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Expensive and late.
I put in an order hoping to plant while the trees and shrubs were still dormant. arrived almost two months later. They had leafed out and were damaged in transition. Branches were broken and leaves pretty torn up. I feel that these plants were very expensive for what I ended up with and I didn't get them planted when I was hopping. I could have saved time an money by waiting and going to my local garden center. Live and learn.

The customer service rep was nice but not very helpful. Probably not their fault. They didn’t know much about plants or why my order was taking so long.

The trees were in horrible condition.
My trees arrived in horrible condition with curled, burned, and dropped leaves. I called, emailed, messaged, and sent photos to Fast Growing Trees. The response was that this was normal and wait 3 weeks to see if rebound. Please don't say you can ship healthy trees to my location and have them arrive in good condition if you actually can't. I paid $300. For two sticks. Because the sticks are still green, I am not being given a refund. Buyer Beware.

My trees arrived in horrible condition with curled, burned, and dropped leaves. I called, emailed, messaged, and sent photos to Fast Growing Trees. The response was that this was normal and wait 3 weeks to see if they rebound. Please don't say you can ship healthy trees to my location and have them arrive in good condition if you actually can't. I paid $300. for two sticks. Because the sticks are still green, I am not being given a refund. Buyer Beware.

So far great experience
Bought 20 of the 1-2 ft green giants. Had about a 50% death rate due to the transit from SC to San Diego and the different climate and soil conditions here. FGT promptly replaced the dead trees. During that time a few more bit the dust but am waiting to see how the replacements thrive. The replacements looked to be more mature so I have high hopes for them, but time will tell on how adapt. Looking forward to getting a "green wall" in a couple of years.

Shipped replacement trees without me specifically asking. New trees appeared to be more mature and robust. Provided good info on taking care of them.

Best customer service and terrific variety of plants to chose from
I ordered a 7 foot pear tree and Hollywood Hibiscus this year and both are thriving well so far. First of all, packaging and shipping trees is not an easy business to be in, and on top of that any issues can come up in the days following the shipment. This is where the customer service becomes critical. Fast growing trees responded to the reported issues timely and resolved any concerns immediately. Fantastic customer service and terrific variety of plants to chose from

My 7 foot tree was showing symptoms of fire blight and was in bad shape after 3 weeks, so shipped me a 6 footer as a replacement. Surprisingly, the 7 footer survived with aggressive liquid copper treatment after 6-7 weeks. I planted the second one near by for cross pollination. Thank you for the excellent customer service!!! Hope both survive. I highly recommended your service to colleagues at work.

Baby Limequat tree
My daughter wanted a Limequat tree for Christmas. We ordered the smallest size since we didn't know what to expect. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged and the branch was broken in three places. I reached out to customer service and promptly shipped a new tree. The new one arrived beautiful and undamaged…. And bigger than our first one. I appreciate the level of customer service and them fixing this…. Especially right before Christmas. We will definitely give the company a try again in the future,

The first tree came broken and after sending photos of the broken branches, they sent a new one right away. I appreciate them taking care of the situation without a bunch of hassle.

Warranty insurance
I'm really happy buying plants and trees, the most common thing people are afraid is buying a plant/fruit tree and not knowing if is going to make it and all the money spend. I purchase a few grape plants, and fruit trees, also avocado tree, unfortunately the avocado tree did not survive. I call customer service, Emil a picture and send me another one.
You can buy and trust, they take care you right all way.

Helpfull solve problems fast and didn't had to wait on line for long time like all companies now days blame everything on covid-19. Short on personal and still collecting the relief money from the government

When I took my lemon tree out of pot the soil was not compacted together.
I was looking forward to receiving my tree especially after seeing all of the positive reviews on to this website however when I received my lemon tree and took it out of the pot this soil was not compacted together! The roots and everything were broken up & the soil just feel everywhere. I am very worried that the tree will not grow. I usually dislike leaving negative reviews for the public to see however I reached out to them privately but did not respond

I reached out to them about my concern but they did not reply.. I usually dislike leaving public negative reviews but after they did not reply I decided I would go ahead and just leave one

Time will tell...
Site infers that have a California warehouse hence I thought shipping time would be minimal inside the state. Both orders I made shipped from South Carolina. My tree had dropped all its leaves during passage. Soil was barely moist. I planted it anyway as the roots looked OK and the branches were still flexible. It has been in the ground gor less than a week so I can't say how it is doing. No leaves yet. I also ordered 2 watering devices but only one came in the first shipment. Emails went unanswered but a call to CS got me my second device quickly.

After sending 2 messages via the website and hearing nothing back, I called and my issue was resolved quickly. Friendly CS Rep.

Great Service! Trees took a beating while shipping
The trees shipped in a great amount of time, one dumped the dirt in shipping and one was missing but the customer service dept took care of it w/o question and no holds times when I called! The other four trees were accurate by height but fullness was pretty lacking when I found a couple of the same at the local nursery for half the price. Overall, delivered on what they promised and service was great. I would use them again if it was a tree that I couldn't find locally.

Absolutely great customer service when a tree didn't arrive and one showed up dumped out, they were more than willing to take care of it!

Quality & Service
I have purchased a significant number of trees, shrubs & plants from FGT. What I have received has been quality and the service second to none. also are quick to address the replacement of plants that were damaged during shipment or just didn't live after receipt. This is the exception rather than the rule as I have only 1 items out of all I have purchased that needed to be replaced which they did in a timely manner. I definitely will continue purchasing items from FGT.

The Pulmeria Tree I purchased came without limbs and/or leaves. FGT was very quick to replace it and the replacement is awesome!

Baby Evergreens
Easy to order and shipped/delivered as promised. One of the three experienced some "stress" after planting. That's the word the CSR used to describe the condition. He told me that would replace it if it did not recover in another week. I sent another photo showing no improvement and a new plant has been shipped, in accordance with the insurance coverage I selected at the time of my original order.

I called and discussed the experiences. They suggested that I send a photo, which I did and they acknowledged receiving it.. A new plant was shipped recently and I am awaiting its delivery.

Not expected
It took very long for trees to ship out. After I emailed to get info then shipped out. The 2 trees arrived in bad shape and squeezed into 1 box bunch of branches cracked. Not sure if the pruning was bad or from shopping but the tree was lopsided.

I paid extra for warranty and as soon as I emailed them with my concerns they stated that they would replace both trees and the missing free dogwood tree.

Hopeful they come through this time.

They where prompt and said that they will take care of the issue. Still waiting for more info, hopefully they will come through and get the trees delivered so I can plant them soon.

Disappointed with plant guarantee.
Blueberry bushes great. Persimmon tree soon suffered some sort of debilitating attack and died. Contact with accompanied photos did not get any service, only a "Sorry" from management. I asked for a refund but got nothing. I planted as directed and watered accordingly, however, the tree died within 4 months. I feel that the company did there best, but should have reimbursed me for the dead tree, or at least sent me a new one.

Company did not want to reimburse me for the tree which died within four months of planting. I sent photos and explanation. said, "Sorry". I will not use or recommend this company again.

Honest review
I had never ordered trees online before, although I do have previous experience purchasing trees locally. Having said that, I honestly didn't know what to expect. The trees arrived very fast! The trees also looked very healthy for having undergone packaging/handling. I mean seriously, How would any living thing look after being stuffed in a box and sent halfway across the country? Fast growing trees pulled it off better than any expectation I had. If you can find better quality mail ordered trees, and shipped as fast, then more power to you. Thank you FGT. Like the terminator said... I'll be back!

Very pleased!
Good selections, excellent product information, easy checkout. I was impressed with the secure packaging of a 5-6 ft pomegranate tree and a small areca palm for transit. While the pomegranate traveled well, the palm was intact but not in good shape when it arrived. FastGrowingTrees representative responded immediately upon receiving this information. A new plant is on the way. Great customer service!

When my Areca Palm arrived, it was intact but not in good shape. It didn't improve. I responded to a survey about the palm and immediately, a FGT rep contacted me and asked for pictures. A new plant is on the way. I was pleasantly surprised. I did not expect this.

FGT Redeemed themselves
As a first time customer, service started out rocky. 2 trees shipped in 1 box. In shipping, The Spruce tree root ball had destroyed all leaves of the Maple Tree. A Replacement tree of same, was out of stock. I could only get store credit, no refund. I was given no shipping allowance even though it was packaged improperly. Finally, The Maple came back in stock & was shipped to me free of charge. It's a perfectly healthy, larger tree & Im happy with the final outcome.

I would rate 5 stars but should not have been given the run around after receiving a severely damaged tree. Their shipping dept did a terrible job packing the first two trees in one box. finally made things right but I had to put up a fuss.

I'll return, but I'll still compare prices
Overall a great experience through several orders. One plant arrived damaged, possibly not even their fault, and replaced it immediately. All plants arrived alive and generally well packed. Not cheap, so I'll continue to buy stuff locally when I can get it, but for exotic stuff they're a go-to. The only gripe I have is about half of the things I ordered that are sold by volume instead of length (ie 2 gal vs 3-4 ft) seemed to be small plants in larger pots. The root structure on about 10 of 17 azaleas filled significantly less than half of the container.

I simply emailed them a photo of a botched pack job / delivery. Not clear if they or FedEx were to blame, but I appreciate that there was no BS and they just replaced it. I spent a few thousand bucks this year with them so maybe that greased the wheel, but I didn’t need to remind them of it for them to stand behind their product.

Customer Services is very Helpful, Products: TBD
I ordered to Areca palms for our office, from the online description it seemed would do well in an indoor setting with minimal, but not direct light from a nearby window. After a week the palms began yellowing and leaving turning brown and crumpling. I called customer service and they were very helpful and kind and they made some suggestions of things to try. So we will see if they work and if I am able to get a refund if need be after the 30 days like they said I could.

The man on the phone was very nice and helpful and offered a lot of suggestions. He said I could request a refund in 30 days, so I am only giving 3 stars at the moment until I can assure if that is fulfilled or not.

Beautiful Plants
Fast Growing Trees had the plants that I wanted that are suitable for my area and growing conditions at a reasonable price. The Reliance Peach arrived in spectacular condition, as did one of the blackberries. Another blackberry arrived in sad condition, but I have spoken with a customer service representative, and I will be sending photos of the bush for them to determine if it can be planted and nursed back or if it should be replaced. This is great service, and I appreciate the warranty as well.

The experience isn't complete yet. One of our blackberries arrived looking dried out and shriveled, while the other looks pretty good. I'm going to send in pictures and have the bush evaluated...if it will be okay when planted, or if it needs to be replaced.

Great experience, repeat shopper
I have had great success with fast growing trees! Easy online shopping, quick delivery. I'm able to track shipping, and the trees and plants I've purchased arrive well packaged. I had an incident with my fig trees (the delivery driver did not abide by the instructions to keep the box on its side) but customer service was wonderful and shipped me replacements within the week. Can't say enough great things about fast growing trees. If I had enough space for an orchard, I would buy more.

When my fig trees arrived damaged, not because of the company but because of delivery mishandling, customer service was so responsive and quickly shipped me replacements.

Trust Fast Growing Plants!
Rather than go to a nearby nursery and get the standard plants, I love shopping with Fast Growing Trees. I have found quality in each plant I've ordered and received. I was amazed how fast our Crepe Myrtle tree grew last year with exceptional color that we had hoped for. I buy the Root Rocket fertilizer to add to each plant and do ever take off in their growing. I would definitely recommend Fast Growing Trees and Plants.

We received another kind of plant, instead of the one we ordered. The customer service rep was kind enough to tell me that they would send another plant off that I had ordered and to keep the one that was accidentally sent. They suggested gifting someone else with it. And what a great idea! Our church needed this type of bush and now they will hear about this great company,!

Suggest you give better growing/planting info on some trees
I learned the rainbow eucalyptus I ordered had a 100-foot root span and grew up to 70 feet tall only after researching once I received the trees and my friends looked at me in horror when learned I intended to plant them very close to my building. Had they not alerted me, I would have had a big problem down the road. Additionally, it's not your fault, but the box arrived upside down, with the trees on their heads, leading to several broken branches on one of them.

I inquired about where to plant the trees once my friends alerted me. The advice of your company was the same as my research indicated. It would have been nice to have known the unique needs of this tree in the literature somewhere.

Great living treasures
Trees were easy to search for and most had pictures. Easy to buy. Arrived on time in very sturdy boxes, fully blocked so the plants could not get damaged. Note - remove from box right away and get them to light in case the shipper had a delay.

Fertilizer and other products were included as ordered.

Planted evergreens last fall and they're all sprouting new branches. Received and planted Rhododendron bushes this spring. Looked a little yellow at the tops but NOT wilted when arrived (after being in the dark box) but are totally fine now that they're out in the garden.

Great Customer service, fast shipping and extremely healthy hardy plants!
I am very impressed with this company. I did one order of two 1-2 feet Avocado trees, arrived 2 days later, healthy and thriving, one was already blooming. I decided to do another order of a 5-6 foot tree. Prior to receiving the order I called customer service to ask some questions about the tree that was in route. They were extremely polite and helpful. Again the tree arrived and is thriving with new growth on it a few days after planting it.

They were polite, professional and if they didn't have the answer right away they looked it up and got back with me. They didn't give me the run around, or give a pat answer just try to get me off the phone, they sincerely tried to answer all my questions.

First time customer—will return!
Deciding to order 30 trees through the mail was difficult. We were extremely pleased with the condition of our order when arrived. FastGrowingTrees did a great job packaging them. We had two that were questionable to survive and their customer service was remarkable at quickly sending two more beautiful trees to replace them. My husband and I can't wait to see them grow throughout the years! We will return we future orders!

Two trees damaged/failure to thrive during shipping. I quickly contacted fastgrowingtrees and they quickly sent replacements. And the trees looked beautiful!

Fruit Trees
I ordered an avocado tree, cherry tree, pomegranate tree and two blueberry "bushes". The trees all arrived exactly as expected, well packaged and appear to be doing well so far. The blueberry "bushes" were not bushes at all but *tiny* vines and one of them appears to be dying/not very robust. I reached out to customer service about this weak little vine and have assured me it will take root. I remain *very* skeptical based on its current trajectory.

The customer service agent did not acknowledge that the plant looks very unhealthy and does not appear to be thriving (I included photos). Especially as compared to the other vine I purchased (which appears fine and healthy).

Good selection and service
Could not find the specific variety I was looking for anywhere in town, or anywhere online except for FastGrowingTrees. Fair price, so I ordered it up, and it shipped. I had a question during shipping, talked to a very nice customer service rep (not a robot) who answered my question. All good. Plants are in the ground. Bigger stock than I expected, and the root system looks very robust.

Plants were slow in arriving, not b/c of FGT, but b/c of driver shortage at FedEx on my end! Your very polite cust service rep contacted FedEx and managed to shake the shipment loose and get it en route within a couple of days. Product arrived in surprisingly good shape.

Trees are great, packaging needs help
The Columnar Ginkgo Tree arrived on time, but Fedex tipped the box on the narrow side (at least once, by the looks of things) and broke the top portion of the tree. FastGrowingTrees immediately sent a replacement. We went ahead and planted both trees. both look healthy, one is just much shorter for now. I recommend better securing of these trees in the box. Thank you for the excellent response time and customer service. We have purchased from this site previously with great results.

Fast response time, better result than I had hoped for. Thank you for making things right.

Lychee Tree
I am always very happy with the service of the fast growing staff service even their price are kind of expensive and still we need to purchase a year warranty unlike other nursery stand behind their product come with one year warranty. The lychee I got it seems doesn't have any tree roots stick out yet. Picture taken send to them, ask me to wait once the tree die I let them know.? I even have a year warranty for my tree. I am not sure what should I do.

I took the picture show them the tree look kind of weird doesn’t hold on the soil. Still ask me to plant it wait till it die on me.

Mostly good experience
Great selection and good customer service but the blackberry plant I ordered arrived with the main stem broken and died after being planted. One of the two grape vines I ordered also arrived pretty beat up. The other, which arrived in the same box and was planted in an identical container, arrived in great shape and is now thriving. In total I've received over a dozen trees, all of which arrived well packaged and transitioned just fine.

A tree was left off our initial order so I contacted customer service to resolve the discrepancy. apologized for not informing me that it was out of stock and immediately refunded the amount.

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