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It took 13 months to get my bike and ordered accessories. There really is nothing else to say.
After waiting 13 months, I was ready to begin talking steps to get my money back. Probably a fruitless endeavor, because of their unique purchasing arrangement. Let's just say, I am relieved to finally get what I ordered. It looks quality, but it will now be sometime before I can ride it following a recent back surgery. After which I fully expect any warranty to be expired. All said, a bad experience i would not recommend to anyone.

I've had the FLX Roadster for 2 years, straight out of kickstarter. At first I loved it, as it was my first e-bike. It is a true life changer and the best mode of transportation in many cities! It "flattens" hills, which is an incredible feeling. You get pretty quickly to 20 miles/h, which is a great cruising speed. My top speed (downhill) was ~35 mph; beyond that, it's too dangerous anyway. It's also nice to be able to take the battery out and recharge it elsewhere.

Sadly, the bike is extremely poorly built:
1. FLX Bike claim the battery can go for 30 miles or more. Mine gets weak after 15 and dies at 20 miles, in ideal conditions (I would say 15 miles max in winter).
2. This is the flimsiest bike I've ever had. So many screws, nuts and bolts have popped at least once. My 2 fenders are broken (one is because the bike fell while standing).
3. To top it up, the motor died after 14 months of use... I emailed them right before it broke. They emailed back and forth to tell me that they were about to get spare parts in a shipment. After 6 weeks, I finally got a replacement, and had to pay $75 for a known issue! Four months after changing the motor (it was a 4h project...), I can sense that there is something wrong again when I pedal...:(
4. They sent a bike seat with the wrong "minimum depth" marking on it, so of course, the frame cracked... They want $280 to ship me a replacement frame, for THEIR mistake. They also offer to cover the welding cost, but the worst part about it is that no bike shops want to service it anymore (because of liability issues). So I'm on my own...
5. They are extremely slow at handling problems. Both times (for the motor and the frame), it took ~20 emails (mostly me asking "can you please reply?") and 6 weeks!
6. More minor details; I don't find the "user interface" of the control panel very intuitive or efficient. For example, you need to set motor speed every time! The gears were never really aligned, despite a professional tuneup after 200 miles. It derails quite easily over bumps.

In short: Don't buy this bike, it's too flimsy and too much work. There are great alternatives!

Great value, excellent components.
Babymaker pro( Gates belt drive, hydraulic brakes, clean looks, decent tires) is a pleasure to ride. I cannot imagine where the negative reviews are coming from. It is a great bike if you want to improve your posture while biking, learn the importance of cadence while cycling long distances. This bike improves your ride quality and distance without making you horribly exhausted at the end of the ride. At assist level 1 -2 you can squeeze 50-70 miles per full charge. It is super quiet and needs no care except dusting with a cloth. Try it, ride it for 100 miles before writing a review.It is priced to sell. Great job FLX!

All hype, no delivery or service!
ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION! Before you buy a bike from these guys, Take a look at their "D" RATING with the Better Business Bureau and the mountain of horrible reviews for customer service all over the internet... Despite all their happy, high energy, "we love you" nonsense, FLX Bike have HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and they do not give refunds or exchanges! Bought two bikes in April they changed the delivery date to OCTOBER. THAT'S 6 MONTHS... They raised almost 14 million dollars. I asked for a refund this week, not wanting to wait 3 more months. They sent back two snarky emails and said NO REFUND! BEWARE BEWARE OF THESE GUYS, they are not cyclists. They raise money and then order your bike... BEWARE

E-Bike customer service terrible
I bought 2 bikes at christmas at greater than $5000. Started off with loose cable connectors to the dashboard, easy fix but a trip the shop, Lucky FLX Bike are local to SAn Diego. Then we had motor problems where the motor would cut out when warmed up and then kick back in after a few seconds. Really disrupting to riding. After two trips they agreed to replace the motors. I picked up the bikes and I rode mine for 6 miles as I left the house on my 2cd ride the pedal came loose. I took my bike in again and showed them the problem. They asked me why I took the crank arms off. I said I didn't and then I was called a LIAR several times "Your lying to me" by the sales associate. The crank arms were mounted on the wrong sides left arm on right side and right on left side. An easy mistake but caused the pedals to loosen one pedal has reverse threads. The mechanic then said I was questioning his ethics.and his competence. I was questioning his competence. The arms are marked with an L and R.and needed to remove to change motors. After much screaming they agreed to change the arms out and replace the pedals since the threads were stripped. The ebike seems good when it works but the customer service and being called a LIAR by staff is enough to cause a bad review. I don't get mad easily and I have ridden and fixed bikes for 50+ yrs. But being called a LIAR was to much Stay away if you buy one pray nothing fails

I can't wipe the smile off my face.
Just took my White Lightning Roadster out for the first time, and OH MY GOD! It is ridiculously fun. Thought I'd go a couple of miles. I went 10! I can't wipe the smile off my face. This bike is revolutionary, extraordinary. This bike is going to save my life! And, no, that's not an exaggeration. I can't thank Rob and Pete and the whole FLX crew enough! I am nearly 60 years old with a lot of pain and, well, a few extra pounds. A neurological condition called Tourette Syndrome makes it difficult to sleep, and saps my energy. Biking always has helped me tamp down the pain, and relieve the crushing stress. But while I've ridden all my life, lately it has become too hard to get up steep hills. The FLX Roadster changes all that! It laughs at high hills, and it makes biking long distances possible (and fun) again. And that, in turn, literally helps save my life! It relieves pain and stress, and will help me lose weight and sleep better. I am indebted to Rob and Pete. I will not only be an FLX customer for LIFE, I will tell everyone I know to drop what FLX Bike are doing and buy an FLX bike NOW. Thanks again guys. You and your amazing bike are a godsend!

Great Bike, Great Service
Ordered the Babymaker as part of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in April 2020, received in January 2021. I have been impressed with what FLX were able to deliver given the numerous issues out of their control given the pandemic and changing manufacturing and shipping landscapes. The bike itself is awesome. Great quality and I live riding it. Have had no issues and all my dealings with FLX have been great.
I know many people are frustrated with FLX not getting the bikes out sooner, and I think FLX could have done a better job or managing and communicating expectations from early on, but in fairness there were so many unknowns. Any crowdfunding campaign in an experiment and a learning curve for the team undertaking it and I have no doubt FLX have learnt from this and will continue to improve.

1 YR and 5 MO I still have not received my bike.
I ordered my bike July 2020 and haven't received it yet. I contacted customer service multiple times and FLX Bike just kept avoiding getting my bike shipped. They decided to upgrade me to a BabyMaker II this month Jan 2022 and it still won't arrive until April 2022. Since the wait to receive my bike is almost about 2 years I cannot see how anyone can be satisfied with this type of service. They should offer to include a free item for the inconvenience. Also the upgrade was for a bigger battery in which I don't know what benefit that entails as well as different handle bars than the drop bars I originally ordered. No worth much considering I have to wait another 4 months.

Poor after purchase support *updated*
The bike arrived, but the tour package was 6 weeks late. Additionally, the tour package shipment was poorly packed. The box arrived crushed and open, with loose parts inside. There was no documentation, no parts list, and no assembly instruction. For the money, go elsewhere. Do not buy a flx bike.

As of yesterday, after multiple chat sessions and a lengthy phone call with support, my problem with flx was resolved in my favor. However, the very friendly support person did not read any of the extensive notes before talking with me, which included the photographs of the damaged shipment.

From purchase to this point, six weeks.

So, i recommend that you reserve time in your life for dealing with after purchase support. In my experience, the best way to get their attention is through chat. You can send a transcript of the exchange to yourself in email. Don't call, even though the option to do so is available. When i called, there was only an electronic music loop, not even a robot saying i had reached flx support, just music, and not very good music at that.

Flx has a good bike to sell, but FLX Bike know nothing about treating you well if something goes wrong, you must work the support line repeatedly.


Be Careful Guys/Girls!
Ordered a F5 Trail Bike and it was shipped without pedals or a charger. Still have not received the order and please try and call their home office and get a response. FLX Bike will not pick up the phone or return an email even when I pretended to try and order another bike. Worst customer service I have ever received for the $$$$$ I spent. Go with another company as their are a ton of options out there.

Stay away
Believe ALL the negative reviews. FLX will gladly take your money but when it comes to delivering the now infamous Babymaker, they'll make you jump through hoops to get a response. Then once you do receive a message from customer service, they'll give you the run around avoiding giving an actual answer as to WHERE THE HECK is our order. We ordered back in August of 2020. Gave us an estimated time of NOV- DEC. Nothing. We were told Jan. Nothing. Promised April. Nothing. It's now May and I'm honestly in disbelief with how bad our experience has been. I never leave bad reviews like this but this is completely unethical. To pay for a bike at that price point and to be treated this way, I feel swindled. Complete failure of a company. STAY FAR FAR AWAY.

Worst Customer Service Ever!
The ABSOLUTELY WORSE customer service experience I have ever had. You can NEVER talk to a "real person" to get an update on your order and the "bogus" emails FLX Bike send are "auto-generated" so I'm pretty confident that no one at FLX ever reads customers' emails. They have pushed back and changed the delivery dates for my husband's bike at least 5 times since he paid for it IN FULL last August 2020. My husband has sent dozens of emails to the company requesting an update and the response has been total radio silence. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A BIKE FROM THIS COMPANY - YOU WILL BE SORELY DISAPPOINTED. At this point, my husband and I just want a refund. We waited an entire year for a bike my husband order the "BabyMaker" and as of today no bike and no return calls or emails from this company. Spend your hard-earned money with a company that understands and values customer service and knows the importance of timely responses. Yes, I pissed - FLX took our money and did not deliver our bike. Think twice before you purchase a BabyMaker!

Worth The Wait
It was definitely worth waiting patiently for both our orders. Our first ride on the Babymakers was a delight and the smiles haven't left our faces.

I was anxious about the process a few times but when I emailed I got a response same day from Sarah to put my mind at ease. A few weeks later the bikes showed up and now the wife and I are "back in the saddle again."

Thank you Sarah, Rob and all at team FLX

Bought a trail model FLX. Motor no good other problems.
My wife ordered a FLX Trail with the larger battery, a seat post, cell phone holder and extra set of tires for X-Mas. Price, around $2,300. With shipping. We were told when we ordered the bike it would be delivered by X-Mas. Well, missed the Christmas delivery. Kinda awkward, as everyone else got a present X-Mas morning. Bike was delivered in middle of January 2017. OK, its a startup I thought. Box was delivered with a hole in the cardboard, when unpacked, frame was scratched, cell phone holder and extra tires were missing. Next I carefully assembled the bike. Took it outside and rode up the driveway, front wheel wobbled like the wheel was bent. Called FLX. And was told to take it to a local bike shop. There I was told the wobble was the tire and not the wheel. Called FLX. Just cancelled the missing extra set of tires. I did recieve the cell phone holder a couple weeks later. Still waiting for "the touch up paint" for the frame scratch and a new wobble free front tire. Then, on my first ride (5 miles) the motor quit, 3.5 miles into the ride! Walked it home. Walked, because it is too heavy to ride up hill without electric assist. I am in my 50's. Called FLX again, explained and FLX Bike thought it was some kind of regulator on the motor."We will replace it and have it installed for you, about the third week of February." Still waiting, no call, It is the first week of March. I currently have an expensive piece of metal with a defective motor and wobbly front tire and no "touchup paint" for my $2,300. Investment. To their credit, they did comp a set of fenders to me. They were nice enough on the phone. At this point I really dont want the bike anymore and if they would take it back for a refund I would be happy. Frustrated and believing I made a mistake buying this bike.

What are you waiting for?
Purchased the Attack in May of 2017. Had some problems with the bofeili motor noise but the FLX team got the problem fixed perfectly and now with the Bafang motor you get an extra 100 watts power! Bike has 3200 miles on it and nothing has failed. I commute 44 miles each day over country roads with elevation gain of 2600 feet per day. 17 amp/hr battery has three bars on it after 22 miles using power level 5. I recharge at work then ride home another 22 miles. At power level 5 I can easily maintain 25 mph on flats and 45 mph down hill. Up hill the gearing is sufficiently low enough to maintain a cadence above 65. The full suspension is a dream to ride... very soft and comfortable. The motor will output 600 plus watts for the first 15 minutes of hard work. Then it will settle down to about 560 watts for the remainder of the ride. I have cycled for 40 years and still love my Cannondale Saeco Team bike but there is no way I can commute day after day hauling my work clothes and lunch using my Cannondale. The FLX works and runs like a dream. Get one, get fit, and laugh at the traffic.

Lots of fun that's worth the wait.
I did lots of research before pulling the trigger on my FLX trail. Many hours online, and visiting shops in Vancouver and Seattle. I was disappointed but not surprised when it didn't show in 3-5 weeks like I was told. It's a brand new company after all and FLX Bike are bound to have issues. So when it arrived in late September, the rains had already begun here in the Pacific Northwest. But now I am having the fun I used to have when I was a kid on a sting ray. If I was only rating the bike, i would give it 6 stars, and although I am excited and hopeful for this new company, they don't have it quite dialed in yet. They are getting there though, and if it's any consolation, I WILL be buying another FLX.

I have the baby maker bike and it is wonderful I've...
I have the baby maker bike and it is wonderful I've had it for about 6 months and put over a thousand miles on it somebody took my bike and put it in a four digit code and lock me out so I have to buy a new brand for it which is no problem because it won't happen again cuz I'm a pedal with it like it'll go tomorrow but if you like to get you a bike get you a baby maker because it will let you make babies burn out babies you get it LOL no but it's nice bike great bike fast bike get one if you can thanks and have a great day

Poor After Sale Service
FLX Bike have terrible after sales service. Got the very first unit they launched at Indegogo, in fact I was number 21 on the list. I was initially very supportive until I started questioning some issues. One of the founders started arguing with me. A founder arguing with a customer, I mean close to the point where there were loud voices over the phone. I just sold my bike and got something else.

Terrible Customer Service
Went through the process of trying to get the babymaker through their indiegogo campaign. FLX Bike said delivery guaranteed. This was in May. They promised deliver in September. We are now in November and they don't expect to get deliveries out until march of 2021. When asked for a refund, they just flat out deny it. They won't try to meet in the middle or nothing. They stick hard and fast to there arbitrary rules. They can't stand behind their product if they can't afford to lose money on a return. That is their reasoning for not doing the refund. The fees have been taken out by indiegogo. Then when you make a comment on their indiegogo page to get help, they direct you to their help pages on flx. Bike. They then tell you now and basically to stop replying to them. They then won't comment on when deliveries will be made. They have a D- rating on BBB. They don't care about helping anyone. They just want their money, and if you get your product, well that seems like something that is regrettable to them.

Lots of fun, not an ugly baby electric coaster monstrosity
I've had virtually no problems with my babymaker, the only thing I had to replace was the controller as the original one was overtightened and eventually the plastic cracked.

The bike rides much like a regular road bike and not some creepy coaster electric bike (think Aventon)! I replaced the seat, tires and handlebars since this bike is aluminium and every bump is transmitted through both. Otherwise it's very stock.

It seems to love working with the gatorskin hardshells that I put on it.
It was one of the best purchases I made last year.

You asked me to rate my overall experience
You asked me to rate my overall experience. I'm purchasing a replacement LCD because I accidentally threw out the LCD that was sent with the Babymaker bike, hidden in some styrofoam packaging that had no labelling indicating the lightweight LCD was wrapped inside. So now I have a Babymaker bike without an LCD, I have to pay for a replacement, and I can't really use the bike as was intended without a critical component like the LCD.

My Trials and Tribulations of Bike Purchase from FLX California
I purchased a BabyMaker bike from FLX in April 2020 with an estimated delivery of October 2020. The bike components were made and exported from China and were to be assembled in Spain where I live, giving me confidence of a swift turnaround. October came and went with little information of bike delivery. Weekly on-line video sessions with updates and Q&A sessions were instigated supposedly to keep purchasers informed and happy but seemed more of an opportunity to promote FLX by emphasising how happy people were who had received their bikes with very little positive information for those of us waiting for the receipt of our bikes.

I was informed that instead of my bike being sent to me direct from the Spanish assembly facility it would go to Rotterdam and then back to Spain. Then around the middle of 2021 FLX informed us that now the bikes would be sent to the UK from Rotterdam and than mine would come back to Spain for delivery to me. Because of this and that the UK was now outside the EU, the bikes now became liable for tax and import duty amounting for an extra €340 for me.

I received my bike in November 2021 and upon unpacking it I found that the front forks were damaged and unusable. I informed FLX of this quoting my order details and I duly received replacement forks but FLX Bike were the wrong colour. Again I informed FLX who say they have ordered another pair of forks of the correct colour for me but I have heard nothing yet about their dispatch.

The bike is supposed to have a one year's warranty but I have asked about reimbursement of costs I would incur for the fitting of these forks but my query has not been answered.

I am totally disappointed and disgusted by FLX, their treatment of their customers, their inefficiencies, their customer support, their aftersales services and other facets of the company.

I certainly would never purchase any other items from FLX and definitely could never recommend them to anyone.

First of all you've taken twice as much time as you...
First of all you've taken twice as much time as you said to deliver my bike. Secondly, everytime there was a delay there's been no mention to me, I have to ask about it. Thirdly when you inform me that you can't provide the bike you said you were going to (I don't know how that happens, since it's a simple matter of counting) your site won't accept my address. By the time that happens, the bike I would have accepted is sold out. You still haven't answered any of my e-mails or called me about this issue. I'm stuck picking a bike I really didn't want out of fear that I'll be stuck with "credit", that will obviously just start the same cycle all over again. If I could I'd prefer a full refund.

Babymaker Bike…
The Babymaker bike is absolutely perfect in the city and on the flat. It handles very well and I'm really happy with the way it rides. The belt to replace the chain is excellent. The remaining mechanical parts are also excellent.
Unfortunately, I have to say that it is very disappointing on the climbs. It can't cope with big gradients and gets to the point where it inexorably stops. I suppose that's the price you pay for an electric bike that, for all intents and purposes, feels like a classic muscle fixie.
Another negative point is the unreliable battery status computer. Sometimes it shows less under load and, unfortunately, I've had it stop even though two seconds earlier it showed two notches. This could have been done better. Also, the charger is a bit too noisy.
However, there are electric city bikes that cost up to 5,000 euros, for example the Coboc Bike. With a fifth of the price you can't expect perfection.
All in all, it's a bike I like and am proud to show others.

Terrible Service
I ordered two bikes from FLX in February 2017 and received one of them last week. That is over 6 months! And I only got one bike. When I emailed FLX to let them know FLX Bike responded that the other bike is "on its way" but they have no tracking number yet.

I get they needed to do upgrades and it took time but give me a break, this is joke.
They have never offered me any compensation or discounts even when I told them we had planned a trip around the expected first delivery date. And even now when they lost one (they did say they could get me a different bike to replace the lost one now but I told them I wanted the one I purchased).


So I I tried changing my birthday because it was entered in wrong I entered 1697 for the year when I was born in 1987 I called to try and fix it FLX Bike told me I could only change it on the app. So I downloaded the app and for nothing because I wasn't allowed to fix it there either. So I call back explain the situation gave them all my information she put me on hold to see if they would allow the change and she gets back to me and tells me I'm sorry but for security reasons we can't change it you would have to make a whole new account and then then call us so we can transfer your points... so then I tell her so by new account you're telling me I have to make a WHOLE NEW EMAIL... when the only thing that was wrong was my year on my account and for security reasons even though I gave you everything you needed and wasn't wrong with anything they still refused... total loss on points and totally not shopping with anything associated with FLX! Horrible service horrible horrible horrible... they've lost a looooong time customer!

Great bike, but be conscious of delays.
I received the FLX F5 trail. It is a terrific bike. Well packed, arrived with minimal and simple assembly. Terrific videos on the website about how to assemble. Riding experience on the bike is outstanding so far. The motor is a little noisy, but the motor buzz is worth it for the great torque. I live in a very hilly area and this bike climbs like a mountain goat! VERY good value for the price.

Only negative is the service from FLX. I originally pre-ordered one of their other models in April which was supposed to arrive in June. That arrival date then slid to August, then to Sept and finally Nov. I said uncle and switched to this model.

I hear constantly about the supply chain issues affecting all manufacturers, and so I am understanding about these delays. What I am not understanding of is that when FLX Bike slide dates, they don't contact you. When you reach out to them, expect a 3 day delay getting a response. Incredibly frustrating to the point of wondering if you are dealing with a company going out of business.

Very nice people, but incredibly understaffed service wise. All in all, if you are patient, it is a terrific bike and I'd recommend. Particularly if the bike is "In Stock" on the website rather than "Pre Order"

Poor customer service, mistakes are not being fixed.
It's a young company so I accept, that not all works like it should. I received my invoice which had so many mistakes and did not fit with what I ordered. I wrote customer support, received a second and third invoice, still part of the invoice is wrong. Customer support did not respond one to my E-Mails and contact via Online Form. Haven't heard back from them at all and of course also no bike yet.

No Regrets!
From preorder, all the way to getting my bike and finally riding it was great! Any hiccup in between was most definitely pandemic related and customer service was helpful and quick to respond whenever I reached out. The Babymaker Pro is now one of my top tier possessions. I never thought getting around the city could be so quick and easy. My first time riding a bike with pedal assist. Game changer! And the bike itself will absolutely catch the eye of people as you pass them by. No regrets!

Cool Bike!
I'm new to SD and have had some nightmare experiences at bike shops before. So when I bent my wheel in rose canyon on a Sunday afternoon I could feel the dollar signs. I walked it to FLX and was thrilled to FLX Bike were open. They did such a good job replacing my wheel that I had them tune up a bunch of other things too. My bike was ready the next day as promised and I went and bought one of their pannier backpacks to haul my weekend gear in as well. It's been about 6 weeks and the bike is still riding better than it has all year. I couldn't be happier with the service and quick turnaround. Cheers!

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