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Lies and bad products
In response to Flagship: You are commenting on my order through Amazon, which I only made because you used a different name and I did not know who I was ordering from. You were better behaved through them, however, the computer was still not properly programed and did not work even with the key relearn and 12ish separate emails explaining other ways to try to make the item work. I had to pay the dealership another $300 to make it work, so I should have just purchased new and saved myself the trouble and money. Please check your records for the horrible experience you First provided. I did not embellish, inflate or dramatize any part of my review.

Flagship One Inc do not properly program the computers, then put you through months of torture and at least 50 calls AND emails to take it back, never return a single call, then lie about your refund. They also sell on Amazon under other names including Mintt Management, so beware. Had to get PayPal involved even though they had the part. They said they sent the refund 3 times, but PayPal verified they never even attempted to.

If you're one of the lucky individuals to actually get your product in working order, good for you. If, on the other hand, you have type of issue, regardless of how small, and you need customer service to get involved...? GOOD... LUCK! This is literally a gamble... roll the dice and a win is you get what you wanted... a loss is you have to deal with them in any way beyond placing your order. Worst customer service ever... no returned phone calls, emails, etc. Their account managers are useless and Flagship One Inc manage nothing for the customer. After sitting on hold for more than an hour (1 hour, 8 minutes to be exact), they hung up on me.

Now for the interesting part - if you want to return your product for a refund, they hit you with so many fees (that you don't learn of until AFTER you order and pay) that you essentially get nothing back. Good luck, customers just need to realize it's a gamble doing business with FS1.

Buyer beware!
Worst company ever! I made the mistake of not researching them before I made a purchase, and I paid for it. Don't be fooled by the fake reviews seen on their website. Go to the BBB to see how many complaints are listed for FS1. Flagship One Inc will cheat you out of every dime they can. I ordered an ECM which was supposed to be delivered to me in 6 days. On the 6th day, I had still not received a tracking number so I emailed them to cancel my order and issue a refund. Of course they didn't respond. 3 emails and 4 phone calls went unanswered. They eventually sent the part, but I had already bought another locally. Now, since the part was delivered, they want to charge me $85 reprogram fee plus $35 restock fee plus I have to pay to ship it. Basically I lost all my money. They knew this which is why they rushed the part to me AFTER I asked to cancel the order. Save your money, by a used ECM off of EBay and have it programmed at your local dealer. Takes 10 minutes to program. I had to give 1 star but should be zero!

If I Could Leave NO Stars, I Definitely Would!
My dad and I ordered a PCM for a 1998 Jeep Wrangler in October of 2020 and it is now December and we still have not received our part. Only given excuse after excuse each time a refund is requested. First the price of the PCM was $187. We received an email saying that the part was no longer available and was given the option to pay $400 plus for another PCM. After we declined that offer we were again offered the original purchase price for another PCM. After waiting 2 weeks with no delivery we received another email saying that there were "quality control problems that were not up to their standards" with the other parts that Flagship One Inc pulled. I called for a refund on Dec. 8 and was told the part was delivered on the 7th. However, we had no tracking info or confirmation number. When I informed the associate with that info, and she confirmed our address twice, we received an email the next day of a shipping label to an address counties away in which, again, no tracking info was provided to us until that previous day. I again called for a refund in which I was told would be upheld. This company, however, contacted my father, a 70 year old man who knows nothing about computers, online shopping or being scammed, and talked him in to "holding off" for another week, in which he agreed. Today, December 16,2020, we received a call from the company who once again tried telling us that usps delivered the part, conveniently with no tracking information or anything provided. I inquired about the tracking info and was given nothing by the company. I also called usps myself and found out they have no deliveries to this address. Once again I asked about a refund and was told that my "case manager" would like to speak with my 70 year old father, again lol, in which time I will be present. If no refund is issued today I am contacting the BBB and we are taking this company to small claims court in which they will not only be responsible for the part ordered and shipping costs, but also court costs and fees for having to go through this. They will not get away with this! My advice is to NEVER order anything from this site. We have waited over 2 months for a part that has yet to be received and will probably never be delivered considering the list of excuses we have been given over this period of time. Be diligent about where you order from and always read reviews. Those two things my father wasn't aware of. Not every elderly person has someone to help them in situations like this, and my only hope is to make people aware.

Customer Service
Purchased a computer for my truck and Flagship 1 programmed the wrong VIN into the computer Flagship One Inc sent to me. The VIN didn't match my truck and the VIN I provided them. I thought, "not a big deal", Just call there customer service line and I'm sure they will handle the problem.
I called no less than 5 times over a weeks time. Everyone I talked to were call service employees. No one, not even an account manager had a clue how to help. They always told me that someone would call me back which never happened. I also emailed about six or seven times explaining in detail the problem and would like a response. Zero, No response, even after a weeks time. Then there is the Chat feature which I tried several times. It's just as bad as the Customer service people that I talked to. As far as I can figure it's just a big answering service Company that cannot help in any way shape or form.
Terrible experience!
If you have a ton of time, don't care in what decade your vehicle gets repaired, and Love aggravation, This is the place to buy.

Buyer beware! Mercedes S550
First time I sent my ECU, it worked about 1 year, car fan came on like jet motor, was told 2 check fan even though if I tap Ecu it would stop! Brought 3 Mercedes Fans & NOTHING, Actually almost blew motor! Then it got worse, car would randomly cut off while running. "Terrance G" refused 2 sent return label had 2 go through website. Sent unit, Flagship One Inc had it for 4 MONTHS! Endless phone calls emails etc, same nonsense. Get my unit back & its pretty much destroyed, they try to blame me lol. Who breaks a ECU to a Benz s550? Any how get unit back now my car won't crank or start or go into park. Called about issues & was told its on my end! My car ran before they touched unit and they got me buying and replacing things that have nothing to do with problem cause ECU is defective. When receiving unit last month my ECU tabs were broken and one leg was just missing! Sent back & they had for another 3 weeks and tell me its fine once again so they didn't fix anything, so why have unit for 3 weeks then? Get it back car started & cut off! I'm beyond pissed no emails was returned from to different "account managers". I've called this place about 30 times over 5 months. Terrance G NEVER ANSWERS and if he does, u better pray guys! No GOOD. Also when i plug my SNAPON to port it does read ECU, NO COMMUNICATION. Hell with these good reviews, they probably fake. I had a Dead Mercedes for over 5months because of these clowns. Lord knows the damage now... NO GOOD STAY AWAY IF U WANT TO DRIVE UR CAR AGAIN

VERY Disappointed
I bought an ECM module for a 2003 Durango in 2017 and had a great experience. When I called, th eguys at the shop spoke with me, had a quick turnaround. GREAT! However, I just order an ECM for my 2001 F250 Powerstroke on 9/1. I called first to verify Flagship One Inc had it in stock and was told 1-3 days to program and it would ship. This time, no shop guys, it was an Indian lady. So, I ordered the PCM.
I called back on 9-13, reached another Indian lady, and was told it hasn't been programmed yet. I asked to speak to someone at the shop and was told she can't even do that. She would email them for me. She also wanted to apologize for the "minor delay". I asked how is 10 days vs 3 minor.
I called again on 9-14, another person with an Indian accent from the call center answered. I raised some heck and was told a manager would call me within the hour. Two hours later, no call, so I call back. I am told they are backed up with orders and mine is a top priority. I explained I called on 9-1, was told 1-3 days blah blah blah. After more excuses I asked for my money back and an hour later I received an email stating I would receive a full refund.
Then... four hours later I receive this email:
I am contacting you in reference to the module you purchased from us.
Your unit for the 2001 Ford Truck F-Series is now in programming.
Please be advised that we may be having a bit of delay in getting it shipped due to the high volume of orders. You can rest assured that we are doing our best to fulfill the order as timely as possible and we'll surely keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Lester M.
Flagship One

Pathetic. Surely keep me updated?
I'm not sure what changed, this used to be a great company to deal with.
Never Again!

I bought a computer for my 2002 Pt cruiser from Flagship one Inc. I paid $176.24 for it took a long.
I bought a computer from Flagship one Inc. I paid $176.24 for the computer when I got it and had it put in my car. It didn't fix the problem with my car. I called them and I told them that it didn't fix the problem. Flagship one Inc. Said to send it back so I did it took a long time to get it from Flagship one Inc. I called them I told them that Flagship One Inc have my money. No computer. I finally got it it didn't fix the problem. So Flagship one Inc. Sent me another one computer. The second one didn't work eather. I took my car to B&F Auto 's then I took my car to the dealership. They checked it out and said that the computer, that I got from Flagship one Inc. Wasn't any good. So I called Flagship one Inc. and told them what the Dealership said. I sent the second one back to Flagship one Inc. They wouldn't give me my money back. That I could only get store credit. And they changed me to put the computer back on the shelf. They said that I could only get store credit. No money back. If I had known all of that I would of NEVER bought their computer. So they have their computer and my money. Please help me get all of my $176.24. Back from them. They didn't like it when I told them that I was going to get a hold of BBB
My car is a 2002 PT Cruiser. Thanks so much PLEASE help me to get my money back to me.

I purchased an ECM unit from this company for 359$ & paid an additional 85$ shipping fee to overnight the unit because I needed to have my car repaired as quickly as possible--- Flagship One Inc sent the unit in a plastic envelope-- no box-- and the unit arrived damaged.
The repair shop then had to realign the pins AND charged me another 80$ to reprogram the unit.
I called & emailed multiple times to request a refund of the additional 80$ the shop charged me to reprogram the unit that I paid to have preprogrammed and they REFUSE to refund me the fee secondary to their negligent way they shipped the item unprotected! (or the 85$ for overnight shipping that I paid)

(No reply to my emails-- but I finally got a live person on the line to tell me nonsense about returning the item to them to fix -- which would have taken an additional week)
Soo... what was I supposed to drive for that additional week & who was going to refund my original expedited shipping fee of 85$?

This is my first & LAST dealing with this company! I advise you to shop elsewhere...

Worst Customer service ever. Still Waiting for a working unit.
I wanted to wait to write a review until I had a working unit but as I have now waited over 3 weeks to get any kind of response I am leaving it now. I ordered my ECM for my 01 Dodge 1500 and it came programmed completely wrong. After waiting over a month to even get the module I installed it and the truck started up but would not shift cruise control no longer worked. I had to manually shift gears just to go down the road. After speaking to the dealer and discovering that the module was programmed for a standard not an automatic I Tried to contact FS1 and the run around began. I sent emails that I never had a response to. I then called the company which was a complete nightmare. If you can get a hold of anyone at all it takes 30 minutes or more and then the person you get is from some call center and has no idea about your account. Flagship One Inc tell you they will contact your account manager and they will contact you back with a resolution. That never happened. After 2 failed attempts on the phone I tried the live chat feature on their site. Same thing I was told the account manager would resolve the issue and I even chatted with someone that said she was my account manager and still no RMA no offer of refund or replacement. Do yourself a favor and order from someone else. This company has the worst customer service I have ever received and months after ordering my ECM my truck still does not run right and they have not even attempted to correct their error.

Horrible Experience
The item I purchased was not needed, so I decided to return it to get a refund. I was told I would get my money back after Flagship One Inc checked out tye return item. It took over 3 weeks to get returned because the account manager was taking his time in sending return label. Once I received it I shipped back the item on August 20,2020, via UPS. They received it on August 28,2020? I don't know why it took 8 days when we're in the same state. I never heard from anyone. On October 19,2020, I called about my refund and I was told the item had not beem checked yet to call back the next day. I asked to speak to the account manager and placed on hold for a while only for the call center woman to tell me he is not available to call back Thursday. First it was to call back on the next day then it was Thursday. I I checked my account and a credit for 83.91, not 194.89. I called back today 10/23/2020 and after blowing a gasket the call center says that they charge restocking and programming fees. I was not informed of this. These fees cost 110.98! If I had known this I would have kept the item! Total rip off.

Really wish I had read the reviews BEFORE being cheated order number 100097693
Really wish I had done more homework. FS1 has a cool website and online store and the ease of ordering made me think this would be a smooth transaction. It has been anything but. I received a product that has been tested by multiple mechanics (at no small expense) and proven to be BAD. It happens. So I called and was immediately told that basically, Flagship One Inc don't make mistakes. However, if I wanted to return the part, they would test it before telling me I am wrong. I was shocked at the attitude, but did as instructed, and... crickets. I sent follow up email. I tried chatting. I have never experienced such lackadaisical response to a client that simply wants to spend their hard-earned money to buy a need part for an inoperable vehicle they need to function. I suggest buying from ANYWHERE else. I would buy from a guy with a sign on the side of the road faster next time. I may as well have, because I am getting similar results. I am now searching for a new source to buy the part, hopefully one that works... and believe me, I will be checking the reviews better. I am assuming I can kiss my money goodbye, even if I do get response, it will be too late. This has been almost a month long process at this point. VERY frustrated and disappointed and worse, now am out a vehicle even longer than planned because I have been waiting on a response. DO NOT BUY THE PART HERE. TRUST THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. I HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN BY WARNING YOU. I WISH I HAD LISTENED.


Warranty Exchange
I purchased a pcm for my charger and it stopped working had to send it back in for a warranty exchange, with their shipping label ups lost the computer took nine days to be found and i was told by flagship one that Flagship One Inc could not replace mine if ups didnt deliver but were unwilling to do the legwork of filing a claim or lost package claim, finally it came its been there since the 6th of October as of today which is the 16th: Ive still not received a resolution. Hence the three to five day turn around time is complete BOGUS. I have called for the last 9 business days to be hung up on multi times a day when asking to speak to whomever my account managers boss was. Never will I ever again if im lucky to get my replacement for a $400.00 pcm buy from this website. Their customer service is the worst ever, my computer maybe lasted two years and Ive been giving the run around for three weeks now. By all means if you enjoy having to call every single day multiple times order their parts

Would give 0 stars if possible
Ordered PCM from Flagship one after seeing their videos online after my PCM went out. Seemed like a great deal and easy enough to plug and play. Unfortunately neither was the truth. The PCM never worked after 1st receiving one not programmed properly, paying to send it back to FS1, just to receive the same PCM back, with still the wrong VIN. Do not waste your money! Even if you have to go to a stealership, at least you know it will be done properly. This place is a rip off. I had to call a locksmith which cost me $200 as FS1 said everything was properly done on their end and I needed a locksmith to be able to use the PCM Flagship One Inc had sent. The locksmith said he could do nothing with it because VIN was never changed. Then the mechanic looked at the PCM and noticed that all of the securities were taken out of the PCM like the unit was a stolen unit, but the VIN was never changed. 2 months of fighting with FS1 to have my car at a stealership now, costing me more than if I would have done it in the first place. Flagship needs to be removed from business.

Quick, Fast, Problem SOLVED! GREAT Company!
This review for FLAGSHIP ONE INC., needs to begin with accolades to another company,, who quickly determined that my On Board Computer was "TOAST" and had done that basically for free. I will give this company a separate review, as Flagship One Inc too, Deserve credit for getting me to Flagship One, Inc.

My 2000 Dodge Stratus, purchased recently as a used car with low mileage, was acting up horribly. With some help form internet forums, I quickly determined that given the symptoms of what this car was doing, I became very suspect of the On Board Computer.
I sent it out the first company, G7, to be repaired. As per this companies policy, if they are unable to fix the computer, they return it to you free of charge, and that happened because G7 determined that my computer could not be repaired. SO, they basically told me for FREE that the computer was indeed a bad device and needed replaced. They did return the computer to me for free and refunded my initial (VERY REASONABLE) repair amount IN FULL.

But now I needed to get a new or rebuilt computer for my Saturn. The first time out on the internet, it looked like this was going to be costly (A new computer or similar rebuild sites showed me the cost of doing the repair would be very expensive. 7 to 9 hundred dollars!) After doing some diligent searches, I stumbled upon FLAGSHIP. So I read and understood that FLAGSHIP ONE sold rebuilt On Board Computers at very reasonable prices. I called the company as I was on the website to get clarity for what I needed, and was helped immediately and found what I needed. In filling out the form, it asked for my Vehicle ID Number (VIN) to be included. Within that very day, I heard back from these fine people telling me that even though the numbers on my Computer matched the one I ordered, they recommended a different computer. (for the same price.) They would send me either. I realized that since this was a used car, I decided to go with their recommendations because I was not sure the computer now in the car was the original part.

Within a few days, I had the part. I installed it, and after re-setting the "passive" security in the car which was locking me out from starting, due to me disconnecting the battery (I found those instructions for free on the internet) Everything is working fine!

So, in my case, I spent a mere $150.00 to solve a MAJOR problem with a good car.

I Highly recommend this company that delivers what they say.

I took it out and sent it out for repair to

Bad service
I will never trust flagship one again.
I ordered a ecu for 94 Lexus es300 for $243.00 on April 15 2020 so l'm thinking l
Should receive my part no later six days
According to web site no I get a call from
Flagship one on Thursday April 22nd telling me the $243.00 ecu
Parts number won't program to my vin the
One that will is an additional $97.00.
I know some are going to read this and
Think idiot no l have mid yaer car l have to
Order some parts by vin
So we do the transaction over the phone
Instead of charging me $97.00 Flagship One Inc charge
Me $85.00 and tells me I wil receive my part on
Monday April 27 2020 and scenes me a e mail of $85 receipt.
Monday April 27th come around no e mail no part I call them I'm on hold about an hour I give them my info they tell me management is not in they will call me back first thing in the morning Tuesday 28th no call back so I call them I'm on hold about a half hour they answered give my info they put me on hold about an hour until call ended I call back on hold about half hour same person answer I give my info puts me on hold again I hang up I wait about a half hour I call back I'm on hold I hang up wait anther half hour I call back on hold about 15 minutes a different person answer I give my info this person tells me he will give my info to management they will call me in the morning.
April 29th waiting for call that never comes
I nothing at this point I feel like a idiot I have to take a day from it.
I call back on Thursday April 30th on hold about 10 minutes someone answer I give info put hold about 30 minutes until Alexander or Alexandria extension 166 I
Give my name he pulls up the account information.He tells me info is there my part is in programming he will put it on over night mailing Friday May first 2020 I will receive Saturday May 2nd I called today May 2nd to have my funds put back on my acount they said I can't anything until Monday. So know matter what happens from here. I just hope I get money back not just my money but my daughters to.
This is a shame to skew over an old man who's been through four heart attacks and a stroke and a young lady with 3 young babes

Misrepresentation of product
I purchased an ECM from Flagship 1. I had it installed and it wasn't working. Their site says "may need additional programming from dealership". Okay, so I have my car towed to the local dealer service center who tells me the ECM i just purchased is bad, their equipment can't even communicate with the ECM to do anything and I need to send it back. Flagship1 tells me they will reprogram it again and so I send it in and wait. It comes back and this time I let the dealership install it and again nothing. They still are unable to communicate, nothing happens not even a check engine light. I may as well have hooked up a 2x4 or a rock, I try contacting them again and this time they were indignant, saying that they test them before they ship however I seriously doubt that since my blown ECM gave at least a check engine while theirs gave zilch. At this point I emailed saying I just want my money refunded, and that I would send them the part back and they never responded. $285.00 and I got nothing except essentially stolen from. They dont stand behind their products, they dont care if their parts dont work just about their money. They are intenionally defrauding their customers and i dont know why they are getting away with it. They are engaging in fraudulent misrepresentation of product, I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the BBB and who ever else I can to file a report against these criminals.

No integrity when their warranty was on the line
I would run from this company. I purchased a ECM from them 07/2019. Flagship One Inc were my "best friends" when I was giving them $$. Fast forward 11 months to 06/20: my ECM was shutting down in the Oklahoma heat. I mailed it to them ( per their form, it says in bold red, to send it) and confirmed they received it. Three weeks later... nothing had been done... nothing. I pleaded with them that uber/ Lyft was too expensive. They rushed it back at that point, but still shut down in the July heat. The very first day, it shut down. They would not work with me... recall, they were my best friend, when money was on the table, but when integrity was the issue, THEY WOULD NOT RESPOND, THEY WOULD NOT TAKE MY CALL, OR EMAIL.

I'll suggest this, this company would not get a 1 star out of 10 from me. Why? Integrity is everything. When one has to use some of the " sawbucks you gave them" in order to back up their own written warranty, but elects to totally ignore you... run, find a different company

BUYERS BEWARE! NEGATIVE STARS! Ordered a module middle of June, was told it's be a brand new module and everything. Got it 2 weeks later. Open the BEAT UP BOX, dirty as can be, blown fuses, literally looked like it was JUST pulled out of the JUNK YARD. Called them up, HORRIBLE SERVICE, on hold for 20 mins. Finally get a "manager" named Kat H. If you get her BEWARE! She does not help, she talks over you, hangs up on you, very rude! Flagship One Inc told me they'd send out another unit for me, promised it was NEW, WORKED, EVERYTHING. Ordered this 2nd one the DAY I got the 1st bad one June 28th. Promised I'd have it by July 2nd or 3rd. Guess what! NO UNIT. I FINALLY get someone to answer the phone after calling and being on hold ALL DAY, NO JOKE. They tell me it'll be Saturday the 6th. They can't help the holiday is here for 4th of July. But they should have known that when they told me when I was "promised" to get it. But Saturday the 6th comes, NO UNIT! I don't get a hold of anyone until MONDAY. They tell me I'll get it tomorrow, Tuesday... NOTHING. I call Tuesday they promise Thursday and I find out THE TRACKING NUMBER they sent me was WRONG! I finally get this "new unit" on Thursday. Guess what, LOOKS THE SAME AS THE FIRST! BLOWN FUSES, DIRTY. Horrible! I call to tell them just to give me a full refund (also a confirmation of refund) and a return label to send this back to them. They send me a label. No confirmation email though. I send the first unit anyway. Monday comes. I RANDOMLY have a 3RD UNIT! I did not ask for another one! Since this last Thursday I've been waiting "until the end of day" to get the 2nd label and still confirmation email. Talked to Kat today TOOK HER 30 SECONDS to email a return label (of course she sent me a label to MAIL IT BACK TO MYSELF! Not to them, real smart!) I email her she fixes it 2 hours later. And still at this every moment she still can't comprehend I Need TWO RETURN LABELS. For the 2nd one I got, then the Random one they sent (which somehow got here within 2? Business days, when supposedly it takes 3 days to program!) I have to wait until tomorrow 7. 18. 19 to talk to Kat's "supervisor" Natasha. But guaranteed she won't be in tomorrow, or will be in a 12 hours meeting like she was this last Mon & Tues, & wasn't there today. We'll see how this goes...

Beyond horrible experience
If I could give a negative number I would. With this company the scale should be set from -10 to 0. Let me put some numbers to it. From beginning to end the total process was on the greater side of 6 months. I spoke with at least 20 different customer service representatives while having to make over 40 calls. I had 3 different account managers who were "in charge" of my account, 1 of which I never was able to reach and the other 2 I spoke with 1 time each. It was not for a lack of communication on my part. In fact, besides the 2 times I spoke with an account manager I was told that an account manager was not available. I tried responding through email as well and no surprise I did not receive any response. The only email I received was a return form and an email about my part that I sent back. The return form turns out to be a (because I signed it now I have no rights form) point of emphasis amongst your managers. The problem with this was this was back in October! I have been trying to communicate with them Flagship One Inc have not been trying to communicate with me, this makes the whole company look like a scam. Yall just took money from me and literally don't care about anything else not about me, my part, my experience, your operations, your communications, and accountability of your managers. The only good thing about all of this was the politeness of your CSR. The majority of this group was god and yet I experienced a handful that actually hung up on me. Before every call there is a message of the call being recorded. I invite you to listen to ALL 40 + and grade yourself.

Jerry Moore ECM
I looked at the reviews for Flagship One and Flagship One Inc had the best out of other places. This experience has been a nightmare. The ECU was supposed to be programmed within 3 business days and sent out the day it is programmed. They said it would be up to 5 business days sent USPS. My account manager is Jenniffer and I've called and left messages with no response. I was told last week it was shipped and when I asked for tracking number I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then she come back on and said I'll let you speak to a manager. It went straight to voicemail. I ordered the ECM on June 23rd and I still can't get anyone to help me. I've been without a vehicle since then. I waited on hold for 20 minutes today just so I could be told my account manager (Jennifer) would have to help me. The money for the ECM was taken out of my account the next day and I still don't have my part 21 days later. Is this even a real company? I will never waste my time dealing with this company again. The reviews on line must have been put up by the company. 0 Stars for me

2012 Toyota Tundra ecm Billy b
Flagship One Inc are $#*! orders ecm first one was junk so I filled out there papers to talk to tech support they never called me then they flagged my phone number and it just would hang up on me so I got customer in involved.and thretiindto get them with fraud so conveniently tech support told them to have me send it back we did sent it fast shipping not cheap to send and payed to have them over night it back in a day they did installed ecm and what do you no same $#*!ty ecm all kinds of cam codes stored in permanent codes they did nothing to fix the problem I will never ever buy anything from them again and if I was any body else don't buy any thing from these clowns they will rip you off you are better of to go buy one out of the junk yard you would have better luck I would give them a zero star and it sure would be nice if they could speak English so you could understand them that sucks I have to give any kind of star on the $#*! and crappy service total waste of my time and my customer time I fill bad for my customer because of these ass holes

Worst Customer Service EVER!
Just hung up with Flagship One. First off, I ordered my part on 8/7 and was told it would arrive in 1-6 biz days. Just received it yesterday(8/20)! I inadvertently ordered the wrong part and thought that like most businesses, Flagship One Inc would just exchange it for the correct one because I actually saw the piece I needed on their site. RIGHT! The account manager was SO rude and nonchalant as she proceeded to tell me not only do we not have the part you need, but once we deduct our 20% restocking fee & our $85 programming fee, the grand total of your refund will be... a whopping $4.99! As I try my best to calm down, I will just say, PLEASE do not deal with this company. I understand policy but I also understand that good business practice sometimes involves making an accommodation for your customer in order to get repeat business and the business of future customers who might be reading this review! Once again, Stay Away!

Terrible return process, unacceptable customer service,
ECM Product failed after 3 months, left me stranded, car had to be towed ($100), car was completely unresponsive... claim 24-48 hour response to get "approval" to return faulty product, first you must fill out an authorization form, then its sent to get approval from a supervisor for final approval to get return shipping label IF Flagship One Inc deem your reason for return is valid? Well got form within 48 hrs., filled it out, e-signed it, was sent. As of this review 7 days later STILL waiting for approval to return. Call and site chatted with customer service asking where and why was this taking so long to get shipping label to return. EVERY single response was a run around claiming an "account Manager" will get back to me, NEVER HAPPENS and i contact them DAILY concerning my issue. I have no car due to their product failure, ask them concerning covering tow bill due to THEIR product failing was basically told TOO BAD they dont cover that, as of this review still no actions or response by company, when getting customer service by phone, your told your going to be forwarded to "account Manager" then you are placed on hold till either you get tired of waiting for over an hour or their phone just hangs up. SO MAD that this company DONT CARE if their product has an issue, dont care if you got stranded, wont cover tow bill due to their product failure. Best part is if you request refund they charge you a 20%! Restocking fee and an $85 programming fee due to programming it to your vin! So if your ecm cost say $200 minus (20%).$40 restocking fee and $85 for programming fee, they still get $125 for a faulty ecm THAT THEY SOLD! And you CANNOT get refund after 30 days! You can ONLY get store credit or replacement unit! WHY would i want store credit or replacement to have a possible faulty product, get stranded, no tow bill coverage, and absolutely the MOST TERRIBLE customer service ive ever experienced? THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT... BEWARE! You have been warned!

Do not buy from this people
I WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE THIS PLACE ONE STAR but I had to in order to give a review. I placed an order at the beginning of July after the representative on the phone assured me that was the part that I was looking for to later find out the part was incorrect. The shipment took over 3 weeks to get to me and when I realized the part was wrong I immediately called them to order the correct part and return the one I got. It's September now, and I have yet to receive a shipping label. I have provided customer service with various emails as well as phone numbers to be reached at. I have called numerous times and spoken to the customer service reps who assured me an account manager will be getting back to me but I still have not received a callback or the return shipping label. I am blown away by the lack of seriousness from this company to do business. I feel ripped off and discarded as a customer and consumer. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else shopping at this establishment.

A bunch of liars and crooks
Ordered a part for my truck on 8/24/19. Website showed shipping in 1-3 days, invoice said shipping in 1-6 days. Received warranty paperwork on 8/25/19. Called on 8/30/19 for update was on hold 16 minutes before it went to voicemail saying all operators were busy and to leave a message. I left a message. By noon on 8/30/19 I hadn't heard from anyone so I called back after another 16 minute hold the phone was answered by Kevin E. Senior account manager who told me my part was in final testing and would be shipping that afternoon and emailed me the tracking number ar 12:32pm. I went to the USPS tracking website to verify the tracking number and it showed that the shipping label was created on 8/30/19@ 4:30pm. I thought that was weird since it wasn't that time yet but I went with it. So I kept checking the tracking and it never was updated. The FS1 web states that customer service is available 24/7 so I started calling only to find out that customer service is available only Monday-friday 8-5. I left messages, sent emails to no avail. Finally on 9/4/19 after 3 more phone calls with 16 minutes on hold I got someone on the phone only to be transferred to another line and have voicemail again, so I left another message. That night I received an email from Jon A saying that my order had shipped and to allow 24-48 hours for the tracking number to update as Flagship One Inc ship on a manifest. Well I checked the tracking number again on 9/6/19 and it still had not been received at the USPS facility so I called again 3 times and after 3 more 16 minutes hold I got a person who again transferred me to voicemail, I called back again got the same 16 minute hold then someone answered and said "I just transferred you" I told them that's right and that someone picked up put me back on hold without saying anything 2 times then hung up, so she sent me through again to voicemail. I left another message. I received an email back on 9/8/19 from Jon A saying they had my order logged as shipped but the tracking should not take that long to update so he would get with the shipping manager on Monday and find out what happened. Well in the meantime I found Flagship one on Facebook and learned that they have a instant chat site so I started a chat and got someone on the line within 2 minutes. I explained my problem and Stephanie who was chatting with me said she pulled up my account and that the part had been finalized and would be shipping that day or the next. Keep in mind that was what Jon A said a week prior. On 9/10/19@ 2:21am I finally received notification from USPS that they had received my package and scheduled delivery is Friday 9/13/19 by 8pm. What happened to the 1-6 days? It's been 3 weeks, I'm very dissatisfied with this company.

I was looking for a computer for one of my customers and I found Flagship 1 through Google, it sounded great plug and play I really didn't care about the lifetime warranty, Flagship One Inc took my money over the phone right away but I didn't receive the part for at least one month later everytime I called them it was a different story I finally received the part plugged it in and didn't work I was praying that this would've not happened because I knew that it was going to be a even worst nightmare to try and send this back, so it started they were not getting back to me and when I called they have call display and they would put me on hold so I blocked my number and they picked up and just could not get anywhere with them, I could go on and on, anyway I shipped the part back at MY expense and that took 10 days for them to finally email me and tell me that they received the part after me calling them telling them I the tracking told me that the part was accepted by someone at Flagship 1, I have been emailing them asking them to get back to me and tell me what they are going to do about it it's been about 10 days and they still won't take my calls or reply back to my emails, they took $399.00 plus $65.00 for shipping and will not refund or get back to me...

Broken processes and misinformation
12-16-21 Called and ordered ECM for 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Turbo Diesel. Was informed item was in stock and ready for programming. Was told the unit would be programmed, tested, and shipped by 12-24.

12-19-21 Received notice from UPS Overnight for a scheduled delivery 12-20-21. Pleasant surprise that was unexpected and clearly too good to be true. Received an updated notice from UPS Overnight delivery on 12-23 identifying a shipping update forthcoming. Nothing further from UPS.

12-21-21 Received email from Geraldine G. "We are sorry you did not receive your order as promptly as you expected and may arrive a few days later than initially estimated at the time of your order. We experienced a vast number of orders, which disrupted our unit processing (programming and testing) and regular delivery schedule. To serve you better and faster, we are busily expanding our staff. To make up for the delay, we will be expediting this order for you. As soon as the unit completes the final stages of programming and testing, we will be shipping it to your address through USPS priority mail." IMPORTANT NOTE: I paid $85 for overnight shipping. So, I replied to Geraldine asking why the email update received and her email identified USPS 3-4 day priority delivery. Response - "Thank you for reaching out to us. We've looked up your order in our system and it shows that the unit is still in our programming and testing department, but rest assured once it is shipped it will be shipped overnight. I will notify you of the progress of your order and provide the tracking information to you as soon as your unit is ready for shipment."

12-23-21 Received yet another automated status email from FS1 indicating that the unit process was "order placed" despite email from Geraldine indicating FS1 would be "expediting" my order. Their own internal systems identify that the unit had not even begun its journey through Processing, Programming, Quality Control to reach the final stage Shipped. Lied to again, as the unit was not even recognized in their internal systems as reaching the second phase of the process "Processing."

12-27-21 Call into the FS1 to understand real status. Rather than talking with one of the front line customer service agents (feel really sorry for these folks) I requested to speak with a supervisor. Waited 1 hour 6 minutes during which the front line customer service rep tried repeatedly to get me off of the phone indicating that the supervisor was not available. Having been a participant in the rodeo called life for 52 years, I indicated that I would hold and wait for the supervisor. At 1 hour 6 minutes the call went dead.

So, I called back and again tried to get into the queue to speak with a supervisor or anyone with any authority to get my order status, express my extreme displeasure (professionally), and request that Flagship One Inc get the unit finished today and shipped out by tomorrow 12-28-21 which would be the max time to deliver they themselves identify. The rep I was able to reach identified that the unit would not be ready for shipment by 12-28-21.

To someone's credit I did receive a return call twice, but it was fuzzy and garbled so no communication.

Undeterred, I called back and learned from a new front line customer service agent that the supervisor had tried to call me and his/her phone was not working well and she would return my call by end of day (5pm). I informed the customer service rep that I needed to hear by 5pm as promised or I would file a fraud claim with my credit card company; I always try to be fair and transparent, but enough is enough. 5pm came and went and I filed said fraud claim with my credit card company.

I am done with FS1 and I caution anyone considering using them for any product or service. When a systematic failure of processes plagues a company and its own people can't effectively identify what is going on it is time to run away fast. If the CEO, Mr. Sean Krentzman, is listening... you have some work to do and some investments to make.

FS1's investment in people, processes, and tools is poor. While the people on the customer service line were very polite and professional, they can't do a good job when the internal processes and tools and the company overall are broken and appears to be poorly run. When one side of a company isn't coordinated with the other, this is what happens. I live, eat, and breathe process/tools and people investments professionally and FS1 is a broken machine that doesn't deserve business when there are other reputable companies that provide similar services/products... also with a lifetime warranty.

TRUST is the fundamental cornerstone of every business. When a company cannot execute properly to inform customers and deliver upon its promises it doesn't deserve the opportunity to serve.

No stars review!

Good, quality product; long wait to receive it.
I ordered an engine computer for my 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser from FS1 and when the order was taking awhile to fulfill even after receiving the tracking number I became worried after reading all the negative reviews. Messaging their customer service reps really helped ease the stress and Flagship One Inc kept me well informed. They are not working at full capacity with covid19 restrictions in place so it has slowed down their capabilities of getting your purchases out to you in a timely manner (mine took about 3 weeks from time of purchase) but I was able to receive my engine computer and my car works perfectly now. I gave 5 stars to help cancel out some of the negative reviews as many people who have had good experiences do not think or bother to rate whereas you are more inclined to rate a negative experience, otherwise I would have rated 4. My only negative comment is I wish they would have been more upfront about how long the item would take to ship out.

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