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I love fragrancex
I love fragrancex. However, the coupons FragranceX send are never beneficial for loyal consumers. It seems like the coupons can never be used. I get $5.00 off my next order, but I could never claim it because of the 15% code they give. It's either take the 15% or the $5.00. You can never use both. They never send you samples of other colognes to give you an idea or possibility of ordering something new or similar. It would be nice it they sent loyal customers samples of colognes of similar products off their order history to get the to purchase different products.

2 month waiting no refound no perfume no cancel
Many time same this answer like auto repl

"If it has taken this long, it is due to being held by customs. While most are not delayed for long, sometimes customs is not timely in notifying the recipient.
Your package is on its way and will arrive soon.
If it cannot be delivered for any reason, it will be returned to us.
I appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you again soon.
Thank you"

And the final message is

"Please note that we are unfortunately not able to recall a package once it has shipped from our warehouse, additionally we are not able to cancel or refund for any order that is still in transit"

That was the last message that end me to the making this review
That mean FragranceX don't care for customers and just stealth the money read their answer again and you will decide
I e-mail all those people ( Vinnetta, lee,, Renee, Salihah, Debbie.) and others all same thing also i e-mail the manager and he ignore my message

Good prices, eh shipping
Simple, fast, secure. I usually order from this site and I'm gonna be honest with you, my packages came in 5-7 days after ordering them so don't expect Amazon level delivery however, the amount of money you save ordering from FragranceX makes the pickiness of Standard shipping go away. If you're looking for some good deals, are not impatient and, can be happy with a couple of more nickels to rub together, FragranceX is a good choice.

Perfumes last less than an hour
I have been buying perfumes from this website for over 6 years and I was very impressed with their products. However, since last year, all the perfumes I have bought have been very disappointing. I wear them and smell good. Within an hour I cannot smell anything like I am wearing a perfume. Before, my perfumes would last forever, not anymore. This is the last time I am buying from them, because I cannot trust their products any more. I have been telling friends about it, but I am now changing my mind. I am greatly disappointed!

Feeling let down
I have used Marc Jacobs Dot perfume for last few years, love the fragrance, but the one I received from Fragrance X is not the Dot I know, the initial smell is familiar but within a hour of using its gone, even after spraying on clothing. Very unhappy as the ones I've in past fragrance lasts all day, the packaging n bottle are good as was delivery, but defiantly not the genuine article, FragranceX say if it's too good to be true. It usually is and in this case it was.

Cheated twice over!
The first order made on 1 st July '16, not delivered till Jan '17.
The second order made on 1 st Oct'16, not delivered till Jan '17.
Despite repeated mails, a standard automatic mail is instantly delivered. The subsequent mail always says it might be stuck in Customs and we cannot do anything till the product is returned to us. Countless exchanges!
No refund of money, no accountability, no qualms about gypping a customer.
Fragrancex is not to be touched.
I have wasted $150, don't waste your money.

The simplest querstion did get answered.
FragranceX do advirtise 15% coupon for rebates, and this, even when turned on to Canadian currency. (I live in Québec) So I sent them an e-mail in order to make sure (before ordering) that the coupons was valid in Canada, and this - even if their web site showed the coupon on their website. This is the simplest question that one person can have, it never got replied to. So NEVER deal with them. (NOTE: Even when you do not want to buy (I did want to buy from them!) from a company, find yourself a question to ask them, if they never replied, you have your answer that you should NEVER deal with them, if the reply is unsatisfactory, same thing. STAY AWAY!

Please send perfumn or return my money
Do you ever check your e mails and reply to them
I ordered about $188 worth of fragrances so far nothing i have left messages on your answer phone so far nothing I sent an e mail about a week ago so far nothing i contacted the cariers here in NZ FragranceX said to get in touch with you YOU have my money and i have no fragrance
On 21st Feb i received tracking info waybill *******016 advising that my shipment had not yet been picked up so please can you get
My order to me or credit my money back into my account
Jan Vilicich

I enjoyed discovering the many products in mens cologne...
I enjoyed discovering the many products in mens cologne and aspire the best out of mu first purchase. Should it meet the quality desire and expectations of my own personal ideals, I will relinquish a fair review of the product and the experience I encounter with it fairly and professionally.
Thank you for the opportunity to reflect upon my shopping experience with your site, I do appreciate feedback and know how important it is.

The only possible improvement to this online fragrance...
The only possible improvement to this online fragrance business would be the ability to split tender types--thereby enabling use of gift cards received by consumers for purchases. Many people receive gift cards for birthdays and other holiday presents in amounts of $25 or $50, myself included. But the fragrances we want to buy here cost more than that. By your current system we are unable to purchase from you with them. Fix this, joining the majority of merchants, and watch your sales jump.

Ordered a perfume for a Christmas gift, was sent overnight delivery. Instead of a perfume I received a pair of used black leggings. Company has been unwilling to fix the problem, coming up with every excuse under the sun to refrain from giving us a refund. We sent them pictures, and FragranceX claim it's FED EX's problem. The package came intact and nothing wrong with it. It's obviously fragrancex and Fed EX shouldn't be to blame. Thankfully item was purchased using Paypal because a claim has been filed. Do NOT buy anything from this site, no matter how much money you will save. It's not worth it.

So far so good
So far so good. I looked at the mall at major retailers. It used to sell at Wal-Mart for like ten bucks for nice size bottle at the mall it was like 70 and the perfume kiosks that said this realities was made by a Canadian company. I asked her what did she mean bc it's by Liz Claiborne. She offered a price of like 45 for about two ounces. I'm paying 15 here for three minis which have a half oz each. Meaning a better deal and it's Liz Claiborne

This place is amazing
This place is amazing. I ordered something late Thursday so I was only Hoping thatit will come by Saturday which I kind of figured that it would not because it didn't ship out until Friday morning because I ordered it late Thursday night will high ever it was a Mother's Day gift for my mother-in-law and FragranceX made sure that I received it to the point I got it on Sunday. So it was actually delivered on Mother's Day and I was so out done

Stole my money
Never received my order -- USPS clearly misrouted my package to a wrong customer but FragranceX doesn't care, even though FragranceX have insurance on that package! They give me a runaround and won't tell me what will happen if USPS never finds my package (they actually made me open a case with USPS, even though they were the sender who paid for shipping). Their customer service reps are rude and standoffish, just want to end your call ASAP without resolving anything. The last one actually said "I can't tell you what happens during our follow-up process."
I am 99.9% sure I will never see my package or a refund.
Will have to file a claim with my credit card company.

My shopping experience on your site was a pleasure
My shopping experience on your site was a pleasure. Very easy to navigate the different categories and the videos explaining the scents are very helpful. I just wish there was a fragrance sample of every scent! I would buy up so many that way and definitely be back to purchase my favorites in regular sizes! Or at least try to add some samples of your most popular, high end scents. This undoubtedly bring in more sales. Once we try it... fall in love with it... we have to have more!;-)

I love frangrancex, it's MY go to for great parfumes,...
I love frangrancex, it's MY go to for great parfumes, especially the ones that you can't get in smaller towns. I always refer men and women to your site when FragranceX ask about the parfumes that I wear. I tell them that they can get the best prices on what they want or can't find in stores and always seem very grateful that I referred them to a place where they can get what they love at better prices. I have bought from Frangrancex forever it seems like. Overall 10 stars!

First time paying via PayPal..
First time paying via PayPal. Wasn't sure if I ever could before, but for some reason I tried it today, and it was simple and easy. And the 15% discount on my order, very nice surprise - thank you very much FragranceX! I'm sure my fiancee will love this, she just ordered it herself and hates running out of it because of its price tag. This way, she won't run out as soon as she usually would. And I LOVE IT on her, so it's a win-win all around! Thanks again.

Worst Service
Product takes more than 4 weeks to arrive and the customer service never answer your question but replies with template answers. Upon arrival, my perfume leaked and was ruined, totally unable to give out as a gift apart from the lateness. This is terrible service. I am located in Southeast Asia. I am deeply disappointed as this was my first order! Product also looks fake, but anyway it was ruined by the wetness when it arrives. No plastic packaging when it arrives for the perfume.

100% FAKE... Order #27566357
I have same perfume and use it for many year. I know what smell should be. This site said it should be 100% authentic product, that is why I ordered from them two of the same perfume. When I have received them FragranceX smelled different from original perfume (Smell like its HOMEMADE) and also the smell don't stay more 10 minutes.! THEY ARE FAKE! Its the same for 2 of them. I have lost money because I cant use this perfumes like this. THEY BELONGS IN THE GARBAGE CAN!

WARNING to everyone! Be aware when buying from abroad on the internet. Even though you pay shipping You will have to pay extra when it arrives in this country (uk) before it is delivered. It is a legal requirement by our Government that we have to pay DUTY & VAT. I have just been caught out. I had to pay an extra £34 to DHL to receive the goods that I had already paid £125 for. The company I bought the goods from have nothing to do with this and don't even know how much we are going to be charged by our government. There was nothing on their website to warn me either. Wont be doing that again!

Was slightly skeptical before, but now I'm a believer!
I came across this site in the course of searching for a retailer offering Chrome United at a reasonable price. The site was also highly recommended by Jeremy Fragrance. His video was sponsored by FragranceX so I wasn't sure how much weight to put into his review, but I definitely don't regret it. Their prices are super competitive and ship extremely fast! I was surprised that FragranceX offered free two day shipping with my order. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. Will buy again in the future!

Was able to order over 10 fragrances of decent size...
Was able to order over 10 fragrances of decent size & great name brands for under $300 with this site thanks to their decent pricing, free shipping & promo code offered... very excited to be able to try some new fragrances that I wouldn't have otherwise spent a ton of money for as well as stocking up on a couple favorites for cheaper than I've ever paid in the department stores. This is my first order, but if everything is correct & the quality is as expected I will most definitely be ordering again. Looking forward to my order... thank you!

Price was too good to be true
I purchased some Jean Paul Gaultier from these guys and an awesome price, it almost too good to be true (and of course it was). The shipping company returned my order because FragranceX could not find the unit. Upon return I had to ask about 2-3 times for my refund. Once I finally got my refund it was approximately $18 dollars less than what I had paid. I got ripped off. I think you'd be better off buying this kinda stuff in the store, or from Amazon.

I have love Giorgio since I was a teenager my mom use...
I have love Giorgio since I was a teenager my mom use to wear it and she would spell so pretty and looked so pretty going places. I am 64 yrs of age and I wear it now all the time. I'm married that's a must have gift every year for Christmas over 25 yrs I've been married. My husband make sure he gets that with other gifts. I'm very Blessed to still be able to wear Giorgio and to have a lovely husband that loves my wearing it.

I had a little trouble at first with the checkout process,...
I had a little trouble at first with the checkout process, but I realised eventually that the fault was mine and I needed to properly fill out the bill-to/ship-to portion so that my card would accept the transaction. I can't wait to receive these purchased fragrances, as I can only imagine that it will be very much like reuniting with old friends. Thank you FragranceX for offering an outstanding selection of designer fragrances at very affordable prices. I applaud you for the service and effort in advance, bravo!

Beyonce Heat Perfume & Hidden Fantasy Perfume
I have been wearing this perfume for 2 years now and absolutely love it. Never having purchased from this company before I thought that I would give it a shot as FragranceX were slightly cheaper that where I normally purchase from. BIG MISTAKE! This is an extremely diluted version of the original scent and only lasts for about 60 seconds before the scent is gone. Buyer beware you get what you pay for. I will NEVER use this company again.

I am a repeat customer of FragranceX, and so far the...
I am a repeat customer of FragranceX, and so far the perfumes have smelled as FragranceX should. The ordering is easy, and they arrive undamaged and within a week. Flowerbomb is my favorite, and I bought it from a different site and could tell it wasn't authentic. The color was off as well as the smell. FragranceX has provided me with the type of perfume I expect when paying over $100. I'll keep coming back as long as they keep up the authentic products.

Shipping costs
I received my Gucci in double quick time. Hooray. No extra cost, Hooray, Opened my Gucci and although it smelt nice I was not 100% convinced that it was genuine. The more I used it the more I believed it to be fake? But I could be wrong. Then shock horror two weeks later I get a bill from DHL for shipping costs of £17.06. Angry is not the word I would choose to voice my displeasure. I could of bought it cheaper in the UK. I will not be buying from FragranceX. Com again

This company is fake
This company is absolutely fake, rubbish and very untrustworthy one... the government should look into them and ban them from selling perfume. I bought an Aramis mordern leather from them, having used it before, it arrive and I quickly noticed that a cello tape was used to stick the bottom label. Opened the bottle and sprayed it, it smells real but then disappeared within minutes, the real mordern leather will smell for few days on you. Ive asked them for refund and a return label not not a single response from them... I have emailed them 5 times and still no response. A company like this should not exist and should be banned completely.

Super fun shopping
Super fun shopping. Everything I looked for, I found just by typing it in. I was even given an option, to be on a waiting list for out of stock items. Also, lots of coupons were made available to me to choose from. I saved a good deal. All perfumes I wanted to try came with star ratings, which made my picks easier. Best of all, the prices are great and I can try out new fragrances when I feel like it. And, FragranceX always list my favorites. I love browsing for great picks here more often than anywhere else.

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