivery service that was relatively healthily and had some good options in regards to food. We stumbled upon Freshly and decided to give it a try. My other half and I each picked out several meals that we wanted to try for the first week. Most of the options were fairly tasty; but, having said that, we didn't feel as if Freshly were as fresh tasting as they were touted to be. Some of the selections had a somewhat gritty taste and many of them didn't heat up evenly in the microwave based on the recommended time on the cardboard sleeve. Honestly, I think they may be better if you had the option to cook them in the oven. They way the meal selection stands now, they are basically hyped up TV dinners. Now on to the second week. Somehow, we missed the email reminder that it was time to choose our selections for this week. So... what did Freshly do? They charged our debit card and ordered for us. If they were going to do this, the least they could have done was sent us a new and different selection of meals. Did they do this? Nope! They sent us the exact same things that we had last week. Seriously? Who wants to eat the same things every week? We certainly don't and for this reason and the reasons stated in our review, we have decided to cancel Freshly and will not be using them again in the future. Instead, we will move on to a service that better suits our needs and what we are looking for.

Thank you
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Meals made easy that are healthier & delicious!
I've been wanting to try Freshly for some time now and finally decided to give it a try during one of their special offers. I'm not much of a cook and haven't been great about eating healthy. This service has helped with all of that. There are a lot of different options to choose from and I have been able to try out dishes I normally would not have if I would of had to cook them. Some of the healthier options I was a little skeptical on how Freshly would taste, but they were very delicious.
The app is really easy to use and the company sends you plenty of notifications & reminders on when your order will arrive. I unfortunately did have an issue this week with the shipment not getting delivered, but both times when I talked to customer service, rep Precious on the first contact and then Pheter on the 2nd, they were very friendly & helpful and were able to give me a credit for that week's meals. I've been very pleased so far with their service and it has helped me on my journey of eating healthier.

Best Customer Service Hands Down!
I have never had a bad experience when it comes to Freshly, and it's not just because the outcome was favorable. Everyone I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with has gone above and beyond to listen, research and help me with my concern. I had the pleasure of chatting with Nikki just now through the chat option located on the Freshly website and she was kind, knowledgeable and respectful. She took the time to look at a past issue, evaluate my current subscription and even gave me feedback on a meal I wasn't sure if I would like. She answered my question (had she tried it or not) respectfully and honestly - she hadn't but it was a meal that most customers raved about and added to their subscription when it came back available. I don't think I could ask for more when it comes to customer service... keep up the AMAZING work!

Life Saver
I've been using Freshly for at least 6 months or so (I honestly can't remember when we started, at this point). My husband and I are both busy professionals, we have one kid in college and one in high school so family dinners are rarely a thing and Freshly saves me the time I would spend planning, shopping, prepping and cooking - for 2. (Not to mention it's still cheaper than the billion meal kits I tried prior to giving it a go!) The meals are consistently tasty - we have a few favorites and only a few we haven't particularly cared for - and nutritious. I appreciate that I can review the ingredients and nutritional info to aid in my selections and that if we don't get around to using meals, we can throw them in the freezer for later. Here in April 2020, I've been especially glad to have a decent stock in the freezer while stuck in quarantine and both working from home. On busy days when cooking still feels like too much - it's Freshly to the rescue.

Amazing Meals
I was expecting small portions and frozen dinner blah taste. Even though it looked good in the onsite pictures. I've had 4 of the 12 meals so far. The flavor is a delight to the palate, and the portions are so generous Freshly could just about be split. And, REAL meat! Not mushed together formed meat. Full, succulent juicy, chicken breast bursting with just the right seasoning paired with diced potatoes and veggies, a dijon pork chop that was paired with an abundance of just tender but fresh whole green beans drizzled in garlic, and it goes on. Now, I'm looking at the bottom shelf in the fridge and I'm thinking, wow, I get to eat YUM and HEALTHY? Who couldn't get better with food like this. I'm a covid survivor. Was hospitalized two weeks. Been sick 5 weeks. After two days of this healthy meals regimen, I'm already feeling a difference in the mental fog, and my inflammation. I'm curious about 3 weeks from now! I can't wait!

"Food For Thought"
Ordering meals from is the best decision I have made concerning food being delivered to my home. I thought it would be nice to not have to cook and was hoping the meals I selected would be good... well Freshly were GREAT and i love not having to cook when I don't feel like it and I especially love the fact these are delicious and nutritious meals! My 88 year old mother tried "meals on wheels" and found them tolerable and I thought why not order Freshly meals for her, so I convinced my 88 year old mother to give them a try and she is waiting for her first delivery to arrive sometime today and I will provide a review for her stating exactly what she thinks (she does not have a computer so I will be her sounding board)... my mother is a woman who still cooks delicious meals but is complaining she just does not have the energy she used to have and she complained that sometimes she gets a little confused about how much of something she has added and she no longer has the strength to safely lift heavy pots and pans, and all of this frustrates her, and I too worry about her cooking and I especially worry about her lifting something hot off the stove, dropping it, and burning herself... so my fingers are crossed she will like the meals or maybe "love" them as much as I do and enjoy the freedom of not having to prepare meals each and every night!

Tasty and Nutritious Dinners Delivered to Your Door? Why YES PLEASE!
I was skeptical at first with this service as I have tried the others where you get the ingredients to cook a meal delivered and I always had spoilage because I couldn't cook every night. My husband had started eating fast food because he always arrived home from work first and didn't want to cook or wait for me to come home and cook and things were getting out of hand. Then I ordered from Freshly and our weekly dinner life changed. Now we have good, tasty food at our fingertips for dinner and I notice even when my husband is having fast food withdrawals he will still heat up a Freshly dinner before going somewhere else for dinner and that is a good thing, healthier. I have lost 6 pounds since starting Freshly 16 weeks or so ago and I haven't done anything different than swap 3 dinners a week for a Freshly meal. The kitchen stays clean and fights about who's cooking dinner have ended. I love this tasty meal delivery service.

Ryan is Exceptional
This review is based strictly on Ryan's customer service. Talking with Ryan was an exceptional experience. He showed genuine interest in me as a person, and showed empathy towards my problem. He was kind and caring and in the past year, this was the best customer service experience I have had. If you are looking for the next supervisor of customer service at Freshly, Ryan is your guy. My girlfriend and I were expecting a shipment today, and talked to someone else who said it would arrive by 9PM. We were very excited and looking forward to this, because the reviews were great and this was about first time getting a meal delivery service. Shortly after, I got an email saying the delivery was delayed without any answer. Ryan work with me through the problem and gave me an equitable solution. While I am still not happy with our first order being canceled, Ryan was much more helpful than the previous representative.

Makes my life easy!
The Freshly meals I have purchased have been very good! Easy to prepare and specifically for a single mom, with her kid in college, much easier than going to the grocery! I do wish Freshly would have more fish options, and keep them available more often because the mahi mahi this early spring was AMAZING! Also, the peppercorn steak is top notch when you get a full piece (sometimes the pieces are small). The packaging for delivery is very good as well. If I am not home when my delivery comes, I don't worry about it staying cold, it is packed really well. I feel like I would give a 5 stars if the pricing was a little better (cheaper), but truly, at this point in my life, it makes things much simpler for me when I get home from a long day at work. Thank you Freshly for doing what you do!

No Thanks Until Recipes Improve
Unfortunately, Freshly failed to meet my expectations for interesting, flavorful meals. The "turkey white bean chili" was... not that. Instead of a hearty chili, I got about a quarter cup of beige soup. This slurry, falsely advertised as a meal for a grown human, DID include white beans, but any turkey was so thoroughly macerated as to be non-evident. The so-called "Cuban bowl" was so bland, it was basically indistinguishable from a frozen Power Bowl from Healthy Choice. Another entree featured peas and carrots as a side dish. Peas and carrots? That's what Freshly had in the old TV dinners my mom used to feed us... who thinks this is an interesting side in 2020? I'm actually surprised that people are willing to pay $10 a meal for recipes as uninspired as these. But, good luck to you, I guess I'm not your target customer.

Useful but disappointing
Initially I was not going to write a review but after seeing yet another misleading TV commercial featuring portions that look appetizing and nearly twice the size of what is actually delivered I just had to say something. Isn't this actually unethical if not illegal? Someone should look into this -- either the Better Business Bureau or the Dep't. Of Consumer Affairs.
I signed up with Freshly during the height of the COVID crisis here in early spring. To save myself having to go out shopping I thus went for a weekly 12-meal plan -- MISTAKE! I also did not realize that this was a subscription service. Twelve meals per week for a single person is a lot and I am not the type to consider a dinner meal as a lunch meal. It became necessary to start skipping a week or two at a time as there were just too many meals coming in. Refrigerator space became premium. Despite several attempts at ordering fewer than 12 meals I repeatedly received a notice that in order to receive a "savings" I would still need to order the full twelve. There seemed to be no option to opt out of my original delivery plan. Additionally, having tired of the mostly bland meals, I tried to switch to some of the newer suggested options. Guess what? That didn't work either. Somehow the order went through with SIX! Turkey and white bean chili bowls! Seriously?! I didn't like any of the meals well enough to order more than one per order. Speaking of the dishes themselves-- really small, inconsistently-sized portions -- most of them were bland and under-seasoned with salt substituting for any real spices. Who is back in the kitchens anyway--a pinch of this and a pinch of that... I had to add in my own spices and seasonings to make them palatable. Also, too much reliance on rice as a staple. Not good for those who are pre-/diabetic.
As positives-- great seamless delivery system. Boxes were left in my specified location. Only had two deliveries that were delayed by one day with no effect on the ice packs. Received a coupon for the next order. Thoughtful, environmentally-conscious packaging.
Finally, out of sheer frustration I cancelled my subscription.

Unexpected Excellence
This is the first time I have ordered pre-made meals to be delivered, I had contemplated months, read reviews on multiple sites and after finally being bored of the same food day in and day out I opted to try it out. This is a more healthy option to fast food/food trucks at lunch time, and a change of pace from the normal bring you lunch to work type of meal- which I was hoping to welcome. This service delivered on every thing I read and researched. The meals are portioned large, nice and clear packaging, easy to read instructions and quick microwave instructions that are easy to follow. The nutritional information is something else I love, and even though some people say the sodium is on the high side, I am a person with medical issues that needs the extra sodium- so that was a huge bonus for me personally. I have had some a few meals that I did not like, while the majority I have loved. I have also received wrong shipment, with in 5 minutes of emailing Freshly of this issue, I was contacted back and provided full refund without asking for it and kept the meals. I have also had 2 meals use by dates expire by the time I could eat them and when I rated the meals I simply put "expired could not eat". Couple of weeks later I received a call and email from Freshly, upon speaking to them and telling them what transpired, I again had a full refund without asking. The level of customer service has been superb! The meals are delicious! The price is highly competitive. All around, I would give this company and service it provides 5 stars for excellence. Freshly is doing it right from start to finish!

Excellent Product
So far, the meals I have received have been excellent and plentiful. We prefer more varieties of vegetables and fewer spicy meals. We have been more than satisfied with our choices, but, do not want to repeat choices so frequently. I was also under the impression that I would save $20 on both my first and second orders and I do not think my second order (received today) was discounted. The cost for 6 meals for two of us is more than I would like to spend, except occasionally. I also have a question about the cold paks... I know Freshly can be emptied into the "trash" (word used on the cold pak... when thawed can they be poured down the drain? I am concerned about the amount of packaging required for the 6 meals although I totally understand that they are kept cold and safe to eat for a long period of time. Thank you for answers to my questions posed here.

Fastest & Nicest Resolution Ever!
There was a shipment delay which usually would not have been an issue except for the fact that I am going out of town for my cousin's wedding and wouldn't be able to get my order inside refrigeration in time. So I contacted support right away (after I was notified via email of the delay) in order to stop or reschedule the delivery. In under 5 minutes working with August, my shipment was cancelled and I was issued a full refund. We had a nice chat along the way and it was a truly great customer service experience! There are always going to be issues that arise but it is how Freshly are handled that really shows the true colors of an organization. I am very satisfied with their support and their meals have been super tasty and a quick solution for my son and I and our busy schedules. Thanks again August! You rock!

Best Solution Ever for Great Meals and even Dieting!
We caught the TV commercial on "Hey Honey we'll never have to cook again!" and decsided to try.

Freshly is an outstanding Meal Provider of excellent fresh foods! The meal selection is very large and Freshly add new dishes frequently. I personally have enjoyed over 100 meals on a weekly schedule and all have been good, some very good, and a pinch of GREAT!

The service is excellent guaranteeing freshness. I prefer the "full meal" type dishes and not the "bowl" but they offer a lot both ways.

My one ask-- is to allow the selections to be more flexible. If you want the best pricing and service you want to select a frequent plan. But if you are a weekly planner you cannot get 7 meals--you get 6 or 4 for example. Otherwise I am a happy and well fed client.

If you want frequent, "3 minute quick to table" and delicious meals with great variety--Freshly is THE ONE!

Good food, easy to use, great customer service.
I've used Freshly for over a year. My husband and I wanted to eat out less, but we both hate to cook and do dishes. This was a great way to spend more time together, and spend less money. Side bonus of healthy meals we don't have to cook. The options vary, though not as much as some of the plans where you cook the meals yourself, but Freshly introduce seasonal and new meals often, and unlike other plans, you do see the same meals often, so you can order your favorites over and over (we LOVE the BBQ w/greens and mac & cheese). We've had a couple issues with deliveries - the problem was the delivery company, not Freshly. Freshly made it right every time. This was during the beginning of the pandemic and they had every right to say, "not our problem." During the pandemic this service has been a literal lifesaver! I would wholeheartedly recommend Freshly to anyone that is looking to pay for their TIME back in life. If you like good food, but want fewer dishes and less fuss and muss preparing meals, this is a good option. We even take them for lunch at work!

Another ok delivery
Today I received my 5th Freshly order and for the 2nd time in the last 4 weeks the order was wrong. This time 3 of the 6 meals were incorrect. I can understand a simple picking mistake maybe once. But when 1/3 of one order is wrong, then 1/2 of another order within a month is wrong, that is very careless. I cant even eat 2 of the meals I got today due to food allergies. I will say the customer service is still very efficient and Freshly probably have to be since it seems folks can expect errors more often than they would like. Claidia was able to help me in just a few minutes and they offered me a full refund. They also said my issue was going to be sent to a resolution team to review. When I asked if there are people to double check orders, I was assured there were, but its hard to believe that when there is more than one error in multiple orders now. Food is pretty good overall but buyer beware, based on my experience you are bound to run into an issue. If you like surprises though, then you should have no problems with the Freshly program!

Freshly Fan!
We love cooking and eating. We also wanted to find a meal plan to help us enjoy what we ate while being more conscious of how much we were eating. First step was trying Freshly. Our first order was last December. We have been so pleased with the quality, consistency and choices, that we have continued. I personally love that the meals are gluten free with many in the 400-500 calorie range. I notice I feel so much better, and I personally feel this has helped me loose weight by simply making this one change of managing what I eat for dinner. We really look forward to dinner time! I feel we spend about the same, the food is very good, satisfying, and we don't feel like binge eating the rest of the evening (we aren't perfect but it really is a lot less often). Packaging is almost entirely recyclable, and delivery has been so consistent. Freshly has been a home run for us!

Delicious, fresh, yummy food
I was skeptical about having fresh food delivered that would need heating up in the microwave. But I'm single, live alone, and work a lot, I needed a quicker alternative to cooking every night or making one big Instant Pot mean and eating the same thing 4 nights in a row (so boring!). So Freshly seemed like a good option for variety. I have gotten 3 deliveries - I'm on the 6 meal a week plan - and have been really happy and plan on continuing. Every meal is really tasty and filling! The only thing I need to do is make my side salad and dinner is served! It's saved me so much time deliberating over what to eat, shopping every few days, and then prepping. Another thing that has been an unexpected benefit is I no longer have to worry about food waste! It's hard to shop for one and not over-buy - plus it's so expensive so knowing exactly what I need to buy at the supermarket has helped immensely. So, all in all, It's been such a great experience. It's a gift to get my time back AND have really yummy dinners I enjoy!

You will be blown away!
When my box got in yesterday I was in complete awe of how it was shipped! In a big cardboard box but the futurist packaging inside was way cool! A special layer that keeps it cold and three giant frozen gel packs to keep the product cold! ( seems like the shipping must cost a fortune... can't see how you make any $. The food is really, really good. ( so far I've had 2). Very flavorful ( no need to add salt or pepper unless you want to) because the food is seasoned perfectly and that's EXACTLY what we want. If the food fails then it's all for nothing and people won't reorder. You will definitely be pleased with the food you get and the value is more than the price. You can't get local take out delivered at these prices so I'm done with that and love this futuristic way of getting food delivered from Freshly! It really tastes fresh too! Enjoy people!

Excellent customer service (Rafael A)
I contacted Freshly regarding my weekly delivery. I had been tracking it all day and the ETA's kept changing, disappearing, and just not being consistent. My deliveries have always arrived early in the morning or by noon at the latest, but this one was still not here by 7:30 pm and still showed over an hour away. So I called the delivery company and cancelled the delivery and then called Freshly to let them know. I did not want to receive food that had been in a person's car a whole day. (where has it been?) I spoke with Rafael A at Freshly and he shared in my concerns of my food not arriving fresh and he worked quickly to give me a refund and a credit towards my future order. I want to praise Rafael for his excellent customer service and I hope Freshly employees more people like Rafael.

Convenient & fresh, but...
I'm in my 2nd week of trying the 6 meal per week plan. The website is easy to navigate, selections are well presented and advance email notification is provided allowing for final order modifications. Order packaging is a rather bulky-the food comes in a cardboard box containing 3 large, recyclable ice packs & padding. I live in a small condo with no storage space so storing bulky items are a minor pain. The food packaging itself is minimal-a cardboard sleeve over a plastic tray. Easy to follow directions require heating in the microwave. The food is high quality, everything cooked well without becoming overcooked or dry. My criticism is everything seemed to taste the same. There was a particular flavor or ingredient that I haven't been able to put my finger on which ran through all of the meals except for one. It left an aftertaste, staying with me well after dinner was finished. I really wanted to like Freshly-I love the convenience and the price point works for me. But after trying all of week 1, felt like I was forcing myself to eat week 2 meals so as to not waste them.

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Description: Healthy, gourmet, chef prepared meals delivered to your door.

How Freshly Works:

1 - Choose Your Meals. You pick your meals from our constantly rotating weekly menu of more than 30 different gluten-free options.

2 - No Shopping, Cooking Or Cleaning. Our chefs take care of everything for you. From perfecting the meals on your weekly menu to shopping for the finest, all-natural ingredients they can find.

3 - Delivered To Your Door. All of your meals are prepared and cooked by our chefs and delivered fresh (never frozen).

4 - Heat & Enjoy. Our fully prepared, healthy meals are ready in under 2 minutes. The only thing you need to do is enjoy.

Address: P.O. Box 7215, 85281


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