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A sweet option to add to the mix
Do not listen to the haters who say doesn't work when they've not properly tried it BUT also don't listen to the people who say you get laid in minutes on the site - the simple truth in the matter is that the ONLY way to make online hookup dating work is to get signed up to a FEW sites (i. E not just one) preferably that you have heard are good or read good things about and then you just have to work your ass off until you get lucky. I added my profile on this site to my portfolio and its been a good choice, i find it compliments my fave site ( nicely. Once you hit the jackpot on any of these sites the first time you realise it works at that point and so you start doubling up on your efforts. My advice (assuming anyone will actually read this) is go hell for leather early doors, send a whole bunch of messages instead of 1 or 2 and youll be better off for it.

This is TRASH!
This is TRASH! I have met a couple woman on other sites and MET them only to come here to see thier PICTURE FROM THE OTHER SITE WAS STOLEN FOR FLIRT.COM. AS WELL AS MINE. I saw her pic and said hi and KNOWING how she talks and types and her first response to me SHOULDA BEEN was nothing more that repetitious messages trying to send me to another site and wanting my IM or my facebook to send me to another site! As i informed her of the news she jumped on it and SAW MY PIC was and older one is how she knew wasnt me and again ROBOT. Now i subcribed for 3 days got billed for 16$ and called *******746 which is the BILLING and i told them Flirt were all fake profiles and ofcourse they denied it but THEN i told them i had proof of it all with the messages cuz they made no sense and sent me to differant site i demasnded my refund and knowing i copied ALL the messages and had evidence they are fraudulant they gave me my money INSTANTLY STAY AWAY

Fake as!
I've read reviews about how it's fake and I'm all the way with you. I even said to one bot do you kill people and it came back with some irrelevant crap. Then I told the $#*!s I was Australian government and Flirt were under investigation. Leaving stuff on the chat like cp198.3 then flirt. Notes like. Note: broken speech(English. Aus) and note changed IP address. Cp 199.3 flirt. Cp as in criminal prosecutions. Hahaha I had some fun saying to some when they ask if I like their pic or wanna chat dirty. I'd say no way are you my type. Sorry haha even though they were hot. Sooooo fake. I'd love to get my hands on the pricks behind this and beat them senseless. I even got one to admit it. Screenshot included. If anyone wants these photos I've taken to get their ass in $#*! then contact me *******

This site is a scam, loaded with web-cam girls looking...
This site is a scam, loaded with web-cam girls looking to grab your our credit card number and run (be warned!). Canceling will also give you a headache because you have to wait for a cancellation code once you cancel your membership on the site to arrive at your email which Flirt tell you will arrive within 24 hours! Hmmmmm! My code did not arrive and if your account is not cancelled within a 3 day period you will be charged for a full month membership. You are better off deactivating your debit card and ordering a new one from your bank! Once again, This site is a scam! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME! BE WARNED!

Inside workers
Yeah, I got my clock cleaned over here. I met this girl and just kept spending and she was getting wore down. Finally there was no way out. I said cool let's get together this weekend. She awe well I can't I gotta move my paraplegic brother. I mean you been talking some pretty hot and nasty stuff. So I just out right ask her. Hey what's the deal you working for this site or something. Most guys never read the terms and conditions cause we're thinking about getting to all them hogtied in the site. When I'm fact if you actually listen to what Flirt say, it's computer generated. And the terms and conditions will actually tell you hey we generate profiles for your entertainment. Really you mean it's a dating site taking Mt money foe computer generated. Hottest. Man that's just wrong. Now I'm getting all these hottest from a site that's outta business. So they all fake.

They stop at nothing to suck you in
In the last week of 2019, I confess/admit that I was horny. I signed up. Greetings and messages... man, Flirt multiplied onto my screen. I had only entered a username; no photo, no details, zero. Within 10 minutes, I thought "nooooo. This is not who I am" so I logged off. Messages kept coming into my email box well into February 2020. I only checked this email account yesterday (14 June 2020). I thought "sheesh"...

I decided to delete my account. Not a simple process. Needed cancellation codes and all sorts of things... In the meantime, I was again being flooded with hellos and invitations...

In order to reply, even to say no, you need to hand over money. I would give this zero stars if I could.

In the end, I cannot believe that so many women would want to have sex with someone who they have never met, know nothing about and do not even have a photo of. There must have been many fake accounts to grab your money to begin with. *Then*, yes, maybe there are real women on the site once you have paid. Trouble is: once trust is broken/suspicions are aroused, the value of sites like this plummets. Come renewal time (or earlier), these women come at you again. Nah, no dice. I'd avoid it like the plague.

Site is ok but not all I need
I long for the day where someone brings out a site that you stump up fifty bucks for and it takes care of everything without having to sign up to lots of sites. At the moment im using this in combination with hookuphangout and tinder and yes, it works, I get laid every so often but I should damn well think so as its costing me three memberships! If there was a site good enough to sort you out in one place then id be one happy camper. This site definitely isn't it, ive tried it on its own and it wasn't enough to keep me as busy as id like to be. Im not just in this for dirty sext messages im in it for actual bump n' grind! The closest site ive found to what im looking for is hookuphangout probably but come on hookup sites, you should all merge together and give us one place where we're guaranteed zero weekends of celibacy!

Any one claiming its any more they 75% bots very very naive to how a bot works in 2021
Anyone recall back in like 2007 when AIM released the first auto bot you could chat with? When It couldn't answer a question at first I was give u an excuse from a pool of twenty unique questions. It was actually quit impressive at the time for being AI like. This bots are not impressive considering it's been 15 years.

Anyone who challenges the fasct this are fake I suggest you try to get a very simple answer to a question that code will error out on every time. Such has adding two DIFFERENT types of variales that both repsent the same thing to humans. Aka a digit writen as a word, and a integer written as just the one digit number. And one u do this the bots going to send a prewrriten offended message. No human I've ever met goes on a data site and is offended whn someone wants to justrify Flirt r real, if anything a real person will get some reassurance that you also are real. Want a 3 letter one that the average 5 y. O. can figure out btu not one bot on their site can? "can u think of another way to write this?: $lX
Prehaps this is just part of growing up aswell, but typically when in search of romances, regardless of form, i don't look for this as the opening line anymore... some form of" how have your experiences been with the sites UI been so far" prehaps its just me tho. Starting EVERY convo OR asking withing the first 3 sentences in over 90 concurrent chats...
To make it more frustrating, they have an admin that ALSO is a bot, (it tells you its a bot if u read closely) but if you report a bot as a fake profile the admin bot sends u a message claiming they loooked into it and it checks out about 5 seconds later. Man they have some good turn around time, almost seems impossibly fast. The best one tho I received 4 messages in under 10 seconds from a profile that came accross real via pics and wording, only the 4 messages were each over 170 char and had no typos. Which would me I was chatting with someone who could type over 4080 WPM... since running a jack hammer on your keyboard would be slower its kinda hard to believe, also since literally the world record on a qwerty style (normal) keyboard is held by barabra b - at 212 wpm without misspellings, with the avg word length being 5 char... idk 200x the word record... psh maybe I just don't know were to find good coke anymore more ya know?... if this isn't enough evidence then there's no point in me continuing.

If I could give no stars I would. This garbage site is perhaps the worst site I have come across. The biggest issue are the fact that I could not find 1 real person despite the fact that I was searching in the major Canadian city where I lived. I aggressively sent out messages to the women and got many responses. The majority could not answer the question of what neighborhood Flirt lived in. When you repeated the question they just continually responded by saying the city only. The ones that wanted to chat offsite were also scammers that wanted you to sign up for another site before you could meet. The entire experience was a total waste of time. TOTAL SCAM!

More bots than a robot factory
Replies are completely at odds with questions asked... when your account expiry comes up there a sudden surge of interest and lots of message AFTER your account expires. 80% bots 15% escorts 5% real is what i've seen. Search engine is a big fail. Search in your town + 10 miles radius and you get results at the other end of the country... complete waste of time and money... as a follow up i have since found out Flirt employ 1 or 2 girls to initiate fake conversations but you can tell by their language they are foreign plus they say completely inappropriate things no british or english speaking girl would say. Also if you mention you want to email them or meet them they immediately insist on text only and they want a few months of texting first... work for much? :)

Site is absolute bull$#*!...
Site is absolute bull$#*!... Another who wishes he had read the reviews before signing up. Signed up for a 3 day trial... Immediately got billed for a month. You have to cancel your automatic billing 3 days prior to it's expiry... On a 3 day trial?... bastards... 95% of women are generated by the site or other business'. I was contacted by 3 real women and by dozens of fakes... Why would a 26 yr old model want to chat with a 52 yr old... When confronting some of these fakes Flirt comment that, "you were having fun weren't you?". Plus of course the bots and the girls in Malaysia who want you to pay for them to come over to your country and 'Love you always'. Steer clear of this site and the others owned by the parent company... Absolute crap!


This is the worst site I have ever been on
Like some others I signed up for 3 days for $3.99 and got charged the $24,99 as well
The responses seem automated but my guess is Flirt are paying some poor women (or men) is a third world country to reply.
The conversations and responses are innane and if you try to ask anything outside of the square you get even more stupid responses!

So far the site has not contacted me in regards to my query about being charged twenty eight dollars despite their initial automated response of usually getting back to people within 24 hours - it has now been 72.
Again - every time I actually chat to someone who claims to be "real" and in my area - they are unable to answer a simple question like "how is the weather?" And not surprisingly soon after I insist on an answer the conversations stops!
I have also had several requests to chat on skype - for a fee of course!

Update: as expected - they have stated they will not return my funds - and I have informed them of my intention to continue updating and expanding bad reviews.
If you read this please add a vote.

The initial mass interest that a new profile gets dies off very quickly - once they have your money I suppose! So I started to have a bit of fun with the chat - asking basic questions about the weather and to specify what suburb as opposed to the general city. I even started responding with a "No, I wouldn't" when asked the usual questions of do you want a sexy chat. It was fun at first and then I got bored so even started being a bit offensive - I don't like to do this as I believe in manners. Even after displaying my uninterest and abuse, those that were in chat would still keep going until the inevitable - "I need to go now but you can please contact me at..."etc.
Th funniest response I got was "I want to ride on your huge dong" and so I asked "what is a dong?":-) I tried to ask this a few times in a few different ways even suggesting that I only had a ding and no dong unfortunately.

This site is such a total scam!

Further Update 8/8 - Just checking my credit card amount they have charged me a further $44.27 two days after they stated that "my membership has been cancelled and no further payments would be deducted from my account"
Now in the hands of my bank

A final update - the charge of $44.27 was a claim that I had not cancelled my subscription in time and so I was charged a months fees. Just shows what a complete rip off this site is!
After forwarding all the information and emails to my bank the charge has been reversed! So F*** you Flirt!
I have just now received "account removal" emails from 6 sites being
Shag together
Horny Contacts
Best Sex Match
Naughty Date

Careful to what you sign up to and think you agree to - I had no idea but my guess is to avoid ALL these sites as they appear to be linked.
So for one final time
And pay no attention to the positive reviews as I believe them to be mostly fake!

I immediatly knew this was scam
I immediatly knew this was scam. I did not even posted a picture or wrote any intro and i already had 4 emails from beautiful young women in my inbox, from all over the world except near my place. This is usually a big red flag about site that scam. Flirt hit on vulnerable guys who dont see that its impossible that a beautiful woman contact you when you dont even have a profile picture. I tried to remove my profile, but the option to do so is nowhere to be found. Only found out how to stop all email notifications. Since i've put no personnal infos of picture on this, hope doing this and then forgetting about this site will do.

Me of all people
Ive been encountering fake profiles for the past 10 years. Ive gotten pretty goof a spotting them. I bought a subscription to flirt and went into the chat room. It wasny long until i got a wink so right there i hit her up. We chatted for a bit until she suggested i check out some of the sites other festures. Doing so i spotted a woman who looked to be my type. I hit her up and we chatted for a while. I spent close to 4 hours enjoying myself with her. Later on i got back on line with her. I interacteted with quite a few ladies. Being quite open about myself. At this point i was beginning to feel about the same way these people who are hooked on gambling machines describe themselves. I lost track of myself for a day and a half straight. I remember little of what i said or did during that time. I dont think i ate or drank anything during this marathon flirt session. Deep down knowing full well there are loads of fake profiles population date sites i couldnt stop thinking about this lady i was falling for. After a time i managed to collect myself and i tried ditching my 3 day trial. I eventually got my account turned off and it was then my newfound sweetheart messaged me and i saw her avatar which was labeled as a fantasy member.

Fake bots and scammers galore!
$#*! this site. It is filled with 99% fake bot girls with profile pictures that try to fool you into thinking hot girls are into you. Flirt stopped messaging me as soon as I ran my test of telling them to send a picture of herself with MY name written on a piece of paper. They couldn't do it. The 1% was one real hot girl who proved to me she was real and NOT a bot by writing by name on a piece of paper with a picture of herself BUT she was still nothing but a scammer $#*! who obviously wanted to con me out of my money by telling me to send $200 for a "safety badge" to meet up. What a load of bull$#*!. This is by far the worst dating site I have ever been on, a complete scam that DID con me out of my money with the 3 day trial and could have potentially made me lose a lot more to that scammer $#*! who said she wanted to hook up with me but really just wanted my money, much like this site itself. Just a scam to snatch your money.

You are not going to meet anyone here
All fake here, I am 40 year old normal looking guy, was on the site for few days. Very predictable bot activity and paid to chat with you. When you sign up you will get Ton of massages. When you actually start a conversation 90% of the ladies vanish after first line, even when Flirt ask to talk to you or encourage you to contact them so why would they disappear after you ask them how they are doing today? Or when you send a lady a request to chat, she responds as if she never saw you first introductory message to her. Another funny thing, hot model type woman 25 year olds have their preferences set to meeting 18-78 year old man? Don't get excited, you will not meet anyone here.

Mario's, I did not say that you used unreal people, the people are real, they are just getting paid by you to start conversations or give perception that a genuine someone wants to meet you. It seems that you need hire or pay to more to these people, clearly they are overwhelmed, making sloppy mistakes and getting so many users suspect that you are using bots or paying people..

OneOfTheAffected :( :( :(. Not worth for any *(star) is 200% fake site. Don't get paid and don't get cheated. When you find someone or some many in your place or wherever you are interested and if you message them as a guest immediately you will be receiving response from all of them. Immediately you would click on the message to read it, you will be redirected to payment page. In curiosity to read the replies from most of all of them whom you have messaged, you would pay seeing the quote, "if you are not satisfied, your amount would be refunded". This is the trap. Once you made payment and check all the messages you had received, it will look similar with different phrases or words to upload your picture. You would upload it too. That's all the response messages you would have received. For all your actions, you would get like response only from the members who you are reaching. Rarely to know what does it meany video calling if you click, no one will respond. Once it gets disconnected automatically reaching maximum time, immediately you would get response message from the member who you have called, again it means similar with different words and phrases like " No cam. Damn Cam Not working. Let's chat in SMS". By seeing this if you reply for the message and expect reply, again message and again expect reply, you are totally wasting your time here. Money already you have wasted when you opted for full membership.

After seeing and experiencing all these, if you raise a refund request from one of the site page, you never get reply. If you call customer care, Flirt will clearly tell you that only when there's a technical issue that they will refund the amount. Not for all other reasons and if you ask question like, in the payment page, you have mentioned as "if you are not satisfied, your amount would be refunded" they'll reply it's only for technical issues. But they will offer you another deal.

The deal is that your membership will be transferred to their another dating site named It's 200% copy of including registered members only with different theme and color. Again everything is as same as including the member responses.

They are cheating us. Don't believe in them. Everything is fabricated. They are doing identity theft from various social media of the local members and creating dummy profiles with theft pictures. They have fabricated their system to auto reply when you are a guest and once you make payment other than like response nothing will be received from the members.

I am a woman who likes other women. I usually stay away from stuff like this but I was bored and couldn't sleep and curiosity got the best of me. I signed up as a woman seeking a woman and Flirt changed my profile to a 'male' who likes women. (This is after I'd paid the 3 day trial!). When I complained, they changed my profile to a woman who likes men? It's really not hard to get it right and you cannot change your status to say you like other women or that you aren't straight. I mean whilst I was on there, a few girls contacted me as a 'man' who were clearly fake cam girls as this was 2 in the morning and they were asking if I wanted a chat when I didn't even have a profile on yet.

The sign up is misleading and it is just a joke, ONLY join if you are heterosexual but even then you would be better off throwing your money in the bin, would recommend guys staying away also and straight girls as they are a COMPLETE LACK OF REAL people on there.

It is a SCAM
It is a website like, Flirt are all with the website of To cancel your profile you have to call an international number. I didnt. I wanted to help other people in thw site who are being scammed. I took down my picture and wrote that the site is a scam and they deleted my profile. I saw profiles that says "test profile" with no pictures and a bunch of numbers. I encountered profiles with different pictures, names and age but has the same intro about them and what they look for. Same exact words, punctuations, same everything. They both sent me a measage and the message is also exactly the same. Same punctuations, words, capital letters, everyrhing. One purchase is 20 credits, It costs you 10 credits to open a picture, you tell the person not to send pictures as you dont want to spend that much but they still kept sending pictures. You ask them if they have a facebook account or skype or viber they would say no they dont have one. They wouldnt like to leave the website. I asked them questions but they give me far fetched responses... totally unrelated to my questions or fron the topic i opened up.

Scam robot responces
Had the bull $#*! membership for about a week for hammered by messages from ladies. That wanted to talk dirty. Which is cool if Flirt were real. When I would respond with a normal conversation. It went right back to dirty talk. Which made me believe these are robotic response's. LISTEN UP... When you cancel you must call to have them stop you recurrent charge. But in addition they will try to give you a free trial to some other bull$#*! web site. Which will then be told that you need to provide some feed back at the end or they will automatically bill you again. SO LISTEN UP FOR THAT BULL $#*!... Tell everyone about this scam site...

Holy crap it actually works LOL!
Took 3 month membership and gave it a real shot. Last night after a few near misses I finally hit the jackpot! I was probably the biggest doubter of online dating, never mind hookup dating, but there comes a point where if youre single you just have to jump on the bandwagon. Its a bit like facebook Ive resisted so far to avoid following the herd but when it comes to getting laid sometimes you gotta sell out on your principles LOL! Anyway joined this site and (hell if youre gonna sell out, you sell out in style!) and after a slow start I figured a few things out (e. G you need to message a lot of girls before you start getting the hot chats going) and now its all paying off. Its not as easy as most would like it to be im sure, but I thought it was all just nonsense and im pretty stoked that it actually works!

These scam artists don't even try to hide the fact that they're going to rob you! I was still working on the first sentence of my profile when my inbox started going off the hook with women claiming to have already seen it, along with the photo that I hadn't even submitted yet, lol! For real? To try and answer anyone back, which is nothing but a bunch of Hindus in a garage somewhere sending fake messages, Flirt want your credit card information! Let's see how that works out. Once they get your money, all the messages stop, but the charges to your card don't. You can be a thief, and you can be stupid. You can't be both. These clowns think otherwise. Avoid them and stay safe!

Scammers and Scammers
It was quite obvious when I first started chatting with any of the women on the site that most of them were bots. The ones that weren't bots were women trying to get your credit card information. Most of the profiles on there are fake. It's hilarious how every one of them that were offline at the time I sent a wink all of a sudden were online liking my profile or adding me to their favorites. Luckily Flirt are processing internationally and I was able to block out those transactions through my bank. They didn't even get the 3 day trial money from me. If anyone is interested in filing a class action law suit against let me know.

You click on the option to stop auto-billing and you...
You click on the option to stop auto-billing and you put in your password. After this it gives you a phone number, you have to call. This made me nervous. I found this site and other reviews on the site and called the number to delete everything. Flirt tried to give me 2 weeks free and i argued with them for 5 minutes telling them no, i dont want it. The opp finally get pissy and short with me and said everything will be deleted and to never log back in or my profile will be restored. I told them i want a confirmation number that everything was canceled so i can show the bank in case i get charged any more money and they said there is not confirmation number...

The website itself is a scam.

Beware! They make it so hard to cancel repeat billing!
I am so angry with how difficult Flirt made it to cancel my repeat billing subscription! I had to go through having to call an 800 number, give my user id, then argue and continually repeat to this customer service rep who kept ignoring my request to cancel by offering me new features and new extensions and new this and new that over and over and over despite the fact that I told her emphatically over and over and over to cancel my subscription. She totally ignored what I said each time and read me another free offer to get me to stay. So infuriating. That's 10 minutes of harassment where I could have done it online in two seconds if Flirt weren't such sleazy scam artists.

Was on this and both the same B. Islands based company. Not long after I sent a pretty negative email via contact info and shortly after my cell phone stopped working, I. E. no signal/service. Went to Metro office and Flirt spent about an hour troubleshooting but only after I mentioned the hacking potential did they confirm it was highly possible that's what happened. There is also a company out of an island offshore of France which runs several fake sites, and I believe they may be affiliated with each other. Basically if they are offshore they are all basically in the same racket and not one to be trifled with as I learned the hard way. Also I know the major hurricane that recently struck the islands out there did a lot of damage, but unfortunately they survived,... i know terrible thing to say but as far as human beings go... well you get my point! One day these people are going to piss off the wrong person and God help them then!

Fake fake fake if i could pick less than 1 i would
This site is 100%"fake its all fabricated to keep you interested and keep paying lucky for me i got 10 free days because i complained but im still totally disaticfied and made me really angry because after days and days of chatting to the point of making a date Flirt leave you hanging i told the girls i dont want to waste time with online fun and cam girls but still getting loads of requests and even told a few of them in no uncertaun terms to get lost and then a day or so later same girls lets talk lets chat all the same intro they use time and again so guys dont bother im on pof plenty of fish its free very uncomplicated and 100% genuine people but yet to meet someone but only been on 3 days so far

Offshore Internet Scum (uh...) Scam
HOLD UP CROSSED STICKS! (1st warning) Was routed to it when trying to access Tinder. Based in the beautiful British Virgin Islands, Fart (uh...) Flirt will lure you into a paid membership by (Second warning) unlikely numbers of messages from other gender per day. You pay for a three-day trial (yes I was that stupid) and presumptive access to all those other gender types. But (3rd warning) send 20 or so "are you real" messages out and you get no replies. In other words all the profiles are fraudulent. Now you try to get them to turn off the recurring charge ($36.41/mo - geez!) that starts at the end of the three days. Theirs is a cancellation with a lot of steps to it. Stupid people will be baffled. Eventually, you are given a "cancellation code" that you have to give to a butter-voiced customer disservice representative who will then try to sell you on one of their other products ("" or some such). You get done with him & he promises a confirmation e-mail. It comes. It looks fine. But a week later the monthly charge shows up on your charge account. You contact them with a copy of the cancellation and Flirt reply that you were never enrolled in to begin with, but something like, which you never cancelled out of. Now, since you already know their next move, you have to close out your charge account to prevent further charges. You get next a quasi-apologetic note that tells you you did not follow proper cancellation procedures, that they have no record of your cancellation, but since they cannot therefore refund you, they will transfer your profile to "," or some such. So again you send them the cancellation confirmation they sent you and finally throw a tantrum, letting them have it because 1) all you had to do l was look at my two e-mails so far that show your own note; 2) And what is this lie about transferring my profile, since you say it never was where I put it to begin with, and which I completely extinguished (or so the record says) before they transferred it. 3) So delete everything you have on me in all your products and give me back my f**king money! So that's where it's at today. You have to look into international agreements on wire fraud, I suppose, to pursue your threat of criminal complaint, as all their practices fit the definition... or catch a flight for the British Virgins loaded for bear.

Nothing but a scam
I tried out for a little over 3 months. I became a paid member right off the start. One thing I noticed is Flirt charged me for services I did not agree (or neglected to read about in their ToS). Suddenly I was subscribed to 2 more sites and an additional service. I noticed the extra charges on my bill. I called up my bank and had them removed. But there was more to their scam.

For the first month I was able to chat with women and even hooked up with one. However, after the first month I noticed very distinctive patterns in answers to questions I was asking. Many of the women were either not answering my questions and would respond with some other irrelevant answer or they would give very simmilar responses to each other. Then I started experimenting and deliberately started asking questions a human should be able to answer (favorite color, where they grew up, favorite animal, etc). Again the responses had nothing to do with the questions I was asking. I started chatting on the public board and many other guys were experiencing the same things. We we're all talking to bots.

I also noticed when I had previously sent messages during the first month I got read receipt notices. That stopped and could not confirm if any women at all were receiving my chats. I experimented again and texted almost every woman in my area (almost 100). No response. Now I knew something was up.

I had a female friend sign up and tried sending her messages. She didn't get any of them. When I called their customer service they initially said it was an issue they had with my account and were trying to fix it. 2 weeks past and no change. When I phoned again the Car tried to blame the way I worded my profile or that I had not uploaded enough pictures for women to take interest, which had nothing to do with my initial compaint about confirming why I wasn't getting read receipts.

I had enough. I set up a phone recording app on my cell and called Flirt again, this time I insisted to speak to a manager. He did in fact talk to me and started feeding me the same bs about my profile not being adequate. I told him I had a female friend who was not getting my messages and that I suspected them throttling my ability to contact women and that the overwhelming majority are boys. He kept reading from his script. I finally said I wanted a full refund. He initially refused until I said I had recorded the conversation and would turn the recording over to the police fraud division and news media. I got my refund for every cent.

It's nothing but a scam. Do not use this site. It's a rip off and you'll waste your time. They lure you in for a month then screw you like you want to screw the women (bots) on there.

I wouldn't waste your time, anything underwritten by...
I wouldn't waste your time, anything underwritten by Cupid Plc is a scam or a waste of money, I spoke to ONE genuine woman but it was during a 3 day trial, cancelled it but somehow I got charged just over £32 today, while I was asleep as I'm poorly, rang them this evening saying I didn't opt for full membership but Flirt say when you opt for a 3 day trial you agree to repeat billing for higher amount. Ridiculous. Now I've contacted not only their billing returns department but my bank as I'm disputing it. I'm absolutely infuriated, 8 times they tried to get me to accept a % off next month's bill, told them to shove it up their arse and shut the hell up to let me speak, couldn't get the hint could they. If they don't return my money I'll fight it all the way. Being severely disabled I thought it was only chance of meeting someone, I'd rather cut my balls off with a rusty blade than stay on that pathetic excuse for a site. I'm in the UK, how the hell is Amsterdam a 'local match' screw them.

They've a fight on their hands.

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Based on 50 reviews from Flirt customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 1 stars, indicating that majority of customers are not satisfied with its service.
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Description: Flirt bills itself as a new, social online dating experience. Flirt's spin on online dating includes chat rooms and fits into the broader online dating strategy of its parent company, Cupid plc

Address: 34610


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Flirt has NR rating on BBB

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Flirt is not BBB accredited

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There are total 0 complaints of Flirt registered on BBB

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