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Beware of being double charged for an item!
At first my experience with France and Sons was a very positive one, fast shipment, products excellent, great customer service, but after my 6th time ordering from them, France & Son had doubled charged my credit card for one item. I called customer service assuming they would drop one of the pending transactions, but after speaking to several customer service agents as well as having contact with their accounting department, they gave me the run around and claimed they never double charged my credit card and were not going to drop any pending transactions because they did not see the double charges on their end. Needless to say, the double charges appeared on my bank statement online which prompted me to file a claims dispute with my bank against France and Sons... my bank stated that France and Sons has legally by law one week to drop the pending charge and once that week is up if France and Sons has not taken care of the matter, then my bank will issue me the credit and France and Sons will have to deal with my banks claims dispute department! Make sure you file a claims dispute with your bank or credit card company to prevent France and Sons from collecting funds from your credit card illegally if you ever encounter the same situation that I had been in... and stay far away from this store! I will never, ever shop at France and Sons again!


I purchased 2 hanging lights from France and Son for 200.00 with "free shipping and free returns". Sounds great right?

Several days later I tried to return the lights only to be told France & Son charge 75.00 for the return shipping as well as ANOTHER 75.00 because they take away the initial free shipping if you end up returning the items.

So now I have two lights that don't fit which I bought for 200.00 and will need to pay 150.00 if I want to return them. How is that "free shipping and free returns"?! These guys are running a scam.

I spoke with costumer service via email and again via a phone call and they wouldn't budge on this.

I order finishes from many stores and nothing like this scam has ever been run on me before.

There are so many great stores out there that don't need to screw you over; I highly suggest you shop elsewhere.


Do your research!
Guys i never write a review but this horrible experience has led me to write this one. I wish i would have read all the reviews before i made my purchase. Now i am seeking legal advice for this matter. I ordered a sectional from the site. Some how it was a duplicate order, no problem i denied the second order cause why would i have two of the same thing. Let alone have the room. Well not only did France & Son charge me for the second order which i did not even go through finalizing. It was there error, they are trying to make me pay for the restock fee on a product that they mistakenly sent to me. This is the worst experience buying furniture from a business. Please please please dont use this company. They will scam you one way or another. Its not worth it, i hope this helps. But learn from me

Not happy
I purchased an item from them on Dec 9th. One that stated was in stock. I figured that was plenty of time to ship to me for christmas, seeing that it was a gift. I called to check on the status around early Christmas week and was told that it was shipped by a warehouse but she couldn't give me a tracking number. Of course I still haven't received it today, Dec 26. Just called their number today and got a normal person who answered"hello". He said their offices are closed to Jan 3rd. Really upset over this unprofessional business. I don't even know if I'm going to receive this item. Sent in my 5th email to them
Do not order from this company

Order shipped after I cancelled due to non-delivery, arrived broken
Ordered a light fixture. Received a shipping notification that a UPS label had been created. More than 2 weeks later, UPS still hadn't received the item from France & Son. I made repeated inquiries to Customer Service via web chat, email and phone. Finally cancelled my order when told it was not in stock. CS agent would NOT provide me with a cancellation number but assured me he had cancelled the order. One day later I received an updated shipping notification. I emailed to clarify that the order was cancelled. Received no response. A few days later the light fixture arrived broken (it is missing a screw on the interior which prevents it from hanging properly). Just terrible in every way and will never touch F&S again.

Deceitful; incapable
France and Son as a company is incapable of customer service. There are over 50 complaints on the BBB that we wish we would have seen earlier. We purchased 2 mid-century lamps that upon setup, did not match the photos on their webpage. We contacted their email support who blamed natural variations were the cause and refused to help. We tagged them on instagram with the photos and discrepancies and their instagram person reached out to us. She blamed it on the angle of our photos. It is not. We pay attention to details and France & Son don't. But you know what? It doesn't matter! If the customer is unhappy, you fix it! Take it back and think about why so many customers are unhappy. It's not the customers. It's France and Son and their deceitful employees. But not only will they not admit fault, they try to take down unfavorable reviews. I don't know how much they emphasize customer service, but if they do, they are incapable based on our experience, interactions with e agents, and countless reviews on Yelp and all the other review sites. We did try to leave a negative review on their webpage. They didn't approve it. You'd think that in this day and age, you can keep the customer happy, offer the refund, and save the downtrending online reputation.

Shady Business Practices
Avoid this store at all costs. I ordered a lamp online from this store. The lamp cost $175. The lamp arrived not as described on the website. I returned the lamp. France & Son only refunded $95. They refused to refund the other $80 claiming that the lamp cost $80 to return ship. I checked shipping and the lamp did not cost $80 to return ship. Not even close. Then when I complained, they were rude and asked me why I was bothering them about shipping costs. Rich was especially awful. Please note that I have only one review in my entire life and this is it. Rich was that bad and the lamp sucked that bad. Finally, I think they may be engaging in shady business practices by claiming that return shipping costs more than it does. I highly and vigorously recommend that you shop elsewhere...

Like many other reviewers here, I was sold a sub-standard product that I ended up returning. And like many others here, I was charged an outrageous shipping cost ($110 on an order totaling $138).

This place is an absolute scam. France & Son know their shipping costs and could easily alert you when setting up your return how much it may be so that you don't essentially give them back their product for free.

Also, there is no details given regarding shipping costs they incurred, so who knows if they are even charging you an accurate amount -- they are likely just making up a number and deducting it from your return.

Completely unethical. Stay away and do not shop with them unless you like being ripped off.

False Advertisement
This company was advertising free design consultation offering customized solutions. Their website says "There is no pressure to buy at any time, just friendly one on one design advice to set your own pace. This service is currently in beta mode and is being offered free of charge... Your experience will be 100% risk free and stress free."
I took the quiz, sent them photos of my dining and living space, and ended up speaking to two different designers for days, who kept sending me links of overpriced furniture. The second designer finally picked some pieces I liked. I was expecting a design or layout with the furniture but instead, France & Son told me "If you're interested in purchasing these, I'll send over the draft and you can place your order. " Really? You advertise completely free service then tell me you'll comply once I purchase $5,000 worth of furniture that I can easily find at Target or Homegoods for a fraction of that price? Very disappointed and a waste of my time.

If I could give less than 1 star I would
I have never experienced worse customer service in my entire life. DO NOT BUY from this place. I was interested in buying a table- and inquiring into the shipping as I do not live in NY. At this stage, their salesperson was all over me, emailing me promptly, following up etc. The moment I paid for the table- radio silence. I kept following up to ask for the shipping ETA, no response, a week goes by, then another, I call, I email. We go back and forth as France & Son promise to get the information to me as soon as possible. Turns out they ran out of stock! And I still have not received my refund! Impossible service, terrible delays, and they took my money. I don't write reviews but this was an absolutely deplorable experience.

Products are misleading
I ordered a side table that was advertised as a hardwood (tan color) top with gunmetal legs. What I eventually received was more like a black granite top with mirrored steel legs. At the time I ordered it there was no mention on the website that there were color variations. I expected some variations of wood grain but nothing else. From the beginning there were shipping issues, that were resolved after 3 weeks of phone calls and a pervious bad review. After a formal complaint about the product, what I heard back was there were no physical defects in the table so I'm SOL. France and Sons and their source on this table are deceptive and shouldn't be advertising something that is so blatantly missleading

Great Quality Furniture and Reasonable pricing!
We bought the Wegner reproduction chairs for our dining room around 6 months ago. It's our weekend house, so France & Son don't get a lot of use, but the quality of construction and the wood is true to the style of the actual Wegner chairs (at 3x the price). The only issue I have is with the quality of the vinyl on the seat cover. It does cheapen the chairs a bit. I'm hoping that with some wear they will look a bit more authentic. I've seen other reviews discussing double charging, poor delivery, etc. We had no problems. I am skeptical about buying furniture online, and this was not different. I took a chance and I'm glad it worked out.

Cheap, broken lamps, horrible customer service
Stay away! I ordered two lamps from this place. One arrived broken (both are just SO cheap looking and poor quality products). Unfortunately their customer service is horrendous, and you can't even return a broken lamp - you are stuck with it. I suspect that is their policy because France & Son send out a lot of damaged goods. Instead of letting me return the broken lamp they told me to throw it away (so wasteful) and sent me another cheap lamp 3 weeks later (which was missing a piece). I suspect each product cost them $10 to make (they charged $200 per lamp) and they spend their money on advertising and retargeting ads instead. Both lamps make strange cracking noises. Save yourself the effort and money and shop elsewhere, especially because you can actually get a perfectly good lamp for the prices they charge.

Look elsewhere
I purchased some barstools for my kitchen in Oct 2015 and have been happy with them. However recently I was sitting in one and put my foot down on the footrest to reposition in the seat and it snapped off! First, I am by no means a large person. Second, these stools are virtually never used as it is just my husband and I at home. I contacted France and Son and France & Son said that it had been too long (2 years and 4 months and you will not stand by your "quality" furniture?) and that they could only offer a "small" discount on a new stool. I do not care to do business with companies that do not stand by their products. I have purchased many items from Birch Lane who does. My business will go there and to similar counterparts.

]ooks like upscale chelsea furniture place but look again
I bought four chairs for our dining room about 3 years ago. After just over two years France & Son started to get slightly wobbly from only light use. One in particular seemed to be separating at the seams from where the glue was not holding. Then recently yet another one of four collapsed under someone who weighs under 200 lbs. I spoke to customer service only to be told the chairs were out of warranty. So not only is the product sub standard but service is no better. If you want cheap don't go here, go to Ikea. If you want good don't go here, go anywhere else including Ikea, Stay away from this place,

Inhospitable customer service
I was hoping to exchange a product that absolutely did not work in our home (emphasis added on exchange, no refund requested), but since it was outside of the 30 day "parameter", France & Son refused to make any accommodations.

I fully understand that I was outside of the policy, but customer service and good business is all about accommodating people whenever possible and not implementing inhospitable, inflexible policies.

The item I had was still and stock and in mint condition, and I can't imagine that allowing an exchange would have made any difference to F & S.

On the other hand, the product that I ordered was fabulous! Also, the customer service rep did respond very quickly to tell me that I could not return my product.

My new favorite place!
It was love at first sight... I ended up venturing into the France and Son Warehouse this summer in pursuit of a breathtaking light fixture I had tracked down online. I wandered around and fell in love with a number of pieces. When one of the pieces didn't end up working for my newly renovated beach house (i was distraught), I reached out to inquire about returning the item and was directed to Richard. Eager to help me deal with the disappointment of my failed purchase, he could not have been more accommodating and kind. I ended up getting a store credit and using it on the spot for two exquisite items. What a positive experience.

I love France and Son because of their design aesthetic and because their pieces are unlike anything else out there. Whether looking for a grand focal piece or an accent piece, I found my go to source and am so appreciative for the superior service provided by Richard:-)

Nice quality, but one arm isn't receiving power
I have have access to authentic Serge Mouille lighting pieces, so I was concerned these would look/feel cheaper. Actually, it is very difficult to tell the difference between these reproductions and an authentic Serge Mouille.

I did have a problem with power reaching one arm and not the other, so I have requested help from customer service and am waiting to hear back.

If my problem is fixed and is not much of a hassle to resolve, I would absolutely recommend France & Son and use them in the future for designer lighting and perhaps other pieces.

Waiting to hear back.

Extreme delayed delivery
I purchased a piece of furniture first part of August. I was told delivery would be 3rd-4th week on October. No delivery in October. Every time I contacted France & Son. I got a different delivery time. Was told it's because manufacturer didn't deliver it. Finally it arrived in NY warehouse on 11/15. I was told Tuesday 11/16 France & Son would call to set up delivery date. No call no date set up. Matt said he would email the delivery date later that day of the 16. No email I called on the 17th and I spoke to the delivery company and they said they will call week of 22nd to set up delivery week of 28 th! I bet the item will not be delivered the week of the 28. I'm very unsatisfied with this process. France & Son just kept giving me bull$#*! excuses to keep me quit.

Chance Chair
Haven't received product yet but order was easy. France & Son emailed a quote why the product was on sale and it seems like they will honor it even though it is not on sale anymore. If true than so-far-so-good. I have Wayfair Professional account and they have always treated me right - we'll see how France & Sons does.

Edit: Received the product wh. Arrived in very good time - much sooner than expected. Box says Made in China which is counterintuitive for a company (Four Hands) that purports to make/design its own furniture - but I wasn't surprised since I've seen the same chair by other names being sold by different companies. Of course this doesn't reflect at all on France & Sons. The chair looks good and is nice quality compared to what one can expect these days. It's comfortable enough except most of the the back rest feels like it has no support. It feels like it could easily be punctured. They must have used sinuous springs vertically which is not the best - not good at all actually - but I will console myself with the addition of accent pillow to support the lower back

Overpriced and poor quality
His has been the worst home purchase I have ever made for my home. Before purchasing the light fixture online I consulted with the customer service team and mentioned that I had a vaulted ceiling, the ceiling height, and asked for a recommendation on the number of extension rods needed. The light fixture arrived without enough wire to go through the extension rod. France & Son sent me 30 inches of wire and I needed 60 inches to hang the light. I contacted customer service and told me that they don't provide additional wire, I would need my electrician to provide that. My electrician was appalled by the response, it was the first he had heard of a company not providing enough wire to hang a fixture. In addition, the fixture is not made to hang on a vaulted ceiling. When I asked about returning the fixture it was a $200 fee to return, I paid $650 for the light. The quality of the light is poor and did not come with bulbs. Very disappointed with this purchase and will never purchase from France and Sons or recommend.

One of my favorite pieces!
Absolutely loved this store! I was looking for new furniture to decorate my house, everything I found there was inexpensive and super nice quality. It's hard to find nice furniture for a good price but I had no problems when I visited France & Son. The customer service was awesome, France & Son helped me with everything I needed and knew the answer to all my questions. I also appreciated that all the staff was wearing face masks, they definitely prioritize health and safety. I have recommended this store to do many of my friends and family and they loved it as well. Can't wait to shop there again and find more awesome pieces for my house!

DO NOT SHOP HERE. I placed an order online for a pendant light at the tune of $428 + $40 in shipping in handling. When the item arrived, I opened it to find that the brass was too yellow. No big deal since the reason I purchased from this site was that France & Son accepted returns.

What they don't tell you is how incredibly corrupt the return process is. They told me I could pay $195 (!) for them to create and send a shipping label OR $97.50 to create my own shipping label and send it. They say the high fees are due to the cost it took them to ship it to me... WHICH MAKES NO SENSE GIVEN I PAID $40 FOR SHIPPING ALREADY. In addition, there is no way that a small pendant light that weighs less than 5lbs and arrived in a medium sized box can cost that much, especially since they ship domestically from NY (I live in Washington).

To me, this feels like they are trying to squeeze money from customers who need to return items. SHAME ON YOU France & Son, especially during a time where people are struggling. I will never shop here again and will encourage all of my friends (many who are part of the design community) to do the same.

Would not buy from this company again
Purchased four items from France and son on September 5. Three of the items came in and I received an email stating that all my items were delivered. I contacted them to say the fourth item I let them know I have not actually received it. I was told rather rudely that it was on back order, despite it showing in stock. I waited over a month and contacted them in October to let them know I was moving at the end of October and provided my new address. I was told that was fine France & Son would pass information on to the shipping warehouse. Nobody notified me that they shipped the product (according to them) to my old address, in a gated community which I no longer had access to and without notifying me at all. When I called to follow up I was told that it was delivered to the old address and they expected me to somehow track it down. After having waited for more than two months, I just simply asked for a refund. I was told on two separate occasions that I would receive a refund and that it would post to my bank account within 5 to 7 days. Neither time did that happen. Finally more than 8 months later, several follow-ups on my end and unreturned calls, I was told they will finally ship out the product to me but only if I provide a five star review on Google. I told them to keep the product and my money as I really don't have any use for it anymore. And I'd rather be able to give an honest review.

I was looking around everywhere for a nice Saarinen...
I was looking around everywhere for a nice Saarinen Marble Table replica, and decided to pull the trigger on this site. I never heard of it, so I decided to give them a call to feel them out. The customer service rep was so nice and helpful. I can't remember his name, but he even took additional photos with his phone for me, so I could get a better angle on some of the details. I pulled the trigger and hoped for the best, and to my surprise, the table arrived 3 days later! The quality was great, and my friends are all in awe of my Saarinen Table, and France & Son have no idea its a replica.

I purchased this bar stool along with dining chairs totaling over $2,800.00 from France & Son. In a matter of four months, the bar stool has come apart - clearly workmanship defect. I emailed France & Son inquiring how to get it replaced, as it is not the craftsmanship I expected and paid for. Brad of France & Son replied with, "Thank you for the photos. I apologize for this defect and inconvenience. I am sending this info to a product specialist and to the factory to come up with a resolution for you." A week later, still no response and I inquire again. I receive the reply, "Based on the images, this joint should be able to be fixed very easily. Applying wood glue to the exposed wood, pressing the joints back together, wiping away any remainder, and allowing it to dry should resolve the issue completely. Please let me know if this solves the problem. If not, I will need to see some other photos to see what the problem is, and how it can be fixed." UNACCEPTABLE. So I purchase almost $3,000.00 worth of furniture, only for it to break - within a matter of months, and France & Son's resolution is for me to fix it myself - apply wood glue to "resolve the issue completely". GENIUS! Why didn't I think of that? What? For it to fall apart who knows when. Just what I need - a house guest falling off this stool breaking who knows what.

Buyers beware - I was contemplating my purchase from France & Son and took a chance -regretfully so. I will not be returning to France & Son - as this is not the type of customer service I would wish upon anyone. What company has the audacity to email a customer explaining how France & Son need to fix a product they've sold them. I am disgusted with France & Son as well as their lack of customer service and do not recommend making any purchases as they could care less.

(I would have rated 0 stars, but it would not let me continue otherwise)

I was shipped a light fixture with a manufacturer defect...
I was shipped a light fixture with a manufacturer defect and after several emails
With less than generous options to rectify.
I do interiors & have recommended this site
And even after all my installation costs and the defect being zero my responsibility…
The best solution was a 25% off.
Since this fixture was for personal use and I can live with the crooked arm, I surrendered.
But if this was for client, it would be a deal breaker. I could never ask my client to live with an obviously flawed piece. Future recommendations will come with a caveat.
The last agent I actually spoke with Brandon,
However was a dream agent and I knew he was trying to help me. He was your only real saving grace from a more detailed online review.

Money Hungry!
In the real world when you return something you expect a full refund. Especially something you never received or saw. There (Frances and Sons) policy was not stated nor clearly visible on their website. I cancelled an order literally within 24 hours of the online purchase. I explained to the rep (from the company) that reached out to me that I thought I was buying a table not a table top. Not once did she say I was going to be charged a cancellation fee. I didn't find out until 2 months later! This company is trying to make a dollar anyway France & Son can and I don't appreciate it.

Pouf purchase
The quality of product was inferior. The graphics of the fabric was not aligned properly on the side seem of the ottoman. Plus the fabric where the side seam meets the top seam is bunched (pinched) together leaving a dimple (indentation). This supposed to be a circular pouf. It is a far cry from being round. It is a rather pricey compared Tom similar poufs. Very disappointed. Plus I filed a complaint immediately after receiving the product. France & Son require 10-15 days to respond. It's been overt 10 days since the claim. I have yet to hear from them. Thanks I would recommend purchasing from this vendor.

Defective furniture they refuse to replace
I ordered a $2000 cabinet. I was told it was in stock and yet it took 6 wks to receive it. Then it came in defective. Base wasn't level and doors weren't level. I was told to fill out a claim form, and wait 15 days. It was not damaged in shipping, it's just defective. It's been 30 days and still France & Son have not replaced the unit or come up with any resolution other than for me to hire someone to fix the unit and France and son will reimburse me. Would NOT recommend France and son. Customer service is sorely lacking and if your piece is defective or broken, they will not resolve the issue. I am disputing with my credit card company at this point. Ridiculous.

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