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Sent me a defective part. Cost me out of pocket to ship it back.
I purchased an iPad mini screen for $127. The part arrived without the adhesive strips necessary to but the screen back together. Once the sent that separately I was able to install the screen properly to discover the touch screen did not work properly. This cost an extra $13.75 to ship back, roughly 12% of the original cost of the defective part. Customer service is extremely hard to get a hold of. Not sure how difficult the process is going to be. As of now the part had been delivered back to them.
Also, do not trust the reviews on their website. I left a product review and it does not post if it is one or two stars. You also get a 'warning' asking if you meant to rate the product so low.

Poor Quality & Bad customer support
Ordered a replacement screen kit for my Samsung S10+ (300$) along with the installation kit Fixez recommend getting.

So the kit does not include all you need to do the job, so I had to order more parts in order to get to work. I could/should have done a deep dive into what the kit included and how much of that was necessary but, I guess I assumed that if this was the kit that was recommended specifically for the screen replacement I was buying, that it would include all I needed (since every replacement screen I have ever bought always included everything needed for the job).

So once I got all I needed, I proceeded to remove my damaged screen (which was chipped and causing the odd freak out but was otherwise working) and installed the new one.

I have done many replacements of this type before so it was not new territory for me. When removing the old screen, because of the way it was cracked, it basically fell to pieces. The frame and the adhesive was holding together somewhat so once I pried it off, it fell to bits.

Installed the new one easily, (removing the old one is the "hard'" part) and booted up the phone.

The new screen looks good at first but then, started flickering, glitching and refreshing randomly for no reason.

I called in for support and they asked me for a screen shot from the phone to show them the glitching I am talking about.

Think about that for a min...

A screenshot, from the phone itself, to capture what's being displayed on the screen that is buggy...

Anyways, I offered to send a video instead but they "'don't support videos", which leads me to think they must be running their support offices from a cave somewhere, running dial-up.

After putting me on hold numerous times, finally they sent me an RMA form to return the screen. SO I NEEDED TO REMOVE THE SCREEN AND IT IN.

Meaning, I would be without my phone for weeks until they process the return.

Only, their return policy states that items need to be free of any adhesive and be in their original packaging in order to qualify.

Since it is impossible to test and install a new screen without removing the package or getting it in contact with adhesive, I fail to see how this is not a scam.

They've ignored my pleas and just keep reading the policy back to me.

Seek out alternatives, as much as possible; these guys are crooks.

Tracking Number Never Sent: Lost Package or Stolen Package
Fixez never sent a tracking number until I emailed them about it and when they did respond; The package was delivered 9 days ago and not in my possession. So it was either stolen or lost and when I told them about it, they didn't seem to apologize or seem to even care. I ordered another package and asked them to send me tracking number ASAP so this wouldn't happen. I don't recommend buying from them, take your business somewhere else where they care about their customers.

Received wrong item.
I ordered the stylus for my phone. I received a stylus for an older model. Didn't fit. Contacted customer service. With picture of the one I received and What I needed side by side. Fixez requested the model of phone stylo 2. I sent it. They sent return auth, and told me they didn't sell the stylus I needed. If that would have been written on their description and if the model number they wanted, because, the actual model of the phone is VS835, I would have put stylo 2 on the original order instead. Now I have to eat the shipping both ways to get a 7 dollar refund. That's not fair. And, I have to go to Amazon now and order the one I need. Make sure you research the part carefully, and I would find another source if I were you.

Poor customer service.
The tracking info provided stated my order had been delivered, but I never received it.

After waiting 2 days to see if it would show up (thinking delays with the holiday season perhaps) I finally emailed their support inquiring about it and what my options are. Their response was along the lines of sorry, the tracking # shows it was delivered two days ago. Please contact the shipping company regarding your lost order.

The package did eventually show up a few days later in my mailbox, but the lack of caring on Fixez part and not any attempt to help a customer resolve an issue with the carrier Fixez selected as their business partner has encouraged me to not do any future business with them.

Returns have to not have adhesive on them even if they don't work after installed.
I will never use or recommend your company again for anything. I tried several different ways to clean the screen from the adhesive you sent that was not even the right product for the application
Because you said it could not have adhesive on it in order to return the defective part. I installed it according to the recommended method and it did not work, I asked how to clean it you said you had no advice to give. So the last time I tried to clean it the screen it shattered I then threw it in the trash thus losing over $200 and I will highly recommend against you on all reviews due to your handling of this matter. I have ordered and replaced and sometimes returned many screens for many different applications over the years.
You are by far the most difficult and unworkable company in regards to returns and have cost me considerable money and time for a favor I was doing for a non-profit company.
Please remove me from you e-mail listing.

Sincerely, your disgruntled customer,

Wrong part sent
I purchased a part for my Pixel phone that was listed on their website as compatible with my specific phone model. When I tried to install the part, I realized it was not the correct part. The part would not fit at all (it was close, but a distinctly different configuration than the original part). After too many emails exchanged with customer support, Fixez finally offered to take back the item - but only if it was brand new condition. Well, I had tried to install the part, assuming that their website information was correct, and in doing so, I used the adhesive backing, so the part was no longer new. I will find a more reputable and trustworthy source for my parts from now on. Overall this was a waste of time and money.

Buyer be ware of Return Policy
Will NEVER buy from again nor would I recommend! Bought a replacement screen for my apple watch 3 series 38mm. Screen never worked, it was clearly defective. I emailed company told them the situation and returned the screen hoping for at the least an exchange for a different screen. Nope! I was flat out told that the screen was somehow damaged with no further details and I would not be getting a refund nor an exchange. What BS for a 100 dollar part! Return policy is bogus! Completely wasted my money! Be prepared to lose money if you buy from them and your part doesn't work.

Nice but not smooth
I'm not a big expert in hardware and computers, but I had slight issues while communicating with the customer support here. I needed to choose a graphics card for my bro as a present for his birthday. Me and agent failed to understand each other at first. Don't know, maybe it was a first-day guy or something, because the rest of the service was just excellent. No problem with a delivery or a part's quality. Thanks, my younger brother is happy playing new games with his top 1660Ti GPU.

Beware of this Company
This company might be great, but good luck if you get a faulty/damaged item. My first, and last time, I used them I received an iPad screen replacement with a faulty digitizer. Although the item was received from them faulty, I am responsible for shipping costs back to them? I will never use this site again and I warn anyone looking at buying from them. When you have to pay $30+ to send a faulty item back to them for an exchange, their prices are no longer competitive.

Customer Service
I had to return an iPhone 7 Plus screen because to screen/ LCD was not turning on when I fixed my clients phone. Not only did I have to go through the embarrassment of not being able to fix my clients phone, I was not able to receive an exchange from fixez nor a refund! I had to send the damage screen back to Fixez just for them to deem the screen as "not acceptable for an exchange." And when emailing the support team I have yet to hear a response from the team regarding my existing funds. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO ORDER FROM HERE. Yes the screens are okay but the customer service? By FAR the WORST I ever experienced.

Received so quickly
LCD screen arrived very quick. First time replacing on iPHON 6 didn't take me too long to replace it. Take some extra caution with flex cables and no problem at all. I was able to transfer button front camera and other parts from the old screen without a problem. You really need good screwdriver especially when removing two screws on the bottom beside charging port check on eBay you will find the kit for $ 6-10. Screen work fine and looks very good quality now let's see how long it will last. I have experience with iPad aftermarket touch screens Fixez only last 3 months and after that thinks start opening on its own without touching the screen. I highly recommend buying this screen for your phone.

Sold the cheapest ipad mini digitizer available at the cost of a premium part
Fixez sold me the cheapest iPad mini digitizer available at the cost of a premium part. The adhesive didn't stick(this isn't my 1 st iPad mini repair) and the home button had a mind of it's own. For $20 i shouldn't have mask off parts and replace the adhesive. Nobody wants an imposter home button and it doesn't even sit right? 2 day shipping took 4 days. Their return process / requirements are absurd.
I'm afraid to put the iPhone 11 screen I bought from them on a customers phone after the digitizer experience.
Then comes the customer service... They wont return my call and repeatedly want the package to be damaged. Gave me a rma number and expect me to pay $5-10 to return the $20 part for store credit most likely but I may never know since they haven't called back or replied o the last message. I certainly don't want a replacement. My advise, especially if you are not a pro is to buy from somewhere else unless they are the only part out there!

The worst customer service
I ordered a new screen for my iPad it came to me not working right so I called them. Fixez want to pictures of the packing box and packing slip and everything else to show the damage. Then I paid to ship it back to get it replaced. They said it was damaged so they threw it out without even telling me. So I couldn't put a claim in to the shipping company, which they should've known better since they asked me for all that information in the first place. So in total amount about $300 dollars because they would replace a part that was not right, I did not save any of the packing materials to show me That it was actually damaged. I personally think they just didn't want to do anything for me. This is the worst customer service I have ever received from a company

Scam to get shipping fees
Ordered parts for a phone. Was quickly supplied with a FedEx tracking number that showed the package was recieved in Henderson Nevada. No update for almost 3 weeks.
Contacted the seller to find out what was going on.
Fixez immediated refunded partial payment keeping the shipping cost. Their claim was the shipper could not deliver to my PayPal supplied verified address and had returned the shipment to them. 3 weeks and they never reached out there was a problem and was quick to cancel the order keeping the un earned shipping costs only after I inquired about the order.

2 days shipping turns to 4 days
I order night of 19, Fixez won't pack and have fedex pickup until next day after 5pm, then show delivery schedule at 25@/before 8pm, 2 days shipping was paid as option of shipping choice. Nope, this is not fair at all. If I know they ill ship out everything after 5pm next business day then I will wait for next day before 5pm so I can get it ship out same day, but I don't think they understand why we purchase a day before with 2 days shipping option, it's not fair that I can ship out any days they want and then tell me "oh yes it's 2 days shipping" but let me take couple days to pack... DO NOT pay for rush shipping because it doesn't mean anything to them or simply wait until before 5pm to order it... Unbelievable, I wish I can give 0 star

Good and Bad
Fixez are good in the sense that there are many options for good prices. Bad in their customer service and I'm not convinced of the quality. I bought what they claimed was the "premium" aftermarket screen. It worked but when I went to close the phone, the ribbon cables broke. Not torn, broke. Maybe it's me but when I reinstalled my broken screen the same way, the ribbon cables were fine. I had to order another one because they did not want to help at all. So now I spent the same amount as an OEM product and hope the second one works.

Rip of site to buy
I bought sanitizer box with wireless charger built in
I pay $36 with shipping fee. I tested when I received it wasn't working, wireless charging keep beeping (charging and disconnecting sound)
Now sanitizer box when you press sanitation bottom sound comes sanitizing something but after second back to step one try few time no luck so
I contacted fixez same day I received the delivery
Fixez issued return (not the return shipping label)
So I try to return from FL to LA coast me $14 to return postage I asked for return postage they say I have to pay for return
After one week when they received the returns they issued only $26 something, even it was their fault and defective product they gave me only $26
Are you kidding me fixez?
I ask why I'm getting only this much I pay $36 they said shipping charges not returnable, so
I lose $24 total ($10 shipping from there side and $14 when I shipped back to them)
This is not fist time now have decided never ever trust those Chinese people who sell fake and defective products
$#*! you fixes

Buyer Beware
Purchased a replacement screen for my smart watch. Website stated it was compatible with my device. It was not, after installing watch would not charge or turn on. Got RMA and returned the item. After receiving the item back stated Fixez would not issue a refund because the item they received is not theirs. It is the only replacement screen I ordered and returned the exact item back. After doing further research this is the same tactic they have used on other customers.

Poor quality, and does not honor their quality and return policy
This company claims a strong quality and refund policy, but these are both fraudulent, as Fixez do NOT honor them.

In my case: I purchased an LCD screen in July 7,2021 for $86.19. I succesfully installed the screen, and it worked fine for 4 days. (Yet the company claims I damaged it in handling). Then, after 4 days, a purple spot appeared on the screen, and the spot continued growing ever after, so I ordered another screen from (since this was my only phone) to replace it with.

Again, installation was successful. But again, after a few days, many purple spots appeared (much more than the first screen). At this point, I lost faith in their quality, and ordered a third screen from a different supplier. That screen has been working perfectly for about a month now, so obviously I know how to install screens without damaging them. And obviously the quality is much better than the 2 screen I bought from

Fixez refused a refund based on false claims of damage upon installation. They never sent any evidence of such. Unless you have money to throw away on defective products, I strongly advise against

BUYERS - DON'T DO IT TO SAVE A BUCK... IT WILL COST MUCH MORE IN THE LONG RUN - I bought a screen to replace the broken one on my iPhone 6S Plus. I followed the directions perfectly for the install. The last connection was the batter and then when I plugged in the battery and powered up the phone smoke started coming out at the connections of the new screen. I quickly unplugged the battery and screen connections. My rushing to try to avoid damage to my phone caused a small tear in the cable. Called customer support... Fixez approved the RMA to return. I notified them of the tear... even sent photos... they said to send it back. I paid to ship back, to find out the will not honor a refund. My phone is not unrepairable due to the faulty screen frying other components on my phone, I lost my money on the purchase and paid to return it for nothing. Go elsewhere. Don't buy from 1371656

Bought a screen replacement for an iPhone X for $119 but it turned out being defective.
I bought a fast 2 day delivery because I had to fastly repair my phone before my birthday. When I received my screen I was upset the way the screen's quality was. The chipset was badly glued onto the screen. Digitizer was peeling off the screen itself. I had to pay $9.20 for it to be retuned. And after Fixez received my screen, the support still can't tell me when my replacement is going to be delivered or when they are going to send me my money back. Now I have to wait an unknown time for them to solve this problem. All this time I'm going to be without my phone.

Parts were good, but instruction video misleadingly easy
The YouTube video made every step seem really easy, but most were much harder. And then, instead of replacing with a new battery with new parts, the video just put the relived battery and parts back in. This really understand how delicate many of the parts were.

Even following every step, the new battery didn't work for me and I had to buy a new phone. Perhaps I broke one of the wires.

In reality, this is not a replacement I would recommend to anyone who isn't a professional. It's a ton of steps and there are many possible places whether a mistake will brick your phone. Don't bother.

If I truly knew how difficult this would be to get right, I wouldn't have purchased.

So far so good...
I ordered 2 batteries because my wife's phone and mine both needed new batteries. Fixez arrived really fast. According to the videos I watched, my wife's phone would be the easier one since her's is a IPhone 5 and mine is a 5s. Her phone was pretty easy and worked great. It charged properly and is now holding a charge like it did when new. My phone was more difficult because it has the ribbon cable to the finger print button and the adhesive held to old battery much stronger. After installing the new battery, it would not charge. Today, I'll be returning the defective battery and we will see how that process goes.

Horrible customer service and defective part
I got the item shipped very fast, so they're true to their word about shipping your item if you order before 5pm.

Their loud speaker was a few bucks and fixed my blown one with no problem, but the back glass' adhesive was dry to the point where it was unusable. The back glass seemed like it was great quality, but it fell short on the adhesive. Maybe I got a bad one, it happens.

I would recommend, and buy again despite the short coming on the back glass. Haven't figured out what's going to happen with a possible refund, but it should be a positive outcome.

I got the item shipped very fast, so they're true to their word about shipping your item if you order before 5pm.

Their loud speaker was a few bucks and fixed my blown one with no problem, but the back glass' adhesive was dry to the point where it was unusable. The back glass seemed like it was great quality, but it fell short on the adhesive. Maybe I got a bad one, it happens.

I would recommend, and buy again despite the short coming on the back glass. Haven't figured out what's going to happen with a possible refund, but it should be a positive outcome.


After trying to get this return resolved, I'll be the one required to pay for return shipping on their defective part which is total bs.

I shouldn't have to pay for return shipping, Fixez should own up to their mistakes and cover the shipping an give me my money back. Now I'm forced to get my bank involved.

I'll never buy from this site again, and hope you don't have the problem I did.

Orderd, payed didn't receive won't refund.
Ordered on May 18 with expected delivery of May 21. Well it is now June 5 and my package is not here. Contacted customer service and Fixez said it shipped via usps and I have to track it there. Well the tracking page says it is still expected on May 21. They told me I had to contact usps to open a claim but they wouldn't let me open a claim. So I asked Fixez for a refund and they said I could get a refund only when I received the parts and sent them back!? That's insane it's been over 10 days. It was shipping from Nevada to MD via first class mail I don't think it's showing up. I want a refund. I shouldn't be the one dealing with usps they should

Lifetime warranty...
I purchased a screen for an iPhone X and installed it. All worked fine until 6 months later screen goes out. I was all excited when I visit the website and it indicates a lifetime warranty! So I got my RMA number and shipped the screen back. Cosmetically the screen was in excellent condition (it was behind tempered glass that had not been broken). I get an email stating there was a crack in the screen and Fixez couldn't exchange my screen?!?! So I asked for a picture of the damage; I'm still waiting for the picture 3 weeks later. Don't be deceived, they don't stand behind warranty!

No accountability for damaged products
Had a phone screen for a Moto G8 Power sent over that didn't turn on. Of course, I found that out after the install was completed by a certified retailer. Now Fixez won't accept it returned because it needs to be sent back in new condition, which I told them was impossible to do since it needed to be removed from my phone. So I'm stuck with a defective piece of glass and ribbon cable that I paid $50 for and no way to recoup my costs and my phone repair job just ended up costing as much as my phone.

Dont let these 5 stars reviews get to you. These are bots(Bad customer support)
Just order an item, but it was the wrong one, then i give then a call about 2 min later, and Fixez said they cant do anything about, they cant change it or they cant even replace it. Like 2 min in and they said they already shipped it, the truth is they dont wanna change it or any its just Bad customer support. I email then again and they never responded. Basically this is garbage company with bots giving then high those 5stars as you can see the product is actually pretty bad.

Worst Customer Service Ever
We are a cell phone repair shop and we started ordering parts from these guys. From what we could tell the parts were quality and priced competitive. The problem with these guys is when you get a bad part or have to return Fixez come up with excuses of why they won't credit or refund you. They also fail to respond to emails and chats online almost ignoring you. We had a Google Pixl 3A XL that we did a repair on and after 5 days the customer came back and said it had a line or bad pixel's in the display. No scratches or cracks or any sign of abuse. We then took it off as best we could and sent back as an RMA to FIXEZ. We were denied and said it was damaged and it was not. Filed a claim with the BBB even told them this was going to happen. No response. Won't order here anymore.

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