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First. The broker is regulated. That's the essential feature.
Second. It has an excellent repuatation record on executions. No slippages, quality quotes - no surprizes.
Third. AMD, Netflix, Modena, Amazon, even russian Gazprom - these are all extremely volatile and therefore promising stocks that you can trade here as CFDs.
Enough? Yeah, I think that's good enough to pick this particluar broker. So far I only twice did the withdrawals and both times the funds arrived within the promised time limit. In particular, it took only few hours to complete the e-wallet withdrawals. Bank wire took 3 days to arive, which is not a fantastic result, but most importantly the funds are here, that's all that matters afterall.

I gave up scalping here
Earlier I was used to scalping from morning till night. I should note my addiction to that trading style was stronger than profits gained by trading this way. It's because previously I often gambled on casino sites and I merely transferred that gambling approach to trading. Before getting down to real trading I read a lot of reviews about scalping and ForexTB convinced me that scalping was the only possible way to earn steadily. Of course, I also heard about long-term trading but my attempts to enter the market to hold it for weeks were unsuccessful - each time I did it the market started making wild bounces up and down and I was kicked out of the market. So, I thought that instead of hopelessly trying to spot the right entry point, I would better try scalping.
I recently joined ForexTB and this broker helped me to shift from scalping to long-term trading. This broker's spreads are quite high for scalping, so I had to shift to long-term trading. I joined this broker because I trusted the recommendation of my pal. By that time, I greatly enriched my trading knowledge and was psychologically ready to try long-term trading once again. That's very good that I made another attempt. Now I trade major currencies and gold on h1, h4, and D. I trade them following these assets in channels. Scalping exhausted me. Here you can trade in a more relaxed way.

Can be trusted
There are several parameters that my trust is based on:
- CySEC regulation. It guarantees my funds are segregated and insured if I choose to keep trading with this broker.
- the quotes have shown to come from a reliable source. ForexTB don't dfiffer from the quotes that we can see in other open sources. No spikes, no major discrepancies with other quotes sources.
- excellent executions. No slippages, no delays.
- withdrawals are flawless. Bank wire withdrawal takes 2-3 days.
My personal experience with the broker shows that this is a reliable regulated company. I can also point out that managers here are really pleasant to deal with :)

I'm satisfied with trading here
I appreciate trading with this broker. I like two crucial moments here. First, ForexTB really have fast execution, exactly as told in reviews. Secondly, they offer a very convenient web platform Webtrader. Once I tried it, I gave up an idea to trade on Metatrader because I don't need excessive functionality, while convenience is where Webtrader leads.

Broker for longer-term trading
ForexTB is a broker for longer-term trading. Due to the fact that there is no large leverage here, it eliminates the possibility of getting fast money. Because it is these that most often turn out to be a failure for the trader.
But in ForexTB, the trader immediately realizes that he can earn in the company primarily through a long-term strategy and patient attitude to trading. I think this is the right approach.

I trade with ForexTB for about a year
5 years ago I hadn't even heard of the Forex market))). Yes, maybe it's funny to hear.) But one day I changed my life. The day I started to study trading...
I trade with ForexTB for about a year. There was another broker before, but I liked ForexTB and decided to change it. The trading conditions here suit me. Good trading platform and money is withdrawn to the mastercard very quickly. I didn't have that before.
I also like that this broker's website has a lot of interesting information to read. It's good that ForexTB helps its traders become professionals!)

Looks good at first glance and feels good afterwards
The first thing I checked about the brokerage is whether it's regulated. It is. CySEC. So that's good. Next I checked the website. Didn't look suspicious eiher. All the terms of service and agreemnets looked fine. Liquidity providers are mentioned, so you can expect a certain level of transparency here about quotes, spreads and executions.
As for the user experience itself - I guess I can't realy speak much of it as it al runs pretty smooth and I didn't really have a chance to contact support and see if ForexTB can deal with some complex issues (competent enough). My small reuqests to help with KYC process and questions about new account setup were answered quickly enough. This doesn't speak for some extraordinary support skills, but as I sead I dindn't have a chance to test the service in a more stressful circumstances with urgent or complicated issues (and I hope I won't have to LOL). SO far all is good to sum it all up.

Reputable broker
I think the only cons of the brokerage is that the basic account minimum deposit is large enough - 250 euros. On the one hand its good, as it's insane to try trading profitably with a deposit as low as 50 euros or less. On the other hand, in case you just want to get a sense of trading live, risking real money, losing 250 euros can be painful enough ( just in case you can't really trade and do silly things when in the market). Otherwise all is really good: fast executions, reliable service. I only withdrew the funds once - the transfer was completed within an hour or two since the request for withdrawal.

Excellent and reliable broker.
I am a simple office worker, and I do not have any unique entertainment in my spare time.
Therefore, I recently started trading Forex. I thought that trading is somewhat similar to a casino, but I was very wrong))
ForexTB taught me how to trade and use MT4. But, to my surprise, here I could not only receive valuable and exciting information, but also earn money.

Can't complain
I would have lied if I said that my expectations of trading business all turned to be true. No, this busines is tough, I can't argue with this statement any longer. However, speaking solely about my experience with the brokerage, I can't complain, that's true.
I didn't ran into any difficulties that experienced colleagues said I could run into. No troubles with execution my orders. Both market and limit orders get filed fine, no delays, no extreme slippages. I didn't withdraw any profits yet, as I still struggle to get some LOL. Will keep you posted ;)

Absolutely satisfied
Honestly, if I found any flaws, I would definitely highlight them. However, in half a year of trading with this broker there was not a single thing to disappoint me. I didn't have any special expectations, I just switched from an unregulated broker to a regulated one. I was ready for the spreads to be higher, but in reality it turned out that regulated brokers also offer quite tight spreads, even tigher than offered by my prev unregulated broker. And that includes a very large list of assets, especially stocks. For me, as a long-term trader, it was important, because 60% of my portfolio is exactly stocks. The only thing that seems to me is that the broker could offer 24/7 support (as far as I understand, there is only 16/5 support here), but that is not a big deal.

Demo without limits
Unlimitated demo is ultimative feature of this company and it can be very usefull for your trading. Yeah, I mean it can BOOST your trading, all you need is just to practice a lot. As demo is refreshable, you can always start from scratch and you can create more than one demo-account if you want to practice different strategies. So if you don't know how to start - start with the demo.

Many advantages
Reading a lot of ForexTB reviews, I've highlighted the main points that make traders choose this broker:
1. CySEC regulation. Of course, there are many regulated brokers, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't consider regulation as an advantage at all. Of course it's still here, at least you definitely shouldn't consider unregulated brokers. Never.
2. a large choice of stocks. It's true, I was surprised that the company is constantly working to expand the list of available stocks. Of course most traders only trade Forex, but if you're like me interested in trading stocks then I think this broker has a lot to offer.
3. there is an MT4. That is also true, but the broker doesn't offer Metatrader 5, which can be seen as a disadvantage. I certainly don't think so, but still I know many traders who trade with MT5. MT4 is enough for me, as for me it's the best trading platform with wide range of instruments, including EAs.
And in general people write very true ForexTB reviews, as you can see I agree with 3 main points.

Convenient and multifunctional WebTrader
I like this company because it's elementary to open an account and start trading. And you can do it right in your browser. The terminal opens when you click the Trade button. It's very convenient and multifunctional. It has several ways of presenting charts, and there are different tools for analysis. The only thing I would like to add is more companies' stocks.

I can't complain about this broker
I've been trading with this broker for three months and my impression is quite positive. It executes its duties well. I mean that it ensures a hassle-free trading process. So, when I want to enter the market I do it at the price I chose. Previously, with my ex-broker I often struggled to do that because it bothered me with constant slippage and requests. Here I don't face it. That's crucial for me and I don't expect anything else from the broker such as bonuses, cashbacks, etc. If a broker is reliable enough, I can do the rest on my own.

All fine
I don't really know what's importnat for other traders. I had a commpany's reputation, regulation and spreads in mind when I opened an account here. Reputation and regulation are obviously out of question. Spreads can seem to be quite wide for some of my colleagues, but I've chosen a broker with spreads a bit above average intentionally. I think if he company really makes money with spreads only, ForexTB must be wide enough. Tights spreads are very suspicious.

Almost satisfied
I can't say this brokerage changed my mind about trading or about brokerage service, nope, that's rather just a common brokerage, without any points that would make you to say 'wow'! Is that good? I think yes, as we're there for trading, not for saying wow, hah. I don't like, to be fair, only one thing - there's no social trading, as well as no copy-trading or sth like this and that makes me a little upset.

I don't complain, do I?
I can't really complain about the service as I don't see how the company could do their job better. The problem is I'm still not making much profits as I wished I would. My best guess would be I need to get more systematic in my trades LOL
Anyway, orders get executed instantly, no delays, spreads are ok if you ask my opinion, the broker is regulated. No much that I can see ForexTB can improve apart from. Yeah that would be nice if they could find the holy grail of profitable trading and share it with customers, muahaha.

Fits investing purposes
You probably have heard that stocks daytrading normally starts with 25K deposits. It was important for me to invest but also have a certain degree of freedom to be able to cahnge my mind and close some positions any time. CFD trading suit the purpose. ForexTb has got an excellent variety of assets you can invest in longterm or daytrade them. The minimum deposit is not limited but I suggest starting with at least 1K.

A lot of assets
Let's be honest, the broker can't offer anything revolutionary in terms of trading. But do we need this? Personally I just need to trade, diversify my portfolio and get paid on time. I don't have any other demands and in this respect the broker is okay.
Trading is organized with ECN, but I could be wrong. In any case, order execution is very fast, slippages are quite rare, I had about 20 slippages during a year of trading so I guess thats a good result.
But there is one thing I really like. If you prefer to invest not only in currencies but also in stocks, the broker offers one of the best offers on the market. You can check the full list of assets on their official website, but I will just say that it is more than other brokers I have traded with.
So I think it's a good broker, but without any significant features.

I recently started working for ForexTB
I want to tell you that I recently started working for ForexTB. I want to warn you right away that if you are hoping for a high leverage, then not right away. Here the leverage for ordinary traders is only 1:30. But I think this is correct. To get more, you need to make a large volume of trade and work for at least 1 year in a position that is related to the CFD trade. I understand that this is difficult. I thought so too.

As for the spreads. I trade the EUR / USD often and here the spread starts from 3.2 pips. I will not say that these are low. But many brokers have these, and there is nothing terrible here..

ForexTB are good to start in trading!
I have been trading with ForexTB not too long ago... maybe less than a month. There is a sufficient number of assets for trading, which allows me to earn. ForexTB have credit leverage for retail customers 1:30. My friend says it's not enough. But it's actually enough. So far you are just starting and have not become a great professional. A professional who is willing to take the risk does not need to use more leverage. You can lose your deposit. And ForexTB conditions are great to start with. When you get more experience, you can become a professional trader and get a chance to have a credit leverage of 1:400. What are the other advantages of being a professional trader?

I enjoy fast execution here
As a scalper, I put much value on execution. So, it needs to be fast because I enter the market, hold a trade for a very short period and then exit. Respectively, with problematic execution, I may struggle doing that.
This broker allows me to scalp conveniently due to fast execution. Besides this, I appreciate their Webtrader. I find its layout more intuitive than that one used in Metatrader.

Well done
Well done, guys! You've returned my faith in honest companies on forex and CFD market. After I managed to catch several extremely nice moves on stock market, I expected difficulties with withdrawls. I didn't only manage to make more money than I deposited, but managed to multiply that deposit several times, which I was quite happy about. Fortunatelly enough, the broker didn't start putting spokes in my wheels. I know it's a normal thing to expect, but you know, the industry has got some kind of a bad reputation. No, all went well, I keep trading here and I'm still pleased.

Trading with this broker is good.
Recently switched to ForexTB. Before that, I have traded with another broker.
I am fortunate to have MT4 here as I have not traded on other trading terminals. It is a convenient and famous platform for traders.
By the way, I really like that the broker allows you to use a variety of tools for accurate analysis and control of the market.

I can rely on this broker
The main thing that I can say about this broker is that it's reliable and ensures fast execution. If you value this, you can certainly stick with this broker. Another advantage of this company is Webtrader. If you are fed up with Metatraders, you will appreciate its intuitive layout. However, I would like them to have the spreads little lower.

A lot of assets, but sometimes spreads are higher than average
Frankly speaking, I have some kind of controversial opinion about this brokerage. On the one hand, the list of assets, especially of stocks, is really impressive, so you 100% would find that assets, that would help to maximize your profit. But on the other hand, 1.3 spread for EURUSD in average is quite high, at least it's higher than average. Not critical, but you would overpay 5-10%, so you decide.

Emphasis on what you need...
The technical parameters are, of course, important, but you can get acquainted with them on the company's website, besides, there are no bright features here, and the main terminal of the company and MT are something that you can figure out quickly enough. So I won't emphasize here. But what became really important for me was the practical help of the company's managers. ForexTB helped me with registration, I was prompted by some features of the platform and much more...

I like to trade with this broker
I'm a very conservative trader, so I always stick with proven solutions. What offers this broker I find straightforward and trustworthy. It took me a day to analyze the broker. For this purpose, I looked through reviews online and surfed on their website. Of course, my trading experience helped me to correctly analyze the company without dispersing my attention on non-significant things.
Since I have a five-year trading experience, I skipped demo trading because it can't tell me anything. I chose Metatrader 4 and opened a Basic retail account. By the way, leverage 1:30 absolutely suits me because it greatly decreases my risks. During the test period I expected something unpleasant such as loss of connection, frequent requotes, not to mention slippage. Fortunately, I didn't face any of that.
I tested the broker for two months. After that I successfully withdrew $200 to my Neteller account.

Mobile app for iOS
Trading is my secondary income source, but when I'm away from home that was a problem to still keep control over my trades. However, a couple of month ago brokerage has announced and introduced its app for iOS, so now I can trade even when I'm away from PC.
Sad that it took so much time to wait for this mobile app, as I know, Android app was introduced much earlier, but I assume that's because of App Store rules for developers. Anyway, now ForexTB mobile app is available for iOS and that's a good news for traders that need to control their trading with their phone.

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