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It's easy to navigate and explains everything, but...
It's easy to navigate and explains everything, but it only gives you certain options for purchases. It seems like you can only order whatever # it's shown. I'm going to verify. Apart from that I want to receive the product, which I believe I will love.

I did not realize I am now part of a membership that...
I did not realize I am now part of a membership that will cost me every month! I am grieving the loss of my dog and feel as though I have been taken advantage of as I was lured in by the sentiment on the bracelet. No where does it state I have to pay every month! Fine print somewhere? Unethical to take advantage of people who are grieving the loss of a pet. Terrible. Will report to the better business bureau if this is not resolved.


I hope I get these
I hope I get these. I ordered before and didn't get what I ordered. It came and it was the one with the cross on. Please Fem Things sent me 2 and I ordered 3 and paid for 3. What can you do about this? I am really disappointed. Will I have these before Christmas. I also added more money for shipping on this order and the other one that was wrong. Cathy Abrams. *******


Haven't decided if this is some kind of subscription...
Haven't decided if this is some kind of subscription order. I don't mind having the Choice to buy items but I am on Disability Medicare and can't be on a subscription basis. The bracelet is so heavy it is uncomfortable to wear. If we decided to adjust the size which we definitely had to would need a tool to squeeze them. Even though Fem Things are beautiful bracelets I cannot wear it because they are to big and to heavy. I need to return.


Easy Breezy!
Bought the "I Am Enough" rings for a camp my nonprofit is running for girls this summer. The name.of the camp is... I Am Enough! Perfect! Planned to order 2 or 3 to give as prizes, but the process was so simple and the cost so affordable, I ordered 10! And got a bonus rose-gold one for my daughter. Now each camper will have a beautiful reminder that Fem Things are enough. And the rings are very good quality and just a great value.


Easy enough to shop
Easy enough to shop. I don't care for all the other promotions that try and promote you to buy. I realize companies need to try to get products sold. I do appreciate that you only had 2 additional items. Usually, I am turned off and don't purchase anything.


Love my ring!
I ordered the "I Am Enough" ring and am very happy with it. The metal is sturdy yet can still be adjusted for size. I used small pliers with a cloth between them and the ring to make it smaller. I also made the parts with words on them fit closer together. The ring came quickly and when I contacted the company with a question Fem Things responded quickly. Given the quality of the ring and their customer service I am quite happy with buying from them.

I don't like the we like you so much we are going to...
I don't like the we like you so much we are going to really offer you 10 different ways to buy products you normally wouldn't have purchased. And try to slip a membership that you also didn't need or want. But if you are not careful, and you click on something else on the page you get 2 free and then you start to charge me once a month for this membership. I DID'NT SO I better NOT get set up for that.


Easy to order but I didn't sign up for a membership...
Easy to order but I didn't sign up for a membership or anything free! I'll let you know once I get my order! And the speed counts as well! Nothing else ordered at this time but ten rings! $45.94. ( that is 44.95 plus. 99c added for expediting order!) total 45.94! Which I hope is what my email states!


Love the rings this is my second time ordering
Love the rings this is my second time ordering. Would like to know if you would be interested in giving a greater discount. I do street outreach to women who are struggling in addiction and sexual exploitation. The organization I work for helped me to reclaim my own life. I wear one of your rings almost daily to remind myself of how much I've overcome. Would like to share these rings with as many women as I encounter. Already have gifted one daughter, and
Co workers. If there is any way we could work something out I would be very grateful. My contact info is *******


I don't like those ‘here's a free gift' and a membership...
I don't like those ‘here's a free gift' and a membership deals at all! I get very angry when I see those being attempted to be pulled on me! People are barely surviving out here! Don't be trying to swindle $20/month out of them! Look I love your stuff, but I'm gonna have a different opinion of this store from now on.


Bought 3 rings and handed them to friends immediately...
Bought 3 rings and handed them to friends immediately after I opened the package, friends who needed to know Fem Things were enough. I originally had bought the 3 for my daughters so I just ordered the 10 pack, and 5 "life is tough, but so am I" bracelets- the constant reminders as a Christian is so important, knowing I am enough through Him and I can do all things through Him. My God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit work through me and all others, Amen.

I wanted a second bracelet for the $6.95 price, but...
I wanted a second bracelet for the $6.95 price, but wanted to send to someone else, not the same person who does not need two. Unfortunately I now have two bracelets going to same person and had to pay the $9.95 in order to get for the second person. Would appreciate it if you could/would cancel the second bracelet being sent to Linda James. So, one to Linda James and one YorK's Wallin, cancel the third bracelet. Thank you!

I do not care for the tactics used to get me to join...
I do not care for the tactics used to get me to join your club. As happened today, I usually end up getting locked out during the final order being placed. Had to go back in to try to finish, and now because I had to enter my card number a second time have to worry about either being double charged or actually receiving two orders when I only want the original 3 paw bracelets. If this happens I will be contacting you. No follow up is need if only the
One order is placed. Follow up should only be by e-mail.


Zero Customer service - Zero Accountability for product - Zero stars deserved
I use autofill for most anything and somehow, in all the years of ordering online, this is the first time I have ever had an order that failed to have my correct address. Fem Things sends it out automatically from a warehouse in Hayden, ID and tells me that Fem Things have no control over shipments and they will issue a refund if items are received back to them. I provided all the details, the tracking information and I don't get to select what service to use for delivery of my product so even though it looks like it goes to the UPS, it may be picked up by UPS but it is then routed through USPS and they show it was returned 7 days ago. No additional details are available to me, yet Fem Things think it is my responsibility to figure out where the package went to before they will refund me. I don't think it is ethical to expect someone to pay for goods/services there are not delivered. Yet that is what Fem Things thinks. If you like doing business with zero customer service and robotic auto response, then roll the dice and order at your own risk.


Need it last minute Christmas gifts for a few people,...
Need it last minute Christmas gifts for a few people, saw these and fell in love with them. Fem Things are perfect for the people I need them for. Thank you so much! Your website has made it so easy to shop. Looking forward to more shopping experiences if the quality is what I am hoping for.

I give 3 stars due to being leery of unwarranted charges...
I give 3 stars due to being leery of unwarranted charges above what's agreed upon initially, however I love these rings and I'd like to gift them to several people. I would've purchased more if I had the extra money right now. I have several family and friends that needs to keep this message really close to them at all times. Depression sucks and we have to be reminded that we're enough for ourselves, even if we're not enough for others!

I did not like that the credit could not be applied...
I did not like that the credit could not be applied to the shipping. The code only took off of the item instead of the total as a whole. I still do appreciate the perks of the member prices. Also I wish there were more merchandise to choose from in all the categories. I wish when you select the color, you can see what the product will look like in that color before buying it.

Going through my mail, I came across this ring with...
Going through my mail, I came across this ring with its uplifting message for me and anyone who has been living with low self esteem, or even bullied in school. This ring will be a reminder that you are wonderful and won't take verbal abuse any more!

I am anxious, because I have never heard of fem things,...
I am anxious, because I have never heard of fem things, and there are so many places on the internet to order things, and you never hear from them again. I hope you are for real, I am battling cancer, and I would LOVE to wear this bracelet, and I will advertise it for you as I wear it. :)

Good, but did not appreciate being asked for another...
Good, but did not appreciate being asked for another item.
It causes mistrust that you just want money.
How about asking First of we are interested in seeing more of your prodects.
No one likes pushy sales people.
Love the incredible bought of being enough!
I have been on the journey! Y whole life!
If I am happy with ring I will look at more.!

This site is difficult to use
This site is difficult to use. Pages load very slowly. Clicking on a catalog type (eg, ring, jumpsuit) either does not respond or takes a very long time. Wish the menu stayed open with all the categories while you were shopping so you dont have to go back to the home page again, which takes forever. I think you all are doing well and now have outgrown your webhost. Time for an upgrade!

Love what I ordered, however I don't like the fact...
Love what I ordered, however I don't like the fact you try so hard to offer me free stuff that cost more than I can afford because if you take the item you have a membership, 19.87 is to much for my social security check, I can't afford all that, otherwise getting what I wanted was great. Hopefully I do get it now, and promptly! Thank y'all so much..


Realized that I too had ordered and have been charged $19.87 every month for a membership I do not want. Makes the products very expensive when you order once and continue to be charged $19.87 per month. Contacted Customer Service and they said that I could select Option 2: Do not continue my membership. So I'll watch and make sure that they don't deduct anymore payments for something I didn't want. Buyer BEWARE. Read the fine print.

So far it was simple to use
So far it was simple to use. Only instead of a free bracelet, since I just ordered one, I would of thought Fem Things would of offered the ring for free instead. It would of made such a nice statement to others that see it on my hand together instead of another bracelet. Thank you

Never heard of Fem Things & I love the I Am Enough...
Never heard of Fem Things & I love the I Am Enough rings & Life is Tough But So Am I bracelets. I bought a ring for me & my two daughters & love that I was gifted by Fem Things another ring for free to gift someone else. I look forward to wearing the "Tough" bracelet & giving one away as soon as I receive it to a friend who just found out she has breast cancer. Fem Things will remind us that we can handle ANYTHING! And the other one will be there in the wings to give someone else.

Not at all transparent!
What you will see is a cheap, but attractive, product, offered at a good price. But if you zoom through the checkout process, as I did, you will probably miss the fine print - I literally never saw it! My order apparently was my agreement to initiate a monthly subscription costing just under $20.
I may be to blame for not taking the time to read more closely, but just the same, if an automatic monthly withdrawal from my account is going to ensue because of my ordering from a company, I do believe that should be made VERY apparent from the get-go, and I must say, with shopfemthings, it was NOT.
I feel fortunate that I was refunded the monthly subscription for the 2nd month that it was charged, but in the end, I still ended up paying about $30 for 2 stainless steel rings - the 9.95 offer I responded to, plus the subscription fee of $19.87 that was incurred immediately following my order. The agent I spoke with told me that the first month's subscription fee could not be refunded me, but the more recent fee could, especially because I had cancelled the subscription through their website while the charge was still pending.
I felt like I got out of the trap with minimal damage, so I let it go; although I can tell you I would normally never have gone for paying $15 apiece for 2 stainless steel rings! After all was said and done, that's what I actually paid because of the monthly subscription charge.
So, in closing, I would tell you this company really lost face with me for not being more transparent, but on the other hand, I will give them a bit of credit for actually refunding me anything at all!
Final advice I would give other consumers: with all the places you can shop where your purchase is a simple straight-forward transaction, why bother getting involved in a monthly debit from your bank account just to purchase a cheap item? And yes, I will say from having browsed their site, it is just a collection of cheap items - cute, but you could find the same or similar all over the web, and get them via a simple straight-forward purchase rather than dealing with all the silliness.
I would NOT recommend this website. I really think for what I spent in the end, I could have probably found a better quality item.

I received my first batch of rings and I started wearing...
I received my first batch of rings and I started wearing mine immediately. I posted a picture of it on Facebook and everyone wanted to know where I got mine. Now I'm ordering more for my friends daughter. It's amazing how many lives it's already touched. I'm so happy.

The reminder every woman needs.
I found this through a Facebook Ad. I ordered because it was a great deal and just what I needed. Got a ring for me, my sister, and my bestfriend. At checkout Fem Things offered me a sweet deal on the bracelet and I said yep, need that too. We all love them.

The reviews are fine, I would like to see what happens...
The reviews are fine, I would like to see what happens with this order, how long it takes to arrive and if the product is as advertised
The offer for additional products is fine but it became a bit annoying when trying to checkout, it's too many, it can discourage your customers or make them think it's some sort of scam
Looking forward to what I putchased and the possibility of future purchases
Stay Safe, peace and blessings

Little confused on the free gift after ordering the...
Little confused on the free gift after ordering the two silver "iam enough" rings, it offered me a free rose gold one with 2wk trial membership. At that point it wouldn't let it go thru and I had to start all over again. Not sure now what exactly was put through for an order?

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