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An eye opening experience from a trustworthy service!
A connection on LinkedIn referred me to Mike at find my profession, I later found out he is the founder.
The first thing my friend asked me was if Id be willing to completely revamp my job search.
Revamp? That's an understatement, findmyprofession went beyond all expectations.
Find My Profession not only solved the problem of getting interviews, they also helped me get over some beliefs that were holding me back. I needed someone to help me figure out what was going on and to get my work regimen back on track.
Mike also opened my eyes to different interview practices, hiring practices and resume trends. He has a vast network and a couple of super friendly people working for him. (Kiara and Steven.)
My job search has been permanently changed for the better. I would recommend find my profession to anyone who asked me about it. They are offering a genuine and trustworthy service.


The interview training goes the extra mile
Find My Profession took me under their wing with their interview training service. I think what I liked most was the diversity of the team. Job markets are different and it helped to get perspectives from Mike in California and Steven in NYC.

FMP Made It Possible
Find My Profession was instrumental in my husband's recent nation-wide job search. My husband works in a highly demanding field, which means the majority of his time is spent working. This made searching for new opportunities difficult, and spending time with our family while trying to do so nearly impossible. Enter Find My Profession. My husband's time constraints required my participation in this process and FMP did a great job working with both of us. Mike and his team started with the basics by overhauling his resume and LinkedIn profile. We worked together to find the right type of opportunities and Find My Profession took over the tedious and time consuming task of filling out applications. More importantly, Mike and his team had the ability to search out the right people for my husband to connect with about potential positions. As the process progressed, Mike's counsel was incredibly helpful in screening out the best possible fit from various offers around the country. We are so excited for the new position my husband accepted and are grateful for the help and guidance of FMP in the advancement of his career. We would absolutely work with FMP again in the future and would recommend them to anyone searching for a new career opportunity.

The only service I would recommend
Worked with various recruiters and career advsiors before. FMP is the only company I would sincerely recommend. Find My Profession dont force you to create a mythical brand, attend industry events or do various other time consuming things with dubious ROI. They keep you real - they help you align your strengths and experiences with job descriptions which are the best match, focus on high probability job openings, they help you make your strengths shine and say the right things in the interviews. You can expect honest and down to earth people invested in your success, knowing the market really well and making you marketable. They also do unique stuff - e.g. really effective networking on LinkedIn around specific opportunities. Other companies I worked with were a waste of time and money - you pay a fortune to get lunacy like go to industry events or other mass gatherings of people with a leather binder and custom business cards and wonder around looking for movers and shakers... not Mike and Steven - these guys will help you find those perfect opportunities which are the closest match to your skills, liaise with the decision makers with pointed messages and secure that interview. They will take your job search to the next level if you are willing to put your effort too.

The best job finding site to ever be in the internet.
I hadnt been in an interview in over 25 years and the job market has changed so much in that time.

Find My Profession brought me up to speed on the strange types of interview tactics (at least I think Find My Profession are strange) that are being used these days to combat people like me who like to rehearse answers. Lately, I have been making it to 2nd and 3rd rounds of interviews. Thank you!

What a Scam
I paid $1295 for a package to include a resume, cover letter and linkedin profile update. Find My Profession guaranteed a resume draft in 7 days. The first resume draft I received was at the 7 day limit (came late on a Friday night no less) and the quality presented me as a college grad, not a seasoned executive - * was the writer. I am an established exec and sent them examples of cover letters, resumes, and my LinkedIn Profile content, which I have maintained over the course of my career - * had plenty to work with, yet she somehow managed to diminish it all. I was re-assigned a resume writer, *, when I requested a refund. I received a barely edited version of my existing resume... after 2+ weeks... clock still ticking. I had to follow-up with * to remind her that she needed to complete a cover letter (yet another week until delivered..."I usually only work on resumes" was her excuse) and yet another week with my prompting until * delivered a linked in profile that was no more than the exact restatement of the poor quality resume they produced. It took well over 30 days - a full month... so much for 7 days - to receive all of the deliverables... none of which are usable. Absolutely horrible experience. What a scam. $1295 down the drain - a complete waste, and the 3 jobs I had hoped to apply for using a professional tune-up were lost - postings pulled, not surprising after 30 days have passed. Look elsewhere, or dig into your updates yourself - you'll be better off.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Excellent customer service
I worked primarily with Mike. He has a ton of knowledge and expertise, very grounded, very helpful with a lot of feedback, and helps you along the whole process. Took me about 1.5-2 months to land a gig. Be patient, and you'll see opportunities pop up!

Wish I had found them sooner
The hardest thing about seeking help from companies to rewrite my resume was getting over the truth that my current resume sucked. I was more angry with the fact I paid so much for a resume writer on LinkedIn. *sigh*

Going forward, I will trust the services of find my profession. Best wishes always.

What I got wasn't worth the money
I've really paused about writing this review as I am sure * will know who I am. However, my experience with this company is far and away not what everyone else has experienced. I put in the work, filled out the questionnaire, gave them examples of what kind of job I'm interested in etc. Talked to the "resume writer" about my resume and he spent 5 minutes talking to me and that was that. A week later I get a phone call from * saying he wasn't happy with he draft and wants to work on it directly with me. Apparently his resume writer he was using was over burdened and didn't do a good job. So * said he would fix it himself.

So I work with him in two sessions and it was obvious he had no idea about my industry or how to word anything to showcase my skills/abilities. He's asking me to give him the language when I am assuming that is what he is providing the expertise in. I'm giving him the examples and he turns it into resume magic. Needless to say this resume has gone no where. I'm back to having to find another writer who won't rip me off and spend more than twenty minutes wanting to make things right.

The kicker was he didn't even offer to give me any of my money back even though he ADMITTED that this issue was his own doing. So my advice is. Be careful for what you ask for and ask * how many people he uses because I get the feeling there is more smoke than substance behind his company.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Great coaching sessions with Heather, she's been absolutely...
Great coaching sessions with Heather, she's been absolutely fantastic. She has really helped me identify much about where I am, and what I want. Careers can be tricky, and when you've invested so much into an organization, it's difficult to sort through what is best for you. She's just an overall great coach, and great person. Lindsay was also great in helping guide me through the resume writing process. I'm really looking forward to the next steps.

Results Guaranteed!
Find Your Profession goes above and beyond what you expect from a Career Coach. These experts and passionate about finding you your dream job and won't stop searching until Find My Profession find you the perfect fit. I would recommend this service to anyone who's ready to make the next big step in their career!

Career Change
The experience that I had working with Andy was excellent. I was impressed from our initial phone conversation and found his knowledge to be extremely beneficial during the writing process. Andy was very professional but even more personable and friendly. His experience truly showed throughout the entire process. I'm extremely grateful for Andy and this new opportunity.

Appreciate the service greatly
It was just dumb luck that I came across Find My Profession while tinkering with LinkedIn. My job was about to be eliminated and I hadn't interviewed for work in over a decade. My wife pushed me to try the service, actually. I am glad she was right.

Find My Profession helped me with my resume, interviews, LinkedIn profile and they didn't mind me chewing their ear off a bit about my job search woes. Great service run by knowledgeable, friendly people with big hearts.

Find My Profession are quick to take you money and not provide the service they provide, I bought the VIP Gold Package for a federal job. After the final draft I had to do some correction (Grammar), I started using and no luck applied for more than 200 positions and nothing. I reached *, Director, Executive Resume Services and I am still waiting over a month for her response and nothing they blame for the pandemic and will not issue a refund or work on my resume. I recommend you look for a different company especially if you are looking for quality service.

Shame on you Find my profession.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Exceptional Resume Writing Service and Overall Customer Satisfaction!
I had the pleasure of collaborating directly with Mike Podesto on the rewrite of my resume. Mike is highly skilled, communicates effectively, works quickly, and displays a fantastic attention to detail. If you are struggling with finding employment and/or need a true professional to revamp your resume, do yourself a favor and contact Find My Profession. You'll definitely be glad you did!

Pretty amazing!
Since I was at my last company for 10 years, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and had no idea where to start. I sent all my information to Katherine and had one 30 minute call with her. She was very professional and just really on top of her game! I am so impressed with my resume! Since my resume was so on point, I requested my LinkedIn profile to be updated as well. I would highly recommend Katherine at Find My Profession to anyone. I wish that I would have found her years ago. Thank you Katherine! The price seemed steep, but so worth it!

I am 65 and have been out of the work force for about...
I am 65 and have been out of the work force for about 5 years now, due to deaths in my family. My coach Heather has been so helpful in helping me to get beyond the belief that ageism will always work against me. I now believe this will work - I can do this - and I will! Thanks so much for your help.

Just not sure from description if this package has...
Just not sure from description if this package has LinkedIn design ( mine crashed... needs to be rebuilt) and has optimization to include 1, 2, 3 tier connections... and a resume redo
I'm hoping it has everything I need to meet my needs
If not after we talk is there a refund

There when you really need it...
I had lost my job. I was going through a difficult time finding a job. I used another resume service and did not get any hits. I felt like my resume was generic. I reached out to Find My Profession for help. Within a few interactions I knew I made the right choice. FMP took time to get to know, provided consultation, and made my resume standout. I started getting calls after applying for jobs and eventually landed an amazing job. I would recommend FMP to anyone looking to make a career change.

I had been looking for a job for a quite a while now, before I employed the resume writing and career help services of findmyprofession. My resume and linkedin profile look considerably better and the reflect my competencies perfectly.
Steven has been really helpful throughout the way! My job search process is more streamlined now and I have been able to network with and reach a lot hiring managers all thanks to him.

Extremely professional and reliable resume writing...
Extremely professional and reliable resume writing service. Communication and turnaround times are prompt and efficient. My resume has never been so well received. Lindsay and her team are simply outstanding and a solid choice for anyone looking to update or overhaul their resume or cv.

Great consultation and final product
I had a wonderful experience with the consultant assigned to me. The response time was very prompt and the consultation quite professional. I also felt that my consultant really listened to what I'm trying to do with my career and helped me to do a fairly significant revision of my existing resume, not just to highlight what I've done but also to make a compelling argument toward the career I'm seeking. The further review/modification of my LinkedIn profile and cover letter were likewise well worth the money spent. Would absolutely recommend.

Thank You so much!
Kelly did an excellent job on my resumé and cover letter. I have not had an updated resume in over 20 years and she really hit it out of the ball park. She took her time to meet with me and she really listened which was reflected in her work product. I could never have done this myself.

Definitely not your average recruiter
Findmyprofession makes you feel like you have someone in your corner who genuinely wants to help. Mike was incredibly attentive and responsive to any questions I had without any BS. I will absolutely recommend and utilize FMP anytime and to anyone who is looking for a career.

I'm really enjoying my experience!
I'm really enjoying my experience! Everything is very well laid out and explained throughout the entire website. I'm eager to start working with Find My Profession to complete my Resume and Cover letter. As well as overhaul my LinkedIn profile in order to better secure my position at my dream job.

First time experience - Very professional and timely.
Thanks to Mike for being suppportive and giving me the time to decide. Once decided, the process went smooth and quick. Received suggestions from Mike that I hadn't even known existed on LinkedIn. Great work done by Mike and Jerome. Thank you!

Solid Recommendation
Find my profession-
I believe in providing balanced feedback on any review I give and so I want to provide just that to anyone who comes across my review in considering their purchase. The resume (in my opinion) is to quickly (6-10 seconds) grab the hiring person's attention that hooks them to gain an interview.
I am a tenure successful surgical sales rep who was looking for an edge in a very competitive market space. I turned to Find My Profession after reading the many highly ranked reviews and although it's an expensive service ($700 and up) compared to other services out there; I choose to work with them under the condition that the writer knew the medical device field. After understanding their processes and them being flexible with my time and accommodating with my communication preference, I was assigned to a writer. The writer was very good with searchable words, capturing phrases and combining them with tons of information and successes I had achieved. The layout was very good and impressive as well. The finished product and feedback that was given to me was it was "very wordy" and was being told; its too much information and 2 pages are completely full with little white spacing. After a few months of pressure testing with the new resume; the results were not good.

I reached out to the CEO, Mike Podesto and had long conversation and explained my frustrations and provided balanced feedback on the experience and outcome. After a few days of conversing we agreed and disagreed on a few topics and situations. But, in the end of our conversation, whatever final decision I decided he made it clear he would honor it. We came to an agreement to rewrite my resume line by line working together for 2 plus hours every other day for the past 1.5 weeks to make sure we get it right.
Mike asks tons of questions and challenges my responses in a constructive manner (when necessary) to produce the best statement for that point to get across. I was extremely impressed with Mike's patience, logical, consistent, professionalism and have the willingness to work with someone like myself that can come across very critical, detailed oriented and sometimes narrow minded in the sense that I had missed somethings which he was able to catch. Mike went above and beyond by even reaching out to 5 different recruiters for overall feedback which I thought was thinking outside the box and really having my best interest at heart.
Find my profession does have many challenges of having to manage so many high levels of expectations in so many industries, specialties, seniority levels, customer personalities, and overall resume search outcomes that it really can be difficult to manage them at 100% but I will say Find My Profession really do their best to accommodate each individual in working together in my situation to make sure I am happy and that the outcomes I receive or as I say (pressure tested) is received as in a positive light and only time will tell. I would absolutely use this service again but I would recommend managing expectations and patience during the experience as they really try to make it the best possible resume for you.

Valuable Service
What I loved about working with Mike at Find My Profession was that networking just works differently when someone else does it for you.

If you're reaching out to a company and saying "hey, I'm interested in this job and think I'd be a great fit", the natural response is something along the lines of "of course you'd say that -- you want the job."

But when someone else reaches out for you and says that you'd be a great fit, and Find My Profession don't have any obvious skin in the game, it has a much bigger impact. People are more inclined to take it at face value, and then you have your foot in the door at the company.

Also, money spent on getting a professionally prepared resume is just a good investment. Every mediocre or crappy resume that you send out is a waste of time and burns another opportunity.

Knocking the dust off.
It has been almost 20 years since I last update my resume. I am glad I chose to use this service. Customer service was awesome. Find My Profession took the time to understand what I was looking for and asked very good, thorough questions. The final result was better than I expected.

A company that cares about feedback...
This is a team with a very capable and extremely impressive resume writing staff with leadership that cares about customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend this team to help craft some of the most critical documents you'll need to find that perfect opportunity.

Thanks to Mike, Bruce... and team.

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Description: Find My Profession is an elite career services provider founded in 2015. Our passion is helping job seekers find the career of their dreams. We do this through three main offerings:

1. Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter, and More
100% Professional Resume Writers (PRWs). We pride ourselves on the fact that we only hire elite writers who provide the highest quality service in the industry. Our resume writers have experience in 85+ different career types and we match you with a writer based on relevant experience.

2. Elite Career Coaching Services
Are you unsure about your next career move? Whether you are changing careers or looking for expert job search strategies, we've got your back. Our Certified Professional Career Coach will develop a personalized 1-on-1 strategy to help accomplish your career goals.

3. Career Finder: Managed Job Search
We make your life easier with our fully managed job search services. Your dedicated job search manager will apply to job for you, network on LinkedIn to find you interviews, and provide job interview preparation to help you land your dream career.

Learn more at

Address: 11204 Gilcrest St, 80134


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