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American women sizing wrong
This website kept popping up so I finally decided to try. Before you read further please know I have worked in retail a good portion of my life. I took measurements precisely according to their sizing chart. Purchased $200 . The order came timely and received in good condition. Each item in its own bag. One item FIT ironically because mistakenly I marked SMALL. ALL Medium shirts , blouses were HUGE. Pants were Huge. It seems their factory just sews everything in a block form. Nothing is flattering fitted. Models you see have been pinned to look good. Deceiving. Patterns are cheap and do not look like photo. Material feels creepy. (Only word I know to describe) The website to return is not at all user friendly. You cannot call to talk to human. Apparently you cannot return until you contact them because there are certain items to be sent back to different locations since supposedly FloryDay manufacture all over world. For American women I found it timely and frustrating. Even writing this review is timely but I want other women to know what I did not like. The MOST aggravating issue is you pay shipping. You also have to pay to return! Shipping and return fees I could have purchased more items from a more reputable company. Also jewelry is cheap like buying from bubble gum machine. AND they will NOT take returns on any accessories. My mistake , I should have seen that supposedly when I ordered.
Bottom line. Caution. I did finally get an email response stating they received my return request..
Now I wait 24 hours for someone to contact me to tell me what to do and where to send back items. Hassel hassel. For me I shall stay with my American reputable online stores that I know my size, easy return and they don't penalize me for their sizing being wrong . Good luck y'all!!!

FloryDay Has Requested That I Remove My Negative Review
I was scammed with an inferior product through false advertising, with no reply from returns. After seeing my negative review on ReviewFeeder, I received an email from FloryDay asking me to delete my review to receive my money back. FloryDay gave me a four-step process to do this successfully with ReviewFeeder. They said I could keep the horrible top... I wouldn't want it back either! Once the negative review against their company is removed, they would return my money if they could. If they couldn't I could once again deal with their return department, which is non-existent. Quite an operation. I can't even give this cheap polyester top away as a gift or donation. Going in the garbage... what a waste and a complete scam. Despicable! A BIG ZERO STAR FOR FLORYDAY.

Clothing does NOT MATCH the website photos! Very DISAPPOINTED :(
Their clothing (dresses) looked vibrant with color on the website and had good prices which suited my needs at the time. I ordered several of these dresses and a necklace. Ordered on 9/10, arrived on 9/28. FloryDay were super sheer, cheap looking and looked like frocks. I will have to wear a full slip underneath and even get them taken in if I don't donate them. The left two are what I receoved, the right two are the website's. Notice that the DESIGN IS NOT THE SAME! I paid $20.99 for shipping and $. 99 for "insurance". The shipping took my package first to York, PA, then to New Hampshire, then to New Jersey, then back to PA. VERY DISAPPOINTED with these products and based on some of these reviews on returning stuff, I am not going to put myself through that aggravation. I would say STEER CLEAR of this company. Lesson learned!

Passing on Online Shopping Wisdom
I learned (thought I had) my lesson from the one time I ordered a winter coat from Amazon. It took me a few pages of shopping to notice that most of the models were Asian. Then I noticed the hit-or-miss warnings on the cart page about how sizes may run small. Then, when I looked to see when an order would arrive for general shipping: January! It was October. So, I ordered with fast delivery option. When I got this 'puffy' plain black, mid-thigh length coat 5 days later... it came in an 8x10x4 inch box. I was doubting my purchase at this point. But... it did puff out. Only to reveal stitching that read - "I'm Okay" over a neon yellow smiley-face patch on the front of the hood, stitching in white all along both sleeves that read "The Hood Company" and two neon smiley-face patches at the end of the sleeves. Huh? None of this was pictured on Amazon! This might have been okay for a twelve-year-old, but not so much for a fifty-four-year-old. So, I made due, (the coat was $11.00) and Sharpied over the smiley-faces, flipped the hood over a couple of inches and secured it with a tan-colored flower pin, and the white stitching was bearable as long as no one asked me to explain what it meant. Couldn't use the hood and the coat was too small (even after ordering 3x's bigger due to warning about running small) but it was okay for one winter's use. I have never wanted winter to end so much just because of this coat. So, I need dresses now, and what do I do? Jump online to FloryDay, and get 12 of them in my cart until I realize... something seems familiar. Most of the models are Asian! And even though there are no warnings about sizing - I'm on to them now. I zeroed out the cart, got onto this review site (which I should have done first, not last) and sure enough, what I had started to think while still perusing the site: "Slow boat FROM China." Now... I have truly learned my lesson thanks to the reviews about this company. (I hope.)

Delayed order; delayed refund; not worth the effort
I can't give you an opinion on the clothing because I don't have the energy to get to that point. And you have to question the overall rating of the company, i. E., I see more complaints than praises. Do FloryDay actually have stock available? The supposed 7-day delivery suddenly became about 35+ days (busy, backorders, etc. as they put it) and that was too late. Why wasn't I told that upon ordering? It took almost 3 weeks to get a refund; it took a week simply to get a confirmation of my cancellation. You will indeed "talk" to boilerplate, canned responses from a computer on the "online chat" function; you will not get a person to talk to; you will be exhausted in the process and I'm simply happy I got a refund and got no further into the process. This is simply, completely, not the way to do business, and that ship has sailed in terms of my ever trusting this vendor again.

Hesitant to refund
An order was placed on their site using my card which was not by me. As it was a family member (a child) my bank could not reimburse. Within 2 hours of the order being placed, Which was 2 hours before the email stating it was shipped, I made an attempt to contact them to cancel this, there is no customer service number and the online chat is for pre sales only, after an order has been placed, the only way of contact is by email and expect up to 72 hours for a response. The form to contact them would not work. Pre sales could not help, FloryDay went ahead and shipped it anyway, I had no choice but to contact Yodel directly and they helped by stopping the shipment immediately. After posting a review on another site, Floryday emailed back stating they will refund but it may take 15 days to go through, they also tried to coerce me into taking down the review, adding that I can keep the item. I told them several times that I never received the item. I am yet to receive my refund.

I placed my order and was charged immediately. However, nothing was shipped for two weeks. I finally contacted them to ask why and got no answer. So, since I hadn't heard from them and FloryDay had charged my card without shipping, I cancelled my order. They finally did refund the amount charged for the clothing, but they did not refund the amount charged (without notifying me before hand) for a "foreign transfer fee". Again, I sent 2 requests asking for a refund of the total amount, only to get their response:

"We are sorry for any inconvenience to you. Normally, we will refund the whole money that we have recived for the order to our customer. For extra fee for the order, you may contact the related bank to have a check. We appreciate your understanding that we are unable to refund more than what you paid for the products according to the rules of the payment platform." This is a joke because the bank didn't charge me, Floryday did! I have it on my credit card statement and even sent them proof in a screen shot.

UPDATE: after posting this review, I get an email from customer service informing me that they will refund the amount they charged for the foreign transfer fee if I give them my paypal account info and update my review on ReviewFeeder. At this point, I"m fed up with spending more time to correct their mistake, that I decide to eat the cost and give up. But I'm definitely NOT going to change my review because they are unprofessional and other shoppers need to know that. A week passes and I get another email asking if I am "ok" and reminding me to revise my review. I ignore it. Another week passes and I get an email from ReviewFeeder asking me to confirm my order number because apparently Floryday has "reported my review". (see attached email).

If by some miracle the forces that be at ReviewFeeder are strong and ethical enough to resist Floryday's strongman tactics, I hope my review spares shoppers the headache I've had with this company.

Interesting scam going on here.
I ordered a garment that cost £11.69 but, with shipping and insurance, actually cost me £19.47.
The garment was nothing like the description and I asked to return it. The company sent me all the details, prepaid postage ticket and clear instructions.
So far so good.
However, FloryDay then deducted the return shipping costs from my refund.
In total, they refunded me £8.69 of my original payment of £19.47. That is some hefty shipping costs I was responsible for - for a rubbish, bad quality product.
Looks to me like they send out rubbish products but make their money by charging £10.78 for postage.
Other companies I have ordered from (e.g. H&M) will carry the cost of transport themselves - I will shop there in future.
Am I going to bother to fight them about this? No - but I would like to warn other people not to fall for it.

Pleasantly surprised
I ordered 2 dresses recently from floryday. After reading some of the reviews I was somewhat concerned, let's be honest. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised! I received an email to let me know when the order was dispatched and FloryDay arrived in a timely manner! The dresses were very pretty and fit well. I followed the measurements when ordering and not just dress sizes (one dress was a small, the other medium). The quality is not like a 'Review' or 'Cue' dress but for the price you pay, I think the dresses were good value. Furthermore, the styles are very pretty and not like anything I have been able to shop for locally. If the group can continue to provide this kind of service I will definitely be ordering with them again.

Absolute Crap
I ordered 6 items from this company. One item arrived with a stain on the front, three items had sleeves of different lengths, one item was so large two people could have fit in it, one item was so poorly made it wouldn't have made it through one washing and all of the items were of horrendous material. When I asked to return the merchandise I had to pay for that it cost me 65.00 USD to do so. Or You're given the option to keep the junk And only be charged for half your money. I received correspondence in languages I didn't speak, and when I finally did get reimbursed for the purchase FloryDay shortchanged me by a few dollars. This website is affiliated with AIRY and many other companies that advertise on Facebook and other places. The websites all look the same and are based in China. They are a complete rip off. The return address I was told to send the merchandise back to was to a Mr. Lee which should give you a clue that you are not dealing with a legit company. Before you receive reimbursement you will be asked to please remove your negative review. These five star reviews are with paid or fraud. This company is a fraud. Do not buy!

I put in quite an extensive order with FloryDay considering their pricing is so good. I had my doubts about the sizing, so ordered up a size in everything I ordered. I purchased two pairs of shoes and one pair of boots in a size 39 - I usually wear a U.S. size 8 - all of the shoes fit, and while they're not the best quality - fashion-wise FloryDay are nice and wearable. I also ordered 5 dresses and a coat. I wear a 0 or a 2 U.S. -which is usually an xs. I ordered size Small and everything fit, if not a little big - but everything I ordered had a belt, so i could be modified a bit with the belt so it fit better. If I could caution you on anything, it would be to order what size you really think you wear - the coat is a small and it's probably a little too big. - It has a belt also so I will wear it, but could have gotten by with a smaller size. The shipment took three weeks to get here, with emailing back and forth about addresses etc - I thought at times I wasn't getting it at all, but when it came I was pleasantly surprised - I would definitely recommend!

I believe this is a SCAM floryday is doing. When I was placing the order it says standard shipping is $5.99 and expedite shipping is an additional charge of $4.99. I selected and FloryDay charged me for expedited shipping then sent the dress standard shipping, stealing my money. They refuse to help in any way. Their resolution was for me to be patient, I paid for 2 day shipping so it was here in time for an event. It was not here in time I don't want it. I placed the order on Thursday May 2nd at the latest the dress should have been delivered on Monday May 5th. It is now Monday May 13th and no dress they say it will at least another 18 days till delivery. I have contacted them several times to no avail. I no longer want the dress or need the dress. I honestly believe this is a SCAM and they are stealing peoples money. I have proof from my receipts I took screenshots to prove they are stealing money. They are rude and dismissive. After reading reviews I may never get the dress or a refund.

Illegal operation
I have read many bad reviews about your company and hoped I would't be one of them but I am and am livid. At no point when receiving the shipping document does it mention additional tax and if unpaid our goods will be destroyed. You are a foreign based company who buy goods from China so who knows if and when I will ever receive my goods will i know the quality. I think what you are doing is illegal and you are ripping people off from all over the world. This is my first experience and my last of buying on line. One also thinks FloryDay are buying goods for X and it doubles because of shipping. Why do you not build these things into your initial cost. As you can gether I am very upset and no longer if the goods ever arrive am I interested in what arrives. You are very shortsighted because at this rate your data base can only diminish Maureen Marshall

This company is horrible. The quality of the the dresses I ordered were shoddy and not true to size. In addition, I spent almost two weeks going back and forth via email (as there is NO TELEPHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT) in order to find out the return process and to get my money back. FloryDay only refunded me 70% and held the money for shipping costs $19.99. There website says FULL REFUND and over at least 9 email correspondence, it wasn't until I threatened to get my lawyer involved did they refund me my money. Better off using AMAZON or any reputable online purveyor. Worst company I ever dealt with.

Update: 7/23/18---FloryDay contacted me and tried BRIBING ME $20.00 to take down the review and then they would send me the money. They survey websites and ask people to remove negative reviews; hence why there's no so little information online.

No package, no refund. UPDATED
Just checked my account, refund has been received. Not changing or deleting review or rating due to lying about me getting to keep the shoes when shoes were never even shipped. Will never order here or recommend to anyone. What a hassle!

I placed an order for a pair of shoes for my daughter on May 17,2020. Total $46.97. Immediately received automated email saying order received. This was a Sunday evening.

Waited & waited. Finally on Friday, May 22, I received an email stating my package was out for shipment. Wow, 5 days to send out. Ok. At least it's on the way, right?

Great, I've checked USPS & it's showing they're expecting a package from another country to be delivered to my address. So far so good. Usually only takes 2 to 4 days for the post office to receive.

2 or 3 days later, I check USPS, still showing they're waiting. 4th day I check, 5th day, still nothing.

I wrote a review here on ReviewFeeder about my experience of how long it's taking and asked if Floryday was a scam.

Very next day I received an email from "Katie" with Floryday who apologized for my experience. Katie then states she spoke with her manager & to make it up to me, I would receive a full refund AND I could keep the shoes once delivered. But, she asked that I remove my review.

Holy moly, a refund & I get to keep the shoes? Pretty awesome, right? I email this Katie back to tell her I accept her offer & would gladly remove my review in exchange for the refund, thanks for added bonus of keeping the shoes.

The next day, June 3, I received email stating FloryDay would begin the refund process within 24 hours. Yes! I should be getting the refund in a couple of days, right?

June 4th, received email stating they had begun the refund process BUT, it will take 7 to 14 business days. Say what? Hold on. If they take the full 14 business days, that's 3 weeks out. What?!

Well, I have no choice but to wait so I keep an eye on the USPS site to see if they have received package yet. Still waiting. Teenager daughter extremely impatient & frustrated at this point.

June 7th, I just checked USPS and guess what. The notification is gone. Gone. No where to be seen any more. So, that means they never received the package and are NOT going to be receiving the package.

It was never shipped out. I am beyond mad. Let me give you an example of the way overseas shopping actually goes.

I do business with a clothing company out of China. I place order. 2 to 3 days later I have a notification it's out for shipping. That same day USPS is notified to expect a package. 2 to 4 days later, package is received by USPS. All depends on day of week. 4 days being THE latest for the post office to receive.

When I had an issue with an order 1 time, this China company refunded me 2 days later. 2 days. So, why 7 to 14 business days? Who takes that long to refund someone?

21 days later, there are no shoes coming and I'm out $46.97. After lying about the shoes being shipped, I highly doubt I will ever see a refund.

I will update this post in two & a half weeks to let you all know whether I receive the refund.

Y'all pray for me, I'm about to tell my teenage daughter she will not be receiving new shoes & I don't have the money to buy new ones now.

Avoid this company like the plague! - UPDATE
This is an update on the review posted below:
After I posted the review below, FloryDay offered me a full refund on condition I
Remove or edit the negative review. This was after over 40 messages back and forth, and god knows how many man hours emailing them and calling the courier company. This is interesting - previously FloryDay had offered me paltry amounts like 10 or 20%, discount vouchers etc. They had said they would refuse to take the package back off the courier etc. Clearly the only thing that matters to FloryDay is negative reviews not making customers happy. They blocked me from their online chat! I told them I would 'consider' deleting my review. Well, I considered it and came to the conclusion it would be morally reprehensible for me to do so. I do not want to collude in this terrible company's game. I truly believe that the majority of positive reviews on here and other sites are made up. They all address the issues that the negative reviews complain about (e.g. "the clothes were exactly as described" - you don't see that kind of thing about a legitimate website do you! It's a given. "I received my items very quickly", "Shipping charges were low" etc etc.) They are all written in a very similar style too. Anyway, I don't believe they are genuine reviews - have a read and make your own mind up. FloryDay has made me wary of any company that advertises on FB now. I would not EVER go near them again. Btw, I don't even know where my order is now. And FloryDay don't seem to care about getting it back so I think that tells you a lot about the quality of their clothes. So, my advice is this: Don't order from this company unless you want to waste a huge amount of time trying to return your order/get your money back - they may have refunded the cost of the order but have not offered me any recompense for the amount of time I have wasted. Or, if you're unfortunate enough to have ordered and are not happy with the service you're receiving, post a negative review. It seems that's the only thing they actually respond to.

I am actually loathe to have to give this company even one star - it actually deserves zero stars. After a complete debacle with the sending of the order over which i told them at least 5 times to cancel it, I am now in a fight with them about returning the order from the courier (I have refused to take delivery of it). I keep getting the same old completely useless message from them saying the package was shipped on such and such a date when it is clear from the tracking that it wasn't. I am on the verge of reporting them the the UAE's cyber crime unit to try to get their website blocked in the UAE. They are truly an awful company. I even got blocked from their Live Chat as i was clearly asking difficult questions! BTW, the phone number on their website is disconnected so you have no chance of getting them on the phone.

Worst experience of my Life! Company took my order but would never respond to any email communications after that. My order status said PROCESSING forever so I finally cancelled my order. Instead of excepting my cancellation, however, FloryDay sent me a reply asking if I would please reconsider and not cancel. I had told them in my first cancellation email that I had intended to place a new order for different items after they issued me a refund but it has been well over a month and now no further reply or refund. If you look closely at the reviews a majority of them are 1 which is the lowest you can give. I tried to clarify the major discrepancies in their size chart as picture of long items have measurements of short items, short sleeve items with 24 inch sleeve length, etc. Their response was to just have me refer to the size chart again and again.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
Below is copied from trust pilot. I am happy to provide all relevant evidence of my order and contact with this company to site jabber also. No doubt floryday will report and try and bully this review down too. But I will not stop. If site jabber does get this reported. Please do contact me for all needed evidence. Floryday tried to claim with trustpilot that this was an incorrect order number but I assure you it isn't.

FURTHER EDIT: Floryday have now reported my review! FloryDay contacted me AGAIN the other day via trust pillow requesting my order number. I ignored it as I had already had contact since the review with a dissatisfactory resolution. (see edit below) Clearly this company is as appalling at communicating internally as it is externally. I have provided all relevant proof of order and communication with trust pilot to allow review to stay. How many people is this company bullying to remove negative reviews? How many people miss the trustpilot email requesting evidence or their spam folder filters it? I suspect many many more negative reviews have been submitted and bullied back off by this company hence them appearing to have good reviews. I shall now be reviewing far and wide. This company will NOT bully me into silence.

EDIT: Since writing this review the company have contacted me. They have apparently finally issued my refund but it will apparently take 7-15 Business days. So potentially nearly 3 weeks in calender days! They have tried telling me to remove my review (not ask) And also to BRIBE me with offering me a coupon to spend on future orders if I remove my review! It's no wonder they have good reviews if they're bribing and bullying people to remove their reviews. Avoid this company at all costs. Their products are very poor quality, their service even worse.

Avoid avoid avoid!

Ordered shoes. They took ages to arrive and when they did they were faulty with stitching coming undone. I also ordered them in half a size up to allow for thick socks but when they arrived I could barely squeeze my foot in with no socks!

I emailed the company and this is where the fun began! Firstly they use an internal to their site messaging system. It sends no copy or notice to your main email to advise you they've replied so I assumed they were ignoring me (they had been ignoring phone calls and messages so it was a reasonable assumption to make)

Once I finally realised what was happening with messages I found a message from them telling me they'd only refund me the cost of the shoes and I'd have to cover my initial postage plus return postage despite the item being FAULTY. They tried to point out their terms and conditions to refund it. After lots of arguing, me pointing out the distant selling regulations with regards to faulty goods and then threatening to go toy bank to get the refund they finally agreed to refund me the whole cost and send me a postage label. I sent the shoes back as requested. They received them 5 days ago and I've received no message acknowledging the return and no sign of a refund. I've messaged them but I hold out little hope. They're an awful company to deal with. I'm more than 4 weeks in to my initial complaint and I've got no shoes and no money. Awful company.

Awful sizing, poor construction, inaccurate descriptions, non-existent customer service.
I purchased from Floryday twice. The first time, I ordered two items in medium. FloryDay did not fit at all. They were too small. The second time I ordered large. They did not fit at all. The waste in the large shirt was over 72 inches. That's crazy - Even a tailor could not fix items. One item had a waiste size of over two yards wide. The leather bag that I ordered was vinyl. Cheap and unusable items. Since customer service does not respond, I am taking to social media. Floryday is a subsidiary of ZC Holding Company of Hong Kong. My first order was for 79.00. The second 153.67. I will follow up with PayPal and Amex to alert potential victims and customers.

PayPal just returned 1/2 of my money. Floryday, as a result of this review, offered to return my money if I took this review down. The lesson I learned is PayPal is great. This is not my battle, all I wanted was a phone number and an address to return items to Floryday. I also realized that Floryday did not respond until I wrote this review on Site Jabber. So basically, if I take this review down, I will get my money back. That will skew the reviews available on this site, making everyone think that they only do right by customers. Sounds like a bribe to me.

Terrible Quality of shoes
Please it's only faire to be just with what you advertise... your shoes i ordered arrived and it was a big Joke!. Don't take people for fools my money was too much to take five pairs in the dust bin. For heavens sake. What was wrong for a person trying a product of another country? From the price to quality was so horrible i regret my money and the time i stayed excited waiting to recieve five pairs of shoes which was nothing but a big joke for lack of a betterward! What was i even thinking when i read negative horrible comments and chose to give you a benefit of daubt?! Don't loose your money like me be aware and know those shoes FloryDay advertise sweetly are not worth what they charge i would have walked to a paris local market and won myself beautiful shoes other than the what they cahrged. Gosh i feel so horrible.

What a scam
A total scam
I purchased what I thought was a lovely dress for £14.01 in total, including postage and packaging. When it arrived the advertised dress was total different, the measurements completely different and the hem was not level. I had a real battle getting my money back and managed in the end to get just over £11 back but this was after numerous e-mails going backwards and forwards. Now I know that this company is based in Hong Kong but FloryDay have an office in London and a distribution centre in Birmingham and Manchester so sure must have to abide by English law but I think this company needs to be investigated at a high level. I have complained to Facebook who do a lot of advertising for this company but have heard absolutely nothing, Trading Standards have been in touch and are investigating and I have sent the information to Watch Dog and Rip off Britain.
Please don't put any purchases down to experience but take photos and measure the item. They are breaking the law if the advertised item is not the same as the one purchased. Let the people of Britain not condone rip of companies but complaining and and get them investigated.

I ordered shoes FloryDay arrived eventually but were poorly made & wrong size so I wanted to return them-that's when the fun started(NOT) after WEEKS of pleading grovelling begging imploring they would NOT GIVE UP A RETURNS ADDRESS! After waiting DAYS in between emails & offering me stupid "discounts" that I wasn't interested in because as I had stated several times I WANT MY REFUND & RETURNS ADDRESS they will not let me have it! WHY? What is wrong with these INCOMPETETENT ROBOTS? It's not as if I'm asking for the CEO's personal address! The frustration I feel is palpable talk about wanting to bang your head against a brick wall! I sincerely applaud those reviewers who managed to get a returns address PLEASE POST IT ONLINE & I feel most happy for anyone that has been able to get a refund all I can say It must have taken so much dedication & perseverance such a pity FLORYDAY robots don't operate in the same humane way.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! Any positive reviews must be them trying to improve their scores.

The items purchased took a very long time to arrive. Tracking information was non-searchable. After doing some internet search, found similar problems from others. Should have done my due diligence beforehand and wouldn't have gone through the trouble.

Requested to cancel order since it never arrived, company emails are 24 hour delay and said I couldn't until I receive package. Received package after a very long wait. I had already disputed charge with credit card thinking this was a sham. No return label included or packaging list. Emailed company. 24hrs later, received information to return package and promised to return money immediately if uploaded pics of return. Had to pay for return myself, take pictures of label and tracking number. Emailed information back to company, and was told to have credit card dispute charge again since FloryDay will not. TOTAL SHAM! In process right now with credit card to return money owed back to me! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

Completely dissatisfied
The dress I ordered and when I finally did receive it (3 weeks later) it did not look anything like the one online - it was 2 sizes too big and cheaply made - I have waited three days for them to respond to the return request. Their website completely breaks down when I try to fill out the return order online. I'm told to print "the picture below the page" and no picture has come up after a dozen times of trying. So I have no return address / label. I'm sending it back to the address on the package but I don't have any great expectations. FloryDay have not responded to a number of emails asking how to get this to them and, I'm reading on their website that they only allow 10 days for a return... so here I am waiting for them to respond while my time runs out. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!

Bad Customer Service, Size, Quality and Company!
EDIT: Floryday have now refunded my money with no expectation of returning the item. FloryDay have asked me to remove the review in return. The size, quality and data gathering still stands. Customer service has earnt them an extra star.

Ordered Harem Pants (baggy hippy trousers) in a 3XL, as I'm a size 18 (waist 38.5", hips 50", thigh 30")
They arrived measuring 28" waist without stretching, and fully stretched achieved 44".
They are made of non stretchy Nylon (I presume as there's no label) with a thigh space of 24", there was no way they were going up, and I can't imagine them being comfortable or looking nice if they did!

They really looked like they'd be stretchy cotton style from the photo (stolen and used around the internet)

I requested a refund 10 minutes after my order, and it still arrived a week later. So shipping-wise, great service - compliments to Royal Mail!

Also I have just tried to sign in to their site with an incorrect email and it sneakily makes you a new account this capturing another new email address! Great, more spam:(
Correct email address wouldn't let me in, change password consistently failed. This is a joke surely!

Poor service, do not stick to agreements, rude response from online support
I am amending this review. Generally I have had only positive experiences of internet shopping for years, but this company was initially difficult to deal with. I paid a BIG FEE for a 3-5 day delivery as I was leaving within 10 days. 7 days later had no goods, attempted to contact the company on 24 hours email response, as I was only going to be at the address for 3 more days. Received no reply to my email, I found out later it had gone to spam which I hadn't looked at because the original confirmations came straight to my address Tried online chat service but FloryDay told me they had no access to check and I had to continue emailing. However - proof that review sites work, after posting reviews on 4 sites I received a telephone call explaining that one of the items was not immediately available so the whole order was on hold. They did offer me a full refund which I have now received, and asked me to remove the review. I confirmed that I would edit it. This is the truth

Do Not Buy From FloryDay
I tried to cancel an order before the order was ever processed. Upon contacting them before the money ever left my account, FloryDay went right in that day and pulled the money out and charged me an additional fee, for what I don't know! They would not refund my money. I was offered a 5% discount on my next order, which I will not be making. FloryDay does not stand behind their own refund policy. Which clearly states: 6. Refund Policy

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us at ******* within 14 days of receipt to arrange a replacement or refund. Items must be in their original condition, unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and undamaged with the original tags attached.

My order was never processed so why am I being forced to buy something I don't want. FloryDay is a rip off! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

A work in progress
I got three dresses for $120-something total (on sale!) and FloryDay were cheaply made and too small. I was so upset I wrote a review and contacted them and tweeted about it. Sooo, they finally decided to refund me because they would have otherwise made me return the dresses to China which is incredibly expensive- I did that for a bridesmaid dress once for half the price of the dress. So I'm relieved they refunded me and I can only hope they fix the size charts ON each dress and the quality of the dresses. Having said that they have potential and really cute designs. They also are planning to open return centers in the US they said. I'm not deleting my initial review just changing it to make it less wrathful:)

Update: I came back to this site because a lady messaged me and said she had had a similar experience but was not going to get a refund and would have to return her dress to China which would cost as much as the dress. This is not ok. What else isn't ok is that my review was 2 stars and they changed it to 5 somehow. Wow. You have to improve your company before you can earn that.

Update 2: I just received a call from the company at 9pm on an unknown number. How rude and sketchy is that? I assume they wanted to ask me again to remove this review but before they could continue I told them to leave me alone. Hopefully they will do that now, thanks.

Waiting and waiting
Ordered 2 items 1 day apart on June 23rd, received one July 6th and now waiting for shipping address to return for a refund since July 7th.
Second item has been sitting in Memphis for over 8 business days now, called Fed Ex FloryDay told me it is LOST.
Wrote back to this company and all I get is their generic replies. Nobody is reading my messages.
I purchased their insurance for. 99 let's see what good that is.

EDITING TO ADD: Floryday contacted me almost within the day that I submitted this review for a full refund for both dresses ( one I have and have yet to return -no address sent yet -and the other which never arrived.) I feel I left an honest review and do not see why I would remove it. I do THANK Floryday for it's prompt refund but only because I posted in this forum does not erase their previous actions. Please be aware that you are ordering from Hong Kong and shipments do take longer than usual and in my case never arrived even though I still see in my account at the Memphis, TN facility.

Cheated and disappointed
I tried buying clothes on line, for the first time with Floryday, during this period of the lock down.

It was a long wait but the company kept me informed and in this pandemic situation, it is understandable.

Finally my packet arrived and I was really excited to have some new clothes to wear.

I had bough 5 items. FloryDay were simply but nicely packed. As I opened the bags one by one, I could not have been more disappointed! They were nothing like what the pictures made me believe and expect.

It was a shock and for now, has put me off of online clothes shopping for the foreseeable future!

Too start with they were all huge, none of them fitted me. This might have been partially my fault because I chose by size number (12) and I realize now that this may be the American 12 which is actually Large and note Medium as I am used to.

The worst thing however were the fabrics. With one exception, all fabrics had a plastic texture and one of these, although a light coloured summer dress felt heavy and had the texture of gabardine/rain coat. Two others felt exactly like flimsy plastic shopping bags, completely transparent.

All really unpleasant to touch!

Another disappointment was the coloured motives on the fabric. While in the pictured they give the impression of being textured, in reality they are flat, block printed, adding to the overall plasticky feel of the cloth.

Only 3 of the pieces had clothes tags, one had just the small label on the neck line and another had absolutely no information! I did not think this was allowed.

Of course, I am trying to return all of them. It remains to be seen if I will get my money back!

Stay tuned and hope your experience is not as sad as mine!

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