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Fracture Glass Photos

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Although I always read reviews and rely heavily on them, this is the first review I ever have written. I came across fracture while looking for a way to frame a picture while everything was closed due to COVID 19. I read the reviews and Fracture Glass Photos were pretty mixed but lots of comments about lousy customer service which was a turn off. I decided to risk it since I liked the idea of the picture on glass. To make a long story short, I submitted an unedited picture by mistake. It was on a Friday night and given the reviews I figured I was doomed. There was an area to send an email and a message saying they were closed till Monday. But, first thing Monday morning I got an email saying no worries and just to send what I wanted printed. They couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating! They even confirmed that they had the right picture before they printed it. It arrived exactly on the promised day and it is absolutely beautiful. Better than I expected! I would highly recommend trying this company. My only criticism is the packaging. My picture was fully intact but I felt they should have more protection than how it was wrapped.

A company that stand behind what they sell and we need more like them in the world!
Recently my beloved dog Coco died suddenly and without a cause. I thought to purchase two Fracture photos of her to help remind me of my very best friend. "Still crying". I got the two photos in and immediately installed them where I could see her each day.

Somehow the frame holder on one of my photos failed as I went into a room and found her on the floor. Devastated, I wrote them a simple message about what had happened and unbelievably and without me asking Fracture Glass Photos replaced the photo at no additional cost to me.

First, these photos mean a great deal to em and they had no way of knowing that. Second, they treated me with respect before during and after they shipped me a second Fracture of the one that broke.

This company will have my business for everything photo as of now because they back up what they sell AND there are no hoops to jump through to have something corrected.

Too the folks at Fracture; The pain I feel six months after the passing of my dog is still as devastating today as it was six months ago and it would have been even worse had you not taken the action you took.

All I can say is Thank You! And it is not a hallow thank you at that!

Excellent staff and product
I sent an email to fracture letting them know that while I was in the hospital with Covid and pneumonia for several months my girlfriend packed my 3 fracture photos. I unfortunately went back-and-forth to the hospital and each time she pack those three photos. While packing, one of the photos hit the floor and broke and I was very upset.

Tyler sent me an email that he would figure out which photo it was and replace it and ship it at no cost to me because it occurred while I was so sick. Unfortunately, I accidentally chose the wrong photo while emailing with him and did not realize until it arrived.

I sent Tyler another email thanking him so much for all of his work but letting him know that unfortunately I ordered the wrong photo and he went through all of mine and my girlfriends accounts until he found the correct photo and again insisted on sending it to me at no charge!

It arrived yesterday And I am so grateful for all of his efforts and the staff at fracture for all of their work in finding me my photo and bringing back my memories to me!

Thanks again Tyler,


Awesome customer support
After I ordered my print from Fracture I received an email from FedEx with a delivery date. I tried to track my order but FedEx website kelp saying Fracture Glass Photos haven't pick up the package but would update their track once they had. This went on for several days, up until the delivery date that FedEx still had posted to the tracking number.
I contacted Fracture support to see when the package would be picked up by FedEx. They emailed me back within 24 hours and told me that the package had been picked up days ago. They also tried to track my package and couldn't find it. Fracture said they didn't want to wait for FedEx to locate the package so they quickly reprinted my photo at no charge and shipped it out right away.
This print was a birthday present for my wife, I never told Fracture this, they just stepped up and took care of the issue. The awesome thing was this wasn't their issue, FedEx had lost the print but Fracture was the one that made it right.
I HIGHLY recommend Fracture, in fact I can't recommend them enough. There are very few companies that would have done this.

OK if you don't mind a big hole in your wall
I received a beautiful photo on Fracture as a special gift from a professional artist/friend. Unfortunately, the only way to hang it that Fracture provides is a giant screw into a wall - no alternatives for walls that you don't want to mar with a giant screw. Any other hanging method voids their warrantee. I cannot return it, to tell my friend about the difficulty since it would break his heart. So, I will have to invent my own way to hang it knowing that the customer service from Fracture said that anything other than the screw could ruin the print or cause the backing to fail. Come on, Fracture. Provide alternative mounting provisions for people who cannot or will not use a giant screw on wall.

I would not buy anything from Fracture until Fracture Glass Photos fix this design fault.

Tried it twice and color was all wrong both times - but they fixed it: read update at end of review
First photo I sent in for printing was extremely vibrant; wild stage-light colors with bright magenta and purple. When it came back, those colors were more like mauve. VERY dulled-down and muddy. Nothing like the digital file I sent. I figured maybe their system auto-corrected for the wild colors, so I tried again with a different image; a more normal skin-tone portrait. It came back washed out and pale-looking; again not at all like the image I sent. I love the streamlined flat look of these, but won't be trying them again.

Also disappointed when Fracture Glass Photos say they print the image ON GLASS, well, not really. It's BEHIND the glass; a print with glass adhered to the front. It's not like something ON glass that light can come through.

I contacted Fracture to tell them that my two orders had resulted in washed-out, pale photos both times. I was not asking for a refund, just telling them why I would not be using them again. I was very surprised to receive a reply by email from an employee named Hannah. She asked that I send her my original files along with photos of the washed-out prints I received. She vowed to make it right and redo my order for free.

Less than two weeks later I received replacement prints for both orders (three prints in all) that looked great. They looked like my original files. I asked her to send me the files SHE sent of my images for printing so I could see how she made the images more contrasty before sending them for printing. I asked her how to avoid the "washed out" problem if I ever order again. She suggested I email them before ordering to remind them that I had this problem. But, in the end, my prints look like my original files, thanks to her working on them personally, and they replaced my prints for free and did it much more quickly than the turnaround time on my original orders. I cannot complain about their customer service.

Love the product disappointed by size options
I've ordered many of these glass pictures and I LOVE the quality and quick shipping of the product. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the limited size options. I have ordered size "Small" & "Medium" 11x11 and then decided to make a few beautiful collages and ordered a size "Large" anticipating it being bigger than the Medium but not a HUGE as it actual was 23x23. Although the quality is amazing, the Large size is enormous and the medium is size is nice but not big. I now have $500 worth of stupidly large glass pictures that I won't even hang yet, was so excited to order :( Wish I could return them and just get the medium size instead :(( ( A middle size option, maybe 15x15 or 18x18 would be WONDERFUL!

Fractured by Fracture
Until now the experience with you and your company has been good. Although the shipment was delayed by USPS and arrived 3 days later than the confirmation said it would, that is not my complaint as I understand it is out of your hands. The picture in question was of my daughters dog who on the day I ordered the picture had to be put down. He was a good dog who spent the last ten years with my daughter when she really needed him. The problem is that I wrote I heartfelt note to be put in the photo along with a request of no receipt. You got the no receipt right but did not include the note. My daughter got the package last evening and sent me the note below:

Did either of you order this and have it sent to me? It showed up today with no note, no receipt.

You folks advertise that you take those special moments and memorialize them on glass. Well, you didn't this time! I got the picture which I paid for but I did not get the service. I will never use your service again and I will tell anyone I know not to either. I will be going to social media next and telling people of my experience as well. What I was hoping for was a special moment with my daughter over the loss of her great dog…what I got was a creepy package showing up at her house with the picture of the dog she lost and what was to be a tender reflective moment was lost.

Signed Fractured by fracture!

Photos on glass!
Just watching TV one night and up came an ad about photos on glass by Fractureme. I took the chance and placed an order with one of my trusted photos. The delivery was excellent and when I opened the package I was blown away by the outstanding product inside. The quality just amazed me so much that I definitely placed another order soon after. I just placed an additional order a couple days ago and look forward to stopping by Fractureme's operation to tell them personally how much I have been impressed by their products.

Friends and family that visit are equally impressed by the outstanding "photos on glass" concept. I have endorsed this company to them and recommend that Fracture Glass Photos check it out for themselves.

Nice alternative to traditional prints
I ordered two prints of a scan of a photograph of a one-point perspective (originally on canvas) that was previously destroyed. The original photo was was taken at an odd angle, and had some damage. The scan was edited with desktop photo software for patch/repair, crop/rotation, adjustment of contrast & tone, then uploaded with ease. Though the available sizes were a bit odd and resulted in further (uncontrolled) cropping and the tones were slightly off from the proof, the end result was stunning, and made a wonderful gift for an employee and her sister (the original artist).

The price, with an online discount code fo Mother's Day and free shipping, was reasonable; packaging was secure and protective; and time from order to delivery was quick, only seven days.

I realize this is a young company, and I look forward to improved user interface that allows integrated edit control of crop/size & position, color/contrast/tone, and a broader range of standard as well as custom size options.

I will definitely use this service again.

Great customer service and love the picture
Quick response, great customer service, beautiful product that Fracture Glass Photos stand behind. I have several fracture pictures and love them all. I purchased a 16 x 20 about six years ago (it is a beautiful photo of Positano from the water) and a small section pulled away from the glass, the only one with an issue. I emailed Fracture and someone responded within 24 hours and they had already searched their files based on my name and current emails and found only the order from 2011. They asked for other emails and names that might have been used for my order - within a day Tyler responded that they could not find the order but that they would be happy to replace it, no charge. I could send that picture or any other. I sent in the picture and within a couple days I had an email saying that my new photo was on its way. Thank you Tyler and thank you Fracture.

I sent this company a beautiful picture of my fiance and me, on a boat, in the moddle of the ocean, on a beautiful, bright, sunny day. The print came out dull and pasty. There is no color difference between the water and the sky. Customer service offered to reprint or print another photo. I was so disappointed that I decided to try another photo. It too came out with dull coloring. I sent them 2 photos with bright colors and what I received doesn't even resemble the original photos in coloring. Run, don't walk! Find another company to print your cherished memories. I don't know why Fracture Glass Photos are not able to capture the colors correctly.
Original on the right, fracture on the left.
Horrible! Not deserving of any stars!

Not worth it
I ordered one small print to just see how the picture would look on glass. Well the picture was fine just wished I had sent One with more color! BUT the picture is not on GLASS it sounds like plastic to me. Not to mention it looks like Fracture Glass Photos just glued it in a pice if foam and sealed on a piece of plastic. I had recently seen some photos on vacation that were in glass! And they were beautiful... sooooo I will not be ordering again. I too could not find a way to leave a review in the website. So that tells me all the reviews are NOT true customers as far as the turn around I had mine in about a week! That's the only good thing about this whole ordeal!

Ordered a large print of my beloved dog who had recently passed. Had very high expectations after hearing Fracture talked up on some of my favorite podcasts, also considering the higher price compared to a canvas print of the same size. The result is stunning, I know my picture of the picture doesn't do it justice, but man do the colors POP. Tracking the order through FedEx was a snap. The packaging was done incredibly meticulously: the print was perfectly stabilized in a bespoke carton and sealed with well-placed staples that were thoughtfully extra-secured with recyclable paper tape. I know it's glass, but I'm fairly sure that even if dropped, the package could have taken it. Anyway, I TOTALLY recommend Fracture and will be ordering more in the future!

Customer Support issues
Order went well. Confirmation 2 day shipping and received shipping notice... BUT... Nothing. Not dispatched, no pick up from FractureMe, nothing. Tried multiple times to contact via chat (no working), via email (no response), and still FedEx tracking number shows label printed but not collected... No one from CUSTOMER SERVICE (I don't think Fracture Glass Photos know what that means) has bothered to email, chat or call... Starting to think that this is a scam... But still getting spam emails selling the FractreMe service... What a joke! Can't tell you how the product is, as I can't get delivered... Customer Service needs a phone line or a working chat service. FractrueMe appears to be a fly by night, two bit organisation, and one I will not be using again, or recommending to anyone I talk to...

PayPal need to block their payment stream until they are able to meet some level of service. Maybe that would get their attention, as a customer surely can't...

Update... After multiple efforts, finally someone has returned an email... So I'll add one star... So only two stars, UNTIL THEY GET A PHONE LINE. Or a working CHAT service...

Update: After days of nothing. Fracturme reached out and reprinted and sent new pictures. That is a positive. But the fact they don't have phone support of a working chat service means I still cant score them high on customer support. The products are good. Clear pictures, clean look, exactly what I was looking for. Fix you customer service policy.;. And access Three stars...

Quality, Beauty -- All On Glass
What a wonderful company! I can't say enough about the quality. I like the idea of no frame and printed on glass is a dream come true. I do not like frames. I've always purchased the glass frames, the one where you stick your photo between the glass and some kind of press board, which ultimately would ruin your photo because the photo would stick to the glass. Now, my pictures are printed ON glass. Amazing... This is the sixth time we've ordered from fracture. My husband and I love this company. The turn around is fast. The quality of the finished product is amazingly beautiful. I've purchased gifts for family, friends, my husband and everyone loves their gifts. I'm impressed with this fantastic company. I will continue to order from them. Fracture Glass Photos also have coupons all the time and free shipping if order $100.00. The pictures arrive unharmed due to the packaging. They wrap your pictures so well, you have no worries. Thank you fracture for another awesome experience. See you soon.

Nice Quality. Good Packaging. Good Support.
I was leery of ordering due to some negative reviews, but I gave it a go. I received the prints in a timely matter, and Fracture Glass Photos were well-packaged onto a removable cardboard flat frame, and then the 3 prints bound together with plastic.
I am pleased with the quality. Although the material seems to be Plexiglass rather than actual glass that is fine with me. I absolutely love the color of the printing! I found the support to be good, as well. I had a difficult time ordering due to a gift certificate as well as a coupon. But, Adam helped me via Chat. The prints arrived about 10 days later. I am excited to arrange them on my wall! Thank you, FractureMe Team.

Beautiful Quality Picture Great Customer Service
When I ordered my picture I mistakenly thought I ordered the stand with it. I called and spoke to Adam who showed me that I clearly did not order the frame. Not only did Adam go out of his way to get the frame shipped but he adjusted the cost of the the frame for me. The picture stands proudly in our bedroom. I would suggest that the picture be mounted on a more aesthetically pleasing backing. It appeared to simply be glued to a piece of corrugated cardboard with a very low end cut out for hanging. If it were not for the mounting method used I would have given it 5 stars. I would suggest investing in a better mounting method and avoid similar negative reviews.

Unable To Do Minority Glass Fracture Photos
I sent a picture of my recently deceased daughter, just wanting to capture her beauty as well as her personality. Fracture told me Fracture Glass Photos could only do the smallest size because of some reason I can't remember. I accepted that believing the glass photo would be just as beautiful as the one I sent. I WAS SO WRONG! THE GLASS FRACTURE PICTURE THEY SENT ME WAS DARK AND I CAN BARELY SEE MY DAUGHTER, AND MY DAUGHTER IS NOT DARK SKINNED NOR WAS THE LIGHT IN THE PICTURE DARK. And there is no way to hang the photo. I had to put a piece of tape on it so it doesn't fall out of the case they sent when I hung it on the wall. I paid full price for a glass photo I can't stand looking at. As far as I am concerned FRACTURE IS A FRAUD OR MAYBE ONLY FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE. Their commercials do not show any glass fracture photos of minorities for a reason. I WANT A REFUND! ZERO STARS!

So Delighted!
I ordered a trio of fractures of our visiting priests walking up the aisle, kneeling, and then laying face down during Good Friday. These fellows were stuck here all Covid lockdown. It's the perfect gift to share with them and I plan to ship them abroad. The packaging was very secure, the customer service was exceedingly helpful, and I felt like Fracture Glass Photos went overboard to help me accomplish my project. Thank you fracture! I will be adding a set of these to our auction with a gift card for the winner to do their own project. But, I messed up an edit and left a red "crayon" mark across the middle picture. My fault, but I wish they'd have asked me about it. Or maybe something more "final" sounding about the "I agree these images look like I want them to and I've fully edited them" or something to make me think twice about pressing the button. Not sure... my fault at any rate.

I ordered a photo for my sister and somehow it was lost in the shipping. I emailed Adam at Fracture and he was AMAZING. Super helpful, friendly-- he redid my order and shipped it out in 24 hours! He emailed me continuously throughout to let me know every step that was being taken and let me know when it was shipped-- -then he asked to make sure it had arrived safely--- which it had. My sister, Cathy, was so thrilled she plans to order more. I would order again from Fracture without hesitation. Their workmanship is gorgeous and their customer service is TO THE MOON and back!-- Ann P. Keller, Texas

Reward Program and First Experience

Overall this company needs to improve on its customer service. Our first order was simular to the other people, the package was sent without proper packaging. The glass was shattered and as a matter of fact I cut my hand badly on the package. Still have the scar today.

After a struggle Fracture Glass Photos did finally send me the replacements.

In total I spent nearly 1000 USD in the past few months. We are a small business trying to survive during the covid pandemic. I asked if we could have our points applied to new reward system. They refused.

Considering all that we have endured with this company I am now left rather dissapointed.

Custom and duty fees
I am extremely disappointed in the fact that I had all ready spent close to 500 dollars for the pictures I wanted which was fine and that was with shipping, what was the disappointing part was when I placed the order no where once was it ever mentioned I would be paying duty fees which were 70 dollars. It was a huge Hassel for me to get these pictures seeing as my budget was 500 and no mention of custom or duty fees. I had to drive an hour each way to the FedEx depot with a 3 month old to have to pick the pictures up in person because I had to pay duty fees ( which coming up for that unannounced amount of money was a headache all in itself) and Fracture Glass Photos would not accept cash dye to covid19. The pictures are beautiful, great job was done! But extremely disappointed in having to pay way over my budget when it was never specified. Not too impressed

I have ordered over 20 photos from Fracture and Fracture Glass Photos are all BEAUTIFUL! I realize some of my older photos aren't going to come out as clear as if they were taken yesterday, but even so, they still turn out wonderfully. I have several animal drawings from my son (drawn when he was 11) and being able to put them onto glass and hang on a wall to share with everyone is a great joy for me. And I know it makes him proud as well. Every order I have placed has arrived quickly and in tact, and I love knowing that they are super EASY to hang... no drilling and installing wall anchors needed! I just now ordered 3 more photos and can't wait to receive them! Thanks Fracture!

Their packaging is absolutely awful
I was really excited to get some pictures done as presents for Christmas until I received the box. There were 3 pictures of various sizes and it was like a child had packed the box. There is no bubble wrap or secure packaging. Both smaller pics have broken pieces as Fracture Glass Photos were not secured. This company makes it impossible to get in touch with them. I will never buy from them again. I have 2 broken presents and it could have so easily been avoided if they really cared about their packaging. No phone number to contact the company, you have to dig for a way to contact them. Sketchy

Poor quality printing.
I saw and heard some ads for "Fracture" and their printing directly on glass. Although this would seem like a perfect medium for photos, the execution is not of great quality. I sent them a high-resolution image and had it printed a small size just to try it out. I received a grainy, washed out printed image. I sent them an email with a side-by-side photo of their print next to a print on paper from my Canon Pro 100 to demonstrate the difference. My first email went unanswered. My second was replied quickly and with an offer of a new replacement print. I accepted - waited - and received a grainy, over saturated printed image.

Apparently, "Fracture" has not perfected the printing on glass technique. I don't feel Fracture Glass Photos were worth the $30 I spent to try them out and will definitely not return to them in the future.

"Just all-around bad"
In my opinion, This company DOES NOT have a contact phone number, only text or email. Had to replace one set of picture's, The company cropped it way more than the order I sent in originally, Also the item received, part of the paper on the side was torn off, very bad presentation upfront when I opened it. So Fracture Glass Photos sent out the second order to two different locations due to the fact that it was a gift and we live in different places, this was nice of them to do this, but when it arrived, NO STAND, I did pay for the stands, after I contacted them over chat, they told me I should have kept the old stands, I told them I trashed the first order in chat the last time, they never told me they would not send a complete order, "How would the other person get the stand in the first place different locations, they are in a different state. It's very hard to convey things over a chat. They said they would send out a stand, Not the point, it should have been done to start with. I was never offered any discount, never offered here is 10% of next order, The Company just wanted to replace the item over and over, I was not looking for one, but the offer would have been a nice gesture. I am not very happy with this company. I will not be making any orders in the future. I will share my experience as much as I can on the WWW

We've now purchased probably 20+ fractures in a variety of sizes and love them
I run a company that makes performance car parts. We sponsor a lot of race cars. Recently, we had print about 20x different pieces in all of their different sizes (from smallest to largest). First, I will say the quality is excellent and the delivery time is very reasonable, actually faster than we expected. Second, in the one case where we had 2 that needed to line up and had an issue with final alignment, Fracture Glass Photos were so darn quick to fix it. I worked with Cristina, specificall, and she was fantastic. As someone who runs a business that prides itself on customer service, I respect how runs their operation. I'm at a loss as to why there are not more glowing reviews here. Honestly, I suspect a lot of the poor reviews are from people with unrealistic expectations. It's important to use a bright, high-resolution photo. Do that, and you'll have great results like we did. :) Russ@

Originally I purchased a Fracture for a rush order and asked that some one contact me afore as to if my pic was good enough to copy and that I might want to discuss before making. A person named Cristine contacted that I would be called by someone that weekend, but it was too late and the call at it's earlier arrival date. I was dismayed of how the pic turned out. I had a professional photographer tell me that if the shot is from a phone, may have discrepancy regarding size and color. He said it was hard to do a matching blue and when blown up would have to expect what you get. He said, it was st least, - O. K.
SO ANYWAY, I decided to get it to my friend for her birthday anyway. I didn't have time to resend back or reorder, HOWEVER, I did send my sadness overall of what I expected. I decided to accept my bad judgement to realize if not to be in person or to be able to consult with company directly, is what you will get. Especially when you rush order.
Without any contact since then, I received recently another same second Frame copy, on my porch, unknown and unannounced about.
I believe it's quality is improved, but without comparing, and until I see my friend again, can not say.
I will say I'm impressed that I got 2 for one.
I think the company should be more accessible before making the order. Other than that, I am happy that you all tryed to make me happy. I'm just happy that no one stole it off my front porch.

Beautiful print, but not exactly what I had in mind when I ordered a print on glass.
When I decided to research having a print on glass, it was because I wanted light to shine through the glass to illuminate the print. Not sure why else one would put a print on glass. When it arrived, it had a black foam backing glued to the back of the glass, thus preventing light from shining through. I am not 100% satisfied, and it did not meet my expectations. After their customer support said that is the only way Fracture Glass Photos assemble the product, I was reminded of their 100% guarantee, and then I asked if there were any other issues. It seems the guarantee is 000% in the case of my expectations not being met.

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