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Yeezy slides
I purchased Yeezy slides "PURE" and Flight Club took a month to come, in which they came from China, so the writing couldn't be read, but on the box, the size was unisex. This would be the third pair I purchased and none of the others are packaged the same, the slides don't fit my feet at all. I complained to Flight Club and sent several messages regrading the situation. They informed me to start a claim, but I want other people to know, Flight Club is not legit as they claim to be and after investigating and finding research they sold me fake slides and since I found out they're willing to open up a claim but I have to provide extra information, when at the end of the day I paid for real slides to get something from China that doesn't come close to my size.

Flight club Miami
Had great experience, went in and Flight Club didn't have sneakers my daughter has been wanting and they had her try on similar pair for size and we ordered them. We got them them week later. Fantastic! My daughter loves them we are so happy with our experience there. After reading bad reviews I freaked out but couldn't be happier! Thank you flight club Miami! And Jawuan the manager thanks for reaching out to help me track them! Will order again!

Flight club is not to be trusted
My son sent shoes to be sold Through flight club. He sent them perfect with everything needed to sell the shoes.
Flight Club were on the market for longer than he anticipated so he had you send them back to him so he could resell them to the original dealer.
Upon receiving them back from flight club he was missing a pair of green shoe laces. We saw the same pair, color and everything, that he was missing on EBay, selling for about $65.
He went back to buy them but they had sold already.

Without these laces the shoes aren't worth what he paid for them.
This is fraud. I've called and emailed multiple times with no help in this matter

Flight-Clubbed Over the Head and Robbed- Can't Cancel
Basically provided a default excuse blaming my order that is now nearly 2 weeks old on the seller not shipping my shoes for verification in the window Flight Club were supposed to ship it. No confirmation or communication of the delay until I had to email and chase for an update because this is obviously the practice at Flight Club. I was offered a $13.50 credit as if I would EVER shop at Flight Club again. I don't care if Flight Club has the only shoe I ever wanted in my life and my feet are bleeding from walking through the streets barefoot, they will never get another dime from me again and I will ensure as many sites as I can possibly review this transaction on will also know. Consumers are not supposed to be treated as victims and have to absorb the shortcomings of a vendor that falsely advertises timing for shipping at the time of purchase, but price-gauges to persuade the consumer to pay much more to get their merchandise in a reasonable time frame. Its all false advertisement and a scam backed by a NO CANCELLATION policy that binds the consumer to the transaction forever until Flight Club decides to produce the merchandise. Unacceptable.

So I placed my order on december 12th it took then 8 days to ship my item, I sent multiple emails asking them to return my money bur Flight Club never answered it was frustrating and then when I finally got I tracking number 8 days later I went to check it and all they did was just to create the Lable but still had not hand the item to UPS that took an additional two days and when the package finally staterd to move the delivery date Was set for 12 more days which is ridiculous when in the flightclub policy states that all orders will be delivered whitin 10 days after placing the order for me will be 23 days. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. They are just scamming people

Poor customer service
It's been a long hole month and I made the mistake of getting my package sent to the wrong address and went down to the post office and Flight Club told me what I needed to do and did my part of getting my address fixed but when I reached out to these pricks they kept sending me this bs message that these random people will contact me and they NEVER do and I feel like they are made up names to make you feel like your issue will be resolve. I will never recommend anybody to purchase from this site. If you do only do STADIUM GOODS. Flight club is a joke

I ordered shoes 6/12/21 for $312.00 9 days in the order still said processing so I reached out to them to check the status. Flight Club responded by saying the seller didnt send the merchandise out in time but not to worry they found a new seller and the shoes would be sent out soon 6/25/21 we get an email saying the seller cancelled my orderd and a refund will be issued in a week. Such garbage no way to call and speak to anyone just via email and ot will be a total of 3.5 weeks from date of purchase before I can get a resolution ie my money. Don't order from this garbage company unless you want to waste your time.

Seller canceled my order
Stay far away as possible from this company. All the negative reviews you're reading are true. This company will find a way to rip you off. I ordered a pair of forces and received an email a few days later stating the seller canceled my order. Fight club states Flight Club refunded my money and I should see it within 3-5 business days. I already reported them to the BBB and time will tell if I get my money back. I'll give them 10 days tops and if I don't see my money I'll take them to small claims court.

No product, no refund, no phone number to contact live agent
I ordered my autistic son a pair of raging bull 5s paid $260 for them. Never received my shoes, I sent several emails only for them to tell me to send a copy of my ID to file a report with their insurance. Flight Club don't even have a phone number where you can speak to a live person. Everything is done via email. After reading the horror stories (bad reviews) there is no way I would ever in my life send them my ID. I will be filing a complaint with BBB, FTC, and CPMB to get my money back. If that doesn't work, I'll see them in small claims court..

Customer Service Department Nonexistent
Ordered shoes from my cell using apple pay, incorrect address was auto filled when purchase was completed. Immediately reached out to them about this issue providing the correct address. Flight Club stated they could not help before the item even shipped. I asked to cancel and replace the order and they declined that. I called ups to reroute and they said only the sender could do this. I informed them again to please change the address or send to my local ups store so i could retrieve with my ID and they declined that as well. They delivered to the front door of my old address at a student living facility. Would never order shoes with them again!

Worst customer service ever 0 STARS
Their online customer service is absolute no smiley face. I ordered from the goat no problem but flight club had some 12 flu's I just had to have. So I ordered them it took a week to process my order then after waiting and seeing the pending charge on my card a week later Flight Club declined it and told me to use PayPal. Tried to look for a customer service number there wasn't one. If I'm trying to order something and there's an issue why can't I call and talk to someone. Deleted app and will never attempt to purchase with them again.

I would love to give them 0 stars. I ordered a pair of Dunks in US M size 11. I presently own and have owned multiple pair of these the same size and style of shoe. These are at least 1.5 sizes too small, likely knock-offs. Their response ". All sales are final, if you like, open up an account and re-sell them on our site." For reals... Flight Club want me to re-sell these mislabled, misleading or straight up fake shoes to someone else?! And you won't return my $ even though you sold me a defective product?!
And my own damn fault for not doing better research.

An absolute nightmare as a Consignor
This is really emberrasing. I consigned and purchased shoes from Flight club years ago, and candidly; it is not the same outfit and beyond a nightmare of an operation as a consigner. I sent 40k worth of shoes there 4 weeks ago consisting of 11 pairs and only received confirmation on 10 arriving. I immediately asked for a return to sender for all of the shoes when I discovered customer service is non-existent. It really is non-existent. The reps via email send automated messages that don't help whatsoever. I have received 6 now stating Flight Club are escalating the matter. 3 weeks later, zero response. It is horrendous, emberrasing and almost at the point where it could be deemed theft. I would encourage any consigner to go elsewhere. Yes, they say that their prices will command a higher commission. Only problem is that will be years from now if ever on most pairs, and good luck trying to manage your property if there are any issues. It is sad. Very sad, considering how much of my collection originated there. As of today, I wouldn't buy one thing nor consign one piece of merchandise there. I would honestly rather sell my shoes and lose money than deal with the headaches that have surfaced from FC/GOAT. I give them 2 year before their physical operations are shut down and everything is sold by the seller through GOAT. I beg little kids to beware of this place in many facets. It has been a nightmare for me and could end up costing a lot of money for simply doing what they asked of me.

Yeezys dark slate
If I could give negative stars, I would. I ordered infant yeezy dark slates on Friday for my son's second birthday. After reading reviews (after I already made the purchase) I was terrified Flight Club would never come or be fake/damaged. The shoes came in a timely manner, 6 days:. The issue is they smell COMPLETELY like MOLD so they are not able to be worn! And I could bet they're knock offs. The material is so cheaply made I would be shocked if they were real. The smell of mold is so bad I have them sitting outside in their box right now! I thought flight club was a pretty popular store/website. There is NO WAY this is the same flight club that was in NY. For $290 shoes that can't be worn? I will definitely be disputing the charge. I wish I read the reviews before purchasing, I was just in a bind trying to get my sons birthday outfit together. Now, I am still in a bind for his birthday tomorrow. Like every one else has stated… STAY FAR AWAY!

Flight Club is a SCAM
Beware DO NOT send Flight Club any money Flight Club will feed you a line of bs with email after email about how there has been a problem with your order but they will ONLY tell you they are GOING TO send you some options but NEVER DO.
Really all they are doing is telling people they have what they're looking for knowing that they don't have it getting the point of sale getting the money and then keeping your money as long as possible and probably forever because most people just blow it off it's a scam this company is a scam do not fall victim to flight club.
There should be better consumer protection out there shutting companies like this one down.

*** Buyer Beware!
This is a scam company, my shoes were suppose to be brand new! My shoes had scuff marks on the outside of the shoe, there was dead skin on the inside of the shoes from someone trying them on with out a sock. The inside of the shoe had small sock balls stuck to the inside side part. Sooooo nasty, I contacted the company Feb. 19,2021 and still no update on refunding me back my money! This is a waste of time and good hard earned money!

Garbage Shipping
I made an order through flight club on the 2nd of September. My order sat in the "Processing" stage for 10 days (about a week and a half) before I personally emailed the company with the complaint of how long it was taking for my order to move along. It is now September 23rd and my order has already had 2 expected delivery days both of which have since changed to some kind of delay message. My item now says "Local Post Office Delay". Flight Club may not be directly at fault for the post office delay but had Flight Club shipped my item within the 7 business day timeframe as their site states I would have it by now. I'm beyond disappointed. I'll never order through them again.

Took a survey and was sent a free watch. The watch I was supposed to get was not what I got. I received a watch that had a mesh watch band with a magnetic band that Flight Club charged me $105 dollars for. I got five of the same watches from Amazon for $36.00 total. This company is a scam. If you like paying a lot for junk this is the place for you. You will better off buying from a department store. If they tell you the watch is free just pay shipping, they will then charge you $105 dollars later.

Defective item
If I could I would give them 0 stars! I received the shoes I purchased defective. One of the shoes has a small bleached spot on it where there is discoloration. I dont understand why my item was arrived damaged if Flight club company claims to thoroughly inspect products before shipment, and to make matters even worse I did not receive my receipt with the package. I am a first time buyer, and the customer care given was done very poorly. But I will not be ordering from them ever again!

Bad Business and very UNPROFESSIONAL
This company is a RIP OFF! All sales are final because their product is SUB PAR and definitely not worth the prices their asking! I can't believe Flight Club would basically sale me two different shoes as a pair! The back strap of one shoe says air max and the other shoe has a bar code where it's supposed to say air max! How is a customer suppose to know this before purchasing?! That's some bullcrap! I'm so freakin pissed off and will take this issue as far as I can! WARNING! DON'T PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY/WEBSITE!

I was at the New York City establishment recently and I bought a pair of yeezy zebra v2s for 604$. After that I walked around a bit more and then went home granted I live in Tennessee. I didn't fool with the shoes Bc I didn't want to get them dirty. When I got home I looked in the box and had 2 left shoes I've tried contacting them via Email and phone Flight Club have no working phone number and I haven't got a response via email. If you are thinking about purchasing from this company don't they are $#*! along with their terrible customer service

Sorry to give such a high rating: 1/5
One of the many covid cancellations, I had also purchased flight insurance from Manulife (never bother; Flight Club don't honor their claims). I had my refund approved; never got it.'s sales reps are in India of course and just hang up on you, lie to you, etc.

The "refund" phone number does not allow you to do anything but book more flights.

I have sat on another line waiting an hour; no one's answering.

In future, I will never insure my flight, and I will only buy direct from the airline, at the airport itself.

This company is a scam
This company is a scam. Be aware that there are no returns, their return policy is that there is none. And why is that? Because Flight Club sell fake shoes. I ordered a pair of Jordans, received them, and right away could tell something was wrong. Flimsy box, etc. Took them to a few reputable stores (Foot locker, etc) and it was obvious mine were fake. So when I emailed them about my situation, want to know what their reply was? Zero. None. Ran away like cowards instead of facing the implication that they are selling fake sneakers. So if anyone wants some fake Jordans, they can have mine. Because FlightClub, who knowingly sold them to me, won't issue a return or even email me back.


A-1 service
Due to the holiday call volume Flight Club haven't been able to answer the phone but its one way that you can get through to them and that is through facebook Messenger quick and fast way I hope this helps someone because I was in that same situation but I got through talk to someone get quick response and the issue I was having is over with so do the math I really appreciate you guys up there at Flight Club for taking care that problem that I was having five star

Awesome x 2
Was so scared after reading reviews online (my husband ordered shoes from this site without my knowledge) I immediately went and read ALL these reviews…. I was expecting the worst! My husband said "wait", remember, worst reviews are always first to go up and boy was he right! We got my daughters shoes in, and Flight Club were AWESOME. We loved them so much we ordered another pair for my son, and those were just as great as the first. I don't normally leave reviews, but I thought, this poor website bashes hard…. Good reviews are most often forgotten, but they did not disappoint, on two separate occasions.

DO NOT BUY HERE scammers
On 3/27, I ordered a pair of Yung 1 ‘cloud white sneakers", I have never ordered from before. I didn't read any reviews before purchasing (my mistake). The first concern, was their was a shipping delay in my order, Flight Club said they're refunding the shipping paid to my original form of payment (as an apology), (they didn't!) then I was told my seller shipped my shoes (but they did not receive them at flight club warehouse for verification), I was told they needed to research and determine best steps. On 4/25, I sent an upcoming email regarding if I could get a refund. I was told in response, they avoided my question, and stated, "we appreciate your continued patience while the status of the order is under investigated". I replied, saying I no longer wanted to the shoes, and that my bank gave me a refund. Finally, the seller canceled my order (a. K. a they knew I got my bank involved/and was NO longing waiting for this package that was never going to come), and stated, "we're sorry they didn't work out". They never were going to give me a refund, until I brought up my bank. DO NOT ORDER, they do not care about their customers, whether your order comes or not, and will take your money. They stated the seller was a scammer however they lied to me because they also stated they have the shoes and they're going through the verification process, there last email they said they don't have the shoes. Scammers

I ordered 300$ pair of shoes for my boyfriends birthday. After a few days when it should have been on the way I got a email that wanted me to verify my transaction number from my bank which is not a problem. The directions said 5 numbers after the astrict there was NO ASTICT in my transaction. I RESPONDED IMMEDIATELY AND MY ORDER WAS STILL CANCELED AFTER I SENT THEM A SCREENSHOT AND Flight Club SAID I WAS CORRECT i have to wait 7-10 days for a refund then try again which will be wayyy past his birthday. THANKS A LOT FLIGHT CLUB YOU SUCK

Nothing but bots trash ass customer service
This company is basically a bot bully... I placed an order that was not ever able to be canceled; because the five minutes that it took me to discover the error to cancel the order it was so called accepted at 446 am. pleas but when I go to place a customer service complaint Flight Club respond not help but respond just outside of the cancellation around 745 8 15... fine change the shoe size please nope they wouldn't do that either so now I'm buying a shoe one and a half times the size I need... they won't cancel the order nor will they change the size. Instead what do they do skip their so called "authentication process" and run not jog or walk run to ups before the payment even clears to send the shoes now the shoes are on their way by 12 noon or so I can now dispute the purchase... sike! I still had to wait for the next day to dispute really! So you just gonna hop out with a crooked eye and debo me into taking the shoes nope I don't think so you got another thing coming flight club just you wait and see.

Very disappointed with my last order
Ordered a pair of Jordan Concord 11's 2018 earlier this month and wore the shoe about 4 or 5 times when all of a sudden as im walking the bottom of the left shoe came completely apart! I was pissed because I haven't had the shoe a month and that happened which has never happened before and I have bought several shoes from them but their response to my issue was "We can only accommodate for 3 days and the shoe still needs to have the tag" I spent over 300.00 for the shoes and thats the response I get! So I am very disappointed with this company and may not be shopping with them again

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