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Deceptive Transactions that deducts money from your card without your permission
I purchased a NDA Non disclosure document service on May 3,2020 from my Freelancer website account. Then when I checked my paypal account the same night, I saw where it was being charged for automatic payments. I immediately stopped the automatic payment and requested with Freelancher to return my money because I would not be doing any business with them so won't be needing a NDA. The company did not return my money and lied to paypal and stated that I received the service. I did not receive any service because I never awarded any developers. I was still researching them because Freelancer have NO PHONE contact on file by which to reach them. This company got away with $19 and would have gotten more.
They never send you the terms of their account; but after paypal contacted them, they send a term saying that when you open a user account you automatically agree to their terms and if you award a developer, they would deduct fees as a percentage of the award regardless of whether contract is honored or not.

I don't like that it forces users to show their real name publicly
To be able to withdraw --> must verify identity --> instantly change name to verified real name in profile which shows publicly after being verified

I don't have problem that the site knows my real identity, but it's frustrating that it shows my real name publicly which raises privacy concern to me.

Also that since my real name is in non-Latin language, it's hard to pronounce it, I don't like that my clients from around the world recognize me that way. I have a public nick name which I use across different sites for people to recognize me and my work, but I'm forced on this position to close my account to not mix-up this two identites.

In the other words, as a programmer, I can't show people my skills by showing my GitHub profiles and projects on without showing my real identity publicly.

(btw the name Dash I left here is my commonly used public name, not my real name)

The worst support team ever
I wish I could rate them in negative. The team is pathetic, unprofessional and highly inefficient in every single way. Every time I create a support ticket, it literally takes several weeks to get the issue resolved. However, this time Freelancer tried my patience like anything. 9 weeks and every day I get the same 'Sorry, we know how frustrating it is' response from them alongwith a warning that this ticket will be closed in another 24 hours if I dont respond back to their totally useless messages and excuses. Every single day I am answering them just to keep the ticket open and despite of umpteen efforts, they are just not bothered to resolve the ticket. There are over 20 representatives on the ticket and everyone is just beating around the bush doing nothing and wasting my time every single day. I want to see to what extent they will go to test my patience and how much more time they will take to resolve the issue. Its a good marketplace to get new projects and beneficial for both the freelancers as well as as they charge a good amount of commissions for each project but their support team has tested my patience big time. Despite of premium membership, they don't bother to give a good service experience to their freelancers so that they may concentrate on bringing more projects on the table which is ultimately going to benefit them only.

There are too many spam that breaches the rules. They get reported, but nothing happens. Same with m
There are too many spam that breaches the rules. Freelancers that are advertised as "Digital marketers" sent tons of bots to my Social Media sites Freelancer were reported, but nothing happens. Even Admin takes up to a week to reply you.

Same with Fiverr, the moment someone charges the top dollar, then they become a "Selected Member", because the bring more money to Freelancer. I had problems with every single order I did, with freelancers dont know what they are doing and wasted a week of my and my clients time, and then (with all the proof) I had to apply for refunds because the freelancers are illiterate.

I have done mostly designing gigs, but again, same as with Fiverr, everyone is "a specialist in this field for many years and understand the requirements exactly", till they start working then it comes out that they have no idea what they are doing. Last example attached where my client has very clearly asked for Canva made designs. Freelancers confirm as understood exactly. A week later they sent photoshop designs. When i point the attached out, all i got is "sorry", and i have just lost another client.

Bottomline, they are much more expensive than Fiverr, you need to do a security check as strict as a NASA Scientist to become verified, which is not needed with Fiverr and the quality of freelancers are much lower than those of Fiverr.

Willingly helps scammers
Freelancer.Com was okay for taking some side projects now and then. Offers were not much attractive, and most clients there were cheap. Since I have a steady income, I could say no to 99% of them, but I wouldn't use Freelancer.Com as my main income source. My issues are with arbitrary decisions on their part regarding my balance.
One of my clients' account was deemed suspicious and illegal, long after I worked for them and got paid. Freelancer.Com did not make any attempts to contact me; instead, Freelancer issued the perpetrator of a scam a refund, introduced a "negative balance" on my account, and then used other payments to cover that balance.
Support took days to reply to me, only providing a generic answer that did not clarify anything at all. They even point to irrelevant sections of the User Agreement, in an effort to sound professional. As soon as I responded to their first reply, they are quickly sending me a bunch of paragraphs copy-pasted in a different order each time. Essentially, they are punishing their lawful clients to cover losses because they are the ones getting scammed. It's either this, or they are willingly helping scammers get their way. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same people behind running Freelancer.Com, and the frauds taking place on the platform, since they are too quick to dismiss any claims by the people getting scammed.

Bad experience converted to good experience
I had a very bad experience using website as a first time user. I had accepted couple of projects due to which deducted INR 6.4k money directly from my account. I wasn't aware of this policy. Moreover, the projects I had accepted were of fake clients asking for security deposit. I claimed my money back from Freelancer. Com site and I am so happy to mention that support team left no stone unturned to get my hard earned money back to my credit card. Freelancer also explained me the process on how to choose a project, when to accept a project. I am happy that you people are trying to maintain the goodness / the trust factor which is very important for doing business. I had created account on website with lots of hope to earn money but my experience gave a set back to me. However, I am so happy that website has gained my trust by providing excellent service through its support team. I look forward to get a genuine project soon on this website.

The worst experience I have ever had with a company worldwide
Once I opened a freelancer account in 2017, as a client, I setup all info, personal, banking, etc... My project was executed with success, and I was happy with Freelancer talent service. When I re-signed up as a freelance talent, I wanted to update my info and verify my payment, bank, personal and all information necessary, so everything would be clear to everyone, from the freelancer team to the potential clients.
Freelancer team wanted to verify my ID, and prompted me to send a government ID pic. So I sent them a stock photo of my driver license, I had in my PC. Freelancer rejected it, and reinstated they want a government ID scan... As if my driver license was not a government ID!
I took a photo of my driver license and sent it. They rejected it again.
I scanned my driver license, 300 DPI and sent it again, and while rejecting my driver license for the third time... they had the audacity to ask for my passport photo "PLUS" a photo of me holding the passport with one hand and a confirmation number on the other! Like a clown or a convict! No one person or company ever hurt my dignity like Freelancer did, and after finishing this review, I will file a complaint with the BBB, because such discrimination and disrespect should not be tolerated in the United States of America in 2021, I can't let them do the same to another US citizen! Shame on!
If I had free time on my hands, I would've sued them!

Ashton D - Excellent Service for a Difficult Complaint
I contacted the Help Centre at Freelancer already frustrated by the automatic billing policy initiated by the company. I had been approached that day by two companies offering employment terms and payment schedules that seemed (and indeed were) too good to be true. I was disappointed that I had been forced to accept jobs prior to knowing anything about them, and was shocked by what could only have been a cover for "non-standard" webcam business practices. To realize I could be automatically billed for these "opportunities" was maddening, but Ashton D. Handled my complaints with professionalism and tact; I was very impressed by his ability to remain as calm and composed as he did in the face of an irate freelancer. Ashton D. Deserves praise for his ability to defend Freelancer's more salubrious practices while ensuring the complainant (me) was provided with answers satisfactory enough to prevent a complete escalation of volatility toward the company. I would never be able to do what Ashton D. Does, and your company should do everything in its power to retain staff so capable of diffusing situations and making you, Freelancer, look good enough to remain in business.

Project Reviews are Not Reliable Because Freelancers Are Allowed To Lie In Response
I wanted someone to take care of a nuisance pop up on the bottom right of my computer screen. I made clear that I was paying (only $25) for solving the problem and that the pop up only came up after I used my computer for several days. I explained that I knew I could "solve" the problem by restarting the computer. The freelancer suggested I change my network proxy settings.

I did and he told me to restart computer. Of course the restart "solved" the problem immediately and to be nice, I paid him a day and one/half later after he started requesting payment instead of waiting 2 or 3 days. I also asked him why his "solution" had worked and even after the question was posed 3 times, he refused to answer.

About a day later the pop up reoccurred showing that he had not really solved the problem. I notified him and he did not respond for 24 hours. Then when I told him that I wanted my money back or I would give him a bad review, he responded. (Again, trying to be nice to him. Didn't really want to hurt his business, but I knew he hadn't done the job.) By this time, I was done with him and didn't want him messing with my computer any more. (Also, I went to a forum and problem was solved in a completely different way than he suggested)

Following my review in which I stated that he hadn't solved the problem and was a very poor communicator, he gave me a very bad review as a customer and totally made up the story that I was a liar. This is easily disproved because the only communications I had with him were through Freelancer chat which was preserved.

I had no opportunity to rebut the freelancer's smear of me and when I complained to customer support Freelancer ultimately told me tough luck and that I wouldn't have any opportunity to respond to the freelancer's lie about me. (I had even suggested that I would be happy to have a link created to our chat and let others decide who was lying and Freelancer wouldn't do that)

The ultimate consequence here is that anyone who receives a bad review can lie about the customer with ZERO penalties from Freelancer and the reviews on Freelancer can't be trusted because anyone familiar with the system will realize that it is fruitless because Freelancer contractors have a strong incentive to lie about customers because they know it helps them and won't be regulated by Freelancer the company.

I have had 3 jobs done on Freelancer. One was very good. One mediocre, and the last poor. So, I am giving Freelancer a 2.

Freelancer is great but it's hard to trust many freelancers
The Aussi support team is very helpful but given how many freelancers are desperately seeking money, Freelancer often promise and then let you down. This can be tremendously disappointing.

Their algorithm also can cause issues (If I ran the company, I'd include unlimited server space and a Skype/Zoom interface to make it more efficient. Especially if native English isn't exactly native.).

I appreciate the need business-wise to eliminate offline dialogues (although roughly half of FL's try to trick the algo and use an alternate payment system. The other half bid $1 and then say - post acceptance of a project "so what's the budget like a child wanting his allowance"). The budget is your bid. No matter what. And you better have the qualifications to Do.Your.Job).

There are gems in the masses but sometimes you must hire 2-4 people to find 1 honorable person.

I believe in honesty, accountability and optimisation. I expect as much from Freelancers.

Good luck!

(for the record IDC about paying through the platform or not. I'm paying the same amount either way for the convenience. Many Freelancers get very upset. Not my problem)

I was deceived by someone
On 11/30/2021, I was confronted with a fraternity hat problem by an unscrupulous person, which cost me 90 euros.
And I sent a message to your service And one of your good co-workers, ( Nicholl O), helped me a lot
Although my English is not very good, but this person understood me well and answered me very well And saved me from financial loss.
Wow, I did not introduce myself out of great excitement, sorry.
My name is Shafi. I am writing this message to you from a devastated country called Afghanistan in Herat province. My job is a graphic designer and I have been working on your site for 3 months, but due to the civil war, I could not work with this site much.
And today I was offered an impressive project, it was a scammer, which fortunately solved this problem
I would love to see your friend's photo so that maybe one day, if I get out of this mess, I will find a place to thank him and hug him hard.
Not because of this 90 euros, but because of the cooperation he made with me.On my behalf, give him a special thanks
And finally, a world of thanks to your good team, and if you somehow identify and eliminate these scammers, that would be great.

Incomplete Refund for Deleted Project
We had a problem with the payment method and recurred to a business partner who had an account on Paypal to make the payments. Because of the restrictions on the Freelancer website the payment method was not accepted (so far ok...).
Because of the limitations of the account, i was only able to contact the support via ticket and so i asked for the help of the Freelancer. As he talked to the Support via chat, he was informed that since the projects was going to get deleted for payment problems, ALL of the amount payed would be refunded, INCLUDING taxes and UPGRADES (such as IP and PRIVATE).
Despite the fact that that the FREELANCER Support given this information the answers recieved via ticket were negative for refunding the amount previously confirmed leaving us with a loss of $52.4 (refunding only the milestones).

Therefore i'm manifasting my discontentment with the plataform that does not remain true to it's own word.

Overall it is a great site. Not so sure for Archviz artist like me.
I think it is very hard to get clients or been adjudicated with a project. Also It hard to get good clients, even if you are the best in your fiel. I am not saying i am the best but I think I am good enough to at least make a lving from this. The only resaon I am using freelancer is because represents an extra income but for sure is imposible to live only as a user in freelancer sites. Whel thats my opinion.

My advice is that yout should pick better your freelancer and award their quality. You have to many freelancers and less job offers. Also you should improve your jobs cartegorization, I mean, for example, I am and architectural render expert, but I can find an exclusively area for us. I always recieve offers from clients that needs me for another kind of jobs like product 3d modeling, or characters for games, etc.

Anyway, your site is great but not so great for an Archviz Artist, which is a totally different career.


Freelancer Support
I recently joined, which is a site to help employers and freelancers reach out thier goals. I would recommend using this site for all people who want to work or get work done. Recently, I had some problems with employers on I contacted the support and Freelancer were very helpful. Their assistance saved me from being rubbed! They were also fast. But I had a problem that I didn't receive notification for their response, or maybe I just didn't notice it, because I received a notification on my email for the second response. If you have any problems using I recommend visiting Freelancer Support on this link try searching your problem on the Help Center. If you didn't find the question or answer you want, you can scroll down to Cantact Us option, click on it and write your question(s). The Costumer Support Team will then respond to you.

This whole experience is making me delete my account
I signed up for because my client had put down payment on his project there. I met him through a contact completely separate from btw. I purely signed up to accept payment.

1) Client couldn't get his money back for 14 days.
2) I signed up, added bank account info, etc., and then invoiced him/accepted his project, etc. - fees of 10% just to accept payment. No. No other place charges that nonsense.
3) You charged HIM a fee to PAY me after he'd already given you money.
4) You have a policy that delays access to funds for 15 days to new accounts. Also no. I understand being cautious but not after verifying my identity including my bank account. People cannot have delays in access to income given the state of the world. Reevaluate this policy.
5) The ONLY way to get paid was to refund the money back to him (which I can't do btw, you have to do it, there's no option for me to refund to clients myself).
6) He asked you for a refund that will take, you guessed it, 14 days, which is as long as the delay.

I will never, ever, ever use or recommend to anyone. I've already started cautioning everyone I know that accepts money and does any type of development work to stay way the hell away from your service. Including details of the above re: fees, etc.

There are far better ways. UpWork is better than this even. I understand you provide a service to people and you charge for that service. But nickel and diming people fees is not the way.

Improve your service. Make it friendly to freelancers. When Freelancer sign up for your service and go through the process of verifying who they are including bank info, don't hold their money hostage. Don't charge exorbitant fees to those just trying to do their work and get paid a fair rate.

This company is stealing money in shadow of Suspicious transactions
I have worked for few clients and it was all well until the delivery of the project.
Client was happy & we both left 5 star reviews to each other. After few days when I was able to withdraw money, this company emailed me that I cannot withdraw money because client profile is not complete so I have to contact them and ask to complete the profile. I said it this was the case you should have not let the client post the project or release the payment. You are telling me this after the delivery of project and reviews?
Freelancer say that is our policy. Wow.
Now I sent many messages to the client and he never responded probably because he was here for only one of project.
I again contacted the support team and they say if client does not complete the profile money will stay within freelancer. Now they took the commission upfront so I was even worse off on this project as I have paid $25 commission which never was refunded and my money of $250 for this project is also with the company.

I had another client after few days for 50 pounds and this time again they held my money after delivering of project and this money is also with this $#*!hole company.

I want every freelancer to be aware of this platform because I see no great customer service for freelancers and literally you cannot go anywhere for this money.

They will let you work on the project and deliver it, they will not tell either client or freelancer until the project is delivered and its time for withdrawing the money which is, of course, few days after delivery, by that time client is gone and probably will not come back because it's not Facebook and they only come here when they need to post the project.
I do not know at present age companies like this do exist which fraudulently steal money from freelancers on the name of so-called baseless policies.

Horrible site when scammed by a developer
I hired a freelancer to create my unique website, and this freelancer was highly recommended by the freelancer website, he had great reviews. After hiring this freelancer for the project worth $20,000CDN, I created the down payment milestone of $4,500CDN and released it as agreed. The project was supposed to take 6 months, 2 months into the project I asked for an update and sample of the front end design. The freelancer sent me screenshot of the concept. It had looked great so far, 3 months later, I asked the freelancer how much more he had done, and he advised me he was behind and had another 4-5 months of work. Another 3 months go by, nothing from freelancer. I tried to contact freelancer and never responded. I contacted customer service, and was told that the freelancer I hired, his account was terminated for violating their site guidelines. Well that's very nice, what the hell about my project and money. Well pretty said that it was my problem and Freelancer were not responsible, only thing they did was credit my account the transaction fee they changed me of $300. In other words I lost $4,200 and got nothing in return, and I've never heard from the developer again. So word of advice, will not protect you against fraudulent developers on their platform. Very very sad

Got into a difficult situation, and Freelancer Support Team helped me a lot!
Since I had a new account on, someone approached to me trying to scam me. I reported it, but, when i went to refuse the project, accidentally clicked on accept. That made me cancel the account. Since it was a fixed price project, freelancer requested a payment (and at the time I didn't knew why Freelancer did so) and I tried to chargeback claim it through PayPal. Made a complaint on TrustPilot, got an answer from them, and they were always there explaining some of their rules to me, as well as what they could do, what I could do to solve the situation, etc. Now, 4 days later, everything is solved. In fact, I never got off of any money, because the payment required the registration of a credit card on PayPal, but the chargeback claim was there, not allowing the company to "refund" me or even for me to remove my bank account from there and delete the account. Their suuport was amazing during these past few days. I had a bad experience with the website because of that scam (i'm a newbie in freelance jobs) but their support team compensated and exceeded what I thought they would do.

I want to thank, specially, to those who were there helping me all the time, through emails and etc: Anthony B, Erwin C. And Reese C.

One person can make a difference
When I initially opened an account on Freelancer, I was excited because there were a plethora of prospective creative projects. Yet, when I started to dig in, I quickly realized just how commoditized creative projects (on this platform) have become, as the bidding process is a race to the bottom. I soon discovered that the rate of compensation was way too low for my ongoing involvement, and my account sat inactive for 11 months. I then experienced Freelancer automatically charging me without advanced notice, and then refusing to refund due to their oppressive policies, which wasn't cool. Through the actions of one Support person, Byron, he took it upon himself to make things right... which he did. I give Freelancer a 2, Bryon a 5, averaging 3.5, rounding up to 4 because of him. In these crazy times, it's people like Byron who make a difference. Thank you, Byron.

Scammer Freelancers' Nest
I want to start with my one and only good feedback about The help desk team works so hard to help and assist you. I'm saying this first cause if you'll ever sign up to that website as an employer YOU'LL DEFINITELY NEED a lot of CUSTOMER SUPPORT. That's because the website policies are not making things easier for anyone.

The main problem is once you put your money in escrow you may never get it back. Although the idea of it is for the employer to be able to get unsatisfied with the service Freelancer got from the freelancer and get their money back safely in the first place, it's nothing more than just an idea. Because the website doesn't care if the freelancer that you're working with is a scammer, not helping/replying to you, or the products they've been sending was stolen, corrupted and not working. When you dispute on the job to get your money back, they put you and the freelancer on an "endless argument" page for a week with no authority to decide. If you want to involve an authority you have to pay ANOTHER fee. And after all of that you may still never get your money back! You do one step wrong, BAM! The money went to the freelancer. You answered a day late BAM! Your money is stolen again. They're getting every chance to give the money to the freelancer ignoring all the facts that you put on that useless dispute page. Cause you haven't pay the extra fee for them to CARE yet!

The site management should be a lot more careful about the scammers. That's because you don't understand as an employer who is a scammer. Why? Cause employers can't even leave bad comments on freelancers if they have disputed on the job!

I DON'T RECOMMEND getting into those endless processes and scams, it's not worth it. It's was good idea to make employers and freelancers meet on a safe platform, but hasn't been anything more than being just an idea. And they've ruined that idea too.

As an employer and job owner myself I know how much value you should give to your PAYING CUSTOMERS. I give that value myself but I haven't been receiving it from Only the Customer Support was trying to help you but the things they can do for you is super limited. So don't count on that. The whole thing is to cover for freelancers in my experience.

WORST experience possible. The freelancers, the website, customer service all of them are so unprofessional and disrespectful. I hate to expose people like that but Freelancer were so *******@sidrasadaqat(allsolution) she did the whole thing wrong and wasted so much time. On top of that, she didn't refund me back on my *******@topacademictutor(atif) he accused me of cheating out of *******@assignsolver(faisal) he did it wrong and begged me to give him a 5-star review even though his work did not deserve even 4 stars and he changed my review without my consent. This website only adds frustration and wastes your time. If you use the website don't take these three freelancers. I do not recommend using the website though. You don't only pay for the freelancers for their work but you pay an extra fee every single time you create a milestone and they keep charging 60C, 50C, and more for about three to four days.

Disappointing is full of fake jobs, one can hardly find an appropriate project! This is so frustrating. Further, I have never asked the support team any question via e-mail and gave me the final solution Their answers are always open, and Freelancer add nothing to me. The only thing they do is that they attach articles! Even though I at once asked a question and asked not to attach articles, since I read them but did not get it well, I found articles on their replies. It is actually not the perfect platform to work on, so bad experience.
Another thing is the ID verification, I added the required information many times and I am always rejected! How can I approve my ID! And, I asked the support team over chat and they make it even harder!

And there is no badge, only preferred freelancers, which is paid! And has tough conditions to have.

This is not everything, yet! I actually started to hate this platform! Too much

Difficult and tedious
Difficult and tedious - trying to get a verification photo that suits YOU.
1. You didn't like the selfie I sent the first time with one hand holding the cell phone.
2. I searched the internet and found a site that uses the webcam to take pictures. You didn't like that one.
3. I finally climbed up on a step, leaned my cell phone against the bathroom mirror, and tried several shots.
4. I am disabled, my hands shake, and I do not have someone around to take a picture.
5. I uploaded them to Google Drive, which required I use Google Photo. What a pain Google is. Their Photo site did not work. It was down no matter how many times I signed into my account.
6. So, I sent a link from my cell phone email account to my other email account.
7. Went through the unzip process with another program.
8. The picture was too small, so I found a website that allowed me to crop the photo and download it back to my computer as a jpg file.
9. Then I finally uploaded it to your site.
10. I was actually surprised when your verification site said the photo was acceptable.
11. AND both support and the verification site kept nagging me through the whole process, saying, "we are waiting."
12. And Google Drive is still trying to upload some photos.
13. Now you ask me about the experience?
14. It was a pain, a totally tedious pain, and if that photo had not been accepted, I would have dumped you guys and never ever come back to your site.

Went from a 80 to -80 situation. Utterly disappointed.
After my complaint here, I got contacted by the company, which, promptly, tried to help me in the best way possible. Always nice, patient and comprehensive about the situation and my actions towards what happened, and explaining to me what I didn't understood.
I want to thank, specifically, to Anthony B.; Reese C. And Erwin C. For their patience and help with my situation.


After this, I found out i had to verify my identity. ID, a photo with my ID card and a written code given from them... and a proof of address. And it was here that things started getting wrong.

I'm 24 years old, but I didn't had the "perfect youth", to have a degree or a job or some real experience in working inside companies. I'm still living with my parents, unfortunately I depend of them to live - getting a physical job here is harder when you don't have any experience and even worse with all this covid story. I had health issues for over 8 years, barely managed to solve them this year. So, I don't have my own house, or do bank transfers and bank account movements, i simply don't have the money to do so.

What do Freelancer require to verify your address? A utility bill, a bank statement with address, or an ID with address. In my country, our personal ID card doesn't have the address on it. So, how could I prove my address?

I tried to ask the support about it. Got vague answers at first, and they would close my ticket as soon as they gave me those answers. I got tired of trying and deleted the account after that happened - because you can't take any money into your account without your verified identity (but the employer can pay you without verify his identity... which I think is wrong).

Tried again today, because legalizing my situation with Upwork is even worse and more complicated, so I tried again. They don't accept medical bills. They don't accept legal documents issued by the Government. They don't accept info from the personal page on the Finances website. If it's here, and we have to present a proof of identity, they accept that because "it is an official document". And that's enough. But it seems that, for them, it isn't.
And, when I was scrolling through the website, I've noticed 3 things:

1. The support team doesn't care about the freelancer, at all. They just try to give good impressions at first, but then they ignore the freelancer when he needs them. My example? For them to revise my info for KYC, it took them 10 minutes. But to answer my ticket asking for help about the situation... the hours passed by and i got no answer.

2. They had increased their fees. If it was already complicated to earn some money because of their rules, their changing fees made everything even more complicated.

3. The projects page was full of spam projects. No filters, no nothing. Just the same 3 projects appearing every minute, or every 30 seconds, but with a slight change in a number or a name... And the "real projects" (because those spam ones never led to anything real - most of them were scams) were even fewer in variety than before... Not even a month passed by, and the website was worse in all ways. Not even their free month of associate plan helped at all.

It is funny that they ask you what is your situation. I answered that I am a student (and, for all efects, i will be a college student in september)... how do they expect that a student can verify his identity with those rules? Not every country has the same ID rules. Not every person has been through the same things, the "normal path".

I went from satisfied with them to very disappointed with them. It is not my fault that my situation is like this. All I wanted was to earn some money until college started, so that I could pay some bills for myself. But they don't care to give help. They don't even manage their website properly!

Went from 80 to -80 in less than a month. It's sad.

I don't recommend this freelance website at all. If you can legalize your financial situation with Upwork, just work with them. Don't even try

Rating: 0/10



After i've published this review here, I have received an email saying "that i had a support ticket open". That is impossible, since I have cancelled my account about a month ago and, before doing so, i've closed all the pending tickets.

What I can deduce is that they have seen this and said "lets try to get him back to the site!"... But they forgot that I couldn't see their ticket BECAUSE I DELETED MY ACCOUNT. And I don't have any intentions of getting it back or creating a new one. So, getting a few emails saying "You have an open ticket"; "Your ticket is going to be closed due to inactivity" and "Rate your support experience of the ticket"... are useless. And, at this point, just spam. This made me bitterly laugh, for real.

My last review was 0/10, but now it will just be -10/10.

Again, an advice: Don't work with them. And be careful of other websites like this, because nothing is for free and many of them just want to scam you.

Verification assistance
Hello Team

My initial experience with Freelancer support was a total nightmare, the following support staff did not read my questions properly and sent generic responses that were not at all pertaining to the issue at hand.
However once Suzanne, Guinevere M, Kelly V, Alfred got involved, all my questions were answered in a professional manner dealing with the exact issue.

Please compliment them on their excellent customer service and than k them on my behalf. I believe I am now a verified human!

I was extremely concerned as a non-verified human being as when I looked in the mirror, I could definitely see myself... lol - The fact is I am now a verified human being and that makes me incredibly happy.

Thank you to all in the Support team who dealt with my rantings and ravings... nut as I am sure you all know writers and authors are extremely volatile people... as the saying goes " There is a fine line between brilliance and madness", I of course believe i am the latter - BRILLIANT!

Many Thanks Again to all of you and may your week be superb!

Jeanne Gleimius
South Africa
+27 67 8415848

There's a big difference between earning money and collecting it.
I needed some quick cash, and signed on to Freelancer to earn it. After winning a bid, Freelancer immediately withdrew their 10% from my bank account - an unpleasant surprise, but digging deeply enough, I found this policy in their terms of service. Oh, well.

I completed the job for the employer (who paid promptly and gave me a 5-star review) and tried withdraw funds to my bank account, which is where the trouble really started.

There is a 15 day hold on the first transaction "for security purposes", though the work I'd done had already been delivered and paid for by the employer. This left me down $20, and waiting for over 2 weeks to get paid - not much help in my cash-strapped position.

I'd asked for a partial payment, leaving $50 in my Freelancer account to cover the cost of any future bids, while I wrestled with whether I wanted to do any further business there. When I went to withdraw the rest of my funds, I was asked to re-verify my identity again (I'd had to do this in order to bid in the first place), with additional hoops to jump through - photos of my bills, the back of my ID card, pictures of me holding the ID card and a security code from them, etc. From other reviewers, I don't expect this to work - I figure that I've just lost the $50 in that account. Not a huge sum, but the inherent dishonesty would warn me away if it were only 50 cents. That Freelancer can surprise me by withdrawing funds at will from my bank account is something that I'll have to have my bank block - I don't trust them to not do it again.

Freelancer's fees on that $200 transaction were $20 from me, and another $14 that they were paid by the employer - a total of 17% of a 'finder's fee'. That's not a bad percentage, but that's not enough for them - they are prone to keeping even more whenever they can. "For security reasons". Roight.


If you are a copycat freelancer is place to be
Pay as promise that's all
1) a cess-pool of copcats no control from FL
2) pullout from contest holder over 100$ prize money about 33%
3) 75% of contest below 4$ pay out to designers
4) Contest holders use this site to pay for other work done
5) support are robots I got infraction because I used as per contest holder a Cessna plane yet the winner got to win also using a clipart and using my idea
6) FL let's CH Post contest for less than 2$ pay out to designers that requires a full days work to complete this is abuse from this site basically slave labor
7) minimum payout is 30$ so imagine at $2 winning for the majority of context and % of pullout how much work it takes to just make 10 cents an hour
8) 'yes you do not have to participate in contest that pay less then it cost to buy a french frie at MacDonald but some designers from example bagaladesh need to eat
To sum it up
(For client)
If you want a logo done super cheap less then 7$ USD FL is the place to go if you do not like the 10$ you invested in your company you may pullout and just lose your deposit
But if you paid examples 300$ and rated one design 5 stars all you will be getting is copycats if that design so many it's incredible and confusing because some studio have dozen of designers waiting for contest to almost be over and post hundreds of copcats
(For designer in contest)
If you are talented and have good ideas do not join
All your work will be a oopied
(For designer on 1 on 1 bids for work)
If you want to work at 1-3$ an hour's go for it

P.s. I do not know where FL gets these positive stars surely from clients that got a logo done from 100+ designers for less than 10$ this site is an insult to any talented designer

Terrible customer support
I'm a freelancer on
After my first month on the platform, and few successful jobs, I started to notice that the feedback from my clients is not recorded correctly.
Freelancer are just terrible.
After like 8 chats with them, they never solved the issue.
One time, I told them that this issue is terrible and you are destroying my profile.
Their response was restricting my account and any withdrawal of funds.

This restriction on my funds was a pure act of robbery and showed me that I'm dealing with careless staff members.

I'm still on and I still have some respectful clients.
But their support staff are terrible and unprofessional.
And the most dangerous thing, any careless staff of can easily block you and hold all your finance.

Another terrible point on is the scam. This website is a scam hive.
It's lime no other freelance platform.

Horrible experience costing over $600 USD
You'll get work and accumulate funds, but just try to withdraw them! withheld my earnings totaling over $600 USD even after I provided more than 5 types of proof of identification and 2 secured codes. Freelancer continued to say my Paypal account needed verification even while their own records showed they were taking fees from the same account. They continued to say I had not provided a photo holding my ID and a secured code after I sent two separate photos with two separate codes. Ultimately they "unregistered" my account, providing no information about how I would be able to obtain the $600+ USD. Thankfully I kept emails and screen shots to show to anyone doubting my experience. steals from its subscribers, and I now have personal evidence to back up what I found when I started doubting them. (I am grateful that Justice will prevail; those who steal from others will get their due.)

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